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Spice Girls Hangout:Say NO to cruelty!

--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:20pm | IP Logged

Another long day in IPK land, the godbharai, mehendi, Anji falling into Shyam's trap, losing the baby, the delivery, Shyam-Arnav faceoff and decision to take Anji home all in one day...I only hope those Jodhpuri's  and Sanaya's outfit were comfortable...Coz it sure didn't look like it...

Episode was ok but I don't like where this is headed. Shyam yet again proving that he is a powerful force to reckon with. This time he is loaded with ammo...He will attack on all fronts. He will use Arnav's weakness against him, his Di and his anger. He will work his charm on the women of RM, notably dadi to gain entry and hurt...Arnav Singh Raizada may think he has won this battle but far from it...He has fallen into Shyam's trap yet again...He is exactly where Shyam wanted him to be. His anger took the better of him and he may have well played into his hands and dadi will likely win the argument this time.

Clearly Shyam's intent is to hurt Anjali more, either mentally or physically till he gets Arnav Singh Raizada on his knees. The CV's intent here is to get their golden boy back and also to show the audience how evil he is. Possibly make Anjali realize how evil Shyam is but not before he hurts more along the way...Well, we get the point...Shyam is a devil... So, cut it...

Tonight a new low...Gloating the murder of his unborn and destruction of  his gullible wife...More power to creativity...Clap

Shyam should just get on board already...If he doesn't, he will continue to attack a naive Anjali....I don't think I have stomach to put up with any more torture of this poor girl.... or possibly hurt others in RM...Figuratively, Anji is already on life support...Move the story beyond Anjali's torture...Be a man and fight your equal...

If they truly believe their story has potential, they do not have to resort to such cheap cliched gimmicks. If glorifying Shyam is their intent, it isn't going to happen.....We have an intelligent audience who does not tolerate cruelty.....How much will this girl suffer? They have already insulted women's sensibilities by showing Anjali as downright stupid...Can it get any worse?


Dadi is completely sold on Shyam and is sympathizing with the devil....Shyam cleverly blaming Anji for the baby's death, his amanat she was supposed to safeguard in his absence...Yes, he continues to play with her psyche while gloating on his success in killing his own flesh and blood... There better be a good explanation for his cruelty...Is Anjali paying for her parents sins or is the family cursed? She never seems to get a break...As Khushi put it her bhagya or abhagya?


A distraught, defeated Arnav refusing to see his sister...Khushi standing strong, convincing him that there is only so much we humans can do...We cannot change what destiny has in store...We can only comfort those who need support. Nobody can fill in his shoes...Only he can be the pillar of strength...Di needs him...The words will just flow, he just has to be by her side...Empowered by her love, her confidence in him, a powerful figure walks back confidently to comfort his broken sister...When he is face to face with the devil himself...

The anger resurfaces...He grabs him by the collar...An evil Shyam apologizes  and tries to smooth talk ASR, he was just trying to be alongside his wife, grieving the loss of his child. He is a father too...Even without knowing the real Shyam ASR doesn't believe Shyam...What followed was a one-sided fist fight, dadi sympathizing with Shyam...

Will Khushi buy into it too?She did that mistake 6 months ago but Arnav's kidnapping made her see the light...Will the CV's destroy Khushi's character yet again to get Shyam, their golden boy in? This time I wasn't rejoicing the thappad...The dangerous Shyam is making headway...His entry now imminent...Is it before or after marriage? Remains to be seen...

ASR made the mistake of taking Anji home in a haste...Will they continue to dumb down everyone to glorify evil? If Anji is made to suffer again by the devil, ASR's judgment will be questioned and dadi's argument will prevail...Will Shyam succeed yet again?  We got the point on Friday...Can we move on?

I do not want any more cruelty towards Anjali... Or any more denigration of women, be it Khushi or Anjali...I am convinced men are writing this nonsense, deriving sadistic pleasure out of ill treatment of women or showing them to not use their brains...Are there women on the creative team? If so, can they take one for us and stop this madness? Gul, do you care enough to listen? Ultimately it is us the consumers who have the power...Say NO to cruelty!

