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Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR.FF#4 New thread link Pg151 (Page 80)

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Plz plz plz dont put on hold it is such an amazing and lovely ff i love it to the core and im sorry aabt not liking actually it is showing error for a couple of days lkn plzzz in hold mat karo
I just live ur super long updates and chek atleast 10 tyms in a day wether u updated or not
So plzzz dont put on hold :(

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plz dont do this yaar

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Very nice part 
Loved how Ridhima made 
Armaan understand . They share
A beautiful relationship . Please
Continue soon

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                                                  Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

                                                          AR FF

                                                        Part   56        


 And armaan looked at her with so much feelings in his eyes and riddhima looked in his eyes too she knows now he will thinks that its just because of him only and riddhima cupped his cheek in her palm making him look at her this time she see those tears in his eyes and riddhima slowly makes herself comfortable in his lap and then he just

Ar:''i am sorry''

And riddhima just did not knows what to say well she just leaned more closer to him cupping his face in her palms she sucked his tears and armaan closed his eyes feeling her hot lips on his cheeks and riddhima sucked all his tears and before armaan can say something as soon he opened his lips to say something riddhima captured his lips in a sweet kiss gives him the view that all matters to her is that she loved him and armaan is first taken back at her sudden kiss but nevertheless as riddhima gripped his cheeks more in her palm and then kissed him passionately and makes sure armaa responded and armaan gives in the kiss feeling her kissing him passionately nibbling his lips giving him the kiss of pure love she has for him and armaan's hands clutched her waist and then he start kissing her back with armaan too with equal love he has and both kissed each-other zealously giving each-other the warmth of their love all the time riddhima's hands were on his cheeks and armaan's hands keeps on caressing and clutching her waist in his palms and then after few seconds riddhima breaks the kiss with her forhead touching with his and a smile adored on her lips and armaan looked at her riddhima can still see that a feeling of guilt in his blue oceanic eyes and riddhima pecked his forhead and then she leaned more closer to him with their noses touched with each-other and then armaan just whisper

Ar:''i am sorry''

And then riddhima smiled and then she kissed his lips slowly this time gives him the impression not to say speak anything and then only she

Ri:''armaan koi sorry nahin sunana hain mujhe tum jaante ho naa jo beet gayya hain vo beeta gayya hain humne decide kiyya tha kii hum oos bare meiin kabhie baat bhi nahin karenge armaan fir tum kyoon aaj yeh sab''

Ar:''lekin riddhima mere kaaran hii tum matlab aisee hain riddhima''

Ri:''shh armaan main maanti hun mujhe bhi abhie tak humare pyaar kii khumari meiin hona chahyiye humari shaddi ko bhi abhie 1 year hona haiin''

Ar:''han riddhima main bhi vohii keh rahaa hun riddhima kii i am sorry''

Ri:''nahin armaan aab aagar tumne mujhe beech meiin kaata naa i will kill you armaan ohk (armaan nodded seeing her eyes glazing with anger and riddhima sighed) good aab soono tum merii it's ohk jo hua nahin armaan yeh jhooth hogaa aagar main kahun kii mujhe yeh achaa laga kii main tumhare saath waqt nahin beeta paati thi well nahin achaa lagta tha mujhe par armaan main oon haalat ko ache se samjhti hun aur chahe maine tumhare saath vo waqt nahin beetaya hain armaan par maine aapne armaan se behad pyaar paaya hain aur mera rishta tou 11 sal ka hain ooske aage yeh tou bahut kam tha aur armaan ismein bhi mera faayada hua hain maine sabko itnein ache se jaan liyya kii mujhe kabhie nahin lagta kii main yahan aalag hun yahan par ayi hun mujhe sab mill gayya hain armaan mom-papa, rahul bhayiya aur nikki ko paaya tha maine aur aab maine tumhe bhi paa liyya tou mujhe koi afsoos nahin hain aur rahii baat muskii kii armaan it's fine vo seekh jaayegi armaan surely koi problem nahin hain tab tak tumhari riddhima hain naa jaan''

She said and armaan looked at her she is right what so ever is passed is passed he can't change and he knows this thing but seeing her like this makes him worry too that's why he reacted like this only and then he

Ri:''aur armaan please tum aaj jo hua oose dill par mat lo rahul bhayiya mujhse job hi kehte hain aapna samajh kar kehte hain after all oonka poora haq hain mujh par main oonki riddhima hun riddhima bhabhi''

Ar:''han main samajhta hun riddhima kii rahul tumse bahut close hain and i jokes apart i really adore your realtion aur main humare bhi oos time ko bhull gayya hun par riddhima yaar kya rahul ko nahin dikh rahaa tha yaar kii you are human too vo aisee kaise kar sakta hain yaar''

He said and riddhima knows he is right at his part and moreover when its concerned with her he is always hard to tackle she sighed as she just

Ri:''i agree armaan par armaan kabhie kabhie insan jis se pyaar karta hain oos se bahut kuch ummed kar leta hain aur vo ooska haq bhi hain bina kuch samjhe keh deta hain tou tum bhayiya kii baat ko kyoon aisee react karte ho''

She said and armaan smiled and then he frowned she never ceased to hear anything against her darling rahul bhayiya well he knows her she never complained about this things but what he can do how makes himself understands

Ar:''tum naa kabhie aapnein rahul bhayiya ke khilaf kuch nahin soonogi naa riddhima pata nahin kyoon yaar main tumhe samjha paa raha hun kii tum riddhima i mean it's good to take care of your family and love them too par riddhima yeh galat haiin baby kabhie kabhie humari achai se log humein taken for granted lene lagte hain baby chahe vo aapse kitna bhi pyaar kyoon naa karte ho yeh humare beech meiin 1 unknown sii problem le hii aate haiin mom bhi riddhima yeh hii kehti ayi hain aur karti hain see vo bhi tou hum sabse kitna pyaar karti haiin riddhima par she never let any of us takes her taken for granted oonhone balance kiyya baby aapni achai meiin hum mom ko kabhie aisee nahin liyya baby bas main yeh samjhana chahta hun kyunki jitna main tumse pyaar karta hun main aapni family se bhi pyaar karta hun aur i don't wants kii aisii cheejein kal ko tumhare aur oon sab meiin problem ban jaayen''

He said and riddhima looked at him as well she knows he is saying completely truth and his fear is too justified well this happened in your life almost when you start fulfilling everyone's desires with love and out of your love people do start taking you as granted and that surely leaves another person in complete hurt and that person will not able to love them that to extent after with this happenings off course though armaan knows riddhima will never that he knows she is not that kind of person and its just she will always loved him from the core from her heart and riddhima too understands his point as he is worried for both for their family and for her and then she slowly whispered to him that she is just

Ri:''nahin armaan aisaa nahin hoga kabhie bhi mom aisaa nahin honein dengi kabhie vo aa jaayengi tou koi aisaa kuch nahin karta hain tumne sahii kaha hain mom is best mom bilkul sahii karti hain aur you know she is best armaan aur bas vo vaapis aa jaayengi tab vo sab sambhal lengi kyunki tum jaante ho mujhse vo nahin hoga jot um keh rahein ho karne ko mujhe kisii ko naa nahin kaha jaata jaante ho tum yeh baat armaan''

Ar:''han jaanta hun aur i know kii yeh tum kabhie nahin kar paogi bas mom hii hain jo yeh sambhal sakti hain koi naa riddhima main aab nahin kahunga iss bare meiin baat well all left to mom only as always''

