Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX ; Guha & Vinayaka !!

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Hello All,

Within Infinite Truths Lies  The Eternal Truth

   Who Sees It All ??

Varuna has but a thousand eyes

   Indra, a hundred

  And I, Only two

                                                                                         Devdutt Pattanaik

Guha - Mysterious One

Vinayak - without a ManSmile

Who is the protector ? Who is the Destroyer ??

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I just loved the Hug Arnav and Khushi had. It was not romantic or passionate but it was the understanding and caring that shined in that Hug. He became a child in her arms and bowed down infront of Lord Ganesha and Khushi keeping his past, his fears, his defeat everything clean in front of her. He clearly opened his heart out to Khushi and shared the pain. Indeed a beautiful moment in their relationship. If last time they had blessings from Devi Maiyya this time its Lord Ganesha/ Vignahartha the hurdle remover

She reassures him saying that he is not a failure and that he really kept his promise and made his di happy but in life certain things happens because of Bhagya and that no one has any say on that. Whatever happens will happen.

yoga-sthah kuru karmani
sangam tyaktva dhananjaya

siddhy-asiddhyoh samo bhutva

samatvam yoga ucyate

-Bhagavad Gita, 2.48

Krishna actually tell Arjuna that he has nothing to with the results of the fight. Success or Failure is left to god and is not in Man's hand. Perform your duty and abandon all attachment to success or failure. Exactly Khushi said the same thing to ASR that certain things are beyond our control and that his duty should be there for his Di as support.

Arnav Singh Raizada such a young age, after such a terrible loss of his parents decided that his Elder Sister will be in need of him and became her support and more than a brother he has been her protector and a father figure, possessive and caring. He changed his entire life for her and only cared for her happiness. But he will learn that everything is not under his control and that destiny is not written by any individual and for that this is just a beginning.

But saying it to others is very easy, whether Khushi actually follows it only time will tell when she is put into the test of her Bhagya.

To be updated...

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Before starting, a few words!
I have been a dedicated reader of tanthya's post since the end of October and obviously, very much dedicated since the Redux formed up. I used to post occasional comments and small takes on the episode mostly. Since summer started, i refrained from actually stalking but started participating too!! Redux is the most beautiful places i've ever had a chance to stumble on. The thread is full of wonderful and creative people who think outside the box!!
It has actually given me a virtual family!! When i started, it was just ocassional posts of appreciations but now, its like more than a few who actually read my blabber!! i just want to thank Tanthya and Doods for coming up with such an swesome idea and giving us all a platform to spread out thoughts and have them valued!! Thank You guys!!! Hug 

Now coming to the episode, it was a delight today. 

Love is like an earthquake-unpredictable, a little scary but when the hard part is over you'll realize how lucky you are.

The episode started with Arnav and Khushi, embraced by each other in a tight hug that let all the emotions flow between them. Khushi, standing by his side and not grieving or sympathizing but Understanding the situation he's standing in. 

Khushi had since the beginning, when she had claimed to hate him been bringing him up to the right path. It had been her ego first which had forced her to establish herself right and now, its because she's in love with this person whom she wants to always be the right! She ensures him that he has always maintained his sister's happiness and had always fought for her BUT there are few things whom no one has control over. For the first time, Arnav Singh Raizada accepts that he cannot write his destiny!!

 The greatest trick the devil played was to let everyone think, he didn't exist

I have often come to terms with Shyam where I consider him to be a victim of his surroundings. He today is trapped in a situation fighting for justice that isn't exactly a justice! Whats justice when you are ruining the life as same as yours was? Thats vengeance or revenge and these don't turn out fruitful because in the process to reach towards your goal, you often drop pit a part of yourself that even when walking back couldn't be embraced. 

He however, today proved himself to be horrendously horrible and pure evil. He had seen the woman who loves him so dearly step on shredded pieces of glass that bleed her feet, and in that painful position she continued to search for HIM. It was pure evil to stand in the shadows and listen to screams that are soothing your heart. 

Shyam enters in the room and instead of staying by his wife's side, he pushes her to come to him! His actions are deluded and he blames the mother for the murder. Turning the wheels around had been his easiest ways and thats where he's proceeding again. hamare rajkumari kabhi wapas nahi aagie!! This sentence was strong.! Made me wonder if the babies are safe or not? I have doubts but i think this scene was a replay of the past just with different characters of present. 

