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Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR.FF#4 New thread link Pg151 (Page 44)

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                                  Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

                                                          AR FF

                                                          Part 52


And he winked and pressed his hands more on her slender waist making her close to his heart as she moved closer to him sunk deep in between his legs and placed her head on his chest and then armaan holds riddhima's elbows as she is holding his hot chocolate glass and he was sipping it but in the cozy cold night he is losing himself near her completely as he is inhaling the fragrance of her hairs as they were opened just like the way he liked and he smirked knowing how he tell her to open up her hairs in morning yes and right now well they were playing on his face disturbing him as he is drinking the hot chocolate and he does not wants to make her beautiful hairs dirty as he is so in love with her long hairs as he always loved to play with them it makes him so happy and peaceful dgging his head in her hairs inhaling their fragrance so he caressed her elbows sensuously making riddhima gasped but she controlled and looked at him and armaan smiled seeing that reaction from her he knows she will respond so he as  the moment she looked at him he quickly kissed near her forhead near her badage and then on her

bandage too as if taking all her pains away from him making her startled and smiled too as she loved his gestre and she feels loved by him and then he just leaned near her ear and whispered to just audible to her

Ar:''basket please yar aapnein bal (hairs) aage karoo naa please basket yar''

He said and riddhima's eyes widened hearing his demand she is so not going to do it as she knows he starts his naughtiness

Ri:''armaan pagal ho gayye ho mai aisaa kuchh nahin karungi dekhiye muskii aur rahul bhayiya bhi hai yahan par naa''

She said pointing to rahul and muskaan with her green almond innocent shaped who was deep engrossed with each-other and then shook her head saying that she is not going to do it at any ways and armaan smiled as well he ahs his own ways and she is his basket how she can't agree him

Ar:''areey yar basket tum bhi naa actually tumhare bal (hairs) naa mere muh meiin jaa rahein hai mere yummy hot chocolate kee saath so hot chocolate koo strawberry kee taste kee saath mix bhi kar rahein hai so i was saying''

He said as he inhaled her hairs fragrance and makes riddhima smiled with his talks, strawberry mixed with chocolate he says because she used strawberry shampoo and then she turned to look at himwants to sure herself he is speaking the truth and then she saw armaan is speaking the truth her long hairs actually is getting in armaan's mouth and she smiled and handled him the glass of hot chocolate and then she pulled her hairs to one side of her shoulder and armaan gasped seeing her bare back just the dori is on top of her blouse as she pulled her long hair on one side, he just pulled comforter more over them and such that they were covering till their necks and riddhima is surprised with his actions and she looked at him with confused eyes but before she can ask anything armaan answered her

Ar:''areey yar i am feeling chilly so maine cover kar liyye bas basket tumhara bhi naa kitnaa dirty mind hai basket''

And riddhima smiled hearing her words and then she just shook her head and armaan pulled her more closer finally finishing his hot chocolate and then armaan could not help but to lose himself as she is looking so much serene in the moon light and the fire light both the lights falling on her face makes her more enchanting to him with that beautiful smile playing on her lips, and just did not have any control over himself and his hands strat moving on her bare back and caressing it but not only caressing, his fingers made their way towards her back slowly slowly taking his own time to caress her back and riddhima clutched the glass tight in her hands as she feels armaan's fingers moving to her back and kneading her skin with his fingers and she closed her eyes and here armaan reached near her dorii and just in mere brush with that it was open as he takes it in his fingers and open it and right that moment he put all his hand on her back and traced the whole back of hers making her gasp hard as a shiver ran down in her spine in that warm comforter and that too against armaan's hot body and armaan is turning much more passionate just caressing her milky skin and right then riddhima feels armaan's hands come over the single cloth which is at her back small layer of cloth of her blouse and she shocked this is so not happening and knowing armaan naughty armaan she knows he will surely undo that and she can't afford that so she just shook her head either ways but armaan is armaan naa so he just gave her a naughty grin while looking at rahul-muskaan from corner of his eyes and seeing them busy and his hand which is on the layer of cloth just makes his fingers in that cloth, and riddhima clutched the glass more tightly and her cheeks turned in dark red from pink and as she feels his hand comes in contact with her inner wear and armaan smirked seeing her dark red cheeks and her blush always makes her more beautiful to him, and he just wants to kiss her right now but armaan naa how can ever he will leave a chance to tease his basket and here she is so much responding to his touch that he can not control himself for getting naughtier so that's why right now he wants to tease her, moreover he himself is losing his senses around her moreover he missed her so much whole day and then he just brings his other hand too on his back while riddhima feels his both hands on her back caressing it she could not help but to push herself back towards him making herself crushed in his front and unknowingly and knowingly his fingers pressed on her back more with her this act and moreover armaan was too much aroused with her act and he forgetting everything just unhooked her blouse's only hook which is tying her blouse there and as soon riddhima hears that snap she is shocked her eyes literally comes out from her socket, now she herself is actually well in that condition she even can not moved from there and armaan smirked and knows she is enjoying too as her body is telling him that thing so he craessed her pulse point of her neck and then caressed her near her curve of her neck making her cluthched his thighs as she already put her hands over his thighs from the time his fingers start playing with her back actually to be precisely says with her senses and armaan aroused to no extent feeling this well its something sensous that he never feels and he just buried his face in the crook of her neck and start placing kisses there without waiting for any more moment making riddhima once again closed her deep green almond eyes here armaan is working on her well his actions especially on her well sometimes he is caressing her bare back and sometimes massaging her pulse point in between his kisses on her nape and then he smiled seeing his affect on her as she unknowingly push her head on other side that gives nothing but a more access to armaan and armaan well how he can waste any chance and he fud his head more deeper in the crook of her neck as if its possible and with in a second his lips were replaced by his tongue as he start licking the curve of her neck making her shudder in pleasure and she clutched his thighs more tightly and armaan was thinking thank god he is wearing trouser if he is in his short his basket's nails surely will directly digging in his skin and he himself smirked with his thought and then with one hand he was busy in caressing her ulse point of the other side of her neck making riddhima's senses getting sharp and his one hand was still inside her back his fingers were still on her inner wear and his palm over her bare skin craessing her that too very sensuously and here his kisses were back and he start kissing her sensuously and hungrily sometime he bite her too there and riddhima with his lips and hands and fingers can't do anything just to clutch her eyes and hands tightly, this is so new to her and she is enjoying every bit of this and her body is clearly telling this to her darling husband as her body is deceiveing her completelt and then she feels armaan's hands on her shoulder and she looked at him he is so much busy in kissing her nape that drowned in the passion his fingers were start to pull out her sleeve down but well as soon she pulled herself little away that makes armaan frowned and he in dazed position bite her there on the crook of her neck making her winced in pain and pleasure and armaan registed this as he feels her body stiffned under his touch and he looked at her feeling it might hurt her well actually it did as because of her getting out of his control the bite turned into harsh ones and right then he heard some moan and he looked towards his riddhima worriedly that means it really hurt her and as soon he looked at her his lips instantly speak up seeing her

Ar:''i am sorry basket''

But before riddhima can say anything as she looked towards him armaan heard rahul's voice and they looked at him

Ra:''umm armaan good night mai aur muskaan kaafi tired hai so join you in morning good night riddhima''

Ri:''good night bhayiya good night muskii''

And muskaan just nodded and stand up and as she did not speak up armaan smirked seeing her face as she is trying to cover her lips and he knows his riddhima did not moaned its Mrs.Muskaan Rahul Mallik who moaned and then he just smiled and was not in mood to tease them, he kept it for later as right now he do wants to spend some moments with his darling and loving wife so he just wished them back as muskaan turned to go armaan just smied and informed rahul

Ar:''raool tuu subhh kii tension mat liyyo i will drop mom and dad at airport and good night and have romantic dreams guyss''

And he winked at rahul and rahul blushed thank god muskaan is looking other side and rahul nodded and they walked inside the house and when they were not at their sight armaan looked at riddhima who is looking confused over something and he kissed her cheek bringing her back to reality and as he just looked at her

Ar:''kya hua basket kya soch rahii ho tumhara itnaa handsome and hot patii saamne baitha hai aur tum kisii aur ke khayalon meiin khoi hui ho?sharam nahin ati tumhe vaise i was not at all expecting this from you riddhima''

He said with naughtiness clearly visible in his naughty blue eyes while kissing her cheeks and riddhima put her head on his chest and she just said

Ri:''tch armaan tum bhi naa mai naa muskii kee bare meiin soch rahii thi armaan''

Ar:''ose kya hua''

He said while locking his hands around her petite waist and riddhima looked in his deep blue eyes siding her head and then she just

Ri:''tch armaan tum bhi naa dekha nahin tumne how weird she behaved naa osnein good night bhi wish nahin kiyya aur she turned her face after nodding just''

Armaan smiled hearing her wors she is so much innocent and he so loved his innocent basket that he just could not control himself and kissed her hard on her cheeks letting his lips lingered there for sometime and riddhima smiled and blushed at the same time she so loved these gestures of his kisses especially ehen he kissed her tightly on her cheeks but she straighten her face and turned her face a little so that she has still her head on his chest while her face touched his well her cheeks touched brushed with his and then she while looking in his eyes just spoke once again as he looked back in her eyes as she once again said as she found him smiling at her showing his dimples he looks so sweet and then she

Ri:''armaan maine yeh karne nahin kaha aur smile bhi nahin karne kaha tumne soona bhi maine kya kaha muskii kee bare meiin armaan''

As she said armaan smiled and then looking in her eyes kissing her nose tip he replied to her that

Ar:''yes my dear basket mai naa yeh dekhh kar muskura rahaa hun kii merii basket kitni innocent hai tumne muskaan kaa shayad red face notice nahin kiyya aur yeh bhi notice nahin kiyya she is trying to hide her lips that's why she turned and did not wished you back ohk merii jaan yaa aab bhi aapko kuchh poochna hai muskii yaa aapnein darling rahul bahyiya kee bare meiin aapko''

He asked while pinching her nose a bit making riddhima turn red that means rahul bhayiya and muskaan was also having a moment there and armaan is right muskaan is hiding her lips with her stole and her cheeks were turning red and she looked at armaan with amazed exprssions