Ri:''han aur armaan muskii bhi sab seekh jaayegi koi problem nahin hain aur ose bhi ache se aapni responsibility pata chall jaayegi aur tumhe oos se koi bhi shikayat nahin rahegi naa armaan just hum hain main hun tab tak mom ka saath den eke liyye armaan naa theek hain naa armaan fir mere armaan ko bhi ooski basket aur ooski family kii tension nahin hogi''

She said and armaan smiled nodded his head in ''yes'' and riddhima too gives him a wide smile and a peck on his cheek and then armaan looked at her as armaan feels her lips on his cheeks he so wants to loosened himself and well that's what he do actually he traced her waist under her saree pallu making his way inside the saree pallu on her bare waist making riddhima's breaths sharpen as she feels his hand his fingers tracing her bare waist and she clutched his collar in her hands tightly as his fingers and his hand touch creates havoc in her body and armaan grinned seeing that affect on hers his desired affect on hers and then as armaan leaned downwards as he wants to nuzzle his nose in her nape riddhima slowly pulled herself back from his arms well tried to comes out from his grip while shaking her head in ''no'' but armaan did not gives what she wanted he smirked seeing her apprehension but he do exactly what he wants in more soothing manner off course as he traced her nose with his nose makig her shivered unders his touch and he went downwards caressing her rose petals with his nose making her clutch his collar in her tight fists and armaan enjoyed that and then he makes his way towards her nape with continuing his soft torture and she just says

Ri:''armaan please chodo naa koi dekh lega please''

She said but armaan is no mood to leave her he just flipped her like this now she almost on the couch and he is on her and riddhima for a minute is just too shocked too feel him like this and armaan slowly and swiftly with his passionate touches caress her face making her tremble as she looked at him armaan winked at her and before she can understand anything armaan smacked his lips on hers making her shocked but as armaan start nibbling on her lower lips start sucking them and with in a second riddhima gives in as armaan caressed her nape with his one hand and his another hand is working on her back making her trmebled under his touch as armaan start sucking her lower lips riddhima too start sucking his upper lips with the equal fervour encircling her both hands around his neck and armaan switched on her upper lips giving the pleasure to her lower lips and as armaan start sucking her upper lips riddhima moved to his lower lips giving him his all pleasure and here armaan's hands were at his back stroking her spine making her more affected and soon riddhima just tighten her hold around his neck as armaan makes his way all the way in her mouth and riddhima obliged with equal passion and as soon they entered in each-other's mouth they explored each-other's mouth savourly tasting each-other's juices as they and armaan start pulling her more closr to himself as if its possible and as armaan's hands touched his thread at the back he opened it and as soon their tongues met with each-other they exchanged each-other's salive fought for dominance and gives each-other all the pleasure and armaan caressed her tongue with his one and finally riddhima pulled back from the kiss ass he is breath less and armaan mallik is in no state to stop he just caressed her all the lips with his tongues making her gasped hard and closed her eyes and armaan smiled and then he start kissing all her face her eyes, her nose, her eye lids, her forhead and her chin with his thumb caressing her red swollen lips and then as he moved downawards burying his face in between her chin and chest as riddhima sides her face giving him more access to her flawless skin armaan literally sucked all her white skin and neck with all his wet kisses and every time placing a kiss there he sucked and licked that place with playing her bangles making her jiggling sound and she is just drowning in his pleasure and moaning and that makes armaan get out of his senses and then as armaan moved more downwards he saw her eyes closed and he just smiled seeing his desired affect on hers and he just kissed her chin making her lips curved into a smile and then he nuzzled his nose in her nape caressing the beauty bone from other side giving her all the pleasures and all and then armaan just did not wants to stop himself and that's what he did as he leaned dowanwards he saw her chest going up and down with her heavy breathing and he could not able to control himself he moved there and put his hand near the side curve but he did not get more access to there as he just opened her thread still her saree pallu is covering so first he makes sure that he unpinned the saree pallu from her shoulder and let her saree pallu moved aside and seeing her in his favourite type of blouse net he just could not control himself he just wants to dig his face there and loved her with so much passion and that's what he did as soon he saw the little bit of cleavage he nuzzled his nose there making her throw her head back with so much pleasure as well excity and then seeing her white creamy flawless skin armaan actually wants to see her more and he start pushing her sleeves down from her shoulder and riddhima gasped and her hand herself start caressing his back and she even herself did not knows that her caressing is so soft that it is actually creating havoc in armaan's body and that too these caresses are actually affected him so badly and as soon armaan pushed them aside and placed all over her chest kisses long kisses with his sucking and all leaving riddhima more and more breathless she can feels as beautiful passion in his sucking and kissing and she titlted her head such a way that armaan's nose nuszzled in her cleavage deep more making her more trembled and his hands moved and brushed while pressing his softness even from sides too making riddhima closed her eyes more tightly and then armaan just feeling the softness of her curves wants to treasure them again right in the night as he did and then he just start moving his hands under her armpits making riddhima giggled as she feels a electric current and right that moment armaan finally gets what is he wanted he got holds of the zipper of her blouse and without wasting a second in justw a second he pushed is down making riddhima opened her eyes with its voice but before riddhima can say anything armaan just pulshed his head in her cleavage as teh zip is opened now it start siding itself making complete place for armaan's face there and armaan takes full advantage of that and he nuzzled more and more in her cleavage kissing all the way in licking her valley leaving his wet salive there and in then he even start caressing her softness from both sides with his palms making riddhima getting amd in desires that is something that he did first time with her and that makes him feels literally jump and if armaan is not over her she will seriously jumped as how he is caressing her making electric jolted going thorugh all her spine and armaan just pressed them more hard this time seeing her and feeling her body responding to him that like this and then he finally pushed all the blouse down from her chest and riddhima only gets to comes to know about this when  he start placing his tongue over her softness which maybe quite visible the upper part which is not covered in her inner wear and damn his cool licks makes her shivered so much that she hugged him tight in such a way armaan's whole body pressed with her and his face more buried in her valley and he is about to strat siding her inner wear when finally with his cold fingers touch riddhima comes back to reality and she jumped feeling if someone can see them they are not in their room and the study room door is not at all locked anyone can walked so she start moving which makes armaan restless and frustrated as he is not getting full view of her chest and the result is he holds her hands tightly in his making her stop moving and riddhima actually stopped moving when he did that and armaan smiled and he takes the skin of her valley in her mout and start sucking as if he is sucking his favourite ice cream making riddhima drowned in pleasure but with all the excity and the nervousness she moved actually jumped that makes armaan's teeth hit hard in between there and the result is two bites simultaneously and she cried in pain even as its more sensitive place and the unintention and harsh bite leaves her all the way in pain and she cried and armaan still actually not realized that he bites her there and he kissed her right there unconsciously making her just shivered under his kisses and then armaan caressed her softness and was about to holds them when finally he feels that riddhima is not caressing his back means she is caressing him her hand is still at his back but not that way she is doing a moment before he confusingly looked at her and finds two tears in her green almond eyes and that makes him more worried and he just looked at her then looked at her valley and saw what blunder he did well he is shocked seeing that her skin is pure purple and he is just not at all knows what blunder he did as he never wants to do that even but that happened and he knows it will surely painig his jaan its actually a very pretty hard bite and he knows she is paining and he immediately start caresseing the skin as well caressed the bite with his tongue making her smiled in her tears he is one of his kind and she loved how much he loved her and cared for and then she ruffled his hairs giving him the way that she is fine but he keeps on sucking her skin precisely to says caress her skin with his tongue and then finally riddhima moved back and pulled him towards himself and then placed a soft kiss on his forhead and armaan just closed his eyes and then sucked her tears which is on her eyes edges and riddhima closed her eyes and then riddhima pecked his lips slowly breaking his face into a broad smile and encircled her armsaround his neck now they are both face to face completely their noses brushed with each-other and armaan's hands start tracing her facial features and then riddhima cupped his face in her warm palms says

