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IP REDUX ; Guha & Vinayaka !! (Page 2)

Supna9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
this poem is  on ASR's yesterday scenes when he was all alone and felt himself a faliure brother , who cursing couldn't fulfill his promise that he protect hers...but he couldn't... 


behan k pas janey se darr raha hai
behan ka samna krney se darr raha hai

sheeshey k uss par khara hai
aankon mein liye udaasi
dukh se chamktey aansoo
nidamat se sar ko jhukaye

apni behan ki uss halat main dekh raha hai
k jab wo kho chuki apni tanha khushi
k jab wo ho gai hai khali daman
k jab murjha gayi uss ki shakh pe khilne wali nahi kali
k jab ho gai uss ki behan jo maa thi bananey wali
uss gaud khali...
uss ki behan jo maa banney se pheley hi
ho gai maa ki sada sunney se mehroom

bhai darwazey pe khara be basi se bas dekh raha hai
wo bhai jis ne apni behan ki khushyon k liye
apne aap ko khushyon se kya tha mehroom
wo bhai jis ne ek muskurahat  apni behan k
honto pe sajaney k liye...
apni honton ki hansi baich de be mol...

jis ne parwah na ki ek doosri larki k
khuwabo ko tor kar...
uss ki khushyon ko cheen kar ...
apni behan ko deney chala tha...

laikin aaj wahi larki uss k
har dukh ka madahwa hai
uss k tanha pan ko durr karney ki aas hai

aaj wahi bhai jab sar jhukaye..
aankhon main liye nidamat k aansoo
keh raha hai aankhon se ...

haan di aaj ap ka chaman huwa khali
haan di aaj ap ka kia barson khuwab bikhra hai
haan di aaj aap ki nanhi kalli murjha gayi
haan di aaj ap jo maa banney wali thiin
aap khali gaud reh gayiin
haan di cheen gayi aap ki rajkumari
reh gayi hain aap khali...
reh gayiiin hain aap khali...

main aap ka nakam o bebas bhai
kuch na de saka...bari khushi tou kya
ek nanhi khushi bhi na de saka...

haan aaj main hoon ek nakam bhai
main jo kal ek nakam beta tha.
jo apni maaa ko na bacha saka...

jab di hansti hain tou...
mujhe lagta hai...
dunya muskura rahi hai

aur jab wo roti hain...
tou yun lagta hai...
k ye zameen o aasman dono udaas hain

aaj meri whi rhai hain
tarap rahi hain...
aur main be bas khara...
harey huwey qadmo se ...
thak k beth gaya hoon...

aaj main apni di ko na de saka khsuhyan
aaj main un k aansoo ko na rok saka...
aaj main un ki gaud ko khushyon se na bhar saka
aaj main di se kiye wadey na nibha saka...

aaj main ek nakam , be bas tanha bhai hoon
aaj main apni di ka nakam , aur hara huwa bhai hoon

samna ( facing),sheeshey(glasses),  nidamat (Contriteness), mehroom (Bereft), udaasi (gloomy),
chamktey (shines), jhukaye( ), sajaney ( )

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lalsunvid Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:20pm | IP Logged

Heads on : Round 1 begins : ASR vs Shyam.

Kudos to Abhas Mehta on the first hand !!! Clap superb shifting of emotions and act displayed today and all the dialogues were absolutely perfect for this 'PATI ZAROORAT" act!! Two weeks back I thought this actor is still in vacation mode ...but you have bounced back and we are getting to see the next good pair (don't bash me ... these two also look together apart from ASR & Khushi) of IPK together soon.

Shyam put up a superb unwanted resistance in front of Daadi and a much unexpected sorry to ASR;A convincing act which ASR never expected and angered him much more to punch.Daadi - Shyam's relation was well noticed by ASR . The understanding and care she showed towards him showed ASR that Shyam has plotted something again to enter Anjali's life. Slowly he is putting ASR eventually in bad light to Daadi . The anger of ASR can turn against him in front of Anjali also . We don't know if that's what Shyam is aiming at.

This villian is absolutely a cunning one to tap only the weaker one play well with emotions and to get the work done.ASR always and always called Khushi a drama queen ; but now he has witnessed Shyam's first real act of tapping his house members ; after Shyam comes in he will watch how Shyam has won over all these days right under his nose always.The way he made his stance clear that " baby was your responsibility" and " I should have not gone away leaving you " just bowled Daadi over and pride about her Daamadji. Shyam's real reason for revenge can also be shown as glimpses to audience as we saw some glimpse of ASR and Anjali's past.
But is Shyam going to do some more rude act on Anjali for him to return . Please no more violence . Anjali and Daadi is more than enough to throw tantrums to ASR for him to bow down to get Shyam back.  