Ri:''armaan iskaa matlab muskii aur rahul bhahiya bhi yahan par i meant armaan''

She blushed as her cheeks turned red from pinkish one and well as she even can not speak about that statement and armaan smiled seeing her flushed face after all she is his basket naa a shy one and he nodded while touching his cheeks with hers and caressing her cheeks with his rubbing them and his both hands encircled around her waist and riddhima over lapped them and then he whispered in her ear huskily making her more blushed as if possible as he whispered huskily in near her ear bending a bit forward

Ar:''yes merii jaan aapke pyaar rahul bhayiya aur muskii romance kar rahein the probably kissing too aur yehii reason tha kii muskii is behaving weirdly jaan''

He said and riddhima nodded with her eyes lowered and armaan kissed her cheek

Ar:''pata hai basket ekk pal kee liyye tou naa vo moan sun kar laga kii yeh merii basket hai but then as i looked at muskaan and rahul i got it actually she is the one, aur vaise bhi merii biwii tou itnii samjahdar hai vaise hii yahan par public place i mean chahe gharr kaa hii part hai yeh garden moan nahin karegi chahe ooska patii ose kitna hii pareshan kyoon naa karen hai naa jaan merii basket can never do that naa sweeheart''

He said winking at her making her turn bet root red and she smacked his hands lightly and just whispered his name


Ar:''kya armaan vaise riddhima hum bhi vaapis shuru karen kya''

He said with a grin and naughty smile on his lips and riddhima looked at him with confusion


Ar:''vohii jo adhoorra reh gayya tha basket you see i got worried thinking my basket moaned''

He said cheekily stressing the words 'adhoora' and 'moaned' as he kissed her nape remembering where they are and riddhima smacked his hands again lightly


And armaan smiled and buried his face more in her neck and looked at her from there saying

Ar:''i know sweetheart mera nam armaan hai and i love my name from your mouth sachii meiin but abhie naa i want to do something else darling''

He said looking at her upto from her chin and looked in her eyes where she looked lusciously on her lips making riddhima gasped in return just


But as he placed his finger on her lips she kissed his finger making him smile and then she just

Ri:''i love you armaan''

And armaan smiled and with in second armaan smacked his lips on hers making her surprised with his actions as he pulled his one hand behind her head pulling her more closer and as riddhima was surprised but nevertheless she responds him as well she actually feels him pulling her closer by holding her from her waist while turning her completely and with in no seconds she is under him and here he is kissing her tightly and hungrily nibbling her lower lips while taking her upper lips in between his lips and start sucking on them making her respond as like he is kissing her madly, she too nibbled on his lower lips and then switched to his upper lips, all the time her hands were engaged in his hairs ruffling his jet black hairs arousing him to no extent and as armaan's hands already at her back locking there he makes his hands way again on her back which is bare as it is her blouse is already opened by him and he was kissing her madly and passionately all the time and then as he traced her bare back with his ahnd and fingers with in now time he drowned in pleasure bite in between her lips that's taking some of her lower lips and some of her upper lips as he demanded for an enterance and riddhima moaned in pain and she opened her lips a bit feeling his teeth bite her in between lips both upper and lower one that's something he never did before making her shudder in pleasure and without wasting a second armaan's tongue rolled inside her mouth exploring each and every corner of her mouth as soon she gaves him the enterance in her mouth and if that was not enough his hands were kneading her back and as armaan rolled his tongue in her mouth and allowed her to her in his mouth and as soon their tongues entangled with each-other, they set their bodies on fire, they danced in pleasure, swallowed each-other's saliva and traced each and every corner of each-other's mouth and then armaan start licking her tongue and as he did that she shuddered in pleasure she never in her dreams thinks that he will do anything like this and she ruffled his jet balck hairs more feeling his wild and passionate actions and armaan smirked and too drowned in pleasure he bite her tongue making her fisted his hairs as she pulled him and  armaan himself moved a little away from her mouth as they gazed in each-other while whole panting and breathing heavily with their long passionate kiss this is longest one they ever shared and armaan then looked at her slightly parting lips and he knows what he has to do and he instantly without giving riddhima a chance pushed his tongue in her mouth parted her lips and then taken her tongue in his lips and start to soothen it with his lips and riddhima is taken back with his action and she shuddered in pleasure and her hands herself moved at his back and start caressing it and armaan start doing that licking her tongue in pretext of soothing her but actually that very moment is setting their desire on fire and then armaan after few minutes licking her tongue pecked her lips once more this time slowly then moved to her neck line and start kissing her white creamy neck line ardently, making riddhima pushed her head that did nothing just gave him better access to her long neck and he kissed each and every inch of her long slender neck and riddhima moaned in pleasure and her one hand again went towards his hairs caressing them and ruffling them and armaan with each passing moment and second moving downwards while his one hand comes once again forwards and start pulling her sleeves down and well it is not at all tough task as he is already opened her blouse and just a mere push with his fingers and her blouse start moving from her shoulders leaving them bare and he caressed first them with his hands sensuously making riddhima closed her green eyes and all the time his one hand which was on her back nearly makes her back bare completely while pulling the thin layer of the cloth of her blouse which is already opened by him he put it in side and just the strap of her inner wear is there and she did not even know for how much time it will be there as the speed they were going he surely thinks today their passion will breaks all the boundries and they will surely end up losing each and every senses of theirs and same was with armaan he knows they were moving fast at high speed but he does not have any control and they did not care at all and right at that moment as armaan kissed her in her nape and start licking the skin where he can still saw the marks of his bite which he gives her in previous night and he kissed her there hungrily and passionately making her clutch his neck in her hands and armaan was now while kissing her completely and he pushed her saree pallu aside from her one side with his lips and as he saw her now and as she clutched his neck with her one hand more tightly the few control he has over himself just flew away in air as if he never knows anything about control seeing her prfect curves that was actually enhancing her beauty in that tight net blouse and attracting him to the core and he just ran his hands under her arm pit in order to makes his place under her blouse from front too and with these he was nnow over her completely and now tou his legs were start caressing hers as he engaged them with his own legs and his toes were playing with hers and with his movements her saree pushed a little away and that makes his feet touched with her anklets and he rubbed them a bit passionately taht makes their twinkling sound and right that moment his lips which were on her nape kissing her on the bite replaced once again with his teeth and that results in the harsh bite once again and this time he was too much lost in passion that he even did not know when he did that first he already losened himself in her right her anklets beautiful sound driving him to the edge of craziness and there is no way of controlling himself and result is riddhima has one more harsh bite but this time it was so harsh that riddhima's feet which was beneath armaan's legs her nails digged in his legs's skin as soon she feels that harsh bite and armaan too groaned in pain, never he can expect something on his legs though riddhima too did that intentionally but that both the things leaves riddhima and armaan moaned in pain well pain of pleasure armaan's bite to riddhima and riddhima's nails in armaan's legs's skin and as they both feels that riddhima's body stiffened but armaan is armaan how can stop himself he was still busy kissing her and now after that he was kissing her more hungrily and passionately leaving his lips marks on her nape and hands marks all over her one shoulder and back and his legs were now rubbing with her legs more closely as if possible and toes were entangled with her completely arising that anklets's beautiful sound but with now her ankelts's beautiful sound riddhima comes back to reality and she slowly ruffled armaan's hairs not drowned in moment but to make him aware of reality they were making out ingarden of their own home, its fine if they were alone in home but no their own family is there so she has to bring him back to reality, she does not balme him only as she herself is equally involved in that and that brings a blush on her red cheeks she controlled herself as right now she has to bring him back to reality and this is going to be difficult as he is involve in her loving her and she too is enjoying this but still she has to do this before anyone waked there and moreover she is almost naked from her upper part just teh blouse covering front of hers nothing else so she caressed his hairs


She called him who is still very much busy in kissing her neck making her moan but she composed himself


She called him who is still very much busy in kissing her neck making her moan but she composed himself


She once again called him as he did not reacted and was now kissing her more hungrily driving her too crazy

Ri:''armaan please chodo''


But he just said that not leaving her and riddhima caressed his back with light hands and then she just

Ri:''armaan please chodo''


He said while kissing her in between her chin and chest and riddhima closed her eyes in excity but comes back not the time of losing once again

Ri:''armaan please chodo''

Ar:''tch kyoon jaan''

He said while looking at her from her chin and riddhima looked at him then she settled his hairs and said to him that

Ri:''koi aa jaayega''

Ar:''nahin aayega jaan''

He said and kissed her chin makig her shiver as the comforter slipped from her shoulder and she instantly grabbed and pulled on her and him

Ri:''armaan hum bahar hai please sachii meiin koi aa jaayega''

And as riddhima says bahar hai arman comes back to reality and saw the fire is almost shuddering and it was completely night and cold night and then he looked at riddhima's face and as soon he looked at her riddhima lowered her eye lids as she can not handle his gaze and armaan smiled seeing her flushed face and then he look closely to her and his naughtiness were clearly reflecting from her state, her swolled lips, saree is on one shoulder that is just hanging, blouse id falling from another shoulder and he smirked but then immediately frowned and covered her properly with comforter and then he mumbled to riddhima slowly taken her in surprise and she looked at him with shocked expressions as

Ar:''riddhima yeh kya hal bana rakha hai tumne aagar koi aa gayya tou''

He said and riddhima is shocked what does he meant what did she do does he forgets that he is the one who makes her messy like this and right now he is the only one who is saying what she does to herself and scolding her he is the limit how could she can do that to herself its only his fault and he was asking her what she did well off course if he asked about his condition taht makes any sense as she is responsible to his condition but for her conditiond didn't he himself is reposnsible yes naa then and why he is asking from her that what she did to herself she can't believe at him words he said and she is looking at himself with that expressions without speaking that armaan onec again said to her bringing her back

Ar:''riddhima yeh kya hal bana rakha hai tumne aagar koi aa gayya tou''

He repeated the same words making riddhima smiled at his cureness

Ar:''oye hello i am asking you something not asking you to smile tell me riddhima''

And now this makes riddhima brings back to reality and she looked at him and was about to speak when he once again said

Ar:''oye madam bolengi aab aap kuch yaa mai hii bolta rahun yeh kya hal hai riddhima tumhara vo bhi yahan garden meiin''

