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Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR.FF#4 New thread link Pg151 (Page 72)

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Originally posted by desir

Originally posted by destinationn

yr part kahan gya?????? wr r u gonna post it????????

mai subhh poora post karti hun sory for the trouble kuch problem hogayyi thi part poora hoo gayya pm bhi kall kar doongi sorry again for inconveninece occured because of me so sorry does not wt

i was so shocked to see the part gayeeb completely lolzzz

nikki update sindoor too

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yaar jaldi post karde

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                                  Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

                                                          AR FF

                                                        Part   55        


Ar:''you have to pay for this jaan and i make sure you will pay today only''

He said and riddhima looked at him well one look from him and she knows he is serious and with that passionate look on his face she is in trouble now completely as he is so much passionate for her and then he leaves her hand to go from there to serve nikki's juice but only after giving her a lingering kiss on her hands as well a wink and riddhima went from there with a blush crept on her cheeks and then she reached in garden seeing nikki sitting on the parpet placed on grass and was studying riddhima smiled seeing her sometimes nikki reminds her of riddhima gupta who used to study like this only but one thing she is all alone there is she as in leaving alone in Delhi she takes care of her at her own and well teh truth is she never did but then she smiled thinking now she has her armaan to takes care of her and with just his mere thought a red colour come across her cheeks and she smiled seeing him so passionate for her and then with coming out from her thoughts and she moved towards nikki with a smile and gives her her juice handling her glass and nikki gives her a smile to her bhabzz and then as nikki is going to place the juice glass on side to drink it lateron riddhima picked the glass again and then handled her the glass again and then she just said

Ni:''bhabzz main baad meiin pi loongi aap jayiye aapko aur bhi kam honge naa aaj''

And then riddhima just shakes her head in no and then makes her self comfortable on the chair which nikki has used as her backrest and then she

Ri:''merii nikki se zayada important kam koi bhii nahin hain ooski bhabzz kee liyye''

She said and then she start massaging her head with her fingers giving her soothing touch she knows every morning nandini mom used to makes her drinks juice in her presence only while massaging her head as she knows if she will placed the glass nikki will surely forgets it and riddhima knows the same and as riddhima start soothing her head muscles she handled her juice glass too and nikki with a loving loo at her bhabzz takes the glass and all the time riddhima busy in massaging her head nikki drank her juice while putting her head completely in her bhabzz 's lap and riddhima smiled seeing her dinking the juice nad reading simeltonuesly with so much contendness on her face she knows she soothen her head as she every morning needs this and as after 15-20 minutes riddhimasaw her finishing her juice she then rubbed her temple and nikki holds her hands in hers and she kissed them while taking them in her hands and then for a moment closed her eyes relaxing her self in that motherly affection which she finds in her bhabz and then she just said

Ni:''thanks so much bhabzz mujhe laga hii nahin kii mom kahin gayyi hui hain aaj aapke haathon meiin mujhe mom kii kami nahin honein dii aapke haathon meiin bhi mom jaisa jaado hain bhabzz mom sahii kehti hain bhabzz aap bilkul mom ke jaise hain bhabzz aur thank you mujhe juice pilane ke liyye nahin tou main sachi meiin bhull jaati bhabzz naa''

She said and riddhima smiled and then she kissed her forhead affectionately

Ri:''kyonki mujhe merii nikki kee bare meiin pata hain chal aab tuu padh main jaanti hun kitchen meiin bhi bahut kaam hain aaj kuch chahiye tou call me baby''

And she tries to get up when nikki nodded with one more kiss on her hands and then she

Ni:''bhabzz mom sahii kehti hain aapke hote iss gharr kii tension nahin ho sakti hain kisii ko bhi''

Riddhima smiled and then she planted a kiss on her forhead and then she

Ri:''chal bas kar bahut praise karii merii concentrate on your study baby i will see you after sometime aur han koi disturb nahin karega tumhe''

She said turned to go when she heard nikki's shout as she shouted

Ni:''i love you bhabzz''

Ri:''i love you too nikki''

Riddhima shouted back and then with a smile headed back inside lots of work calling her unknown to the fact that all this is witnessed by Armaan Mallik him self who as riddhima did not comes back after giving nikki her juice he comes to see her when he saw her riddhima massaging nikki's head and he witnessed the whole scene and he is proud that she is his wifey he him self feels like his mom is right riddhima is indeed the perfect one for their house no he does not has the doubt but today she with nikki she proved that mom is right with her in mom's absence no one needs to be worried and he loved how selfless she is does not care a bit about her expensive saree hav creesees or all when nikki lied in her lap and he is proud that he is her husband and then as he finds her coming inside he then went inside the kitchen immeditaley and hides him self and as riddhima comes in the kitchen armaan grabbed her from her waist and before she can shout armaan placed his palm on her lips shutting her and he pinned her to wall and riddhima was shocked what he is doing she thiks he will leave by now and she is surprised more than surprised she is shocked to finds him still there and as armaan is now convinced that she will not shout armaan immediately leaves her mouth replacing his lips with hers taking her in shock as her eyes literally comes out from the socket but armaan did not dared and gives any damn and he kissed her and well this is sweet peck giving her the view that he loved her and he just baced out giving her that sweet peck and riddhima is surprised she is way too in shock for reacting but nevertheless she did responded her sweet peck but she is shocked armaan leaves her so easily and as armaan looked at her face he placed a kiss on her for head and then he whispered over her lips

Ar:''thanks riddhima merii family meiin ane ko i love you riddhima''

Riddhima smiled hearing his sweet confession and she cupped his one cheek in her palm

Ri:''i love you too aur humari family meiin ane ko jaan''

She said and then with a bright smile adoring their faces they joined forheads against each-other conveying how much their family matters in each-others' love and then hey enjoyed some moments like this and then only riddhima heard foot steps she pushed armnan aside slowly with a smile and armaan smiled

Rk:''riddhima bitiya aaj nashte meiin kya banana hain bitiya''

He asked as he walke inside the kitchen and then riddhima just replied

Ri:''kaka mai soch rahii hun methi ke paranthe bana detii hun''

Rk:''theek hain bitiya humne abhie taaza methi chanti hain hum kaat detee hain''

Ri:''theek hain kaka aur kaka main soch rahii thi saath meiin''

But before she can continue armaan who is listening carefully speaks up

Ar:''basket yar kya methi ke paranthe you know that kii mujhe vo pasand nahin hain main nahin khane vaala vo''

Ri:''armaan lekin''

Rk:''nahin riddhima bitiya armaan baba ko sach meiin methi ke paranthe nahin pasanad hain boliye baba aap kya khayenge hum vahii bana denge''

He said and armaan smiled and then he just speaks up

Ar:''han kaka aap hi bana dijiye vaise bhi riddhima ko tou aapnein favourite rahul bhayiya kii pasand ka banana hotii hain kal bhi ooske pasand ke''

Ri:''armaan kya hain aapko kal maine sabki pasand ka banaya tha bhayiya kii pasand ka nahin sirff aap jab dekho oonke peeche pade rehte hain aur main abhi bhi aapse yehii kehne vaali thi kii aap bhi bata dijiye aapko kya khana hain par aap tou bas shuru ho jaate hain''

She huffed hearing him again start over rahul bhayiya's issue and

Ar:''han sab jaanta hun main aagar kaka nahin poochte tou tum bhi nahin poochti i know that''

He is in no mood of leaving her so just teased her more and riddhims snapped back

Ri:''aapko naa jo sochna hain sochiye kaka mai naa fruits katti hun inke liyye fruit salad aur fruit basket bana dete hain baaki aap hii pooch lijiye aagar inhein kuch aur chahiye tou''

She said and then turned to get fruits from the fridge and armaan giggled seeing her so frowned she looks so cute when she is all angry

Rk:''armaan baba kyoon aap bitiya ko pareshan karte hain kitna dhayan rakhti hain vo aapka''

Even ramu kaka said to him and then as he went to pich the knife for cutting the vegetable riddhima looked at him closely and she finds ramukaka bit tired, his face is pals she immediately holds his hands and makes him settle on chair and gives him the water to drank and armaan is also worried what happened suddenly to kaka

Rk:''bitiya main theek hun''

Ri:''chupp kijiye kaka aapko bhukhaar hain abhie jab aapne knife oothaya maine dekha aapko chakkar aa rahein hain aur aap fir yahan kam karne aa gayye''

Rk:''nahin bitiya kuch nahin hua mujhe abhie theek ho jaonga main''

Ri:''nahin kaka aap abhie jaayenge yahan se aur jaakar rest karenge''

Rk:''par bitiya aap yahan akeli hain kaise hoga sab''

Ri:''ho jaayega kaka''

Rk:''lekin bitiya''

Ar:''nahin kaka koi kam nahin hain aapke liyye chaliye main aapko doctor ke pas lekar jaata hun riddhima sahii keh rahii hain''

This time armaan interrupted him and then kaka just said

Rk:''armaan baba main theek hun riddhima bitiya sab kaise akele karenge bhabhi jii mujhe bol kar gayyi hain aur vo 2 naye log bhi chutti par hain''

He said as he is worried for riddhima how she will managed alone two more helpers are on leave

Ri:''kaka maine kaha naa sab ho jaayega aur mom ne aapko aapna khayal rakhne bhi kaha hain naa''

