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Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR.FF#4 New thread link Pg151 (Page 35)

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so is such a delight to read your partsSmile
bechari ridzi ko awain hi daant pad gai...but i loved the part
continue asap..thanx 4 pm

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                                  Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

                                                          AR FF

                                                          Part 51


Ar:''nahin kaka aap iskee liyye garam doodh layiye ek glass ise medicine kee bad coffee peene se acidity ho jaati hai so 1 glass garam doodh dijiye''

He said as he knows his basket can not handle medicine without the hot milk and everyone looked at him in surprise as he states the fact taht riddhima need hot milk as kaka went inside kitchen armaan looked at everyone who is looking at him with surprise in their eyes except riddhima because she knows her armaan knows her well too but what surprise her that he still remebers that little thing of hers and then he

Ar:''what happened kya hua guyss anything wrong mom-dad nikki?''

He asked and then everyone breaks his trance and then they nandini

Na:''maani beta mujhe nahin pata tha kii mera betaa aapni biwi koo itnein achee se jaanta hai beta seriously i am so proud of you son god bless you''

She said as she feels now armaan loved riddhima to the core of from his heart and nothing will now happen and to seprate them while riddhima looked at him lovingly, she understands why their family is so much suprised after all they did not knows about their childhood and if they knows that they will also comes to know that this is nothing armaan knows her even more than she knows herself and then rahul said

Ra:''off course mom aab humari riddhima hai hii aisii kii iss se kisii koo bhi pyaar hoo jaayega naa aur fir armaan koo bhi hoonaa hii tha naa hai naa kyoon riddhima''

He said while teasing him a bit and putting his arm around riddhima's shoulder as she is sitting between him and armaan and armaan instantly holds her hand which is in her lap hearing his teasing voice and said that

Ar:''han tou aab merii biwii hai tou oos se pyaar tou karunga hii haq hai mera aur ose nahin jaanuga tou aur kisee januga aur Mr.Riddhima's Boy aab jab merii biwi mujhse itnaa pyaar karti hai tou why should not i?''

He said while kissing her hands her fingers precisley making her blush and she pleaded to him through her eyes to leave her hand as she is feeling nervous and shy everyone is sitting here and here armaan is getting naughty and kissing her in front of their family, these are the things she never faced since their marriage yes once he did kissed her on her cheek that day in Holi Function that too Publically but that time he is not in his senses in Holi Function so that is different but today he is completely fine and then and his simple kiss causes goosebumps arises on her skin and then her trance breaks as muskaan and nikki hootes for them following with

Mu:''aww how sweet''

Ni:''aww how romantic''

Ra:''aww how sensous''

As the trio said using differnt adjectives riddhima blushed even more and

Ar:''rahul bada hii besharam hai yar tuu kuchh bhi bolta hai''

He said referring to the word rahul used for them making riddhima turned more red and then rahul shamelessly said back to him saying

Ra:''maine tou bas bolaa hai aur tuu mahan insan mom-dad kee saamne hii aapni biwii koo kiss kar rahaa hai aur besharam mujhe bol rahaa hai tuu''

He said pointed to armaan who till now holds riddhima from her shoulder sideways and that too very obssessively and riddhima is just lowerd her eyes trying hard to comes out from armaan's grip but as if he adamant he is not going to leave her and keeps on holding her and hearing rahul's voice armaan said back to him that saying

Ar:''han tou tujhe kya problem hoo rahii hai vaise bhi kisii aur kii biwii nahin hai merii hii biwii hai tou aaapni biwii ko aapni hii family kee saamne pakadne meiin kaisi sharam kyoon dad sahii kaha naa maine''

He said while tightning his grip around riddhima's shoulder more and pullling her closer while riddhima's head is almost on his shoulder and as he asked from karan who is till now smiling now grinned and said

Ka:''bilkul buddy you are 100% correct yar aab banda aapni biwi ko nahin pakdega tou kisee pakadega aur oopar se aapni biwii koo tou pyaar karne kaa licence hotaa hai bande kaa pas so why the waste of license''

He said with a grin and armaan winked at his dad hearing his dad and

Na:''rahul beta yeh tou honaa hii tha naa tune bikul galat insan se question poocha tha yeh Karan Mallik tou hai hii shameless creature''

