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ridhz21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Hi dear Brillent job...Clap
poor khushi...after reading last chapter I was litreally crying emotional
update soon n plz do pm me !!!

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Maithly Goldie

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When buaji told khushi was not there with the guptas arnav's heart jumped in fear then where is she???

But his trance was broke by babuji,,

BABUJI *** Bitiya why would khushi leave the house and the baby how can she leave this innocent life,,

PAAYAL *** Babuji it's happened,,

DAADI **** Now you got what you wanted so get out from here,,

AMMA *** No maaji we wont go from here,, we only leave after we said this,,

DAADI **** I said here any one have no time to hear your nonsense

AMMA *** No maaji today you have to hear me,,

DAADI **** No,,

AMMA *** Maaji because of you I have to hide my self from my khushi's roka and marriage because I thought you will again try to harm my family,, but today I wont stay quite,,

PAAYAL **** Amma what are you saying???

AMMA ***Yes bitiya the truth and that too a few years ago,,

PAAYAL *** Amma,,

AMMA ***Arnav bituva me and your father were in love for almost 2 years and that was your dad's marriage to your maa,,

ARNAV *** Aunty,,

AMMA ***Yes bituva and when your daadi came to know about this she blackmailed me and my family and she send us away from your father,,, so that your dad can marry your mother,, and that happened,, after we left Lucknow your mother and father married and my family left for shimla where my sister's [khushi's mother] family were living,,

PAAYAL *** Amma you,,

AMMA ***Bitiya let me complete,, and we were settled with them,, and my sister didn't have a baby after a long time of marriage and when we were with them my sister was very happy and she almost forget her emptiness,,

AMMA ***After few years my amma and babuji fixed my marriage with paayal's babuji and I agreed to that,, and after one year paayal was born,, my sister were very happy for me that she doesn't had a baby but I got one and,, she cared for paayal more than me,, for the first two months we lived together then we got shifted to another house,, after some time my amma and babuji were died

AMMA ***After some years my sister also became a mother and delivered a baby girl,, I myself named her KHUSHI,,, when my sister and jijaaji died we took khushi with us came to Lucknow again for khushi's sake,, and there your father was already married and were a proud dad of two kids,, and we two were happy in our lives we didn't think much about each other,,,

BABUJI *** But they again met in the temple and you were with him there,, they understood each other and talked to each other,, again they met in the temple,,, but they doesn't had an affair that time because they too were in love with their new life,,

ARNAV *** Uncle,,

AMMA ***Yes bituva,, after marriage your dad started to love your mother,, and he never expressed it but he was in love with your mother unconditionally and he will never cheat your mother but the others were thought we two again having an affair and then when your daadi came to know about this she came to me and blackmailed me,,

ARNAV *** Daadi,,

AMMA ***Yes beta ask her that I am saying the truth or not,,

BABUJI *** And after that I got an accident and at that time we hadn't much money for treatment,, so garimaji gone to your father and ask him to help us and that was anjali bitiya's marriage day' and he helped her,,

AMMA ***But this made your daadi again angry and she told if she came to your father again she will destroy us,, and this was heard by your maa and she misunderstood this and asked your father about this he told he had nothing but your daadi came in between and things gone worse your mother committed suicide because she thought your dad was cheating her,,

AMMA ***And after the death of your maa your dad also committed the same,, we came to know about this only later bituva,, sach we didn't had an affair or anything,, we didn't do anything ,, but circumstances made everything worse,,

DAADI *** But you were,,

AMMA ***Yes maaji I only came that day to ask him for help,, because we didn't knew much persons there for help and his life was at danger,, I never thought of doing anything this like that,, because I am also a mother maaji,, a mother two girls how can I destroy another person's daughter's life,, but you always took wrong everything,,

Daadi shook her head in shame that she killed her son,, and daughter in law,,

AMMA ***Arnav bituva we didn't know that you believed or will believe us but this is the truth,, and now its too late for anything we know but you two have the right to know the truth,,

Hearing this arnav kneeled down,, and anjali came to him and touched his shoulder,,,

Just then Shyaam arrived there,, when babuji saw him he walked to him and slapped him hard,,,


Everyone shocked,,, seeing that,,

PAAYAL *** Babuji what are you doing please leave him,,

BABUJI **** No bitiya not today I know why khushi bitiya left this house it is only because of him I know that,,

PAAYAL *** Babuji please calm down,,

Shyaam also shocked hearing babuji speak,,

BABUJI *** Bitiya not today you know when I found out he is a married man he tried to kill me,, he was the reason of my dead body state,, and I couldn't do anything,,,, he engaged to khushi in front of me and I just watched that,, but thanks to devimayya she broke the engagement,,,

AKASH *** What are you saying babuji???

BABUJI *** Yes damadji we are saying the truth Shyaam stayed in our house as PG and got engaged to titaliya,, but we didn't knew he was already married and that too with you and titaliya found this she broke the engagement and she came here to tell this but you were pregnant at that time so she became quite'

PAAYAL *** Di I and khushi told you the truth at that day but anyone of you didn't believed us because we don't have any proofs and today also we don't have any proofs but if you want to know about this you can ask any of our neighbors there that he were our PG,,

Hearing this anjali felt weak she lost everything her baby and now husband also,, he was the one whom khushiji engaged to'

PAAYAL *** Di one more truth is there that Shyaam killed your baby!!!!!!!!!

ANJALI *** What?????????????

