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princessunara IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:41pm | IP Logged
awww feel so bad for poor Khushi!!
aww but her little baby girl rocks!! just like her adorable n innocent momma!! hope she keeps rejecting pujali b***!!
thank god Payal knows and is with Khushi!! and NK and nani rocks too!!

do continue!!:-)

Blondiexzy Goldie

Joined: 27 April 2012
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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 6:48pm | IP Logged
loved it you you never know arnav just might to do in the serial for his di
Blondiexzy Goldie

Joined: 27 April 2012
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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 7:02pm | IP Logged
feel so bad for khushi  have to give up her baby arnav is so stoned heart toward her.
Priya_990 Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
Nice os...kushi...sob sob emotional.
-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 8:24pm | IP Logged
kushi talking to her baby was emotional.. and loved that baby doesn't want to be wit arnav and anjali .. they deserve this... looking forward to the next part..

sridivya612 Groupbie

Joined: 10 April 2012
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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
love this story continue
Maithly Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 11:52pm | IP Logged





Its been one month after little aashi is born and whenever khushi was beside aashi is comfortable with anjali and also arnav not for a long time only for sometime,, after again she will start cry,, but aashi was very much comfortable with NK and paayal and when aashi was with them khushi did her daily works,, even naani and Akash will hold aashi but they also couldn't hold aashi more 30 minutes or one hour but with NK and paayal she will be whole,, then she needed khushi only for feeding,,


It is midnight and Akash and arnav were gone to a business party,, all the others were in their room,,

Khushi packed her all stuffs and things and took aashi and walked to paayal's room,, and knocked,, a half asleep paayal opened the door and saw a teary eyed khushi in front of her,, paayal became panicked and thought something is happened to little aashi,, but then she saw the bag in khushi's hand,,

PAAYAL **** Khushi what is this???

KHUSHI *** Jiji I am going from here,,

PAAYAL **** What?? Are you gone mad khushi,,

KHUSHI *** No Jiji I cant take it anymore one day surely arnavji will give aashi to di and I know she will be there for my daughter,, so I am leaving jiji,,

PAAYAL **** But khushi please once think about aashi,,

KHUSHI *** I thought about my aashi Jiji and if she is with me more than di then it will difficult to her mingle with di and I want aashi to be with di forever..

PAAYAL **** Khushi once arnavji return we will talk about this' khushi jald baasi nahi karti,,

KHUSHI *** No Jiji whenever I saw di's sad face ,, I feel guilty Jiji that I was the reason for that,, if my absence and my baby can give her happiness I will give that Jiji,, and shyaamji now also behind me so if I gone from here everything will be alright Jiji,,

PAAYAL **** Khushi everything will be alright but about your baby,, do you even think about that poor soul,, she needs her mother khushi,,

KHUSHI *** Jiji di is there for her and after I will gone aashi will patch up with di and arnavji,,

PAAYAL **** Khushi di may be get a baby by this but aashi is losing her mother's love,, and you only can give her that,,

KHUSHI *** Jiji when aashi will lose me she will di's love arnavji's love your's jijaaji's nanheji's and everyone's even daadi's,, so it good for her,, that she will get what I didn't get,,

PAAYAL **** But khushi,,

KHUSHI *** Jiji please handle her,, and be for her with forever,, I will be with her forever if I am not in front of her and tell her if she asked about me that her mamma loved her more than anything and always love her,,

PAAYAL **** Khushi,,

KHUSHI *** Jiji please promise me you will b there for my aashi,,

PAAYAL **** Yes khushi,, but where are you going amma and babuji are not here,,

KHUSHI *** Jiji you don't worry about me,, I will be safe,, and once I will settle I will try to call you,, Jiji please take care of yourself all others in the family and my aashi,, [khushi cried,,]

Then khushi placed the baby in paayal's arms and moved to the door but aashi caught khushi's hand in her little palms and khushi looked at aashi in awe.. She cried then freed herself and then kissed aashi's fore head and gone from there,, paayal took aashi with her inside the room,,


Everyone was at the table for break fast and khushi was absent but they thought khushi is in her room and taking care of aashi,, but aashi was with paayal in her room and she was feeding her milk,,

Then aashi slept,, paayal knew when aashi starts crying she needed khushi and the family didn't asked about khushi,, but they asked about aashi ,,

After some time aashi woke up started crying,, but ran to aashi and took her in arms and tried to cal but aashi was not stopping,, then paayal's hard work made aashi again sleep,,


Akash and arnav returned,, they asked about aashi and had their tea,,

NAANI *** Chote today aashi cried a lot I think she is having fever,,

ARNAV *** What naani fever,,

NAANI *** Not exactly chote may be,,

ARNAV *** You didn't check her naani

NAANI *** Aashi is with her mother chote and she knew if some thing wrong or not,,

ANJALI ** But naani,,

NAANI *** What anjali bitiya,,

ANJALI *** If aashi is ill then we have to took her to a hospital now,,

PAAYAL **** No need of that di aashi is fine and don't have any fever,,

ANJALI *** Then what is it paayalji,,

PAAYAL **** She is trying to feel comfortable di so she is crying and will be alright in few days,,

Aashi who was awake was looking paayal and smiling at something,,

ANJALI *** Ok paayalji,,, [to aashi] aashi beta come here I will tell you a story,,

Then anjali took aashi from paayal and she gave,, and aashi was enjoining something and suddenly her mood changed by the person and started crying,,,

ANJALI *** What happened again aashi is crying,,

PAAYAL **** Di please give me aashi I will make her sleep,,,

ANJALI *** No paayalji today I will make her sleep,,

PAAYAL *** But di,,

ARNAV *** Paayal let di to do that,,

Paayal give an angry glare to arnav,,

But aashi no where to stop,, anjali tried hard and aashi cried louder,,

Hearing this nk and others also come there,,

NK *** Bhabhi why is cute aashi crying,,,

PAAYAL *** Wo,,

NK *** Bhabhi where is khushiji?? Why she didn't come to baby,, may be aashi is hungry,,

This made every one alert yes they all didn't see khushi from the last night and even aashi cried this much khushi didn't come,, arnav anjali looked at each other,,

Paayal felt tears in her eyes then came to anjali and took aashi from her,, aashi stopped crying a little,,,

PAAYAL **** Nanheji khushi left this house yesterday night and I don't know where is she or what happened to her,,,

NK *** What???