Arnav on the other hand, strengthened by his love, stand up to finally present himself when He is faced  by Shyam who has dared to cross the boundaries, unaware that he had done that a long time ago. **He sees his Di closing his eyes with a bit of relief  with Shyam's back turned. >>As son as Shyam is thrown out of the picture, Anjali will recompose herself!! 

Dadi, sensing the flaw of the plans rushes outside to save daamad ji instead of her grandson. Honestly speaking, i loved how Nani was disgusted that even in this fragile state of Anjali, she had dared to bring up such topic. 

He punches her in the face, let him bleed, humiliated him and filled his pride with gashes, but Shyam didn't back off because he is a man on a mission. More than the punches, i loved how Khushi was their beside him and held him till he stopped. She stands by his side constantly and had reached to a level where beside himself, he is trusting her with the greatest of his treasures. 

An fantastic episode with a raid of climax. My brain has been jammed up since last few days and though I can see the codes, the excitement is keeping me away from connecting!! Sorry for short posts and thank you for the motivation!

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God has not called us to see through each other, but to see each other through.  ~Author Unknown

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.  ~Kenji Miyazawa

This quote stands true for each and every human being. This is also why Khushi always emerges triumphant, be against Arnav or Shyam. She doesn't hide from the pain she feels. She faces it. She cries and she lets it out of her system. And then she stands tall and fights her battle bravely and justly.

And today, she has taught Arnav of the same. She is telling him through her words and actions: "it's okay to feel pain. It's okay to cry. It's okay to be broken. But we should not remain broken. We have to fight and move forwards. For the sake of those we love."

She is Arnav's strength. Her love, his love, their love is their strength. She stands by him. While she is beside him, he cannot go wrong. And Khushi is there for Anjali. She will help Anjali heal.

She gives him the strength to face Anjali and is beside him at every moment. She did not leave his side for a moment and was with him through every step of the way. Even when Shyam was getting pummelled by Arnav. (Which I loved BTW. Me and my sister were screaming "Go for it Arnav!" while getting dirty looks from mummy dearest LOL). 

Sometimes, perhaps, we are allowed to get lost that we may find the right person to ask directions of.  ~Robert Brault

An interesting thing I've noticed. Khushi is always situated on Arnav's right side and always puts her hand on his right shoulder (most of the time.) In Islam it is believed that two angels are located on your shoulders that record every deed a human being does, good or bad. They are called, "Kiraman Katibin" or the "Honourable Scribes". The angel on the right shoulder records that good deeds while the left the bad.

Khushi is always showing him the right way. She will always guide him towards what's right and remind him what's at stake. She is his north star, who brightens up his life and shows him the way.

What's interesting is Dadi clung to Shyam's left! I smiled when I saw that. Symbolism? I leave it for you to decide.

He who angers you conquers you.  ~Elizabeth Kenny

Anger. One of the seven deadly sins and Arnav's greatest weakness. His helplessness makes him angry and it is his defence mechanism. 

Shyam has the nerve to say he loved Anjali. To his and Khushi's face. Then he reminded Arnav that he was the father if Anjali's child. The words "father" and "child" are sore points for Arnav and he lets Shyam have it left, right and centre. Dadi is furious, Arnav is furious. But Shyam and Khushi are calm.

Dadi and Arnav are going by their hearts at the moment, while Shyam and Khushi are not (completely as with Khushi's case.) The former two are incapable of thinking straight when they are angry while the latter two never lose their heads during a crisis.Says a lot about who's more emotional, doesn't it?

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. ~The Usual Suspects

Shyam's greatest strength is that no one knows who he is. Where did he come from? What was his past? Who is he?

He has neatly bought himself an alibi and put the blame on Anjali. He slid his way out and trapped Anjali even further. He made me shudder in disgust and I felt like attacking him myself like Arnav.

But I want Anjali to break further. I want Shyam to break Anjali to the point where she herself will tell Arnav and Khushi about "being unable to have protect Shyam's baby and let him down". The blow should be dealt by her and her alone. (NOTE: This is what I want not predict.)

Points to point out:

Dadi,you get on my nerves. Go Censored!!!

Loved Mami who I think has an inkling to what happened at the hospital because of the calculative look she gave.

