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Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR.FF#4 New thread link Pg151 (Page 67)

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hey nikki
it was an awesome update
infact one f d cutest AR update
it was too sweet
loved all the AR moments
AR's love in this ff s amazing
i love how they understand each other
love their bond
update super soon
nd thnx fr d pm

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Originally posted by desir

Originally posted by mimee0991

update plsss

will give you installment tomorrow pakka vaise i am still waiting for your full comment on full part 52

u know u have assigned me the most difficult task of this millenium...u write so good that i run out of words to describe how i feel after reading it in one go...i can definitely assure you one thing i get really upset when you promise and forgot to update...but i always forgive you as you really have valid reasons for ur arguement...

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hey nik di,
such an awesome part !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have no words to express how beautifully and awesomfully u described riddhima's emotion...
i loved the part a  lot...
plz ud soon...
sorry for i cant able to comment in ur every part...

with love

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nikki kept her promise...

i love you niki...

i really love the bond and mutual understanding that you are portraying so welll

they are out of the world jodi...

please COMPLETE THE PART soon.

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                                  Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

                                                          AR FF

                                                        Part   53           


(Part Dedicated To Madura Aka Redrose21 For Her Birthday Happy Birthday Madura May God Bless You)


He looked at her while feeling her emotions and quickly engulfed her in his arms giving her that security which she must be needed at that time and riddhima immediately wrapped herself in his arms and they hugged each-other completely knowing that they actually missed important of each-other's lives and they wants to share that part with each-other but did not able to and they just finding those lost moments in each-other's arms conveying that how much they missed each-other in these times and armaan kissed her in her hairs while riddhima pecked his chest conveying their love to each-other. After e few minutes of hugging each-other armaan looked at her and then said while looking at her that

Ar:''i am so sorry basket mujhe tumhare saath honaa chahiye tha naa''

He said feeling guilty that makes riddhima surprised why is he feeling guilty he does not leave her with his own choice

Ri:''armaan pagal ho gayye ho tum why are you saying sorry armaan''

She said while looking at him as they are still in each-other's arms while their hands locked around one-another's waist

Ar:''nahin basket i am really very sorry jab tumhe merii sabse zayada zarurat hogii mai tumhare pas nahin tha naa''

He said and riddhima smiled he is her armaan and then she holds his hand and kissed his hand lightly and then she

Ri:''armaan tum naa sachii meiin pagal ho aur kyoon aisee soch rahein ho tum yahan dekho''

She said while making him looked at herself as he lowered his eye lids feeling guilty and armaan looked at her with guilty eyes and riddhima pecked her lips slowly and then she tightened his hand in her hold and then as armaan just looked at her without saying anything she

Ri:''armaan aisaa kuchh nahin hai kyoon guily feel kar rahein ho tum tumne kya mujhe jaan-boojh kar aapnein aap se dur kiyya tha nahin na armaan''

She said as he shook his head in disagreement and then riddhima continued saying

Ri:''tou fir armaan aisaa kuchh nahin bas bhul jao on sab baton ko bas important tou yeh hai naa kii you love me and i love you armaan''

She said and armaan nodded but still he said to her that

Ar:''par basket''

And riddhima knows him so she makes him understand as she knows though he knows this is their destiny but still he feels bad that he is not with her and like the other couples they did not able to enjoy the boyfriend-girlfriend phase not they missed it but still missed those moments actually not that they missed the time they missed each-other which they wants to share the moments of their young teenage time with one-another only so she just holds his hand and then she makes him settle on the couch and armaan sat as she makes him sat and then she herself forwards her hand which armaan holds her tightly in his grip and then he pulled her as he understands with her eyes with her actions and makes her sit in between his legs while riddhima settled in his between legs and then she ut her head sideways like she is looking in his deep blue eyes intently and then locked his hands around her waist and then she holds his chin with her fingers and then smiled at him armaan too gves her a smile but riddhima knows that he is still worried and disturbed about the fact that they missed each-other in their most important ways

Ri:''armaan tumhe boora lag rahaa hai naa isiliyye kyonki tum tab mere saath nahin then jab mujhe tumhari sabse zayada zarurat thi hai naa''

Ar:''basket mai vo''

But he is cut short knowing he can't lie to her as he can lie to whole world even to a extent to his mom too but to his basket its something that next next to impossible

Ri:''armaan sweetheart''

She said and this is enough to makes his head nodded in ''yes'' and then riddhima cuped his one cheek in her one palm while saying that

Ri:''achaa armaan sahii keh rahein ho tum tumhari galti hai naa armaan aur pata hai merii bhi galti hai armaan i am sorry armaan sorry''

But before she can continue armaan cut her in between saying to her looking surprised with her words that

Ar:''nahin basket tum kyoon sorry bol rahii ho tumne kya kiyya hai kuch bhi tou nahin kiyya hai tumne basket''

He said looking in her eyes and then riddhim while looking deep intently back in his eyes

Ri:''aur nahin tou kya armaan tumhari galti hai merii bhi galti hai mai bhi tumhare saath tab bilkul nahin thi jab tumhe merii zayada zarurat thi''

She said making armaan shocked with her words he did no expected this from her and he looked at her and seeing her there is no sign of teasing on her face and that makes armaan understands that she is serious but how can armaan let his riddhima makes feels bad true he too missed her at every moment of his life be it when he start riding the bike and then the bike-races he so wants her to be with him for scolding him he so wants to ride her on his bike when his dada gifted him and rahul one though they wants to gift car but armaan goes for bike and rahul for bike because he wants deep in hie heart that he ride his basket while letting her hold from his waist and be it when he topped his university and then he so wants to give her the trophy and credit to his teacher and be his first contract after entering in the business world he so wanted to share his nervousness when he started his business his "FRIENDS FASHION" and so wants to hug her tightly when he completed his first contract successfully and be his first award he so wanted to accompany by her at that award function be his any happiness or any sadness he wants to be with her only but he can not blame her for these things that she did not there with him in all these moments its not her fault and then a warm smile appeared on armaan's lips as he understands why his basket says these words she wants to makes him understand though she missed him too but she does not blame him for that and feeling the intensity of her love for himself he pulled her more closer whle wrapping his hnds around her waist tightly and as riddhima feels that touch she knows herr task is completed and seeing his smile she smiled too and then armaan

Ar:''basket tumhe pata hai mujhe samajh aa gayya kii hum aapnein past ko tou nahin change kar sakte jo humnein khoya hai bahut se sundar sundar pal jo hum humesga chahte the kii ek doosre kee binaa naa jeeyen kyonki ek-doosre kee bina hum humesha hii adhoore hai par hum poore bhi tou ek doosre kee saath hii hai aur saath bhi nahin rehte hue hum poore hai naa basket aur hum sachhai meiin ek doosre kii zindagi meiin par dur reh kar bhi humenin vo pal jeeye hai jo khokar bhi hmnein nahin khoye hai basket hum saath the basket ek doosre kee saath meiin hai naa basket kyonki humari dhadakan tou ek hii hai naa jo hum dono ko ek dor meiin bandhti hai naa basket pyaar kii dor meiin basket''

He said and riddhima nods with a big smile off course he is saying the truth that's what their love is true they are distanced from each-other but yet they are with one-another too this is truth also as they are in one-another's heart and their hearbeats have beats only armaan-riddhima names

Ri:''sach meiin armaan humein ek doosre kee saath vo palon ko naa paakar bhi paa liyye hai kyonki hum tou humesha hii ekdosore kee saath the aur sab kuch ek doosre ki aankhon se dekh rahein the aur aapnein aapnein dill kii dhadkan meiin armaan-riddhima kee namo se mehsoos bhi kar rahein the yeh tou humse koi dur nahin kar paaya armaan aur naa hii kabhie koi kar paayega armaan hum humesha se ek the aur humesha ek rahenge humara pyaar humein kabhie judaa kar bhi ek doosre se ek doosre se tou dur nahin kar paayega naa hai naa armaan''

She said and armaan smiled and cuddle her more closer to his heart and himself with a smile which riddhima returned and riddhima too tighten her grip around his waist and then armaan placed his head on her head and stayed like this with silence let their silence talking and

Ar:''jaanti ho basket maine tumhe kitna miss kiyya especially tumhari tarah hii maine oon moments ko nahin ek-doosre kee saath miss kiyya jaanti ho jab tum mujhe vahan Mussorie meiin chod kar challe gayyi thi tab naa meravahan ek minute kee liyye bhi dill nahin laga tha riddhima sachi meiin basket ooske baad vahan jo 3 and half year bitaye har pal tumhari yad meiin, ghanto vahn cliff par baithta pata hai jab tak vahan nahin baithta tha padhai hii nahin hotii thi aur roz vahan is summed par baithta kii aaj tou merii basket aayegi aur khud mujhe padhayaegi aur kabhie tou merii basket vahan mera intezar kar rahii hogii har year church meiin jaata par humesha 1 candle jalayi tab tak pata chall gayya tha kii mai aur basket to ek hai so bas ek aur humesha jesus se yehii kehta kii mai oonse bahut gussa hun oonhone merii basket ko mujhse dur kar diyya par jaata zarur that kii kabhie merii basket aayegi aur pata hai jab yahan Mumbai vaapis aa rahaa tha tab Mussorie chodne kaa man nahin kar rahaa tha dar lagta tha kii aagar mere jaane kee bad tum aa gayi tou mai tou tumhe fir se kho denga naa basket par kuchh nahin kar paaya aur laut aya par jaata zarur tha har 2-3 months meiin aur fir yahan jee-jan laga diyya padne meiin jaanta tha merii bakset ko khushi hogii aur basket kii mohabbat rang layyi aur maine university top kiyya oos din mai chahta tha kii merii basket baithi ho mere saamne aur merii success ka credit mai aapni basket ko deta aapni teacher ko aur merii mom ko aur mai ose den dun trophy kii ''tum hii sambhalo mujhse nahin sambhalti yeh mai tou bas aapni basket ko sambhal sakta hun''(he said making riddhima smiled knowing him very well) aur pata hai fir jab maine ''Friends Fashion'' shuru kiyya tha oos din sab the par mujhse sabse zayada tumhari zarurat thi no doubt sab saath meiin the mere liyye bahut khush thee par pata hai mere man meiin intnii nervousness thi kii kya mai sabki ummedon par kharan ootar bhi paonga yaa nahin jaanta tha kii aagar merii basket yahan hotii tou mere binaa kahein hii sab samajh jaati aur bas vo ek bar mujhe pyaara sa hug karke bolti kii ''merii basket mere saath hai aur humesha mere saath rahegi'' bas sab theek ho jaata aur jaanti ho jis din mujhe first contract milla tha oos din chahta tha kii basket saath meiin ho aur mai ooske saath yeh khushi bantun ek long drive par aur fir vo mera first award basket oos din tou mera bas chalta naa mai ud kar tumhare pas aa jaata aagar pata hotaa kii merii basket hai kahan au rose sauce vaala laal saree detaa aur merii basket first row meiin baith kar clap karti aur mai ooske saath dance karta jaise sab aapni aapni partners ke saath karte bakset sachii meiin i missed you so much aur fir you know jab mere pas new bike thi i so wanted to makes you settle on my back and let your hands engulfed around my waist aur pata hai jaan i so wanted to let cheer me up when i will do the bike race and i so missed that fact sachii meiin riddhima basket yar''