Ri:''i am fine armaan don't worry and i love you so very much jaan''

Ar:''tum sachi meiin theek ho naa baby i am sorry maine intention''

But riddhima cut short in between him saying to him while pulling him clser while tightening his hold around his neck while pecking 

Ri:''armaan kuch nahin hua hain so please leave it naa aur hota rehta hain mere armaan ne kiyya naa aur aapnein armaan ke liyye kuch bhi aur vaise bhi mere armaan ke nishan mujh par naa ho tou mujhe boora lagta hain tumhare pyaar kii nishani armaan love you''

She said while pecking his soft lips and armaan smiled and he hugged her buried his face in her curve of neck and then traced her neck with his sharp nose making her smile as he is back to himself and suddenly she heard some foot steps so she stroked his back and armaan looked at her as she points with her eyes towards the door armaan smiled and then giving her a kiss on her neck and a final peck in between he cleavage he left her and she stood up and armaan smiled seeing her disoriented condition she is looking so beautiful and armaan loved seeing her how he wished he can run taking her in his arms and then finally make insane love to her making her completely his and riddhima's cheeks were completely red as she feels his intense gaze on her off course and armaan smiled riddhima setting her blouse which is almost off all thanks to her darling husband and armaan smiled seeing and he hugged her from behind taking her arms under her and then finally pulled the zipper down of her blouse closing her making riddhima takes her hand away from there and armaan then moved her hairs aside and then tied the dori of her blouse and riddhima gasped as his cold fingers brushed her back and armaan tied and placed a soft kiss on her back and as riddhima feels him completing it she start settling her saree and armaan comes in front as riddhima finally settled it armaan settled her pallu on her navel as it shows his wildness well technically his body pressing there and he kissed her navel and finally as armaan stood there in front of her taking in his arms making her arms locked around his back and pecked her forhead and riddhima pushed his hairs back settle them and then both say

Ar:''i love you jaan''

Ri:''i love you too armaan''

And then finally as they their lips were going to met in a kiss they heard a voice as it comes so much closer to them and they jumped apart from each-other though armaan did not wants to let her go

Ni:''bhabzz aap kaha hain aapnein mere pen refill kar diyye kya''

And then riddhima pushed armaan from herself as she made her way towards the table as she now remembered she has to refill nikki's pen and armaan gives her a pouted look and till then nikki reached in study and she finds armaan was watching his wife and she finds her bhabzz doing her work and she makes her way towards his bhabzz and gives her a small smile which she returned

Ni:''bhabzz ho gayya kya maine socha main hii le aaon aapnein pen''

Ri:''han nikki bas ho gayya main tumhe dene hii aa rahii thi nikki''

She said and nodded and then riddhima do her work and then nikki as makes her way outside riddhima start following her as she thinks she have to check on other house chores and moreover armaan's intense gaze making her weekened around her knees and as she turned to go armaan gives her a look which she giggled and she turned and gives him a flying kiss making him smile wide and he mouthed her a big kiss and she blushed and went from there and armaan smiled and ruffled his hairs and then went back to his file which needed his attention now and he smiled and start doing it na.

And almost one hour or so it's now again a panicky condition in Mallik Household and as always Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik is on her toes again with almost running from here to there as two of Malliks are actually cried for their things well and she is just running from here and there as now Rahul Bhayiya too leaving for office and by mistake he opened the knot of his tie and he is crying 

Ra:''riddhima yaar please help kar do naa merii mujhse merii tie kii knot khul gayyi hain galati se muskaan bandh kar gayyi thi yaar na''

And riddhima smiled all the Malliks are same not knows how to tie the tie and she smiled as she aw rahul bhayiya with that cute pouted face looking at her standing in the lounge where she is settling thing

Ri:''han rahul bhayiya kyoon nahin aayiye naa main bandh detii hun aapki knot ismein bhi koi poochne vaali baat hain kya bhayiya aaye''

She said and rahu showed his perfect set of teeth and moved towards her and riddhima too comes towards him and rahul said

Ra:''thanks so much riddhima tum naa hoti tou pata nahin kya hota meraa aur tera vo perfect workaholic husband mar daalta mujhe aisee without seeing me in proper dress code that too in this meeting''

He said and riddhima smiled knowing her husband's perfection in matter of work and she moved closer and start tieing his knot and 

Ri:''jii bhayiya yeh tou sahii hain vo bahut particular hain naa kam''

She said and that's when the thunder stroke comes as they both heard the one and only Mr.Armaan Nandini Mallik's voice as he

Ar:''riddhima kahan ho tum jaldi aao mujhe de ho rahi hain aur merii blue vaali file nahin mill rahii hain mujhe jaldi aao tum naa''

He shouted and riddhima's hands start working on rahul's knot more fastly and then in between she replied to him too while rahul smiled

Ri:''han armaan bas 1 minute main abhie aa rahii hun bas 2 minute''

She said and start doing her work more speedly bit the thing did not stopped there as next moment armaan barged in there with most shouting on the top of his lungs as he is really calling her for himself

Ar:''had hain basket kya kar rahi ho tum yahan main tumhe kabse boolar raha hun mujhe merii file urgently chahiye aur tumhai had hain yaar aa kyoon nahin rahii ho tum riddhima maine bulaya naa''

But he is cut short in between as his gaze fell on what he saw in front of him riddhima and rahul standing there and when he moved closer he finds his riddhima is actually tieing the tie of his brother and seeing him and hearing his that hard voice riddhima gulped as

Ri:''han armaan vo main rahul bhayiya kii tie bandh rahii thi tou bas time lag gayya main aa hii rahii thi aur aapni blue vaali file dining table par apdii hain humare room meiin nahin hain armaan sorry main bas abhie detii hun aapko just give me a second armaan''

She said and as she tied rahul's tie and was just about to settle his collar when rahul gets a hard smack on his shoulder that a hard one that too from none other than Armaan Mallik and both riddhima and rahul looked at him riddhima is shocked while rahul is what the hell is your problem the look and armaan just speaks seeing their questioning eyes as he makes his face staright as he blurted to them

Ar:''oye rahul tujhe sharam nahin aati merii biwii kee saath romance karte hue aur basket tumhare liyye bhi mujhse zayda he is necessary han kyoon isiliyye merii file nahin dene aa rahii thi tum naa''

He said looking at riddhima and rahul riddhima is shocked with his words where as rahul seems unaffected with his words and then she

Ri:''armaan yeh aap kya keh rahein hain main bas aa hii rahii thi na''

Ra:''kya riddhima tum bhi yeh tou hain hii jeloused mallik tension kyoon len rahii ho tum''

Before armaan can answer anything rahul butted in knowing his brother's antics and naughtiness and right then armaan just speaks

Ar:''han han aane den muskii ko batata hun main kii tune aaj kal merii biwii se bhi romance karne shuru kar diyya hain fir batana ose''

Ra:''in your dreams Mr.Armaan Nandini Mallik muskaan riddhima se jealous hogii kabhie bhi nahin she knows riddhima is special naa''

He said with a confident smile as he knows muskaan understands their relation so as armaan but he could not helpto tease them often

Ar:''han han bas yehii dekhna reh gayya tha hum donow ke liyye''

He meant about himself and muskaan and then he heard one voice

Ri:''armaan main''