Rk:''par bitiya''

Ar:''nahin kaka aab koi par var nahin aap abhie doctor ke pas chalenge karenge''

Rk:''theek hain beta par mai dactar ke pas nahin jaonga main sham taka cha ho jaunga yeh baat aap dono ko merii manani padegi''

Ar:''par kaka aap''

Ri:''theek hain kaka aap chaliye main abhie aapke liyye kuch khane ko laati hun aur medicine bhi''

Ramu kaka nodded and he slowly leaves from there only after saying

Rk:''bitiya aagar koi zarurat hui tou aap mujhe boola lena''

Riddhima nodded and he leaves and as soon kaka leaves riddhima hurriedly put a pan for making a cup of tea for kaka with bread slices a light breakfast so he can takes medicine and simeltanouesly her hand start working on the vegetables and seeing her for once armaan thinks how she will be manages and then he

Ar:''basket tum akele kaise karogi itnaa sab matlab bahut kam ho gayya naa aaj tum''

He was speaking just when riddhima shut him while saying to him

Ri:''han armaan sab ho jaayge please chinta mat karo tum ho na mere saath''

Ar:''han par basket mujhe kuch nahin karne ata main kaise tumhari help karunga''

Ri:''bas armaan pyaar karoo mujhse ho gayya merii help''

She said sweetly bringing a wide smile on his face and he hugged her from behind locking his hands wround her waist and riddhima too rubbed her cheeks against him

Ar:''i love you riddhima''

Ri:''i love you too jaan''

And then as riddhima saw the tea boiling she finally made two toasts for kaka with butter and then she placed all the things in tray and then

Ri:''armaan aap please meraa ek kam karenge please''

She said while holding his hands around her waist and then he

Ar:''off course jaan anything for you jaan''

He said while kissing her shoulder riddhima smiled and then she

Ri:''tou aap please yeh kaka ko dekar ayiye mai khud jaati par yahan kam hain aur makes sure kii vo yeh khayen aur saath meiin yeh medicine bhi''

Ar:''theek hain jaan''

Ri:''thanks armaan''

She said while placing the medicines in tray and handled him the tray and kissed on his cheeks and armaan smiled and then he

Ar:''thanks sweetheart''

And riddhima blushed seeing that dreamy smile on her face and then leaves from there and riddhima smiled and went back to her work her hands were fasrt doing her work, lots of work as well for her and as after few minutes armaan comes back after giving kaka his breakfast and his medicine he herad voices from the kitchen he knows who is there the one and only rahul mallik with his darling riddhima and they are must be on their chatting session of daily routine and as he stands at the door steps of kitchen he finds her while working and rahul hugging her side ways he was wondering what's going on there as both has their backs facing him they did not he is there and next moment he heards rahul

Ra:''riddhima yar mujhe 1 cup coffee milegi merii favourite one coffee mocha''

Riddhima off course riddhima nodded sweetly and this is the time when armaan once feels can't he see riddhima is already working there and where is muski he knows that he maybe wrong thinking these things but this is muskaan's home too she also has some responsibilities and then riddhima said to her sweetly

Ri:''off course bhayiya main abhie banati hun just gives me 2 minutes let me finish this vegetables''

She said and rahul nodded and then he settled on the counter

Ra:''off course riddhima take your time tab tak i will sat here and we enjoyed our chatting''

He said and then only he finds armaan standing there with tray in his hands and seeing him rahul

Ra:''oh see who is here armaan mallik sabse der se oothne vale aaj early riser ho gayya hain yar''

He teased armaan and armaan narrowed his eyes at him and then he snapped back

Ar:''you wish Mr.Rahul Mallik sabko aapnein jaisa samajh kar rakha hain tune main subhh se ootha hun infact i am already bathed and accompanied riddhima and kaka for Pooja too terii tarah nahin sotein rahoo''

He said while placing the tray on the counter with giving riddhima a smile and rahul just

Ra:''riddhima isnien jaldi ooth kar Pooja attend karii hain that's news yar''

He said but he knows armaan is saying truth his green kurta pajama states that facts and

Ar:''jaa jaa tuu kyoon maanega vaise bhii lagta hain hain abhie neend nahin tutti terii abhie takk you Mr.Rahul Mallik naa''

He said sarcastically and somehow rahul did not noticed that sarcascm in his voice but riddhima is surprised with that so she butted in

Ri:''armaan kaka ne medicine kha lii naa aur breakfast kar liyya naa''

She asked trying too divert his attention and before armaan speaks up rahul spoke

Ra:''kaka oonhein kya hua riddhima is he fine naa aur armaan tuu isliyye tray ootha kar aa raha tha kya?''

Ri:''jii bhayiya oonhein thoda bhookhar hain bas''

Ar:''han aur nahin tou kya tujhe lagta hain kaka riddhima ko akele chod kar yahan se jaate and she is working all alone bas he is not fine aur han riddhima oonhein maine aapne saamne bitha kar breakfast karaya hain jaise tumne bola tha aur medicine bhi den dii hain aab so rahein hain sham tak hopefully theek ho jaayenge''

Ri:''jii armaan hopefully''

And then rahul speaks up finally saying her to that

Ra:''achaa riddhima tabhie aaj koi dikhayi nahin den rahaa hain aur tum akele kam kar rahii ho yar kyoon''

Ri:''nahin bhahiye bas vo''

Ar:''nahin ooska dimag kharab hain naa isliyye''

He mumbled too him self and riddhima heard him and she glared at him rahul did not listened this

Ri:''achaa bhayiya aap ko main aapki special cookies bhi dun aaj coffee kee saath''

She asked as she turned her attention to rahul while putting the coffee in sauce pan and then rahul just speaks

Ra:''han riddhima thanks i will love to have off course''

And riddhima nodded and then she smiled at him finally she gives him his cookies till the time his coffee will be readied and in meanwhile she with her eyes asked armaan to sit comfortably and he is adamant not to sit she just did not wants any issue in front of her rahul bhayiya so she sighed and let him do whatever he wants she knows somewhere he is thinking that she is over burdened with the work and she smiled knowing his concern and love for her and to just lighten his mood she while talking in between with rahul bhayiya who is happily sitting on the counter tells armaan who is looking at her with all the concern he has that

Ri:''armaan aap please mujhe vo third jar pass karenge aapke peeche vale under counter meiin hain armaan please pass kijiye naa mujhe vo''

She said and armaan smiled as he finds her placing the salt and that vegetable methi his rahul bhayiya's so called favourite in big utensil and armaan picked that big jar which she asked and took it to near her and she tells him to open that container as armaan opened it and it contains wheet and she takes the enough wheet and then as she just tried to takes water to placed them in the utensil so to makes the dough armaan stopped her with her eyes saying that he will do this and she smiled and armaan slowly start pouring the water for riddhima as per her instructions and riddhima was talking with rahul too with her eyes locked with armaan only and armaan smiled seeing her how her hands working in the dough they were still romancing in the presence of rahul only who says that for romance you have to touch each-other but armaan and riddhima proved they just needs their side and they can in their own land and as armaan finds some sweat formed on her forhead armaan wiped with his hands seeing that sweat and riddhima is surprised off course she liked that but she does not expect in presence of rahul bhahiya she shakes her head too but armaan is stubborn and he keeps on wiping the sweat of hers and riddhima feels so much shy in presence of rahul bhayiya and even rahul coughed seeing that he just teased him saying off course seeing them like this they are looking so much cute and how he lossened his chance so he could not help him self to tease them so

Ra:''oye armaan shram kar main yahan hun aur mere saamne hii tuu laga hua hain romance karne meiin riddhima kee saath go to your room''

He said and armaan frowned and he snapped back in sarcastic voice as

Ar:''yea right yeh romance nahin hain Mr.Raool Mallik main aapni biwi kii help kar rahaa hun aura agar yeh romance hain bhi tou what is your problem riddhima is my legally wedded wife so i have full right aur what room jaise tune aur muskaan ne use kiyya tha raat meiin han rahul bolo''

He said and riddhima and rahul both were emabarrassed with his shameless snapped back and before even rahul can retrot it's riddhima

Ri:''armaan kya please kuch bhi mat boliye aap achaa chup please naa''

She said and armaan is about to retrot and rahul just leaves from there not in a mood to takes more comments and teasing from armaan so he

Ra:''riddhima main muskaan ko dekh kar ata hun why she is not here tab tak you will make my coffee main just bahie aya just give me few second''

He said and as riddhima just nodded with a smile he runs from there as

Ri:''theek hain bhahiye and don't disturb muskii let her take her time''

She said and rahul rushed from there while riddhima turned with his hands covered with ata towards him wants some answers from him yea

Ri:''armaan kya ho gayya tha tumhe kuch bhi bolein jaa rahein the tum kya ho gayya tumhe ek dam se abhi tou you are perfectly fine armaan na''

She said and armaan looked here and there knowing that she actually finds he is disturbed with something but off course he does not wants this to discuss here off course so he just hugged her from her behind and taken her all the hairs in his hand and then rolled it and then placed it in the clutch so that it will not disturbing her much and he gets that thing from the time she start making that dough finally and riddhima is touched with her gesture and armaan kissed her the side of her neck

Ar:''kuch bhi nahin jaan aur job hi baat hain hum baad meiin room meiin discuss karenge off course jaan but abhie nahin merii jaana so''