And then armaan bited his tongue in his deep emotions he confessed something and now he is going to get scolded very badly from her darling wife and then expected riddhima moves away from his chest and looked at him still his arms wrapped around her waist as she glared at him as

Ri:''armaan kya kaha tumne bike racing tum bike race karte the armaan are you serious armaan sachii meiin this is limit armaan''

She said while glaring at him and armaan gulped seeing her anger and he knows he is in deep trouble now and as he saw her nose flared in anger

Ar:''riddhima basket sweetheart soono naa its nothing sachii meiin koi dangerous nahin thi aur aab tou maine kabse nahin kii hai race basket sachii tumari kasam riddhima''

He said making acut puppy face as he looked at her and riddhima is shocked hearing him and then she lightly smacked his arm while scolding him

Ri:''what do you mean kabse nahin karii hai matlab tum abhie bhi bike-racing karna chahte ho armaan seriously you are the limit armaan''

Ar:''han matlab nahin bakset''

He fumbled with words making her smack him more as her frown gets deepend

Ri:''armaan tum naa sachii meiin kuch nahin ho skata abhie bhi tumhe race karni hai bike chalani hai had hai tumhari bhi armaan sachii meiin''

She said and armaan looked at her and then he replied while kissing her forhead softly

Ar:''basket yar off course chalana chahta hun but aapni pyaari sii biwi ko peeche bitha kar, thodi sii speed badha kar jis se vo dar kar mujhe pakde''

He said while holding her close making her smile as well blush too while hearing his words though she does not wants him to bike-race but riding a bike is not at all harm she blushed and just whispered that

Ri:''kya armaan''

Ar:''kya mai baithogi naa aapnein armaan kee peeche bakset i so wants to feel your hand around my waist''

He said and riddhima nodded and wrapped her arms tightly around his waits converting his smile into a big and million dollar smile and then he kissed hin her hairs while saying to her that

Ar:''yeh hui naa baat merii basket vaali abhie se practice shuru kar do tim jaan''

He said making her turn red and she whispered his name just

Ri:''armaan kya''

Armaan just holds her more closer to himself and then after few minutes ariddhima moved a little and ask

Ri:''armaan ek baat poochun''

And armaan just whispered while his eyes closed as he is enjoying the warmth of his jaan in his arms


Ri:''armaan tumhari bike kahan ha ii meant maine tou iss almost 1 year meiin kabhie bhi nahin dekhi tum tou humesha e car hii chala rahein ho i meant maine kahin park bhi nahin dekhi armaan kahan haii''

She asked as she did not saw him riding a bike that's even out of question she even did not saw the bike in their house almost 1 year as she is in Mallik Mansion as Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik and then armaan

Ar:''vo isiliyye basket kyonki maine khudd bhi meriii bike ko peechle ek sal se haath bhi nahin lagaya hai''

He said making her shock woth his answer as from his talks she can easly knows that he so loved bike-riding then why he himself did not ride his bike that too from one year and she looked at him completely

Ri:''armaan yeh kya''

She asked from him while straightning herself a bit and armaan smiled pecked her nose lightly and then he

Ar:''vo bas isliyye kii mera man hii nahin kiyya mujeh bike chalane kaa bahut shownk hai yeh mai bhi jnaata hun aur manta bhi hun par sachai yeh bhi hai kii mai aapni basket koo aapnein saath dekhna chahta tha so jab mujeh laga kii shayad mai aab aapni basket se kabhie bhi nahin mill paonga tou maine bike chalana bhi chod diyya riddhima kyoni mai yeh haq kisii ko nahin den sakta merii bike kii pichli seat par haq sirff tumhara tha aur tumhara hi rahega''

He said and riddhima is surprised more than surprised she is shocked with his words shocked with the intensity of his love that he let goo of hid favourite thing because she is not in his life and she feels she not in her whle life will able to understand how much he loved her ans everytime she feels that she knows how much he loved her and this is it he will not love her more than this next moment she proved wrong by him actually she loved to get wrong in this matter and could not able to hold her emotions more she

Ri:''i love you so very much armaan so very much''

She said while hugging him tightly making her face bried in his shoulder letting her breaths chuckled near his shoulder as she is sitting in between his lap and as she turned and armaan too hugged her back as she hugged him so tightly armaan smiled and enveloped her in his arms while burying his face deep in her hairs inhaling their fragrance and then they remained sometimes like this and then finally riddhima

Ri:''armaan aab kahan hai tumhari bike matalb kahan par hai maine nahin dekhi kahan hai bike?''

She asked still hugging him as she asked her lips brushed with the curve of his neck making his senses wild

Ar:''vo tum kabhie humare gharr ee back vaala garadge meiin nahin gayyi naa?''

He asked back whuile trying hard to control his senses while she is playing with his senses and as riddhima nodded in disagreement after few minutes remembering they has a huge garadge at the back yard of the Mallik Mansion she never goes there and as armaan feels her nodding in disagreement her nose brushed with his nape and his curve of neck making him clutched her waist and then he continued

Ar:''han vahin par hai par tum kyoon poch rahii ho riddhima''

He asked while trying very much hard to put his desires on check and then she

Ri:''vo isiliyye kyonki aap ka lose bahar nikalenge aur as soon as possible mujeh oos par ride denge jis se kii mai aapnein pyaare se patii dev kee peeche baith sakun aur oonhein tightly hug karke aapna sar rakhun oonki back par''

She said making hime wide smile and then he turned her around and with a sudden change in position riddhima is surprised but as she feels the softness of mattresses behind her back she smiled as armaan turned her and he himself is over her and riddhima gave him a very big million dollar smile seeing his dimpled million dollar smile and then ruffled his hairs with her hand putting in his hair and they shared a beautiful eye-lock and armaan just leaned mmore closer to her and let their bretahs touch each-other's faces a s he traced her face with his fingers and then he leaned more close to her face letting his lips brushed with hers softly as he gazed on her luscious lips with so much passion and intensity in his blues

Ar:''i love you so so very very much riddhima''

he said and riddhima smiled and put her hands around his neck pulling him more closer and then armaan gets his signal and within moment his lips were over hers and he is kissing her madly and passionately as riddhima too responds the kiss with equal fervour forgetting everything that they were on terrace and all right now they just wants to tell each-other how much they loved each-other and craved for each-other at every moment of their lives and as armaan nibbled her lower lips letting her suck on his upper lips as he sucked her upper lips she nibbled on his lower lips and armaan chewed her lips and riddhima caressed his lips with his lips and in between her tongue too, she today is free putting all desires in the kiss and all the time in their kiss riddhima's one hand is busy in massaging his scalp and armaan's hands were busy in tracing her waist as he till that time opened the knot of her gown its having buttons while siding the parts and then put all his weight over hers and start pulling her closer by clutching her petite waist in between his palms and here their kiss is turning more passionate with each and every passing second and in a second armaan bitted riddhima's lips and rolled his tongue in her mouth and riddhima obliged even after that pain of his bite still she loved that feeling as armaan rolled his tongue in her mouth their tongues entangled with each-other, danced in pleasure, fought for dominance and swallowed each-other's saliva they both did explored each-other's mouth completely and armaan is kissing her passionately and riddhima is giving him full participation and so result is that their kiss is turning into burning one putting all their desires in the kiss and finally armaan breaks the kiss as he feels something salty in between the kiss and he broke the kiss only to saw riddhima's lips bleeded and he immediately sucked her blod while caressing her lips with hsi tongue and kissed her lips slowly and softly taking all her pain away and riddhima caressed his neck making him aware she is fine and armaan smiled and again pecked her lips and then he moved towards her neck palcing wet kisses all over her neck making her moan in pleasure and she just pushed her head a bit that gives nothing but a better access to armaan to his flawless skin and then he tarced her long throat and neck wth his nose first and then placing several kisses there and riddhima's hands moved to his back while caressing his back and she did not even know when her hand went inside his vest tarcing his bare back and armaan groaned in pleasure and he start giving her ardent kisses while licking all over the kisses too making her moan in pleasure and in all the time armaan's hands were busy working on her shoulders as he is pulling her sleeves down and this is not at all difficult task as the knot is already opened and the gown just moved away from her shoulders because of his satin material and then he traced her shoulder bone with his nose and kissed her in her nape letting his lips lingered there for sometime and then as his gaze fell on the love bites which he gives her earlier he kissed the love bites and then sucked those love bites while sucking them completely and rolling his tongue all over her bites and then with another hand he is busy massaging his shoulder bone and then he turned to teh other side and moved there and kissed wet kisses and sucked her skin on other side too making riddhima maoned in deep pleasure and all these time riddhima's hands were on his back massaging his back sensuously making his desire go wild completely and then as armaan moved more downwards he can saw her little cleavage because of her night gow as deep v-neck and he start kissing her upper chest unable to control his desires more seeing her white creamy milky skin and right that moment his one hand tarced her long bare arms with his hands and his another hand moved inside her gown while feeling her bare back as the gown is deep cut from back and he caressed the joints of her back making her digged her nails completely at his back while she closed her eyes feeling the moment and armaan smiled seeing her reaction and armaan start pulling his hand deep in her under gown touching her bare skin inside her under gown and here he is busy moving more downwards while nuzzling all the way his nose on her upper chest and placing wet kisses as he start nuzzling his nose near her cleavage and uried his head in between her valley while try to push the straps of her inner gown too away from her skin while pulling her away from her shoulders with his hand which is already busy in tracing the long arm of hers and he nuzzled in her valley making her shiver in pleasure and moaned under his spell too and here his hand at his back working there his work well but right at that moment armaan's hands which is at her back inside her inner gown tracing her bare skin comes in contact with her inner wear's strap he comes back in reality that he has to ask her something and that is actually way too important so he pulled himself back and let his hand get out from her gown and he pulled her sleeves of her outer gown to her covered her leaving riddhima surprised what happen to him he again stopped she looked at him while opening her eyes which is closed due to feeling hr moment and then armaan gives her a smile and she smiled back a nervous smile and seeing him letting come out from her she too let her hand come out from his vest and armaan kissed her hand and then he straighten himself while pulling her in his lap as he locked his hands around her waist directly pressing her stomach with his hands letting her feel his presence as lhis lovey way naa and not tying her buttons of her outer gown and drawing imaginary patterns on her stomach they sat in silenece while armaan is thinking how to put his uesyion in words he is thinking to chose the right words as its not like that he hesitates to ask anything from her no they loved each-orther he can ask anything but this is something they never talked so he is actually a bit hesitated about this and does not know what to say while riddhima is thinking what happens to him that he stopped in mid ways as she feels strange behave anf stiffness in his body while touching the strap of her inner wear and then only her trance breaks with armaan's voice as he finds some suitable words for asking her and then he saw the emotions playing on her face and questions in her green eyes too and he has to ask and tell both things