And now this pissed riddhima and she just speak in her irritated voice

Ri:''not a word armaan mallik kya laga rakha hai tumne kii maine kya hal bana rakha hai aapna had hai armaan mujhe bematlab se mat bolo tum ek tou i was the one who brings you back at reality and now you are all asking me vaise let me remind you yeh maine khudd nahin kiyya hai aapna hal mai aapnein aap tou you see aapnein aap ko kiss nahin kar sakti that's all because of you Mr.Armaan Mallik samjhe naa tum armaan''

She said and armaan looked at her with a smile and then seeing him she just speak

Ri:''theek hai yaa aab bhi kuchh aur poochna hai mera yeh hal sirff tumne hii kiyya hai armaan aur you are responsible armaan for sweeling my lips and my diooriented state aur aab tum hans kyoon rahein ho armaan had karte ho tum bhi pehle khudd sab karte ho fir mujeh kehte ho tum''

She said and then armaan looked at her and then pulling her closer from her waist

Ar:''ahan oh realy kya kiyya maine merii jaan batao naa zara achein se mujeh samjah nahin aya jaan so tell me naa what i did jaan''

He said and riddhima looked at him he is once again affecting her badly but

Ri:''tumne hii mujhe yeh sab i mean mere saath yeh sab tou''

She is about to speak only then she realized what she must be speaking from long time and armaan smirked seeing her flushed face as soon she realized her cheeks turned red in embarrassment and she lowered her eye lids and she immediately hide her face in his chest as she feels so shy and can't able to take his piercing gaze and armaan smiled seeing her expressions and he wrapped his hands around her waist and hugged her back as he pulled her closer to himself seeing her the words escaped from his mouth seeing her all red and he so loved her red cheeks blushing

Ar:''oye hoyee''


And they keep on hugging each-other armaan caressed her back and then as he feels her back nearly no well to be precisely say completely he first smirked this is done by him well only then a poosessive armaan is back in action and he first put her hairs at her back so that they hide her bare back and then he picked her saree pallu and settle it such a way that it covered her back but and then he smiled and then he whispered

Ar:''basket room meiin chalein aabhi aagar sachii meiin fir se yahan hum track se hat gayye tou sachii meiin problem ho jaayegi''

And riddhima blushed to teh core hearing his words and snuggled more in his chest and armaan losing himself once again as he feels her hot breaths kissing his chest and then he while cotrolling himself just whispered once again near her ear only after kissing her ear and biting her ear

Ar:''basket aab naa tum shuru karogi fir mujhe mat kehna kii maine tumhari kya haalat karii hai so decision is yours only basket''

He said and riddhima moved away from his chest knowing him well and as she moved away still in his arms armaan lightly pecked her nose tio she is looking so much beautiful with that scared expressions and then she before they once again lose track she gets up holding her sallu pallu on her one shoulder and she as feels that he did that she shook her head one hell possessive husband she has but this possessiveness makes her fall in love with him all over again and then only as she stands up she straighten her saree which is even messed up from below too stating his naughtiness and she is involved equally too and armaan too gets up from the grass he smirked seeing her saree nearly rolled on her legs and was messy having lots of creses and as well his pants were moved upwards too, and he smirked and thinks what of they did not come back to reality they surely were now making love there under the moon light and near the fire place and that thought makes him grinned and as soon he saw riddhima turning to go his grin changed into frown he immediately grabbed her wrist making her turb back to him and crushed her in his chisled chest and  she is not at all expecting this so she is kind off shocked and before she can ask anything armaan picked her in his arms saying

Ar:''tum aisee nahin jaa sakti ho cahhe gharr humara hai par ho tum sirff merii maine shaitnai kii hai so its my duty to see kii merii shaitani sirff mere liyye kii ho kisii aur kee liyye nahin so Mrs.Riddhima Basket Armaan Mallik bina kisii sawal jawab kee you are going only this tour room jaana fine naa jaana i hope you have no problem but if you any then i am sorry you are not going to heard so its better to stay quite jaan ok naaa''

 He said and riddhima smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly looking in his eyes, he is one of his kind only he can do that, one moment he is the one who is showering her with his love at this open place and now all her possessive armaan is back to her and seeing her that million dollar smile armaan feels his heart skipped a beat as he saw that smile appeared on her lips making her face more beautiful, only she can do this with him just with her smile she can turn him on completely and makes him fall in love with her all over again and as he walked inside the room all the way upstairs their eye lock never breaks as soon he closed the room of their door and still stands with her in his arms

Ri:''armaan chodo naa''

She is the one who comes back from the eye lock first and sensing he is not putting her down and she is still in his arms she said to him as she can't hold his piercing gaze more over herself as goose bumps were arising all over her body feeling him so close to herself and hearing her armaan instead of living her just shook his head as conveying her he is not going to do that and before riddhima can say anything armaan dropped riddhima one bed and before riddhima moved or can do anything he himself rolled over her making her stay beneath him and riddhima is surprised with the movement of hers as he is looking passionately in her eyes do they are going to that right now this is she thinks all this only and this question is in running her mind and the answer is her rasing heartbeats and then he traced her neck with his arms as he encircled his arms around her neck and then bends over her ear kissing it and biting it and then he

Ar:''i know jaan kii tumhare dill meiin kya chal rahaa hai and trust me jaan i am already you know more than ready to do that especially with you right now when you are looking so sexy but don't you think yeh moment thoda sa special hona chahiye after all its going to be Riddhima Armaan's Wedding Night hmm''

He said making her turned beetroot red with his comment but nevertheless she encircled arms around him and looked deep in his blue eyes and while looking at there as he looked back in her eyes he cupped his cheek in her plam and then she just spoke up making armaan fall in love with her all over again

Ri:''armaan mujhe kuch special nahin chahiye jab tak mera armaan tum mere saath ho vo pal riddhima kii zindagi ka sabse khoobsoorat pal ban jaata hai iskee liyye mujhe kuchh bhi special kii kabhie zarurat naa tou kal thi naa aage kabhie hogii armaan tabhie tou jab tum mere saath hokar bhi saath nahin the tab bhi mera tumhare saath bitaya hua har pal special hai armaan har vo pal jo maine tumhare saath jeeya hai chahe hans kar yaa ro kar kaise bhi ho bas vo special hai jaante ho kyoon kyonki oosmein armaan hai basket kaa armaan aur aab tou riddhima kaa armaan aur mai oon palon ko jeeti hun armaan aur mera oon palon ko jeena sirff possible hua hai tumhare saath kee kaaran i love you armaan.''

She said and armaan has a tear in his eyes hearing her honest feelings and he tilted his head a bit and kissed her palm which is cupping his cheek in her palm and riddhima smiled seeing this and she cleared the tear from his eyes before it will roll on his cheek and then armaan

Ar:''i love you too riddhima''

And as he confessed both has a million dollar smile on their faces and they both looked in each-other's eyes like that for some more time as they finds their world lies there in each-other's eyes and then riddhima while caressing his cheeks and ruffling his jet black hairs with another free hand she speak up not breaking their beautiful eye-contact and

Ri:''armaan aab hatoo mujh par se let me change naa''

As she said armaan instead of leaving her enveloped his arms around her neck more tightly and leaned more over her while saying to her that

Ar:''jii nahin i don't want to leave you jaan you see i want to love my jaan''

He said while brushing his nose with hers and riddhima looked at him does he really want to take next step in their realtion right now, she did not say anything just keep on looking at him but what she knows that if yes then she is whole ready to surrender herself to him and then armaan

Ar:''i love you''