And then riddhima nodded knowing that is must be discussing in her their room so she nodded but only after saying that actually asking that

Ri:''baad meiin pakka baat karenge naa hum armaan bhulna maat ok''

Ar:''off course riddhima we will talk about that i promise merii jaan''

He said while kissing her cheek and riddhima nodded with a smile and went back to her work and armaan keeps on looking at her when finally

Ar:''i love you so much riddhima''

Ri:''i love you so much armaan''

And they expressing their dreams and desires to each-other and then she keeps on working and then finally after few minutes rahul comes back and armaan leaves hher reluctantly and he sat on the chair while rahul takes his usual place on the counter near riddhima and resumed eating his cookies and riddhima gives him a smile and then as she finally completing her dough poured rahul's coffee in the mug and then only rahul just replied while holding his mug of coffee from her as he just as

Ra:''riddhima muskaan abhie aa rahii hain she is taking bath sorry yar humein der ho gayyi this so ose bhi der ho gayyi hain we are sorry yar''

But he is cut short in between by riddhima only as she finds him saying

Ri:''bhayiya chup ho jayiye fir kya ho gayya abhie aa jaayegi muskii naa aur it's ohk ho jaata hain she is working too so koi baat nahin chill kijiye aur yeh lijiye aapki favourite garma garma coffee enjoy bhayiya kijiye na''

She said and rahul gives her a smile she is too understanding and then she turned to armaan who is sitting there and she handled him his cup of coffee which he did not even noticed when she makes him for also and as

Ri:''armaan aapki black coffee jaldi se pijiye aur jaakar aapni meeting ka kam finish kijiye you have to study a report naa before today's meeting so''

She said and armaan smiled he somehow actually forgets to study a report that he has to do before today's meeting but she is riddhima and off course she will remember and he looked at her and she smiled giving him a assuring nod and then she handled him his ooats which he used to eat after coming from jog but today as he skipped that jog but still she served him that and then only armaan thanked he while saying to her as

Ar:''thanks basket main bilkul hii bhull gayya tha aaj kii report kee bare meeiin which i have to study before today's meeting thanks so much na''

And riddhima smiled giving him her best smile which armaan returned and then rahul and armaan indulged in discussing some of the points while sipping their coffees there only and riddhima resumed her work in kitchen making breakfast for everyone and then only they heard musskii

Mu:''ridzi tune kaka ko kahin dekha hain kya mai oonhein boola rahii thii kabse par oonhone koi zawab hii nahin diyya tune bheja hain kya kahin par''

She asked while walking inside the kitchen wearing a beautiful churridar

Ri:''nahin muskii maine kaka ko kahin bhii nahin bheja hain kaka kii tabiyat theek nahin hain tou vo isliyye aaram kar rahein hain aapnein room meiin oonki aankh lag gayyi hogii isliyye oonhone tujhe shayad reply nahin kiyya tujhe koi kam hain kaka se muskii mujhe bata den na''

She said and muskaan nodded and then she replied in a small tone

Mu:''ohh achaa actually mujhe oonse poochna tha kii merii blue vaali saree iron hokar aa gayyi hain kya?''

Ri:''ohh that blue with net sequences joo tujhe rahul bhayiya ne gift karii thii''

She asked remembering which saree she is talking about and muskaan nodded

Mu:''han vohii vaali ridzi''

Ri:''voo tou kal sham meiin hii gayyi thi mujhe lagta hain ironing board par hogii chal main detii hun''

She said remembering that her saree has come yesterday after getting drycleaned

Mu:''thanks so much ridzi vaise tuu aapna kam kar le main khud le lungi aur main bas abhie terii help karti hun sorry der ho gayyi mujhe aaj tujhe akele''

But riddhima cut her in between while saying to her that

Ri:''its ok muskii kabhie kabhi ho jaata hain so please no sorries''

She said while start cutting fruits for armaan's fruit basket

Mu:''thanks so much ridzi sachii meiin you are the best ridzi''

And riddhima gives her a warm smiled as she hugged her sideways and before riddhima can say anything it was rahul who butted in saying to muskaan

Ra:''chal aab riddhima ko makhan baad meiin mar lena muskaan ooski thodi help kar den subhh se akele hii kam kar rahii hain voo''

Mu:''han tou main vohii kar rahii hun terii advice kii zarurat nahin hain mujhe''

She said giving him a glare as he is the only one because of him she is not on time and here he is giving her all the advices

Ri:''achaa achaa rahul bhayiya bas kijiye aur muskii tuu bhi bas kar please kam karen hum''

Mu:''ha ridzi vaise tuu kya bana rahii hain breakfast meiin''

Ar:''tum sab ke favourite methi ke paranthe bana rahii hain riddhima''

Before riddhima can reply it's armaan who replied her and muskaan gives him a smile and

Mu:''areey vah ridzi methi ke paranthe oonke saath thodi sii lima beans kii sabzi kaisi rahegi aur pudine kii chatni''

She said getting excited with the breakfast menu and hearing her armaan actually frowned she has actually put her demands as riddhima off course has to prepare lunch that too alone but to his horror his dear wifey has some other plans for torturing him more with her careless attitude so he heard her saying

Ri:''off course muskii i have already cut the lima beans and now after cutting these fruits for armaan's fruit basket i will wash pudina for chatani and will makes lassi off course with this paranthas and sabzi what say han''

Mu:''perfect vaise hero ke liyye fruit basket kyoon is he does not going to eat methi parnathas''

Ri:''nahin muskii armaan methi ke paranthe nahin khate hain''

Mu:''ohh achaa fir tuu kuch aur bana letii aab dekh kam kitna badh gayya yar''

She said and riddhima off course riddhima her self she whispered

Ri:''so what baaki sab tou kahte hain naa aur armaan kee liyye main kuch aur bana doongi naa''

She said and armaan looked at her and shakes his head this girl he always fails to understand

Mu:''achaa theek hain vaise laa den i will try to made the lima beans vegetable today vaise''

Ra:''no please riddhima''

Before riddhima can say anything rahul speaks up rather than speaks he literally shouted and this makes everyone alarmed and riddhima looked at him shocked she even was going to drop thebowl on floor and

Ar:''raool dimag kharab hain kyat era aisee kyoon chilla rahaa hain hum behre nahin hain aur nikki padh rahii hain aur kaka is resting are you mad?''

He said while scolding him for shouting like this almost giving them heart attack

Ra:''nahin ammy main pagal nahin hun par riddhima please yar muskii se kuch bhi karva lo par is se yeh sabzi mat banvana otherwise she will messed up like anything yad hain peechli bar i did not able to eat anything after eating this vegetable of hers so please mujh par day karoo aur mujhe aaj kii meetin attend karni zaruri hain nahin tou main naa breakfast nahin kar rahaa hun''

He said remembering how muskaan messed this vegetable four times and riddhima just looked at him while muskaan pouted and armaan is aconfused when this is all happened he did not remember anything he suddenly feels like that he does not many things that happned in his home from the time she comes here

Mu:''rahul vo tou mujhse galti se ho gayya aaj mujhe ridzi sikhayegi hain naa ridzi''

Riddhima nodded with a smiled but then only rahul just

Ra:''riddhima please tum aisaa kuch nahin larogi ammy bol naa ise please''

He said looking horrified and armaan just plainly or blankly said

Ar:''main kya kahun raool mujhe kaunsa pata hai anything about this aur vaise bhi basket ko akele hi kam karna hain so i don't know she will listen me or not''

Armaan him self did not knows what he said and riddhima looked at him in surprise and shocked his words just gives her the view that maybe he is angry but why and rahul and muskaan looked at him as if he actually get insane and rahul just speaks up while try hard to think what armaan actually wants to say and

Ra:''tuu tou pagal ho gayya hain sachii meiin khair mujhe samajh hii jaana chahiye tha tuu kaunsa yeh sab khata jo tujhe tension hogi but riddhima no please''

He said and then muskaan whimpered just hearing him

Mu:''rahul kyoon''

But riddhima cut them in middle as she is actually now pissed off with this continue stupidity first armaan and rahul and now rahul and muskaan if they can't help her why they are wasting so much time of hers god this is so difficult she does not knows how all the days mom used to handle this they are crazy so she

Ri:''chupp kijiye aap dono aagar merii help nahin kar sakte naa please mujhe pareshan mat kijiye jayiye yahan se aap main khuudd kar loongi armaan''

She said and armaan is shocked beyond limits she said this to him but why he did not even do anything were not it was muskaan and rahul fighting then why  he and riddhima looked at him with apologetic eyes as when she actually lossened her temper she was clearly burst on muskaan and rahul but then she corrected her self knowing she can't do that so she said armaan in the end naa and muskaan and rahul were shocked seeing her getting all hyper on armaan as

Ri:''han please jayiye aap yahan se aur rahul bhayiya aap bhi jayiye muskii nahin banayegi main hii bana doongi muskii baaki kaa breakfast dekh legii theek hain naa bhahiya aur muskii main tumhe fir kabhie aaram se sikha doongi banana aaj humare paas vaise bhi time nahin hain mujhe lunch kii bhi tayari karni hain naa so please i will teach you sometimes ok now please happy you both naa''

And rahul and muskaan nodded with a big smile and rahul even hugged her side ways saying

Ra:''thanks riddhima aur tumhare haath kii sabzi world's best sabzi thanks''

Ri:''anytime bhayiya''

Mu:''achha ridzi main tab tak yeh chutney bana detii hun theek hain naa''

She asked and riddhima nodded while saying to her that

Ri:''han theek hain muskaan bas thodi kam teekhe vaali pehle nikal dena armaan aur nikki kee liyye''

Muskaan nodded and armaan looked at her she did not dare to look at him as she just shouted on him with his no fault and her trance breaks as rahul called armaan

Ra:''armaan hum study meiin chal kar yeh discuss karen kya kuch clauses''

Armaan nodded and as rahul leaves for study he just said

Ar:''han rahul''

And then he turned to go but not before saying to riddhima

Ar:''basket mere liyye kuch special mat banana tumhare pas pehle hii bahut kam hain i will go with bread toast or jam toast even''

He said and riddhima looked at him he is so sweet so loved her and before she can reply to him he leaves from there only with rahul after giving her a perfect million dollar smile as he clearly understands why his riddhima shouted on her as he leaves from there riddhima with a sigh get back to her work with a small guilty smile.