She said while smacking  lightly on karan's arms as he holds her after replying to armaan and she glared at him while everyone smiled seeing this lovey dovey side of their parents and then only armaan said that to

Ar:''kya mom aap bhi naa this is so not fair dad loves you so much aur kya galat kaha dad nee mom aab see dekho mom aab hum ladke aapni pyaari sii biwii kee saath hii romance karenge nahin tou shaadi kaa kya faayda you see mom after all nahin tou aap girls hii kehti hai kii hum doosri ladkiyon koo dekhte hai tou kyoon naa hum aapni biwii koo pyaar karen jab humare pas complete vaala license hai so why not mom''

He said while looking towards riddhima with loved filled eyes and then

Ka:''bilkul sahii kaha buddy tune so nandu yar i love you''

And he confessed while kissing nandini's hands and nandini blushed

Na:''karan bas karoo''

She said while glaring at him with a blush crept on her cheeks while the children giggled and here armaan is also losing control as riddhima's smell driving him crazy as he pulled her more closer and then he heard

Na:''karan kab sudhoroge tum aab bhi bachoo kee saamne shuru hoo jaate hoo tum aab tou dono beton kii bahyun bhi aa gayyi tab bhi tum''

She scolded him getting all romantic in front of all children and she is feeling extremely shy and karan so loved this she still blushed like he wedded her all 27 years ago and then he finally cut her in between

Ka:''off course bilkul nahin sudhronga mere tou potii-natii hoo jaayenge tab bhi mai aisee hii pyaar karunga mere natin-poton kii dadii-nani se''

He said while pulling her closer and all laughed and while nandini blushed and all the time rahul who was enjoying and then he just

Ra:''yes mom i agree maine galat insan se question poocha yeh armaan naa bilkul dad par gayya hai all the way shameless creature hai yeh armaan mom but one thing i too agree dad loved you so much mom''

Ka:''well yes rahul you are actually has more of your mom in you''

Ar:''han aur mujhe kehta hai i am mama's boy tuu hai sharmila''

Na:''bas karoo maani aab fir se shuru mat karna kaun zyada pyaar''

She said as armaan teased rahul and then nandini makes them quite and

Na:''aur karan mallik tumhara tou literally kuch nahin ho sakta hai''

Ka:''well for this i have actually thanks to you sweetheart''

He said while kissing her cheeks making her blush to the core and all the children of theirs smiled and laughed and hooted for their parents and


And then karan chuckled while nandini blushed and then karan looked

Ka:''chal oye bas karoo aur aapnein parents kaa mazak karte hoo aur tum dono(points to armaan and rahul) kab humein dadaa-dadii bana rahein hoo yar aisee hii hanste rahoge tou hoo gayya yar so rahul beta tell naa?''

As he said both muskaan and riddhima blushed and then rahul

Ra:''kya dad mai kyoon armaan se bolo naa he is maaried before than me so its his right tou poocho oos se kii vo kab mujhe chachu bana rahaa hai''

He said changing the topic as his dad asking him only and then he karan

Ka:''han vaise voo bhi sahii hai so armaan when beta you see riddhima?''

He said making both armaan and riddhima blushed ears to ears

Na:''well yes maani so kab mujhe chota sa maani milega''

Mu:''aur nahin tou kya hero yar aab tou mujhe chachi bana den just in 9 days your first wedding anniversary hai yar so yar it now time yar''

Ni:''han bhaii bhabzz riddhima bhabzz mujhe bua banana hai jaldi''

As they all said to him armaan and riddhima both looked at each-other kids topic this times makes them blush together and actually they though finally they were completely agreed that they wants each-other now, and does not wants to make each-other wait at all, but this time its TIME is making them wait for each-other and they looked at each-other blue greay ones asking a question from green almond ones and green almond orbs were replying in trust and blue greay orbs takes that love and then their eyes lock breaks with rahul's teasing voice as he says to him that

Ra:''humnein naa yeh poocha hai kii tuu mujhe chachu kab bana rahaa hai yeh nahin kaha kii tum fir se aapne romance meiin aankhon meiin kho jaao samjha''

Mu:''uffo rahul tuu nahin samjhege aankhon aankhon meii ishara ho gayya''

Ni:''kyoon bhaii-bhabzz kal kii haseen mulaqat kee liyye aaj raat kee liyye''