And he confessed his loved for her and then drowned in the moment he next moment crushed his lips over hers taking her into a heated fenzy and riddhima immediately responds his kiss with equal fervour as she kissed him back while nibbling to his lips armaan too start sucking her lower lips and riddhima chewed his upper lips and then sucking and chewing for quality time riddhima moved to his lower lips allowing him to chew her upper lips and that set them to fire as they start kissing each-other passionately and fervently, biting their lips, chewing their lips and kissing each-other well all the time in their kiss riddhima's hand were on armaan's neck digging there and armaan's hands were now at her back which is already bare and he is pulling her close to himself while holding her bare back and his hands were roaming on her bare back siding the simple layers of her cloth completely and now his hand was over the thin strap of her inner wear pulling her closer making riddhima fell completely under his spell, as she is loosened herself in each moment and with each passing second their kiss were turning into electrifying kiss as armaan's hands were working on her already bare back and he caressed it like one love touched the love of their lives making riddhima feels like she was floating in air and armaan pulled her more closer that she little bit lifted from bed as his lips were busy in crushing her rosy lips and he rolled tongue in her mouth entangling with hers making her open her lips and riddhima too gave him the entrance as she feels him so much urgency in feelings reciprocated with her own feelings too and passionate how much they are for each-other and their tongues rolled with each-other and danced in pleasure and they fought for dominance and they swallowed each-other's saliva while exploring each-other's mouth as they kissed each-other like first time and all the time riddhima's hands first time ever start moved inside in his shirt from back feeling his bare back as he is not wearing a vest underneath his shirt as soon riddhima's hands he feels on his bare back that too caressing it armaan who was already feeling so much passionate and drowned in love bite her tongue and his hands which were  on her back start their doing faster as their movements were now turning into deep caressing all over her back with his hands and on this side they were still kissing each-other and riddhima was panting very badly and she defiantly knows when they will break their kiss her lips were swollen  but she did not care even no at least right now she just wants to love him like a mad person as she was always craving for him and well that's what armaan too wants and his actions passionate actions spoke the feelings of his heart that he wants her as like she wants him and with these passionate moments he start digging his palms in her back now which he was caressing and that did nothing riddhima feels pain but that was sweet pain and she can't even winced as armaan's mouth was blocking her mouth as he is kissing her with so much passion that she is feeling today their passion will cross all the limits and this one is the longest kiss they ever shared and her hands which were at his back dig her nails there as she feels armaanw as pulling her more closer to himself as if possible crushing his lips with hers and their tongues still entangled with each-other and they were kissing each other madly and in all this moments riddhima finally needs the oxygen and she breaks the kiss while pushing her head a little but that does not even stop armaan and he start kissing her full mouth kissing her cheeks, her chin, her for head her eyes passionately and pecking her swollen lips one more he moved downwards while clutching her back joints in his hand as he buried his face deep in her neck while nuzzling with his nose there and then kissed her like no tomorrow, he start placing kisses over all her long slender neck her milky white line is so much tempting to him that he could not control himself and start placing ardent kisses all over her neck line and caressed her nape with his one another hand long tracing her arms and riddhima while panting completely with their kiss as her breaths are still too sharp pushed her head just a side that did nothing giving a better access to him to her flawless skin and armaan's other hand which was at her bare back once again moved to her lower back near her inner wear's step as he feels something hard but he pushed his thoughts aside just for a minute and right then drowned in a moment the strap was undone and as riddhima heard snap she knows today is going to cross all the barriers and their desire deep desires is going to fulfil and armaan slowly with his nose start pushing her sleeves away which was never an tough task for him after all her blouse is open and just screaming and waiting to move away from her front already away from her back and as soon armaan did that nuzzling with his nose pushed that sleeves aside  and he put all his pressure over her legs completely blocked with his and engaged with his own ones though they were over too but now he was actually building his pressure there too that is something he never did that with her as his feet start rubbing her toes once again his toes start playing with anklets but right now he did not care anything and played with them more as he is in room and he has all right over his darling wife and he knows that this is so much right after all he is with the girl whom he loved so much and she responded his feelings and when you loved someone to the bottom of your heart all these things feels so right that's why these things are for necessary for displaying your emotions that you loved your better half and that is same with both of them and riddhima rubbed her hand on his bare back giving him that she is with her and her feet too played with his toes downwards and with the pressure of armaan's hands as well his feet over all he is completely crushing her under himself as he start using now his hands to let her come out from her blouse as he is so much drowned in love her side zip of blouse opened and what else armaan wanted as soon that loosened armaan's hands too comes in contact with it and he just pulled it open making riddhima's front more lose too as he gets little up from her and he saw her blouse loosened more and he saw her deep cleavage and he could not control himself as he looked at her face all flushed and in such a disoriented state with his marks all over her face she looks more beautiful to him and as their eyes met airman smiled seeing her beautiful yet flushed smile and he kissed her full mouth again pressing his lips more on her skin her every feature both her eyes, both her cheeks, her nose tip, her chin, her for head and pecking her lips he saw her valley and without controlling himself he drowned his face there while nuzzling his nose from her ear to her shoulders to her slender neck and then her upper chest and as he used his tongue pulling her blouse away from her front just covering her riddhima turn into deep shade of red and her grip gets tighten around his back as if she is trying to hold him and near their feet's too her nails once again digged in his skin and armaan feels that and as armaan start moving his lips inside her valley and that very touch just makes riddhima drowned and closed her eyes and she loved him and passion more build up in her body she now want to feel him more and her hands moved in front of his shirt with her one hand start detangling his one and only closed buttons and as soon as armaan feels her hands on his chiselled chest he little bit moves and throw his shirt aside while pulling out from his arms and the same he did was with riddhima's blouse just not throwing it but pushing completely to downwards that it on her waist and she was there in just her inner wear and as soon armaan saw that sight in front of his eyes he did not know what to do but he did not control himself and he just buried his face in her valley again and this time he was kissing her madly and passionately making her actually numb with his touch off course it will surely going to happen as she faced this kind of thing just  first time the first ever touch to her most private part that too from the love of her life and just that feeling gives her the satisfaction that she is doing and experiencing each and every moment of this with her armaan and as armaan feels her gaze upon himself and as he saw her looking at him he wonder what is in her heart and then he kissed her eye lids which was having a small tear and armaan somewhere can feel which was running in her heart and riddhima loved him more at the moment and this time she herself bends little more and bring his face near her face level and without wasting any more second captured his lips into a passionate kiss yes passionate one not the riddhima one kisses the sweet ones, she start kissing him madly and passionately pitting all emotions and all desires in that kiss that telling him how much she loved him at the moment how much she is craving for him and for his love and this is it as armaan feels her lips probing his ones he just could not control more and was actually shocked before was now gave in her desire kissing her madly as riddhima's hands are now fisting his hairs while her lips were working on his  manly ones madly as she is smooching him with so much intensity that armaan's hands himself start diddging in her arm pits pulling her closer as riddhima nibbled his lips an d chewed his lips armaan bitted on her lower lips making her open her lips and he immediately rolled his tongue inside her mouth making her aware what she created in side him as she herself with her heated frenzy makes his demons awakes and he did not sure that from now will he able to stop himself o not and yes that's what happened as soon he rolled his tongues inside her mouth he bite on her tongue making it bleed with his harsh bite and then he take her tongue in between his lips and sucked it making riddhima moaned in pleasure as she herself did not feels this kind of thing and a result she arched her back and her one hand moved on his back and as the pretext she holds his  back  for support which creates armaan more passionate as he smudged deep her lips the kiss which was started by riddhima now completely take over by armaan as he kissed and smooched her perfectly making her moaned in pleasure and crave for more finally after till like eternity armaan explored her mouth all the time riddhima just caressed his back and her hands deep digged in his jet black hairs and finally armaan break the kiss ass he was now panting badly but did not stopped that moment and he moved downwards and start leaving a trial of kissed down to her valley and as he did his head again in her valley his hands which was near her arm pits start pushing the only cloth which was covering her and was restricted him to see her more hidden treasure as he was aroused to no extent seeing her white skin and as he digged his head there and start kissing in between her valley making her arched her back and in between these his pressure on her legs to get more and riddhima too moulds her legs feeling that intensity of his love she feels that she will not able to handle this and she thinks if his passion is this much and hard for handle with just his slow and steady movements how she will handle him when he start making her own she blushed thinking this and then just mould her legs what she did not know was that with her legs movement armaan's trousers was also rolling up along with her saree as armaan was deep playing with her bottom with his legs making her start bare from her below too as her saree was rolling up too and as armaan now finds her skin from side of her curves he pinched her there making her moan in pleasure and she her hands made their way deep inside his hairs and what she did not know that she is actually pushing him deep and armaan groaned feeling this and he stroked her spine with his another hand which was at her back sending her in a deep frenzy and without wasting any second armaan moved aside her cups of her inner wear as he already opened it so not at all tough task and as soon riddhima feels this she only realized this with when her skin feels the cold breeze only then she realized armaan has pushed the single clothing down which was covering her softness and she is so much drowned in the moment that she never ever realized this thing and when she realized this thing she could not takes this feelings anymore and she feels so much shy that she instantly that she immediately wrapped herself in his arms while buried her face in his shoulder making him smiled too as he know much his basket feels well he has some feelings like this only as he himself first time was so close to any girl and was in that kind of intimating moment too he so loved the feeling that he was with the love of his life and the way riddhima has reciprocated and blushed with his touch or even with his mere gaze it makes him feels so special that SHE IS ONLY HIS AND HE IS ONLY HERS and just these thoughts managed to bring a million dollar smile on his face as he wrapped his arms around her while knowing how shy his basket must be feeing but riddhima did this to try to hide herself and her due to her shyness she did not know or to be precisely say that she forgets in the moment that when she touched him or hugged him their actually upper body bare parts touched with each-other as her softness collided with his many ones it creates havoc in armaan's body as he feels her softness was actually crushing in his many chest due to her tight hug it awakes all his demons and all he just wants to caress her like no tomorrow and wants to feel her and love her like a insane person and wants to taste that damn soft thing which was creating a tiger in him just with their mere brushing and here riddhima unaware what she was doing with his inner desires which will lead to surely somewhere but she did not wants to know this as she wants to just hides herself as she did not feels this kind of thing ever and with her husband's and love of her life is so right it was becoming so much beautiful and passionate to her and at the same time she is feeling so much shy and frightened as armaan is facing her there and seeing her the most intimate parts of her body first time and just this mere thought is making her conscious and she does not even know will she be able to hold the passion of his as she knows that he will surely satisfies and well this is least bothered to him but she is conscious and frightened too for this damn new feeling and does not know what to do so she keeps on hugging him tightly while burying her face deep in his neck and in between intentionally or unintentionally she nuzzled her nose there making armaan groaned in pleasure as her hands were tightly wrapped around his neck as she is feeling shy armaan could not able to let himself free from her tight hold and here her softness which was now rubbing and touching his ones sometimes brushing with his many chest too creates a havoc in his body and all his sanity was flew away with each passing second and for few minutes he try to control himself and keeps on hugging her back but when it becomes difficult for him to takes that torture the sweet torture actually more he start rubbing her back which was now bare completely and he stroked her spine and as riddhima feels his hands were now somewhere moving downwards to her hips she just could not takes anymore feeling the passion building inside her and here armaan's legs which were now just playing with her toes now moved upwards and start playing with her anklets and the room filled with the tinkling voice of her ankles and as armaan holds her hips with his hands moving downwards riddhima could not take it as he pressed them in his palms and her hands digged in his neck and her feet's digged again in his legs making armaan groaned in pain but still he didn't pushed her and keeps on hugging her and caressed her back with his fingers and then his one hand moved near her navel while pushing her saree a little bit downwards making his hands come around her navel and as riddhima feels his hand between their bodies making his way she does not know where it leads but as soon she feels his hands start caressing her navel area and her waist it makes a shiver ran down in her spine and that's it she did not take it and dipped her head in his shoulder in the process her lips touched with his shoulder his bare skin making armaan wild more and he pinched near her waist making her moan in pleasure as she moaned and panted her breaths hot breaths too kissed near his jaw line and her tongue moved near his jaw line making him groaned and that's it he could not takes this anymore this torture sweet torture it creates a havoc in his body and he can't control himself and he just wants her now his each heart beat craves for her now that too very badly and he knows he can't take this anymore he has to do anything and on the second thoughts he did not wants to do anything rights now as he wants to makes this special too for her for himself and he cannot went in his passion and ruined their first moment in light of speciality though whenever they united the moment itself becomes especial but still he wants to do something very especial for her because the FIRST NIGHT is only the merger it's something that no one can forgets in their whole lives and armaan did not wants that special moment craze from his riddhima so he wants to dud something special for her but right now he need to calm their senses and the heats of their bodies too so he immediately grabbed her head and pulled her out from his shoulder and makes her settle on bed again as she placed her head on the pillow his one hand still under her head she is not at all expecting this as this happen so abruptly she does not know what happened and armaan looked at her now as he fixed his gaze on her she is panting very badly as he pulled her little harshly from himself and her chest is going up and down and making her more ravishing and riddhima just closed her eyes  feeling his eyes just scanning her there and though he did wants to control himself but he just did not know when his head deep buried in her cleavage while pressing her side curve with the his hand loaning his control he nipped on her breast and did not know when he kissed them making riddhima numb with this kind of thing that's it her breaths stop as she feels that first ever kiss on her breast and the same he did with her another breast and he knows he has to stop so just to take their feeling sorted he pulled his face up to her level and slammed his lips again on her soft ones making her shocked with this sudden kiss as he start probing her lips while chewing them and sucking them riddhima start giving in the kiss with his passion while her hands buried in his jet black hair pulling him more closer and that did nothing making the heat trend up more in the room as his nipples caressed with her nipples making them too much hot with their  desires and as armaan smooched her tightly while pushing her head more to himself with the hand which was at her head holding it and riddhima two ruffled his hairs which aroused him more and then armaan once gain rolled his tongue inside her mouth and then as riddhima happily obliged their tongues soon entangled with each-other and they gulped each-other's saliva, fighting for dominance danced with pleasure and explored each-other's mouth passionately and with desires and they kissed each-other for long time and then as finally the need of oxygen wins as they broke the kiss riddhima has her eyes closed while armaan looked at her face, which as messed up and her lips all swollen with their back to back kissed her lipstick smudged wiped off he know it will now exchanged that means will be surely transferred on his lips and as armaan joined his head with hers as they both were panting very badly and they keeps like this savouring the moment with their eyes closed that they are with each-other and now this they knows no one is hesitated to taking their relation to next level and they are contended and happy for this and finally armaan when his breaths comes to normal rate he smiled and looked at her while opening his eyes and saw she has still her eyes closed and armaan looked at her and he once again start placing the lines of kisses to her throat to her neck and to her shoulders and to her slender neck and then as he stopped near her neck he licked her jaw line and then kissed her nape and then while making imaginary pattern near her navel he kissed her nape following with bite that makes riddhima moaned in pain as feels the two hard bites at the curve of neck and then she opened her eyes and armaan grinned seeing her and then as he saw her red ace and the bite he have her he saw all red and he this time not kissed her like every time this time he actually to soot hen her he start licking her skin with his tongue making her more moan in pleasure as she fisted the bed sheet n her fists she feels today he is hell bent to take her exams every moment and with his passion she does not even know she wills survive or not but what she did knows this is just the start and how much it pains sweet pained she loved this and she is in love with her man and still she is in her thoughts while armaan comes near her face while once again placing the kisses to her features the wet kisses and pecked her lips again and then pecked her for head he caressed her features and adored her face while she gives him a warm sweet nervous blushing smile and armaan just whips red her 

