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SS: Second Chance at Love ~Note page 29~ (Page 18)

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Hey friends, hope you all are having a good week and are all geared up for the upcoming week.
Once again sorry for taking so long to update and thank you all for your wonderful coments. As promised here is part 3.
                                      -Theodore Isaac Rubin

Part 3



Present day- Delhi


Arnav opened his eyes and sat up suddenly when he realized it was almost eight o'clock, he looked around the room and was not surprised to see the recliner unoccupied and the blanket neatly folded. He sighed and got up to go to the bathroom to get ready for the day.


Thirty minutes later the door to his room opened and he stopped what he was doing when he saw Khushi enter with a tea tray. He couldn't help but stare at the vision she made in a red sari with her hair lose, bangs curled on one side. Her arms were full of red and gold bangles; they sounded like music to his ears.

Khushi placed the tray on the table and turned to leave as quickly as she had come in. She hadn't been able to refuse to bring Arnavji his tea with the whole family looking on when Di asked her to bring his tea to the room. She almost escaped without having to exchange any words with him but had no choice but to stop when he called out to her.


Arnav waited for her to turn and look at him; he couldn't stand her indifference and wondered if this is what she went through during his hate phase for her. When she refused to meet his eyes, he gave up. "Thanks for the tea." He hadn't meant to sound curt with her but the whole situation was increasing his frustration.


Khushi gave him a fleeting glance, nodded her head in acknowledgement and left the room quickly. He turned back to the mirror and finished tying his tie. He knew he was at fault for everything but he just did not know how to make up for breaking her heart one too many times.


Anjali sighed and looked at her husband who raised an eyebrow as if asking, "Now what are you going to do?" Anjali shook her head slightly to signal she did not know what to do anymore.


She recalled the conversation she had with Rahul after their marriage where he had warned her that it was going to be hard to convince Arnav and Khushi that they belonged together because they both felt that they were better off apart than together.




Anjali was sitting in the garden deep in thought when Rahul plopped besides her bringing her out of her reverie. "What are you thinking about sweetheart?"


Anjali gave him a pensive smile, still occupied with thoughts on how to bring Arnav and Khushi together. During the wedding festivities she had tried to get them together but they spent more time on avoiding each other than participating. They hadn't been successful every time and the times they were both in the same room, they spent it stealing glances at each other.


Rahul had warned her that Khushi made him promise not to interfere or try to get her back with Arnav, so he was no help to her. Now Khushi is even refusing to move into their new home when it is ready.


"Anjali may be you should leave things alone, if they want to be together again nothing will stop them." Rahul tried to make his wife feel better. He hated to see her sad every time she saw Arnav and Khushi bending over backward to avoid each other.


"How could I Rahul? They would have been happily married if it wasn't for me." Anjali was determined to see them together and if she has to use emotional blackmail then so be it. She tried to do it the right way but they were both too stubborn to see what is in front of them so now she will have to force them to be together.


Rahul saw his wife's determined expression and prayed that she doesn't end up hurting herself in order to get Khushi and Arnav together. He admired her for what she is trying to do but she has come a long way and he didn't want to see her heart broken because the two people who love each other prefer to be apart than together.


He also felt that he should do something for his sister but she had outsmarted him knowing he would try to bring her back to Arnav. She had made him promise to not do anything and let things be. She did not want to get her heart broken again.


"What are you going to do now sweetheart?" Rahul asked Anjali. Her sweet smile and the sparkle in her eyes made him want to break his promise to Khushi and help her in her quest but he refrained himself. He will support Anjali but he can't help her.


"They both split for my happiness now they will both get married officially to make me happy again." Anjali turned to Rahul, "You call Khushi and invite her for dinner here and I will call Chotey and ask him to come home early, they can't say no to me when I appeal to them with the presence of the whole family."



Present time Delhi


Arnav sat in his leather chair lost in thoughts about the recent events in his life. He had tried his best to protect Khushi from him, but all his sacrifices were in vain. Once again his feeling were brought surface tempting him to take her in his arms and apologize for hurting her the way he did.


Initially, after she brought Shyam back in the house for is Di's sake, he had promised himself that he would not let the two most important people in his life be hurt by that devil, but he hadn't expected things to be bigger than what he had thought in the first place.


