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Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR.FF#4 New thread link Pg151 (Page 82)

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                                  Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

                                                          AR FF

                                                        Part   54         


And as soon riddhima feels his nose near her valley in around her midriff she just opned her eyes with sudeen shock how did he gets his face there and armaan is so busy in buried his head there that he does not even bother to notice that riddhima's eyes are opened and she is looking at him with clear shock state and right then she gasped very hard as she feels armaan nuzzled his hose there making her restless and before even she reacted or dod or say anything his lips takes place of his nose and he kissed her there while his nose still brushing with her upper midriff and her desires with his kisses are on fire but she knows they are not in house heck they are on beech and that too early morning and anyone can find them in such a situation and heck this is going to be embarrassment and with Armaan Mallik involve in this it will surely will be the headline of each and every news channel as well the evening newspaper armaan mallik is making out with his wife on rock at beach well this she never wanted, just to bring him back to reality she start ruffling his hairs with her another hand start caressing his back but eventually that does not work out for her today as armaan feeling her hand on his back and in his hairs aroused him so much setting his feelings and desires on fire and he just kissed in her midriff completely making her gasp and moan in pleasure and she could not help her self to let out a moan escape from her mouth and armaan's hears do registered her moan and he start kissing her upper chest the portion which is bare making riddhima gasped hard and the water waves hitting on them making them wet completely just adding fuel to their desires especially armaan's as

Ri:''armaan soono''

As riddhima very well knows this is not the place to get drowned in their love so she needs to bring him back to reality after all they are on beech not in their room so she called him once again while rubbing his back that's what she can do only to bring him back to reality

Ri:''armaan please soono naa''

As she said this time while moving her head a little too that irriattaes armaan a little as he lost the direct effect on her flawless skin and he looked at her saying

Ar:''umm kya riddhima''

And riddhima finally sighed in relief at least she is able to breaks his trance and she is happy with that and as armaan looked at her with irriatted exprssions

Ri:''armaan chodo mujhe hum beech par hain chodo hato oopar se''

She said while ruffling his hair and armaan then knows why she is apprehensive and then he looked at her she is mess completely her kurta is falling from her shoulders almost and his him self face buried in her midriff and he saw some wet there too and he grinned seeing his naughtiness and as riddhima followed hs gaze she finds her to looking her there making her turned more red as she already has and armaan smiled seeing her red cheeks he so wants to make her his right now she is looking extremely beautiful with her red cheeks and he so ever fantasy too make out on beech with water all over but that's what going to be complted soon after all he grinned and then as he put her sleeves up while setting her kurta he moved little bit upwards and then kissed her lips once more and then riddhima all the time just has her eye lids lowered and then as armaan get up after settling riddhima's duppatta and he forwards his hand for her and

Ar:''i love you basket''

He said and riddhima smiled with a blush still crept on her cheeks and she placed her hand in his and then she too replied back

Ri:''i love you too armaan''

And armaan grinned while he placed his arm around her waist and riddhima smiled as they walked and

Ar:''vaise basket i am still very hungry for you bolo so kya kehti ho gharr chalein kya you see''

He said whispering huskily near her ear making riddhima turned deep shade of red as she

Ri:''armaan kya''

Ar:''oye hoyye''

He said seeing her red cheeks and he kissed her there and riddhiam hides her face in his shoulder and

Ar:''vaise basket aagar tum aisee hii sharmati hii rahi tou mai tumhe breakfast sachi meiin nahin kara puanga yar aur i know aapko bhookh lagii hain''

He said and riddhima looked at him then as her eyes met with him he winked at her riddhima just hugged him tightly as she is unable to face his teasing and as riddhima turned adruptly in his arms she wrapped her arms around his neck and armaan too wrapped his arms around her hugging her back and they remained like thie for sometime enjoying the warmth of each-other's love riddhimas face buried deep under his chin as if perfectly fitted there when armaan looks that some on lookers give them appreciation and loving look he smiled back at them and then he whispered huskily near her ear caressing her back and then only  he

Ar:''basket mujhe koi problem nahin hain tumhe aisee pakde rehne meiin par you know log dekh rahein hain humein so''

And as his words registered riddhima's ears she detangled her self and placed one f her tendril behind her ear and lowered her eye lids with blush and the on lookers give them teasing look and armaan on the top of that holds her hnad clasping his fingers with hers while giving all the on lookers i am in love look as

Ar:''vasie basket aab tumhara sharmana ho gayya ho tou main aapni pyaari si biwi ko breakfast kara dun you see she is hungry''

He said and riddhima looked at him and then they detangled from each-other while armaan kissed her on her for head and then while clasping each-other's hands they were heading somewhere which off course riddhima does not know as she is so much lost in armaan's embrace that she does not know where they are heading and she is not at all interested too and armaan so enjoyed her by his side and they were talking baout each and every thing enjoying each-other's togetherness and then as riddhima suddenly stopped armaan looked at her enquiringly why she stopped adrutly he holds her from her waist and looked at her enquiringly as before he spoke up armaan followed her gaze where she is looking with so much shine in her green eyes and following her gaze what makes hi basket so much happy and he saw her gazing at the ice creams and he smiled this is Mumbai's best ice cream parlour which opened whole night just closed for two hours in early morning armaan smiled knowing her he knows she loved ice cream so much and then he pulled her more closer while pulling her from waist and as riddhima feels him pulling her closer her trance breaks and she looked at him and then armaan tracd her face with his knuckles saying her that

Ar:''so madam kya khayal hain mujhe kuch gadbad lag rahii hain?''

Ri:''armaan please''

As she said so sweetly armaan raised his eye brows he knows what that sweet armaan please means that his basket wants ice cream and

Ar:''what madam''

Ri:''armaan please naa only one ice cream i want please armaan please armaan''

Armaan looked at her as she speaks so sweetly making him smiled at her cute face she is such a kid at some times

Ar:''basket it's only 7.00 clock in morning tumhe sardi lag jaayegi subhh subhh ice cream kaun khata hain basket yar naa''

He said while making her looked at his watch as its so early to eat ice cream in morning that too in chilly winds

Ri:''armaan please naa only one please tumne bola tha naa breakfast karaoge mujhe beech par tou mujeh ice cream khana hain please''

Ar:''lekin basket breakfast meiin ice cream kaun khata hain yar''

Ri:''armaan mai khati hun mujhe khani hain please naa one armaan onle one''

She asked making a cute face and armaan can't say no to that cute face he so loved that face of hers so he gives in her wish

Ar:''fine you win mai but only one riddhima ohk riddhima''

And riddhima smiled widely hearing him and she hugged him while saying

Ri:''thanks armana you are the best armaan i so love you''

