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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

What I LOVED: 4th September 2012

Shalini76 Goldie

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What I LOVED: 4th September 2012


Day 0!


Yippee! We made it till the end of the contract! Six months end... let some fireworks off in the sky!


Oops! Shyam! Who told you to stand in the way of our fireworks? Now, see! You've got a few marks to show where the celebration hit you! Well, good for you! :P

The Fandom is happy! Yippee!





Barun: What do we say for him! I think the whole Fandom agrees that he just surpasses his own work every few episodes. In yesterday's episode he wowed one and all and again today he's followed suit!


Abhaas: Whoa! That was SO COOL!! For a moment I thought – eeks! The devil himself!! Bravo! Stupendous!


The Team: Congratulations! You chaps deliver every time when it comes to plot, characters, building up the sequences, dialogs – mind-blowing! And of course, baffling the Fandom who is bent on attempting to decipher beforehand what you might be up to – but as usual, you end up surprising everyone!





Progress Points


1. Khushi convinces Arnav to meet Anjali

2. Shyam meets Anjali

3. Arnav- Shyam fight

4. Anjali back in RM



Favorite Scene


A few!

Khushi promising Arnav that he'd be able to tell Anjali whatever he needs to say to her

Khushi warning Arnav to keep his cool when he sees Shyam inside Anjali's room

Khushi controlling Arnav's hand raised to punch Shyam


And *drum roll*

Arnav treating Shyam like a punching bag and declaring that as long as he lives Shyam would not enter RM

YEAH!! Yeh hui na baat!!


Finally! Thand pai gayi!!!



Arnav & Khushi


Arnav: I will not be able to face it.

Khushi: *his hand in hers* You will be.





The episode started on a good note.

This is something I expected Khushi to say to Arnav after hearing him out and comforting him – that he wasn't unsuccessful because he's always tried honestly to keep his sister happy. Yet there were a few things out of his control, which he cannot undo.


For the first time, Arnav has heard Khushi's sermon on destiny without objecting – or even interrupting. He knows he cannot undo what has happened. He knows there are things outside his control.


Khushi has managed to speak not just comfort, but also encouragement to him. While she tells him that he cannot control everything, she does not make it hopeless for him. She shows him a way out – by telling him that there are things that he can do, being with his sister when she needs him the most.


Arnav was still unprepared to meet his sister, but then Khushi held his hand in hers and – 'I promise you that you'd be able to tell Di what you need to tell her on your own. I have complete faith.'


How interesting! Khushi's faith in him is moving Arnav to face what he feels he cannot face. Even though she is the one who leads him to take this step, yet as he walks, she walks behind him and lets him lead. When he hesitates at the door, she affirms her support to him when he is supporting his sister.


When they see Shyam, the anger on her face equals that on Arnav's face. Yet, for the sake of his Di, she warns him to keep calm.



"Khushi, you come with me."


She walks with him as she promised whether he is fighting Shyam or carrying his sister home. She's by his side as a shadow.


Arnav, who's faced it alone for so long, finally has a partner who stands with him no matter what.

Khushi, who's been alone all along fighting for herself and other, finally has a partner who stands for her and with her no matter what.


It's taken them a long, long time to get here. It won't be easy to break this bond.


Yet, there may be threats and blows nonetheless.



Alarm Bells


Arnav has received quite a few blows in this one day.


Dadi Ji was still insisting on calling back Shyam.

Anjali had an accident and a miscarriage was the first one.

It was the third blow of the evening: Shyam in Anjali's room


I wonder if Arnav really got the alarm bells ringing when he saw Shyam fraternizing with Dadi Ji.

He certainly looked like he suspected; and then he directed his warning, 'I mean it' looking at her. In any case, if he didn't figure out that Dadi ji is in RM for Shyam, he's at least figured out that she may support him.

He has seen her sympathizing with Shyam and him informing her before he left. Hence, his decision to bring Anjali treated at home.


Arnav, buckle up! Some more hits are coming your way, Buddy! You got a personal trainer in your corner this time though.


I wonder if Arnav works with Khushi against Shyam  - she has excellent knowledge of Shyam's work methods.

Kinda deja vu though! He went through a series of five punches in one day on Payash wedding, and then returned the favor with a knockout to Shyam by marrying Khushi.



Is it Enough?


Arnav didn't believe Shyam for a minute.  He didn't trust Shyam's pleading about losing the child.