Everyone looked at paayal disbelief that how can a mother leave her new born baby,,

NAANI **** Khushi bitiya left what are you saying paayal bitiya,,,

PAAYAL **** Yes daadiji I am saying the truth and she handed me aashi and told me to look after her,,

AKASH *** But paayal why would khushiji do like that,,,

Paayal looked at arnav and anjali,,

NK *** Bhabhi how can khushiji leave cute aashi she needs her mother now,,

DAADI *** See how low is that girl devyani I told you not to make her your bahu but you didn't hear me now what???

Hearing this paayal felt something in her heart that even after khushi sacrificing her own daughter they are saying this to khushi,,

PAAYAL **** Daadiji khushi is not low as much as others in the house,,

AKASH *** Paayal,,

PAAYAL **** Yes Akash and why she left this house and what is the reason behind it very well known to your brother and sister ask them if you need any answers,,

Then paayal left to her room with aashi,,

Everyone looked at arnav and anjali,,

At the time paayal said that arnav felt his heart broken khushi left and without informing him where is she now?? What will happen to her??? Why she left?? And that too is leaving aashi here??? Arnav needed answers and that is with khushi and paayal now,, khushi is not here then paayal,,

He gone to paayal's room,,

ARNAV *** Paayal I need to talk to you,,

PAAYAL **** There is nothing left to talk arnavji,,

ARNAV *** But paayal,,

PAAYAL **** Arnavji khushi handed me the responsibility of aashi and I will do that,,

ARNAV *** But khushi,,

PAAYAL **** Khushi is gone arnavji and you only wanted the baby can you aashi for a minute with you no cant because aashi will not be with you for some minute, nor with di then how will you two manage her,,

ARNAV *** Paayal I,,

PAAYAL **** Arnavji if you want aashi you can take her,, but I will be there for her till khushi returns,,

ARNAV *** Paayal but

PAAYAL **** Arnavji pleas aashi is sleeping we talk about this later

And arnav moved out and saw anjali there,,

ARNAV *** Di khushi,,

ANJALI *** Yes chote she is gone and she lat me to take the baby and I will take care of her Chote,,

ARNAV *** But di khushi..

ANJALI *** Chote she will be with her family where else she will go,,

ARNAV *** May be di but,,

ANJALI *** Chote you don't worry she will be fine and I will take care of aashi more than khushiji,, and she also understood that I wanted aashi so she left her,,

ARNAV *** Yes di,,

When she said this arnav's heart bled that khushi left there baby,, even though he also decided to tell her about giving the baby to di and sending her to her family,, he was thinking a chance to make everything alright but now every chance is gone,,

After the day everyone stopped talking about khushi but aashi always missed her mother and she cried for her mother anjali how hard tried to make aashi hers but aashi doesn't wanted to be with her may be she understood they are reason behind her mother left her,,


Aashi is always with paayal and paayal didn't get any call from khushi and she worried for her,, and Shyaam is not there for some days [sure he is planning something,,]

Amma babuji and buaji came RM, even after daadi restricted them from entering RM,, they came today,,,

Seeing them daadi's blood boiled..

DAADI **** How dare you to come here to make again suffer us,,

AMMA *** Maaji please let me talk today please,,

DAADI **** No we don't want to hear anything,,

AMMA *** Maaji please,,

BABUJI *** Yes maaji please if we didn't tell this now you all will regret about this later,,

DAADI **** Oh what is remained to hear,,

PAAYAL **** Amma buaji babuji,,

BABUJI *** Bitiya how are you??

PAAYAL **** I am fine babuji but you,, you can speak babuji,,

BABUJI *** Yes bitiya I can,, bitiya where is khushi bitiya??

PAAYAL **** Khushi wo,,

BUAJI *** What is the matter bitiya,,

Then they looked at the baby in paayal's arms,, and arnav and anjali also came there,,

BABUJI *** Bitiya this baby,,

PAAYAL **** Babuji this is khushi's daughter aashi,, arushi,,

AMMA *** Khushi bitiya's daughter,,

Babuji took the baby in his arms the baby dint cried she looked at babuji and smiled,, a toothless smile,,

BABUJI *** Just like my khushi bitiya,, always smiling,,

Then anjali tried to take the baby from them,, but aashi was clinging to babuji and didn't wanted to go from there and anjali also stopped trying,,

BUAJI *** Bitiya please tell me where is khushi???

PAAYAL **** Buaji I don't know she left from here,,

Amma babuji buaji shocked,, babuji looked down and saw his grand daughter is sleeping form in his arms he felt tears in his eyes,,,

OK that's for now,,,,,,,,,,,



THE UGLY TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A LEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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---Sonia--- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 12:06am | IP Logged
plz update soon, l want read what buaji wants to say

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