And armaan looked at her and he knows she feels bad maybe she taken all his words on her heart why is she like this why she cant takes the things easily and then he scolded himself to tease her and then he looked at rahul who gives him 'the look' and then he just

Ar:''chal oye rahul aab tera ho gayya naa tou chod merii biwi ko mujhe bhi aapni file lenii hain oos se aur kam hain mujhe ose kuch''

He said and rahul smiled and winked at him and then he thanked

Ra:''thanks so much riddhima you are rockstar aab tum aapnein iss jealous pati ka kam karoo main jaa raha hun i will leave soon aur armaan main bas abhie thodi der meiin nikalata hun theek hain naa''

Armaan nodded hearing him and then rahul left while riddhima just did not looked at armaan did she actually do wrong by helping rahul bhayiya but seriously she is just helping him with his tie was she so close to him while tieing his tie that armaan has to say that ROMANCE  somewhere she knows armaan is just pulling their legs but at the same time she feels what if someone walked at that moment were it was giving that bad impression to anyone and these things are making her head spinning and armaan looked at her she is not at all looking at him from the time rahul left he somewhere knows maybe he went over with his joke and then only he moved closer and pulled her closer to himself while holding her from her waist and riddhima is shocked with his sudden act she does not expect this as armaan locked his arms around his back making her almost crushing in his chest she looked at him in pure disbelief were not he is just few minutes back saying that she is negelecting him and then only armaan heard her soft yet shacky voice as she slowly

Ri:''armaan chodiye mujhe main aapki blue vaali file detii hun otherwise aapko derii ho jaayegi naa meeting important hain naa''

She said and all the time she is avoiding looking in his eyes and armaan knows she is trying hard to collecting herself as she wriggled in his hold to get out from his grip armaan did not let her go instead he tighten his grip more around her making her shocked

Ar:''mujhse gussa ho gayyi merii basket par main sirff just mazak kar rahaa tha basket tumhari aur rahul kii thodi sii khinchai kar rahaa tha mera aapni pyaari sii basket ko hurt karne ka koi irada nahin tha i am so sorry maine aapni basket ko hurt kiyya naa i am so bad naa but i swear i was just pulling your and rahul's leg sachi''

He said and riddhima for once looked at him and she knows he is stating the truth and she nodded without saying anything this makes armaan tense he knows she believed him that he is saying the truth but then why she is reacting like this only he can't understand so he put his finger under her chin and slowly makes her looked at himself in deep his eyes he knows now she will not makes herself let go and riddhima looked in his eyes where she finds lots of love for herself she tried to avert her gaze but did not gets successful as always his blue greayish orbs hypnotized her green almond ones and then armaan caressing her face with his knuckles making her feels better just with his touch riddhima feels that she is out of world and just the warmth of his love she feels that she is loved and

Ar:''aab bhi nahin batayegi merii basket kyoon oodas ho gayyi achanake se aapnein armaan ke chote se mazak ka tou ooski basket itnaa boora kabhie maan hii nahin sakti tou tum hii batao naa han''

He said and riddhima looked at him as he said in those soothing manner that makes riddhima almost breaks down immediately in his love and she hugged him putting her head on his chest as just as

Ri:''armaan i am sorry main bahut borri hun naa tumhe boora laga naa mujhe aur rahul bhayiya ko aisee dekh kar par armaan sachi meiin main intentionally kuch bhi nahin kiyya armaan vo oonki knot khul gayyi thi tie kii jo muskaan bandh kar gayyi thi galati se tou oonhone mujhe bola help karne ko kyunki vo aaj important meeting hain naa so he can't be go like this bas main isiliyye oonki help karii aur hum armaan sach meiin bas good friends hain naa armaan vo mere devar aur main bas oonki bhabhi hun hum vahii vaala relation share karte hain pata nahin koi aisee dekhega tou kya sochta sab meri galati hain naa armaan mujeh aisee nahin karna ch''

She said with tears and choking voice and armaan shocked first she actually thinks about people and all though she is explaining him but he knows that she is talking about the people and all he smiled she is just his riddhima innocence and he knows she is feeling glum but she did not do anything wrong helping rahul his brother he knows how sacred her relation with rahul and he is just pulling their legs he can see that respect in rahul's eyes for riddhima like what anyone can see in devar's eyes and the same care and affection in riddhima's eyes for her darling rahul bhayiya which a bhabhi have

Ar:''riddhima tum naa poori kii porri buddhu ho yaar koi kuch nahin sochega tumhare ur rahul ke bare meiin sabko pata hain tum kitne ache dost ho aur kitna sundar aur pyaara rishta share karte ho aapas meiin tum log tou tum aisaa soch bhi kaise sakti ho jaanti ho naa main tou sirff mazak kar rahaa tha bas tum donow ki khinchai karne ke liyye aur rahul bhi samajh gayya tha isiliyye he is playing along aur rahii baat logon kii riddhima aagar koi aa bhi jaata tou bhi ose yehii lagta kii 1 bhabhi aapnein devar ki tie bandh rahii hain tum logon meiin ootni hii duuri thi jitni honnii chahiye koi galat nahin soch sakta tha tum donow ko vaise dekh kar tou kyoon tension le rahii ho riddhima just leave it riddhima it is just a joke samjhi merii bholi sii riddhima aur pyaari sii basket tum aur tumhare rahul bhayiya duniya ke liyye example ho devar-bhabhi ke relation kii tou iske bare meiin koi kaise galat soch sakta hain aagar sochna hota tou sabse pehle main aur muskii naa sochte kyunki hum tumhare respective life partners hain jab humein kuch nahin laga kabhie bhi galat tou kisii aur ko tou lagne ka sawal hii nahin oothta naa tou take a chill pill jaan tum sahii ho kabhie galat nahin''

He said and wiped her tears away from her cheeks which is flowing and riddhima looked at him she knows he is saying the truth as she can see that honesty in his eyes and armaan smiled he did not say all this things just to makes her feel better this is truth as he see how much riddhima and rahul away from each-other when she is tieing his tie and he can easily differentiate as when she is tieing his tie she is almost crushing in his chest and in between rahul and riddhima that much distance is that not even her long saree pallu touching rahul and same was with rahul he keeps on looking here and there while riddhima continued with his tie not even once looking at her looked at ceiling and all they are just looking devar and bhabhi no one can take anything wrong indication with theses incidences and he respected these things and these makes their relation so sacred and riddhima then tilted her head and the asked from him with so much childness in her voice and innocenece reflected in her eyes as



He said while pecking her nose tip seeing his innocent basket who just believes her like anything and the he kissed away her tears making riddhima closed her eyes feeling his soft lips adoring her face and then armaan smiled and as riddhima feels his gaze she opened her eyes only to be drowned in his as he is looking at her in such a passion that she feels she can burn under his gaze and then armaan smiled seeing her and riddhima just to avert his gaze from  herself which arises all the goose bumps all over he skin and she just slapped his cheeks making his face turned to another side so that his gaze can breaks and armaan just smiled seeing his wife's antics he so wanted to hugged her in her arms and just wants to love her like no tomorrow she is looking so beautiful when her cheeks turned with that adorable blush of hers and then armaan kissed her forhead making her smiled more and she kissed his hands bringing them near to her lips from her back and then armaan just speaks

Ar:''oyye hoyye''

And riddhima blushed hearing his trade mark word and then armaan while pulling her closer to himself speaks huskily in her ear