Ar:''basket mujeh actually tumse kuchh zaruri baat karni hai that's why i stopped adruptly''

He said breaking her chain of thoughts as she looked at him with surprise written all over face and questions in her eyes what important he has to ask that he even disturbed their moment and she looks at him waiting for him to continue as he just spoke as fast as he can this sentence and finally

Ar:''basket mujhe tumse kuchh poochna hai this is something about you know our closeness''

He said choosing right words and riddhima looked at him what he wants to talk about their closeness did she dod anything which makes him hurt or anything that does not suitable for him her heart sank with the mere thought of this and this is the least thing she wanted now so she just meekily nodded

Ar:''basket mujhe tumse janana tha kii kya tum humesha se hii umm yea i mean har roz umm matlab yeh vaali Bra pehnati ho umm riddhima''

He said while fumbling as he does not ever talk about this to anyone and here she is his wife the love of his life he has all right over hers to ask anything even to let her see without these under garments makes love to her still he is feeling shy asking this from her as he does not know how she will take this his question this is something very much personal but in love and in husband-wife relation in that sacred relation there is no personal things no 'u' or 'i' its always 'we'  so he wants to ask her as well wants to take their relation to that comfort level where they can talk about these things too only then he will tell her those fantasies if they were open with one-another at this phase too and he looked at her face which is showing shocked and then he kissed her for head letting her come out from her shock and she lowered her eye-lids too thinking what she can reply to him about these question she never shared these kind of thoughts or things to anyone as she is Criminal Lawyer she used to talk about these things as their proofs in some cases and words too but that's her profession and here with armaan sharing all this is actually all different and she is feeling so much shy that just with the mention of this her cheeks turned red though just an hour back or so he touched there but still talking about this makes goose bumps arises all over skin and seeing riddhima not speak anything armaan caressed her hairs then he

Ar:''basket mujhe haq hai iss bare meiin tumse baat karne kaa hum husband-wife hai aur yadii him aapnein relation ko comfort level par nahin laayenge tou chah kar bhi iss rishte meiin aage nahin badh paayenge aur trust me aagar mujhe yeh zaruri nahin lagta tou mai tumse kabhie aisaa question nahin karta basket i swear basket''

He said while looking in her eyes conveying the honesty of his words not that riddhima needs that kind of honesty she trusted him and more than when she us ready to surrender himself to him then this is just nothing and he is her husband and the love of her life and she knows he says this just to let her open her feelings and she knows he is right if they will not share their things with each-other they will never able to get comfortable with each-other completely so she knows what she has to do she has to reply him but she is just too shy to say anything so she just nodded her head in agreement answering his questions still did not meeting his gaze and armaan somewhere expected this reaction so he just

Ar:''riddhima this is not good sweetheart don't you know that for you''

He said while making her look at him as she is shocked what he is saying that this is not good for her she does not even expected this

Ar:''han riddhima tumhe nahin pata its harmful well to be precisely says not good wearing this''

He said while making her look at him again in his eyes as she lowered her eyes again and as riddhima nodded in disagreement that she does not know

Ar:''han riddhima this plastic cups bras are not good wearing regularly first i thought may be you are wearing them sometimes but you said you wore them regularly hai naa sweetheart''

And riddhima nodded in agreement saying yes, yes she wore them from the time she gets married she has only these ones

Ar:''han tou sweetheart jab tak aap ise kabhie kabhie pehnate hai tab tak hii theek hai roz it's not good especially those tight cups''

He said as he noticed her bra a hour back when they makes out and when he pulled it out from her body as riddhima looked at him not understanding how he comes to know that about this and

Ar:''han riddhima mujhe abhie pata chala iss bare meiin jab hum aandar you know but trust me its not good choice riddhima sweetheart''

He said and riddhima turned more reddr as he mentioned their moment in room an hour back and she did not understand why he says it's not good and then armaan continued sensing her dilemma

Ar:''han sweetheart dekho as a fashion world i know aaj kal most of the girls yeh pehnati hai as they are transparent and is a good option for the strapless and backless clothing but they are not good riddhima insein grip kharab hotaa hai aur starin bhi padta hai riddhima so just wear when needed most''

He said as he told her why he is saying this and then finally riddhima speaks in this whole one sided conversation

Ri:''par armaan sab yehii pehnate hai jab humari shaadi hui tab sabne mujhe yehii dilwaya merii ek-do married friends sab recommend this jab i meant maine mana kiyya they said these are comfortable and fine too par armaan tum tou kuch aur hii keh rahein ho i meant kii mai''

Ar:''well riddhima frankly sab yehii sochte hai kii marriage kee bad yehii theek rehti hai as you see honeymoon and all meiin dresses and all hotaa hai aur thode unique dresses hotee hai par yahan par girls wrong hai aur bhi option hotee hai aur fashion world kee kaaran i say vo zayad better options hai sweetheart sachii meiin''

He said making her looked at him riddhima could not help but blushed hearing his words honeymoon and dresses she so wanted that too and armaan smiled seeing her red cheeks and then he pecked her forhead and then he teased her

Ar:''tum naa blush karke mujhe naa track se mat bhatkao riddhima abhie i need to talk about this topic sweetheart''

He said holding her hands in his making her smile and looked at her he so wanted to kiss her but right now he wants to concentrate on this topic and riddhima looked at him wih confusion still more talks about this thing what is there left out and armaan then gives all ansers to her all questions

Ar:''riddhima sweetheart listen yeh plastic straps vaali is not that bad you can continue wearing them but joy eh plastic cups hai tum ose nahin pehnogi aur vaise bhi mai tumhare liye aur options i can give you ohk so no this plastic cup bras from you now on done sweeheart''

And riddhima just nodded as she placed her head on his chest and armaan smiled and then put his head over her riddhima thinks she tell him yes but she does not have one but that she will find out later on right now seeing his love she just wants to confess her love for him

Ri:''i love you armaan''

And armaan too smiled and pecked in her hairs while saying to her that

Ar:''love you too sweetheart so much riddhima''

And then after staying like this in each-other's arms riddhima finally called him remembering something



Ri:''i am sorry''

She apologized from him and armaan is confused why she is apologizing what did she do

Ar:''sorry par kisliyye jaan''

He asked and riddhima moved away from him a bit and placed her hands on her ears apologizing him saying

Ri:''vo maine tumhe hurt kiyya tha naa afternoon meiin so sorry armaan''

She said and armaan looked at her looking so much cute with her hands on her ears armaan imeediately captured her innocence in his heart and then he just

Ar:''aww my baby ohk i forgive you par aage se tum aisaa kabhie nahin bologi riddhima promise me''

He said taking her hands away from her ears making her smile and then she

Ri:''i promise armaan''

And then she tightly hugged armaan making him smile too with her antics and armaan hugged her back.

After few minutes armaan is laying on that one couch and riddhima is laying half on armaan her head is deeply placed on his chest and her hand is on his cheesk caressing it slowly and armaan's hands wrapped around her waist somehow they did not feels like going inside and as riddhima feels cold now as the wind start blowing now and the atmosphere getting more chilled and making the atmosphere more romantic as armaan is busy in caressing her hairs with so much love



Ri:''aandar chalein''

Ar:''kyoon jaan tumhe yahan achaa nahin lag raha hai kya jaan''

Ri:''nahin armaan aisaa nahin hai i just love to stay here only par dekho naa thand badh rahi hai tou''

Ar:''achaa chale lets go inside''

Ri:''nahin armaan aagar yehin rahein tou achaa par give me two minutes mai aandar se comforter lekar ati hun''


Ri:''kya hmm atleast mujhe chodo tou tabhie jaongi mai''

She said as he did not leave her still and armaan just

Ar:''jaana jaruri hai kya biwi''

Ri:''han armaan chodo naa aab''

Ar:''umm nahin mera man nahin hai''

He said while gripping her more tightly placing his hands over her waist and riddhima tilted her head in between from his neck and just whispered

Ri:''par armaan mai just comforter hii tou lene jaa rahi hun naa''

She said try to makes him understand and armaan looked in her eyes and pecked her nose

Ar:''hmm so merii basket ko thandi lag rahi hai yar itnein hot husband ke hotee hue aapko thand lagegi tou kya kehte hai han laanat hai mujh par han''

He said and riddhima looked at him he is so cheesy sometimes and she just looked at him then she whispered

Ri:''very funny armaan chalo hato aab let me go i will be back with the comforter armaan''

She said while letting come out from his grip try to comes out from there but she did not succedded instead armaan pulled back her so harshly and she landed on him he grinned as riddhima looked at him asking him

Ri:''armaan yeh kya hai''

Ar:''kya kya hai mai koi mazak nahin kar raha tha sachii meiin you know i can give you warmth my sweet sweet wife''

He said while turning and letting her get into pineed beneath him as he turned and makes himself settled on her completely and he caressed her lips with his thumbs making her gasped but she controlled and just said to him that

Ri:''no thanks mister mallik i don't need that i will manage mister mallik''

Ar:''but i love to do that mrs.mallik so here you go mrs.mallik''