Ar:''i love you too but onle one basket''

He said while hugging her back and riddhima detangled her self

Ri:''han pakka one armaan''

She said and armaan kissed her forhead and then he just smiled and whispered

Ar:''basket tum yahna baitho mai lekar ata hun tumhare liyye ice cream''

Ri:''armaan mai bhi saath meiin aao please tumhare saath naa''

Ar:''nahin basket tum nahin aa sakti yeh is shop ke band honein ka time hain so you know workers and all kis condition meiin hinge so better you sit there madam basket''

Ri:''ohk armaan par please jaldi ana''

Ar:''off course madam will get your favourite ice cream''

Ri:''i love you armaan''

Ar:''i love you too riddhima''

And armaan blowed her a flying kiss and walked towards the shop while riddhima smiled and sat there on sand enjoying the whether and then after few minutes armaan comes back with not so happy look and he saw his riddhima was looking at the sun rise and enjoying the chilly wind that was touching her cheeks and she has crossed her arms against each-other and she was rubbing her arms covered with net with her hands with a smile played on her lips and some of her hairs were too kissing her cheeks too and automatically a smile comes on his lips too seeing her she is epitome of beauty she is looking so serene and then as riddhima feels him so close she diverted her gaze and faced him and looked at him he looked back at her she gives him her big million dollar smiled and armaan too gives the smile but then he reminds something and his face falls and riddhima is surprised what happend to him as she placed her hand on his shoulder as before she asks anything as armaan can see that questions in her eyes he just forwards his hand which was holding something and riddhima without saying anything looked at his hand which has something holding and she saw what that was and with just one look she knows why he is upset and she smiled he is her armaan and she kissed his cheek while taking that thing from his and she ate it and then she placed another kiss on his cheeks giving them a very cold wet kiss on his cheek letting her lingered there on for some time and

Ar:''basket main''

Riddhima placed her finger on his lips shusuhing him saying anything and then she

Ri:''koi baat nahin armaan main fir kha loongi ice cream''

She said as finally well armaan has actually brought the chocolate fudge not ice cream actually

Ar:''riddhima sachi meiin main ice cream hii laane gayya tha your facourite one but as yeh ice cream parlour ke band honein ka time hain aur yeh thode hii der ke liyye band hotaa hain aur because of kii yeh sabse acha famous ice cream parlour hain so yar ek bhi ice cream nahin milli yar i am so sorry sachii sorry''

He said and riddhima smiled knowing him very well how much guilty he is feeling and yes armaan is feeling guilty too she never asked anything from him and one thing she desired and he even did not able to give her that too and she knows this feeling is not good and he is her armaan feeling guilty with just so this

Ri:''i know sweetheart mera armaan merii har khawaish poori akrega but it's ohk mai baad meiin kha loongi aur tum mere liyye chocolate fudge tou laaye naa i love this too so no worries armaan aur please guilty mat feel karoo tum armaan''

Ar:''tumhe pakaa boora nahin laga naa basket''

Ri:''nahin armaan bilkul bhi nahin aab main aapni yeh kha lun''

Ar:''yea off course basket''

Ri:''thanks armaan and it's so yummy armaan''

She said taking one more scoop from chocolate fudge and

Ar:''achaa soono''

Ri:''han armaan''

Ar:"i love you basket''

Ri:''i love you too armaan''

And then armaan watched her as she enjoyed her chocolate fudge and as riddhima finds him staring at her she offered her scoop and armaan nodded his head in disagreement and riddhima pouted as she wants him to take at least one scoop but armaan has other things in his mind but he was thinking how to execute this things and then he smiled seeing something and then he get up and forwards his hand for her and she with confusion looked at him armaan just said her

Ar:''basket mere saath 1 walk please can i have that favour?''

He said cutely and riddhima smiled and as she is trying to wear her sandals armaan nodded his head in disagreement and then he just

Ar:''nahin basket leave the sandals behind please not wear them naa''

He said and riddhima is surprised as she finds him removing his shoes too and

Ri:''par armaan aren't we going for a walk here only naa''

And armaan nodded in agreement and then riddhima is more confused

Ri:''tou fir armaan hum matlab binaa shoes ke kaise walk bare feeted here only armaan''

He said while nodding his head in disagreement and then he just

Ar:''basket please don't ask any questions naa sweetheart please''

Riddhima just nodded giving him a smile and as they stand up armaan holds her hand while pulling her from her wasit while his hand was wrapped around her waist and making her face to him self and riddhima is surprised what is cooking in his darling husband's mind are they going to walk like ths only so she

Ri:''armaan hum aisee walk karenge kya kaise i mean armaan matlab armaan tum''

Ar:''basket yar tum na sachi meiin best lawyer ho kitne questions poochti ho tum''

He said teasing her making her pouted and then she just

Ri:''kya hain armaan jao main tumse baat nahin karti gande armaan''

She said whining like a child and armaan smiled and the he just

Ar:''oh ho basket achaa chalo chodo dekho we are doing like this only as please''

Ri:''lekin kaise hum aisee armaan''

Ar:''aisee abhie batata hun main''

And before his riddhima say anything armaan pulled her more closer keeping in view while putting her little more so that she was now satnding on his feet and riddhima was surprised more than surprised she is so much shocked to recat when armaan wrapped his arms more around her waist start walking only and then she comes back from her shock yet surprise mode and

Ri:''armaan tum yeh kya kar''

Ar:''i love you merii jaan''

He said making riddhima smiled while kissing her hairs and

Ri:''i love you too armaan''

And then as armaan keeps on walking with her they has their eyes locked withe each-other and riddhima was also looking in his blue oceanic eyes and they were so much drowned in each-other's eyes and they shared a beautiful eye-lock having their world lied just in each-other's eyes and armaan keeps on walking slowly with riddhima's feet over his and they enjoyed the walk and with the blow of wind riddhima's hars flew and touched his cheeks and armaan looked at her and the chocolate fudge glass in her hands armaan then after placing the strand behind her ear again start walking with riddhima's feet on his feet's back and then at this time he pulled her closer to him self more as she is way too closer to him and her front crushing in his broad chest and riddhima looked at him with his sudden pull and seeing his smile she does not have the heart to push him as at first she is bit apprehensive about the public place and his image and she stayed back like this only and she too enjoyed and armaan too smiled seeing her not so much sturuggling in his arms and as he looked back their eyes locked with each-other and as armaan slowly walked riddhima is crushing more and more in his chest and as armaan looked at the chocoalte fudge glass in her hands and seeing her drowned in him self he smirked inwardly and then as he saw her lips and then looked here and there from the corner of his eyes his smiled deepened and riddhima who was drowned in his eyes gives him a smile too big ones and armaan knows what he will do and he is again looked at her lips and with in no second he leaned little towards her and he wiped the chocolate from her upper lips leaving her stunned as he is too fast with his doings she even did not knows when in a swift moment armaan with a gentle and completely pulled his tingue out and licked her lips with his tongue completely and riddhima is too stunned to his doings that she did not even reacted for a minute well if says armaan did not gives her time to react then this will not be lie off course and armaan smirked seeing her looking at him with so much confused expressions and then he winked at her breaking her trance and instantly he just