Pics: Ippy


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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:21pm | IP Logged

Another episode that delivered much more than I expected which is good when expectations are low. It was a gripping episode

CVs continue to show just how far Arnav and Khushi have come as a couple, she assures him he is not a failure and sometimes fate is out of their hands. Khushi gives Arnav and the support he needs to face Anjali through this painful time, she is his rock and shows how much she believes in him.

Mini rant here, why on earth do they continue to add the suspense element whenever they show Shyam??? We know its him, wasted minute here. Not surprising Shyam immediately starts brainwashing Anjali, planting seeds that had he been there she would have never miscarried. Shyam acts as if he had no prior knowledge when in reality he was the mastermind. A villain at his best or I should say worst, one who is not as foolish as originally believed. We get the point, he is evil and his plans are well thought out however sick they are.

Highlight of the episode was Shyam coming face to face with Arnav and Khushi. I honestly was not expecting much of a confrontation given the situation, setting but leave it to the CVs to surprise me, loved the slap and the punches which would have continued had Khushi not held Arnav back. Shyam escaped this time but there's no doubt about him causing ASR to re emerge, this war is far from over infact it has just started!

Another highlight was how the camera focused on Arnav when Shyam and Dadi spoke. Arnav eyes indicated what his mind was thinking that there was more going on that he was unaware about and those suspicions will only increase once he learns Shyam is in RM as shown in the precap. Arnav must know that Shyam is there, either the nurse speaks out or he gets caught. Maybe Arnav will beat him up again in front of Anjali which causes her to get worse and leads the family to rethink bringing Shyam back, after all he asked for 10 minutes alone with Anjali so who knows what he'll do next. The only thing that makes me hopeful for this track is the possibility of the blinders finally coming off for Anjali, she cannot go on trusting him forever eventually she must see for herself how evil he is but at what cost? How many more will be hurt by his actions before she gets the wake up call she desperately needs?? I really hope the family works together to expose Shyam's true colors to Anjali before he causes further damage, surely they will be watching him like a hawk as none with the exception of Dadi trust him. This track will be more impactful if it is shown that the entire family is in this fight with Arnav and Khushi to expose Shyam's true colors

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:24pm | IP Logged

Good Evening Everyone,

Is it not true that a Hero looks good only when he has a worthy villain ?  Would we love our super heroes if they did not encounter super villains?  True but I also wonder that is the last applause for the hero worth the destruction that the villain levees in its path of his own defeat .   And why does the hero only claim his victory and glory in the last scene ? All stories are about the good guy and the bad guy .

IPK is no different where the villain has taken a shape  larger than life  leaving every other character seem feeble and lame . The only way he has looked smart or has been successful  is because people around him have been made to look as idiots. Take for instance today.  We all understand that this track is to get Shyam back to RM but really was there no smarter way to do this ? 

I was somehow compelled to revisit all the "smart" moves made by Shyam and the no. of lives granted to him.

To start with - Shyam living at the Gupta residence. When  the truth was revealed about him being married ALL Gupta residents decided to keep quiet because of Payal's wedding.  In the real world this would amount to a huge deception by the would be in-laws but hey creative thinkers deemed it to be a sacrifice.

Then came the MU  of Shyam & Khushi where circumstances were created that Arnie overhears just the right sentence and witnesses the otherwise ferocious Khushi in the arms of the enemy  nestling as a mute lamb.  The goal was a forced marriage and to grant the perpetrator another life  in the name of a brothers sacrifice.  Arnie made to look the idiot for not following up on any direct statements made by Shyam – "I do not love Anjali. I love Khushi.."

Next was a biggie.  The kidnapping. Weeks were spent in suspense ,  detective work, gathering evidence , confrontations  to finally reach an end state of NOTHING.   Every single moment of the kidnapping was erased be it mami's new found concern for Khushi to  NK finding evidence against his jija  or the family even remembering that an incident such as a kidnapping happened.  Oh yes the outcome was Shyam being kicked out , what is not known is how do the family members feel about it. Are they convinced or have they simply accepted it as it was Arnie's decision.  A vague state leaving the door open for the villain to shine once again against a load full of family members who stood dumb.