The confidence which Khushi gave him in front of God showing him that there's something above called "fate" "destiny" and we can never over shadow and conquer this destiny was a good scene. ASR couldn't argue. He has faced that destiny not once but lot of times with respect to his sister.The strength derived from Khushi helped him to face a sudden shock in the form of Shyam with his sister. But ASR could punch Shyam today ...he has not seen his sister's real condition her real heart which is clouded by Shyam . On that day he can never punch Shyam . Never. Let's see if Anjali's condition is going to be worsened that Daadi take on ASR putting him on the wrong side and get Shyam back or it's Anjali who is going to get Shyam back. But CV's if this time you show Khushi doing this job...for the sake of Anjali...'matadevi" avatar...then CV's you are spoiling your soup...your own baby...Khushi will never and should never stand for evil...

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Sanayam Senior Member

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:21pm | IP Logged


Who or what is the alpha male? In mammalian social order usually there is only one male among the pack who is a leader. Other animals show their respect and defer to his command. He is the first to mate and a lot of times the only one to mate. The rest are killed or kicked out of the circle. The alpha male together with his female form the alpha pair and they rule over their territory.

If the Raizadas are a pack then Arnav is the alpha male. He has marked his territory before, the RM and he does it again today. He cannot exercise total control in the hospital. So he herds his people to HIS territory. At RM he is the absolute authority. Nobody dare question it. He declares that nobody is allowed to mediate on behalf of Shyam. The Raizadas and Dadi look on. Nobody dares question his statement outright but will they stay quiet behind his back?

Dadi stayed quiet with visible effort. You can see her seething below the surface. She does little to hide her opposition. Nani, who knows the background is perhaps the only one along with Khushi who are absolutely in sync with Arnav. The rest are in that grey area between night and day, the twilight zone. They are not sure who to side with but will not go against their pack leader. On one side of this equation is Arnav , Khushi and nani. On the other side is Anjali and dadi. The balance is tipped in favour of ASR.

The only person who dares approach him at this juncture with such a request is Khushi. I can totally see Shyam instigating dadi and Anjali to emotionally blackmail Khushi. Will Khushi get suckered into this web of deceit? Will she be the one to ask Arnav to bring Shyam back? If she does that would be a master stroke by Mr.Jha. Of Khushi crosses over the balance will tip in favour of Anjali and dadi. In one move Arnav will become isolated and even doubt Khushi's allegiance to him. That my friends would be a sad day indeed. Hopefully Khushi remembers the conversation outside the place where Arnav was kidnapped. Where Mr. Jha had twisted her arm behind her back and given her a glimpse of his ugly psyche. That should be enough to stop her if all else fails.

As for todays episode

  • Total seeti bajaoThumbs Up
  • Loved the slap and "Tum kuchh bhi nahi ho".  Me**Thud. Falls!!**
  • Punch Punch Punch Punch Punch Punch Punch Punch Dancing
  • Khushi the pillar of strenght for ArnavClapClap
  • Anjali with amnesia secondary to fall but doesn't her foot hurt where she cut it? What about any bandages on her feet?ConfusedConfused
  • Did Shyam borrow a jhaadoo from HP and clear away all the glass before leaving?LOLLOLLOL
  • ASR looked like he had his mentos moment back at the hospital when dadi and Shyam were being chummyStar
  • How many of you wanted to wring Shyamu's neck when he gave his dirty expression while hugging Anji?AngryAngryAngry
  • Where was Payalia when Arnie came back with Anji?
  • Shyam dared speak up before ASR. ShockedShockedShocked  Uski to'.

Mazaa aa gaya. If and when Shyam comes back it will be the beginning of the end for him. I have a feeling he is making all these elaborate plans to ultimately step into his own grave.

That's all for today. Going to read all the analysis on Redux. Bye!

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:26pm | IP Logged

Another episode that delivered much more than I expected which is good when expectations are low. It was a gripping episode

CVs continue to show just how far Arnav and Khushi have come as a couple, she assures him he is not a failure and sometimes fate is out of their hands. Khushi gives Arnav and the support he needs to face Anjali through this painful time, she is his rock and shows how much she believes in him.

Mini rant here, why on earth do they continue to add the suspense element whenever they show Shyam??? We know its him, wasted minute here. Not surprising Shyam immediately starts brainwashing Anjali, planting seeds that had he been there she would have never miscarried. Shyam acts as if he had no prior knowledge when in reality he was the mastermind. A villain at his best or I should say worst, one who is not as foolish as originally believed. We get the point, he is evil and his plans are well thought out however sick they are.

Highlight of the episode was Shyam coming face to face with Arnav and Khushi. I honestly was not expecting much of a confrontation given the situation, setting but leave it to the CVs to surprise me, loved the slap and the punches which would have continued had Khushi not held Arnav back. Shyam escaped this time but there's no doubt about him causing ASR to re emerge, this war is far from over infact it has just started!

