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FF: My Husband Has A Baby : Ch 5 Pg-60 UPDATEDg :) (Page 7)

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Originally posted by LoveCupid

Originally posted by afreshbegin

Hi dear,

Sry for the late comment

Tumhari story bahuth pasand aayi

Update was awsome..n luvd the ahem ahem

waiting for the 2nd chapter

Pls accept my buddy request

Lol I did accepted you friend request plus a little change for the first time actually 
The update will not be tonight  as I have my work saved in my lappy but unfortunately net
Ain't working on my lappy so can't update tonight sorry guys

What the f**k this ain't done andy wandy hmm I am angry LOL

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Plzzz...update dear its damn intresting...cnt wait for next part...plzzz...
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ok guys here is part 2 and yes really sorry if its boring honestly you may find this a bit boring but from chapter 3 Its gonna be a bang on i promise that and sorry for short update too Smile

Your generated text image

"God!! My head is aching like crazy guess I shouldn't have had that much shots Urghh" I cursed myself for last night and wait can somebody come and tell me why the hell I can't walk. My body is all numb WAIT.. OHH SHIT'. Howw hhoww caann II Urghh that boy I mean gosh holla I am not a virgin anymore. What the f**k how could I just let him in and WAIT A FREAKIN SEC does he used condom let me guess''. OH f**k NO he didn't what if.. what if I get pregnant' Oh My Tit I am only 21 abhi to meri javaani phootne ke din hey.


It was 10 in morning and manya woke up with those thoughts still on her mind though she won't admit that she truly like the guy she calls "sexy beast" but now she is in her true senses and the thought of getting pregnant was enough to scare the daylight out of her. All her thoughts started with "what if.." isn't it funny how we sometimes get hyper about things which we are not at all sure about. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.


"COME IN" she shouted which was a signal of danger for the person outside the door.

"Madam Juice" poor maid said nervously. Manya gave her permission to enter but her voice was still cold the maid entered the room was about to give the juice to manya but she was way to nervous that instead of giving juice to manya she gave juice to her nighty as tears were already on its verge on seeing her madam boiling in anger ready to jump on her and tear her apart with her actions just like a tigress and let's just say her guess was right to some extent or maybe to full extent.


"What the hell you fool, just tell me who the hell hired you little 4 year old"

"Maa-aam I II III a-aam So-" she couldn't complete as manya and her beautiful words were yet to finish.


"oh please now go and cry I don't want to see your face ever again you are fired god how ludicrous can people get and yes if I see anymore tears falling from your eyes than I swear you better reserve a bed in some cheap hospital and just leave before I slap you LEAVE NOW" manya said

Showing her barbarity to this poor maid and as she was told she left with teary eyes which were soon going to turn into red puffy eyes. Ranvijay heard the whole conversation and he was quite disappointed with the behaviour manya exhibited so he decided to talk to her you know a daughter-father talk he again knocked the door making manya more agitated and miffed to such an extent that she was about to throw a vase on him after opening the door but when she saw her dad she calmed a bit and put the vase back on its right place.


Manya was just like this only though she said the maid a 4 year old but she herself used to behave like a one year old in situations like this but her father had a great effect on her that whenever she looked at him her anger used to get vanished in just fractions of second. Only a father could calm his daughter cum tigress angel ain't it?


"Manya what kind of a attitude beta have I taught this to my little angel"

"Dad it's not that '. Look I know I shouldn't have talked to her like that but"

"but what look angel one thing which is most important is to stay serene even in your worst conditions I know there must have been some or the other reason but you need to learn to stay placid and more importantly have a control on yourself"

"I know dad I'll apologise to her right now by the way she is new right I haven't seen her before"

"You're right my angel she is new and look how hard you have made it for her to survive here"

"I know dad I'll apologise for all my sins and thank you dad"


Manya gave ranvijay a teddy bear hug thanking him for erasing all her worries and kicking out all her tension from her dirty yet intelligent mind. She did what she said and she called for the new maid but sadly due to her anger she went back to her home giving permission to the tears to fall from her eyes but manya always sticks to her words by hook or by crook. She called Navy Her most trustful maid cum friend and said her to send some flowers and chocolates to her new employee.


It was a nice weather outside. It seemed like it was about to rain and cold breezes were taking over the atmosphere making people thank god for the most romantic and blissful filled weather. It was the best time for all the couples and why only couples for all the people out there let it be a cute baby or a poor child or maybe a lonely man and a 70 year old virgin but sadly not for THE Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh. He was busy in thoughts basically he was confused about what actually he should think of should he think of the sexy girl he had sex with last night or should he think about the spark that was between them and how much pleasure she gave to him or was it just a guilty pleasure. These were some thoughts which he wanted to strike in his mind but instead only one thing was hitting his mind right now which was "No condom''.no protection 'baby'.baby '.baby ohhh''father father''.son or daughter"


Uday's POV


Damn what the hell I did ,sex without protection urghh JESUS CHRIST how the hell I could do such a mistake let's just say a blunder as mistake is a small word plus why the f**k this faggot biebers's song is playing in my mind actually only one line of that gay-ish song which is "baby'baby'baby ohhh like baby'baby'baby nooo" urghh stop uday stop putting this much pressure on your mastermind brain .Forget last night just erase it from your mind forget that girl forget the pleasure forget you didn't used condom and for god's sake FORGET THAT GAY 'BIEBER's' Song. But how can I forget the feeling she gave me last night infact I want to feel her more but saddest part is I don't even remember her face gosh I hate vodka wait NOO I Love vodka but I hate last night's vodka'..Yeahh that's right blame Nolan the bartender who gave me vodka.