And the latest ,  the intent to hurt Arnav where it hurts the most – his Di.  And the most creative way  is yet again to make Anji and her brother look weak.  Not a single question is asked as to the events that preceded her fall or her injured foot  or who invited Shayam to the  hospital . Not a single intelligent question but silly contrived drama to cause genuine repulsion.

Is this the way of drama and story telling ?   Do the creative teams and folks who write stories really believe their audience to be so silly and gullible that they would support an  irrational villain and accept their so called hero as  an idiot.  Why is there no sensible mind games than stooping to low to make every character in the story look as a  vctim.


The sad part is that this character is not going anywhere and all his atrocities will go unpunished. Every single trial that he has left has never been questioned and I , the audience, like the other characters in the show is made to look stupid.

Sorry Creatives.  I am NO FOOL.   I have the ability to differentiate between what is good and what is BS. My first and last reaction is the same and that is disgust.  Treat me and your characters with respect and in turn earn some for yourself.  


There were several bits of the show that I did like and that was the entire Arnav & Khsuhi interaction.  I would very much like to believe that the reason I am enduring this Shyam onslaught is for the purpose to get these two together and much stronger. I still live in my SKD that collectively these two will eventually out smart this man and  live a life in peace.

Till then unfortunately we have more of this BS coming up ..brace yourself all.


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-monalisa- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 March 2008
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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:24pm | IP Logged

Rabba ve, masala ladkiyon!!!  Hangout par sab kushal-mangal? Big smile

I'll make it very very short today and really try not to let it degenerate into a rant. CVs, you need to find yourselves a new villain.  Immediately, pronto, toute suite, abhi isi waqt, ippo, NOW.  Or else, please start closing your beloved loops and wrap this sordid mess of a tale up.    I don't care how many fans I end up angering, but for me, this story is already over.  Characters butchered beyond the point of recognition or redemption, it's truly heart-rending to see them do this to their baby.  (Pun very much intended)

So, everyone saw Arnav's expression when he witnessed the exchange between Daadi and Shyam, right?  It definitely looked like he was on to something, right?  Who wants to sharth that absolutely nothing will come out of it and we'll be right here in a month's time?  Even more infuriating than this pseudo-clue we were offered of the shaatir ASR dimaag were Khushi's stunned expressions when Shyam was being slapped and punched.  (BTW desperate TRP stunt much, CVs?).  Okay, we get it, Khushi is a mahaan aatma and anyone can do anything to HER and get away with it with the "ji" epithet intact, but what about what he did to her poojya almost-patidev? He tried to burn him alive, not two months ago, for crying out loud.  The Khushi I know and love would have struck the first punch.

Since this is fast turning into a rant, let me say what I came to say.   We are a no-cable family.  Yes, you read that right, we do not have cable TV.  We severed our relationship with the evil cable and satellite TV providers over 3 yrs ago and have never been happier.   I stumbled upon a youtube video of a IPK scene last Diwali and got hooked.  I watch the episodes online.  I barely watch any other TV, let alone Indian soaps.  But I watch IPKKND.  I not only watch it, but watch it multiple times.  I not only watch it multiple times, but I care enough to analyze it and sometimes write about it.  I not only do that, but also take out the time to chat about it on an online forum. And I consider myself of average intelligence.  Oh, what the heck, this ain't the place for modesty.  I consider myself of above-average intelligence.  Despite the above-average IQ, if a daily Hindi soap could inspire such obsession, CVs, you did something right with the show.  Did.  Not any more.  If I continue to do all of this now, it is only because I'm loathe to lose these wonderful friendships I've made on the hangout.  So, please CVs, for the sake of the spice-girl hangout, fix this mess?  Pretty pehleej with a jalebi on top. Big smile 

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:29pm | IP Logged

Another gripping epi. CVS have really tightened up their screws. Lets hope they don't become loose again..Star

Highlight of the epi today was the eight mukkas and one thaapad and Shaatir dimaags gears going click click click with regards to Dadi and Shyam's involvement..Tongue

We start from yesterdays jaddu jhappi and Chotti comforting Chotte. "Aap na kaam nahi hue Arnavji" Too right Chotte. You are not na kaam. Khushi said so. How can you be Na kaam when you make that cutesy sob face but Chotti is there to support and help him battle his demons. We love you Chotti.Hug

Next Shyam turns up and the reason Arshad likes to show Shyam from head to toe is to allow us to compare his expanding frame with his first entry.