And... guys I am going to save myself a lot of effort and give the fabulous writer my heartfelt admiration and say just read Sumi's post just below mine. She's written what I wanted to say and has done it a better job than I ever could. Thumbs Up

Loved the episode and everyone involved in it!

And guys most of my posts from here on out will be short, brief and to-the-point due to time constraints and be being extremely sore, tired and brain-dead. Barely a day back and I am working my guts out. Cry

And I did not draw the picture. LOL


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Finally I am back! My laptop crashed and couldn't log in!! Missed you all..Hug

Raah Pe Kaante Bikhre agar, Uspe toh phir bhi chalna hi hai..
Shaam Chhupale Suraj magar, Raat ko ek din Dhalana hi hai.
Rut ye tal jayegi, Himmat rang layegi, Subha phir aayegi.

Yeh Hosla Kaise Jhuke, Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke...

More than the happy moments, It's the sad ones that define the strength of the bonds between husband and wife..The moments in which they are each other's courage , their himmat, their taquat, their hosla! It's difficult times like these which make the bonds grow stronger and the understanding powerful!

I loved the past two epis for the portrayal of mute understanding and resolve of Khushi for her relentless support to her soul mate at a time like this...and for Arnav's complete acceptance of khushi in his life, her inclusion in his inner most fears and pain and his need to tell it to her to make the burden go away! I seriously loved it!!

Other points to ponder:

  • Loved how Khushi very calmly, gently but with conviction tells him that he is not at fault, its not him who has failed, but it's destiny...An unknown entity that Arnav doesnt believe in. She is slowly making him realize that there are somethings that man has no control over, even a man like Arnav Singh Raizada! And he listens...and understands...and accepts! I loved it...thank you CVs and thank you Barun and Sanaya!!Clap

  • He is not sure if he can handle being with his di at this minute when he has failed her! She reassures him that he has always taken care of her, always fulfilled all his duties and it is him and only him that she requires most at this minute! Even if he is unsure, she has the belief in him. And her faith in him gives him strength and acts like a soothing balm on his aching soul!!

  • Oh why do they take forever to show Shyaam's face? I have said this many times before, saying it again! This show has only one villain CVs, please dont kill 2 minutes of precious time in revelaing the "Suspense" (Read faceLOL)

  • How very conveniently shyaamwa the creepwa has put the blame on Anjali!
    Not just that but he makes sure he tells her if he was there, this would not have happened! Oh, very smooth you slimy snakewa!!Angry 

  • Anjali looks to be in shock while telling him she doesnt know what happened. Also no one is asking her at this point about how she fell. I guess when everyone will ask her, she might remember! I get it, the grief is too strong for anything else to make any sense now..I am not complaining about this, just an observation..

  • Ok, Abhaas freaked me out with his shaitaani roop when he is hugging Anjali and says that the rajkumari will never come back! Oh his eyes! Deadly!

  • I loved how throughout the walk of Arnav-khushi to the door, khushi is constantly looking at make sure he is alright, to gauge his reactions, to give him the support if required! Wonderful...and wonderfully enacted by Sanaya! And when he hesitates to open the door, she gives him the final push, the courage to do it! And tells "Hum dono milke sambhalenge"..Embarrassed

  • The face-off! Wao! Loved how Khushi's hand was on her side when they enter the room, but the minute she senses Arnav getting angry at seeing the creepwa, she puts her hand on his shoulders! Hmm...

  • Well, nice try by Shyaamwa the creepwa...Asking sorry and trying to enact as a grief striken husband and a father! Oh, how nicely Arnav sees through his charade!! 

  • A firm tamacha on his not-so-laal-gaal for stating the "humara baacha, hum pita hai"..and Arnav's furious reply that he has no rishta whatsoever! You got that right Mr Raizada!!Big smile

  • Arnav is surprised to see Shyaam's denial and his stance of not leaving the "rani sahiba". He has not anticipated that!

  • Shyaamwa the creepwa is really good at doing nautanki! Maybe the effect of staying in the GH for few days!LOL I wish he would have learned some other things as well from them!
    He is convincing in his portrayal of a bechara pati in front of Dadi...Plus he likes to challenge Arnav and refute every argument! And he did both here! Ek teer se do nishane! Wah!Angry

  • Also from Dadi's POV, the scene painted a different picture...that is Arnav is really adamant and judgmental when it comes to Shyaam and he does not even let her "Pyaare Damadji" carry on with his grief of loosing a child and his wish to stay with his wife! Its going to affect her thinking and she is going to side with Shyaam more than ever!