And without giving her any chance to let her speak he pressed his manly lips on her red already swollen lips and his whole body start rubbing with hers making her gasped very very hard but as he probed her lips start kissing her more passionately and riddhima give in his and her desires too kissing him back with equal fervour as she put his her hand in his hairs ruffling them masaaging his scalp while ruffling his jet black hairs in between too and armaan aroused more and more and he start nibbling on her lips first sucking her lower lips then nibbling on them and riddhima sucking his upper lips and giving them his complete attention he finally switched to her upper lips first sucking them and then nibbling them and riddhima moved to his low lips and here armaan's hands were caressing her back caressing her spine full length of stroke and his another hand was busy on her tummy caressing her waist line over her night gown and as they chewed each-other's lips riddhima's another hand was at his back start caressing it sensuously making him arouse to no extent amd he kissed her tightly chewing her lips more and more and all the time armaan's hands were on his navel over her gown he was pinching her there making her groaned in between the kiss and as armaan chewed and bited her lips more and more kissing her zealously armaan's hand which was at her back caressed it sensuously his hands start pressing her waist more and more and even riddhima feeling is sensous movements over herself has no control over her desires her one hand moved inside is vest and as soon armaan feels her hand comes in contact with his bare back that's it armaan immediately rolled his tongues inside her mouth biting her lips and riddhima too gives him the enterance as their tongues entangled with each-other they danced with pleasure, fought for dominance and they explored each-other's mouth corner deliciously and swallowed each-other's saliva making their tnugues caressed each-other and with each and every passing moment their kiss turning into more passionate ones their desires are on fire and armaan's hands which was on her stomach as he digged his fingers on her waist over her stomach sending shivers in her spine in that chilly night and as her stomach rippled with desire and tehn finally after like eternity they break the kiss as the need of oxygen wins and they both were panting and armaan joined his forhead with hers after the kiss and they ahve their eyes closed their bretahs were uneven this is the longest kiss they ever shared till now riddhima's hands still in his vest at his back and armaan's weight too completely pressing her and then finally armaan opened her eyes and he looked at her face which is more glowed as teh moonlight directly on her face he so wants to eat her up and well that's what he actually did he kissed her chin and then both cheeks and nose and then he bite on her cheek too making her open her eyes as she never ever thought he will do something like this and as their eyes met armaan grinned and winked at her making riddhima's eyes widened with shock too he so much teasing her and armaan groaned and then kissed her cheeks where he bites letting his lips lingered there for sometime and then pulled his lips over her cheek not letting his teeth touching them and then finally riddhima did not know why he is holding for so much time and next moment she gets her answers as armaan licked her cheek making her moaned in pleasure and she just out of blue with so much pleasure whined his name as she does not know waht more she can say at this time


Ar:''mm jaan you know you are so tasty taht i wants to eats you compeltely''

As he said with the following of his licking on her cheeks riddhima looked at him with wide eyes and then armaan jsut leaned more downwards and start placing kisses on her long selnder neck and ardent kisses here and there and riddhima tilted her ehad a little bit away from him taht gives just nothing more to access to her flawless skin and he takes the full advantage of this and kissed her full on and ridhhima just ruffled his hairs and caressed his back under his vest amking him aroused for her more and he kissed her like no tomorrow and finally after pecking her lips one more he pulled himself back and saw her swollen lips and then he laid over her buried his face in her nape and riddhima too hugged him and then finally armaan confessed her letting his breaths kiss her nape and

Ar:''i love you riddhima''

Ri:''love you so much armaan''

She too confessed with smile appeared on her lips and then as armaan hugged her he finds her little bit shivering he knows this is not because of their closeness its the cold effect and he just moved more downwards and unfolded under cover first riddhima is little bit startled seeing him doing this burt next moment all her questions answered as armaan unfolded the under cover it converts into double cover and riddhima is surprised seeing that how much thoughtful he is and as armaan covered her while pulling comforter over her riddhima pevked his forhead seeing his love for him and then riddhima makes him lay on the couch as she herself rested her head on hsi chest and covered him with the comforter too and they smiled and armaan's one hand was caressing at her back and then she

Ri:''armaan thanks''

Ar:''chupp kar jao fir se jhagra karna hai kya''

Armaan scolded her knwing very well why she is saying thanks

Ri:''par maine kya kiyya armaan''

Ar:''yea right yeh thanks jot um bolne jaa rahii thi i know kyoon kehne lagii thi well vaise riddhima maine tumse kabhie thanks kaha mujeh itnaa pyaar karne kee liyye nahin naa aur tum kaun hotii ho mujhe merii basket merii riddhima merii biwii merii jaana merii dhadkan kee liyye kuch bhi karne se roukne vaali yaa thanks kehne vaali han badii ayi thanks kehne vaali hmph''

Ri:''han tou nahin keh rahiin hun naa daant kyoon rahein ho armaan''

Ar:''aab daant vale kam tou daant padegi vaise good for you please close the topic sweetheart i don't want to fight after these moments''

He said and riddhima made a face he knows her so well and she just agreed and as armaan winked at her naughtily she blushed as he pecked in her hairs and

Ri:''armaan i think aab humein sonaa chahiye subhh mom-papa ko airport par bhi drop karne jaana hai naa armaan''

She said reminding him as they has to drop karan papa and nandini mom at airport early morning as their flight is at early morning and armaan already told rahul bhayiya that they will go and armaan nodded his head he knows she is right atleast he needs fes hours sleep office will be hectic tomorrow so he just

Ar:''hmm basket''

Ri:''chalo fir good night''

She said while covering them properly with the comforter

Ar:''areey aisee kaise merii good night kiss''

Ri:''forget it Mr. Armaan Mallik you ahve enough quota i know my lips are badly swelled so no more kisses for you''

She said looking at him pecking hsi chin and then armaan frowned

Ar:''riddhima yar this is so not fair you are Mrs. Armaan Mallik so please i have right naa yar please''

He said and riddhima pecked his nose and then just

Ri:''no means no''

Ar:''fine good night then''

He said and closed his eyes and riddhima kissed on his chest right over his heart

Ri:''love you armaan sweet dreams''

Ar:''love you too riddhima have mine dreams''

He wished back and making her smile too as he smiled as riddhima kissed him on his chest and then pulled her close to his heart and pecked her forhead and then both drifted to sleep only riddhima after checking the early morning alarm waiting for beautiful morning and beautiful day in their lives with each-other.

Next morning as sun rayes peeped the sun actually blushing to see the two love birds engulfed in each-other's arms even the sun does not wants to let their peaceful sleep breaks but what canbe done and as riddhima feels the warmth of sunrays following the voice of the alarm which she put on her mobile in night she first was little bit disoriented as she is still very much sleepy but then as the alarm start ringing she immediately shut it thinking it will surely break armaan's sleep and she does not wants that and as she glanced at the time while rubbing her eyes its 5.00 a.m. and they sleep just for two hours only and then she looked at them as her face is still on his chest and their ahnds were entangled with each-other she smiled and then rembered its mom-papas flight at 6.30 a.m. so they needs to rush she thinks to let armaan sleep for some more few minutes till then she gets and freshen up and changed into some normam clothes she can;t walk in her night gown to the airport so she slowly let go of armaan's hand which was on her waits holding her protectively and then she moved away from his grip which is one of its task and then she slowly placed armaan's head over the pillow and went out from the comforter covering him properly as soon armaan's heart feels that she is no longer in his embrace a deep frown comes on his face and riddhima smiled and slowly pecked his lips and his frown turned into deep smile sensing her and then after pecking his forhead she moved inside careful not to make any noise and she takes the phone with herself too and after few minutes riddhima peeped outside after changing into casual blue churridar she did not takes bath thinking she will takes after dropping mom-papa at airort right now she rushed downstairs for making soem tea or coffee for mom and papa as she knows she will wakes armaan after few minutes till then he managed to catch few more minutes sleep and as she moved downstairs she just entered in kitchen only then nandini entered in kitchen and riddhima greeted her while touching her feet as she finds nandini is claded in saree that means all ready to go and nandini blessed her and then she asked from her

Na:''areey riddhima beta what are you doing here aap itnii jalid kyoon ooth gayye beta''

Ri:''vo mom maine socha armaan aapko aur papa ko airport drop karne jaayenge oos se pehle aapke liyye tea yaa coffee bana dun papa boinaa tea kee ghar se jaate hai tou he has headache naa so aur maine socha armaan bhi akele jaayenge i should accompany you bas isiliyye''

She said replying to her and nandini smiled what she can expect anything except this from her this daughter-in-law

Na:''par beta i will amke the tea or coffe by myself aap kyoon ootha gayye aapko rest karna chahiye tah naa kal bhi aapko lagii thi vaise riddhima beta aabhie bhi pain hogaa naa chot par''

She said while caressing her bandage and riddhima smiled seeing the love and affection in her eyes and she hugged her and then she

Ri:''nahin mom i am fine aur vaise bhi aap 2 din kee liyye mujhse dur jaa rahein hai so ateast let me give you a cup of tea naa mmom pelase''

She said cutely and nandini caressed her back and then kissed her forhead with all her motherly affection

Na:''han bana den vaise bhi tujhse tou mai bilkul nahin jeet sakti riddhima sachii meiin''

Ri:''haw mom aisaa nahin hai achaa yeh sab chodiye batayiye aapki usual black coffee bana dun aur vaise mom papa kahan ooth gayye naa time par''

She asked while putting coffees in sauce pan as anndini nodded and then andnini sighed and just said

Na:''han ooth gayye don't even ask me pata hai subhh 4.30 kii ootha rahii hun tou aab oothe hai jaise kam oonka nahin mera ho''

Ri:''kya mom aap bhi naa ooth gayye naa papa dekho fir bas''

Na:''mai bhi kis se oonki shkayat kar rahii hun tujhe tout ere papa meiin kabhie koi kami nahin lagegi'

She hardly completed her sentence when their conversation breaks with karan's voice

Ka:''subhh hotee hii merii buari shuru kar dii nandu tumne merii betii se''

He said while giving riddhima hug as she touched his feet to take his blessings and then nandini just

Na:''tou kya faayada hai yeh aapki betii aapka hii favour kar rahii hai naa''

She said and karan side hugged riddhima and then he teased nandini

Ka:''han tou betii kisi kii hai merii naa tou mera favour karegi hii naa yar''

