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*WU 9/4* TejYa are Re-united!! + Gupshup <3

Tejy_Kumari Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 10:09pm | IP Logged

Chalo, onto the update!! Remember to keep signing the petition!! :) <3 Cry My last update for SBS Cry Thank God I got a good epi or I probably would have gone after the CVs for ruining my last update.  Here we go Cry

Written Update: September 4th, 2012

~Smiley comes home and makes an excuse to the family that Tej apologized to her and felt bad and that he probably went to go get her a sorry gift

~Tej arrives at the ashram and asks a man about Toasty, describing her as a tall girl...the man asks if she is skinny and Tej says haan and the man points out Toasty's cabin.  Tej goes running to it (Eee, intense TejYa music in the background!)  He calls out for Toasty when he opens the door but no one is there.  He sees the TejYa pic on the shelf and remembers their shaadi...he sees Toasty's suitcase and remembers her leaving...he sees her saree..sees her mangalsutra and remembers putting it on her at their wedding and he is overwhelmed with joy.  He looks out the window and calls out for Toasty happily.  Someone comes in and Tej asks her about Toasty but he says that she has left already and asks him if he is Tej Prakash Chaturvedi.  Tej says haan and the man gives him a note and says that Toasty left it for him.

~Tej reads it and in it Toasty writes that she knows that he knows she is alive and knew he would come here looking for her and that she tried to cover her voice up but she knew that Tej wouldn't fall for it after hearing her voice and there's no way he wouldn't recognize it.  She tells him that she has left and to please not look for her and she tells him to go back home and get married to Smiley.  Tej is disappointed and sad and leaves.

~Smiley prays that if Toasty is alive then to please let her come back to the house.

~Tej starts to leave and is wondering why are you running away from me, Toasty? Where do I look for you now? He then remembers all of Toasty's things left behind in the room and the man telling him that Toasty left that morning and he puts two and two together and realizes that Toasty couldn't have left and goes running back.  He barges into the cabin and calls out Toasty.  Toasty is standing by the mirror, putting her mangalsutra on and turns around.  They both stand there gazing at each other with TejYa flashbacks and Tere Liye from Veer Zaara playing in the background (Eee *squeals* <3 <3)  Tej walks in and hugs her and they both hug each other emotionally.

~Toasty then remembers her brain tumor and breaks away and tries to turn away but Tej grabs her arm and asks her where she is going and whether she is going to try to leave him again and that he won't let her go anywhere.  Toasty's face is turned away from him and he holds it and tries to turn it towards him and says look here.  You have a lot of questions to give answers to.  Why did you do this?  Why did you hide such a big thing from me? What did I do!? Why did you give me such a big punishment?  Why did you leave me and go? (Oh my God!! I'm sobbing like anything watching this again! Ravi and AIsh's acting!!! Ravi's dialogue delivery!! I'm going to miss Tej so much!! :'( <3) How did you think I could live without you? And how have you been living without me? 
~Toasty says that she didn't want to see everyone upset.  My deteriorating state...the sadness all this would have brought to everyone I wouldn't have been able to bear..and Tej, you!  I wouldn't have been able to bear see the fear in your face of losing me.  Tej says and so you left us.  You left me, you lied to me and came here.  Bewakoof ladki! You didn't think about the pain I went through after you left me?  You didn't right? We glued these fake smiles onto our faces because you wanted it...and then your stupid, stupid ideas!!  That bakwaas salsa competiton and marrying Smiley!!  Marrying Smiley!?!? What were you thinking!?!?! You were just writing whatever you thought of and sending it to us and we like crazy idiots were following everything you said.  How did you even think that I could be happy with anyone else?  You saw a dream of getting Tej remarried and that dream became everyone's.  Everyone is after me to get married to Smiley because it's your dream..that's how important you are to everybody. 

~Toasty says I just wanted to see you happy and leave this world with the belief that someone would be ther eto take care of you after I left and someone would love.  Smiley is a very nice girl.  Tej says there's thousands of nice girls..should I go and get married to all of them!?!  Smiley is a very nice girl...I'm indebted to her...because of her, I found you and I'm here with you again and I'm able to touch you and see you..I'm indebted to her.  And then another TejYa hug..#2!! :P <3

~Tej starts packing her things and tells her that he's heard all he needed to hear and now she is coming home with him right away and Toasty says don't be crazy.  How can I come now?  I can't come now...everyone is busy with your wedding preparations and if she comes now then it will complicate everything.  You go home and get married to Smiley.  Toasty says anyways I don't have a lot of...and she trails off.  Tej grabs her arm and says anyways you don't have a lot of what? Yahin that you don't have a lot of days to live?  How many days do you have? One year...a month...a week.  Toasty, if you don't come home with me right this instant then I...he looks around and walks over to her fruit plate and grabs the knife back and walks over to her, holding the knife to his wrist...then I'll take my life right this second and won't see tomorrow's sun rise.  Toasty grabs the knife from him and throws it on the ground and says have you gone crazy!?  Don't you dare talk like this or bring such a thought into your heart!  She turns and Tej grabs her arm hard and pulls her back angrily and says what do you think!?  That this world runs according to you!?  What you think and what you want is what happens? If you love me, Toasty, then I love you too!  We all love you.  Why is it that you think your love is greater than our love?  That you can give sacrifices and do whatever you want regarding us but we don't have the right to take care of ourselves or make our own decisions.  Why is it that you think you have the right to take our rights away?