It was almost past 10 and they have to leave for office in an hour and riddhima is already completed the breakfast making everything she all the time thinking that she should not actually shouted on armaan when he is not at all fault especially in front of muskaan and rahul bhayiya what so ever it is she is not allowed to shout on her husband in front of family members she did not understand what happens to her suddenly why she feels like this only and thinking about him she makes something very special for him too though he tells her not to but no if she can makes full breakfast then he is armaan the love of her life and his work never makes her tired so she makes especially for him hope he will notice it and now she is just about to set the table muskaaan is till here with her all the time she just went a few minutes ago as rahul called her as he must reached in his room for getting reday and thinking about getting reday her heart drifted armaan must be in room for getting ready riddhima already placed his suit for the day on bed she is thinking just after setting the table she will go and tie armaan's tie as he must be waiting for her so she is doing her work more fastly and as she finally turned with the bowl of vegetable to place it on table she saw him standing there on the kitchen door leaning on the door and looking at her with a million dollar smile adoring on his face she gasped she is so busy in her work that she did not feels when he comes and stands there and riddhima just stands there looking at him and armaan was him self busy in admiring her she is perfect just perfect she is doing all the work almost by her own with not even a single frown on her face and he loved the fact and they keeps on looking in each-other's eyes and they shared a perfect a beautiful eye-lock and they has a smiles on their faces and then finally armaan slowly start taking steps towards her not breaking his eye-contact with her and hearing his foor steps riddhima coming near her riddhima moved back and she hit the counter as armaan reached near her he blocked her way with his one hand placing on the counter and as riddhima looked at him with confusion and nervousness in her eyes he smiled he so loved when she gets all the way nervous in his presence he feels he falls in love with his naive basket again and as riddhima tried to moved away from him armaan moved closer and showed her something forwarding his hand and riddhima looked at him it was his tie and then only riddhima noticed that he is all ready to go to work till the time she is so busy in admiring him that she did not even noticed and armaan smiled seeing her expressions he is ready just his coat left and the tie which is the work of her darling wifey and then he leaned closer brushing his cheeks against hers making her gasped and looked at him self with so much intensity in her eyes that he wants to kiss her right there like no tomorrow but he controlled his senses and thinking she is off course not comfortable here and then but how can he control his desires so he just rubbed his cheeks against her so passionately that riddhima gasped very hard and she is about to says anything when armaan placed his palm on her lips making her shushed not allowing her to speak anything and riddhima looked at him what he is upto and armaan then holds her hand and then kissed her hands and then he speaks up

Ar:''maine socha kii aab merii pyaari sii biwi tou aaj hain busy bahut ose bahut dher saara kam hain tou main ose tang nahin karna chahta tha so main hii aa gayya yahan par aapni tie badhvane so biwi kya khayal hain aap merii iss nazeej kii tie bandh dengi please you see mujhe nahin bandhni ati aur you are so gud''

He said making her smile at his words and his wink and then riddhima smiled while she holds the tie in her hands and ready to tie the tiebut before that armaan is so busy seeing her like this in front of him whole sweaty with her few hairs on her forhead falling there and making her beautiful her saree pallu tucked in her waist leaving her waist bare making his senses go wild and then her back as her him self makes her bun leaving her back bare and he can see her upper back only he knows how he controlled him self when he stands there watching her on the door and now when she is almost pressing in his body it's actually getting very hard for himself to control and riddhima as try to push him inorder to makes him stand staright so that she can tie his tie armaan did not instead he shakes his head saying he will not do that instead he holds her bare waist and pressed them with his hands and riddhima feeling this trying to leaves from there but armaan is armaan so he just blocked his way makes her stands in between her hands's blocks he so loved her face as it with the close proximity getting turned all moments and he can bet he actually feels her shiver to when he just placed his hand on her waist near her navel though her navle is covered with her saree pallu but he is armaan her husband having all the rights over her so his fingers tracing near her waist and makes their way towards her navel riddhima just wants to leaves from there he is affecting her very badly and she knows if he would not stopped even she will lossesned to her desires now and she actually forgets that she is guilty and she has to apologize to him but as armaan is not ready to leave her instead with in a second riddhima feels that his palm not on her lips anymore instead they are covered with his lips.And before riddhima can react to that thing she feels armaan's lips nibbling on her lower lips making her freeze and she just without thinking anything give in the kiss and start nibbling his upper lips and armaan smiled in between as he feels her give in as this is the first time riddhima reacted immediately to his sudden kiss and nevertheless feeling this armaan start kissing her passionately taking her lower lips in between his and start chewing them passionately and riddhima did the same with his upper lips and taking his own time to chew her lower lips armaan moved to her upper lips allowing her to shit on his lower lips and this time riddhima chewed his lower lips passionately making armaan groaned and he start sucking her upper lips passionately taking them in between his lips he gives her the same passionate treatment which she was giving him the passionate treatment and all the time armaan's one hand in on her waist pulling her closer to himself and riddhima's both hands were at his back and things were getting out of control with each and every passing second as they continued to kiss each-other passionately and then only armaan bited her lower lips in the moment and riddhima moaned in pleasure and he takes his chance and rolled his tongue in her mouth and riddhima obliged it and he stat exploring her mouth with his tongue and riddhima too rolled her tongue inside his mouth and they explored each and every inch of each-other's mouth and as soon their tongues met each-other they danced in pleasure they swallowed each-other's saliva as they fought for dominanace and as soon armaan feels her tongue near his teeth he even with the flow of moment bite her tongue making her moan in pain and armaan gasped as he somewhere registered that moan of hers and he licked her tongue with his making her lessen her pain but that sensous action of his makes riddhima gasped very hard and she clutched his hirt at his back and feeling her hand at his back even armaan forgets everything he while caressing her lips with his tongue and her tongue he moved out from the kiss as both of them were breathless and hen armaan just looked at her face she is panting very hard and armaan saw her flushed face and seeing her face he could not able to stop himself he buried his face in her nape and start placing kisses her all over there her neckline he placed the wet kisses there and his hands atrt moving on her bare waist as he tucked her pallu aside his hands have their own frequency to roam all over her waist freely and he so loved feeling her bare waist in his hands and with his another hand at her back he opened the clutch of her hairs and let them open freely ashe liked and as he has his own reasons to he can enjoy her bare deep back while hiding his hands under her long hairs he smirked as he placed the ardent kisses on her neck and even licked her neck with his tongue and that makes riddhima pushed her head sideways as she can't take his sensous actions more but for armaan it's his oown pleasure as with riddhima's oushing her head sideways it gives armaan more access to her flawless skin and he so enjoyed the feeling and he even tarced her long neck first with his nose tip and then kisses it hard and then licked it and riddhima just moaned in pleasure unable to hold herself she engaged her hands in his jet black hairs that did nothing but aroused him more and here armaan's another hand reached near her navel and was making imaginary patterns around her navel and the another hand at her back busy in playing with the strap of her blouse she finds this so amazing that how he loved playing with that thin barrier of the cloth at her back whenever she wears sarees and armaan just kissed her pulse point and his fingers was making his way towards her navel and riddhima suddenly realized where they are so she pushed him immediately and armaan was startled with her sudden push

Ar:''basket kyaa''

He just frowned why on the earth she has to disturb their moment while looking at her as she met his gaze she just whispered

Ri:''hum kitchen''

She could not even completed her sentence as she feels so shy she immediately start straighting her saree aware maybe anyone can walked inside and armaan smiled now he gets it why his wifey pushed him and he comes near her as she turned her back to him and he put his head on her shoulder while locking his hands on her tummy making her blushed more as his hands comes in direct contact with her bare tummy and armaan just kissed her on her cheek making her smiled and hen armaan nuzzled in her nape making  her gasped hard and before she can says anything

Ri:''armaan please''

Ar:''love you jaan''

And then he turned her making her face to himself and then armaan handled her the tie which is long forgotton on counter and riddhima smiled an dtakes the tie and start tieing his tie and armaan smiled seeing her red face how much he is proud that he has that affect on her as she is tying his tie armaan locked his hand around her waist and pulled her closer and riddhima looked at him surprisingly

Ar:''kya aab yar merii biwi ho tou pakad tou sakta hii hun naa''