In the end he had no choice but to let Khushi go in order to protect her and his Di because he had realized that in order to save both of them he had to let one or the other go. He was not in position to let go of his Di, so he sacrificed Khushi and her love for his Di. He had promised himself that no matter what happens in the future he would never be put in the position to choose between love and family. He would never love anyone, because the person who is loved by him would only end up getting heartache from him.

He had succeeded in his plan to avoid Khushi and to not give into his feelings for her until his Di, once again, pleaded with both him and Khushi to remarry for her sake.




Arnav hung up the phone and wondered what was so urgent that his Di wanted him home early. He hoped it not bad news; he picked up the phone dial Aman's extension. "Aman I am going home, get the details for the meeting finalized and email them to me as soon as you have everything in place." He spoke with Aman little more, hung up the phone and grabbed his jacket from his chair.


Thirty minutes later he arrived home, only to stop short in the doorway when he saw Khushi, in red and green salwaar, sitting at his Nani's feet, playing with Laxmi. She was rubbing Laxmi's neck lovingly as she talked to the goat. Now he knew his Di was making another matchmaking attempt. Before he could sneak away his Di and Rahul came down and spotted him by the door.


"Chotey you are home." His Di said as she smiled at him in appreciation. He gave her a steady look, letting her know that he knew exactly what she was up to.


Anjali's smile faltered a little and she gave her husband a panicked look but seeing the love and understanding in his eyes steadied her. "Chotey go freshen up and come down quickly, there is something important I want to discuss with everyone."


When Arnav came down thirty minutes later, the whole family was gathered in the main hall. He had no choice but to take the sit next to Khushi as that was the only available seat. He felt Khushi stiffen when he sat next to her but he ignored it and faced his sister. "Why did you want me to come home early and what did you want to discuss with us?"


Anjali glanced at her family then turned towards Arnav and Khushi. "Chotey and Khushiji, the family and I have decided it is time for us to put the past to rest and move forward. I know what you are going to say but let me finish first." She said when she saw her Chotey was about to interrupt her.


"You both have done so much for me and my happiness so I want the same for you two now. You gave up each other because of me so we have decided we want to have the remarriage that was left half way two years ago." She spoke quickly before she lost courage to voice her wishes.


Khushi gasped, glanced at Arnav then looked away just as quickly to stare at the floor. She cursed herself for getting herself trapped into the situation again. She looked up when Anjali came to sit next to her and took her hand in hers.


"Khushiji please forgive me for pushing this but I cannot be happy when I see the two people who did so much for me suffer silently. You have done so much for me please do this one more thing for my happiness and grant me my wish to see you and Chotey together again." Anajali know she was emotionally blackmailing her Chotey and Khushi but she didn't know any other way to bring the two of the together again.


"You and Chotey talk over it now and let us know what you decide. We will wait for your decision at the dining table." Anjali squeezed Khushi's hand before she stood up and walked away. Nani stopped by Khushi and Arnav to bless them and give them encouraging smile and she too followed Anjali. As each family members walked away they gave Khushi and Arnav a hopeful look before walking out of the main hall to the dining room.


Present time Delhi


Khushi rushed up the steps to her room to put away the clothes, she did not want to be caught in the room when Arnav came home. She opened his wardrobe and put his clothes away and was about to leave the room when she heard him call out to Hari Prakash for tea. Khushi turned and went out to the poolside and away from the room so he wouldn't see her.


Khushi stood behind his beloved plants and twisted her sari pallu around and around her finger. She knew her behavior was irrational but she couldn't help herself. Just being in presence brought back all the memories of times spent with him in that room and also all the time they spent, right here in this very spot, at the poolside.


God knows she had resisted giving into her feelings when he first came back into her life, but it became harder and harder not to give into her feelings and go up to him and ask him why he left her hand. After he left her, at the altar, his words echoed in her head for a long time. "If I leave your hand then I will leave it forever."


Those were not the only words that had echoed through her head but his reassurance of his love for her when she told him he didn't love her had made her almost hate him more than love him. She always knew that her love for Arnav was greater than his love for her. Even as he had confessed his love to her, he had held part of himself back as if to protect himself.