Ar:''well i must say wifey that your chocolatefudge is so much tasty and delicious yummy i so want this more and more''

He said making her turn scarlet red as she too breaks the eye-contact with him feeling his ever so passionate gaze upon her self and armaan smiled seeing her tunring red she always makes him fall for her all over again with her just small blush and he so loved her red cheeks and then he placed his finger under her chin and makes her looks at him self as she lowered her eye lids feeling his gaze as she is not able to holds his gaze more and as armaan tries to makes her look at him self she did not dared to lift her eye lids feeling so much though her face was now lifted by armaan completely and armaan finds her like this he just wants to feel her but he controlled his emotions and then he again tried to makes her looked at him self but he failed again as riddhima did not still lifted her eye lids and armaan so wants to see his reflection in her green almond eyes so he tried again but failed again well then he is armaan how she can win so easily so he traced her lips with his fingers and she gasped and then whispered near her ear making her breaths stopped as he blow on her ear before speaking and

Ar:''merii taraf dekho riddhima mujeh tumhari aankhon meiin aapna chehra dekhna (she nodded in dis agreement and armaan smiled as he knows what he has to do)fine mat dikhao aur soch lo aab next time meri fingers nahin hongi tumhare lips par darling it will surely your darling husband's lips choice yours''

He said and riddhima imeediately looked at him as she feels his breath almost near her lips and riddhima looked at him with big shock she knows what he is saying he will do and armaan smirked seeing that horrified expressions on her face this is so he is expecting actually from her and as riddhima and his gaze met he immediately pecked her lips not giving her chance to respond actually or reciprocate and what can armaan do he actually loosened his senses seeing her like this she is looking so damn sweet and beautiful at the smae time that he did not controlled him self and pecked her lips taking her in shock and then he

Ri:''armaan kya kar rahein ho tum koi dekh lega yahan par humein aisee''

Ar:''tou dekhta hain tou dekh lena den merii wifey ho tum after all so no worries''

He said while wrapping his hands around her waist tightly

Ri:''armaan chodo please mujhe dekho sachii mein koi dekh log hum beech par hain''

Ar:''tch basket main nahin chodne vaala tumhe aur you know that mai nahin soonoga''

He said while making his tightly around her waist and

Ri:''armaan mai kya karun tumhara yahan par kahin bhi shuru karte ho armaan please chodo naa''

Ar:''well tum mere saath kuch bhi karo darling i am all yours aur mai kahin bhi shuru kar sakta hun after all i am your husband aur nahin chodunga main tumhe''

He said while placing a lingering kiss on her for head making riddhima's lips twitched into a warm smile

Ri:''armaan please naa chodo naa mujhe humein ghar jaana chahiye kaafi der ho rahii hain''

Ar:''jii nahin Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik koi der nahin ho rahii hain aur vaise bhii merii pyaari sii jaan ne abhie breakfast bhi nahin kaaraa hain so no never''

Ri:''par armaan hum gharr jaakar kuch kha lenge naa chalo abhie''

She said but armaan shushed her while placing a kiss on her nose and riddhima shivered with that lingering cold kiss as he actually has his lips cold because of he is eating her chocolate fudge and that gives riddhima a shivering touch with his shivering thoughts and armaan smiled seeing her reacting like this at his touch

Ar:''ohk fine jaisi aapki marzi''

Ri:''good aab chodo mujhe tum''

She said and armaan smiled seeing her as she tried to comes out from his grip

Ar:''par itnii bhi kya jaldi hain''

Ri:''kya matlab hain armaan chodo''

She struggled in his grip as he tightened his hold around her waist and this time wrist too

Ar:''well Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik''

Ri:''yes Mr.Armaan Mallik boliye''

He said and riddhima sensing his tone replying in the smae tone well

Ar:''hum ghar challenge par merii 1 condition hain''

Ri:''condition armaan tum pagal ho gayye ho''

Ar:''well yes vo tou main hun hii tumhare pyaar meiin''

Ri:''armaan pagal ho gayye ho chodo mujhe''

As armaan said hoarsely in her ear kissing it lightly riddhima blushed too but she tried to comes out from his grip

Ar:''jii nahin binaa merii condition ke nahin''

Ri:''tum nahin maanoge fine bolo tum''

She saud as she knows he will not going to listen her so she gives in and armaan looked in her eyes and

Ri:''what ab bolo naa armaan chup kyoon ho tum 1 dam se tum''

Ar:''tch basket tum meiin zara sa bhi sabar nahin hain naa''

She asked with a frown as she finds him not speaking and armaan smirked seeing her frowned face she looks cute

Ri:''armaan tum bata rahein ho yaa nahin''

She said completely irritated as he is still teasing her

Ar:''fine bata raha hun chilla kyoon rahii ho tum''

He said and riddhima waited him to continue and then as he again did not sepaks

Ri:''armaan tum''

Ar:''you have to kiss me here ridddhima my condition''

Armaan whispered huskily in her ear making her numb with shock he can't be serious as she dared to look at him seeing his eyes glinting with so much passion that she knows he is damn serious but still she does not wants to believe this she just wants that he is kidding so she again try to confirm her luck

Ri:''armaan tum mazak kar rahein ho naa''

Armaan nodded in disagreement making riddhima shocked and confirming his view he is going completely mad kissing him here that too on beech and to he horror what she heard was the worst she heard and turning the things worst for her as armaan whispered in her ear after blowing over her making her close her eyes for one second as she heard

Ar:''well basket that too French kiss''

He said and riddhima looked at him in pure horror he is going completely insane French kiss here on beech when the people start coming here and well this can't she did as she off course not only was conscious about their pda but eventually she can't dare to kiss him on beech she is way too shy for this and this she can't done this is big no naa

Ri:''armaan tum kya keh rahein ho yeh you are not serious''

Ar:''no basket i am damn serious sweetheart French kiss''

He said while nodding his head in disagreement and tightening his hold around her waist making her believe that he is damn serious and then she

Ri:''armaan please jaan i will do whatever you want at home please par yahan nahin naa please pakka gharr jaakar jaise tum chahoge vaise hi''