As they all teased them riddhima is just lowered her eyes lids feeling shy

Ar:''han han rahul kyoon nahin vaise dad nee dono koo boola hai aur see tum logoon kaa Honeymoon bhi hoo gayya humara tou voo bhi pending hai so humein as to be precisely and logically good news tumse expect karni cahhiye so muskaan and rahul Mallik aap kab mujhe taya jii merii riddhima koo tayii jii mom-dad koo dadaa dadii aur nikki tuu chinta mat kar tuu rahul kee baby kii bhi bua hii banegi so rahul bol naa when yar han"

He said shutting rahul's mouth as he snapped back and this time muskaan blushed while all the four giggled after all he is armaan no one can beats him in teasing naa so rahul just said to him

Ra:''kya ammy yar logically tuu bada hai tou tera baby pehle aayega''

He still managed to retrot back and till then kaka brings the coffee and a one glass full of milk for riddhima as per armaan's instructions and

Rk:''yeh lijiye armaan baba riddhima bitiya kaa doodh aur bhabhii jii(turning to nandini) yeh aap sabkii coffee aur chaii (tea)''

Ar:''thanks kaka''

And then he aleaves and turned and went inside the kitchen for dinner

Ar:''tch rahul sun logic kee according teraa honymoon hoo gayya so pehle tuu aur muskii good news sunayenge aur aagar tujhe ekk aur Honeymoon kii jarurat hai let me know mai aaj hii tickets book kar detaa hun han bas yeh zarur bata denaa kii jaana kaha hai tum dono koo?''

He said while winking to rahul and muskaan while getting back to topic

Mu:''hero tuu pagal ho gayya hai kahin bhi kuchh bhi shuru karta hai''

As she blushed to the core and then only rahul said to him

Ra:''in that case Mr.Armaan Nandini Mallik mai aapke Honey Moon kii tickets arrange karta hun then aapke Honey Moon kii then according to your logic tuu aur riddhima humein good news den denaa ohk riddhima mujhe bata denaa tum dono koo kahan jaana hai fir tere logic kee accordingly jab tum dono vaapis aaoge tou hum good news expected''

He teased them with shamesless comment and riddhima has her enough she could not faced this more that too sitting  in his arms who is creating havoc in her body while time to time caressing her nape and arm so

Ri:''mai abhie ati hun cake banana hai hai mujhe kharab hoo jaayega''

She said and try to leave but before anyone can retrot armaan said that

Ar:''nahin rooko tum''

Ri:''nahin mujhe cake banana hai sachii meiin mai jaati hun''

And she gets up to go and then armaan's words echoed in room

Ar:''han tou chali jaana koi nahin rouk rahaa hai basket tumne bas aapna milk finish karke jao i know basket fir tum bhull jaogi so have it and go''

He said and before riddhima can say anything to him except his name

Ri:''armaan lekin''


Rahul stood up with a shock left written all over his face hearing armaan's words calling riddhima ''basket'' so does nandini and she almost dropped her tea cup if karan did not holds that it wll surely on her saree while burning her thighs with that hot tea naa and they all looked at rahul and nandini who seemed to be more shocked on something of armaan and riddhima as they looked at them.

Na:''maani kya kaha tumne''basket''beta  maani yeh kya''

She also asked while shocked and stand in front of armaan and armaan looked at both rahul and his mom hearing their voice and shocked faces and same was with riddhima she is more shocked than armaan why mom and rahul bhayiya is reacting like this she is thinking these, and then she looked at armaan her senses tolds her that they both knows about her and before armaan can say anything to her rahul reacted

Ra:''ekk minute armaan tune basket kahaa hai naa abhie?''

