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OS:Thinking About *Hiccup* You!+NOTE Pg11

-Devanshi- Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:36pm | IP Logged

So while the whole forum is wallowing in grief over the separation track which is the tagline by which the show runs, I present to you an OS which will hopefully manage to set a few people's moods right...;)
Statutory Warning: This OS is long. No kidding ;)

OS: Thinking About *Hiccup* You!

There were things that Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada could never give up---jalebies, salwaar kameez with gota, her Amma's payals, and the list goes on but her most prized possession was---talking.

She hated being tongue tied which occured most of the times in presence of her oh-so-handsome husband or something interrupting her while she was verbalizing her train of thoughts which was actually very rare because people couldn't really stop her from speaking.

Other than that, she was unstoppable when she was speaking. And that was exactly what she was doing in the kitchen while cooking next to Payal and HP when suddenly...


Ignoring it, she continued but once again...


"Khushi, how many jalebies did you gobble up yesterday?" asked Payal suspiciously, instantly reminded of their childhood when every other day Khushi would have some or the other problem because of excess of that sweet.

"Jiji, I swear by Arnavji's laptop, *hiccup* I didn't even make jalebies yesterday or today" said Khushi with utmost honesty.

HP sniggered hearing Khushiji's strange oath but then she wouldn't have been Khushiji if she weren't strange.

Payal handed a glass full of water to Khushi as she hiccoughed away.

Seven gulps of water later, Khushi sighed hoping that the hiccoughs were pacified but yet again there was that annoying sound which was now hindering her favorite hobby of talking.

Khushi tried to complain to Payal," Jiji... *hiccup*." It made her stamp her feet in frustration but Payal just giggled and HP joined in after a little hesitation at her helplessness because it was once in a blue moon that Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada couldn't speak.

"Keep drinking. Maybe it will stop or...look Khushi! There is a lizard right on your shoulder!!" said Payal, her eyes wide and panicked making Khushi jump back in fright and scream, her hands trying to reach her shoulder so that she could get rid of the dreaded lizard.

"Remove it Jiji now!!! Please remove it!!"She pleaded but stopped when she saw Payal laughing.

Khushi scowled making Payal laugh even more. Payal clutched at her sides and said, "Seriously, Khushi, you should get hiccoughs every day. I didn't know it would be so much fun being the prankster! But don't get all angry on your Jiji. I was just trying to help you. It is believed that if a person is startled or scared when they are hiccoughing, the hiccoughs will stop. So, did it work?"

Payal's query was answered in negative by yet another hiccough from a now visibly upset Khushi.

Payal was not a sadist but at that moment she was having the time of her life troubling her sister. For the first time she knew what it felt like troubling your sibling. Ah! The bliss that came with it!

Khushi said grumpily in between hiccoughs, "I am going to Nani. May be she can help me with my problem."

She stomped away from the kitchen to find the solution to her new problem. With the bottle of water of course.


"Hmmm...the hiccoughs won't stop even after the water and being startled, you say?" asked Nani to Khushi as she patted Laxmi's head who was sleeping peacefully.

Khushi merely nodded and pouted hoping the matriarch would be able give a solution to her problem.

Suddenly, Nani's face brightened and she said, " Bitiya, I know exactly how to stop these hiccoughs. My Dadi had given me this remedy when I used to get the hiccoughs."

And so, five minutes later, when Anjali entered the room, she found Khushi with her face upwards, her mouth open and her fingers pinching her nose and Nani saying," Just another minute, bitiya! Hold your breath for just another minute more!"

She limped towards them and asked Nani with a gesture of her hand what was wrong. Nani mouthed, "Hiccoughs" and then she said, "That's it bitiya! Now let's see if your hiccoughs have finally bid you goodbye."

They waited for a minute and Khushi was about to do a victory dance and say " Jai ho Devi Maiyya ki!" when...


Khushi wanted to pull her hair in frustration but she restrained herself and sat down on the bed instead, too tired of drinking water and holding her breath.