Ar:''basket sweetheart go and get changes yourself otherwise it will be going to be very hard for me to stop myself and I know at this rate I will never be able to stop myself as you are looking so much hot''

He said while leaning over her and placing a tendril behind her ear which was falling on her angelic face and riddhima is surprised with his behave he is saying her to wear something did he not wants her or she did something that breaks his mood she looked at him surprisingly and seeing that pool of emotions and questions in her green almond eyes armaan knows what is running in her mind and heart so he just said

Ar:''don't worry you did not disappoint me or anything aisaa sochna bhi mat you know naa you will never disappoint me so it's nothing like this sweetheart aur hum iss bare meiin discussion bad meiin karte hai abhie please go and wear something otherwise I am not going to control myself I am very bad in it jaana''

He aid making riddhima blushed and surprised too it his words as how he read her mind and heart just looking in her eyes that what is in her  thoughts and she blushed as he winked at her while seeing her from head to waist making her turning deepen shade of red and she smiled and then without speaking anything more she just try to get up with her eye lowered to change herself as per armaan's wised and moreover she wants to know why he stopped this time and then as she tried to moved armaan was till over herself when he did not budge she with looking at him tell that please move but armaan grinned and pointed to his cheeks and riddhima knows his demand first she is feeling shy as she knows is she will moved or try to get up little bit more her softness once aging directly touched with his manly ones and this thought brings goose bumps arised all over her skin and makes her conscious about their bare bodies touched  with each-other so she did not do that or kissed him and lowered her eye lids not able to face his piecring gaze which was actually making her shivered and try to move like that only without giving him kiss or fulfilling his deamnd but whom she actually kidding that she will escape from her darling husband he is THE ARMAAN MALLIK and he just holds her wrist tightly when he feels she is struggling to come out from his grip and riddhima looked at him with her eyes pleading to him but that does not work on armaan he shook his head negatively conveying her that he will not listen and start kissing her face actually not kissing he is actually licking her face making her closed her eyes and sighing and as she knows she will not going to win from him so she opened her eyes and then cupped his face making armaan wide smile and kissed his cheeks both ones and in the process as expected her softness again rubbed with his her nipples brushed with his ones making shiver ran in their spines and they did not take it any more especially riddhima and she hugged him while wrapping his arms around his neck and then she

Ri:'' i love ou armaan''

She said and armaan while arapped her in his arms whispered back to her near her ear

Ar:'' I love you riddhima jaana''

And then riddhima finally detangled her from him and then she just try to love and armaan this time did caught her hand but before riddhima said anything as she is looking surprise armaan kissed on her shoulder and then placed his shirt on her shoulder again kissed it making her smile and riddhima walked inside the dressing area to changed blushing profusely and armaan smiled seeing her saree again rolled up till her knees and she straighten a bit and as she moved inside the dressing area he too moved from bed and saw the condition of bed it was complete mess and he finds her blouse and her inner wear and first he smiled seeing them and remembering the passion they ahs for each-other but then seeing them he frowned and he really did wants to ask that very thing from her as its necessary and he makes mental note to ask her about this as soon she comes outside and then as he looked at himself his legs were too bare till near his knees as his pants were again rolled up by his beautiful wife and as he saw her he has the marks on his legs surely his basket's nail marks she is his basket wild ones as her feet must have very sharp nails he chuckled at his thought and then as get up from bed to make a bed little bit better for his basket he saw himself as his faze fell on himself as he is standing near the mirror eh smirked seeing his condition, hair is complete mess and as he is very much true now he is wearing his basket's lips tick and his lips were showing his acts that he did with his basket and he is surprised too thinking they are too much passionate people and if this is their condition their NIGHT FIRST NIGHT is going to be one of its night leaving both of them completely breathless as he has that demo of that night today and he looked his chest is too showing what she has affect on him if he has affect on her she has her that affect on too leaving him till breathless and he smiled and grinned knowing now he can't wait after this and it will be very difficult so he just wants to create that special thing for her s soon as possible otherwise they will make out he even could not imagine as today the garden scene following with this is so much wild that he did not know and imagine but that's what the love is when you are with your partner you discovered the least things you imagined about yourself and he knows he will have a tough and passionate night with her when their bodies united in each and every senses and here riddhima too looked at herself in mirror as she stands in front of mirror well actually she just was taking her night gown to change herself in that but as he gaze fell on herself through mirror she blushed profusely as she saw armaan's shirt just covering her shoulders and she is in complete mess her hairs were mess her lipstick smudged to be precisely say completely wiped off by her armaan and she saw the little marks of his hands and kisses on her skin and as she finds herself stark nakes from her upper body she blushed and caressed her upper hickies and as she looked her lower part that was disoriented too her saree's pleats were opened a little making it loosened moreover its mess as rolled earlier and she looked at herself thinking how much they loved each-other and craved for each-other and their bodies did tell this thing too and proved too when they comes in each-other's contact her lips were swollen she caressed them and she today feels whenever armaan will touch her like this again and makes her a women from a girl how will she face it she surely know this time is now coming running very fast to her and she did  not knows that will happen to her that night but she knows if she is frightened she is excited and very much looking forwards and waited for their FIRS NIGHT too and now she did not wants and does not wants to make him wait more too but right now she thinks why armaan stopped somewhere she knows if he stopped there must be some reason and she did not wants to know that as she believe him and she knows it's never has any relation to satisfaction as it matters him to least and she knows this so she quickly grabbed a peach colour gown and wore it immediately and all the time the blush did not leave her face for even a second as she feels his touch still over her body that makes her feel special and then as finally she setting herself moved outside with her heart beats still steady and as she turned the door knob and armaan heard the click of door he does not even turn as he was standing now facing the moon from window standing near the window, and riddhima comes forward with small steps with a blush crept on her cheeks as she moved slowly towards him and on her way her gaze fell on her clothes as the bed was mess and she immediately picked her clothes away and put them and her cheeks were turned deepen shade of red as she picked them from bed remerging how much they are passionate while ago and finally after putting her clothes away riddhima start moving towards him who is still facing the moon light with his bare back still not wearing anything she frowned seeing this how careless he is and as she starts moving and as she approached him near with her lower steps feeling shy actually very much and as soon she looked at his back from near as his back were facing her she is shocked as seeing his back were marks with nails and as marks of them and as finds his back were showing her wildness she could not believe herself that she did this with him and seeing this her cheeks turned more red and then she lowered her eye lids with the guilt too that she must hurt him too and she did not know when she moved more to him and hugged him from behind while putting her face at his back making him startled at first but then a smile crept on his lips and he hodls her hands which is hugging him from behind touching his bare chest and he then feels her lips touching his bare back following with the sweet kisses he is happy as shiver down in hsi spine when she kissed him but when the time he is feeling the kisses then armaan feels something moistened at his back too at same time he but at taht moment immediately turned to her making her face himself and he saw her geen eyes were swimming with tears he is taken back why she is crying did she did not ahppy what they shared a moment ago but he knows this is leaste expected but then why she is crying and he holds her

Ar:''basket sweetheart kya hua tum ro kyoon rahii ho riddhima basket what happen?''