He said while standing up from his seat and armaan looked at him

Na:''han maani humnein sahii soona naa tune abhie riddhima koo basket bulaya naa beta yaa mujhe koi galti lagii hai maani betaa bata naa tuu''

And seeing nandini and rahul reacted like this karan, muskaan and nikkita did not know what is happening there so they also confused

Ka:''nandu yeh sab kya hoo rahaa hai humein bhi tou batao''

Ni:''yes mom kya hua kuchh samajh nahin aa rahaa hai humein''

Mu:''han rahul tuu aisee kyoon react kar rahaa hai aur hero se yeh sab kyoon pooch rahaa hai tuu yeh sab hoo kya rahaa hai yar batao naa yar''

They all too asked from them as armaan's words and then nandini and rahul's reactions are adding confusions so much there so they are saying


And as nandini called once again armaan riddhima looked at him and then he finally nodded while locking his eyes with hers and then he just replied which makes nikki, karan and muski shocked and confused while makes rahul and nandini surprsied but they are happy and smile comes on their lips as armaan's words his their ear drums as he just said that

Ar:''han mom riddhima hii merii basket hai aur yes rahul yehii hai merii basket joo humare saath 'Mussorie International School' meiin thi saath vaale "A'' section meiin merii riddhima merii basket, meraa Pehla Aur Aakhiri Pyaar mere Bachpan Kii Chahat Merii Riddhima Merii Basket Merii Zindagi mom yeh hii hai voo jisein mai barson se dhundh rahaa tha jiskaa maine naa jaane kabse intezar kiyya hai maine mom, yeh vohii hai merii basket rahul jiskee liyye mai raaton koo bekrar rehta tha aur poori raat bharr jiskee liyye karvaten badalata tha, han mom yeh hii hai merii basket jiskee binaa mujhe kabhie chain nahin padta tha aur jiskaa zikar mai aapsee kiyye binaa mai ekk din bhi nahin reh paata tha aur jisen maine kahaa tha kii mai ise aapnein gharr lekar chalonga humesha kee liyye promise kiyya tha par yeh promise tou mom aapnein nibhaya mom maine nahin aur aapke kaaran hii mai aapna promise nibha paaya aapni basket koo ooski sabse Pehle Family den paaya aapne diyya hua vaada nibha paaya mom sirff aapke kaaran se aur yeh hii hai merii basket mom jiskee binaa meraa din kabhie poora nahin hua mom, voo basket jiskee liyye mai humesha "Mussorie" jaata rahaa kii kabhie tou merii basket vahan aayegi vohii basket joo aapke 'Maani Kii Dhadkan' hai''

He completed everyone is shocked incuding riddhima what he says how he missed her was something that she herself did not that and unaware of that feelings, and tears were glistening in her green almond eyes as she can feels the depth of his love but no wrong his love's depth is beyond her imagination, as she every passing moment discovers ceertainlely new thing that he loved her with no measures at all, whenever she thinks this is it armaan will never love her beyond this next moment he proves her wrong , the words he states how he missed her is like makes her fall in love with him all over again she is looking still towards him when his hand comes and wrapped around her shoulder and she just looked at him as he come closer to her while wrapping her in his arms and she looked at him with all the love in her eyes while he just without looking at her just whispered that makes her she is his naa

Ar:''han mom rahul  yehi hii hai Merii Basket Riddhima Armaan Mallik''

He completed and then looked at her and saw the small tears in her eyes and armaan without saying anything just wiped that tear from her eyes which is very much ready to roll on her cheek and nandini too has  a smile appeared on her face she always has the regret in her life that may be because of her, her son can't able to get his First Ever Love and may be somewhere in riddhima's condition and armaan's behave rude behave after their wedding is because of hers but today as hearing him she has finally heaved a sigh in relief, God unites them her son did not have to live his life without his First Love after all First Love can't be forgetten and though she loved riddhima very much but somewhere she knows armaan gets married to riddhima only because of her other wise he is going to wait for HIS BASKET all over his life but today finally both armaan and riddhima met and she is thankful to God that she herself becomes the reason of it well what to say God has his own ways and armaan while holding riddhima in his arms blinked his eyes to his mom knowing what will she is thinking and nandini smiled seeing this and armaan mumbled thanks to his loving mom and before anyone can say anything rahul who is till now unders the shock or recisely to say is surprise under the effect of  armaan's words finally comes back in the world and then he get up from his seat and directly makes his way towards riddhima who well seeing her darling rahul bhayiya's reaction is slightly nervoused and makes her hde behind armaan as she did not knows what her darling rahul bahyiya is upto and rahul walked towards her and directly makes himself stand in front of her and he just start that

Ra:''riddhima sachh sachh bata tuu hii voo hai joo humare saath "Mussorie" meiin humare saath padhti thi vohii hoo jiskee saath armaan har waqt bitata tha vohii ladki jiskee saath armaan church jaata tha''