Ar:''yaar kash merii tie bhi khull jaaye dubara se kyoon kehti ho basket chalein room meiin mujeh naa iskii knot sahii nahin lag rahii tum please fir se baandh dena room meiin jaakar riddhima vaise bhi you naa aaj kii meeting kitni important hain humare liyye so please''

He said making riddhima shocked he is such a shamless person and

Ri:''han Mr.Mallik you are right important meeting hain i know tou jaldi se aapni blue file lijiye aur bhagiye jaldi se office ko Mr.Mallik''

She said and armaan looked at her with disbelief as riddhima winked at him playing with him accordingly to him and armaan just

Ar:''yaar basket this is so not fair atleast tum mujhe 1 kis tou den hii sakti ho i am your husband naa jaan so that's my right one kiss naa''

He said while holding her tight and riddhima just wriggled in his hold but before riddhima can say anything to him armaan smacked his lips on hers and he start kissing her zealously and riddhima for a minute is shocked with his sudden kiss but nevertheless she responded back with equal fervour as he start kissing her more passionately and after smooching each-other's lips for quite a while finally riddhima pushed him a little as she is out of breath and armaan the looked at her face as they both were panting very badly and riddhima's lipstick is whole smudged with his kiss all thanks to her hubby dearest and riddhima looked at him again he is wearing all her lipstick she blushed seeing that this will now never ever going to be changed and then riddhima acknowledged their surroundings and she just try to gets out from his grip and armaan for a change let her go when she wriggled and riddhima is first surprised but then she gets ansers to her questions as armaan wiped his lips with her pallu making her blush to the core and then she just moved from him and picked that blue file from the table and then handled him the file armaan smiled and was about to lock his around her tummy when rahul comes and just speaks in a instant

Ra:''riddhima main jaa raha hun aur armaan main tujhe direct meeting meiin join karunga oos se pehle mujhe Bandra jaana hain''

And armaan looked at her and then he asked from him why he is going to Bandra suddenly when they are having such a important meeting lined up

Ar:''kyoon rahul tujhe Bandra kyoon jaana hain humari itnii important meeting hain aur tera vahan hona necessary hain as dad is already out of town''

Ra:''i know armaan par vahan bhi kuch important kam hain varna main nahin jaata tu tension mat le i will be there on time for meeting''

He said and armaan nodded somehow but somewhere he thinks what's necessary work in Bandra that rahul needs to go and moreover he is not telling him but thinking opposite he just speaks

Ar:''theek hain jaa par please time par aa jaana tuu meeting meiin''

He said and rahul nodded and then assured him while saying that

Ra:''han armaan tuu tension mat le aa jaunga vaise bhi itnein khadoos kii daant kaun soonega so i will be on time for sure naa''

He said in a teasing tone making riddhima giggled and armaan just

Ar:''very funny rahul aab jaa nahin tou aisa na ho der ho jaaye ohk''

And rahul nodded and he is about to go when riddhima called him

Ri:''all the best rahul bhayiya for meeting aur rahul bhayiya khabaradar jo aapnein bahar ka kuch khana khaya tou main muskii ko bol doongi fir vo jaane aur aap fir mat boliyega mujhse aap kii maine warn nahin kiyya aur i will send lunch ohk rahul bhayiya''

She said and rahul smiled hearing her and then he just whispered

Ra:''off course riddhima thanks aur mera dimag kharab hua hain bahar ka khaunga tum please muski ko kuch mat bolna vaise hii itnii mushkil se manaya tha maine ose aur i will eat home food ok''

He said and riddhima smiled and then offered him dahi-shakkar and rahul ate it as they having impootant meeting and then he leave waving bye to riddhima and armaan

Ra:''bye riddhima bye armaan see you in office''

Ar:''bye rahul drive slowly aur time par ana''

Armaan said as an over protective brother and riddhima too smiled

Ri:''bye rahul bhayiya''

Ra:''bye guys bye''

And then riddhima turned to armaan who is looking at her and before he can say anything they heard nikki's voice who comes and

Ni:''bhabzz aapnein mera orange colour ka top dekha kya aur merii blue jeans maine saara room dhundh liyya mujhe kahin nahin mila''

She said and riddhima looked at him as she pouted in her soft voice riddhima shakes her head this is speaciality of all the Malliks and as

Ri:''han kaise milega tujhe tere room meiin jab room meiin hain nahin naa vokyunki vo kal hii dhunlne diyya tha tou aabhie iron board par pada hain press hokar main abhie detii hun tujhe nikki''

And she said and then walked towards ironing board and gives her clothes and she handled her a blue cardigan too with that and she

Ri:''no arguemenets nikki i know tuu kahegi bhabhi main aapni stole loongi no darling aaj bahar bahut thand hain so you are going to wear cardigan and now go take bath it will be your exam time soon''

She said and nikki looked at her bhabzz who handled her her clothes and she tried atleast for once as she just speaks in second

Ni:''lekin bhabzz mera cardigan pehnane ka man nahin hain please''

Ri:''nikki i said no means no you have to wear it aaj bahar ahut sardi hain you will catch cold aur abhie you have one more exam left naa baby so''

She said affectionately while cupping her one cheek and nikki nodded and finally smiled and then she turned to go saying as

Ni:''theek hain bhabzz aapse tou main jeet bhi nahin skati aur merii pyaari sii bhabzz jab merii har baat manti hain tou main bhi aapni bhabzz se kaise argument kaise kar sakti hun main pehnugi bhabzz aur i will go and take shower bhabzz thanks and i love you bhabzz''

She said while placing a kiss on her cheek making riddhima hugged her as she planted a kiss in her hairs and armaan admired his beautiful wife right now he is playing the role of mother she knows when is to say yes and when is to say no and admired her sister and happy for her she does not needs to act mature in the absence of their mom as she has her bhabzz to thorw her tantrums he feels blissful seeing all these first muskaan, then rahul and nikki and even ramu kaka she is gem and he just smiled feeling that feeling now he understands riddhima's words why she s close because she actually earned these relations and then her trance breaks with as

Ri:''ohk nikki now go and i already switched on your gyser''

Ni:''bhabzz sachi thanks''

She asked as riddhima nodded and then she just

Ni:''bhabzz you are the best i so love you''

Ri:''i love you too baby''

Ar:''me three ladies''

And then armaan joined seeing them and then nikki smiled and then nikki turned to go when armaan hugged her while saying that

Ar:''oyye nikki all the best for your exam''

Ni:''thanks bhaii aur abhie kyoon bol rahien ho jaate hue kehna na''

Ar:''han par main bhi bas nikal raha hun aapni meetin ke liyye na''

 Ni:''ohh achaa in that case all the best to you too bhaii love you''

She said hugging him back and armaan smiled and riddhima smiled seeing the bonding between them and then armaan speaks as just

Ar:''love you too kidoo''

Ri:''nikki now go nahin tou tumhe der ho jaayegi''

Ni:''jii bhabzz main bas jaa hii rahii hun love you two''

Ar:''love you''

Ri:''love you''

As nikki left armaan pulled riddhima closer to her and riddhima looked at him as he is looking at her with so much passion and

Ri:''armaan kya hain aise kya dekh rahein ho tum''

Ar:''dekh rahaa hun merii basket kitnii achii mom banegi''

He said in simple words and just near her ears making riddhima shivered as well blushed with his deep husky words she blushed from ear to ear and armaan smiled seeing her getting redden like this and then he makes her looked at himself with his index finger


She just whispered and armaan just speaks in her ear softly as he

Ar:''i know merii riddhima mere bachon kii perfect mom bangei aur vo merii basket ko poora karke aur bhi khoobsoorat kar degi naa''

