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SS: Second Chance at Love ~Note page 29~ (Page 21)

ayu_tripathi Senior Member

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Posted: 02 October 2012 at 12:53am | IP Logged
Waiting...pleaseee update soon..!!!!!

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ashi.1 Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2012 at 2:12am | IP Logged
i just ur SS, its nicely written nd story is really nice...
i would love to
can u pls add me in ur buddy list nd send me pm whenever u update,???? i m sending u a buddy request, pls accept it...

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memories_im IF-Dazzler

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hey its nicee..please do pm me for the future updates?
Sent u a buddy req

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angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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Thanx Babe.. I shall look forward to your update.. Smile

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Hi Friends, I am back with an update. I had to keep going back to it until I was satisfied with what I wrote and it made sense to me.

I am sorry it took longer than I said it would, but with new twists in the show I had to rethink my original idea and modify it a little.

Anyway hope you guys like the update and it makes sense to you guys, even though I am not fully satisfied with what I wrote.

Thank you all for the likes and all the wonderful comments.

Part 4




One week after Arnav and Khushi's marriage, Arnav walked up the steps, weary from long day of work. He loosened his tie as he walked into the room, he felt drained physically from all the work and emotionally from being in close proximity to Khushi.


He had tried his best to convey his sincerity in caring for her but each gesture was met with a cold attitude and pinched mouth. In the old days he would have grabbed her and overwhelmed her with his physical presence but those days were over also. Now if he did anything like that she would just outstare him and then move away as if she didn't have a care in the world.


"Pay back is hell Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada," echoed a mocking voice in his head and he winced. He sat down in the recliner, kicked off his shoes and lifter his feet to lie back and close his eyes as he rested his head on back of the chair. He rubbed his hand across his forehead as he felt a dull ache behind his eyes.


No sooner had he thought about asking Hari Prakash to bring him a tea he heard the sound of her payals and jingle of her bangles. He opened his eyes in time to see her put the tea on the table and look at him with a flicker of concern. She went to the wardrobe to get clothes for him to change in to. He watched her with slight amusement at her gesture, he never expected her to do any of this in the past and it always threw him off guard and he would start thinking she really cared for him then when he would comment on it, she would just reply with, "I am only doing this so Di can be happy."


Arnav once again rubbed his forehead but this time because he was at a loss of what to do to make up to Khushi for causing her so much pain. His intentions had been to protect her from his Dadi and Shyam but they backfired on him. Even if he tried to explain his reasons to her she would not believe him and in the end it would still look as though he chose his Di over Khushi.


Khushi saw Arnav rub his head and bit her lip worriedly. Should she offer him medication for the headache? She hesitated for a second then realized it is not right to let him suffer like that so she went to get medicine for pain.


When Khushi came back to the room, Arnav was lying back on the recliner with his eyes closed and the tea was still on the table, untouched. "Arnavji?" he opened his eyes instantly. Khushi held out the pills in her palm but he did not take them.


"What is that Khushi?" He asked instead.


Khushi firmed her mouth. "Medicine for your headache, take them."


Arnav groaned silently, leave it up to her to notice his discomfort. "Why do you care Khushi? What difference does it make to you if I am in pain or not."


Khushi had known that she would misunderstand her gesture and was prepared for it too. "It makes no difference to me, but it does to Di and rest of the family and that is all you should worry about Arnavji. We are in this for Di and the family and I am fulfilling my part of the bargain, you should do your part also, so that there is no doubt in Di's mind about our happiness."


Khushi spoke matter-of-factly but to Arnav her speech was ironic. At one time he said the same words to her but in a different way. At the time he though Khushi was a gold digger and home wrecker and risk to his sister's happiness, and once the truth came to light only thing he could do was regret each and every hateful act he dealt her and regret each and every cruel insult he spoke to her out of anger. He, at least, was getting off easier; he deserved any insulting words Khushi threw at him for hurting her intentionally and unintentionally.