Yes we get it Arshad. Its different. Move on!Thumbs Down

Shyam meets Rani Sahiba (have to say, Dadi looks more relieved to see him than Di, just look at her face).Ermm

Shyam begins to cry. Excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing. The guy is a hoot! He has the funniest cry face ever.ROFL

Now go sob on Dadi's shoulder. She needs some too.

Chotte and Shyam come face to face and ASR the khadoos angry face comes back with a Pataka!

And Wahay! a thappad! Zor se maar Chotte.Dancing

Dadi jumps in. Shut up Dadi. You DHV lau-er..

This was the best scene ever. Almost as good as a Rabba Ve!Big smile

And that wasn't all. We got eight more punches. 4 for all the times he tortured Khushi during the kidnapping and 4 for Dhoka-ing Anjali.

Aur maar Chotte! Its not enough!Evil Smile

So Shyam's return is imminent and can we get him there already so we can move onto phase 2 of this story..

He's succeeded in killing his child but at RM, how much more will he succeed now the family will watch him like a hawk? Looks like he hasn't thought that far has he?Evil Smile

VM request by Zinny. A trip down memory lane...

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joenet1234 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
Posting only because my twin has been bugging me. Ab bhukto!

If you are looking for even a slightly nodding review of today's episode, sorry you are at the wrong post. Kindly skip.

What a laugh riot! I was in splits throughout the whole episode, was it a result of a writing contest for 5th graders? Even the 5th graders are smarter than the makers, at least they write with heart and honesty and say it like it is. All those rejoicing in the slapgate 2.0 and the air-mukkas, I am sorry! it was probably one of the dumbest scenes in IPK. Completely out of place, hastily written and poorly executed. While majority is happy at the so-called mini-dhulai, I was shaking my head in disbelief at the utter mockery of ASR's character. If there were any doubts about his "shaatir" brain, they should be cleared after today. The buildup to the slap was in itself a slap on ASR - he did exactly what Shyam had expected him to do, he even said so! 'saale sahib maarayen gaye aap? maariye' and saale sahib obliged! who's the shaatir one now? Ladies! ASR just got played. Chalo let me ignore this character blip but maarna hai to maro! LOL thodi jaan lagao, thoda maan lagao, put the pedal to the metal, put your weight behind it, an 8 year old girl can hit better than that.
If I know ASR's character even a tiny bit, I would have wanted to see him raise his hand, stop, look away and say 'tum meray thappad kay laiq bhi nahi ho'. Remember Shyam and ASR's confrontations at Payash wedding? that's ASR. Today was some bhatakti aatma that is trapped in ASR's body and doesn't wanna leave. PH should arrange for an exorcism. This aatma is boring me - doesn't hug properly, mumbles, can't fight, Kya yaar thoday paisay aur kharch kar daitay, itni sasti aatma lanay ki kiya zaroorat thi?

Abhaas had me laughing hysterically at his crying. I was supposed to cringe at his two-face, conniving, menacing acts but I was reduced to laughter, what does that tell ya? If the dude can't cry, don't make him. Tell him to emote via expressions, it is called method acting. At least during kidnapping the guy was looking the part, you tell him to shave and buff up and now he is unpleasant on the eyes AND the ears. Why this kolaveri? Saving grace - he made me laugh out loud. His tactics might be juvenile and childish but at least he is successful unlike some "other" guy who is lately all talk and very little show. He is the real shaatir brain, successfully executing all this plans, getting under everyone's skin and he did all that after he managed to get married with proper riti-riwaj, did the deed and planted the seed. The other guy... well, he is still mumbling and fumbling. The resident aatma does not like backless cholis and doris! What the friggity frak!