PAAYAL *** Yes khushi herself heard this and told me,,,

ARNAV *** Khushi knew this,, she didn't tell me,,

PAAYAL *** Why would she tell you about this your were so blind in your di's love that you forgot about your wife and baby that you agreed to have a baby and give that to your di,,

ARNAV **** Paayal,,

PAAYAL *** Yes arnavji and khushi too know this so she left this house,,

ARNAV *** But I,,

PAAYAL *** Arnavji it's too late too late for everything,, you did a grave mistake and you can't change it so don't try to change it,,

BABUJI *** Paayal bitiya are you saying the truth?

PAAYAL *** yes babuji I promise on khushi and aashi this is the truth when khushi heard this she was broken and decided to leave the house for di and arnavji,,

Hearing this [khushi left the house] Shyaam became furious,,

SHYAAM *** Khushiji left the house when?? Where did she go???

NK *** Shyaam that is none of your business

SHYAAM *** Yes it is,,,,, khushiji where are you??? I need to find her,, I need to find her,,

[He repeated and everyone came to know about all and they felt only shame ,,only and only shame,,]

ARNAV *** Akash call the police right now he will go jail for killing his own baby and trying to kill babuji,,

Shyaam was acting like maniac and police arrested him,,,

Arnav and the others heard whole the story and felt the ground under them is falling,, and last paayal told how she and khushi heard the talk between arnav and anjali and he himself agreed,,

ARNAV *** Babuji I am sorry I.. I was so much blind in my di's love I didn't see khushi's feelings and I,,

BABUJI *** its ok bituva we understand that you loves your di very much but khushi was also your responsibility,,,

ARNAV **** I am,,

BUAJI *** Babuva why are you wasting your time by talking to them you didn't see what they done to our titaliya??

BABUJI *** Jiji,,

BUAJI ** Babuva I am not a saint like you or titaliya and I won't let any one come near my titaliya's baby,, [buaji took the baby from babuji]

ARNAV *** Buaji please,,

BUAJI *** I said don't come near her,,

AKASH *** Buaji please it is bhai's baby too,,

BUAJI *** No its not,, when he thought he will snatch the baby from titaliya he lose the right,, he lost the right of being arushi's father,,

Arnav cried in front of every one,, he lost his wife his baby,, everything,, what was his fault that he loved his di more than anything,,,

Then naani walked to them,,,,

NAANI **** Anjali bitiya you wanted khushi bitiya's daughter why bitiya why??

ANJALI *** Naani I,,

NAANI **** Bitiya see khushi bitiya give the baby to you but aashi don't want to come to you,, because she also felt you were the one whom snatched her mother from her ,,now what will you do bitiya?? Can you bring her mother now?? Can you??

ANJALI *** Naani I,, I am sorry naani I only ,,

NAANI **** Bitiya you only wanted a baby so you killed two innocent lives khushi and aashi's'

BUAJI *** Babuva come lets go,,

PAAYAL *** Buaji no,, I wont give aashi to anyone she is not going anywhere she will be with me,, till khushi come back,, khushi gave me aashi's responsibility,,

BUAJI *** Paayaliya but arushi wont stay here any more,,, and I decided it,,

PAAYAL **** Buaji please,,,

BUAJI **** Paayaliya if you want you can also come with us,, but she wont stay here,, whom know tomorrow you will do all those with arushi also just like khushi,,

It pained every one mostly anjali and arnav,,

PAAYAL *** Babuji please I want to be with aashi,,

AMMA ** Bitiya you can come laxminagar when ever you want but..

Saying this babuji amma and buaji left to their home with aashi,,

Paayal stood at the entrance and cried,, NK came to her and consoled,,

NK *** Bhabhi I too think your buaji is right it is good for aashi she stay away from here,,

PAAYAL *** Nanheji,,

NK *** Yes Bhabhi,, Here no one deserves her Bhabhi,, we all are responsible for her mother less state,,

PAAYAL *** You are right Nanheji,,

NK ***You don't worry Bhabhi we will go to aashi tomorrow,,

PAAYAL *** Ok Nanheji,,

NK *** Bhabhi and we will find khushiji at any cost,, you just believe me ,,

PAAYAL *** We will find her hai na Nanheji???

NK *** Yes Bhabhi,,

Then everyone left to their rooms,, daadi, anjali and arnav remained at the doorway,, anjali cursed her fate and naani blamed herself for everything and arnav he was statue at the time a shattered man,, whom doesn't have a reason for living,,,




NOTE*** I don't know whether you all liked this part if you liked please comment me and i am eagerly waiting for your comments,, if you comment fast I will update fast,,

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-Sunset- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 8:13am | IP Logged
OMG! I'm in tears... 

Speechless Clap

Can't wait for an update...

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bhadraprasad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 8:16am | IP Logged
Brilliantly written...very emotional and thanks for the PM
Usma55 Goldie

Joined: 09 January 2012
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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Please add the last part
where did khushi go
Thank you for sending Shaun to jail
Dont feel sorry for arnav he deserved it

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Finally truth is out :) loved it loadz <3 I can cry 4 khushi :'( why does everything bad always happen to her x hope whn thy do meet again she doesn't forgive em all sooo easily ? update soon xoxo
-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Finally the truth is out.. glad that buaji took the baby.. lookin g forward to next part... do continue soon
hararnav IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 8:19am | IP Logged
nice flashback...
so 3yrs leap is awesome

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