He bombered her with his questions making her little scared with his non stop questions and she did not know what to reply to him so she while still hiding herself at armaan's back just nods her head in yes while

Ar:''rahool kya problem hai terii kyoon bechari merii basket koo dara rahaa hai maine kahaa naa kii han yehii hai meri basket tou tuu kyoon bechari koo ainvey hii pareshan kiyee jaa rahaa hai tuu raool tuu naa''

He said as he saw riddhima is actually nervoused hearing all rahul's questions that's why she is hiding behind him and armaan clasped his hand with her while saying to rahul as he is still in between rahul and her

Ra:''tuu tou naa armaan aaj chupp hii kar jaa mai naa bachpan se ise dhundh rahaa hun kii yeh hai kaun jisnein mera bhaii mujhse dur kar diyya hai tou aaj tou mai iss se har sawla poochunga tou tuu aagar beech meiin naa hii bolen tou better rahega tere liyye nahin tou aaj naa mai terii parvah bhi nahin karunga so please dur reh iss matter se han tou riddhima tum hii hoo Mere Bhaii Kii Basket jisnein mere bhaii koo mujhse dur kar diyya, tum hii voo jisnein Mere Bhaii kii Zindagi meiin Merii Jagah le lii aur merr bhaii kii Best Friend ban gayyi han tou riddhima tum hii vo basket jiskee aagee mera bhaii aapnein bhaii koo bhi bhull jaata tha tum hii jisnein meree bhaii koo mujhse dur kiyya naa?''

As rahul said all this riddhima is shocked beyond limits this is so not she is expected that from her darling rahul bhahiya and she never thinks that she comes in between two brothers and as with mere thoughs her green eyes reflects with tears did she really do this naa and well not she is surprsied everyone is shocked with rahul's words and no one knows what to say armaan is like punching rahul bringing back all those insecurities of his which he has in childhhod but not now he forgets this with passing time and he knows that but what is confusing him is when rahul forgtes all they laughed how rahul is insecure when rahul founds that armaan has some basket in his life his best friend but now what happened and he trule knows his basket too his riddhima too, she after hearing these words surely feels guilty and that too especially from her darling rahul bhayiya's mouth and as he looked at her yes he is right she is standing there still and by seeing her face he knows she is guilty and then she saw tears were brimming in her green almind shaped eyes and that's it how he can see the tears in her eyes that hurts him badly without any fault of hers why she has to suffer so he pulled her in hug without caring anyone and then after dropping a kiss in her hairs ensuring her its nothing and then he turned to rahul for giving  him so peace of mind for saying this

Ar:''raool tuu pagal hoo gayya hai tuu bhull gayya tha oon sab baaton koo fir aaj oos baskwas ko yad karne kaa kya matlab hai bata mujhe tuu tune kahaa tha naa its just childhood insecurity of yours aur hum oos baat par hanste bhi tou the aur aaj tuu kaise oos baat koo lekar riddhima koo soona sakta hai kya problem hai terii had hai vaise tou riddhima riddhima karte rehte hai din bharr aur aaj yeh sab kya hai han rahul''

He blasted at him seeing riddhima's face and then nandini too

Na:''han rahul yeh kyoon beta vo sab bachpan kii barein thi''

Ka:''han aur aab riddhima humare gharr kaa hii ek hissa hai''

Ni:''rahul bhaii take a chill pill naa poorani batein kyoon yad karen''

Mu:''han rahul yeh sab bachpan kii batein hai bahin chod den naa kyoon bechari ridzi kee piiche pad gayya hai tuu osnein kuchh jaan boojh kar nahin kiyya hogaa yeh tuu bhi jaanta hai tou bas ainbvey hii mat kar''

As karan, nikki and muskii too added as they all knwos very wrll riddhima never comes in between anyone and when riddhima heard everyone is kind off yelling at rahul how she can stay quite so she just