And riddhma smiled seeing this this is her family and he so love dthsi family and then riddhima gives nandini her coffee and then she just speak up and

Ri:''papa mai aapke liyye aapki tea ban dun garama garama adrak vaali''

Ka:''han beta bilkul vaise bhi aagle 2 din tak mai aapkie hathon kii chaii vaise hii bahut miss karne vaala hun''

Ri:''koi baat nahin papa aap jab vaapi s aayenge tou mai aapko bana kar pilaungi''

She said while putting water in sauce pan for his tea nd athen nandini

Na:''riddhima beta tuu maani ko tou oothana nahin bhull gayyi thi vo abhii tak nahin hai beta its almost 5.20 a.m. humein 10-15 minute smeiin nikalana chahiye''

She asked as she knows her maani and seeing riddhima here and the time but before riddhima can reply anything to her as she just speak

Ri:''vo mom maine''

But right that moement armaan walks up to there and hugged his mom and then whispered after placing kiss on her cheek and said to her that

Ar:''good morning mom i am here aur aap bahut beautiful lag rahi hai''

He said and nandini smiled seeing his son so happy and then she just

Na:''aur mera beta tou humesha se hii handsome lagta hai mera maani''

She said and armaan hugged him and then he whined as nandini ruffled his hairs and

Ar:''mom mai aapko bahut miss karne vaala hun aap kyoon jaa rahein ho dad ko jaane dijiye na akele iinka kam hai aur yeh aapko aisee hii le jaa rahien hai''

But before nandini can say anything as she just said

Na:''maani beta'''

Ka:'chal oye chup kar jab dekho merii biwii kee peeche paden rehta hai aab terii biwii hai naa tere pas ooske saath reh naa kyoon merii nandu koo hadka rahaa hai vaise hii maine itnii mushkil se manaya hai ose aapnein saath nae ko aur tujhe kya problem ho rahii hai hmph jab dekho jale rehta hai merii khsuhi se hmph bhagg jaa yahaan se tuu''

Karan whined liek a child and armaan just

Ar:''kya mai aapni biwii kee pas rahun vaoww dad that's you knows a new kyonki aap log hii hai jo merii biwii ko mere pas chodte nahin hai aur then you are saying kii mai aapni biwii kee saathh time guzaron aur vaise bhi mom kee binaa tou mai vaise bhi nahin reh sakta tou aap naa chodiye''

He replied back and both the ladies giggled and karan smiled too off course what else he can expect from his this his naughty son he is just like him only naughtiness and the innocence he has from his mom nandini that's why he is actually a complete replica of karan and nandini's love and then he was about to say something when

Ka:''yea yea sab jaanta hun mai aab aagar merii betii hai hii itnii pyaari tou tuu kaun hota hai humein roukne vaala''

He said and armaan gave him a look 'yes dad you are right but have on mercy on me she is my wife too' and then just

Ri:''ohk papa bas bahut ho gayya hum baad meiin continue karte hai yeh lijiye aapki especial adrak vali chaii''

She said handling him the cup of tea and armaan then noticed his wife he is so much busy in bantering with his dada and looking at mom he somehow did not looked at her

Ka:''thanks beta i love you so much riddhima beta''

He said and riddhima smiled and then she while giving side hug to papa

Ri:''love you too papa''

And then nandini just smiled and she said to riddhima

Na:''thanks riddhima yeh rouk diyya tumne nahin tou aaj humein surely der honein vaali thi''

Riddhima just gives her a warm smiled she knows what she meant its about karan papa and armaan's bantering though they loved it but they are running out of time

Ar:''areey han yar riddhima tumne sahii kaha mom dad aap jaldi se finish kijiye tan tak mai aapka saman lekar ata hun aapke room se''

Armaan said as karan sat there on chair sipping his tea while nandini said to armaan

Na:''han chal maani mai bhi tere saath ati hun bachaa''

Ar:''nahin mom you sit here and drank your coffee mai le aaonga mom''

He said while handling nandini her cup of coffee again

Na:''par maani muhe aapna kuch saman bhi lena hai beta vahan se i meant room se maani''

Ar:''aapka hand bag mom aur aapka spectacle case i know mom''

He said while making her sat near his dad on the chair and nandini smiled knowing her son well he knows her so much and riddhima gave armaan a big smile she knows how much armaan close to nandini mom she always wants them happy like this only and she sent a silent prayer to her almighty god for this happiness and then armaan after giving a wink to riddhima which breaks her trance walks towards his parents room to get their luggage and here riddhima gets busy in chatting with mom and papa who is giving instructions to take care of herself not forgets herself in caring all the others as they knows she always did. And soon armaan back with theit luggage and now its 5.30 a.m. now and its time to their leave now and armaan just said this to his parents

Ar:''dad mujhe lagta hai kii aab humein nikalana chahiye dekhiye 5.30 a.m. ho gayye hai''

He said and karan nodded and placed his empty cup of coffee on the table along with nandini and they stood up and

Na:''han maani chal beta aab humein nikala chahiye beta''

And nandini was about to takes her hand bag from her manni when riddhima takes it and placed her spectacale case in it and then handled it and nandini smiled at her then they were abut to walks when they heard one voice and

Ni:''mom-dad aap mujhe binaa mille jaa rahein hain''

And they turned to find nikki standing in her night suit and then karan smiled takes his princess in bear hug and then nandini said

Na:''areey beta tere exams chal rahein hain naa tou socha tujhe kyoon disturb karna bachaa''

She said whle caressing her hairs and nikki hugged both her parents

Ni:''no mom mai bas jaagne hii vaali thi aur vaise bhi aapse mille binaa kabhie mere exams achein hue hai kya''

Ka:''aww merii princess hum aapko call karne hii vale the aapke exams shuru honein se pehle''

Ni:''vo mujhe pata hai dad aap aur mom kabhie bhulte ho par mere 2 exams hai tou oos hisab se 2 tight hug tou dene hii hain aapko''

She said and karan and nandini hygged her two times wishing her all the best for her exams

Ka&Na:''all the best baby''

And nikki kissed their cheeks both two times as the two days and then armaan

Ar:''chal oye nikki kitna muska maaregi mom-dad ko mom i am sure iskii koi prepration nahin hain tabhie aapko itnaa muska mai rahii hain kyoon nikki kya irada hain''

He said and nikki whined seeing him teasing her and then she

Ni:''mom-dad dekho naa armaan bhaii kaise tease kar rahein hain mujhe dekho''

But before nandini or karan said anything to armaan its riddhima who speak up

Ri:''armaan kyoon pareshan kar rahein hain ose nikki tum chodo inko yeh aisee hii mazak kar rahein hain kuch bhi bolte hain''

She said while giving her a smile and armaan a glare as he teased her and nandini and karan smiled and then karan

Ka:''aab nikki riddhima hai jo tere is bhaii ko sedha rakh sakti hain tou tuu kyoon chinta kar rahin hain''

He said while hugging both riddhima and nikki and then they heard armaan

Ar:''yea yea dad aapko tou chahiye hii koi mujhe daantne vaala sirff merii mom hii mera saath detii hain''

He said while hugging his mom and then only they heard one voice and

Ra:''oh god subhh subhh hii shuru ho gayya yeh sab i thought to see off mom dad but yahan tou iss ammy kii nautanki chal rahin hain''

He said while walking with sleepy eyes still in his pjs and following with muskaan completey covered in night gown

Ar:''achaa aur raat ko jo terii nauatanki chal rahii thi ooska kya maine kuchh kaha tha tab vaise raool''

Na:''bas karoo aab aagar yeh sab shuru hua naa fir se humari aaj kii flight pakka miss ho jaayegi''

Ar:''han mom mai bhi yehii keh rahaa hun yeh rahul hi bas shuru hain mom''

He said while poking his tongue out till then after wishing mom-dad muskii stands near riddhima and she saw that muskaan's curve of neck and blushed seeing that and she even noticed muskaan is walking very slowly and a blush crept on her cheeks seeing this and she looked at armaan who is busy in bantering with rahul and nikki she thanked her stars that he didn't saw her looking at muskaan otherwise he will tease her to no end and moreover she somewhere thinks now their unison only but what she did not know was that he watched her her red cheeks her blushing to herself and a dreamy smile and lots of shine with shyness in her eyes but didn't say anything thought to tease her later on and then finally armaan put karan and nandini's luggage in car and here nandini

Na:''nikki dekh zayada padne kee chakkar meiin khana pena mat bhull jaana tuu rahul muskaan kee saath faltu meiin jhagara mat karna beta aur muskaan beta tum iss pagal kii baat ko seriously mat lena aur maani khabardar jo tune bematalab se riddhima ko daanta aur zayada kam kiyya poori raat jag kar samjha tuu aur kaka aap riddhima bitiya kaa dhayan rakhna bas aur kuchh nahin theek hai naa''

She said giving lots of instructions to everyone in their absence

Ri:''mom aap fikar mat kijiye mai nikki ka dhayan rakhungi aur rahul bhayiya ko muskii ko tang nahin karne doongi kabhie bhi aap befikar hokar jayiye''

She said as she makes mom and papa eats curd and sugar and then finally

Ka:''han nandu chalo iske hote mujhe humare gharr kii kabhie chinta nahin hogii aur aab iskii bhi chinta nahin hain kyonki aab mera buddy merii bitiya ka  dhayan rakhega''

He said while hugging armaan and armaan smiled too looking at riddhima knowing how uch his parents trusted riddhima and then karan and nandini hugged their all three children rahul,muskaan and nikki and then kaka too and then finally waving them a bye they moved their way towards airport along with riddhima and armaan finally.