He said while cupping her face in his palmns and wiped her tears which is at the corner of her eyes and makes her look at himself

Ri:'''i am sorry armaan''

And this amkes armaan more worries with surprise what happen to her why she is apologizing to him what did she do

Ar:''sorry lekin basket tumne kya kiyya sweetheart why are you saying sorry''

He said while looking in her eyes which were still filleed with enw tears

Ri:''i hurt you naa armaan i am really very sorry''

She said while did not looking at him still frh tears comes in her eyes and armaan is getting confused with each second

Ar:''basket mujhe kuchh samajah nahin aa rahaa hai kya bole jaa rahii ho''


She just sniffed as he asked her while making her look at him as her talks did not he actually getting

Ar:''shh basket pehle chup h jao mujhe batao tou kyoon sorry bol rahii ho mujhe''


She still speak his name and armaan this time makes her look himself and wiped her tears completely and kissed her cheeks

Ar:''bas baske no more crying aab tum mujeh bataogi kii why you are saying sorry to me''

He asked and now riddhima nodded and looked at him and then she slowly replied as armaan caressed her hairs waiting her to speak

Ri:''vo armaan i hurt you naa tumhe pain ho rahaa hogaa naa tumhari back par''

She said while tracing his back with her tiny hands slowly as armaan holds her close to himself and this enstence makes armaan surprised first he did not take it what his back where she hurt but then he smiled remembering she must be talking about the nail marks of hers and she saw them as he is still bare chest and that makes her worries after all she is his basket and then he smiled ta her innocence too she is crying because of this reason aww she is such a baby how now he can said to her that it will not going to stop her and if she reacted like this just with small make-out session of theirs then how she will react after they fully get each-other sh e tou say sorry and sorry to him and as he looked at her he

Ar:''riddhima idhar dekho tum merii aur sweetheart please naa look at me jaan naa''

He sais as he pecked her for head and locked his hands around her waist at her back pulling her closer that their faces are just a inches apart from each-other  and as he saw that guilt in her green eyes for hurting with some tear in her green eyes he again kissed her for head and then he


She is again going to apologize when armaan stopped her by shushing her lips placing his finger on her lips and then while looking in her eyes he

Ar:''shh jaan its not like that aur tumne mujhe bilkul bhi hurt nahin kiyya hai sachii meiin aur jo bhi hurt hua hai ose i will love to have my whole life sweetheart and you know that, that you did drowned in my love aur vaise bhi riddhima when you reacted and scractched my ack like this it feels like i belong to my baset only aur jaise merii basket par i have my marks graved i must have too my basket's love marks on me ur jab merii wife mujhe aisee pyaar karti hai naa tou i feel like world's blessed person aur vaise bhi i too give you the token of my love and offcourse i want the same too from my darling wife mujhe bhi tou pata chalne chahiye kii how much she loves me and i will see yeh yahan naa rooke jaana''

He said while tracng her collar bone where he gives her the love bite and riddhima looked at him in his deep blue oceanic eyes they speak the sincerity and she can just finds the pool of love for her and she knows what he is saying is the right off course its his right too to get some love

Ar:''so madam please aab mat royiyega aur vaise bhi jitna pyaar tumne mujhe show kiyya hai naa ooske liyye tou aab mujhse wait bhi nahin hogaa sachii bataon mujhe hii pata hai maine kaise control kiyya hai aapnein aap sachii meiin basket whenever you close to me it's very hard''

He said while wiping her tears away and riddhika blushed hearing him now her guilt flew away as she knows if she wants to be with him and wants that he showered her with his love and makes her his in all senses he has same desires from her too and what she did is just the profe that she is not less in loving him and now she does not ahve any problem after all he is hers and wants to be hers only as armaans saw her blushing

Ar:''vaise basket aisee tum sharmati rahogi naa tou mujhe aapnein aap ko sambhalan abahut hii mushkil ho jaayega yar sachii meiin basket''

He said while kissig her tears away and suckig near her eyes making her smile as well blushed and then she while controlling her heartbeats as her heart is racing as armaan's touch once again start creating havoc in her body she smiled and then she just whispered to him that while saying

Ri:''i love you armaan so very much itnaa kii i want to be yours right now at the same very moment and makes it special moment armaan naa''

She said confessing her deep feelings to him while placing her head under his chin and armaan hugged her he has a million dollar smile hearing her words she is his basket and she never leave any chance to makes him surprised she just confessed her feelings in small words simple ones still it manages to race his heart beats making him feel that he falls for her all over again and then he while pecking in her hairs whispered that his feelings

Ar:''love you too riddhima and i wants to love you like no tomorrow itnaa pyaar jitna kabhie kisii ne naa kiyya ho love you like no tomorrow naa''

He said making her smile too and he can feels that as he feels her lips curved into a broad smile against his chest and with their eyes closed and they keep hugging each-other like this savouring the moment and as wind blowed as they are stills standing near the window making riddhima's hairs tickled armaan opened his eyes and detangled her from himself she is blushing and her eyes lowered and armaan smiled seeing her red cheeks which was looking more beautiful under the moon light and armaan smiled seeing her how someone can look so ravishing and innocent yet at the same time but then he knows she is his riddhima the epitome of beauty and innocence and LOVE and then armaan placed her tendril behind her ear and pecked her ear lobe slowly and riddhima moved away from his grip while shivering to him acing him smile with her words

Ri:''armaan thand ho rahii hai please tum kuchh pehen lo naa mai abhie detii hun armaan tumhare kapde tumhe''

She said and then moved near the couch where his clothes were placed by her before she moved downstaisrs for dinner with their loving family which he did not changed and as riddhima picked them armaan hugged her from behind while making her shiver with his touch and she msiled too as he placed his chin on her shoulder while nuzzling in her nape making her gasp

Ri:''armaan please''

Ar:''nahin jaan you know tum kitni sundar lag rahii ho is peach colour kee gown meiin''

He said while caressing her waist a little over her gown making ehr agspe and he placed a kiss over the loves bit near her curve of neck

Ri:''armaan please change kar lo naa tumhe thand lag jaayegi armaan yeh lo naa please''

She said trying to control her heart beats and emotions as he is very much playing with her senses while playing with her hair locks

Ar:''nahin riddhima''

He said while kissing her ear lobe licking it and then biting as she already removed her ear rings out from her ear holes as armaan bitted her ear lobe riddhima clutched his hand which was on her waist over lapping them and armaan so loved this reactions she is affected by him as if he drugged her

Ri:''armaan please''

As she managed to said just these words from her mouth armaan smiled and just caressed her ear lobe with his lips and then whispered huskily

Ar:''hmm jaan ohk I will change but only on one condition jaan''

He said making her surprise and she looked at him sideways as he nuzzled his nose near her ear


She fumbled with her words as he is creating havoc in her body making him smile wide with her condition and he pecked her ear lobe biting it as

Ar:''you have to make me wear my night clothes jaan''

He said and riddhima's eyes widened with the shock but then she remembered morning's incident and she knows he will not let her go but that's not worrying her his health is much more important to her so she just nodded while looking at him and just whispered a small yes to him and he


And armaan smiled and pecked near her chin and then whispered to her that

Ar:''that's like armaan's riddhima so here sweetheart I am all yours''

He said while leaving her a bit and stretched his arms making her smile at his cute antics and then she picked his greay loose te shirt and 

Ar:''i love you riddhima pata hai i so loved it when you get me ready''

He said as riddhima makes him wear the tee shirt and with a blush then as she moved at his back and then she placed several kisses at his back before making him wear the tee shirt properly as if taking all the pain which might be caused to him because of her nails and armaan smiled seeing her care and concern and passion and that love for himself making him special to her and boy he loved that feeling so much that he is so much special to the love of his life and as he feels her hot lips kissing his back that too passionately though riddhima's kisses were soft and sweet ones but she did not knows with her lots of trial of kisses they are turning into passionate and sensuous kisses which is adding fuels to armaan's desires again and she just caressed his back with her hand while completely standing at his back and leaves a trial of kisses at his back caressing them with so much love and affection that armaan feels she is adamant to testing his patience here he is controlling hard himself to kissed her more passionately again this night one more time too and what she did just adding fuel to his desires and just then unable to control himself he pulled her hands makes her face to himself and holding her head he slammed his lips over hers making her surprise and he holds her wrists tightly in his hands not allowing her to touch him as her soft touches is managed to creates havoc in her body but with in a second she gives in the kiss as she too wants this and armaan start kissing her frequently with so much passion and intensity that he holds for her while showing to her that what she did to him and then riddhima feeling him so much close and feeling his deep kiss she too kiss him back with the equal passion and they nibbled, chewed and sucked each-other's lips armaan nipped on her lips and within a moment she is right there banged in wall behind her and just in a second armaan takes kiss to next level kissing her passionately and madly he smooched her luscious lips passionately and madly and right next moment his tongue rolled in his mouth giving both of them the passion as their tongues met, they danced in pleasure and fought for dominance and they swallowed each-other's saliva armaan pulled her more closer to himself while pulling her head with his one hand and with another pulling her waist and well he did his so harshly and passionately drowned in passion that actually  makes riddhima crushed in his her softness crushed in his chest and finally after eternity they parted from the kiss feeling completely and they were panting badly and armaan rested his head against her as their eyes closed and then finally as they both opened their eyes at the same time riddhima hugged him feeling his intense gaze and armaan looked at her well her lips are completely swollen he is aware pone more kiss and they will turned up purple and 

Ri &Ar:''i love you so very much bahut bahut zayaada humseha se i love you so very much bahut vaala pyaar''

As they spoke at teh same time feeling blissful in each-other's arms and finally after few minutes armaan has changed in her trackers and tee-shirt and as he looked at riddhima who is busy setteling the bed which is mess still now armaan smirked but then remembered something and

Ar:''basket sweetheart''

As riddhima heard him calling she looked at him as she is still feeling shy did not dare to meet his eys after their kisses so she just

Ri:''hmm armaan''

And then armaan smiled looking at her he knows she is feeling shy and then he just called her while saying to her

Ar:''yahan aao mujhe tumse kuchh zaruri baat karni hai riddhima''

As he said and riddhima sensing some seriousness in his voice she nodded and then just

Ri:''han armaan bolo naa mai sun rahii hun armaan''

She said while keeping the pillows on their right place and armaan smiled and then he just

Ar:''nahin riddhima yahan aisee nahin pas aao naa chalo aisaa kroo tum yeh finish kar lo tab tak i will wait you outside in balcony''