She said while trying her luck to makes him agree but whom she is talking he is the armaan mallik her husband who is just too too much when it comes to her and his stupid demands though she will lie if she says that she does not have the butterflies in her stomach hearing his demand but still she is riddhimathe shy one and she can't do that if he demands this from her inside their bedroom she will surely more than happy after eventually giving in his desires but not here

Ar:''kya soch rahii ho riddhima well sweetheart aagar aapko gharr jaana hain please give me mine French kiss otherwise forget going home''

He said while breaking her trance with clicking his fingers in front of him and sensing that stubbornness in his voice riddhima knows he is not going to listen and moreover his stubbornness makes her pissed off too so she just this time while struggling very hard to comes out from his grip with irriatation in her voice

Ri:''armaan mai aisaa kuch nahin kar rahii hun tum pagal ho gayye poore ke poore samjhe tum aisee koi bekar sii condition rakhte rehte ho''

As she said with irriation armaan grinned inwardly he knows now his riddhima is irritated and knowing her he knows she feels so much shy with his demand but what can he do this is something it's his deep fantasy to kiss her that too a deep passionate French kiss here on beech with water hiting their faces and he knows she will surely enjoyed too just she is feeling shy

Ar:''well sweetheart its all your choice but yeh tum soch lo kii tum gharr nahin jaa paogi without fulfilling mine condition so decision is yours baby you see i am all free''

He said collely with a wink making riddhima more irritated as he is not listening her and just keeps on teasing her

Ri:''armaan kya''

Ar:''no riddhima you see mine lips are all yours darling''

He said and this irriated riddhim ato core he is not at all negotiating so she just

Ri:''armaan tum chod rahein ho yaa nahin''

Ar:''nahin riddhima''

As she asked with preplaxed tone armaan replied with same tone

Ri:''armaan aagar tumne mujhe nahin choda naa tou no kisses for you at home armaan''

She said now using her final weapon for a second armaan was preplaxed hearing her threat and seeing his face colour riddhima thinks she won and

Ri:''so aab mujhe chodoge tum aagar wants your daily doses kisses''

As she speaks armaan comes back from his thoughts then he smirked

Ar:''tum mujhe dhamki den rahii ho riddhima''

He asked while tighting his hold around her waist and pulled her more closer and she wriggled in his hold making their cheeks almost brushed with each other and then she pretend to think this and then she nodded in agreement

Ri:''han armaan main tumhe dhamki den rahii hun''

She said and armaan just smiled and then he whispered

Ar:''soch lo riddhima''

He said while brushing their cheeks with each-other finally

Ri:''tum nahin manoge''

Ar:''nahin riddhima nahin''

Ri:''really armaan soch lo''

Ar:''really riddhima soch liyya''

As they teased each-other armaan brings his face closer to her as their noses touched with each-other

Ri:''soch lo armaan fir mat kehna maine tumhe warn nahin kiyya tha''

Ar:''jii han basket jii soch liyya maine kar lo jo karna hain tumhe fine''

Ri:''really armaan''

Ar:''yes riddhima''

And that's it riddhima pushed him hard that he stumbled a bit and takes few steps backwards and riddhima just get out from his grip at that particular moment while showing her tongue and her thumb to him as armaan's expressions were so much bewilidred with riddhima's sudden push he is not expecting this offcourse from riddhima and riddhima laughed at his expressions and then she said to him

Ri:''kaha tha naa armaan fir mat kehna kii maine warn nahin kiyya tha tumhe''

And at this very moment as soon riddhima spoke these words armaan's trance breaks and he looked at her coming out from her shock and then he shouted

Ar:''basket kii bacchii tujhe tou main batata hun abhie ruk tuu''

He said in a tone which he used to speak in their childhood while teasing each-other and with riddhima's this act and words it seems time comes back for him

Ri:''achaa jii pehle pakdo tou fir chodne kii sochna Mr.Armaan Mallik''

She said whiel showing her thumb to him and winked at her armaan just takes steps towards her

Ar:''well vo tou mai kar hii luunga you will regret this Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik''

He said and as he takes steps towards her riddhima sticks her tongue as she speaks again that to him while laughing

Ri:''that we will see catch me if you can''

And armaan for a moment drowned seeing her laugh gosh she is so much beautiful and her laugh and her innocence made his heart flattered

Ar:''off course sweetheart try to evade from me if you can''

He said in same tone and riddhima just turned whiel laughing and she spoke up again

Ri:''yea we will see armaan''

And armaan shouted back as she start running as armaan takes teps closer to him try to closer to her well

Ar:''yea we will see riddhima''

And he too start running behind her try to catch her and they start running like kids all over the beech with riddhima still her chocolate fudge glass in her hands

Ar:''riddhima aaram se''

He shouted back at her as he saw her running with so much laugh and in between looking at him back at him

Ar:''riddhima yar aaram se please na riddhima''

He shouted back as he saw her running like an exciting kid and riddhima again shouted with a challenging look and challenging voice while looking at him well

Ri:''armaan pakdo''

Ar:''riddhima soono''

And as he was running behind her try to catch him they run near the shores and they so enjoyed theirselves as if this moment brings their childhood back as if a small armaan and a small basket is there for reliving their memories off course and the smiles adoring their faces is making them the happiest persons in the world they so much missed this and off course this is the best date ever nothing can beat this no fancy things and they so loved the feelings and finally a lots of running finally armaan managed to holds her wrist reaching across her and as he caught her wrist tightly but as she buped in his chest armaan could not manage to have their balances and the result is they fall on sand with armaan beneath riddhima and because of their complete out of balance they rolled on the beach and their roller coater ride begins with actually covering each-other completely with sand and off course water too as they were so near the shore and as finally when their roller coaster ended and this time finally eventually the whole scenario changed as armaan is now over riddhima and riddhima is beneath him and they were still laughing very badly and off course panting too very much fully and riddhima still holding that hot chocolate fudge glass in her hands as her grips is tightened over the glass and armaan too handling her same wrist but the change is the hot chocolate is all over now on armaan's cheeks and on riddhima's lips and some even on her hairs dripping her hairs with melted chocolate and armaan so enjoyed the view of her in his arms and then he leaned more closer and holds both her wrists in his hands and eventually feeling that tight hold on her hands riddhima stopped laughing and then finally she stopped laughing feeling his touch and armaan looked deep in her green almond eyes

Ar:''kaha tha naa main pakad loonga tumhe riddhima see i caught you''

Ri:''armaan tum''

He said while he traced her face with his knuckles making her breaths gasped

Ar:''aab dekhta hun kaise bachti ho tum jaan i so love you''

Ri:''armaan tum''