  • Arnav's seething in fury,clenching his teeth, literally whispering his threat but with a deadly low voice...everything was done beautifully by Barun! Clap

  • Ek baar Arnav ne kaha , nahin suna...doosri baar bhi nahin theek hai,ab khao mukka!LOL 
    I loved how Dadi keeps saying "aap aisa nahin kar sakte, damaadji anjali ke pati hai...yada yada..." and it does not make an difference to him! *Seeti*ClapLOL

  • It is Khushi that ultimately stops  him! Her touch brings him back to the reality, back from his red haze of rage!

  • Dadi to Arnav after he made a Shyaam-pulp-shake : "Shayaad aap nahin dekh paa rahe hain jo  hum dekh rahe hain,daamadji Anjali bitiya se kitna paar karte hain"...

    **Rolls eyes, ya seriously woman! Where are your eyes and brains! Atleast look at your pota to understand the pain and fury behind that onslaught! See and try to use the thing on your head...called Dimag!!**

  • "Jab tak main zinda hoon, ye aadmi mere ghar mein kabhi kadam nahin rakhega!".. Asserting his stance and making it crystal clear to Shyaam and Dadi that his tactics are NOT going to work! Sigh, I am afraid, Arnav Bitwa you are wrong here...the are already working as Dadi is totally caught in his jaal!

  • Khushi doesnt let go of Arnav's hand even when he is calm enough not to strike Shyaam..I loved that! She held on to him throughout just to convey that "hum saath saath hain".. Also the minute Shyaam moves towards Dadi to go away, she moves towards Arnav!! Very nice...

  • Arnav is suspicious of Dadi and Shyaam!Oh Definitely! He catches on to the familiarity, the easy stance between them, he sees the understanding that passes, Dadi's support and Shaam's plea! The harvard brain is working and he is realizing who would have informed Shyaam about all this in the first place!

  • Ok we know that the creepwa has forced this MC just to get back to RM! But even then, listening to all this from the horse's mouth is just Dead 

  • Because Arnav is sensing a danger, he takes Anjali home, a place where he thinks he can keep her safe! thinks because he still does not know that Shyaam  has already been lurking in the corners of his home and laying his trap!!

  • When nani asks arnav why he brought Anjali to RM, dadi goes into her "hai Arnav" mode and starts with her taunts! And I zoned out...Sorry,but the woman does not garner any soft emotions in me!  

  • "Khushi tum mere saath chalo"...clearly sharing the responsibility of Di's well being with the only person he can truly trust!Embarrassed
  • Mami understands that something would have happened to make Arnav bring Anjali home like this! Dadi doesn't see this, for her, its his stubbornness that is making him do all this!Angry 

  • Ok..So ASR very clearly tells everyone that "Koi bhi....Glares at Dadi and holds her look...and I mean Koi bhi shayaam ko waapas laane ki baat nahin karega".  He says it loud in front of everyone but its actually just for one person and everyone in the family understands who that person is.Clap
  • In the "coming up", they showed a little far away shot of dadi-nani when ASR tells the above line...But while the actual scene is airing, all close ups are shown! Why 2 different versions? That too, the one in the "upcoming" was much better as it showed Nani's reaction to the statement! She looks at Dadi thinking "Subhadra, sun lia tumne?"..LOL


Barun Sobti:  Yesterda and today, you were fabulous! The pain, helplessness and the fury were all portrayed brilliantly!

Sanaya Irani: Loved you! Beautiful expressions, very apt body language! Amazing!

Daljeet : Well were very good in yesterday's epi..esp the silent communication scene with Barun! Excellent!

Abhaas : You freaked me out today with the evil of Shyaam! Great job portraing such a villain!

CVs: Promo! Promo! Promo...

I know exactly what is happening in every other show being aired on star plus even though I have not spent even 2 minutes watching them!And for this show, there is nothing...If I didn't have redux and have never read any of Doods or Sathya's post about the future track, the absolute blackout of the promos would have killed me!!

Now It's driving me insane!! Please release at least one promo for now!! Tragedy has struck the family,
 leads remarriage has a question mark and the villain is re-entering their lives to make things more complicated! If this is not the time to give a dhamakedaar promo, I dont know what is then!!