Khushi gazed into the dark depth of the water in the pool and wondered how she was once again being forced to do something she did not want to do. No, she couldn't go through the heartache again; she had to make Anjaliji understand that things are best is and she and Arnav are better off apart then together. She turned to go back in the house with determination etched on his face but was stopped by the tall man blocking her way.


She did not flinch or stepped back when he took a step towards her, she stood her ground, unlike before when she used to back up when he was in one of his determined to get his way mood. She already knew she was about to lose to him again yet she still didn't give in easily.


She firmed her mouth in determination and told him what she has decided regarding marrying him again. "If you are here to make an appeal or order me to go along with Anjali Di's wishes then you might as well save your breath."


He raised an eyebrow. "I am glad you decided to go along with her wishes and saved me from trying to talk you in to it."


"Who says I am agreeing to the marriage Mr. Raizada?"


"You just said to save my breath Mrs. Raizada." Arnav answered her, his mouth turning up in a smirk.


Khushi's eyes widened in shock, "I am not Mrs. Raizada, remember? Our six month contract ended long time ago." She reminded him.


Arnav placed his hands in his pockets to keep from reaching for her and drilling some sense into her. She was still same when it came to defying him at first. "Our contract was for six months, but the marriage was legal, which means for life and I never filed for a divorce, so you are still married to me legally."


Khushi huffed out a breath and turned away from his magnetizing gaze. "That is not my problem, you can file for it now and marry someone who is willing to have you."


"You are not the only one who doesn't want to be married Khushi, I too don't want to marry, you or anyone else, but Di feels she is the cause of our unhappiness and believes we can make each other happy by being together again so I request you to please grant Di her wish so she can get rid of her guilt and be happy with Rahul." Arnav lied without any remorse; he did not have any choice but to tell her he did not want to marry her when the truth was he only wanted to marry her and no one else.


Khushi's eyes flared in anger when she heard his words, confirming her belief that he never loved her and never would. "It is stupid to be together to make Di happy; don't you think after a while she will realize that together we will make each other miserable? What will you do then Mr. Raizada, leave my hand when she ask you to live your life the way you want to. Thanks, but no thanks, I don't want to live my life at other's wishes, I will make Di understand and ask her to live things as they are, but remarriage for me is out of the question."

Before Khushi could move past him, Arnav's jaws clenched, he grabbed her arm to slam her against the wall. He placed his hands on the wall, both sides of her head and glared down into her eyes. "You will do as Di wishes Khushi, you and your family owe her."


Khushi closed her eyes at his reminder of the past once again. She knew she was fighting a losing battle, she would have been able to fight him if he used anything else except for the reminder of the past, but the truth was she and her Masi were both responsible for what happened to Anjaliji and her parents.


Khushi felt a lone tear slide down her cheek and opened her eyes. She swiped the tear with back of her hand quickly and then looked at Arnav. She gave a bitter smile and nodded her head. "Fine Mr. Raizada, we will once again go through the marriage drama but this time no contract and the rules are same as before."


Arnav moved away from her, taken back by her compliance; he knew what he just did was wrong but he couldn't let the opportunity to bring Khushi back into his life, in any capacity, go so easily. He had no other choice but to resort to being the ruthless man that she had met the first time.


Present time Delhi


Khushi went back inside the room once she saw Arnav go in the bathroom to freshen up. She quickly walked through the room to go back down to help with dinner.


Once she and Arnav consented to the marriage things moved quickly and they were married with all the rituals within two days. She had given into the emotional blackmail and sense of responsibility but that didn't mean she still couldn't live her own life. People can paint her in a corner and make her do things she didn't want to but it is up to her to protect her heart and her pride. She can be a wife to Arnavji but she didn't have to be a loving wife.



Thanks in advance


For PMs on updates, please add me to your friends list, thank you again.

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awsome update and thanks for pm me

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Amazing Updateee shilpha loveeed it :D

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Wonderful update!!!!
Thank you so much!!!!

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God I hate anjilli... Why is Khushi have to suffer all the time? Plz don't make Khushi love him again let him grovel first and then may be... Loved the update.

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Wow wonderful update Arnav has a long way to go

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good job!  please update soon.

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Brilliant, but I wish Khushi hadn't given in to the emotional blackmail.

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