~Tej says do you know what Pashu's daughter's name is?  Toasty.  Because we wanted Toasty to remain a part of our lives in some form.  Even after learning of your death, we kept smiles on our faces.  Our souls were crying but we kept smiling because Toasty wanted it.  I took part in that stupid salsa competition even though I didn't want to..why? Because Toasty wanted it.  The whole house is lost in getting Tej married...why? Because Toasty wanted it.  Despite not wanting to, even I agreed for this marriage...why? Because Toasty wanted it.  We've gone about doing whatever Toasty wanted but Toasty...did you ever think that we have our own wishes and feelings? No..that's why you left, right?  How did this Toasty become so selfish?  The Toasty that lived for her husband and family is now not ready to do what her husband and family want?  Do we not have the right to even decide what we want?  Do we not have the right to ask our Toasty what we want of her?  Enough.  I've said what I've wanted to say and heard not another word, we're going straight home..end of matter.

~Toasty says no.  Tej says no? Still no?  You still want to do what you want!?  You've always done whatever you think is thought you can't see Tej's sadness so you thought you can't see the familiy's sadness so you left.  For once, put yourself in my place and look from my point of view.  If I was the one with your illness, then?  Toasty says Tej, don't say that!!  Tej says so what would you do? Listen to me, na!  What would you do?  If I left you without telling in the way you did, what would you do?  Wouldn't you want me to come back home with you?  Wouldn't you drop on your knees and request me to come back home with you?  Wouldn't you want that every remaining second we have left that I spend them in front of your eyes? Until then when my eyes close, wouldn't you want to take care of fulfill every promise that we made on our wedding good and bad days, in illness or any situation, that Tej and Toasty be together and support each other?  Wouldn't you want this?  So do I not have even this much haq that I should want this?  Or do I have beg in front of you? (And it finally hits Toasty hard!! Shabaash mera jaanu!!! <3)  Toasty says no and hugs him (#3!! :P ) and says I'm sorry!! I'm really sorry!!  I became really selfish..I was only thinking about myself and wasn't thinking about you or the family.  Take me to the family..I want to ask forgiveness from everyone.  And the epi ends with TejYa hug #4!! And Tejy wants to sob her heart out that the episode that concludes her updating has come to an end Cry

Pre-Cap: Pashu asks Smiley what she wants to say to Dadaji.  Smiley says that Toasty is alive.  Everyone is shocked...Tej and Toasty walk into the house and everyone is shocked and happy seeing her. 

Tejy's Gupshup: one should have have missed today's episode Angry If you missed today's (or yesterday's if you live outside of North America) episode, I demand that you go on DM or YT and watch the episode pronto...especially if you are a fan of TejYa and love Ravi and Aish's is a MUST watch.  Out of 10 points, I give it 100000000000000000 Wink LOL  I have no words to describe how awesome, amazing, mindblowing it TejYa reunion out of all of the TejYa reunion scenes and Tej's dialogues were perfect and spot on!! Everything we've been wanting to say to Toasty, Tej said it all!! Aaj all I can say is I've forgiven the CVs for all the stupid crap they've shown us and all their mistakes  because with today's epi they can have my whole heart  <3 Today's episode was just too perfect <3  I never thought I could love Ravi anymore than I already did but today I felt like pulling my heart out and just handing it to him...he's won it over completely in every way possible <3  Just the way he brings emotions to every centimeter of his face...I really..really have no words...he is one of the gods among actors.  SRK, Hrithik, Shahid..sab bhool gayi main iss ladke ko pyaar kar ke! I Clap I'm going to miss Tej's character so much...Tej is my dream guy and I really hope one day I'll find someone like him.  And Aish...she is brilliant and so so so beautiful <3  I missed that pretty face...those eyes <3  Can't wait to see that shining smile tomorrow <3

My last gupshup for my own update Cry Will hopefully post gupshup for tomorrow and Thursday and will be doing gupshup on old epis starting next week but this is too depressing yaar.