He said dramatically and riddhima nodded her head either ways seeing his nautanki and she keeps on busy in her work tieing his tie while armaan was busy in hiw own work pleasuring himself while romancing with his wifey he not leaves a single spot of her waist where he did not caressed her making it difficult and

Ri:''armaan kya hain chodo''

This time riddhima stopped him as she could not able to tie his tie with his hand pressing her waist clutching it and sometimes tickling and piching it


He just said enjoying her face and expressions and then she just

Ri:''armaan badmashi mat karo nahin tou i will not tie''

Ar:''arey aisee kaise''

As she said while galring at him armaan smiled and pecked her nose whiel riddhima glared at him armaan

Ar:''kya hain yar aab romance bhi nahin karne detii ho tum basket''

Ri:''armaan mujhe kam hain tum aaoni nautnaki baad meiin karna seedhe khade ho jao nahin tou main nahin bandhungi''

She said threatingly and armaan smiled and then again pecked her nose tip gosh he loved her

Ar:''aise kaise main tou merii biwi se hii bandhavonga''

Ri:''tou seedhe khade rahoo tum''

Ar:''ohk jaana i will pakka''

He said and riddhima smiled and armaan too gives her a wide smile

Ri:''good boy''

She smiled and kissed his cheeks and armaan flashed his dimples

Ar:''oye hoyye''

And then riddhima again start tieing his tie and armaan did not do any naughtiness just keeps on staring at her though his staring also arises gives hr goose bumps all over her skin still she manages and then suddenly armaan rolled her few strands and then placed them behind her ear and riddhima shivered and

Ri:''armaan kya''

Ar:''areey yar koi shaitani nahin kar raha tha main bas keh rahaa tha kii i loved my basket's open hair vo bahut sundar lagti hain jab yeh zulfen ooske saath khelti hain naa jaan ooski zulfen jab ooske chehre ko chu kar mujhe chu jaati hain mujhe gudgudati hain naa ooski zulfe tou aisee lagta hain zindagi meiin sab kuch hain naa jaan''

He said and riddhima smiled and then she finally tied his tie and closed his buttons and armaan kissed her temple and

Ar:''jaldi nahin ho gayya jaan''

Riddhima giggled and then she pecked his cheeks and then only she

Ri:''love you too armaan''

As she confessed back her feelings armaan has his million dollar smile flashing his dimples

Ar:''oye hoyye''

And then he untucked her pallu from her saree and then riddhima just

Ri:''armaan chalo bahar baitho breakfast ke liyye tab tak main nikki ko boola kar laati hunn''

She said and armaan smiled as she picked the juice jar from fridge

Ar:''tum rooko basket main bulata hun nikki ko''

Riddhima nodded and armaan left with a wink to call nikki and till the time armaan back with nikki rahul, muskaan is already settled on table with riddhima is going to settle too and seeing them she pulled out teh chair for nikki while armaan settled on his chair too and muskaan served everyone while armaan looked in his plate as he finds his favourite pizza he looked towards his basket who gives him a smile and she giggled seeing that surprise look on his face she so imagined this kind of reaction only after seeing his favourite pizza and armaan just keeps on looking at her she is one of her kind he so loved her and then to break his trance riddhima winks at him and armaan smiled nd gives her his best smiled and then as muskaan served rahul and riddhima too she is about to makes a plate for nikki too who is still busy in studying with her head buried in her books well this is the routine scene of Mallik household whenwver her exams are going on so everybody knows but finding muskaan is about to gives her breakfast she

Ni:''nahin bhabhi mujhe nahin khana hain mujhe bhookh nahin hain bhabhi''

She said and muskaan looked at her then she retorted saying

Mu:''lekin nikki tuu sham tak bhookhi kaise rahegi chal thoda sa kha le tuu''

She said affevctionately but nikki having her exam tension just

Ni:''nahin bhabhi bilkul bhi man nahin hain aap log continue kijiye please thanks''

And again she start reading and muskaan was about to say something

Mu:''lekin nikki''

But then riddhima speaks in between saying to her that

Ri:''rehne dete hain muskii aagar nikki kaa man nahin hain tou tuu aapna breakfast kar aaram se''

Mu:''par ridzii''

But riddhima blinked her eyes in assurance and muskaan nodded and settled while strat eating her breakfast as whiel rahul and armaan shakes their head this is the usual thing for them unlike riddhima and muskaan as they knows nikki in her exam tension just forgets everything and anything and armaan's eyes settled on riddhima as he is about to say something to her that now she too eat but then he finds her making a plate for he thought it's for herself and then as he saw her as she just

Ri:''nikki zara sa please is paranthe meiin mujhe namak batayegi kii theek hain naa vo maine naa rahul bhayiya  se poocha tha par oonke muh meiin naa cookies ka taste hain so please tuu just one bite kha kar batayegi kya kii yeh theek bane hainn kya mujeh pata nahin chala please''

And nikkin looked at her bhabzz and opened her mouth and riddhima put the morsel in her mouth and nikki start eating it and then she said

Ni:''bhabzz thekk hain yeh infact bahut achaa bana hain yeh bhabzz''

And riddhima smiled hearing her and then she looked at her as she finds her again getting engrossing in her books riddhima smiled and then slow

Ri:''chal fir nikki theek hain tuu yeh vaala parantha finish kar len naa''

She said and nikki did not says anything just reads and riddhima knows her tactic is worked up so she start making small morsels and start feeding nikki and nikki who is till now is clumsy to eat easily eating with just her mouth opening and chewing whiel riddhima keeps on feeding her and rahul and muskaan and armaan keeps on looking at her, muskaan with surprise how she managed to makes nikki eat and rahul looked at her off course she can do this only she is riddhima after all and armaan admired her she is the best and he so loved her whenever she did something like this he feels he did all the right things to deserve her and he loved the fact that he is true that his family is hers too and riddhima at each step makes sure that this is her family and they all belongs with her and then rahul and armaan's eyes met and they smiled looking at their baby sister who is easily tackled by riddhima and they adored her remembering how their mom used these kind of tactics for them and they feels blissful having riddhima in their family while muskaan is smiling and thinking she has to learn from ridzi so much she is actually the best and here riddhima is busy making nikki eat and finally she managed to feed her the whole parantha even nikki did not noticed that she has eaten it and ridhima smiled she knows mom used to do something like this so she too applied and she is suuceesful and as she finished feeding her she poured a glass of milk for her and as she is about to gives her nikki whined just seeing the sight of milk

Ni:''bhabzz please main is nahin peene vaali ise peekar mujhe abhie neend aa jaayegi aur main padh bhi nahin paungi please bhabzz naa''

And riddhima smiled and she leaves the glass on table and looked at the trip who still now did not eat their breakfast she frowned and then she as

Ri:''aap log kha kyoon nahin rahein hain main kisii ko bhi breakfast fir se bana kar nahin doongi rahul bhayiya muskii aur especially armaan aapko khud ooth kar aapna pizza garam karna padega dfir mat kaheyiyga mujhe aur bhi kam hain so please help your self main aap sabko nahin khilaungi''

She said and all smiled seeing her and hearing her but then only armaan smirked and he in order to tease her just speaks in his deep husky voice

Ar:''han bhaii aap tou bas aapni pyaari nikki koo khilayengi naa hum becharon kee bare meiin kaun sochta hain kyoon rahul aaj dekh tuu riddhima kaa favourite hain naa oosnein tujhe bhi side line kar diyya aaj''

He said dramatically making riddhima shakes her head seeing his nautnaki and seeing armaan winked ta him arhul too joined with him

Ra:''han yar ammy vaise riddhima mujeh tumse yeh ummed nahiin thi''

He said and riddhima's mouth opened in shock she never knows that rahul bhayiya too joined armaan with his nautanki and then armaan just

Ar:''han rahul kar kya sakte hain vaise chal humare pas muskii hain naa muskii tuu ou humein khilla hii sakti hain naa dekh naa terii pyaari jethani ko tou humari koi parvah hii nahin hain kii hum kuch khaye yaa naa tuu tou aisa nahin karegi naa humare saath muskii yar please humein tera hii sahara hain tuu tou humein bhookha nahin rakhegi naa muskii naa see terii jethani ko tou kisii ke liyye fursat hii nahin hain naa''

He said in most innocent way to muskaan and muskaan smiled and then 

Mu:''han hero kyoon nahin main tujhe kabhie bhookha rakh sakti hun kya tuu tou mera sabse achaa dost hain naa ruk main tujhe khilati hun''

She said and riddhima smiled seeing that scene in front of her and she smiled and shakes her head while she served herself with one parantha

Ra:''oye muskii tuu mujeh kyoon bhull rahii hain main bhii hun yahan par tera patii mere saath hii aisaa kyoon hota hainn yar dost dost naa raha aur pyaar pyaar naa rahaa aee zindagi humein tera aitbar naa raha''

He sang while looking at riddhima and then muskaan while everyone giggled riddhima feels bad for him she is about to say something when

Ni:''kya hain rahul bhaii aapna fata hua dhol band kijiye na kyoon shor macha rahein hain aap main padh rahii hun yahan par aapn bhi naa bas''

Ar:''han raool nikki sahii keh rahii hain please aapna fata hua dhol band kar vaise hii bhookh ke mare haalta khrab ho rahii ho aur aab tuu bhi bas''