Love, Sumi

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In The Game You Win Some... Lose Some...

Pic Credit: Chowna

The game has begun.. Shyam had meticulously set the battlefield.. a battleground that had traps to sink the enemy but cleverly hidden from his eye... His  opponent was unaware on being chosen to fight the war...he was given his first severe blow that nearly brought him to his knees... A blow that hurt badly.. wounded him gravely...he would have been reduced to a rubble in its effect had it not been for the intervention of Khushi...Devi Maiyya's righteous child.

Arnav blamed himself for being unable to see it ... to protect his beloved Di from its sharp blow... As he started drowning in his guilt at failure.. Khushi's words of wisdom pulled him out of his self loathing-her words... sometimes events happen which are beyond our control.. we can never predict it correctly to steer it away from us...but when faced with adversity we should face it head on to the best of our ability... he couldnot stop what happened to his parents, Di because it was never in his control to alter the chain of events it was decided by a higher power... but he can still do the needful.. stand by his Di help her weather the storm as her pillar of support.. for  new beginnings... Arnav  the broken warrior rose again with a new hope to face the situation at hand... But the divine power above has other plans...he came to face with the perpetrator in his Di's recovery room... Both men now sworn enemies had not expected this twist of fate...the villain didnot want a quick exposure neither the hero expected the return of his arch nemesis again...the advantage of being behind the shadows still was lost by Shyam...the knowledge of an existence of the enemy  at his doorstep was gained by ASR... Dadi's apology and her comfortable interaction with Shyam planted the seed of doubt in Arnav's mind.. maybe Shyam and Dadi were no stranger to each other... or else how could  the family elder who had been away from familial affairs for more than a decade be familiar with the new addition in the family without being introduced...

Shyam' s carefully laid pawn  in RM Subhdra Devi was exposed of her complicity with him today ...Shyam too recognized this... when he thought out loud about Dadi's inability to usher him in Shantivan without a hitch...ASR the shrewd guy acted fast on the fact...he removed his Di from the hospital to RM to make her inaccessible to the husband...and fair warned each and every member of the household of not canvassing for the ousted Damaad.

The objective of Shyam is out in the open for Arnav.. he wants to return in RM for strengthening his hold on the thing he covets most...wealth and not his Di. 
Arnav slapped and reined punches on the scumbag villain  for breaking their trust,cheating Di and hurting him and his wife badly in the bargain... Shyam coolly stood on the receiving end.. without a sound of protest... to feign good intentions in front of Dadi and Khushi...Dadi is already in the palm of his hand... whether  his next target Khushi Kumari Gupta is impressed by his repentance is to be seen...she alone holds the key to  the door of RM for him.. If Khushi is convinced that Shyam's entry will be good for Di she will force Arnav to bend.. as he has given her haq to do so... Both the protagonist and the antagonist lost and gained some ground...The war has just started... there will be victories ,defeats and casualties and no one in the Gupta,Raizada and Jha family will be left unscathed...
                                      Rahat ki Saans...

Pic Credit: Chowna

The fandom breathed a sigh of relief at Shyam getting his due for the evil acts... Kudos to the makers for correcting the  disappointment of his previous punishment of mere two slaps ..which was too little for the grave acts he committed.. This time he did a heinous crime of taking an innocent life of a helpless child.. the crime cannot be left unpunished.. but the unraveling of it in the story still has time..As justice delayed is justice denied with potential undesirable effects on the TRP... hence very cleverly... a bouquet of punches and a slap were delivered without the deliverer being aware of the true extent of Shyam Manohar Jha's crime... 

I would not have looked at any scene critically had I not accidentally brushed with Doods and Tants on Redux...who helped me to open my mind and appreciate that at times there is more to be conveyed than what actors speak on screen...

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                             I'll be there for you, I promise


 I'll be there for you, I promise
A shoulder to cry on
A hand to hold you
A flame to guide you
A mirror to show you
A friend to encourage you
A wife to always stand by you!

Yesterday we saw a 29 year old man, who was always sure of himself and his decisions.. Who in his arrogance claimed to be the creator of his destiny and people around him.. Who did everything possible in his power to protect and keep the promise he made to his sister.. stripped of all his arrogance, pride and false beliefs.. He came face to face with the fact that no matter what he does, he cannot protect his sister.. There is some power beyond his control which pulls the strings and shapes life and its events..