What do I say?  It's been a pleasure updating for SBS for the past year now.  Hearing all your feedback and being promoted to Coolbie for SBS was a great honor for me and I cherish every moment that I've spent in this forum writing updates and sharing my thoughts, even when things were tight with work and college.  I feel so empty and depressed thinking that next week there will be no new epi for me to update on and that there are only 2 epis left before it's all done Cry It's really hard to hold back my tears and I just want to take a moment to thank everyone in this forum for  becoming good friends of mine and appreciating my work and bearing with me when circumstances delayed my updates.  I'm going to miss this so much and most of all I'm going to miss our C parivaar and TejYa and I'm thanking God right now that he honored me with such a beautiful, fully TejYa based episode for my last update...he knows how much I love TejYa reunions and that is exactly what I got  <3 This is the best episode I could have asked for as my last one <3  I hope SBS returns with all my heart but if it doesn't, it will always be held in that part of my heart that is reserved for only my very favorite of shows that have touched my heart in a way that most shows can't <3  I love you Saas Bina Sasural <3

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.Sunshine. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 10:49pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the update! :D

Except for the first scene, I loved each and every bit of this beautiful episode <3 AishVi were damn good <3 <3
Everything that I wanted Tej to tell her was there <3
These two created magic yet again <3
And I'm sure they will be back to create that magic in SBS2 <3 :D
I'm going to watch the episode again once it's up on YouTube <3 :D

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.PerfectLove. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
BlushingCouldn't help myself from posting TeJya's reunionDay Dreaming*Eee..Haaii*Blushing

Awesome Update and Gupshup as alwaysEmbarrassed 
Day DreamingDancingOf course, A Definitely Must Watch EpisodeDancingDay Dreaming
Out of 10, I will give 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000+ClapROFL
Perfect episodeDay Dreaming*Haii* TeJya ReunitesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Really don't have any words to express how best the episodeTongue
ClapClapSuperb, Fantastic, Mind Blowing, Perfect, Fabulous.. On&OnClapClap
*tears of joy* the moment tej put two and two together and runs back to the cabin + (Intense TeJya music playingEmbarrassed)*ShoutingDancing"Go Tej Go Tej..You'll find her"Embarrassed..Tej finally sees his Toasty in front of himBlushing

Ravi in Tej's character was amazing beautifulBig smileThe dialogues,the moments, the scenes, sab perfect thaBlushing

"Abhi Issi Waqt Apni Jaan Leloonga aur Kal Subhe Ka Sooraj Nahin Dekhoonga Main"Cry
Tej loves his Toasty to deathEmbarrassed Toasty is so special to Tej that he is ready to sacrifice even his lifeDay DreamingTeJya Rocked<3

"Kya Kiya Tha Meine?Kyun Di Itni Badi Sazaa?Kyun Chodke Chali Gayi Mujhe?EmbarrassedAisa Kaise Soch Liya Ki Mein Tumhare Bina Reh Sakta Hoon aur Kaisi Rehli Mere BinaHeart"
Loved Ravi&Aish as Tej&ToastyDay DreamingThey rocked the episodeEmbarrassedTeJya ReunitesDancingParty

One more..One moreLOL

"Kahan Ja Rahi Ho tum?Kahan? Phir Se Mejhe Chor Ke Jaa Rahi Ho Tum! Ab tumhe Jaane Nahin Doonge! Kabhi Jaane Nahin Doonga"Heart
Tej's expressions was emotional and heart touchingEmbarrassedDay Dreaming

Thik Hai !! Thik Hai!! *Sigh* Mein rukti hoon warna poora episode ki dialogue likhoongiROFL

Once Again, A Definitely Must Watch EpisodeDay DreamingTeJya's Reunion brings me on cloud nineDay Dreaming..Cannot stop from watching the episode..already watched about 5-6 times..LOLTommorow,Toasty will be back to the ChaturvedisBig smile
Phir Waiting!! *Ptff*Shocked Sabr Ka Phal Hamesha Meetha Hota HainTongue 
OMG!! Only 2 days and my 2 last updatesDisapproveCryKaise jiyoongi SBS Ke Bina; mera sab kuch tha?Cry

Before going, a beautiful song when TeJya reunitedDay Dreaming
Tere Liye From Veer Zaara only for TeJyaEmbarrassed

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--Ekta-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
thnx for the update...

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rriyaa Groupbie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:17am | IP Logged
beautiful episode...only TejYa...amazing...waiting for this moment since a month...
Tejy..gonna miss ur gupshup

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rriyaa Groupbie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:40am | IP Logged
I usually miss SBS episodes after shift in time slot...but luckly i got tym to see epi yday...very happy...nice well

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pujli07 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 8:36am | IP Logged
thanks for the update. 

agree with you, it was an amazing episode after a long time. I am sure the CVs realized that the current track was not acceptable. they decided to bring back toasty and did a wonderful job to close this chapter. Tej's speech was beyond great and it made up for all that non-sense that was shown. It justified everything. Each and every thing that didnt make sense was brought up in his dialogues.. stupid letters, running away from family, not caring about anyone's emotions especially Tej.. how can you expect that he will just marry Smiley like that... and very well acting by toasty too justifying that she didnt think and couldnt think because of the circumstances and she ended up making a mistake and hurting everyone. 

it was just wonderful. 

Edited by pujli07 - 05 September 2012 at 8:38am

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