Another highlight was how the camera focused on Arnav when Shyam and Dadi spoke. Arnav eyes indicated what his mind was thinking that there was more going on that he was unaware about and those suspicions will only increase once he learns Shyam is in RM as shown in the precap. Arnav must know that Shyam is there, either the nurse speaks out or he gets caught. Maybe Arnav will beat him up again in front of Anjali which causes her to get worse and leads the family to rethink bringing Shyam back, after all he asked for 10 minutes alone with Anjali so who knows what he'll do next. The only thing that makes me hopeful for this track is the possibility of the blinders finally coming off for Anjali, she cannot go on trusting him forever eventually she must see for herself how evil he is but at what cost? How many more will be hurt by his actions before she gets the wake up call she desperately needs?? I really hope the family works together to expose Shyam's true colors to Anjali before he causes further damage, surely they will be watching him like a hawk as none with the exception of Dadi trust him. This track will be more impactful if it is shown that the entire family is in this fight with Arnav and Khushi to expose Shyam's true colors

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incandescent IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:31pm | IP Logged

Amidst this crisis, we can witness how far Arnav Singh Raizada has come, we can witness how far Arnav and Khushi have come and how much their relationship has progressed. The man who never opened up to anyone, poured his heart out to Khushi, shared his weakness and failures. She gave him a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold on to and she stood by him. He didn't shy away from breaking down in front of her. He let her wipe his tears. She encouraged him and even told him that some things are not in our control and he did not protest. 

Is Arnav Singh Raizada, a man who believed he wrote his own destiny, finally beginning to realize that certain things are not in anyone's control and that there is a higher power who orchestrates everything? 

Arnav - A man has control over the decisions he makes for himself and which path he walks in but he can't decide his fate and he certainly can't control anyone else's actions let alone write their destiny. He may believe his decision to not let Shyam enter the house will bar him from stepping into Shantivan but little does he know that his Di is secretly defying his decision. He may have realized the Shyam Manohar Jha is not the light but he is someone who will only cast darkness in his beloved Di's life. But he is unaware that his sister is blinded by Shyam's charms and she is secretly following Shyam into the dark alley and he has no control over what his Di might choose to believe. A part of him may have accepted that a man cannot write his own destiny but he is yet to realize no matter how much he tries to protect his di, he can't protect her if she chooses to walk in the path of destruction. 

update coming up later...

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
Finally watched the episode!

  • I liked the confrontation between Shyam and Arnav; truly a teaser for the bigger battle to follow. Arnav did not believe Shyam's lies one bit; and was totally going to beat him to a pulp had Khushi not intervened.
  • I loved how Khushi was his strength; she did not cry buckets - just became his silent support system and he drew strength from her...he aint letting her go anytime soon.
  • ASR - buddy have you deciphered that Dadi and Shyam are in cahoots? Oh yes, it did look like his brain was working in overdrive whether he just orders people around or follows through remains to be seen...I didnt like the whole dramatic...over my dead body dialogue though...dont want to think about it being another "hint" at some random accident.


  • I didnt like Abhaas' acting as Shyam today; he was a bit OTT - and hammed a bit; so did Daljeet...but I guess the scene demanded it.
  • How is it that Shyam coolly walks in RM - in the broad daylight and NOBODY stopped him from entering Di's room? Eh - thoda zyada nahin ho gaya? 

Interesting Thoughts:

  • Who will make Arnav take the bitter pill of allowing Shyam in...Di herself or Khushi? Its got to be one of these 2 only...they are the only 2 that he listens to.
  • I am not too concerned about any rifts between Arnav and Khushi...whatever it is will be very short lived; their bond is way too strong to be broken. I would like to see a nice war...with strategy and planning to fight Shyam. The past can come knocking later Smile

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amimus Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:34pm | IP Logged

A good title Sathya , Guha the mysterious one is it Shyam or the other woman here . Vinayaka without a man whom and in which direction does it indicate. Well hope you write today so that can understand it better.


I loved today's episode especially the filmy punches by Arnav to Shyam .

The hug was so calming and soothing to Arnav , he knows Khushi will always be there for him , she is his strength . She once again tells him that he needs to go near DI and support her. He is not responsible for things going wrong and she tells him confidently that he can handle the situation she is there with him Hamesha. Arnav finally agrees and goes in to meet Anjali. Well on the other Side we have entry of Shyam Manohar Jha in the hospital .


The scumbag has the audacity to blame ANjali for losing the baby , makes her feel guilty . He behaves delusional like her and keeps on insisting he want his Rajkumaari . Dadi comforts him . Shyam once again has proved how wicked he is and can go to any extent . I believe in Doods theory that the baby is alive but still have tiny doubt of the baby not being alive. SHYAM at his manipulative best knows the right place to target, he is instigating Anjali for the premature death of the baby and this makes her more sick as she is already weak after the incident. I wonder how can a person kill his own baby , can a person be so cruel and wicked as Shyam .