Riddhima and armaan were sitting in the car as armaan start driving towards their hoe after seeing off mom and papa and then riddhima leaned on armaan's shoulder saying as they remembered how much mom and papa were instructing them to take care of everyone in the house and

Ri:''armaan mai mom aur papa ko bahut hii zayada miss karungi''

Ar:''me too jaan par oonhein kuchh kam hai naa zaruri vo bhi jaan''


She said while closing her eyes still leaning on his shoulder and armaan pecked her in her hairs

Ar:''oye vo abhie 2 din meiin aa jaayenge aur vaise madam abhie aapko itnaa boora lag rahaa hain tab kya hogaa jab mai aur aap honeymoon par jaayenge''

And riddhima just blushed hearing his words and just whispered his name saying

Ri:''kya armaan''

Ar:''kya armaan mai sachii hii tou bol rahaa hun naa jaan vaise bhi aab hum itnein der baad honeymoon par jaa rahein hain tou sab kuchh special tou banta hai aur atleast mai 1 month se pehle tou bilkul bhi nahin ane vaala so tum zara aadat dalo thodi det sabse dur rehne kii especially aapnein rahul bhayiya se riddhima''

He teased her and well he is somewhere saying the truth too that he sia actually planning a long honeymoon with his riddhima

Ri:''kya armaan''

Ar:''kya riddhima yar main sachii bol rahaa hun aur maine tumhe tou option diyya tha kii kahan jaana hai par aapnein bataya hii nahin sweetheart so jo mai bolunga vohii hogaa naa aapnein hii kaha tha naa sweetheart jo main plan karunga that's it naa sweeteheart so be ready for a long honeymoon sweetheart''

Ri:''han tou maine kab mana kiyya vaise bhi mujhe aapnein armaan par poora vishwas hai naa ose pata hai ooski basket ooski riddhima ko kab khushi milegi bas han mujhe itnaa zarur hai kii mujhe kuchh time ke liyye Mussorie bhi jaana hain naa aur mujhe ache se pata hain mera armaan kuch naa kuch zarur manage karega mere liyye''

She said while kissing his cheek first time she is shy but yes she is also too excited and wants to sepnd some moments with armaan too and then armaan

Ar:''well dekhti jao basket mai sab kuchh kitna yadgar bana doonga humare yeh moments after all kitni mushkil se humein humara pyaar mill hain naa''

He said in his heart and then he looked at riddhima who is looking outside the window admiring the sea as they were crossing from near the sea he smiled seeing that smile on her face he knows how much his basket loved the sea and then something cloicked his mind and he stoped the car with halt and then he

Ri:''armaan kya hua yahan kyoon rouk dii car humein gharr jaana hain''

She said while looking at his surprised as he stopped the car and armaan just smiled and unfasten his seta belt and unfasten her seat belt too and then stepped out from teh car riddhima is surprised what he is upto and then she just opened her side of door before she can stepped outside she finds armaan standing

Ri:''armaan yeh''

Ar:''shh Mrs. Basket Mallik kya aapn aapnein husband ke saath Breakfast Date par chalengi please?''

He said making riddhima smiled with his cute antics as he forwards her hand as she so wants to caress his cheeks he is looking so sweet

Ri:''off course Mr.Mallik''

She said while placing her hand in his and then they walked towards the beech with hands in hands and riddhima leaned towards his shoulder again and armaan placed his head over hers and armaan kissed her hands taking her fingers and hand to near his lips and then riddhima pecked his shoulder too and then she 

Ri:''armaan hum yehin kyoon rooke''

She did not know even why she asked this just she wants to ask this so she asks

 Ar:''well vo isliyye kyonki chahe merii basket aapnein armaan se abhie bhi kuch chahat chupa jaati hai par kya karen aapki aankhein sab bata jaati hain''

He said making riddhima looked at him completely and armaan kissed her forhead while whispering to her that

Ar:''basket tum mujhse aapni koi bhi chahta chupane kii zarurat nahin hain tum jaanti ho na aur main jaanta hunk ii merii basket ko sea kitna pasand hai aur ooski calmness''

He said while looking deep in her eyes and then riddhima looked in his eyes too as his hands locked around her waist

Ri:''sorry armaan maine bas yun hii nahin kaha humein gharr bhi jaana hai naa tou bas''

She said while looking downwards as she knows it must hurts him that she did not tells him that she wants to spends sometime here

Ar:''i know basket''

He said while making her look towards him while lifting her chin and kissed her forhead

Ri:''armaan tum mujhse gussa tou nahin ho naa please mujhse gussa mat hona tum''

She asks innocently and armaan smiled and then kissed her forhead sweetly and then says

Ar:''no sweetheart mai hurt nahin hun aur naa hii tumse gussa hun infact i am proud of you mujhe pata hai kii tumhe sabkii parvah hai tabhie tou tumne aapni desire bhi peeche chod dii sweetheart yahan time spend karne kii mom-dad humein gharr kii repsonsibilty dekar gayye hain naa tou i understand basket naa''

He said as they knows karan and nandini went out from the house first time after their wedding, they just go to armaan's cousin wedding at once but that time only armaan and riddhima are at home so no responsibility kind of thing though the things were not well in between them still all they has to take care just for each-other but right now all were present at home and somehow after mom and dad they are the elders of the house and they have their responsibilities and they knows this things especially riddhima still now she is fulfilling her duties and responsibilities as a daughter-in-law as armaan's wife nandini mom is always there to help her out and she can easily sk from her but today in nandini's absence all responsibility on her nikki's rahul bhayiya's even muskaan's too though muskaan is daughter-in-law too she has responsibilty but as she is elder daughter-in-law off course her part of duty increases and riddhima smiled armaan understands her and as they sat there on a rock which was little in scheduled corner and moreover not many people there and as armaan sat and forwards his ahnd and makes riddhima settled in between his legs in such a way towards the sea that whenever teh highest wave comes it will wet their feet and legs and then

Ri:''han armaan chahe sab bade hain humare gharr meiin matlab koi bacha nahin hain fir bhi mom-dad ke liyye hum bache hii hain aur aab jab they are out of town hum hii gharr kee baden hain tou hum par humare gharr kii repsonsibilty hai naa oonhein hum par vishwas hai tabhie gayye hain haa i hope mujhse koi galti naa ho gharr kee matters meiin mai mom kii responsibility ache se nibha paon tum sab kaa khayal ache se rakh paon armaan, nikki ka tumhara, rahul bhayiya kaa chalo vo aur muskii ek doosre kaa ache se rakh lenge manage kar lenge pata hai sachii meiin mujhe dar lag rahaa hain armaan itnaa tou tab bhi nahin laga jab tum aur mai akele the jab humari nayi nayi shaadi hui thi armaan paa hai armaan tab naa sirff tumhari aur merii aapni responsibility thi mere oopar aur kuchh nahin pata nahin aaj mujhe samajh aa raha mom kaise sab manage karti hain gharr ache se sambhana hum sabka dhayan rakhna and all naa''

She said to him telling her heart and well yes she is nervous she even did not know why but she is nervous and armaan pecked in her hairs saying

Ar:''i know jaan aur mujhe yeh bhi pata hai kii merii riddhima ko yeh ajeeb sa dar kyoon lag rahaa hai kyonki ose lagta hain kahin oos se koi galti naa ho jaaye humara vaise dhayan rakhne meiin jaise mom rakhti hain ya aagar gharr vo vaise naa sambhal payin jaise mom sabhalti hain oonki absence meiin hain na jaan''

He asked and riddhima looked at him while tilting her head a little looking at him sideways as how he managed to read her fears which is hidden in her eyes and heart and armaan sideways kissed her forhead and then locked his arms tightly around her belly which riddhima over lapped and then armaan just continued

Ar:''par meri basket yeh bhull gayyi kii vo tou bahut ache se sab handle karti hain itnein ache se kii mom aur dad ko oos se zayada kisii par believe nahin hain aur merii basket yeh bhull gayyi hain kii hum sab jokehne ko tou bahut baden hain aapna dhayan rakh sakte hain par humein koi chahiye jo huamra dhayan rakh saken aur mom yeh ache se jaanti hain kii aagar oonke jaise koi hum sab mad people ko handle kar sakta hain naa tou vo sirff aur sirff oonki riddhima hai merii basket hain tabhie tou vo itnein aaram se challi gayyi dad kee saath aagar oonhein aapni riddhim par vishwas naa hotaa naa tou vo kabhie bhi itnein aaram se nahin jaa paati dad kee saath infact riddhima mai tou tumhara bahut bada shukurguzar (thankful) hun''

He said riddhima is surprised thanksful for what and she looked at him moving little away from him and armaan smiled and kissed her nose as

Ri:''shukurguzar armaan''

Ar:''han kyonki tumhare kaara mom-dad jaa paayen hain riddhima''

Ri:''armaan yeh tum sab''

Ar:''han riddhima sach keh rahaa hun main mom-dad ek doosre kee saath time nahin spend kar payen kabhie humesha family meiin busy rahein aur kabse merii vajah se bhi riddhima aura agar aaj aagar tum gharr par mom kii zimevari lene vaali nahin hotii tou vo kabhie nahin jaati riddhima''

He said getting all emotions and tell her the truth nandini and karan hardly gets time for each-other especially after that incidence in armaan's life well off course some where they were always bind with personal stuff and family yes they have their family outings before that fateful incidence in armaan's life but as nandini is dorted mother she somehow skipped trips with karan and this ie very well enough known by armaan, rahul and nikki, sometimes nikki's exams and college if armaan and rahul has big enough and now working people but still they needs her especially armaan and armaan do noticed that when he is old enough that how sometimes their mom-dad craved for each-other company, though they do spends time with each-other but not like that way and sometimes he didn's seems to understand they are living together still they wants sometime alone why but today as he has his riddhima the love of his life he surely understands what that alone time meant in a couple's life and well if he says that after taht incidence in his life his mom and dad difted apart from each-other somehow is not at all lie yes they distanced from each-other because somehow before that armaan eventually let them go out when the three siblings have blast in their own but when he is his own grief from past one year his mom and dad is always worried for him always with him so its obvious they even did not have conscious about each-other going out is totally out of question for them and he is the reason for that and even after his wedding with riddhima when he did not knows the truth about riddhima is his basket and he is not at all good with her and his mom always siding him his dad though loved him equally but he is angry on him because of his unreasonable behave with riddhima his wife and when his mom sided his actions saying he is in pain his dad sometimes totally spilled his head and he knows taht creates a kind of distanced in between and he is always guilty about this just he enver mentioned this guilt of his to anyone and today he thanked his almighty god and riddhima that this trip will be helpful for his mom and dad as both will surely get back to each-other again the complete one after spending some quality time with each-other alone without any tension of house and riddhima is very much big reason of this trip that his mom agreed if riddhima would not be there she will never ever leave the house as nikki is not that old to take care of the house as she is always armaan and rahul's doted sister and she never taken care these things especially and when their parents were out its armaan who always takes care of everything not even rahul and though Mallik Mansion has its two beautiful and adorable daughter-in-laws riddhima and muskaan but as some where he knows muskaan is though responsible but not that enough as she has still her childness in her attitude and persona because she never needs to take care of teh house properly she helped mom and riddhima but its always a protective feeling as mom and riddhima is always there moreover from start rahul is there with her to help her out when she is trying to adjust in the new home its surely not an easy task and thinking these all things his heart clenched in pain as he thought why his riddhima is more trusted because she is responsible and mature enough that's what showed from her actions actually but he knows his riddhima also missed those childish attitude and persona too and his eyes filled with teras when she comes in his house like his bride as Riddhima Armaan Mallik though his mom is always there with her to guide her but he knows there is lots of thoughts in her mind and heart which she can only shared with him as he is her husband after all with whom she gets married and all the realtion she get just with the merger of his name after all as he knows a girl whatever the wedding is either the arrange one or love one comes in the new home just with the trust on her husband that he will be with her always and helps her to adjust in a new hosue so that they can convert it into their home but what did he do he never gives her some encouraging words but always she has lots of challenges and problems in form of him no doubt she has every one in his their home but somewhere she needs his support too naa and he didn't even able to give her that he gives her so much pain and stil she never complaint not even sahred any thoughts about this even after they confessed their love still performed her duties beautifully with such a responsibility that to agree or not the whole house depends on today Riddhima Mallik and the result is this that his mom and dad trusted her only not anyone else but somewhere he feels making this Riddhima Armaan Mallik Mallik Mansion's Elder Daughter-In-Law he leaves his childish basket behind and he so missed those childish acts in her attitude and pesona and somewhere he is responsible for making this riddhima and he feels like why didn't he have that normal phase so that today his riddhima will be the same and he have that happiness in their life of sharing the new experience he feels like killing himself when he is not there with her when she must wants to share her first experience of when she makes food first she must wants to tell him how much shs is seweating and how she feels like home when he is away and tries to adapt the changes and these all thoughts brings more tears in his eyes and his vision start blurring with continuous tears and riddhima feels something very hot on her nape and she immediately turned only to finds him having tears in his blue eyes she is shocked