That man sat defeated.. reflecting at his inadequacy to bring happiness to his sister's life..He failed to protect his mom when he was 14.. He failed to protect his sister from evil and misfortune now.. 

He opened his heart to the only person who has made an effort to love him with all his shortcomings.. A person who has time and again proven her worth and her love and devotion for him.. He felt the need to share the burden of his sordid past because for the first time he knows that he has finally found someone who will not leave him, desert him but someone who will always be there for him, holding him, guiding him, sharing his pain.. He no longer has to fight his battle alone.. He has found his partner in Khushi.. his other half!

As he poured his heart out, talking about his past, his deep seated grief, his fear of losing his di like he lost his mom, the past repeating itself, his anger at his dad for taking away his mom, of reliving the past and his father's deceit every time he saw Shyam's face and his betrayal to his di.. She stood silently by his side, hand on his shoulder, shedding silent tears at the pain he had been harboring in his heart, seeing him breaking into million pieces.. letting him vent out his grief.. She enveloped that boy who lost hope in her arms and held him close to her heart.. 

She reassured him that he is not a failure.. He has not been unsuccessful.. He always did what he promised.. He always kept his sister happy.. He always valued his sister's happiness above everything and did everything in his power to keep her world intact.. But he has to accept the fact that somethings are not in our hands.. There is something called as fate and destiny which has a bigger role to play in our lives.. He cannot change that.. What happened with his parents, with his di was not because of something he did or did not do.. It was not something he could prevent.. These things are out of our control and reach.. We should not worry what cards are dealt to us, rather we should focus on what needs to be done next in that situation.. 

She tells him what needs to be done! He needs to be with her sister.. He needs to be there to support her, to bring her out of the clouds of despair.. Anjali needs him more than ever.. He has to put behind his sorrows, look above his heartbreak to see her like this and be there by her side to help her come to terms with the loss of her child and her hope.. He cannot lose hope.. He has to be strong for his sister once again.. She takes him to his sister's room.. encouraging him and promising him that she will always stand by his side.. She will be his strength.. She will the support he can lean on.. She has faith in him, that he will do what is necessary to help his sister in this moment of tragedy!

                  The one who took away all her happiness 


                    is the one she believes to be her happiness!
At the same time, in his sister's room.. the evil is once again rearing its ugly head.. She is once again being drawn into the web of deception of her husband.. Where Khushi is mending her broken husband.. Shyam is breaking her already broken wife!

He comes to her room, she apologises to him and he makes his first move.. 
How did this happen? How could you let this happen? It was her responsibility, how could she let it go? The deception just deepens after that.. Hinting that if he would have been there, nothing of this sort would have happened! Pretend Tears falling down his cheeks.. He hugs her, trying to comfort her and pretending to draw strength from her.. His emotions once again on display to show how heart broken he is.. Cementing dadi's belief of his love for Anjali.. And Anjali's belief that she mattered to him as much as their child.. He cannot bear the loss of their unborn child.. She begins to comfort him.. 

Its his trick to simply exploit her love once again.. Her love for him will never let her see him suffer alone.. She would want to take away his pain, forgetting her pain.. 

One part of my brain says that he is doing this to make her go nuts with guilt.. The other part says that in his attempt to show his grief, how broken he is, Anji will forget her pain and strengthen her heart to be there for him and thus not going mad in the process.. His plan has to backfire in some way.. I am just waiting to see how and when and most of all how badly.

The encounter!

As shyam walks out to get the doctor, Arnav walks in with Khushi to be with his sister.. Arnav takes one look at her sister's face and her tears.. His resolve is back in its place to ward his sister of all evils especially the biggest evil standing in front of him.. 

He knows, Shyam has given nothing but pain to Anjali.. He is the cause of all the tears his sister shed.. If he had not entered her life in the first place, nothing like this would have happened! He drags him to a corner.. His anger and frustration reaching its peak.. The words of deceit coming out of the mouth of Shyam, not making a dent on his heart.. The tears, the pain, the loss of his child, the father in Shyam crying.. Arnav is aware of the true face of this cheater and he will not be fooled again by his words.. He remembers his confession of love for Khushi, his claim that his sister was the only obstacle in his path of love for Khushi..He witnessed his smug smile when he found out that Anji was pregnant and knew that Arnav could not do anything.. He tried to fool him into believing that he cared for this kid by showing his false love but failed in his test of providing for his sister and her child by trying to kill him for his wealth.. He knows Shyam's true intentions and he would not let a man like him near his di.. 