He asked making her looked at himself and deep in his eyes and riddhima just nodded hearing his words conveying his deep love as

Ri:''i love you armaan''

Ar:''i love you too jaan''

They said simultanouesly and then hugged each-other and they keeps on staying in each-other's warm embrace for quite a minute savouring their love and warmth of their love enjoying the love feeling of their togetherness. After few minutes armaan is packing his stuff checking them his files his laptop, when riddhima handled him his wallet and he takes with a smile and kiss on her fingers and

Ar:''ohk basket aab main nikalata hun office pahunch kar bhi 1 baar saari cheejein check karni hogi and go through hona hogaa so main nikalata hun aab aur vaise tell me you will manage naa aagar you want i will arrange cab for you''

He said getting worried for her well as there is only one car left in the home and one driver is gone with muskaan and the another one is for office work and two more were on leave and now they needs one person who can drove nikki to her college and riddhima seeing that situation she was saying she will do that as armaan and rahul both are busy and they knows nikki takes over tension in exams so

Ri:''han armaan tension mat lo i will manage main nikki ko college chod kar kaka ko doctor ke pas le jaakar gharr aa jaungi armaan na''

She said and armaan looked at her as she is smiling and armaan gives her a nod but only after asking her for one more time as he is

Ar:''you sure naa''

Ri:''han armaan now go nahin tou der ho jaayegi yeh lo armaan''

And she makes him eat dahi-shakkar too and armaan have it and then he picked his car keys and then riddhima holds his hand making her shocked and then suddenly tip toed on her feet and pecked his lips slowly making him shocked but he loved her gestures of his loving wife and riddhima just walked with him till main gate to see him off after putting his things in car arman suddenly twirled around riddhima and makes her pinned against the car and riddhima is baffled with his actions before she thinks anything armaan's lips is on hers start kissing her passionately chewing her lips and riddhima as feeling him pulling her more closer and riddhima too start responding his kiss with equal fervently and probing his lips and armaan perfectly chewing her lips kissing him madly and passionately and kissed her like no tomorrow and their tongues exchanged each-other's saliva that even armaan's taste of dahi-shakkar too transferred in her mouth and finally armaan pulled back for a change and both were panting badly and then armaan pulled her closer while clutching her waist tightly making her hands landed on his chest and then armaan just

Ar:''aab hua naa yeh good luck wish wifey i love you''

And riddhima blushed hearing him as he licked his tongue and riddhima

Ri:''i love you too aab jao armaan please der hogii''

She said while just pushing him literally in the car and armaan finally settled in his car giving her a loving look not wants to go

Ri:''all the very best armaan jaan''

Ar:''thanks you so much merii jaan''

As they both said armaan turned the car after starting it and then stopped near riddhim again and riddhima without even thinking a second moved closer through the window of his side and gives a quick kiss on his cheek making her dimpled smiled wider and he

Ar:''aisee karogi tou i am not going at all jaan''

Ri:''armaan kya''

Ar:''what armaan you are distracting me yaar''

Ri:''armaan jayiye''

She said and armaan gives her a flying kiss and riddhima blushed with his wink and flying kiss and then she finally leaves his hand as

Ri:''i love you armaan all the best jaan bye jaldi ana bye love you''

Ar:''bye baby i love you so very much love you so very much bye''

And then he zoomed off placing a kiss on her hands and she smiled.

And riddhima as comes back in the house with a contend smile on her face and then she sat in the living room for some time as she is feeling to laze around for sometime and as soon she sat down and suddenly her gaze looked on the family picture, it was the older one as in that one its just mom papa, armaan, nikki and rahul bhayiya neither she nor muskii is in the picture well she remembered in her wedding they did takes the family picture of theirs but in that ones muskii is not there and moreover her darling husband is not showing his wide dimples in that ones like he showed in this picture so leave them and then on muskii's wedding that did happen too but somehow in that one muskii is not smiling her fullest as she and rahul bhayiya even have some issue on stage even she chuckled remembering the moment rahul bhayiya and muskii never leave their habits well they are two crazy mad people who are in deep love well and then as she gets up and traced the family picture with so much love in her eyes well she would love to have the complete family picture with muskii and she herself in that in their darling husband's arms repectively she blushed thinking but she never wanted to change this picture at all well she has her own reasons one is its the most beautiful picture where all of them has the biggest smiles on their faces as karan and nandini is in middle with armaan is with his mom giving her hug while nikki is in his dad's arms as his darling princess and rahul is behind them with his face has wide smiles as his face rested in between his parents and all five of them has thei cheeks and clothes covered with snow and she loved that picture for their millon dollar smiles and the reason she loved this picture more is because one she comes to knows that this is her armaan's house and she is with his mom this one is the first picture where she comes to know how her armaan is look now and she fell in love with her whole handsome armaan more and more and she traced the picture with her fingers with so much love she so wanted to know where that picture is clicked as it looked heavenly with all the mountains and all she makes a mental note to ask armaan and then her gaze fell on the empty side of wall with the same picutre simoultanousely and suddenly it clicked to her that there she can put a full family picture with her and muskii too and she thinks this will look beautiful and she wants to do that soon so she thinks they will do soon and finally her trance breaks with her message beep and she moved towards her cell phone and check it, it was her darling husband's message and she smiled and opened the message with a wide smile on her face she so loved him so ver much

Ar:''reached office so don't worry about me here lots of work so could not able to call you but missing you like anything love swetie''

And riddhima smiled seeing his message he is such nautanki and then she though to call him but then thought otherwise as he is busy

Ri:''well i love you too my darling husband and all the very best jan''

She wrote and pressed the send button and armaan in his office was going through the files when his cell phone beeped and he looked at the screen seeing his darling wifey's name and he picked up the phone from his table with a bright smile seeing wifey's name and

Ar:''i love you sweetheart so very much be back soon muahhh''

He typed after reading her message with smile and preseed the send button to him and here riddhima who did not put her cell down and

Ri:''i love you too armaan and i am waiting for you jaan be back jan''

She with a blush on her cheeks read and sends to him as she feels his long kiss on the message and armaan smiled he so wanted to go back home and takes her in his arms but he can't he has lots of work here but he knows its surely will worth the wait going back to her darling wifey and riddhima just so drowned in his love as she too wants be with him but she knows his work and then she looked at the wall clock and knows it will be the time of her work too and she makes a bun of her long hairs just imaging armaan was playing with her hairs and a blush comes on her cheeks feeling just his long fingers in her hairs and then she though to prepare something special for her darling husband as she remembered his pouted face in the morning knowing what will be the breakfast she smiled he is such a fussy baby when it comes to have his food yes he is baby her baby and then she opened the fridge and looked at the cauliflower and immediately she gets it and smiled with so much love and decided that she will prepare this for him and she start doing her work with his thoughts only and she is so involved in his thoughts and in his love that she did not even knows when she completed all her work that too without feeling any fatigue as she completed thinking to makes chapatti and only then she heard nikki's voice as

Ni:''bhabzz hum chalein kya i guess aab humein nikalana chahiye naa tabhie hum college time par pahunch paayenge bhabzz so hum''

And riddhima gives her a smile as she finds her dressed up and then

Ri:''han nikki you go and takes your things i will go and call kaka so that i will takes him to Doctor as per his appointment with him naa''

Ni:''jii bhabzz i will go and collect my papers and all vaise bhabzz i will go and call kaka you go and straighten yourself in the while na''

She said and riddhima smiled and was about to nod when she just a

Ri:''nahin nikki tum rooko main hii jaati hun what if you catch anything infectious nikki so you go and collect your stuff go nikki k''