Anjali said, "Khushiji don't be so upset. We will find you some solution." When Khushi just hiccoughed in response, Anjali said," Waise, do you know it is believed that if you get hiccoughs, it means that a loved one is thinking about you."

Khushi frowned at the thought. Some other day, she would have verbalized her thoughts but that day she preferred thinking to saying it out loud owing to her new nemesis.

Who could be thinking about me? I was with Jiji and HP a while ago. Di and Nani are right here. I doubt Mamiji would miss me even if I were kidnapped. I just talked to Nanheji on the phone today. Akashji is busy with the office because Laad Governor is in London. Laad Governor!! This can only be his doing! Hmmph!

"Khushiji what are you thinking about? Don't worry, come with me, we'll find you something."

"No Di, don't worry *Hiccup*. I think I have found a way to stop these hiccoughs" said Khushi and she walked out of the room leaving behind a confused Nani and Anjali.

Board room, AR Fashion House, London (India: 1430 hrs; London: 1000hrs)

The bald man pointed at some graph on the PowerPoint slide and blabbered on and on about the new venture and how it would be so profitable to both the companies.

Arnav thanked his stars that the lights had been switched off lest the other men would have noticed that he was not even trying to listen to him. He had the whole contract and its clauses at the tip of his tongue and the old man in front of him was just repeating the whole thing.

Dammit, I should have just told Aman to handle the London branch! I could have been at home with Khushi. How I miss seeing that small red button nose of her, that blush on her cheeks when I kiss her, those fringes which frame her face and those lovely brown eyes of her which speak volumes. I bet she is chattering at the speed of light with someone right now. Pagal ladki!

Arnav smiled at himself thinking about all the moments he had shared with Khushi when suddenly, the phone started ringing.

What the---!! Who the hell forgets to keep their phones switched off in a meeting?

Only when the lights in the room were switched on and the other members stared at him awkwardly, did Arnav Singh Raizada realize that it was his phone which was ringing rather loudly.

Embarrassed, he checked the name of the caller.

Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada calling
Think of the devil and the devil calls ! He thought.

"Uh...I am so sorry, but I am afraid I'll have to take this call. It's urgent" said Arnav quickly and he rushed out of the room to receive the "important" call.

Before he could even say "Hi" in that husky voice which made Khushi's brain feel fuzzy, Khushi said," Arnavji, why are you *Hiccup* thinking about me?"

"What the---?? How did you know I was thinking about you? Why are you hiccoughing? Khushi, tum theek ho?" asked Arnav worriedly, all the thoughts about how he would make her flustered out of his mind, her health being the primary priority at that moment.

"How much do you *Hiccup* speak? I am fine. At least I will be once you *Hiccup* stop thinking about *Hiccup* me."

"What have your hiccoughs got to do with me thinking about you?" asked Arnav confusedly, though he was used to that emotion ever since Khushi had entered his life.

Khushi sighed and explained "It has got everything to do *Hiccup* with my hiccoughs. Di told me that when someone *Hiccup* hiccoughs, it means that a loved one is thinking about that person. *Hiccup* Everyone's name from the list has been crossed out *Hiccup* except yours. So, Arnav Singh Raizada *Hiccup* stop thinking about me and come back *Hiccup* home!"

Arnav rolled his eyes at the weird superstitions that Di and Khushi believed in but he couldn't help smile at his wife's absurdity.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, you are my wife and I will think about you all I want. No one can stop me. Not even you. By the way, let me tell you, that you might be the first wife on this planet who is asking her husband to stop thinking about her! Unbelievable!"

"But will you stop *Hiccup* thinking about me? Please, Arnavji, I can't talk *Hiccup* properly with these hiccoughs troubling *Hiccup* me. It is so annoying to be interrupted when *Hiccup* I am talking."

Tell me about it thought Arnav sarcastically as he was reminded of all those times when Khushi turned away from him or cut him off when he was talking.

"Oh... So you can't talk that is why I have to stop thinking about you? So, do you want me to stop thinking about you forever because then won't you get hiccoughs every time I think about you?" pointed out the pragmatic Arnav.