He said and rahul frowned hearing his siblings and then he pouted while saying to them as 

Ra:''han han tuu tou yehii kahega naa merii biwi tujhe khilane tou lagii hain kha naa bas 1 merii hii fikar nahin hain kisii ko had hoti hain aab main gab hi nahin sakata''

He said with a frown and then only riddhima whispered seeing that situation out of control she knows now there will surely start silly argument again and she surely does not wants that so she speaks up in

Ri:''ohk fine please koi kuch nahin kahege muskii tuu rahul bhayiya ko khila den naa yar aur armaan khud kha lenge aapne haathon se muskii yar feel bhayiya''

She said and rahul showed a victory sign to armaan when armaan speaks up in between

Ar:''kyoon maine kya bigada hain tumhara basket khud khilati nahin ho aab muskii khilla rahii hain tou osmein bhi tumhe jalan ho rahii hain had hain yar''

He said with a pout as muskaan makes him have a bite of pizza and riddhima just looks at him sometimes he really feels a child she just try

Ri:''armaan par''

But she is cut short in between as muskaan speaks up

Mu:''koi baat nahin hain ridzi main donow ko khilla detii hun''

She said as she picked rahul's plate too and then she start feeded him too in between and riddhima just nodded with a smile seeing the love of the family and she admired and send a silen prayer to her god that her family will keep united like this and they loved each-other like this only. And they finally finished their breakfast like this manner and riddhima looked at them all the time the trio they looks so cute and then as everyone has their juices or coffess riddhima looked at nikki and she knows time to makes her drink her milk and then she finally picked the glass of mik as she knows she has to makes her drink as nandini mom tells her nikki needs milk in her exam time especially so she just called her while thinking about something knowing that it will be tough task as

Ri:''nikki chalo please drink your milk now then go and take bath baby''

She said catching nikki and everyone's attention on the table and nikki as

Ni:''nahin bhabzz main ise nahin peene vaali hun please bhabzz nahin naa''

She said and before riddhima can speaks anything the landline phone buzzed and armaan went and answered the call and he spoke gleefully

Ar:''hey  beautiful kaise hain aap you know i missed you so much''

Na:''hey handsome i am fine how are you even i am missing you'' 

Ar:''ye mom i am fine vaise dada kaise hain aap log theek se pahunch gayye naa''

Na:''yea maani your dad is fine aur vaise gharr par sab kaise chal rahaa hain armaan sab theek tou hain naa aur koi pareshani tou nahin hui naa''

As she speaks her sentence left in between as she heard the voices in between as there is riddhima manofying nikki to have her milk while rahul is saying armaan to get up as he sat in between him and muskii and armaan chuckled hearing his mom's question there is right everything in their home he so wants to tell his mom about today's eventful morning but these voices can never gives him the chance as he finds riddhima looking at him with so much love and he smiled at his wife off course mom is right all is perfectly fine with just nandini mallik's daughter-in-law riddhima armaan mallik an as his trance breaks with as

Na:''maani beta are you there everything is fine naa manni beta riddhima nikki, muskaan aur rahul aur ramu sab theek tou hain naa maani beta naa?''

As armaan did not speaks up for some minutes nandini asked him and armaan smiled and then replied with a smile to his mom who impatient

Ar:''han mom yahan par sab ache hain aur aapko sun hii raha hogaa peeche kii sab perfect fit and fine hain jaise aap chod kar gayye thi mom''

And before armaan can continure nandini heard nikki's voice as she just

Ni:''nahin bhabzz mujhe nahin peena hain yeh please naa bhbzz please''

She said and hearing this nandini giggled and then she whispered that

Na:''maani yeh nikki hain naa kyon tang kar rahii hain yeh riddhima ko''

Ar:''as usual mom oosks subhh roz vala ose milk nahin peena hain mom''

Na:''oh i can sense this actually poor riddhima ose sab bahut tang kar rahein honge naa subhh se ose sabne pareshan kar diyya hogaa naa just''

She said thinking about riddhima's condition how she will surely in problem knowing her crazy family and her sweet daughter who must be busy in fulfilling all the desires of her crazy family without even a single frown she smiled and then as she heard the one voice clearly as maybe armaan is not holding the phone properly and hearing her voice she knows she is having what she is doing clearly what she is thinking clearly

Ri:''nikki please pi le na bacha i promise is se tujhe neend nahin aayegi i promise bacha tujhe aapni bhabzz par trust nahin hain kya maine kya tujhe kabhie bhi jhooth bolungi bacha maine aaj tak bola hain kya tujhe''

She said in pampering voice and nandini smiled hearing her she her darling riddhima is gem of person she knows but now she is worried

Na:''maani riddhima kar kya rahii hain aur nikki ko phone den zara main poochun oos se ki kyun ose bematalab se riddhima ko pareshan kar rahii hain phone den ose''

Nandini said in frowned voice what is the problem does not nikki knows that her bhabzz must be all alone doing the work and then why nikki as

Ar:''oh ho mom take it easy vaise bhi nikki ne tuu itnaa pareshan kiyya bhi nahin riddhima ko baaki sabne jitna kiyya hain aur aap tou jaanti hain nikki ko riddhima kitna easily manage kar leti hain oosnein nikki ko breakfast bhi kara diyya hain mom par that's true that kii baaki sabne bhi pareshan kiyya hain ose mom aur well as you says aapki pagal bahu sab kuch akele hii manage kar rahii hain mom so bas baat itni sii hain na''

He said and nandini somewhere knows this but that does not means that it will going to turns true as she knows armaan never tells a lie and she is wondering actually if nikki is not troubling her bhabzz then who is there

Na:''matlab kya hain maani aagar nikki ne riddhima ko pareshan nahin kiyya tou kaun hain jo riddhima ko pareshan kar rahaa maani is that you son?''

Ar:''nahin mom maine kuch bhi nahin kiyy aur aap jaanti hain main ose vasie pareshan kar sakta hun par aisee nahin naa mom jaise vo kam meiin pareshan ho rahii hain mom vo bhi akele akele mom bas yeh sirff hain aur i swear mom maine sach meiin ose kuch nahin kaha maine tou yeh bhi bola kii main sirff bread jam khakar chale jaunga mom she has lots of work to do she has not working much so very much sachii mom''

He said and now nandini thinks what is going on here and before she as

Na:''kyoon armaan kya baat ho gayyi vo akele kyoon kam kar rahii hain?''

She asked but before armaan can answer her she heard him calling as

Ni:''armaan bhaii aap kiske saath baat kar rahein hain yahan aayiye bhabzz aapko bolla rahii hain aapne breakfast bhi beech meiin choda hain''

She said and armaan first answered to his darling mom while looking at riddhima who is asking him to comes and finished hsi breakfast as he as

Ar:''mom dekha riddhima ne ise milk pila diyya tou yeh chilla rahii hain aur nikki mom se baat kar rahaa hun she has called from Delhi nikki jii''

He answered both of them and just hearing that armaan is talking with nandini everyone on dining table smiled and shrieked in laughter and

Ni:''bhaii aap pehle nahin bata sakte the kii aap mom se baat kar rahein hain''

Mu:''han hero humein bhi tou mom se baat karni hain naa yar kyoon nahin bataya''

Ra:''areey chodo yar yeh kyoon batayega ise hii tou sabse zayada mom se baat karni hotii hain naa''

He said while giving armaan a glare and nandini shakes her head they are mad and crazy but she loved her children and next moment she heard her son's retrot how he will keep quiet when the others were snapping at him so he snapped back next moment as she heard him says

Ar:''achaa mujh par kyoon chilla rahein ho tum logon ko hii tantrums throw karne se fursat mille tou pata chalega kii aas-pas kya ho raha hain tumhare subhh se riddhima ko pareshan kar rahein ho mill kar aur aab mujhe hii keh rahein ho nikki tujhe fursat mill gayyi milk peekar aur muskii-rahul tum logon ne aapni tom-jerry chod diyya toy baat kar lo mom se ap sab mahan log fir mujhe par chillaoge kii maine nahin diyya''

He said sarcastically and all looked at him somewhere they knows he is saying the truth they all are so busy that they even did not not realized armaan did not comes back from the very long time as he went to take the call and they realized this thing only when riddhima nudged nikki to call him as she is the only one who us looking at him waiting for him that so he can joined and compelet his breakfast and as rahul tried to retrot

Ra:''tujhe badii problem ho rahii hain aur vaise bhi riddhima ko jab koii bhi problem nahin hain oosnein tou nahin kaha kii humne ose pareshan nahin kiyya tou tuu kyun falltu meiin hum par chadhe jaa rahaa hain bematlab se had hain terii bhi jelous kahin kaa kii riddhima ka favourite main hun naa''

As  rahul speaks thia armaan looked at him from where does this stupidity comes when he said something about this he was about to retrot back when riddhima knows she has to butted in otherwise it will gone worse

Ar:''rahul tuuu''

Ri:''kuch nahin stop it aap sab log shayan bhull rahein hain kii mom phone par hain humein oonse baat karni hain aur rahul bhayiya mujeh koi problem nahin hain please aur armaan rehne dijiye naa sbako baat karne dijiye naa mom se''