He said while placing a strand behind her ear and as riddhima speaks up feeling his breath on her lips and her breaths sharpen with his movement but she is shushed within a minute this time with his manly lips as he placed his manly lips on her rosy softy petals and riddhima closed her eyes feeling that and with in a minute armaan start sucking her lower lips slowly and he does not start kissing her immediately he traced her lips first with his tongue licking them making riddhima gasped and his hands still holding her hands in his hands and as armaan finished licking her lips slowly and all this time riddhima did not do anything just let armaan do what he is doing but she is enjoying this too and as armaan feels that he slowly leaned more closer to him pressing his front with her  and as armaan start sucking her lips slowly this time even riddhima could not able to stop her self and she reciprocate while parted her lips little and strat sucking his upper lips taking her time as this very time she moved her tongue over his upper lips and as armaan start sucking her lower lips passionately makes riddhima too drowned in passion and in him she forgets everything and she too starts sucking his upper lips passionately matching to his passion and as takes their own pleasure time armaan switched to her upper lips and riddhima switched to his lower lips and they sucked gives them pleasure with their passionate sucking and right after that armaan start chewing her lips with his giving her proper access to his own and as they start chewing their lips armaan leaves her hands and as soon riddhima feels his hands leaving her hands she has her hands free her hands immediately without wasting any second engages her fngers in his jet black hairs massaging him there and he placed his hand on her nape start massaging at her joint of shoulder and feeling armaan's thumb massaging her beauty bone riddhima moaned in pleasure and in between his lips making armaan more passionate and armaan pressed his front with her front making her one hand went at his back and she massaged his back completely and armaan is turning on with each passing second he leaned over her while clutching his lips completelty in between his and chewed them fully and he pressed his hard front in hers almost crushing his soft front with his manyly chest and his lips busy crushing hers and riddhima is no less she too kissing him madly and passionately forgetting everything and anything and they chewed each-other's lips, caressing them with their lips, sucked on them and suddenly armaan leaves her lips for a moment and riddhima did not gets it but before riddhima can say anything or react armaan after licking her cheek again start kissing her and this time  finally armaan placed his tongue in between her lips pleading her to parted her lips and riddhima obliged and armaan rolled his tongue inside her mouth and now riddhima knows why he licked her cheeks as she tasted the chocolate and armaan licked her tongue with his tongue and she shivered feeling that, this is something which they enver did before and as armaan rolled his tongue completed inside her mouth and after taking their own pleasurable time licking each-other's tongue feeling that chocolate taste mixture with his slaiva and finally they explored each-other's mouth completely and they traced each and every corner of each-other's mouth as if they were kissing first time and as their tongues entangled with each-other they danced in pleasure, they exchanged each-other's saliva and fought for dominance and armaan's hands working on their arms and nape massaging it and riddhima's hands working in his jet black hairs making him more passionate as if they can continue more drwoned in each-other and get more cozy fully well but only then a suuden wave hit them and they were drenched in water as the water droplets comes over them bbreaking their trance and kiss and as riddhima backs off panting armaan saw the chocolate droplets running over her face and from her lips in form of  melting chocolate and armaan start sucking the chocolate droplets completely.

Ri:''armaan please chodo naa mujhe''

Ar:''tch umm nahin tch riddhima''

He is so much busy in licking her lips as the chocolate because of the water the chocolate droplets is running all over her and riddhima feels his lips moving down wards from her lips to her chin, from her chin, to her long slender neck, from her long slender neck to her throat and as he tried to buried his face in her neck she has to throw her head back giving him much better access to her skin and as riddhima feels his lips moving from throat to her nape she gasped very hard and moaned making armaan groaned in pleasure and as armaan was moving from her nape to her cleavage she as feels his lips for just mere 2 seconds riddhima pulled his face and then she immediately whispered to him bringing him back as

Ri:''i so love you armaan''

Ar:''i love you too riddhima''

And at this very moment armaan comes back to her senses and as he looked at her she looked at him in her green almond eyes and riddhima looked in his deep blue oceanic eyes which states their emotions and as their eyes speaks volumes to each-other and armaan hugged her tightly as

Ar:''thanks jaan and i love you''

Ri:''main bhi armaan''

And then finally armaan gets up forwarding his hand to her asking her to gets up and riddhiama with a small smile appearing on her lips with a blush crept on her cheeks, her lips were swollen and the chocolate were on her face and on her upper chest and neck and more above the chocolate it's his lips sign clearly visible on her skin especially with the chocolate it becomes more visible and armaan smirked seeing her condition her hairs were mess too with some chocolate droplets coming from her wet hair strands as armaan pulled her more closer while placing his hand around her waist he covered her with her duppatta

Ar:''i would say riddhima kii is se achaa breakfast maine kabhie nahin kiyya bahut yummy tha''

He said making her turned more red as she is already so much red as if it's possible

Ri:''armaan mai''

As she speaks while putting her head on his chest as armaan wrapped her duappatta around her more securely hiding her as much as he can and then he just

Ar:''kuch mat kaho basket bas enjoy karo yeh moment aur humara saath''

And riddhima looked deep in his eyes and they keeps on walking like this without speaking anything enjoying the coll weather which is turning them romantic more as well their wet state armaan occassioanly kissed her hands and her hairs and caressing her waist too and as armaan kissed her fingers riddhima's gaze fell on the time as her gaze fell on his wrist watch


She called him


Ri:''armaan aab sachii meiin bahut der ho gayyi hain ghar chalein kya''

Ar:''riddhima par''

Ri:''nahin armaan time dekho nikki ka bhi exams hain aur mom-papa hum par ghar kii responsibility dekar gayye hain''

Armaan looked at her she is his riddhima how much she is enjoying with him in his company but still she knows her responsibility

Ar:''vaise tou mera abhi tumhare saath thoda time spend karne ka bahut man hain bilkul man nahin hain gharr jaane kaa ya tumhe chodne ka''

Ri:''par armaan''

As armaan speaks those words riddhima do cuts him in between knowing his desires but their home is calling them

Ar:''shh jaan let me complete first''

Armaan shusuhed her by placing his finger on her lips as he knows she will feels bad

Ar:''jaan i was saying main tumhare saath yahan kuch der aur rehna chahta hun par i know aab humein ghar jaa chahiye after all merii jaan par aaj poore Mallik Mansion kii responsibility hain so don't worry jaan we will go back home or rahii baat time spend karne kii we will do at home in our room too naa''

He said and riddhima looked at him he is so damn sweet and understanding and she kissed him on his cheek and

Ri:''i love you so much armaan''

She said while placing her hand around his waist tightly

Ar:''well jaana please don't come so much closer to me otherwise you see i can change my mind too''

He said making riddhima turned red with his teasing tone and she playfully hit his chest

Ri:''tum bhi naa armaan sachii meiin''