Khushi's love for him had always surpassed his love for her. Her love was given to him freely, without any condition attached to it and only one other person had loved him like that and that had been his mother. Everyone else who ever loved him, including his Di, had always wanted something in return for loving him but not Khushi.


Khushi had stood by him, silently offering him her love without asking anything else but love in return. He failed her, even as he claimed to love her he held himself back from her. She shared his pain, she saved his life and in return he only gave her more pain and made her life miserable. But no more, he will win his Khushi back one way or another and this time he won't hold anything back. He will give his whole self to Khushi because anything less than that would be a biggest insult to, her love for him.


He silently took the pills from her hand and the water she offered. He put the pills in his mouth and swallowed them without breaking eye contact with her, letting her see, what he felt for her, in his eyes. "Thanks Khushi."


Khushi walked away, unable to understand him or her feelings. She halted at the door and glanced back at him; if Arnav had been looking at her at that point he would have seen the love and the pain in her eyes. He would not have been able to stand back and watch her suffer silently.


Khushi's steps faltered as she walked away from him further, how she wished she could go to him and run his forehead to ease his pain, but it would only cause her more pain in return. "Why do I love him so much even after he broke my heart into many pieces more than one time?" She asked herself. What is it about him that makes her heart refuse to hurt him but to take him in her arms and sooth all his pain away?


"No Khushi, you can't get weak now, you need to stay strong and not give in to him." Khushi lectured herself and walked away without glancing back again.


In the following weeks, Arnav did his best to get Khushi to spend time with him but he failed at every turn. He sent her flowers, which were accepted but assigned a place in a corner never to be looked at again. He gave her gifts, but most were added to the wardrobe never to be opened and the ones that she was forced to open were set aside but never used. He asked her to go out to dinners, which were refused with one excuse or another, only ones she had accepted was the business dinners he was required to attend and one party at a family friends house that she could not refuse.




Arnav came home to find the whole family gathered in the main hall and thought that it was the perfect opportunity to ask Khushi to attend the party. He knew she wouldn't be able to refuse if he asked in front of everyone.


He felt her tense as soon as he sat next to her, leaving no room between them. She started to get up but he grabbed her hand, "where are you going Khushi?"


Khushi tried to pull her hand, "I was going to make tear for you." She said offhandedly.


He pulled her back to sit next to him, "I don't want any tea. I just wanted to let you know that we have to attend a party at a friend's house tonight, we have to leave by seven."


Khushi wanted to strangle him for making it difficult for her to make excuse by asking in front of the family. She knew she wouldn't be able to get out of going without the family suspecting her reluctance to spend time with him alone.


Arnav looked at his Di, "Di we won't be here for dinner, Khushi and I are invited to Mr. Mehta's party and we will be late in coming home also."


Khushi threw him a sharp glance that he ignored and started answering his Di and other family member's questions. He hid a smile when Khushi sat back and fumed silently. At least it showed some sort of emotion instead of the blank expressions she gave when they were alone.


Khushi was still not happy about the party in the evening as she got ready but there was not way to back out of it. She had tried but Nani and Di both said it was important for her and Arnav to attend, as Mehatas were close family friends.


Khushi was standing in front of the wardrobe when Arnav came out of the bathroom, buttoning his shirt, she turned when he grumbled, to see him glaring at the button on his shirt. She turned back to stare into the wardrobe and ignored him.


Arnav noticed Khushi standing at the word contemplating on what to wear, he moved behind her and removed the red and green sari he had gifted her recently, that she had pushed it to the back, held in front of her, "wear this one."


She eyed the sari then at him, her mouth pinched and she looked at him with irritation. Arnav raised an eyebrow daring her to find fault with his choice.


Khushi wanted to shove the sari back in it's place but knew that for the party they are attending would require dressy attire and the sari he held out was the best choice. She took the sari then turned to go into the bathroom without uttering a word to him.


At the party Khushi tried to blend into the background but Arnav refused to let her out of his site. Every time she tried to break away from him he pulled her to his side with excuse to introduce her to his friends and associates.