He said and riddhima nodded and then as armaan while opening the glass door of their room which leads to the balcony attached to their room he moved outsie and reaching there he remembered he still did not showed her the balcony which he do changed and then smiled will do it now and riddhima here quickly did her work making teh bed settle for them which is actually a mess and putting his clothes aways in laundry basket and then she is thinking what he has to do that something serious and then thinking about this she finally moved outside and as soon armaan feels her presence he turned to look at her as earlier he is leaning on railing as riddhima is still feeling shy after all those moments she still did not looked at him

Ar:''basket sweetheart''

As armaan called her again while forwards his hand for her riddhima smiled warmly and then placed her hand in his armaan while kissing her hand softly amking her stand near her and then he pulled her in the hug sideways and they both did not speak anything as riddhima busy admiring the moon armaan is busy admiring his moon and then as winds blowed riddhima's hairs fell on her hairs as she quickly placed them behind her ear only then she looked at the balcony only then she discovered taht she is standing in complete new balcony of her room, yesterday when she is back they were so busy in seeing the room that she did not able to see it and from morning she did not stand here like she used to for feeling the cold breeze as she loved it as from morning she is very much busy with her darling husband and then her loving family and party and all and then all the care fiesco and armaan who os looking at her seeing her gazing the baclcony he smiled seeing that surprised expressions on her face and

Ri:''armaan yeh sab kya hai i mean humari balcony aisii nahin thi naa armaan''

She said finally as she looked the baclcony scanning each and every thing with her wide green eyes making armaan smield too as she now seeing that sight actually forgets her all shyness and then armaan squeezed her in his arms pulling her more closer to himself and then he said to her 

Ar:''well vo tou aisii hii thi yeh merii bakset kii balcony hai jaise merii jaan ko pasand hai vo jagah jahan par thandi thandi sii hawa merii basket kii zuulfon (hairs) kee saath justuju (kind of adjective for romance) karen aur ekk sundar sii muskaan merii basket kee labon (lips) par bikher den aur jab bhi merii basket iss thandi tahndi sii grass kee oopar nange (bare) paon (feets) chalein aapi pyaari sii awaz meiin kuchh gungunate hue ose sun kar merii subhh ho aur inn phoolon (flowers) kee oopar subhh kii oos kii boonden jab merii basket inn phoolon (flowers) koo chuhe tou oonki name merii basket kee galon (cheeks) ko aur bhi khoobsoorat bana jaaye aur mai aapni basket kii oos namii koo aapnein labon (lips) se chu sakun aur jab bhi merii basket iss jhulle par baithe tab mai ooske saath baith kar ose khoob pyaar kar sakun aur ooski jhulfon (hairs) ko ooske galon (cheeks) kee saath khelne bhi naa den sakun yeh sirff mera haq hai naa aur fir merii basket jab pyaar se kahin khoyi dubi hui mere khayalon meiin jeetii hui aapne armaan kii dhadkanon meiin ghum hokara yahan aapnini jhulfon (hairs) se khudd khel raahii ho aapnein mangalsutarkee saath khel rahii ho tab mai ose khudd aapni bahon meiin samet lun peeche se aakar aur ose khoob dher saara pyaar kar sakun aur merii basket jab bhi yaha  chalein aapni payal kii aawaz ze runjhun karti hi tou mere dill kii dhadkanein bhi badh jaaye ooske hare k kadam se jaan aur vo kadam mere bhi ban jaayen aur jab kabhie merii basket yahan par baith kar kuch kam kar rahii ho aapnein armaan kee liyye pyaare se desigen bana rahii ho tou aakar ooski muh meiin gayyi pencil pakad kar aapnein muh meiin dal lun sachi meiin saari bhukh (hunger) mit jaayegi basket aur jab bhi merii riddhima yahan par oon merii basket ban kar baarish kii oon boondon se khel rahii hogii jhum kar naach rahii hogii merii morni kii (peahen) kii tarah jaane kitni der mai tou ose nihartaa hii rahun aur fir mujhe dekhh kar job hi ooske chehre par haya bikheregi vo tou phoolon koo bhi sharma degii aur mai ooske saath oos bearish meiin bheeg kar dher saara pyaar karun merii basket nee sundar se white net kii saree pehni ho jo ooske armaan ko kahen kii vo ooska intezar kar rahii hai pyaar karne kee liyye aur fir merii pyaari sii basket aur mai yahan raat meiin oon taron kee pas pahunch kar oonse baat kar saken aur mai oos chand (moon) koo bata sakun kii meraa chand (moon) tou oos bhi sundar hai aur ose bhi complex ho jaaye sharma jaayega vo bhi mere chand (moon) kii khoobsoorati ko dekh kar merii riddhima dekh kar naa vo chand (moon) bhi chip jaayega badalon meiin''

He said making her turn deep shade of red as he explain her the whole balcony with so much beautiful words and that words in his voice is making her like she is so lucky to have him as armaan actually changed the complete balcony first now it was a little bit big from the previous one like their room as it has now a small garden there near the railing with grass too in floor that's why he spoke the grass as she loved to walk on grass bare feeted while humming some song and then the lots of floweres each of different kind and different colour orchids, roses, lilies,sunflowers and many more varieties as she loved to caress them in early morning as teh drops on their petals makes her fees so fresh and that's why he says he wants to suck taht little drops as she always after caressing them put her hands on her cheeks feeling the beauty of the nature and he knows how much she loved standing in the cold breeze and whenever it palyed with her hiars she so loved that feeling well to be precisely says more than her he loved her watching like this and then what armaan says that she will surely deep busy in thinking about him she has habit of playing her hairs and playing with her managalsutra and she just hugged him tightly while burying her face deep in his chest as she actually start imagining all the other moments doing romace sitting their on swing as armaan placed the swing in one corner with lots of cushions and then normal sitting arranagements is there on floor sitting and then a big kind of couch type thing is placed there with one big pillow and the grass and flowers part was near railing and then one side of railing is completely free just to stand there and armaan has made this speaciality and taken the special care that the garden part and flowers area is without the rooff so she can enjoy with rain drops while just leaning there and its quite big and she actually can see the huge garden of theis home from her balcony which she can used to see before but now it gives her some kind of privacy in between too as the curtain is placed there covering the cushion side and she blushed thinking that side and seeing that piece how much eh gets naughty in that thing as its somewhere very short just one person can sit there and another person has to sit in other's lap and its quibbical she knows it will cover only that part and the cushions and swing area is under the roof so that they can sit there and she truly loved the ambience of this balcony and moreover these things just states her that how much he loed her and knows her the room which he just created in just the time of two days very short span of time nod oube the room is always special to her as its their room her armaan and her room but now armaan actually makes that room teh love nest of theirs armaan riddhima's nest and now she actually wants to makes this beautiful room will be the evidence of their unison and she so wants to all those things with armaan in this bautifl balcony which he must be thinking while preparing this room for her and with her love she slowly palced a soft kiss on his chest conveying her love to him and armaan smield knows what his basket must be feeling and he too hugged her while kissing her in her hairs and then riddhima detangled herself and she just

Ri:''i love you armaan thanks tumne mere liye yeh sab kiyya pata hai kal se aapnein room ko dekh kar lag rahaa hai kii jaise mai kisii sapne meiin jee rahii hun kyonki yeh sab shayad maine aapnein sapne meiin socha tha aur tumne ise sapne se bhi zayadda sundar bana diyya merii aankhon se mera yeh sapna chura kar armaan aab mera sapna bhi iss haqeeqat kee aage bahut chota hai love you armaan''

She said with little tears in her eyes seeing that intensity of his love he loved her that much that she feels she never ever in her life able  to understand how much he loved her and armaan while wiping her tears said to her in stern caring voice making her smile with his cute words

Ar:''han tou aapni basket kii aankhon kaa sapna hii chraounga naa aur kisii kaa tou nahin vaise bhi kisii aur kaa samajh bhi nahin aane vale hai mujhe jaanti ho naa aapnein buddhu armaan ko aur vaise kisnein kaha tumhe yeh kemeti (precious) moti aapnein aaknhon meiin lane ko aur sapne laoo naa yar so that mai aur chura sakun you see I love to thief sweetheart so par mai chota sa chor hun so please yeh keemti (precious) moti (pearls) churana afford nahin kar sakta so tum inehin chod kar paaye pyaare se sapne lao naa inn aankhon I love to stole them sachii meiin yar''

He said while wiping her tears away and kissing them away from her cheeks making her smile and then as riddhima kissed him again on his chest

Ar:''i love you basket too''

And then they hugged each-other tightly and then standing sometime like this finally armaan as he caressed her clothes on her back he somewhere remember that he has to ask something from her and then as he detangled her from himself and seeing the bandage he remembers that he has to spologize too from her for scolding her without no fault of hers and then he just caressed her forhead and riddhima knows what must be running in his mind as she can see taht guilt coming in his blue eyes and she is about to say something but before that armaan moved towards the little couch that laying ones and sat there with his back resting on pillow which is leaning with the wall and as he points towards himself and forwards his hand for her riddhima happily obliged and makes her way towards him while hodling her hand in his  and armaan pulled her closer and makes her sit on his thighs like achild as her face is near his nape but still they can look deep in each-other's eyes and 

Ar:''riddhima i am sorry maine tumhe bevajah hii itnaa chillaya naa''

He sai dfelling guilty as he looked at her and then caressed her bandage and riddhima put her finger on his lips while saying to him that

Ri:''shh armaan''

And armaan looked at her as she kissed his eyes making him closed his eyes as she moved little bit and then she said to him that

Ri:''no guily armaan i love you naa''

She said making him smile but still he feels very much guilty to shout on her in front of everyone of their family taht too without any fault of her

Ar:''nahin riddhima sachii meiin mujhe aisee nahin chillana chahiye that um par vo bhi sabke saamne i am really very soory vo bhi os time jab merii basket kii koi galti hii nahin thii naa mujeh pata hai merii basket jaan-boojh kar aisii galti nahin kar sakti par pata nahin basket tumhe vaise dekh kar kya ho gayya sochh hii nahin paaya bahut dar gayya tha mai tumhe kho denen kee dar se riddhima isi liyye tum par aisee chillaya itnein impusively react kiyya tumse ek bar poocha bhi nahin kii kya hua tha sorry yar par kya karun buddhu hun naa tumhare liyye pagal bhi so''