Arnav tells Shyam in clear words.. He is nothing.. His sister can never need a man like him.. He will not let him enter his home, till he is alive.. In simple words.. He will guard his Di with his life..

This dialogue spurred the memory of the earlier one in which Shyam said that he would not let Arnav and Khushi unite till he is alive! In other words,, he will go to whatever lengths, harm anyone to serve his purpose.. Cos I am sure of one thing.. Shyam will not sacrifice his life for anything.. He will destroy everything that comes in his way! be it an innocent child!

All of ASR's bottled rage and frustration comes out in the form of punches to the cause of his di's misery.. Shyam's display of false love goads Arnav to hit him in the earnest.. The voice of his dadi, not to treat damaad of the house in this manner only instigates him to hit him harder!

The realisation..


He witnesses the exchange between Dadi and Shyam.. Shyam's hand on dadi's shoulder.. his plea to dadi to look after his rani sahiba.. 
When dadi professes of the love Shyam has for Anjali, Arnav is sure that Dadi is being taken for a ride by Shyam..

The realisation dawns on him that dadi is being manipulated by Shyam.. One look says it all.. He now understands the sudden appearance of dadi, dadi's angst with Khushi, her repetitive hints at bringing Shyam back, Anji's need for Shyam.. He is aware of the purpose behind dadi's re entry in their lives, her bringing up of the past again and again! 

This particular scene made me very happy.. Because now that Arnav knows dadi's agenda, whatever awaits next when Dadi and Garima have their own encounter, he will be inclined to believe Garima than his dadi.. He is well aware of how She sees only what she wants to see.. 

The strength


I absolutely loved this shot and applaud the brilliance of IPK team for it!

In the above pic we can see..
the beauty of the light.. Arnav and Khushi in the bright light.. Shyam like his deeds in the dark and shadows..
Dadi standing behind Shyam.. offering him support.. 
Khushi standing with Arnav holding his hand.. Arnav's hand curled into a fist, ready to launch on his opponent.. 

Khushi who always has been the voice of reason which stops Arnav from giving into the mindless rage.. the only person who has been acknowledged by everyone to make Arnav see and do what no one else can do... Hers is the only voice that penetrates his rage, his heart.. Today also she held him back.. His wrist enclosed in her hand..

But this is not the beauty.. The beauty is, that Khushi is also his strength.. A reservoir which will sustain Arnav's strength in the battle.. An when time comes, she will be the power in his hand and launch punches and hits on Shyam.. She might hold him back now.. But she will also be the one who will give him that extra boost when required.. She will be that extra kick which will be needed to bring the downfall of Shyam Manohar Jha...

Edited to add:
other tit bits:-
1. The whole walk of Arnav and Khushi from the idol of Lord Ganesha to Anjali's room was heart touching for a very simple reason.. Arnav who was walking ahead of Khushi..Khuhsi followed him, looking at him throughout.. Her eyes watched him and support visible in them.. Plus a determination to be with him always.. Also hinting at that in future Khushi will always keep an eye out for Arnav

2. Shyam's persistence that he will not leave Anjali and go anywhere shocked Khushi.. Arnav just got furious and furious..

3. Shyam's walk of shame.. Thinking aloud about killing his own child for his ulterior motive cannot be called anything else but shameful.. Only a hideous man would attempt such a thing!

4. Dadi has become redundant to Shyam.. She could not prove his worth.. She was not even able to bring him home despite the dhamaka he created!

5. Once back in RM, dadi launches an attack on Arnav accusing him of being careless about Anji's health.. In his stubbornness he is not listening to her voice of reason.. 


Barun Sobti.. Uff.. No words.. I adore you for the way you pick yourself up.. Whenever we see a slight dip in your performance, you come back with a much more powerful ones in the next moment.. A brother's pain, helplessness, rage both in expressions and voice done brilliantly! 

Sanaya Irani.. Your love and support for your husband as Khushi shone through your eyes yesterday.. The tears you shed were potent..

Daljeet.. The anguished cry of the mother.. The helplesness.. brilliant..

Abhaas.. How I hate your character.. Everytime Shyam comes on screen I cringe with disgust and anger.. Your deception.. your tears.. deepened my hate for Shyam a thousand folds!