Arnav kept his hand at her waist as they stood in the corner talking to some of his friends; he heard the music start and the DJs request for each couples presence on the dance floor. He led Khushi towards the dance floor for a slow dance.


"Relax Khushi, it's just a dance." Arnav pulled her closer which only made her stiffen up more. As soon as the dance was over he made excuses to his friends and drove her home. Neither exchanged words during the drive back, both lost in their own thoughts.




Arnav thought he would be able to reach out to her by taking small steps but he had not been able to make a dent in the wall surrounding her heart.


Arnav was left baffled and confused as far as what to do to get her to at least meet him half way. He was still brooding over how to win her love and trust again when his sister walked in and sat beside him. "Chotey, are you okay?"


Arnav looked at his Di and smiled, unaware that his pain and sadness were visible to his Di, "I am fine Di, was there something you need it?"



Anjali placed the juice glass down and placed her hand on her brother's hand. "Chotey no matter how much you and Khushiji try to pretend all is well between you two we all know things are not at like what they used to be. It is not easy for her to forget what happened on the day you were supposed to marry her."


Arnav sat up, "I know Di and I am trying my best to break the barriers between us but I think I hurt her too much in the past.  She is not willing to take a chance on me again and I don't blame her for it."


Anjali thought for a minute then an idea came to her. "Chotey I think you two need to spend some time alone together. Why don't you take her to the farmhouse for few days? You will have plenty of time to explain your side of things to her."


Arnav thought about it then shook his head, "she won't go Di; she tries to avoid being alone with me."


"You leave all that up to me Chotey," Anjali chided Arnav, "I will find a way to send her with you." Anjali left leaving Arnav to brood again.



Khushi was in the kitchen helping with dinner preparation when Anjali walked in, "Khushiji, I need to talk to you about something."


Khushi turned to Anjali with smile. "Sure Di, let me tell Hari Prakashji to finish this and I will join you."


Few minutes later Khushi and Anjali were in the hall with Payal and Naniji. Anjali turned to Khushi and smiled. "Khushiji I need your help with something."


Khushi returned her smile. "Sure Di, what do you need me to do?"


"Khushiji I think Chotey needs to take some time off to relax so I think you and he should go to the farmhouse for few days." Before Khushi could say anything Naniji also spoke up.


"Ha Khushi betiya, I think Anjali is right, Chotey has been working too much lately, he needs to take the time off or otherwise he will get ill." Naniji said with a pleading look in her eyes.


Khushi frowned and thought that everyone was real worried for Arnavji. He did look more tired than usual lately. She finally gave her consent by nodding her head but was worried about how she will get through the next few days.


Next day Khushi and Arnav left for the farmhouse, neither Arnav nor Khushi attempted to start a conversation because they were both wondering on how to get through the few days without the family as a buffer between them. They will be completely alone at the farmhouse.


When they arrived at the farmhouse Arnav closed himself off in the study with his laptop and Khushi went into the kitchen to prepare dinner for them. By the time dinner was finished Arnav still hadn't come out of the study so she decided to freshen up by taking a shower.


Arnav stared at the computer screen in attempt to distract himself with work but finally gave up when he realized that he was not going to be able to do any work when all he could think about is Khushi and him in the farmhouse alone. His mind kept flashing the pictures of the time he spent with Khushi the night before their wedding was to take place.


How innocent and pure Khushi had been that night and for the first time that night, instead of pulling away from him, she had taken a step towards him. He had come close to making her his forever that night but came to his senses just in time and stopped just before he lost all control.


He closed his eyes and immediately the memories that had kept him going the past two years assaulted his senses. He lost the count of number of times he had stayed up at night reliving those moments spent with Khushi.


Arnav closed his laptop and sighed, he needed to do something soon or else he is going to go crazy from having Khushi so close yet so far from him.



Khushi got out of the shower and realized she had forgotten to bring her clothes and towel into the bathroom. She blinked at her own stupidity on forgetting about the clothes in her haste to freshen up before Arnavji came to the room. "Hey Devimayaa what should I do now?" She whispered. She looked around the huge bathroom for something to wear temporarily but couldn't find anything but a shirt hanging on the hook by the door.