Ri:''please mom-dad kuchh mat kahiye naa aap rahul bhahya koo, bhayiya sahii keh rahein hai mai hii shayd armaan aur rahul bahyiya kee beech aa gayyi, armaan meree saath hii zyada waqt bitate the tab, i am sorry rahul bhayiya please mujhe maf kar dijiye, mujhe sahii meiin pata hii nahin challa kii mai do bhayiyon kee beech aa gayyi so sorru bhayiya meraa aisaa koi intention nahin tha i am soryy bhayiya mai samjhti hun kii  dur honaa kya hotaa hai aapko kaisa feel hua hogaa jab aap merii vajah se akele hoo gayye, mai oos time koo tou vaapis nahin laa sakti bahyiya par please hoo skaen tou mujhe maf kar dijiyega bhayiya i am sorry aur please aap sab bhi bhayiya par gussa mat kijiye oonki galti nahin hai please i am sorry maine jaan boojh kar hurt nahin kiyya kisii koo bhi armaan i am really very sorry mai aapki bhi i am sorry armaan''

She apologized thinking she comes in between rahul and armaan though unknowingly but still she knows how it feels to be lonely she feels that pain of lonliness and she can easily understands what kind of pain rahul bhayiya feels when armaan is spending time with her actually mot of the time he is with her only that's why she knows and she knows she is the reason behind this that's why she apologied instantly and from armaan too as she thinks armaan will facing rahul's insecurities only because of hers and she knows only for her everone kind off yelled at rahul bhayia so she apologized from all of them and then hearing riddhima'a apology armaan embracd her in his arms tightly while caressing her back and

Ar:''basket tum pagal hoo gayyi hoo kya tumne kuchh bhi nahin kiyy hai tum koi mere aur rahul kee beech meiin nahin ayi hoo, aur rahul maine tujhe pehle bhi yeh baat bolii thi aaj fir se bolta hun terii aur basket kii merii life meiin aapnii aapni aalag jagah jagah hai, dono meree liyye khas hoo, Basket nee merii life meiin kabhie bhi terii jagah nahin lii hai infact ooski merii life meiin aapni jagah hai joo oosnein khudd banayi hai naa kii kisii aur kii lii hai yeh tum bhi jaante hoo pehle bhi aur aab bhi khudd aabkii tou tune bhi dekhi hai yar so please aapnein dill se yeh baat nikal den kii basket nee teri jagah lii hai aur ridddhima tumne kuchh bhi nahin kiyya hai tum kabhie beech meiin nahin you are my life riddhima''

He said while soothing her caressing her back and tell rahul also trying to clear his mind that his absket did not takes his place and then rahul

Ra:''hmp so aab tum miyan biwii kaa romance finish hoo gayya hoo tou mai kuchh bolun kasam se yar armaan riddhima ekk mauka nahin chodte hoo tum log romance naa karne kaa besharam kahin kee''

And this comment of his makes everyone shocked here because of him the atmosphere is tensed completely and here he is now teasing them and when everyone looked at him no one said anything to him he just

Ra:''kya yar aap sab aisee kyoon dekhh rahein hoo mai sirff riddhima kii tangg kheench rahaa tah aur vaise bhi jis insan se mai bachpan se milne koo bechain hun kii dekhun tou sahii hai kaun aisaa jisnein armaan mallik koo sudhar diyya hai aur kismeiin itnii himmat hai joo armaan mallik koo pada rahii hai voo armaan mallik jisen koi teacher nahin pada paati especially history oos armaan mallik kii life meiin aisii kaunsi teacher hai jis kee liyye vo time par jaata hai har jagah dhayan se padta hai tou aab jab achanak se paata chalega kii  vo insan armaan kii teacher humare gharr meiin almost 1 sal se aur humein pata bhi nahin hai tou itnaa saa mazak tou banta hii hai yar after all iss ladki nee mujhe itnaa pareshan kiyya hai, basket is that basket is this and basket so on tou mazak tou banta tha aur fir aab tou  yeh merii pyaari sii bhabhi bhi hai aur mai iskaa devar tou mazak kaa double haq banta hai naa so kyoon naa karun mai mazak kyoon bhabhi jii hai naa haq meraa mazak kaa naa?''