" Hey Devi Maiyya. Aap bilkul *Hiccup* buddhu ho! It doesn't work like that. You have to only stop *Hiccup* thinking about me for some time. But that does not mean *Hiccup* you can think about someone *Hiccup* else! Don't you dare *Hiccup* try something like that!" scolded Khushi and was surprised to hear Arnav laughing on the phone.

"Fine. I'll try to stop thinking about you. Unfortunately, I am in love with you, so it's a little tough but nothing is impossible for me, right?"Said Arnav still wondering how he had managed to fall in love with her.

Khushi was blushing beet root red which happened every time he would profess his love for her but she was not going to let him know that. Trying to sound distant and angry she said,
"Theek hain.  You take care *Hiccup* of yourself. Take your medicines on time. *Hiccup* Bye."

As Arnav Singh Raizada entered the board room again and took his seat, a goofy grin plastered on his face, he didn't notice the rest of the men gaping at him because it was not every day that you saw Arnav Singh Raizada smiling.

A few minutes later, he received a text message from Khushi. It read, Hum bhi aapse I love you dammit!

Someone can finally talk again without hiccoughing. Someday, I'll tell her that I didn't stop thinking about her even for a second thought Arnav as he tried to divert his attention to the meeting again and failed miserably, his body in the board room, but his mind thinking about Khushi.

Later that night, Raizada House (India: 0230hrs; London: 22:00hrs)

Khushi moved her hand all over the bed trying to find the phone which was ringing incessantly.

Who would be calling her at this time of the night? Even Devi Maiyya must be sleeping at this time! Thought Khushi as she tried to find the phone which was apparently playing hide and seek with her.

She didn't even bother seeing the name of the caller as she received it.

"Hello?" asked Khushi, her voice a little hoarse and her eyes groggy due to the sleep.

"Hi Khushi. What are you *hiccup* doing?" asked Arnav.

She checked the name to make sure it was Arnavji and she was not dreaming. Once she was sure, she asked, "Arnavji, are you drunk?"

There was another hiccup before he answered," No Khushi, I am not *hiccup* drunk."

"Then, why are you hiccoughing and why did you call me when you know it is way past midnight and you know...I might be sleeping?" asked Khushi now irritated with the arbitrary ways of her Laad Governor.

"I know that you are *hiccup* sleeping. That is exactly why I *hiccup* called you. Were you *hiccup* by any chance *hiccup* dreaming or thinking about me?" asked Arnav and as Khushi blushed to her roots, she could already imagine the smirk on his face.

"No...not at all. Why would I dream about you? I was uh...dreaming about Buaji and umm...jalebies...yes...Buaji and jalebies. That is what I was dreaming about" stuttered Khushi.

"Stop lying *hiccup* Khushi. You are blushing *hiccup* and even your nose is *hiccup* red" said Arnav playfully amidst the hiccoughs.

However, the fact that he was hiccoughing did not lessen the impact of his words because Khushi involuntarily touched her nose.

All sleep now gone, Khushi sat up, all geared up to argue with her Laad Governor.

And so they talked. For the whole night. Somewhere, Arnav's hiccoughs had pacified but neither of them noticed because they were too busy fighting


*Hiccup* so how was it? Hope you'll liked it..

Do leave likes and comments if this was worth your time!!




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masam Goldie

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Gah, you made me fall in love with Arhi *hiccup* again.

Great *hiccup* job!

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Nil_oporajita Groupbie

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so cute *hiccup...i just love *hiccup...Smile

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sun_shine_girl IF-Dazzler

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Great OS!
I loved *hiccup* reading this, dammit!

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Rhysenn IF-Dazzler

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Aww, that was so cute!!

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smitzy Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
Super cute!! this is why i LOVE the world of Fanfiction.. anything can happen here and we can all be happy imagining it Smile


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Priya_990 Goldie

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A nice cute and sweet os.

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PersieV IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
Girl this made me smile, it was so sweet

I can't stop reading it!!

I love this so much

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