Her mind flashed back to the time she had worn Arnav's shirt in the past and though it would be sufficient to cover her modesty until she got her own clothes. She took the shirt and put it on carefully. The shirt came down to her mid-thigh and clung to her wet skin; her wet hair dripping on it was making it stick to her body even more.


She cracked opened the door to make sure Arnav was not in the room then stepped into the room but stopped in the middle of the room when she realized their luggage was still downstairs. Before she could go back in the bathroom the door to the bedroom opened and Arnav walked in with their bags.


Arnav and Khushi both froze in place for few seconds. Arnav felt his heart slam against his chest as his gaze took in Khushi's wet hair, her freshly scrubbed face and his white shirt, which was wet from the water dripping from her hair, clinging to her body like a second skin. He took short, measure breaths to control his racing heart.


They both moved at the same moment. Khushi took a step back, ready to run back to the bathroom but she stumbled and lost her balance. She closed her eyes tightly and waited to feel the floor at her back but to her surprise she was caught in a pair of strong arms and slammed against a hard chest instead of the hard floor.


Khushi slowly opened her eyes and met the dark, intense gaze of her husband Arnav. He tightened his arms around her as he gazed into her eyes that were filled with unknown emotions. They both lost all sense of time as the past merged into present. All the pain of separation, the heartbreak of being apart for two years disappeared. Nothing mattered in that moment but just holding each other after a long time. They both felt as though they were in a place where they belong, in each other's arms.


Arnav's head bent automatically to capture her bare quivering lips in a hungry kiss. The first taste of her lips left him craving for more and he couldn't help but press his lips to hers more firmly. He didn't care that she still hadn't forgiven him just the fact that she didn't pull away from him encouraged him to show her what he had always felt for her, what he still felt for her.


Khushi was no longer in her senses; she was lost in sensations that Arnav aroused in her with the first touch of his lips to hers. She couldn't help but respond to his kiss. In that moment she didn't care that he broke her heart more than once. She only wanted to feel loved by him. How many times had she wished to go back to the night before their wedding was to take place and completely be his forever, belong to him only like she always dreamed of since the moment she realized that he was the love of her life.


For Khushi Arnav would be the only man she would ever love, no matter what happens between them, no matter how many times he hurt her, she couldn't stop loving him. She tried to stay away from him to protect herself but realized it hurt more to be away from him than be with him.


Arnav pulled back when he felt the need to breath and buried his face in her neck, hugging her to him. "Khushi…" he whispered with so much feeling that Khushi couldn't help but hug him back silently.


Khushi felt the tears run down her cheeks when she realized that she hadn't been the only one to suffer for two years. She cried silently for him and herself too. She didn't know why he had broken their marriage, why he had broken his promise to her but she was now sure that it had not been an easy decision for him to take.


She pulled back slightly and was shocked to see his eyes filled with unshed tears. She reached up and touched the corner of his left eye to wipe away the lone tear that had escaped. Arnav was shocked that Khushi tried to comfort him instead of pulling away from him. He pulled her back in his arms to hug her to him and it was a long while before they both stopped trembling to pull away from each other.


Arnav stepped back but did not look away from her face. "I will go downstairs while you change clothes then we need to have a conversation that is long overdue." He held his breath and waited to see if she would agree with him or refuse to listen to him.


Khushi sighed and knew that she couldn't keep avoiding the talk they should have had before agreeing to marry again, most especially now that she knew no matter how much and how far she runs she will always love him and no one else. She nodded her head slowly. "I will be down in fifteen minutes."


Arnav felt the weight lift off of his shoulders and for the first time in over two years he felt at peace. He gave her a grateful smile and walked out of the room before he changed his mind and took her in his arms again.



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Guggul IF-Dazzler

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What a beautiful update Shilpadi.. Loved how khushi accepted but ignored Arnav's buttering gifts..

And the last part, the wet shirt scene, ooowesommm, hotness dripping from every angle.. u rock.. write more..

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simply superb.loved it

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