He asked while bending towards armaan as riddhima is hiding still in his chest as he was embracing her in his arms tightly and hearing all his words all were shocked while riddhima too so she just slowly said to him that

Ri:''rahul bhayiya aap sachh bol rahein hai naa aap mujhse naraz tou nahin hai naa kii armaan meree saath zyada time spend karte the vahan''

She asked looking at him and rahul smiled seeing her innocence now he knows why armaan falls for she is so innocent she is so much like kid still and when she is kid how much she is cute and he nodded in yes saying

Ra:''han riddhima mai sirff tumhe pareshan kar rahaa tha bas bachpan meiin lagta tha you know aisee hii bachee the par armaan nee sahii kahaa hai kii tumhari aur merii ooski life meiin aalag importance hai naa tumne merii jagah lii hai aur tumhari jagah tou ooski zindagi meiin koi le hii nahin sakta naa tum hoo hii aisii aur vaise bhi tum ooski diniya hoo riddhima pata hai riddhima sirff tumahri inspiration kee kaaran se armaan aaj yahan par hai, hum jaante hai kii voo talented hai par ooske oos talent kii pechna karane vaali tum hoo, mjhe nahin pata tha kii tumhare beech kya hua par jab bhi mai armaan koo mehnat karte dekhta kehta kii thoda saa rest kar len tou ooska bas ekk hii zawab hotaa ''nahin raool mujh par kisii koo bahut vishwas hai mai oos vishwas koo nahin tutne den sakta raool merii basket mujhe humesha se top par dekhna chahti hai aapnein liyye mai kuchh karun naa kaun merii bakset kaa sapne merii zindagii kaa sabse bada sachh hai raool mujhe ose poora karna hai kyonki vo meree sapnein meiin mere dill se zyada ooski dhadkan dhadkati hai sachh kahun   mere sapne meiin mujhse zyada voo judi hai aur yeh humara sapna hai ise mai nahin tod sakta raool mujhe mehnat karni  hai bahut mehnat mai ose nahin haarne den sakta raool' yeh kehta tha riddhima yeh humesha aur mai riddhima humesha khush tha kii mere bhaii kii zindagi meiin koi aisaa aayaa jisnein ose ooski zindagi kaa raasta dikhaya aur manzil ban gayyi aur riddhima mai yeh jaan kar aaj aur bhi khush hun kii voo koi aur nahin tum hoo joo armaan kii zindagi meiin ooske saath naa hokar bhi humesha ooska saaya ban kar ooske saath rahii hoo riddhima aaj aagar yeh sab log armaan kii success kaa shrey ooske hard work koo den no doube hai ooska hardwork par riddhima ooske saath saath tumhara vishwas aur ooske saath naa hokar bhi ooske saath timhara saath bhi hai yeh sacchh haii''

He said and today everyone knows the reason behind armaan's workholic nature and why is so much perfcet in his work and why he can not see any mistake as he lies his heart in his work for his basket

Na:''han riddhima iss baat kee liyye tou mai bhi rahul's agree karti hun betaa tunee meree bete koo tab bhi ekk aisaa insan banaya tha jisee dekhh kar mai proud karti thi tab jab tum bahut chote the mujhe pata tha riddhima joo tumne kiyya voo koi nahin kar paaya, maani kii intelligence koo nikhar diyya tha tune aur yeh mai hii jaanti hun oosnein joo bhi aaj acheive kiyya hai voo aapni basket yanii kii tere liyye kiyya hai tuu ose bahut kuchh sikhaya voo mujhse humesha kehta tha kii ''maa basket merii teacher hai aur aagar mai kuchh kar paaya tou yeh meraa aapni best friend cum teacher koo gift hogaa maa, mai aapni har jeet aapni pehli guru yanii kii mujhe oooski maa aur aapni doosri guru ooski Na:''han riddhima iss baat kee liyye tou mai bhi rahul's agree karti hun betaa tunee meree bete koo tab bhi ekk aisaa insan banaya tha jisee dekhh kar mai proud karti thi tab jab tum bahut chote the mujhe pata tha riddhima joo tumne kiyya voo koi nahin kar paaya, maani kii intelligence koo nikhar diyya tha tune aur yeh mai hii jaanti hun oosnein joo bhi aaj acheive kiyya hai voo aapni basket yanii kii tere liyye kiyya hai tuu ose bahut kuchh sikhaya voo mujhse humesha kehta tha kii ''maa basket merii teacher hai aur aagar mai kuchh kar paaya tou yeh meraa aapni best friend cum teacher koo gift hogaa maa, mai aapni har jeet aapni pehli guru yanii kii mujhe oooski maa aur aapni doosri guru ooski best friend yanii kii basket tujhe dedicate karunga' par riddhim mai jaanti hun mujhse bhi zyada yeh  terii jeet hai kyonki tune ose bahut kuchh diyya hai riddhima ose hii kyoon humein bhi humara armaan mera maani''