The day Anji gets to know the truth , that will be the end of Shyam Manohar Jha .


Finally the twain meet, Arnav and Shyam . Arnav- Khushi are shocked seeing him there , one look and Anjali and Arnav drags him by his collar once again out of the room. Dadi looks on with a terrified look and follows him. I was not expecting Shyam to say Sorry but he surprises me always. Trying to get in good books of his Saale Saheb so that he can gain his entry back in Shantivan. Arnav is in no mood to listen to him and slaps him right away and is about to punch him when Dadi intervenes. Why does Dadi not question Arnav and try to find out the his side of the story , she is just listening to one side of the story and has made her opinion. But Shyam further angers Arnav and this time he gets punched by Arnav , only Khushi is able to stop him and get through his fury . It has always been her who has bought sanity back into Arnav when he loses control .Its to been seen how far can Khushi control him once the actual truth of Anjali incident is out. Will she be able to forgive SHyam once she gets to know about her Babuji , I feel not she alongwith Anjali will punish Shyam .


Arnav brain has hopefully started working as he sees the interaction between SHYAM and Dadi , does he suspect something fishy well let's hope he pursues it. Arnav has decided and takes Anji home in spite of DOC instructing otherwise. Once at home he instructs all to not talk about bringing Shyam back to his home.


I loved that its Khushi whom he calls for taking his DI up , she is right beside him when Arnav informs the family about Shyam . What does the future hold for this couple only time will tell. But they deserve to be together and be happy and I am sure they will fight as one against the enemy Shyam and their past .


So IPK fans do not forget to tune in from mon – Fri 8 PM only on SP for suspense, drama , romance , comedy and lots of interesting twist .

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S003 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:41pm | IP Logged

I'm moaning...

I always thought that there would be redemption for my favorite charcter... the one we love to hate... no not Shyam but...
Some where I believed that she is an ordinary woman, one who believes in love and forgets everything else... much like many of us when we are in love... but today was the final nail in that coffin...
Today I realized why Arnav was so protective of his Di through out his life...why for his Di he trampled down Khushi's dreams, her integrity and her hope... married her in the most despicable fashion and enslaved her... why you ask me...
Because Anjali is just like his mother...who never thought about the fact that it was her daughter's wedding day... or that she has a young son... no she only thought about the fact that her husband had cheated on her and never really loved her... her own children didn't matter to her as much as the fact that the love of her life didn't really love her at all... and she couldn't live with that...this is also the reason Arnav ran away from love his whole life because he was afraid of the power for destruction it has...
So today I saw what Arnav always knew... Anjali is just like her mother... it is their mother who showed Anjali the dream world she now resides in... their mother who probably when she was little decorated her dreams with stories of a great love... and their mother who showed Anjali that this dream is the only way to live... and just like when their mother's dreams came crashing down she didn't have the courage to face reality... Arnav knows Anjali will not have the strength to do the same and reach for the most convenient alternative... suicide... makes perfect sense... when the Shyam fiasco happened her first thought was to abort the baby... Because Anjali is her mother...  that fact is the headstone on the grave of my expectations...
I always expected an epic comeback for this women... I wanted her to regain some molecule of self respect... but alas... this is not possible... Anjali is the weak, sickly child that the Arnav must once again protect... he now understands the grave danger that Anjali is in... he knows that Shyam has a great understanding of Anjali's dreams and her fragile state... in keeping him away he may seem cruel but it is the only way for Anjali to survive... and if Khushi is the one to convince Arnav to let Shyam back into Anjali's life... and something were to happen to her... I don't see Arnav forgiving Khushi very soon... but that is for the distant future... for now it seems Arnav and Khushi are under attack, the enemy is already within albeit hidden... and the guns are blasing...
What is to come we can only wait and watch...
I am very distraught as you can see from my post above, I can't concentrate on the beauty of Arnav and Khushi's maturing love... or Shyams cunning... of Dadi's attitude... all I can do is moan the loss of Anjali, because in one swift motion she now stands undefendable in my eyes...
Since this thread loves the movie Kahani as much as I do... I will tell you what bothered me right from the very begining... It was beyond me why Vidya Balan would endanger the life of her child to find her husband... especially after she had some close encounters... it was a nagging thougth of why didn't she come back after the child was born... so great was her love for her husband that she didn't care about the child in her womb??????? yet she was not portrayed to be such a woman...  I guess when Anjali choose Shyam's safety over that of her child it was all over for me...she then became a fiction instead of very close to reality for me... 
And that was my two cents

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