Manya was pacing back and forth in her room she was tensed and that's the fact which anyone could easily tell by seeing her condition right now even if they haven't even met her. This one month seemed like a year she didn't even had an idea of what was going in her mind and what her heart felt. She has been a lot more restless in these weeks while walking she felt dizzy again her vision was blur but this time not because of alcohol and then suddenly she felt an urge to vomit. She rushed to the washroom closed the door behind and stared throwing up. This behaviour of her made ranvijay worry about her even more he kept banging on the door and she kept throwing up. After about 2-3 minutes she came out and was about to pass out any moment. She heard her father murmuring something before she collapsed on the cold floor. Ranvijay wasted no moment in taking her to the hospital.


She opened her beautiful eyes when she saw her father and her dear Doc Charles which she loved to called chucky. Whenever she used to meet chucky he used to give her a big smile as he was a person who always remained blithe and serene even in hazardous conditions just like her father wants her to be. He was the one who knew her really well even more than she knew herself he was always very caring toward her and manya used to call him J.D which connotes junior dad. For the first time she saw some sort of tension on his face and not only him she saw the tension building up on hes father's face too, finally when manya couldn't take it anymore more she asked


"why are you both tensed?"

"Manya you are '..Pregnant" Chucky said

"yes manya now tell me who is the father GOD DAMMIT" ranvijay said angrily

   " Dad iii-ii Can explain" manya stammered a bit due to the anger she saw on her father's face

  "I don't need any sort of explanation Charles when can she come for an abortion"

  "well let's just say you are lucky as there is no harm in getting the baby aborted now"

 "but da-" manya was cut off by ranvijay

 "No If no but you are aborting it right now"


No one ever survived infront of ranvijay he was a person who wanted things to be in his way by hook or crook rather it be her own daughter or anyone he doesn't spare anyone he becomes a ruthless monster when things doesn't turn out to be in his way. Chucky was a person who really loved manya and cared for her. He knew she wanted the baby at that very moment when she saw her baby through ultrasound. He had never seen her that much happy when she was on just seeing a glimpse of the joy which would never come in her life she cried.. she cried a lot but they were just pure tears of utter joy. It was just impossible for chucky to abort her baby but he knew that ranvijay would never agree. He was in utter dilemma but finally manya won over ranvijay but it was a secret as if ranvijay would find out about the baby god knows what he would do to the baby.


It has been around 3 weeks since manya went to get an abortion though she didn't but that secret was known only by chucky or let's say our manya's JD but doesn't matter how many times or how much hard you hide from a monster. A monster always finds you, only if you are daring enough to fight against the monster than victory is never that far. Ranvijay was searching for manya's car keys as his car was out-of-business. He opened the drawer and found the key while he was taking out the keys some papers fell on the ground. He picked them up and started reading it. After reading the papers he tore them into pieces and dumped it in the dustbin as I said the ruthless monster was back in action just than manya entered humming a tune but when she saw her father's face she knew her timing was bad actually her timing is always anoki as when she wanted to go to loo she entered her sexy beast's room but it was a lot pleasurable but this time pleasure and able went to hell leaving manya all alone filled with fear.


"dad Iii- caaan exp-pplaa-aain" she stammered in utter fear


That's it for now and really sorry I know this was really bad so please you have the right to take out all the rotten vegetables and eggs I never mind that but just do me a favour don't throw that on me though if you want I can buy all you see I love omelettes and veggies


Chapter 3 : Unknown Errors


So all your comments are welcomed

Suggestions are highly welcomed

Now even eggs


Veggies are welcomed

No hate







Chapter 3 : Unknown Errors

(Click On Chap 3 Its Hyperlink)

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Ahhh...andy baaby i want to throw tomatos and eggs on u for the short update,...but dear its awsomeee...uday's POV is little bit funny "baby baby baby" and at the same point its emotional when mayata see her baby...plzzz...update soon...its getting intresting day by day...thanx for PM.
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wowowwowowow so awesum...
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Originally posted by swetsurati

Ahhh...andy baaby i want to throw tomatos and eggs on u for the short update,...but dear its awsomeee...uday's POV is little bit funny "baby baby baby" and at the same point its emotional when mayata see her baby...plzzz...update soon...its getting intresting day by day...thanx for PM.

Lol I wanted it to be a little funny with that baby baby baby ohhh and yes next chap will surely be a turning point and will DEFO create a big suspense

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Originally posted by MAHI1198

wowowwowowow so awesum...

Thanks MAhi by the way nice DP
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Hahahahah u hate justin too!!! I thought u liked him!!! cuz girls as young as u do!! lol!! liked the update

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