It seemed that for a minor moment, Khushi felt immediate suspicion on Shyam's new demeanor, but then it seemed she fell into thought when Shyam mentions that he too had lost a child; Arnav didn't fall for it at all.


Arnav delivered quite a few blows to Shyam.


Arnav knows Shyam is the enemy, but he still does not know how Shyam has been the cause of all the misery currently. When Arnav says that Shyam is the reason of Anjali being in this state, he really doesn't know how right he is.


However, if Arnav feels that taking Anjali home will keep Shyam from him, it isn't the best decision. Arnav obviously feels that she would be safe from Shyam at home. He doesn't know that Anjali herself has been meeting Shyam on the sly.


Arnav, there are many unseen and unknown enemies delivering punch after punch and you don't know who hits you from where. Each blow comes as a surprise hit and another one hits you before you've had a chance to breathe again.


Arnav, you'd have to do a lot more than beating Shyam and declaring your that you wouldn't let him enter, getting Anjali home and warning your family.


A question you may have asked was – who was in touch with Shyam to tell him that Anjali had had an accident?



Under Wraps


WIL: 9th June 2012; The Revelation of Shyam


"What we have seen and known of Shyam till yet, is but the tip of the iceberg."


Shyam has kept his madness under wraps – which is contradictory to his being mad. Controlled madness?


It was a very interesting – the insane joy on his face when he says, 'My Rajkumari will never come in this world.'

His face is hidden from Anjali and Dadi ji and gives himself a moment to be himself. If Dadi ji hadn't disturbed his flow of thoughts, it seems Shyam was intoxicated with his victory that he let himself slip in that moment.



Arnav slapped Shyam, and delivered a few punches. Shyam didn't give up being the 'nice man'. His doorway into RM stood before him and he would not let that close.


Yet as he left, his resolve of getting back into RM is as strong as Arnav's resolve of not letting him enter.



Shyam's slip


It is a curious observation. I'm not sure if it is intended or correct. But here it is.


One of the times that Shyam slipped was when Anjali asked him to get a Rakhi tied from Khushi's hands. He let his anger out on an auto-rickshaw driver. Later, he paid the driver to make up for it.


Then, it was when Shashi confronted him about his marriage with Anjali. Shashi got paralyzed and Shyam didn't have to cover up.


Then, again when, Arnav confronted him with his supposed affair with Khushi. He let a lot of information through and even challenged Arnav to tell Anjali all about it. Later, he realized and ran up to make sure Arnav didn't tell Anjali anything.


Then, on the terrace (and earlier by the poolside), he let Khushi see his mad streak. Later, he fixed what he was trying to say.


It was a very insane Shyam who sat in the dark to watch Arnav being blindfolded and beaten up. Arnav didn't know and Shyam didn't have to cover up.


Then, Shyam slipped was when Khushi has convinced him that she wanted revenge and nothing less than Arnav's destruction would please her. Shyam made precious slips back then. He never himself accepted that he'd kidnapped Arnav (Khushi knew it and told him on his face later), but he let her see his intentions and his madness too when he left her bound and gagged in the middle of a road, prone to being run over. Khushi already knew what Shyam had done, and Shyam didn't need to cover up.


Last week, it was when he caused Anjali to fall because of electrocution. No one saw him so he didn't have to correct it.


And now again, in Anjali's room, Shyam let his mask slip.

What makes Shyam slip?

It is curious that whenever he is lets it slip either he's faced a defeat from Arnav, either through Arnav himself or someone who stood in his way to defeat Arnav; OR when he's had a victory over Arnav.


Curious, very curious!


The miscarriage is his first step. But his joy at that moment wasn't that he was successful in his first step. His sense of victory seemed to come from the fact that 'the rajkumari would never come into this world.'


That's very strange!



Key Statements of the Day


Khushi: I promise that you would be able to say to Di whatever you have to. I have complete faith.

Arnav: As long as I live, Shyam will not enter RM.

Shyam: Miscarriage is the first step to enter RM. I will enter RM again.





1. I wonder if either Shyam or Dadi Ji noticed that twice Khushi alone was able to stop Arnav.


2. Nani ji and Mami Jaan seems to have got it that Arnav's warning was directed at Dadi Ji about not discussing about bringing back Shyam.





Shyam is back in RM in Anjali's room and Anjali protects him.


Arnav, Buddy, you really need to install a Shyam-alert system on the house.




Who will go against Arnav and bring Shyam back into RM?