She said and armaan looked at her in disbelief what did he do here he is thinking about her only and what she is doing tell him to stop talking he frowned while riddhima looked at him with pleading eyes and here nandini hearing all the commotion knows now her maani will be angry on his wife and she have to manofy her but she knows one thing her darling younger son rahul needed a class and she mentally makes a note to give him that very soon and then only armaan put the phone on speaker saying

Ar:''yeh lo karoo baat vaise maine kab mana kiyya tha tum logon ko ainvey hii bas mujh par chadhe jaa rahein the sab kee sab hmph naa''

He said and as soon he put the phone on speaker rahul and nikki shouted at the very same time gleefully and nandini laughed at this naa



Na:''one minute children hii nikki hii rahul''

Ni:''hey mom kaise hain aap''

Na:''i am fine bacha aap kaise ho looks like troubling your bhabzz''

Ni:'' i am fine too mom aur nahin mom maine bhabzz ko bilkul bhi pareshan nahin kiyya aapna milk bhi pi liyya maine aur breakfast bhi kar liyya hain naa bhzbzz''

Nikki said in her defence and nandini smiled while riddhima gives her a very big smile as she put her hands around riddhima's shoulders

Na:''that's good bacha aur all the very best aapke exam ke liyye aur bahbzz ko zayda pareshan mat kariyo bacha''

Ni:''jii mom thanks mom dad kaise hain aur kahan hain''

Na:''beta vo neeche hain reception par kuch kam hain and he is fine''

Ra:''mom main bhi hun yahan''

Ni:''yes my dear son i was coming to you so kaisa hain aap''

Ra:''i am fit and fine mom''

Ar:''han off course doosron ko trouble dene vaala khud tou fit and fien hogaa hii''

He muttered under his breath and rahul gives him the look and

Ra:''kuch kahaa kya tune armaan''

Ar:''nahin main kyun kuch kahunga tuu mom se baat kar naa''

Ra:''armaan tuu''

Na:"cut it maani rahul mujhse baat karni hain rahul tujhe''

Ra:''yea mom kaisa hain aap''

Na:''main theek hun aur tuu bata kaisa chal rahaa hain riddhima aur tera chatting sessions aur muskaan kee saath terii fights''

Ra:''mom its going comlpletely rocking off course fights bhii''

He said and nandini smiled but then she just could not help but speaks

Na:''matlab riddhima subh se kitchen meiin hain kya?''

Ra:''yes mom jab se main ootha hun tabse tou ise vahin dekha hain maine''

He said casually did not understands nandini's hidden meaning in his mom's words and riddhima who know now mom can easily gets hyper she just speaks

Ri:''namastey mom how are you aur papa kaise hain mom?''

Na:''khush rahoo riddhima aur aapke papa bilkul perfect hain''

Mu:''mom aap log theek se pahunch gayye naa''

Na:''han muskaan khush rahoo beta we are fine''

And nandini knows riddhima did this deliberately as she knows otherwise everyone will be trouble she smiled and shaked her head

Na:''achaa riddhima beta sabka dhayan rakh rahii hain aap aapna mat bhull jaana aur ramu kii help le lena''

Ri:''jii mom i am fine aap log khub enjoy kariye aur humari tension mat lijiye mom aap''

Ar:''yea mom she is right aap log enjoy kariye yahan kii tension mat lijiye''

Armaan supported her as he knows she does not wants to tell mom about ramu kaka's illness otherwise he surely knows she will cancelled her trip and leave the trip and comes back in next flight and this is the least they wanted so armaan though is angry with her just supported her and nandini knows that her children wants to enjoy her and karan especially her maani and riddhima so she thinks to to pull it more she will be back and then takes class of the one and only Rahul Riddhima Mallik so now as she

Na:''ok beta aap sab aapna dhayan rakhiyega bye bacha riddhima beta dhayan rakhna in sab paglon ka bye manni love you nikki, muskaan rahul will miss you see you soon''

And all the mallik children shouted too back on the phone

Mc:''bye mom take care we will miss you too and enjoy mom say hii to dada''

And then they hungs up nandini with a smile as she is thinking how she is blessed with world's best daughter-in-law and she silenty sends a prayer to her god now this girl will have her happiness and here in mallik mansion all were so much happy after talking with nandini whatsoever is they are missing their parents off course. And after few more minutes everything is back to normal completely riddhima cleared the dining table and till the time armaan and rahul decided that rahul will leaves for the office while armaan went directly to the meeting and nikki is in her room off course and muskaan have to go somewhere and this actually pissed off armaan can't she see that riddhima is all alone so as soon she said to riddhima that she will be there with her at home but riddhima off course ridhima tells her to go and enjoy and she will be manage and muskii just with few apprehensions agreed with riddhima and went to get ready and seeing this armaan just has nothing to sigh he silently went to study to study his report because from morning riddhima and her caring attitude today actually making him pissed like anything off course so he silently after giving her a look went from there and riddhima sighed she is in trouble off course and moreover she maybe hurt him too and she just finishing her work that is nothing went towards the study she knows they needs to talk and she off course wants to do that as much as possible as she finds armaan's face has worriedness for her and she did not wants him to makes more worry and few things they must be understand so she walked towards the study as soon she reached there and as soon she entered in the study she finds armaan sitting on the arm chair with his palm massaging his temple and his file is in his lap may be his project file and she slowly moved towards him and she sat there on the arm rest and then she rubbed his temple over his hand and he looked at her he knows she is there off course how will he didn't knows that thing he can sense her presence in the wind only and riddhima looked at him as he averted his gaze after giving her a look she knows he is angry with her and well she knows somewhere she deserves his wrath he is always against of her extra caring nature this makes him always worried for him and he as well gets frustrated on her also she knows this so this is bound to happen she keeps on massaging his temple as armaan then pulled his hand back from his temple and riddhima smiled he is such a cute baby sometimes and before she can did anything armaan after pushing her hand away from his temple without meting her gaze says

Ar:''thanks so much but i don't need it tum please jao yahan se mujhe bahut kaam hain i have to study this file so please tum jao yahan se na''

He said and riddhima did not bdged even from there she is expecting something like this from him only so she just makes more comfortable and then wrapped her arms around his neck little bit moving near him leaning over him and armaan for a minute is surprised with her action

Ar:''riddhima kya kar rahii ho jaoo tum yahan se mujhe yeh file padhni hain meeting se pehle tum jao yahan se jaakar kuchh aur dekho naa i must say you have lots of work for yourself fulfilling muskaan and rahul's desires so please help yourself baby but please leave me in peace''

He said and riddhima did not let him go just enveloping her arms more around his neck after taking the file from his hands and armaan looked at her annoyingly

Ar:''riddhima tum pagal ho gayyi ho merii meeting hain aaj mujhe do file abhi ke abhi mujhe padhni hain riddhima give it back to me''

Riddhima smiled at his annoyingness and kissed his cheeks making him frowned

Ri:''armaan i know meeting hain''

Ar:''good you know naa so give my file back to me''

He said and try to gets back to his file from his hands and

Ri:'' yea par mujhe yeh bhi i know kii tum padh nahin rahein ho pati parmeshwar''

She said giggling while giving him another kiss on his cheek

Ar:''riddhima stop it now give me back my file right now riddhima''

He said this time sternly and little bit loudly too as he gets up and riddhima looked at him as she just worried

Ri:''i am sorry armaan''

She said with little voice and armaan looked at her as her voice little slower down

Ar:''basket yaar please i am so messed up right now please''

He said while lowering his head and riddhima looked at him as she nods but she knows one thing too she loved him so she can't leave like this so she leaned closer to him and putting the file on the table and she cupped his face in her warm palms making him look at herself and said to him that

Ri:''mujhse gussa ho naa armaan''

She said and armaan this times did not speak anything just nodded his head as he is angry with her more than angry he is irriatted with her and she knows

Ri:''tou gussa karo na mujh par aisee chupp-chapp mat rahoo naa is se tum aur main sirff pareshan hii ho rahein hain naa aur mujhe aisaa kuch nahin chahiye''

Armaan looked at her as off course she is right if they will not talk it will gets worsen true he loved her and worried for her but what he is doing right now this is going ends up hurting her only so he knows he has to say

Ar:''i am sorry basket mujhe tumse baat karni chahiye''

Ri:''i know and it's ok ab kar lete hain hum log kyoon''


And riddhima smiled and makes him sit there on the couch and she settled beside him and then she just

Ri:''haan tou aab bolo mere pyaar se pati dev kii aap aapni riddhima se gussa kyoon hain?''