Ar:''i know pagal hun tumhare pyaar meiin vaise aab gharr chalein madam jii''

He said and riddhima nodded and picked her sandals and armaan wore his shoes and as they start walking armaan whispered to her that

Ar:''areey han i love you too''

As he said making riddhima smiles and as they both walked back towards their car enjoying the warmth of their love holding each-other's hands and as in between armaan finds some people were looking at them to be precisely riddhima and then he knows why because of wetness riddhima's suit is clinging too her body like a second skin and armaan stopped only after giving a cold glare to soem of the boys and then standing in front of her he pulled his shirt from his head and then makes her wear it after kissing her on her temple making riddhima chuckled as he placed his hand around her waist so possessively and she smiled seeing her possessive darling husband he is damn possessive for her and not even for a second till they reached near their car he let go of her neither moved his arm around her waist giving everyone that she is his off course she is sometimes he is just too much and she enjoyed too his possessiveness and the finally after sitting in their car they both drove towards their home and as soon armaan parked the car inside Mallik Mansion's Porch riddhima literally jumped out fro the care leaving a shocked armaan behind who as bewildered with her sudden rush as in car she is all fine they talks everything and anything during their journey armaan teased her and kissed her in between too wherever he can so now what happen he didn't gets it why she runs like this only as he come out from the car after locking the car he even called her while shouting her name but she did not reacted just gives him a smile and she keeps on running and armaan stands there for sometime try to think what happened to her suddenly but could not gets it so he while tossing his keys entered in the lounge with a smile on his face as he thinks his wife must be there but not riddhima is not in the lounge and this makes armaan thinks what happens to her naa

Ar:''yeh riddhima ko kya ho gayya''

He did not gets it what she is upto so he just rushed to their room after grabbing the water bottle from fridge thinking she will surely be there if she is not here and as soon he reached there in their room he still didn't finds her but then he saw the dressing room opened and that it clicked his wife is now back in the mode of Mallik Mansion's Elder daughter-in-law he smirked and smiled and then slumped on bed with only his vest and closed his eyes trying to catch some sleep before riddhima walks back after taking her shower and he even did not knows when he dozed off like that only after all he is so much tired from yesterday and he hardly gets his sleep and he is in deep slumber with in few minutes and after few minutes that's the same time when riddhima comes back from the washroom wearing a saree with one of her hand busy in drying her hair with the towel and as she looked around while straightning her saree as she just have to make some pleats of her saree too her gaze fells on the most beautiful sight of the worl her darling husband her armaan there lying in their bed with his eyes closed he is looking so cute while sleeping she just wants to watch him like this and with her heart's desire she follows and her feet made their way towards the bed and she saw him he is sleeping with that most adorable pout on his face which she so loved she is so drowned in her hubby dearest that she almost forgets her hairs and her saree which she is doing a moment back as she sat near him on the bed she watched him sleeping so peacefully still as a mess with some water and the chocolate too shining on his cheeks and on his vest she chuckled seeing him and then she just caressed his face with her knuckles ever so softly making him smile in his sleep too and then after looking at him for some more minutes she covered him with the comforter knowing that he must be tired and she let him sleep so that he will able to catch some few hours sleep before he has to rush to office and then she after caressing his cheeks with her knuckles once again

Ri:''i so love you armaan i just want you now armaan''

She said and then after giving him a loving look she rushed towards the rushing area to gets ready as she today has lots to do and with their activities at the beach she is already running out of time and moreover each and every responsibility of Mallik House Hold is over her today and as she fastly just dried her jair with the dryer as she is running out of time and even today the regular Pooja of Mallik Mansion is still left as she finally dried her hairs almost she just tied them with clutcher loosely and as she then looked at her saree she has to makes her saree pleats still for once she feels why she choose to wear the saree but she sighed she has to do as she placed her pallu completely on her one shoulder and then she removed her saree enough for making her saree pleats from her underskirt which she just stuck in the washroom leaving her stomach her belly clearly visible as she stands in front of the mirror as she is just about to start making her saree pleats suddenly she feels two hands over her hand she is surprised pleasantly surprised and shocked too but that right moment she sighed in relief as she knows whose hands is this as she actually knows whose touch is this and yes she is right her darling husband is right there sitting on his knees near her legs with his hands holding hers where she is holding the saree for making her saree pleats she recovered from her shock mode when she feels his hands grabbing the saree and that makes her comes out from her world and she immediately spoke up feeling he will now start getting naughtier with her and how much she enjoyed this still she does not want this right now she is running complete out of time she has to stop him otherwise she actually clearly knows where their desires leads them and with his passionate touch she her self forgets everything and anything she does not wants this so she spoke up calling him immediately

Ri:''armaan kya kar rahein ho tum hato yahan se mujhe tayar hona der ho rahii hain aaj pooja bhi karni hain abhie bahut der ho rahii hain''

She said and armaan just smiled knowing very well what must be running in his basket his wifey's mind

Ar:''han tou bakset i am helping you i will makes your saree pleate you do your hairs and all''

He said making riddhima smiled at his words but he is armaan how he will not do any naughtiness hard to believe

Ri:''armaan please mazak baad meiin koi shaitani nahin hato naa mujhe tauyar hona hain sachii meiin aaj bahut der ho gayyi hain pooja bhi nahin hui hain abhie tak please armaan chodo naa mujhe hum baad meiin baat karte hain tayar honein do mujhe aab please armaan i request you mujhe already der ho gayyi hain naa''

She pleaded him and armaan smiled aww she is so cute but he really wants to help her not here to disturb her

Ar:''han basket main bhi vahii keh rahaa hun tumhara time bhi bachega sachii meiin i will help you''

Ri:''par armaan''

Ar:''shh basket i promise main koi shaitnai nahin karunga''

As she tried but when armaan said this riddhima finally nodded in agreement seeing his face he is surely telling the truths

Ar:''yeh hui naa baat chalo jaldi se you do your other work i will do your saree pleats''

Ri:''thanks armaan''

And with that both start doing their work riddhima looked at armaan who start making her saree pleats and riddhima then finally opened her hairs so she can dried them fully as she will do that now and after drying them properly she combed them and all the time armaan touched her on her bare waist makes the goose bumps arised on all over her skin but she controlled her self and here armaan he has the hard tiem controlling him self as seeing riddhima's bare waist and navel he just wants to kiss her and just wants to pounced over her and traced her all over the body and moreover the way riddhima's body reacted to hsi touch things were much more difficult for him but he controlled his desires and him self as he knows if he drowned in his emotions they will surely engaged in tha make-out session probably on here carpet and he chuckled at his thoughts off course he would not mind that but not at least now and finally armaan placed a pin on her saree pleats and finally eh looked to riddhima who is now setting her hairs after tying them half in clutcher and the the half of them is loosened and she is now placing her ear rings in her ear holes and the mascara in her eyes and her eye-liner and her lipstick gives her the more elegent yet classy look he is so drowned in her that he almost forgets that he is going to ask as her that the pleats were tied correcty or not well and ahis trance breaks with riddhima bending on dressing table as she wants too pick her vermilion box to fill her maang with the sacred vermilion of his name and at that moment armaan called her saying