And the nominations are:


>> Dadi Ji

>> Story writers

>> Nani Ji

>> Khushi Ji

>> Anjali ji herself


And the winner is...

Will be disclosed after the break. Till then, keep watching Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?


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sman IF-Rockerz

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love ur posts of the very few positive people in forum :-)

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As always you put out a thorough & amazing analysis. But the amazing fact is that you actually kept count of the duration of the contract marriage amidst all the commotion that's been going on! Un-freakin-believable!!Silly

Barun was fabulous today!! Just adorable. When the hug ended & they disentangled themselves from each other, he was sniffing like a small child, & I felt like shoving Sanaya aside & just give him the tightest hug till he stopped crying... Although in which universe that would probably happen in,I have no idea!Embarrassed

& did Arnav actually said,'As long as I am alive,Shyam won't set foot in my house'..??...SHEESSH!!Did no one ever tell him to not give ideas to an evil mind??!!Shocked

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poonam.gupta12 Senior Member

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story writers

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Cyberpsychooo IF-Dazzler

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Wahh waaah! Clap Ghissa pitta lagta hai kehna, that ir post is excellent! Embarrassed

Today shyam was on the edge of evilness, coz killing his own child is really, dont have words for that!

Khushi is the only one who can give asr strengh and can calm him down! Clap I think its a much deeper ehsaas than love! 

U know what shalini, after the hug, when khushi talked to arnav, her dialog came in my mind. U remember, when they had their first "engagement" and she said, ek din aapko pata chale ga, ke jo kuch bhi aap ne kiya hai, sab DM ne aap ka haath pakar kar aap se karwaya hai. Lekin us din hum nahin honge aapke paas.

Dont know why this came into my mind... This situation is still to come!

So now dadiji. Yaar inko koi sharam hi nahin hai. I mean, arnav abhi hospital mein hi hai, and she is calling shyam! Unbelieveable!


Shyams face was really scary & creepy! Wait kare ka padi! 

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Arshics IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow Shalini first reply to WIL.

Ya it was a good epi. Shyam is making his moves and Arnav doesn't know that Shyam treats raizadas mansion as his Baap ki jagir, or nukkad ka paan wala, where lafangas like him hang out. 

On a serious note, no one knows what the cold blooded evil Shyam is capable of, his murder attempts at Anji are still hidden and it is scary that he is ready to go to any lengths to achieve his hidden agenda.

his grimace was beyond evil today and he has become to me TV worlds most hated villain.

Great post again Shalini, WIL is always worth reading.

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NestleToulouse IF-Stunnerz

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Such a lovely analysis of the episode dear ! StarAnd yes it is curious about Shyam's slips ! Loved Khushi's continuous support to ASR and I'm loving the fact that she has become such an integral part of his life ! Anjali,I really dont know what to say except that she is just sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire of Shyam's lies and deceit Ouch Dadi,well she has switched off her brains seriously ! In the hospital,when Shyam comes he just keeps reminding Anjali of the things which he had bought for his"rajkumari"and by saying all this it is clear that its hurting her and despite all this Dadi just fawns over him and turns a blind eye to all his antics Angry Waiting to see what the future hold for Arshi and for IPK ! Waiting for tomorrow Smile

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fairy_stardust IF-Dazzler

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Great analysis, must I say as you always do!Clap
I also loved the scene when Khushi convince Arnav to talk to Anjali and when Arnav beat the crap outwa ShyamuSmile

The building trust and support in Arshi's relationship is very importantThumbs Up. This is something the CVs are trying to show through the remarriage track. Alll of the essentials rituals were performed but this time the couple actually trust, support and love each other. There will be no further misunderstanding (hopefully) due to the current track - Arnav revealing his past and Khushi standing by him at all times.

I was glad they showed Shyamu confronting Arnav today as I really didn't want the secret meeting to go on for long. Arnav needs to be aware of who is with him and who is planning against him - Dadi and Shyamu. The most shocking revelation to him would be that his sister has been supporting Shyamu from the beginning. Khushi would be the one to calm him down then again.

I really am interested in knowing Shyam's he met Anjali, how he planned to marry her, and what are his real intentions of staying in RM (other than financial support). I mean he is a true villain so there must be a deeper story than the one we know. How and why he slips is another interesting take. All I know is that he would be a veryy good chess player...someone who can see all the possible scenarios and plan ahead to decide which players to kick and how. Shocked

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