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::~Parichay Times Issue # 4 ~::

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Hi Friends ..

Firstly Apologies for the delay in 4th NL issue dated 16th July-27th JulyEmbarrassed

Welcome to Fourth issue of Parichay Times ..

Issue # 4

By hima2012

16/7/2012 to 27/7/2012

Brief: This week started off with Rohit being caught by Vikram, Richa trying to find Rohit, Rohit escaping and finally tumbling down the hill and getting killed!! But it has mostly been an emotional week where Siddhi had no other option but to sacrifice her marriage to bring Kunal out of jail. Richa manipulates Siddhi into signing the divorce papers and the Chopras into believing that Siddhi is not an adarsh bahu but a materialistic money-minded person. Kunal comes out of jail and Siddhi is put behind bars with a life sentence. Siddhi misbehaves with the Chopras and Kunal as per her deal with Richa. Kunal is heart-broken seeing a changed Siddhi. Aruna Iraniji enters the show as Sulekha and gives the much needed moral and emotional support to Siddhi. A small leap of 4 months is shown and the day of Siddhi's delivery arrives.

Detailed Summary: Vikram has held Rohit captive and informs Siddhi that he has kept Rohit in one of his factory go downs. Meanwhile Richa is caught by police in the red-light area. Thakral goes to the police station to get her daughter freed but he is caught up with some formalities. Vikram and Siddhi go to the police station to hand over Rohit but after seeing Thakral talking to the police there, they decide that keeping Rohit with them until the final hearing date is the only safe option. Richa sees Siddhi and Vikram in the Police station and suspects that Rohit might be with them and decides to search for Rohit before him being produced in court. Thakral tries to find out what was going on from Richa but Richa once again hides the truth about Rohit being alive and keeps her father in the dark. Vikram and Siddhi are happy that Kunal would be released now that they have Rohit. Siddhi comes home and behaves normally with family members and tells them that Kunal will be home soon.

            The next morning, Raveena, Vikram and Siddhi go to the place where Rohit is kept captive. Raveena lectures Rohit about true love and tells him that he does not truly love her and only Vikram loves her. She tells him that Kunal loves Siddhi and vice versa, that is true love. She tells him that he has always thought about himself and he is very selfish. Rohit then reveals about his plan to trap siddhi and how it worked in his favor. Just then Richa reaches the factory with some of her goons and starts searching the factory for Rohit. Siddhi confronts Richa and in the mean time Vikram and Raveena flee the scene with Rohit. Richa tells Siddhi that she will not let Rohit be produced in court at any cost. Richa warns Thakral that if he doesn't do anything, Siddhi will be winning the case and Thakral is confused. Richa pledges to herself that she will not let Siddhi win the case and cannot see Sinal together anymore.

            Siddhi and the Chopras arrive at the court for the hearing and the police bring in Kunal to be presented. Vikram disguises Rohit with a burkha and starts driving towards the court. After a few misses, Richa's goons finally catch up with Vikram's car, stop it, hit Vikram and kidnap Rohit. With the court already in session, all are waiting for Siddhi to produce her witness (Rohit) when Vikram calls and informs her that he could not save Rohit and that Richa's men have taken him away. Siddhi requests the judge for the next date which Thakral objects to. Just then Vikram comes into the court room and says that Siddhi was not lying and that they should get some more time to produce the witness. The judge then gives Siddhi 10 more days as a last chance to save Kunal. Kunal is taken back to jail. Richa warns Siddhi that as long as she is with Kunal, he will never come out of jail. He may come out only if Siddhi leaves him for good.

            Siddhi visits Kunal in jail after the hearing and apologizes with tears in her eyes for failing to bring him out. Kunal consoles her and tells her that she needs to be strong for the family's sake. Meanwhile Vikram calls and informs Siddhi that he knows where Rohit is and she should go there immediately. Siddhi tells Kunal that she will be back soon and joins Vikram outside the place where Rohit is captive. Richa also goes to the place and tells Rohit that she has arranged for him to leave the country and he should do so immediately. Rohit tells Richa that he has no intention of leaving the country and on the contrary wants to confess his crime in court for Raveena's sake.