She said as she holds his hand in hers and armaan did not speaks for sometime then riddhima again

Ri:''acha tou aap nahin kahenge let me guess aap isiliyye pareshan hain aur gussa bhi kyunki aapki riddhima ne subh se itna kaam kiyya hain naa armaan''

She said and armaan looked at her then this riddhima's words makes him feels she knows everything and then just to probed him she whispered

Ri:''armaan tum''

And this is enough for armaan as her plan works she probed him to his limit and next moment she heard him saying

Ar:''han hun main gussa tumse kyunki tumhe pata haiin tum pagal ho main tangg aa chukka hun tumhari iss Extra caring nature se bachpan se hii tumse narza rahha hun pehle tou sirff aapne aap ko bhull kar mera hii dhayan rakhti thi aur aab tout um pagal hii ho gayyi ho jaise sabki kya bolte hain ose far''

He fumbled in between and riddhima speaks in between completing this for him


Ar:''han vohii oonhein poore karne meiin tum khudd ko hii bhulte jaa rahii ho riddhima you know it's never like that kii mujhe aitraz hain tumhare kam karne meiin nahin koi problem nahin hain mujhe i loved the feeling kii that my family (she looked at him with a look and he corrected himself) han our family loves you so much par riddhima yaar oonhein bhi tou kabhie NO kehna sikho naa this is so wrong and i so hates you for this subhh se yahan vahan bhag rahii ho aur sabka dhayan rakhte rakhte khud ka khayan rakha hain kabhie dekh liyya tha maine subhh kitna khayan tumne hardly one paratha kyoon han batao''

Ri:''tum ho na mera armaan mera khayal rakhne kee liyye naa''

She said sweetly try to calm his temper while leaning towards his face but armaan moved a little bit back

Ar:''riddhima mujhse smar banane ki koshish mat karoo tum''

Ri:''areey par lekin''

She said with a frown and armaan looked at her saying

Ar:''han tou kya keh rahii thii tum kii main hun tumhara dhayan rakhne ko mujhe bhi kahan rakhne detii ho tum riddhima jab main bolna chahta tha vahan rahul ko kit um akele ho sab karne ko then you too shouted at me only aur then lag gayyi aapnein arhul bhayiya kii farmayishen what so ever poora karne meiin riddhima''

He shouted on her as when riddhima did not said anything just placed her head on his shoulder this calmed his temper a bit as she just needs him and he just and riddhima just said to him that while holds his hands

Ri:''armaan lekin mai bhi kya karti kaka kii tabiyat theek nahin thi naa tou oonka dhayan tou rakhna hii hain nahin tou vo mujhe kabhie bhi akele nahin karne dete kuch bhi armaan oonki bhi mazboori thi naa aur fir nikki kee tou exams hain armaan ooski care karna mera farz hii nahin main karna bhi chahti thi aur kya kiyya maine armaan bas tumhare liyye tumhara favourite banaya kyunki main tumhe kabhie bhi bhookhe pet nahiin jaane den sakti thi naa armaan i loved you so much naa armaan as well i loved our small little family so kya galat kiyya maine aagar maine mom kii absence meiin humari family ka dhayan rakha hain tou''

She said with lots of emotions in her voice and armaan smiled and caressed her hand with his ones and clasping her fingers with his only

Ar:''riddhima mujhe kisii cheej se takleef nahin hain mujhe koi problem nahin hain kii tumne ramu kaka kii dekh bhal karii it's required and i respect that riddhima and tumhe kuchh kehne kii zarurat nahin hain main jaanta hun kii aagar kaka kii tabiyat theek hotii tou tumhe akele nahin chodte aur main agree bhi karta hun is baat se riddhima aur nikki i know baby and i am really very proud kii tumne nikki ka bilkul mom ke jaise dhayan rakha hain so koi problem nahin aur i know nikki needs this time her bhabzz too as you will be the only one who can tackle her aur donow helpers ki holiday bhi not your fault but baby my only problem is''

He said and stopped in between and riddhima looked at him what he is mentioning somewhere she thinks she is thinking right where this leads

Ri:''tuu kya problem hain armaan batao naa please tell me armaan naa''

She said and armaan looked at her and then he sighed he has to tell her

Ar:''mujhe problem hain riddhima tumhare oos darling rahul bhayiya se ose nahin dikh rahaa tha kii how you wre working aur muskaan bhi riddhima i mean vo bhi yaar tou is gharr ki daughter-in-law hain tou kya ooski koi responsibility hain ya nahin iss gharr kii taraf riddhima i know tum badi ho riddhima tumhari zayada hain par kya vo tumhari help nahin kar sakti thodi sii riddhima had hain yaar matlab aur rahul aisee tou bahut pyaar karta hain tumse par riddhima vo muskaan se kyoon nahin kehta kii tum akeli ho had hain yar i mean sirff oopar se hii hain kya ooski care yaar riddhima vo tou door vo tou tumhe khud hii itna sab bol rahaa tha mujhe is sab baton se problem hain and i don't like it naa''

He finally blurted all the things and riddhima looked at him in disbelief she somewhere expecting this but he is so annoyed this she did not imagined at all as she knows he so loved her that's why his worriedness for her is understandable and his angrerness towards too is she knows but she never knows he is at this level angry with muskaan and rahul bhayiya and this is so unlike armaan but somewhere she knows he is right at his place too but he has to understand that there is some difference between muskaan and his riddhima and she knows only she can make him understand about those difference otherwise he will not be in peace

Ri:''armaan sweetheart''

She called him slowly and armaan looked at her as riddhima comes closer to him as she pecked his lips and then she hugged him and he engulfed his arms too around her and then riddhims ever so softly

Ri:''armaan merii baat soono dhayan se main maanti hun tumhara muskii se naraz hona bilkul sahii hain armaan aur rahul bhayiya se bhi armaan i know muskii kii bhi responsibility hain aur rahul bhayiya kii bhi ose kehne banta hain par armaan oonki shaadi ko abhie time hii kitna hua hain just 5 months armaan jinmein se one month they have on their Honeymoon technically jut 4 months naa armaan tou ose sab samjahne meiin time tou lagega hii aur just 5 months kii wedding meiin yeh sab hota hii hain der se oothna and all armaan aur fir vo poori try kar rahii hain armaan merii help karne kii jab vo ati hain ooth kar so armaan  humara ose kuch bhi kehna galat hoga armaan 5 months poorani shaadi meiin tou pyaar kaa rang hii nahin ootra hota armaan''

She said while cupping his cheeks in her plams making him looks in her eyes and armaan looked at in her eyes and his brain slowly getting the facts which she is trying to makes him understand but more than his mind it's his heart registering the facts but he is armaan how he is angreed on one thing so easily he is struggling with his mind and heart's thoughts and he just looking in her eyes throw a next question at her says

Ar:''par basket tou humari shaadi bhi ko just one year hii hua hain naa''

Ri:''han armaan i agree par dekho naa mere pass almost poore 12 months the iss gharr meiin adjust honein jo kii main kaafi ache se ho gayyi hun aur armaan mujhe sab pata hain iss gharr kee bare meiin obviously 8 months zayada hote hain so mujhe experience zayada hain muskii se armaan that's why mom ne mujeh responsibility sounpi because mujhe oonhone mom ne khud sab sikhaya hain aur vo choti hain naa armaan''

Ar:''han tou tum bhi basket kahan badii ho muskii se zayada se zayda kuch months kaa farak hoga tum meiin aur muskii kii age meiin yaar''

He said while looking at her as riddhima tried to makes him understand and she shakes her head as he snapped back he is not understanding his unlimited love for her didn't makes him understand though and she just smiled and she ecked his nose while caressing his cheeks with her fingers

Ri:''han armaan main jaanti hunk ii humari age meiin bahut hii thoda sa fark hogaa i know you are saying so right armaan par armaan merii shaadi oos se pehle hui hain aur armaan humari shaadi ke haalat meiin bhi tou difference tha naa armaan mere pas ghar ko sambhalne aur dekhne aur sikhne ke liyye time hi time tha aur muskii oonmein se hain jo patii kee saath saath gharr sambhalana sikhti hain so off course ose itnaa hi ata hoga armaan vo sirff gharr meiin kam involve hain armaan aur yeh natural hain armaan newly wedding meiin yehii hota haiin hum par pyaar ka rang hii aisee chadha hota haiin kii hum aur kuch baad meiin aata hain aur rahul bhayiya bhi poora try kar rahein hain muskii ko iss gharr meiin involve karne meiin but he has jannte ho you know kii oonki bhi desires hain naa armaan so vo bhi armaan tou fulfil karna chahte hain shaadi ki starting kaa First Year aisee hii hotaa hain armaan kahin pyaar kii khumari tou kahin pyaar ka nasha aur kahin par dher saari zimveari aur saath rehne kii kshuhi''

Ar:''maine kya kiyya''



Will She Becomes Riddhima Armaan Mallik In every Senses?

Or Something Going To Happen?

Ar:''she is very precious to me''

Ar:''Kya Riddhima is time par so rahii hai vo theek to hai naa?''

Ri:''please armaan samjho naa.''

Milan Abhie Aadha Adhoora Hai

Ar:''tum kya chahti ho riddhima?''

Ar:''matlab tum meree saath nahin aaogi''

Ar:''yeh sab meree saath hii kyoon hotaa hai?''


Ar:''basket hamara honeymoon pending hai''

Ri:''armaan abhie muskii ko merii jarurat hai''

Ar:''i will miss u jaan''

Is there more problems for them or happiness?

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New instlmnt...loved it

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osome luved it...
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Wonderful update as ever di. God armaan is so very naughty. Poor ridhimaa kaise sambhalti hogi. The update was full on romantic. Beach romance that too this hot. Well armaan really have one track mind if he gets anywhere near his basket.
Ridhimaa is not less. She is total kid. Loved the way she asked armaan for icecream. And armaan god he was stating conditions that too French kiss on beach. For once I thought ridhimaa is going to give in but she was as usual smart.
Just can't explain how much I loved the whole episode especially the possessiveness part.
Armaan- nikki duo are cutest. Update was awesome but Precap is scary. I hope it won't create any misunderstanding between AR.
Continue supersoon please.

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