Kopal Smile

PS: Sorry guys for being a little irregular.. 
Thanks to the like team.. and the wonderful comments.. If possible please pm me the link for comments.. As I don't wanna miss a single comment.. Smile

Hats off to all the writers of redux, who make redux what it is..

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Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 March 2012
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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged

Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties --Sou

Once agn everyone a episode which highlighted the strength of love like the exilir it is for soul, the nourishment for existence and the everyday hope of living, it very subtly highighted the need to hold and cherish your loved ones I absltly loved Khushi & Arnav tonite

Agn am not doing a complete episodic review but a part which i njoied

Arnav on the verge of loss, breakdown at the failure which he feels in protecting the happiness of his sister and the pain in his soul, khushi has calmly hugged him and taken all his fears into herself, she has gvn him comfort and strength to accept the pain, she very calmly lets him settle, shed the tears which come when we are beyond the endurance and then she calmly tells him that he hasnt failed, he has done his sister proud and happy by being there for her and tonite too he has to stand by the sister who has been dealt the worst blow by fate, he once agn expresses his inability saying what will he say, how will he console his sister bcz words mite not come from him, he is a reticent person, who isnt very well versed at expressing himself or his emotions but she doesnt let him back up,
( the pic has been taken from Kopal's post, I couldnt find one myself n I guess I am too lazy to search for it.. Thank U kopal)
instead she holds his one hand in her two hands doubling his strength with hers and tells him, I promise you gonna say all u hv to bcz your sister needs urt strength and I promise to be your strength, i will be always by you no matter what, I will be your reflection, come lets do your duty so that your sister doesnt need anybody else, I would say wow to this gal Khushi how beautifully she has understood humanity and its frailities in her young life, she is being strong for her man, and his sister too who they cherish, she chersihes everything he cherishes...
& for the first time Arnav didnt rebuff all her talks abt fate instead accepted her n her thoughts bcz tonite nothing or no other explanations worked, for the first time he hasnt thought with his mind but with a heart which wants to soothe the sister.Khushi for the first time lets Arnav see that there are some things which will be beyond his control n cant be stopped but those situations can be improved by being there by supporting each other.. and it was brilliant insight by khushi that even when he coaxes him to meet anjali, he stands behind him supporting, he knows the man in Arnav who is the head of Raizada needs to be leading them...
 from there on  she stands by him in through anji's room, to the confrontation to the entry at RM she is always by his side, silently following, holding him supporting him , in years Arnav has found a partner who unquestioningly has stood by him, trust him and who has indeed earned his trust  that why he says " Khushi tum aaoo mere saath"
they hv indeed come a long with each other their bond stands strong very strong they now know to trust and stand by each other
its been a long road home for both Arnav N khushi but they hv finally home in each other
Arnav who fought his battles alone now has partner who stands by him thick n thin & Khushi too has a partner who always fought for others has someone to fight for her
"if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament" 
- Florynce R. Kennedy
this is for SHYAM MANOHAR JHA   A character who most of us now abhor, I think before he uttered today that the planned miscarriage of his baby is the first step we might hv thought redeeming himself was possible in some remote corner of the world but with this it proved he is bloody vampire in this cloak of a man who doesnt feel remorse in killing a child which is born out of love and faith among a man n women, Its believed that mother cherish motherhood and they cant kill themselves but sometime circumstantial or due to pressure from partners they undertake the act but men if they could feel the attachment a mother feels will stop the but a creature like SMJ is sorry excuse for mankind, he cant be counted as Human for me
 AbhaasClapClapClap U went beyond the normal to create hate for SMJ, A salute to ur craft
& hats off for gving SP's bahus competion with tears
Barun & Sanaya each day you recieve odes for reliving Arnav & Khushi for usStarStarStarStarStar
Swatiji u got a few mins yet u made ur mark lovely
@ Team IPK, why cant u deliver content & execution like this everyday
Dedication to Arnav & Khushi Singh Raizada

Because she my friend and my wife, she has seen and brought out the best and worst of me, and she is still with me and I owe her my whole heart, soul, attention, love, and anything she desires of me. She will always be there...     

                                                                  Dagny Connolly

Thank U readers for liking & njoing the thoughts
Hail Redux, I am priviledged to share n enjoi each of you

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