She said and nikki was about to argue when riddhima just replied as

Ni:''par bhabzz''

Ri:''no more arguments nikki nahin tou humein der ho jaayegi go''

Nikki nodded seeing her bhabzz's face and as she turned to go she 

Ri:''good girl''

And then nikki went to her room while riddhima instantly checked the gas and washed her face there in sink only and then moved towards back side for calling kaka in between she loosened her hairs and let them tied in her pony with her rubber band and straightened her saree completely and then as she comes back with kaka in a few minutes she finds nikki already there with her stuff and seeing her riddhima gets the car keys and then she just tells her

Ri:''nikki you go and sit in the car with kaka i will just come in a second after locking the home and coming with my clutch ohk kido''

Nikki nodded and soon riddhima comes back after checking all the things clearly and then riddhima zoomed off for dropping nikki at college. After few hours riddhima returned with weak kaka on her side and she makes him send at his room as his reports are going to comes in evening and she just looked at clock she has to takes the lunch for armaan and rahul bhayiya at office so she immediately moved inside the kitchen to do her work and then she makes chapattis and then packed the food in another half an hour and then she moved towards kaka's room to gives him his khichdi and then finally gives him his medicines and then she moved towards her room to gets ready as she can not go in these clothes as her saree is totally crumpled because of her working from morning running from here and there and then she opened her wardrobe to gets to wear something and then almost immediately she picks up a blue colour saree with beautiful zaree work on it and as soon she changed in it and then she just wears her normal jewellery her ear rings and a little pendant a diamond set with her Mangalsutra in her neck and putting her Sindoor in her Maang and then she combed her hair and was tying them in bun then she let them open as she knows hubby deeraest will like in that only and she is about to leaves the room when suddenly she remembered she did not gets any shawl and she knows he will scold her and she immediately grabbed and wrapping it around herself and then she took the lunch boxes and after informing kaka she left for Mallik Corporation Ltd. And after few minutes she entered in the gates of Mallik Corportaion and she feels slightly nervous as the time she comes before it was she comes with armaan himself and today she comes all alone and then she smiled just remembering him and then gets out from the car and seeing her the guard immediately comes and greeted her with a salute and smile and riddhima gives him a smile and he gets the keys from her and offered her the help to escort her for taking the bag from her hands but she refused politely and he nodded and escorted at her enterance and riddhima thanking him politely moved inside and seeing her everyone stands up and greeted her with a smile and riddhima too acknowledged them with a smile and polite voice well everyone is already bowled off with the sweet nature of Mrs.Armaan Malik and they has a respect for her for her sweet nature and riddhima straight moved towards the lift and pressed the 45th button where is the cabin of Mr.Armaan Mallik her Armaan and as soon she reached there she walked and seeing her armaan's secratory sheena gets up and greeted her with a smile

Sh:''good afternoon mam''

Ri:''a very good afternoon sheena and please call me riddhima how are you''

Sh:''i am fine mam and how are you doing mam''

Ri:''i am fine too sheena''

Sheena smiled seeing her friendly nature though she met her before once but that day they has just pleasantries exchanged and she now knows why her armaan sir is in love with this girl she is such a sweetheart

Sh:''mam i will just inform sir that you are here just give me one second''

She said while picking up the phone to inform armaan

Ri:''umm wait sheena i will go myself don't inform him''

Sh:''ohk mam sir is in his cabin come i will take you''

Ri:''sheena i will go thanks please can you tell me is rahul bhayiya in office''

Sh:''yea mam let me check with his secratory''

She said and picked the phone to check about Rahul Mallik

Sh:''yes mam rahul sir is in his cabin''

Ri:''thanks sheena i will takes your leave now have a nice day''

Sh:''thanks mam you too and please let me know if you needs anything''

Riddhima nodded and then she moved towards his cabin and just as reaching at teh door of his cabin his name plate Armaan Mallik scenes of her previous visit their make-out in his cabin and just the mere thought of that moment makes her goose bumps arised on her skin in this chilly weather and a blush on her cheeks and then she finally knocked at the door of his cabin and heard his voice

Ar:''come in sheena''

As he thinks it will be sheena as she comes before she sends anyone else in his cabin and as soon she stepped inside his cabin she finds his back facing him and then as soon she feels he herad foot steps he just speaks

Ar:''sheen i told you na i don't wants to meet anyone now''

And riddhima smiled hearing his frowned voice and then she just replied in soft voice

Ri:''ohk Mr.Mallik as you wish but you don't wants to met anyone considering how much far from she comes only for you''

And as soon she completed she finds herself in his strong arms as armaan as soon heard her soft voice he ran straight to her and by the time she completed she is engulfed in his strong arms and smiled seeing his love and

Ar:''i love you so much basket you know how much i am missing you''

He said while hugging her tight and riddhima smiled too with his sweet confession and she replied back

Ri:''i love you too jaan and i missed you too jaan''

And then after few minutes hug armaan finally left her and then actually looked at her after placing a soft kiss on her forhead making her close her eyes and riddhima smiled as he placed a soft kiss on her forhead and then she traced his jawline with her hand and armaan gives her a million dollar smile feeling her soft touch on his jawline and then he said

Ar:''oyye hoyye''

Ri:''main armaan''

And riddhima blushed and then she lowered her eye lids and then finally armaan speaks up

Ar:''vaise biwi aap yahan kya kar rahii hain giving me surprise''

He asked while breaking her trance and she looked at him and then she gives her a smile

Ri:''well pati dev both surprise bhi and i have some work too''

She said and armaan locked his hands around her back and then armaan

Ar:''ahan han whats the work sweetheart beside you are missing me''

Ri:''well yes my work is this my dear pati dev''

She said while pointing to the bag she is holding and armaan is confused

Ar:''what's that basket''

Ri:''tumhara khana armaan''

Ar:''ohh tum mere liyye khana laayi ho''

Ri:''yes for you and rahul bhayiya''

She said while pecking his cheek and then she just placed the box on the table placed in the corner of his lavish office and armaan smiled his wife is crazy and then as riddhima turned she finds armaan is still standing at the spot looking at her and she just blushed feeling his gaze and armaan looked at her she is looking so much beautiful in that blue saree covered herself in the warm shawl though her curved are hiding from him but still he can see how much the colour is suiting her and as riddhima moved towards him under his gaze she just put her hands on his eyes unable to handle his passionate gaze as she feels she will burn under his gaze if he continued to look at her like this only and armaan's face breaks into a smile seeing her gesture and armaan just with his closed eyes leaned forward and kissed her forhead again and riddhima blushed and then armaan just as

Ar:''kyoon bhull jaati ho jaan tumhe dekhne ke liyye mujhe in aankhon kii zarurat nahin hain tum tou mujh meiin ho naa tou kaisi sharam mujhse''