 Meanwhile Richa's goons inform her about Siddhi and Vikram's arrival at the spot. They quickly tie up Rohit and put him in the car to shift his location against Rohit's wish. Siddhi and Vikram spot the car in which Rohit is being transferred. Both follow Rohit's car in separate vehicles. Rohit tries to free himself from the goons and in the process his car goes out of control and hangs on a small rock just about to fall. Siddhi, Vikram and Raveena reach the spot and try to save Rohit but in vain. Rohit apologizes to Raveena in the last minute and his car tumbles down the cliff. Just then Richa arrives on the spot and starts shouting and crying for Rohit. Rohit's car blasts into huge flame down the hill. Richa and Siddhi blame each other for Rohit's death. Richa tells Siddhi that there is nothing she can do to win the case now that Rohit is dead and after trying some more she should come to her and she will help Siddhi to free Kunal.

            At the Chopra home, Veena is upset with Siddhi as she failed to fulfill her promise to bring Kunal out of jail. She blames Siddhi for the death of Anand and for Kunal's state. Siddhi completely breaks down listening to Veena's words. Siddhi thinks about Richa's words to get Kunal out of jail and prepares herself for the deal with Richa. She goes to Richa and tells her that she is ready to leave Kunal to bring him out of jail for the family's sake. Richa takes advantage of the situation and asks Siddhi to sign the divorce papers. She also tells Siddhi that she needs to become the worst DIL in the eyes of the family members and Kunal. Siddhi agrees to all the terms put forward by Richa and signs the papers.

            As the first step in the direction of fulfilling her deal with Richa, Siddhi goes to Kunal in jail and blames him for her state. She blames him for proving her the worst lawyer, wife and DIL. She says that Kunal has satisfied his ego by proving her worst in everything and that she is not willing to fight anymore. She blames him for not being with her during pregnancy and making her work for his case and family non-stop. Kunal tries to cool her down and talk some sense into her, but she refuses to talk to him. Kunal leaves the room confused with Siddhi's behavior. Siddhi completely broken down from all sides goes home and does not talk to anyone and cries clenching Kunal's photo. Next morning Vikram and Raveena come to Chopra house to talk to Siddhi but she does not open the bed room door.

            Richa comes to the Chopra house and then Siddhi opens the door. Richa says that Siddhi is responsible for all their troubles and tells them that Siddhi has taken huge amount of money from Thakral to lose the case for Kunal. Initially no one believes her but Richa convinces them and assures them that she will not let anything bad happen to Kunal. The family confronts Siddhi about the truth and Siddhi says that what Richa said is the truth and she was only thinking about herself and her child. With the money Thakral would give her, her child's future would be secure and there was nothing wrong in what she was doing. All the family members are shaken by Siddhi's words. Except Vikram all of them believe that Siddhi has signed the divorce papers for a hefty amount from Thakral. Veena visits Kunal in jail and tells him all that has happened. Kunal tells Veena to trust Siddhi because she might be under some pressure to be saying and doing all these things.

            Siddhi reminds Richa of her promise to bring Kunal out in the next hearing. Richa emotionally blackmails Thakral into helping her bring Kunal out or that she will commit suicide. Thakral agrees to help Richa. At home, Veena is sick. Seema asks Siddhi to take her to the doctor for which Siddhi rudely denies. She then calls Richa and tells her to help Veena to the doctor thereby putting Richa in their good books. Richa tries to poison Kunal's mind against Siddhi by showing him the divorce papers but Kunal says that there is nothing Richa can show or do which would make him believe her. He trusts Siddhi completely. Vikram and Raveena also visit Kunal and Raveena says that Siddhi has changed for money. Kunal and Vikram reason with Raveena that something might have happened for Siddhi to be doing all this or else she would never do such things. Kunal thinks that this might be Siddhi's plan to trap Thakral and that she will definitely win the case and also everyone's trust.

            Outside the court before the hearing, Kunal tries to talk to Siddhi but she rudely refuses to talk to him. During the hearing, Richa comes into the witness box and produces witnesses of the security guard and Gaurav Chopra to prove that Kunal was nowhere near the accident spot and that Siddhi was the actual culprit. The judge acquits Kunal of all charges and sentences Siddhi to a life sentence. Everybody is happy for Kunal and shocked for Siddhi. Kunal tries to talk to Siddhi outside the court but sees her faking an argument with Thakral for getting her arrested. Kunal asks her why she did not tell him everything. Siddhi blames him for being a part of all this to get her arrested and leaves. Kunal is confused.