Ar:''riddhima dekho theek se hain naa i completed your saree pleats''

And riddhima looked at him only then she looked at her saree pleats as she all the time avoids that he is making her saree pleats as his touch creating havoc in her body and as he finally asked her she looked at the saree pleats it's perfect just likes the way she makes with her pin too there and she nodded with a smile

Ri:''thanks armaan it's perfect thanks so very much mera kam asan kar diyya tumne''

She said thanking him with hold heartedly and then armaan with a smile too stands up and whispered to her that

Ar:''well it's completely my pleasure sweetheart''

And riddhima smiled and then picked teh pin to tie her saree shoulder too when armaan takes the pin from her hands and tied her pallu him self saying

Ar:''saree ka kam mera tha tou i will do this jaan''

He said making riddhima smiled as she looked at both of their images in the mirrir the percfect image with the best smiles on their faces

Ar:''vaise aab maine tumhari itnii help karii hain tou 1 reward tou banta hii hain naa''

He said with a smile after tying her apllu and encircling her arms around her waist

Ri:''yea right main bhi sochun binaa kuch deal ke The Business Tycon Armaan Nandini Mallik merii help kyoon karnege''

Ar:''well madam main fair dela meiin believe karta hun so''

He said while locking his hands around her waist as she teased him

Ri:''yea right boliye Mr.Mallik kya chayiye aapko''

Ar:''yeh hui naa baat zayada kuch nahin Mrs.Mallik bas 1 small sii kiss''

He said while try to touch her cheeks with his when she put her hand on his cheeks lightly slapping them while saying

Ri:''jii nahin bhul jayiye main nahin dene vaali no kisses you have your quote completed on beach Mr.Mallik''

Ar:''this is so not fair riddhima mujhe chahiye vaise bhi vo early morning kiss thi morning kiss abhie baaki hain Mrs.Mallik''

He said making riddhima's mouth opened in shock he is limit and as he winked at her and as his lips approached her shouler she placed her hand on his lips

Ri:''nahin armaan''

She said while shaking her head and stopping him

Ar:''aakhiir kyoon''

He said with acute pouted face which makes riddhima smiles

Ri:''abhie nahin armaan main abhie nahayi hun tou tum mujhe jhootha nahin kar sakte mujeh Pooja karni hain armaan''

She cleared him and armaan makes a cute puppy face he knows she will not listen

Ar:''basket lekin''

Ri:''armaan nahin''

She said and armaan knows it's useless arguning with her right now

Ar:''fine riddhima''

Ri:''good boy aab mujeh chodo i have to leave''

She said while try to unlock his arms around her waist

Ar:''riddhima 1 small sii bhi nahin milegi cheeks par hii sahii''

Ri:''armaan nahin matalab nahin please samjho naa Pooja karni hain aaj mujhee so please''

As armaan tried his luck again riddhima again makes him understand and armaan leaves her reluctantly and riddhima walked towards the door and after reaching the door she looks at him he is still standing there with that cute puppy look face how she wished to kiss him right but no customs are customs but

Ri:''achaa armaan we will see this baad meiin when you will gets ready''

She said breaking his trace and bringing a million dollar smile on his face and she winked at him then

Ar:''i so love you riddhima so very much riddhima''

He shouted back at her as she leaves the room with a smile on her face but she comes back in a second as she forgets something she is at door when she bumped in armaan who is coming to her too and before anyone can say anything armaan grabbed her hands and riddhima is about to something when his hand brushed past with her maang filling it with sacred vermilion of his name making her smile with some of Sindoor fell on her nose too giving their relation a look of strong relation and lovable relation and then finally riddhima leaves from there downstairs to the Pooja Room for Pooja prepration and then she leaves for kitchen to makes the Parsad as nandini mom used to offer Parsad in their House Temple every morning and she makes the Kheer and till the time she is done with the prepration she looked today she is alone, normally nandini mom does not makes any rules to everyone present in morning Pooja but she is not alone everyday as nandini mom will be there with her along with karan papa and ramukaka is always there and sometimes muskaan will too join them but today she is alone but what she can do it's ok she will do Pooja for everyone's behalf she is about to start Pooja when ramukaka comes while wiping his hands so she is not alone today too and she smiled at him finally she picked the Pooja Thall for doing Aarti and at that very moment she feels two hands over her overlapping her hands which was holding the Pooja Thall and she does not needs to look who is there but still she looks for confirmation as armaan mallik in Pooja Room at this time of morning is actually a surprise and saw her Armaan who gives her a big smile and right at that moment riddhima start chanting the Aarti and she done the Aarti with Armaan and as they completed their Pooja and offered the prayers with ramukaka also doing Aarti and when she finally turned to gives all Aarti they finds Nikki too standing their in her night dress with her eyes widee awaken and seeing her riddhima gives her Aarti and she apologized while taking Aarti

Ni:''sorry bhabzz vo main bina nahaye hii aa gayyi yahan par sorry''

And riddhima smiled she knows she must be awke for whole night and

Ri:''it's ohk nikki vaise bhi bhagwanjii shradha dekhte hain''

She said and nikki smiled at her bhabhi she is just too sweet and moreover nandini mom just said the one who is doing Pooja that person mut be bathed and so is riddhima actually and as she takes the Aarti to Armaan and then to ramukaka she takes his blessing like everyday and seeing her armaan too bends to touch his feet and kaka blessed this couple and then riddhima turned to nikki

Ni:''bhabzz muski bhabhi aur arhul bahyiya nahin oothe abhi tak kya?''