He said and slowly let her hands awy from his eyes and then placing his index finger under her chin makes her look at him and riddhima first averted her gaze but armaan do it again and he is adamant and he makes her look at himself and this times as riddhima looked towards him and then armaan who is already looking in her eyes riddhima did not knows when she moved closwe to him don't knows when and they both are drowned in each-other's eyes green eyes are caught with blue orbs and they are just shpwing immense love for each-other and the belongingness for each-other and they are feeling that blissful moment in each-other's arms and just seeing their beautiful world in each-other's eyes and that desires for eavch-other the burning desires they has for each-other and the even did not knows when armaan's face start moving towards her face level and even riddhima just reciprocated his feelings as if her heart knows his desires as his heart conveyed to her heart with his blue orbs which her green orbs understands and as with the mutual understanding she just tip toed on her toes giving her desires to him to his desires and then armaan and riddhima's face just eaned more closer to each-other that they are just few inches apart from each-other and they can feels each-other's hot breaths on faces and their lips met for a kiss and they kissed each-other sweetly and then the kiss turned into passionate ones showing their sweet passionate desires for each-other and then finally the breaks the kiss and they joined their forheads as well their noses are touched with each-other and they both has their eyes closed savouring the moment in each-other's ams they feels contened like that and finally their trance breaks with the shrill nosie of phone and armaan looked at her and riddhima is the one who pushed him to get his phone as armaan is least interested he is so interested in doing romance with wifey dear but with her push he moved towards his table to get his call only after placing a kiss on her hands and riddhima blushed and armaan smiled and then as he gets his call picking the phone after placing something on table and riddhima then noticed that something is in his hands as armaan start talking on phone riddhima looked at him as he is just gazing on her while talking on phone and riddhima strat moving in his cabin, his cabin is almost same as she visited before just the fragrance of flowers fresh flowers makes his cabin more beautiful and as she moved towards his table from other side then she comes to know how much she is wrong well his cabin is changed too like their room and armaan who is busy on phone looked at her face which is showing him the shocking surprising expressions and he knows what must be she thinking and he blowed a kiss to her making her smile and as he looked at her she finds him winking at her and riddhima just picked that thing from table and she just caressed the pictures she never knows that she is captured in the camera it was her beautiful picture she was talking on phone wearing a beautiful pink churridar she even did not knows that it was capturing in the camera by him as she is talking with him only she is blushing at that time and she is confused when he is talking with her how he manage to get a picture then it suddenly clicked to her that day when she comes downstairs after talking to him he is already there now she gets it she smiled seeing that picture and she is smiling looking at only then as she is still in his thoughts and armaan is looking at her with so much passion and love in his eyes riddhima is so busy in seeing that picture that she almost forgets that her surroundings as she is busy remembering that night's moment their kisses and armaan seeing her red cheeks amaan just ants to hugged her close to himself and kissed her like no tomorrow so he wants to cut his call as soon as possible as his wifey dearest is completely distracting him for doing anything and then only armaan cutting his emergency call moved towards her and then only he pulled riddhima from her waist and riddhima is startled with his act and when she gets to knows she is already landed in his lap and she looked at him tilting her head a bit with confusion written all over her face completely with his act well and seeing that confused face of hers armaan gives a lingering kiss on her cheeks a tight kiss making riddhima blushed more feeling his lips lingering on her cheeks giving her that tight kisses on her cheeks and armaan smiled seeing her all red and he pulled her closer from her waist so that she is completely pressed in his chest and he nuzzled in her nape while locking his hands around her waist and riddhima shivered as she feels his sharp nose in her nape caressing it completely from her beauty bone tracing it beautifully and she just overlapped his hands over her waist with hers feeling sensations running in her body as she is shivering with his soft cares

Ri:''armaan please''

She just whispered this only as she is melting under his touch that too very badly and armaan just nuzzled in her nape even licked it as

Ar:''kya please''

He said against her soft skin making her trembled more with his breath now kissing and touching her skin and then she just speaks

Ri:''armaan hum office meiin hain''

She said managing to speak in her fast heart beats and armaan clutched her waist in his hands and then only he tilted his head 

Ar:''so mera office hain don't worry''

And with these words he titled his head in such a side ways that their lips touched and riddhima is surprised with his sudden movements but his touch and now his lips near hers creats havoc in her body and without even wasting a second armaan captured her lips in a soft kiss as armaan start nibbling on her lips lower lips riddhima too gives in with his desires as she nibbled on his upper lips both just enjoyed the oft nibbling on their lips and this is something they never did its always armaan notched the kiss to another step after nibbling her lips but today his all attention seems to be stopped on nibbling and after few minutes of nibbling armaan takes her lower lips in between his lips and start sucking them and allowing the same to riddhima and riddhima too like armaan sucked his upper lips and armaan then after sucking her lower lips giving the pleasure to them moved to her upper lips while receiving the same from riddhima and in these all movements armaan pushed riddhima in such a way that she is completely crushing in his chest and her face is now not side ways its just opposite to him and armaan's expert hands are moving on her bare waist too taking the access to her bare waist while siding her shawl and with her shawl he actually today with more hard grip sides her pallu too well he is in expert in that and here he notched the kiss to next step now after pleasuring her upper lips with his soft caress and taking that smae pleasure from her and he start smooching her lips with riddhima too smooched his lips and now her hands were encircled around his neck and they both are pulling each-other more to each-other and crushing in each-other completely and armaan now start tracing her bare waist with his fingers sometimes pinching her navel which makes her moan but she cant do that as armaan's mouth covered  her mouth and just enjoying the kiss they armaan's hands expertly caress her beauty bone with so much pleasure and softly that it makes them breathless in their soft pleasure giving kiss and they are so busy in each-other that they never realized that there is phone ringing in his cabin and armaan just ignores and just moved his tongue in her mouth and she did the same and they gulped saliva as their tongues met they danced in pleasure fought for dominance and leaving them breath less their soul full kiss and then as they aparted but still their lips are touching but no one wants to stop there as their feeling are on fire from quite few days as well they are craving to be ONE from so much time and thats why they just wants to stay in like this and makes their memories with like that with so much love wants to fulfil every desires and passion and results are always ends up in such a passionate make outs and that just wants to crave for more and wants to be together at every way

Ri:''armaan bahar koi hain door par chodo mujhe please''

Ar:''umm han kya basket koi nahin hain yaar''

And as riddhima comes to feels that door is knocking she called him and armaan who is not even wants to leave wifey dearest just shrugged her voice thinking she is just saying like that only naa as.


Will She Becomes Riddhima Armaan Mallik In every Senses?

Or Something Going To Happen?

Ar:''she is very precious to me''

Ar:''Kya Riddhima is time par so rahii hai vo theek to hai naa?''

Ri:''please armaan samjho naa.''

Milan Abhie Aadha Adhoora Hai

Ar:''tum kya chahti ho riddhima?''

Ar:''matlab tum meree saath nahin aaogi''

Ar:''yeh sab meree saath hii kyoon hotaa hai?''


Ar:''basket hamara honeymoon pending hai''

Ri:''armaan abhie muskii ko merii jarurat hai''

Ar:''i will miss u jaan''

Is there more problems for them or happiness?

For Finding Answers Stay Tuned

Thanks to all of u for ur precious comments and for pressing tab button

And yes well the precap which is i am giving from one year will this going  to be actually happen so this is just going to be surprise.


And if u want pms add me to ur buddy list,it will be easier for me to pm u once again thanks to all for ur support



Finally completed friends now please comment friends it really means a lots to me









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res ka matlab update millega ?

oye update mill gaya aur mera comment first hai acha chal abhi is part ko complete kar fir mai comment likhogi nahi tho no comment for u 

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Originally posted by armaanriddima

res ka matlab update millega ?

nahiin maine mention kiyya hain note meiin kii main hold par daal rahii hun jab tak mujhe aap sab kee views nahin milte hain kii what you people wants and i am really very sorry for my loyal readers
-DavneetKaur- IF-Sizzlerz

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yaar aisa mat karo..i really like reading your fic...though i comment less but i do try to like your posts...but i just wish u change ur decision...i was so eager to read about AR's anniversary and honeymoon

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oye  yaar plz na tum un logo ke bare mai socho na jo regularly pad the hai plz pl pl 

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