            Next day, he goes to meet Siddhi in jail and tells her that he knows she could never stoop so low for money and that he still believes in her. Siddhi then talks rudely to Kunal and blames him for everything gone wrong in her life and says that she never wants to see or talk to him again. Kunal is deeply hurt and promises her that he will never face her again for her happiness. Siddhi emotionally breaks down after Kunal leaves. Just then Aruna Irani ji enters as Sulekha, another prisoner shortly to be released. She hugs Siddhi and gives her moral support. Siddhi and Kunal miss each other during a 4 month leap. Richa becomes a close confidant of the family roaming about freely in the Chopra house. Kunal suddenly remembers that the next day was Siddhi's delivery date. Richa hears this and is shocked.

Richa vows to kill the baby as it would bring Kunal and Siddhi together again. Meanwhile Seema tells Kunal that he should go and look after Siddhi and be there for the birth of their child. Siddhi's labour pains start and she is taken for delivery. Veena tells Kunal to go and bring her Anand back and Kunal obliges. Richa reaches there in time for the child birth. A nurse paid by Richa hands over the baby to Richa and assures her that she will tell everyone that the baby died during child birth. Kunal reaches the jail and enquires about Siddhi when the episode ends.

By -Rani

The week of July 16-27 wasn't very great in terms of the dialog as the most horrible phase of Parichay was going on during that week (SiNal's separation); however, there were some great dialog that were mouthed by Kunal towards the end of the week so will only pick up couple of those to feature here.

The first dialog of the week goes to Kunal who visiting Siddhi in the jail and trying to find out why did she do what she did (betray Kunal in the court)?

"Tumhe kaya laga tum jooth bologi main maan loonga? Duniya wahi sunati hai jo tum kahati ho lekin mera dil kahata hai ki tum kabhi bhi koi galat kaam nahi kar sakati. Bas itana janana chahata hoon ki tumane jo bhi kiya usaki wajah kyat thi?"

There is another dialog when Kunal brings home his baby, Anand Sr. and in attempt to moving on from Siddhi's betrayal, he goes to his room and talks to Siddhi's picture.

"Kya chahati ho tum? Kya chahati ho? mujhase door jana chahati ho? Agar door jana chahati ho toh mere sapano mein kyu aa rahi ho? Mere Khayalon mein kyun aa rahi ho? Meri Zindagi mein kyun aayee? Kya kiya tha maine? Meri Galati kyat hi? Yahi na ki maine tumase pyar kiya? Kyu? Mujhase door kyu jana chahati ho? Chod diya na, tumane BHI chod diya. Chali jao meri zindagi se Akela theek hoon mai. Kisi ki koi Zaroorat nahi hai. Jaaao."

By poshah

Well, when I had enrolled for the NL, I used to think that shocking scene maybe a difficult one to write for. But the way things have been shaping since then, it appears to be one of the most easiest sections to write about. The creatives are bringing up one surprise upon another for us.

I never imagined that the court case would have so many twists with Rohit first planning his own murder to Rohit being caught by Siddhi to Rohit finally getting murdered.

Next what followed is one shock after another, Rohit died in front of Siddhi, Siddhi couldnt save Kunal from the murder case. The final clincher was when Siddhi loses hopes and gives up fighting for the case. She makes a deal with Richa to leave Kunal in return for his freedom from jail. I think that sealed the deal for lot of us. 

There were lot of predictions people had made, key being a miscarriage, but Siddhi didn't have a  miscarriage, not sure if that was a good surprise or a nightmare. What happened was not what people wanted, Siddhi in jail and Kunal hating Siddhi. With the leap lurking around the corner, lets see what more surprises are in store for us.. Till then stay tuned !