As she asked riddhima smiled and then replied softly

Ri:''nikki vo log der se soyee naa abhie thode der meiin ooth jaayenge they must be tired so''

She said and armaan grinned at riddhima's words and riddhima gives him the look don't ou dare start stupid talks here only and armaan just smiled seeing them nikki too smiled as ramukaka leaves armaan just

Ar:''vaise nikki tuu aaj bhagwan ko maska marne ayi hain kya''

Ri:''armaan kya''

Ni:''it's ohk bhabzz vaise bhaii you wish sab aapki tarah nahin hotein''

Ar:''yea mere jaise ho bhi nahin sakte intelligent and rocking brains''

Ni:''kitni galtafehmi hain bhaii aapko naa aapnein bare meiin''

Ar:''galatfehmi nahin''

He is going to tease her more when he is cut short with riddhima's voice

Ri:''bas armaan kuch nahin kahenge aap aur nikki mai abhie garden meiin tumhara juice lekar ati hun tum abhie vahin study karogi naa''

Ni:''jii bhabzz aura apse tou mai baad meiin baat kartii hun''

She said looking at armaan and armaan teased her more

Ar:''anytime sis''

Ri:''armaan bas''

Ar:''kya yar oosnein shuru kiyya naa''

Ri:''bas armaan i said bahut ho gayya''

Ar:''fine i will quite now''

Ri:''good nikki tum jao aab''

Ni:''jii bhabzz''

As nikki walks out from the Pooja Room riddhima too walks to kitchen for making nikki's juice when armaan follows her and seeing him she just

Ri:''armaan kya cahhiye aapko mere peeche kyoon aa rahein hain aap''

Ar:''tum riddhima''

Ri:''armaan kya''

Ar:''exactly tum chahiye mujhe riddhima i need mine wifey''

Ri:''armaan kya pagalpan hain yeh hatiye yahan se kam hain''

She said while taking out the oranges from fridge making fresh juice for nikki and armaan is just following her even blocking her way putting his hand on fridge

Ri:''armaan hatiye naa please mujhe sachii meiin bahut kaam hain aaj please''

Ar:''han tou main kahan mana kar rahaa hun tum aapna kam karoo main aapna kam karta hun''

He said while locking his hands around her waist as she start peeling the oranges and

Ri:''armaan maine kaha naa hatiye aur aapko kya chahiye mujhse jayiye''

She said try to makes him leave her but armaan did not infact he nuzzled in her neck with his noses making her shocked with his actions

Ar:''achaa chalo fine i will go pehle mujhe kuch chahiye tumse jaan''

He said while try to trace her bare waist whie riddhima gasped with his touch but still her hands working as she put the juicer down and then she

Ri:''boliye armaan kya chahiye aapko yahan se jaane ke liye boliye''

Ar:''nothing madam aab aap bhi naha chuki hain maine bhi naha liyya hain''

He said while putting his hand on hers which is on juicer and then she is

Ri:''han tou armaan''              

She said while cutting him in between and armaan replied while caressing her waist and off course her hands too leaving her gasping

Ar:''han tou aab humnein Pooja bhi kar li hain aab mujhe merii good morning kiss bhi chahiye naa so jaan come on give me the my kiss''

He said making her shocked with his words and his hands were now siding her saree pallu to get access to her bare skin and riddhima just gasped and wriggled in his hold while pushing her head

Ri:''armaan tum naa pagal ho gayye ho aaj poore kee poore''

Ar:''well darling that i am already has in your love merii jaan''

He said while placing a kiss on her shoulder as he dipped his head in her joints if shoulder and then riddhima just shakes her head trying to push him no doubt she enjoyed but this is so new for her here in kitchen they are romancing and this is off course for first time they are even hardly at kitchen at same times in their 11 and half months old wedding and then she

Ri:''armaan please dekho hatiye koi aa jaayega hato tum mujhe nikki ko juice dena hain armaan hatiye please yahan se''

She said as she switch off the juice and she has all set to wash her hands which is having orange layers and drops because of peeling them but armaan is armaan never going to leaves her he intead of leaving her dipped his nose in her neck and traced her beaty bone with his neck making her trembled under his touch and this makes riddhima gasped hard with his touch he is just playing with her senses and as soon riddhima feels his hand creeping under her pallu his finger tips now start coming in her bare waist's contact she pushed him aside and with this riddhima's hands which has orange she pressed it and that makes armaan's face covered with orange juice and that breaks his trance as well his hold on her as he leaves her and seeing his face riddhima giggled while he just wiped his cheeks with a frown and riddhims start pouring the juice for nikki in a glass after washing her hands and she just completed her task and was about to go when arman holds her another free hand as her one hand is consisting the glass of juice and just whispered huskily in her ear making her bretahs sharpen with his deep husky voice

Ar:''you have to pay for this jaan and i make sure you will pay today only''


Will She Becomes Riddhima Armaan Mallik In every Senses?

Or Something Going To Happen?

Ar:''she is very precious to me''

Ar:''Kya Riddhima is time par so rahii hai vo theek to hai naa?''

Ri:''please armaan samjho naa.''

Milan Abhie Aadha Adhoora Hai

Ar:''tum kya chahti ho riddhima?''

Ar:''matlab tum meree saath nahin aaogi''

Ar:''yeh sab meree saath hii kyoon hotaa hai?''


Ar:''basket hamara honeymoon pending hai''

Ri:''armaan abhie muskii ko merii jarurat hai''

Ar:''i will miss u jaan''

Is there more problems for them or happiness?

p.p.s do check page 45 for special note friends after reading the part need your  views really urgent on that so do check friends

For Finding Answers Stay Tuned

Thanks to all of u for ur precious comments and for pressing tab button


And if u want pms add me to ur buddy list,it will be easier for me to pm u once again thanks to all for ur support



Finally completed friends now please comment friends it really means a lots to me


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-AK- Senior Member

Joined: 24 December 2010
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Posted: 27 February 2013 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
Loved theur breakfast date :)
Loved armaans teasing and him helping riddhima :)
Thx for pm :)

Edited by -AK- - 04 April 2013 at 10:41am

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Teja.... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2013 at 12:35am | IP Logged
nice installment nikki
armaan is really cute cont soon dear

Edited by teja0102.. - 05 March 2013 at 12:34am

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Gudduluvs IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 February 2013 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Di update plz

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kunabz Senior Member

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Posted: 28 February 2013 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
Plz isko bhi update kardo

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KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 February 2013 at 9:25pm | IP Logged

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mimee0991 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 10:26am | IP Logged
oye main bhi reserve kar rahi hoon...btw NIKI how r u now???????/

u dont need to stress yourself...for update...maanti hoon  ki main bohat tang karti hoon ...lekin itni buri nahi hoon ki tumhari tabiyat kharab hain aur uss main tumhe pareshan karoon...update when u r fine...

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desir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mimee0991

oye main bhi reserve kar rahi hoon...btw NIKI how r u now???????/

u dont need to stress yourself...for update...maanti hoon  ki main bohat tang karti hoon ...lekin itni buri nahi hoon ki tumhari tabiyat kharab hain aur uss main tumhe pareshan karoon...update when u r fine...

aww thanks so much for your wishes i am fine and who says you are bad i love when you pestered me for update so please don't say that you are bad aur yea mai kal poora part post karungi hopefully wait

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