Ri:''armaan kya hua tumhe tum aisee kyoon kar rahien ho mom-dad will be fine armaan mom aa jaayengi 2 din meiin''

She said while looking at her as she tried to wipe those tears away from his eyes and

Ri:''armaan please aisee mat karoo naa mom-dad ko boora lagega naa aagar oonhein para chalega yeh aur mom bas 2 din ke liiye hii tou gayye hain''

She said while turning to him immediatly and cupping his face in her both palms thinking he must be missing mom-papa that's what he is doing thanking her for becoming the reason to send mom and papa at trip but what happened to him suddenly that brings him to tears and armaan did not say anything just hugged her tightly putting his head deep in her nape digging his head there and this action of his makes riddhima more worried for him but nevertheless her hands went around at his back and she start caressing his back and feeling armaan's hot tears soaked her nape and this makes riddhima's heart clenched in pain his tears always breaks her in pieces if her tears is like stabbed armaan till death and his tears always breaks her in so much pieces that she always feels uncapable to tie those pieces his smile his happiness is jut her world and right now whs is feeling horrible to able to stop his tears she does not knows the reason of his pain damn she is the sole reason only if she knows and right then riddhima heard something that snatched earth away from her feet as she heard

Ar:''mai bahut boora hun riddhima mujhe maf kar do please mai koi promise nahin nibha paaya mai tumhara saath nahin nibha paaya maine tumhe kitna hurt kiyya naa i am sorry riddhima please mujhe maf kar do riddhima''

He mumbled gainst her nape still her nape is soaked with the tears and she didn't know why he is saying this doesn't everything fine between them and next she

Ar:''please mujhe maf kar do riddhima mai tumhara saath nahind en paaya jab tum merii biwii ban kar ayi i am sorry mai bahut boora husband hun riddhima''

And that's it riddhima is shocked beyod limits where this comes from they knows they loved each-other and they leaves their past far behind them knowing thats' not his mistake any way and he too didn't mention this and then how suddenly this topic comes only when they just was wating to becomes ONE finally

Ri:''armaan merii bat soono tum aisee kyoon soch rahein ho achanak se tum bahut ache husband ho armaan''

She said while caressing his back and armaan just shakes his head and she can feels this as he still buried his head in her nape

Ar:''nahin hun mai maine tumhe bahut takleef diyya hai aapni basket ko bahut dard diyya hai mainebahut riddhima''

And riddhima's heart cried hearing him and then she slowly caressed his back and then finally

Ri:''armaan please mujhe batao tum aisee kyoon kar rahein ho mujhe dar lag raha hai armaan''

She said while detangling him from herself and her herat cried in pain and frightened too at his state and then as she moved closer to him while caressing his cheeks she moved near his face and kissed his face all over and then sucked his tears while letting her lips lingering there and cupped his face in her palms

Ar:''mujhe please ma''

But he is cut short with riddhima's finger on his lips and as she just

Ri:''nahin armaan koi maafi nahin pehle mujhe batao tou tum kis baat kii maafi maang rahein ho mujhse armaan''

Ar:''har oos baat har oos waqt kii riddhima jab mai tumhare saath nahin tha riddhima oosmein tou mai manta hun waqt humare saath nahin tha jab hum dur the par jab tum mere saath thi tab bhi maine tumhe akele hi rakha tumhara saath nahin den paaya jab tumhe humare gharr meiin aakar merii sabse zayada zarurat rahii hogi, hab tum koshish kar rahi hogii sabko apnanae kii tab nahin tha mai tumhare saath, tumhara saath dena tou bahut durr kii baat hai riddhima maine tumhe oos waqt sivaye dard ke kuchh aur nahin diyya riddhima mai koi vaada nahin nibha paaya aapna na vo jo maine aapni basket se kiyya than a vo jo maine 1 patii honein kee taur par aapni biwi se kiyya tha jab oos se shaadi karii thii maine''

He said with some fresh tears in his eyes and riddhima wiped those tears from his eyes before even they rolled on his cheek and even sucked his tears from the corner of his eyes and then she kissed his eye-lids making him close them

Ri:''ho gayya tumhara aab mai kuch kahun tumse aagar aapki izazat ho tou''

She said and when armaan did not said anything she takes it yes

Ri:''ohk then thanks so much mere pyaare se pati dev aab aap merii siuniye''

She said and armaan looked at her then she just started seeing him quite and his head were lower feeling guilty

Ri:''armaan tum jaante ho tum pagal ho is baat ko lekar pareshan ho rahhein the aur main na jaane kya soch rahii thi kitna dara diyya tumne mujhe (armaan looked at her with apologetically face and she caressed his cheeks) aur nahin tou kya kitna dara dete ho tum dekho mera dill kaise dhadak rahaa hain (she said making him put his hand on her heart and well its actually beating really fast) vaise armaan tum sachii meiin bahut boore ho (and armaan looked at her riddhima smiled and gives him the look) han aur nahin tou kya tumne hii tou kaha naa abhie kii tum bahut boore ho i agree (and armaan nodded his head in assent yes he is bad) aur jaante ho kyoon tum itnein boore ho kyonki tum mujhse itnaa pyaar jo karte ho jitna mujse kabhie bhi nahin ho paayega (she said with frowned face and armaan looked at her surprised) aur nahin tou kya aab aisee kyoon dekh rahein ho tum mai sach keh rahii hun armaan (armaan makes teh face and riddhima kissed his cheeks and then she) aur armaan aagar tumhare alfazon meiin tumne mera saath nahin diyya tou kisii ne bhi nahin diyya armaan (she said and armaan is about to speak but cut short with riddhima's finger on his lips still) han armaan mai maanti hun jab tumse shaadi hui thi mujhe tumhari bahut yaad ati thi aur mai aisaa bahut kuch tha jo tumse share kara chahti thi armaan (she said and armaan again lowered his head feeling her pain that caused to her because of him riddhima seeing this kissed his forhead) bahut yad ati thi tumhari kii mai bhi tumhe bataon armaan tumse poochun kii mujhe dar lag rahaa hain mujse hogaa naa armaan (she said making armaan's tears comes out again but riddhima kissed his both cheeks) aur fir tum humesha kii tarah mujhe aapni bahon meiin bharkar kahoge kii han basket hoga tumse aur mai tumhare saath hunn basket har haalat meiin aurr mai sab par kaar jaati armaan pata hai baakiyon kii tarah main bhi tumhare face par vo khuhsi ekhna chahtai thi jo sabhie ke faces par hotii hain aapni biwii kii praise sun kar (she said admiring his face while kissing him in between too) par armaan yeh bhi sachh hain kii aagar maine yeh sab miss kiyya paar armaan jis din mujhe pata chala tha kii mera armaan kitna pareshan hai dukhi hain oos din sach meiin mujhe laga tha kii jis haalat meiin tum the oos haalat meiin itnein dard meiin tou kuch bhi possible nahin hain naa but still you were there when i performed my first kitchen ritual aur rahul bhayiya bhi tumhe humesha batate hii rehte the kii aaj kya hua kaise hua tout um indirectly mere saath hii the armaan aur armaan aab tumne mujhe kitna pyaar diyya kii mai alfazon meiin bayan nahin kar sakti hun armaan mera har sapna sach kar rahien ho tum aur armaan aisee sab meiin bhi  vaise bhi boore tou tum hii ho armaan sacchii meiin but i loved my this boora husband boora armaan aagar koi boora hokar itnaa pyaar kar sakta hain tou mujhe aisaa hii boora insan chahiye i love my this boora armaan more than anything else in this world i love you so so very much armaan''

She said while kissing him full mouth and armaan has his yes closed feeling her love for him at that time too she understands him so much and then armaan

Ar:''par riddhima fir''

But he is again cut short with riddhima's fingers on his lips as she states

Ri:''armaan aagar aisaa hai naa tou aur kisii ko maafi maangni chahiye tou vo tum nahin main hun armaan''

Ar:''riddhima yeh''

Ri:''han armaan maine hii tou tumhe nahin bataya naa kii mai hii tumhari basket hun aagar main bata detii tou kya aisaa sab hotaa tum mere har moment har pal meiin mere saath hote armaan i am really very sorry armaan please mujhe maf kar doena armaan''

She said and armaan placed his hand on her lips making her stop speaking anything

Ar:''shh basket please chup ho jao basket mai tumse bilkul bhi narza nahin hun aur tumne mujhe nahin bataya kii tu hii merii basket ho its just circumstances is not in in our favour riddhima tumhari galti nahin hain riddhima''