By vidhisalot

So finally Kunal chopra is out of that jail
so now he dont have to wear that white uniform..which we were fed up of watching it ..and was painful

So when kunal came to court he got a new shirt after a long time ..he was looking wonderful that episode was very painfull for me..
he seemed to be so helpless n when judge gave another 10days he was so depressed..felt very bad for him

 People said many things against siddhi but he didnt believed anyone ..also he torn the divorce papers
richa-kunal scene in jail..was a must watch..dialogues were too good..fell in love with kunal chopra more

in next hearing..his wife didnt supported hi,..but still he believed..but in front of him she was taken in jail for lifetime and he couldnot do anything...he was nt getting what was happenening around

so he went to meet her in jail..his wife said harsh him..he was feeling very guilty...n said that he wont meet her for sake of her only

By Deblina

This time I have chosen the episode of 25th as the Hilarious 1

My story title:

Kunal-bee.."orf" the honey bee Richa ko mila Kunal ka ghussa..

Kunal waits as the jailer says someone is waiting to meet him..Kunal standing in a heroic posture..
Richa comes and tells"Kunal"

Kunal answers in a bewilderment"tum,tum yaha kya kar rahi ho"he is confuse that why again the Richa came to meet him or this is something new plan/drama of her
Richa comes forward.Kunal comes forward to but ith a spicy reply"kyun jhooti humdardi jatane ayi ho ya phir Siddhi ke khilaf bharkane"with a deep look..

Richa stares and starts her nonsense and says she has sympathy on him"mukhe tumse humdardi hai Kunal lekin jhooti nehi"and tells its about Siddhi but she doesn't want as he cannot listen against Siddhi..and whatever she will tell Kunal wud not take that seriously and he wud tell her wrong but she tells she has brought the proof wid her..

Kunal smiles..while Richa continues wid her nonsense,she says after she wud show the proof Kunal wud know the one whom Kunal trust so much she is making him fool..(she talks about SIddhi)

Kunal replies with attitude tells whatis this "kya hai yeh"

Richa tells it is his and his,trust,love's death certificate..divorce paper,and tells SIddhi had sighned it..and tells SIddhi loves money not him..and made a deal wid her dad and she has got her luxury betting kunal's life and she doesn't love him at all..she has buyed her future seeing his present and there is not faith,trust nothing she had for Kunal..

Kunal stares her in a cool way,ignores her talk,but ultimately takes the paper and tells this was the thing she came to show,and actually she came to tell against her or to show false sympathy,and the relations which r attached wid heart no one can break  even not God can separate SInal"bas yehi dikhane ayi thi,pehle maine kahatha na ya toh khuti humdardi dikhane ayi ho ya phir Siddhi ke khilaf bharkane"and tells that "magar Richa jinke rishte dil se jure hote hai na unhe kagaz nehi torte kagaz kya khud agar bhagwan bhi aye na humey alag nehi karsakta"Richa stares like a frog..her eyes were like a frog confusive..and in a way idiotic she listened to Kunal!!

While Kunal continues and tells SInal is same ,thier happiness,their love is same and no 1 can separate them or break their love,and his relies were awesome"Siddhi aur main ek hai,hamari khusiyaan ek hai,hamamra prem ek hai aur yeh koi nehi tor sakta"
Richa's head was totally red hot..while Kunal tells she is fake and a big lier and this papres are not real like her words which indirectly acted as a big slap on Richa's face.."RIcha tum jooti ho,yeh papers jhotein hai,tumhari har ek baat jhoti hai"Telling this Kunal tore the divorse papers violently..and richa was like a angry cat..staring at Kunal angrily..that was funny to see her reaction was so funny..

Kunal tells in a loud voice"jao"and tells her gettt ouuut!!that was something amazing..and Richa continues"Kunal tum samah nehi raeho"while Kunal tells more loudly "chali jao yaha se get ouut"and gives the pieces to her and tells to take it along wid her"apne saat le jao"

Kunal looks in a toatlly rowdy look at her and ignores her while she walks out of jail throwing the papers angrily..Oh! Richa ek gaal par,uske nonesense talk ka reply was mindblowing.Richa was burning from inside,,I feared whether she wud burst like a the bomb which burst on Nagasaki..

And my story ends here..
Hope u liked it..