The only person who lights up the screen with her presence, the only person who has her diction and delivery down to the T almost all the time, the only person who makes all this bearable has been reduced to a beautiful walking and almost no-talking doll. Fine! I understand that Khushi is being supportive and all but that is ok for two episodes. Bas. She needs to be back as Khushi with her individual presence, her character is about words, she talks, people listen and the world is a better place. Her character makes the show and the glue that holds everything together. Show her as the absolute need for RM, the only thing that can keep everyone together. The only one who is thinking about everyone and selflessly wants to make this better. Give her the fair share. Keep the character's sanctity intact, do not butcher her anymore. Please!

On a serious note, if the makers are willing to make Shyam diabolical to the nth degree, I wonder if there is a plan for his redemption. I don't know which is worse - to see him succeed in his shenanigans or getting a new lease on life. Redemption is a matter of perspective, are certain crimes absolutely unforgivable? or there is no crime heinous enough that it can't be forgiven? I'll let the TRP decide, better yet maybe SP will do an audience poll. "Kya Shyam ko maafi milni chahiye?' SMS kijiye 'YES' ya 'NO' 12345 per. Wink

Icky/Sticky/D-oh! D'oh points:
1. Shyam gets an entry in to RM, when and how? Whether he stays in RM or not, people are still going to get hurt. Shyam likes a challenge and ASR gave him an open invitation 'jab tak main zinda hoon yeh aadmi waapis nahi aaye ga', this is called 'aa baael (bull) mujhe maar'. Seriously writers? you just HAD to put it out there didn't you? Bleedy Sadists. Since when did we start watching an action doozy? Enough of the violence! make ASR eat his words but stop with the physical torture. Didn't you guys start a brand new show just to cover action, thrill and torture? Leave it out of RM. Samjhay ya samjhaoon?
2. Since the diesel prices have hiked up, logic boatwa is making even fewer stops at IPK. What happened to the wounds on Anji's feet? Why didn't the doctor say anything? Did someone clean the room? What happened to the glass shards? no one said anything?
3. Where is Payal? 

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showstruck IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Sari, once again a standing ovation.

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sbk2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
Lovely post Sari and I am so happy to see you have written down the exact sentiments running through my mind.

I am utterly upset with the way the story has taken an ugly turn.

Friday's episode was the worst for me in IPK history. I hated the way they showed so much cruelty...this is the absolute limit! Shyam has been given a free pass  - to do anything, to hurt anyone, to not ever get caught, to not ever get punished.

I am already dreading what all they plan to show ahead.

Of all the tracks to show this in, they picked Arhi's marriage track to show Shyam's heartless attacks?!

Why couldn't they wait till the marriage festivities were over? 

Dadi and the past skeletons were enough to keep the suspense factor, since they love Shyam so much, they could have shown glimpses of him, but not doing anything till much later.

For me the charm of the serial is completely gone.

Despite that horrendous miscarriage I am not able to sympathize with Anjali because the CVs have ruined her character as well, by showing her so dumb and stupid, not to mention extremely self centered. There is no way I feel any pity for her...sorry if I sound harsh, but she brought this upon herself.

And now I am worried, because I am sure KHushi will be the foolish one to bring Shyam back in...hasn't she been the one to take stupid, rash and impulsive decisions in the past? 
Since no one else will go against Arnav or dare to go against his decision of not letting Shyam in, I think it will be Khushi.

I had ranted in another thread Sari, that Gul and the writers are certified chauvinists - they enjoy showing poor characterization and torture of women in IPK - weak, foolish, naive and impulsive and ruled by their hearts. Suffering all the time, yet giving nothing but love in return...I am so sick of it all!

The worst part for me is the way they destroyed the marriage track of the leads - the track that should have been the happiest, cheerful, celebratory and worth watching has been given a step motherly treatment right from its beginning...and now it has been shoved aside to once again put focus on Daiyya Ho succeeding in his ever growing list of crimes.

Sorry for being so negative...but I have had it with this serial!

Today I was not even excited when Arnav slapped and punched Shyam - something he should have done when he was humiliating Khushi the other day...

So he cries and breaks down and punches and beats the villain for his sister, but when it came to Khushi, his realization, apology and her forgiveness, all of it was done with in a few Khushi never really mattered in this story.

I'll stop now...since I cannot write anything positive...

This is the reason these days I do not post anything on the SG thread...I have no positive feeling left in me towards IPK.

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