He said and riddhima smiled hearing him and she knows what he did was his fera of losing her if she is at her place she wills urely react in smae manner as they has still that fear of losing each-other after all they faced a lots no doubt they love each-other but scared too of losing each-other

Ri:''han well vo tou tum ho hii mere buddhu armaan aur pagal armaan''

She said while pinching his nsoe following with a sweet peck and then she pecked his nose again and then looking in his eyes she jus said

Ri:''armaan mujhe sachii meiin bilkul bhi boora nahin lagaa jab tumne mujhe daanta sachii meiin infact i understand what must be you feels seeing me like in that condition aur aagar mai tumhari jagah hotii naa tou mai bhi aisee hii react karti mujeh pata hai humare dill meiin ek doosre kee liyye kitna dar hai aur sachii meiin armaan mujhe ache se pata hai tumhe kaisa laga hogaa mujhe dekh kar kaise rahein hogee kaise aapne aap ko sambhala hogaa soch kar kii mai muskii kee saath gayyi hun jab ose car nahin chalana ata hai kaise tumne har pal hazaron duayen maangi hogii kii hum sahii salamat gahrr aa jaayen aur finally jab mujhe aapnein saamne dekha tou nahin rouk paaye actually vo gussa tumhara pyaar hii tou tha mujeh pata hai tab tumhari atki hui saanson meiin saans aayi hogii jab tumne mujhe sahii salamat aapni aankhaon kee saamne dekha hogaa armaan aur jab tumne mujhe driving seat se ootrate dekha tumhe yehii laga hogaa kii maine jaan boojh kar aapni jaan khatre meiin daali hai jabki you know kii mai aisaa kabhie bhi nahin kar sakti par mere liyye tumhara pyaar yeh sab sochne par mazboor kar diyya aur armaan tumne mujhe daanta aur pata hai armaan mujeh bilkul bhi boora nahin laga oos daant kaa sachii meiin aur armaan tum kyoon sorry keh rahein ho sorry to mujhe kehna chahiye tumhe maine tumhe kitna pareshan kar diyya naa i am really very sorry armaan sorry''

But before she can speak more armaan placed his finger on her lisp while kissing her fingers and armaan then kissed her for head near her bandage and

Ar:''nahin riddhima tumahari koi galti nahin hai tumhe thode naa pata hai muskii ko drive nahin akrne ata aur i am so proud of you kii tum accident kee baad hi sab aapnein aap handle kar ke muskii kee saath sahii salamat gharr aa gayyi basket and that's what we needs both of yours safety naa'' 

He said making her look at himself off course he scolded her but at the smae moment they wants them both muskii and riddhima safe and armaan so prouds taht she is capable of handling teh matters after all the accident she walks back hiome safe and sound without making an issue of the matter and

Ri:''par armaan car''

And she once again cut short by armaan who shushed her by saying that

Ar:''kya car kuch nahin hua ose theek ho jaayegi yar par tum theek ho that's what matter to us yar so need to worries''

He said and hugged her close to his heart and as she hugged him back and then he armaan asked her while caressing her back and

Ar:''vaise basket mai tumse kuchh poochun tou naraz tou nahin hogii naa''

He asked and riddhima looked at him tehn she replied to him that

Ri:''tumse aur naraz aisaa kabhie ho sakta hai pooch armaan kya''

Ar:''well basket tumne drive kaise seekhi merii basket to cycle chalane se bhi darti thi han i mean its good taht you know driving but how come''

He asked as he remembered ow much riddhima scared of driving andarmaan has very much tough time to ask her to atleast learn cycle buts he refused saying she will fall and if armaan tells that she did not but she did not hear him and tells him she don't need to learn as she always be with him and he will be there to drove her wherever she wants and armaan smiled rembering that memory and riddhima's lips too curved into smile remembering that childhood armaan feels that smile as she is facing his naoe her head buried there and then she finally said to him that

Ri:''tumhari vajah se seekhni padii armaan mujhe sirff aur sirff tumhari vajah se nahin tou you know me naa you are the reason''

As she said armaan is surprised how come he is the reason of her learning her driving and then he

Ar:''kya mere kaaran basket how matlab maine to tumhe kabhie nahin kaha kii drive sekho you know i love to ride you by myself as you wants from our childhood  so mai kaise reason hua jaan i could not get you''

He said as he did not know what she is saying and riddhima looked at him while moving abit away from him and then she just said looking in his eyes

Ri:''han tout um nahin the naa tabhie tou seekhni padii armaan pata hai armaan jab mujhe vahan Delhi meiin akle rehna tah aur law college kee liye you know how much effort need to run from one corner to another corner of the city to different liabariaries and all with lots of cases in internship days i need it armaan as i can't take cab that hour of night in college too bahut evening ho jaati thi aur winters meiin tou you know bahut jaldi andhera ho jaata tha aur fir merii study aisii kii i have to rush you see from one place to another so i have to be independent in any case pata hai tab mujhe laga kii kii aab mujhe khud kuchh seekhna hogaa so taht i managed to my own pata hai starting meiin i so hate this feeling kii mujeh seekhna padega armaan you know me naa i have always fear of travelling on road while driving by my own sachii meiin armaan i so much feels like hate that feeling armaan that time sachii meiin pata hai armaan fir maine socha aab seekhna hii padega tab pata hai pehla khayal kyat ha man meiin kii aagar aaj mera armaan saath meiin hotaa tou mujhe kabhie bhi yeh sab karne kii zarurat hii nahin padti vo hii mujhe subhh lene ata ur jitna bhi waqt sham ko lagta yaa der raat hotii vo hii mujhe chodne ata armaan sachii meiin vaise tou har roz tumhari yad kee saath hii lekar jee rahii thi par oos din tumhari bahut yad ayi kii tumhare binaa tou tumhari riddhima kuchjh bhi nahin hai hai aagar tum oos samaya saath meiin hotee tou mujhe kisii aur se driving seekhni hii naa padti naa mai seekhna chahti jabki oolta tum zabardasti sikhate mujhe jaise cycle kii zabar dasti karte the aur mai kehti tum ho naaa mere driver mai kyoon seekhon aur tum mujhe pyaar karte par armaan seekhna padaa jaante ho armaan jis din first time akele chalaya aur chot lagii oos din bahut royii thi mai armaan tumhe bahut saara yad kiyya tha kii aaj mera armaan saath meein hotaa tou mujhe kabhie dard nahin hotaa itnaa vo tou mere dard kee aage khud  khada ho jaata aur mujh par kabhie ane bhi nahin deta dard ko sachii meiin armaan oos din jitna mujeh chot lagii ootna mai dard se nahin royii jitna tumhari yad nee aankhon meiin aanson bharr diyye armaan oon aaknhon meiin jinmein kabhie aanson nahin ane dea chahte the tum par oos din naa sachii meiin armaan bahut yad kiya maine tumhe bahut saara dard hua mujhe''

She said with lots of emotions in her voice remembering those days and armaan looked at her as he can actually visulaise how much pain she feels not with the briuises or anything but  the feeling that he is not there with her and he hates that part of their lives, they missed much more in each-other's lives which they planned to speand just with each-other and armaan can easily think how much it paines her to do something taht she enver wants to do and how she will able herself to make learn from anyone but she did for his sake as she knows she has fulfil his dream and he loved her though he is very much happy that his riddhima is very much independent but still he thinks how much beautiful those oemnts if he is with her picking her dropping her and those moments were so much beautiful and she does not needs to worry about anything as he is there how she will able to relief when she knows he is there how much time she late and then he easily spends soem moments with he and he will able to enjoy her face when she is whole tired after all her whol days work still her face will be glowing and how she will be placed her head on his shoulder when she is tired and they drove back to home and hugged him when ever he go to pick her, he manage dto sneak soem breakfast dates and long drives too with her how he wants to be with her at each step of her life to make it easier for her but no he is not there they missed so much actually



Will She Becomes Riddhima Armaan Mallik In every Senses?

Or Something Going To Happen?

Ar:''she is very precious to me''

Ar:''Kya Riddhima is time par so rahii hai vo theek to hai naa?''

Ri:''please armaan samjho naa.''

Milan Abhie Aadha Adhoora Hai

Ar:''tum kya chahti ho riddhima?''

Ar:''matlab tum meree saath nahin aaogi''

Ar:''yeh sab meree saath hii kyoon hotaa hai?''


Ar:''basket hamara honeymoon pending hai''

Ri:''armaan abhie muskii ko merii jarurat hai''

Ar:''i will miss u jaan''

Is there more problems for them or happiness?

p.p.s do check page 45 for special note friends after reading the part need your  views really urgent on that so do check friends

For Finding Answers Stay Tuned

Thanks to all of u for ur precious comments and for pressing tab button


And if u want pms add me to ur buddy list,it will be easier for me to pm u once again thanks to all for ur support



Finally completed friends now please comment friends it really means a lots to me

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anishaalluri Goldie

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 7:19am | IP Logged
Awsome part as always nikki..
The part was extremely HOOOTTT...
Really enjoyed the par Niks
Give back to back updates na plzz
Cont soon


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anishaalluri Goldie

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U res'ed for the update n I did for comment :P

Sry double post

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_Sadaf_ Senior Member

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Main bhi reserving for comment :P
Update soon di! :)

OMKSSSGG!! Lovely update di!!
So hot and passionate!! <3
Loved every bit of the update!!
AR were amazingly sizzling!!! <3 :D
Armaan is so damn naughtyyy!! ;) Love him so much!!
You rock Nikki di!! :) Really really great part!! Loved it!!
Continue soon!! <3
Love you di!! :)

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mimee0991 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
yeaahhh first to comment...awesome superb...fantabulous...oi nikki madam complete it soon..aise moment pe installment kyun di...u r very bad...complete now

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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
Hot and sizzling part
Please continue soon

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hosanna.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
Amazing!!! Love the AR moment. So hot and passionate!

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 12:41am | IP Logged
hai hai what a starting loved it

nikki they should DO it its high time bechara lolzzz

complete it soon

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