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By roshani45

The scene I selected is from 18th July episode. The scene goes like this ---->Sidhi visits kunal in jail, kunal is worried about sidhi and his baby as whatever she is doing is very dangerous. And, sidhi tells him she is ready to face any problem to save kunal as she wants him to be with her. She further tells him due to pregnancy, she has very bad mood swings and she wants someone to love her, to fight with her.

This probably the last scene before the  leap, where we saw sinal smiling together. In this scene, sinal were lovers when they were talking about how they missed each other, they were husband and wife when they were worried for each other, they were parents when they talked about the pregnancy. Addition to this, the USP of final, their non jhok. It was a short and sweet sinal scene. 


As the court case was over this fortnight we got to see kunal's emotions and must say samir potrayed the emotions of the scene was where siddhi says that everything is over between them...kunal was devastated as he heard the love of his life utter those words.all the pain and agony he was undergoing through came in the form of tears.There was no need to put his feelings into words but his tears said it all.hats off to samir soni who didnt act but lived in that scene.

By -Rani

Whacking Moment of the week definitely goes to July 16th episode where Vikram and Siddhi try to hold Rohit captive till the final hearing instead of exposing him to the world.

I fail to understand why on the earth Siddhi and Vikram decided to hold Rohit captive till the next day knowing how evil, powerful and cunning Richa and Thakaral are? And they might be just able to get Rohit away from their hold. Rohit was the only person who could have easily helped them to get Kunal released from the jail as Kunal was imprisoned for his murder. Why not call the media and have them cover Rohit being alive on TV? They did not need Rohit's testimony in the court to prove Kunal's innocence, but they only needed to prove that he was alive. Had Siddhi and Vikram exposed Rohit instead of keeping him captive, not only Kunal would have been out of jail easily, but also SiNal separation would have been averted. Just because Siddhi and Vikram made wrong decision in Rohit's case and this being the root cause of the current unpleasant condition of Parichay story, I found this to be the whacking/killing moment for this issue. 

By shweta_r

This week we got to see the biggest blooper which was unthinkable! 
When the show started, we got to see the diary entries of Mr. Kunal Chopra (the ones that wowed us and got us hooked to this show. Those entries were dated 12th July 2011, 13th July 2011 etc etc.  And what do we get to see??? Come July 27, 2012 - SiNal twins are born, and in between Anand's first year barsi is shown . Kya super fast hain SiNal!

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By -NaGs_BaBy-

Most Discussed Topic Of The Week

22 replies, 554 views


By Dew-drop

Tie between Awesumsonia,Suhani n Nidhi

with 7 votes each

By Dew-drop

Best Avi goes to awesumsonia
with 6 votes

By -Rani

Mera Ishq Sufiyana -Part-19 & 20 by Shumi

with 45 likes (part 19), and 46 likes (part 20)

By -Rani

VM of the week, NoneCry


Volunteers required for the following NL section:

Best Discussion Topic

Those who would like to volunteer PM me i.e -sahasra-

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Important Links of the Week 

Last Week Written & Video Updates 

(27th August -4th September )




Hi Folks ..

Finally our 4th issue is out ... a big thanxx to all my reporters  4 doing such a fab job ..
& We have a new reporter 4 the Scene of the week  section so plzz welcome her ..she is none other than roshani45..

Welcome Roshani to the NL Team .Big smile. Hope u have a fab time while being a part of NL..Wink

Thanxx Rani for sending in the Dialogue section inspite of last moment notice ..we appreciate it ..Embarrassed

Thanxx Big smile

Banners & Logo Credits :: Glimpz Creations

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Thanks for sharing... As usual a well compiled issue...
I hope this is the last issue featuring the depressing separation track...

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wow finally the NL is bak ...great job everyone...Thumbs Up

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waaooo finally NL 4 is out... Clap  loved all readings,... Wink  thanx to all reporters to give really good sections... Embarrassed welcome roshani ...Big smileu do great job... Thumbs Upn in last ... thanx for selecting my saggie... Embarrassed  thanx a lot... Winkn congratulation all the winners... Thumbs Up

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

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wow finally the NL is back...
i was eagerly waiting fr this
as usual...enjoyed reading all d sections...
wowww...fab job by all of u all..
n thnx fr choosing my Siggie n AVi too... :) :)

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