Ri:''han tou armaan yeh same baat tum par bhi tou jaati hain aagar tum mere saath nahin the that time because circumstances in not in favour tumhari galti nahin hain armaan''

She repeated his words and armaan kissed her hands which is cupping his cheeks in her palms

Ar:''jaanta hun riddhima tum mujhe kya samjhna chahti aur trust me riddhima mai sachi meiin yeh baat ache se smajhata hun job hi humare beech meiin hua oosmeiin husme zayada haalta aisee hii kii haalat ne humein pas nahin ane diyya mai yeh baat ache se smajhta bhi hun aur maata bhi hun riddhima but it hurts too riddhima par its just that kii jab bhi oon sabke bare meiin sochta hun mujhe bahut takleef hotii hain aur i feels kii tumne mere vajah se kitna dard saha hain mujhe kitna miss kiyya hain tou mujhse bardash nahin hota aur aaj bhi jab mom-dad ne sab responsibility tumhe dii not that i am not happy mai bahut khsuh hun infact tou you helped me getting out of mine guilt which i have because of me mom-dad has some differences and now this trip will sought them par naa mujhe kahin naa kahin iss baat kaa bhi ehsaas hain kii maine aapni riddhima kii vo innocence kahin kho sii dii hain merii yeh riddhima zayada hii matured hain''

He said looking at her intently and riddhima who is hearing him patiently letting him out his all insecurities and guilt out of her system then she cup his face

Ri:'' armaan i understand par armaan tum bhi please yeh baat clear kar lo kii jo waqt beet gayya hain hum ose tou vaapis nahin laa sakte par ane vaala kal aur humara aaj jismein hum saath hain ose tou khushnuma bana sakte hai aab yeh tum par hain kii tum oos khoi hui riddhima ka blame lekar jeen achahte ho oodas hona chahte ho ya mujhe aapnein qareeb laakar inn lamhe ko aur khoobsoorat bnana chahte ho aur kya kaha tumne kii tumhari basket kii innocence tuumhe lagta hai kho gayyi hain kahin nahin armaan nahin khoyi hain bas repsonsiblty meiin chup jaati hain hmm tou yeh problem hain mere armaan ko lagta hain kii oosnein aapni riddhima kii innocence kahin kho dii hain tou let me tell you a secret Mr.Armaan Mallik vo innocence kahin nahin gayyi hain yehii hain so aab yeh aap par hain kii aap ose kitni jaldi vaapis laate hain aur trust me you will succeeded just giving a short try kyonki aisaa tumhe lagta hain armaan so option is yours''

She said while looking at him deeply in his eyes conveying her love to him armaan looked at her right she is right if they keeps on thinking about the past it wll hurts them only its good if they start working on their present and starts making them beautiful with each-other side and that thought brings million dollar smile

Ar:''han basket tum sahii keh rahii ho aab hum aapnein ane vale kal aur aaj ko sanvarenge ek doosre kee saath aur humari life tou ek doosre kee saamne khuli hui book hain aur jo kuch chapters uread hain oonhein milkar padege aur jo pages khali hain oonhein milkar fill karenge saath meiin hain naa riddhima jaana''

He said while palcing a kiss on her oth cheeks and riddhima gives him a beautiful smile finally seeing his smile back and then she just replied to him lovingly

Ri:''han armaan bilkul jab hum saath meiin hain tou jo life ke pages hum ek doosre se share nahin kar paaye vo bhi share karenge aur aagle pages saath meiin fill karenge aur iss zindagiko bahut khoobsoorat banayenge chahe dard ho yaa kushi saath meiin honge tou humesa yeh pages beautiful hii lagenge saath mein''

She said and hugged him tightly while armaan hugged her back and then

Ar:''basket tum mujhe please sab bataogi jo jo maine miss kiyya humari shaadi ke baad jaise tumhara har pal har pal kaise tumne mehsoos kiyya sab kuchh riddhima tumhe mujhse vaada karo sab bataogi kaise tumne adjust kiyya sab ke saath humare gharr meiin mujhe kitna miss kiyya in sab meiin bataogi naa''

He said and riddhima looked at him while detangling away from him and them

Ri:''han armaan pakka vaada mai tumhe sab kuchh bataungi i promise armaan''

She said and armaan kissed her forhead and then just

Ar:''i love you riddhima so very much tum ho tou mai hun nahin tou kuchh bhi nahin hunt um merii dhadkan ho riddhima''

Ri:''i love you too armaan more than anything else in the world tumhari hansi se merii muskaan hai merii dill ke tar ho tum armaan''

She confessed while lacing a kiss on his shoulder and as they confessed their love for each-other remained in each-other's embrace that gives them solace and warmth of their love and let them feel this is their world and just each-other's embrace and they are more than happy to stay here like till eternity and then she

Ri:''armaan tum tou mujhe yahana breakfast date par laaye the naa''

She said whiel detangling away from him a bit raising her eye-brows and

Ar:''off course sweetheart we are here only for our date only''

He said pulling her closer once again locking his arms around her waist and

Ri:''yea right yeh breakfast tha kya yeh tou kuchh aur hii tha i am really very hungry armaan''

She said while pouting a bit and armaan kissed her cheeks as she said that she is looking so beautiful and then riddhima

Ri:''armaan mai sachii meiin mujhe bahut bhookh lagii hain''

Ar:''aww my princess''

He said again kissing her cheeks and then he again whispered to her that

Ar:''riddhima jaan''

Ri:''hato tum armaan tum koi breakfast nahin karvane vale mujhe chalo gharr chalein main vahin jaakar kuch banati hun tum tou bahut bade kanjoos ho''

She said while trying to let come from his grip as he is already bending towards her while caressing her waist and riddhima wants to divert his mind public place they were at public place and moreover just his caress is enough to send the shivers running down in her spine and making her shiver under his touch and he

Ar:''nahin jaan mai paaka tumhe breakfast karvaoonga sachii meiin bade hii ache vaala i promise jaan''

He said whil leaning towards her only after gripping her waist more tightly not even letting her allowing her to get out from his grip and riddhima looks at him as he is looking at her deeply in her eyes bles caught greens and they shared the most beautiful eye-lock and they loosened their selves in each-other's eyes completely and armaan looked at her completely how much she is looking beautiful in her blue churridar and as her duppatta is little bit out of place away from her chest as they were hugging each-other armaan see her chest going up and down and he gulped seeing the sight in front of him he does not how to control himself in front of her to put his desires at check she just with her smile is able to put armaan's desires on fire and he saw goose bumps arised on her skin just with his caressing on her waist he smiled and as riddhima finds him gazing at herself with those passionate eyes she feels like she will  burnt under his passionate gaze and to be the truth she is actually burning with desires sitting there in his lap completely and she can feel how close they are down there and this just mere thought managed to arised those goose bumps all over her skin and that blush crept on her cheeks she does not know till how much time he controls himself she knows this is very much had if its hard for her than she does not even thinks how much hard for him as he is man after all and armaan saw those expressions on her face and red blush he knows what she must be thinking or where these thoughts is leading on and he actually don't wants to control

Ri:''armaan chodo gharr jaana hain naa armaan chalo naa chalein armaan der ho jaayegi armaan sab wait karenge''

Ar:''nahin riddhima i am hungry for you before breakfast i would wants to have my breakfast with my jaan naa''

He whispered huskily near her ear and without waiting for any more second his lips captured hers in the kiss while pulling her closer to her with waist and riddhima is two nnumb to react at this sudden kiss taht she dooes not even responded but when armaan's manly lips probed her soft ones while tracing her back and caressed her waist pulling her more closer she has to give in with her hands went around his neck holding him there and as armaan feels her start kissing back he start nibbling on her lower lips allowing her to nibbled on her upper lips and as armaan chewed her lips lusciously taking their own time to relish them and finally he switched to her lower lips start nibbling them and allowed her to switch on his lower lips and as he start chewing hers riddhima chewed his and here too armaan takes his quality time to relish them and then he sucked them and smooched them with so much softness and then it leads to passion while caressing her back sensuously making her forgets anything all her suuroundings completely well which is stopping her as she does not experience this public place and her hands made their way in his hairs as they engaged in his jet blackk hairs she start kneading them and her one hand on his back rubbing it as she has all her desires on fire and feeling that sensous movements of her armaan immediately rolled his tongue inside her mouth which riddhima happily obliged in and gave him the enterance and armaan can never levaes his chance he is busy in exploring her mouth allowing her to explore his as their tingus rolled in each-other's mouth they explored each and every part of each-other's moutha s if they are kissing for first time and as soon both their tongues rolled with each-other, danced in pleasure and fought for dominance and they swallowed each-other's saliva lusciously, they drank each-other's juices and while armaan's hands start pulling her sleeves a bit down as his tongue is still entangled with riddhima's tongue as they were busy kissing passionately and suddenly when waves comes and let them wet completely till their knees that breaks riddhima's trance and she pulled herself apart pushing him away as she is panting very badly and armaan did not stopped there he kissed her full mouth making her eyes closed and armaan looked at her finally after pecking her lips once more and he saw her chest is going up and down with heavy breaths he himself is panting very badly after their long passionate kiss and armaan joined his head with hers feeling the moment savouring the moment their belongingness and as armaan finally managed to catch his breaths he opened his eyes only to find her eyes still closed enjoying the moment armaan could not help himself drowned in her beauty and their love looking at her chest which is still moving up and down making her chest more tempting to him well somewhere the coldness of water do add water to fire and seeing her ravishingly chest he does not have more control on himself and he just instantly he buried his face in her valley.



Will She Becomes Riddhima Armaan Mallik In every Senses?

Or Something Going To Happen?

Ar:''she is very precious to me''

Ar:''Kya Riddhima is time par so rahii hai vo theek to hai naa?''

Ri:''please armaan samjho naa.''

Milan Abhie Aadha Adhoora Hai

Ar:''tum kya chahti ho riddhima?''

Ar:''matlab tum meree saath nahin aaogi''

Ar:''yeh sab meree saath hii kyoon hotaa hai?''


Ar:''basket hamara honeymoon pending hai''

Ri:''armaan abhie muskii ko merii jarurat hai''

Ar:''i will miss u jaan''

Is there more problems for them or happiness?

p.p.s do check page 45 for special note friends after reading the part need your  views really urgent on that so do check friends

For Finding Answers Stay Tuned

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Finally completed friends now please comment friends it really means a lots to me



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