She said while coming towards her caressing her hairs and then rahul

Ra:''thanks riddhima humare armaan aur humari life meiin ane koo''

And before riddhima can say anything as she till now has tears in her eyes

Ar:''chal oye raool bas kar bahut roola liyya tune sab koo''

He said while hugging two beautiful and important ladies of his life his mom and his basket making everyone smiled with his sweet antics and then he heard riddhima's voice who is till now shocked as she discovered how much he loved her this is now telling her their family she never expected that she discovered something like this of.

Ri:''nahin mom rahul bhayiya please aap sab aisee mat kahiye naa''

Na:''nahin riddhima beta yehii sach hai aur sach bolne meiin kya boora''

Ri:''jii mom sach bolne meiin koi boori baat nahin hai, par sachh tou yeh hai mom kii armaan nee mujhe bachpan meiin aisaa saath diyya tha jiskee kaaran mai aaj aapke saamne khadi hun nahin tou shayad mai khudd koo oon dard kii gehrahyion meiin kabka kahin kho baithti mom''

She is still saying when armaan's voice cut her in between saying

Ar:''basket tumhari bakwas kab khatam hogii jab dekho yeh hii bolna hotaa hi tumhe had hotii hai pata hai naa i hate these kind of stupidness''

He said once again losing his temper as it reminds him her words too which she says in afternoon on phone and seeing his face before riddhima can say anything nandini speak up while saying up to riddhima

Na:''han riddhima beta aisee thode naa bolte hai maani sahii keh rahaa hai aage se aisee mat boliyega beta achaa nahin hota beta theek hai naa''

She said while caressing her hairs and riddhima nodded while giving sorry look to him who gave her 'i am mad at you' in back and then riddhima slowly

Ri:''i am sorry mom mai nahin kahungi aagee se aisee bilkul bhi mom''

She said while smiling at her and nandini smiled and hugged her saying

Na:''yeh hui naa humari achii vaali riddhima bitiya vaali baat''

She said making riddhima smile too with everyone and then as riddhima

Ri:''pata hai mom aapko sach bataon kii aagar mai armaan kii teacher thi tou armaan tou mere life kee teacher hai mom, maine tou bas oonhein thoda saa books meiin help kiyya tha par armaan nee mujhe merii zindagi meiin help kiyya tha, mujhe hii pata hai mom maine yeh 11 years armaan kee binaa kaise guzare hai, pata hai jaise jaise badii hotii gayyi roz isi ummed par oothti thi kii aaj tou mere bhagwan mere armaan koo merii zindagi meiin vaapis den denge, bas isi ummed par zindagi jee rahii thi nahin tou mom sansein tou osi din armaan meiin bas gayyi thi jis din armaan koo chod kar gayyi thi, kehne koo tou mai ooske pas se challi gayyi thi par sachai yehii hai mom kii sab kuchh armaan kee pas chod gayyi thi, ooske binaa jee tou rahii thi par har pal har saans meiin merii har Dhadkan meiin aagar armaan naa hotaa tou shayad aaj yahan tak naa pahunch paati pata hai mom vo sirff armaan hii tha jiskee liyye mai aaj yahan tak pahunch paayi hun, armaan hii har pal humesha kehta rahaa mujhe mere saath naa hotee hue bhi humesha kii 'nahin basket tumhe aabhie aur aagee badhana hai  naa jaanti hoo naa mai aapni basket koo duniya kii top lawyer dekhna chahta hun' jab bhi kabhie thak jaati mom mai kii bas aab aur mujhse nahin hogaa kahin bhi kisii muhskil meiin fans jaati kahin koi raasta nahin dikhai deta pata nahin mom kahan se mere vo armaan mere saamne aa jaata 'oye basket tum aisee kaise baith sakti hoo you have to do for your armaan aur fir i am big business man aur tum top lawyer tab humein ekk doosre koo date bhi tou karna hai yad hai naa humari deal basket' aur pata hai mom pareshani meiin armaan kaa ekk aks mere saamne joo merii Dhadkanon meiin ghula hua tha tou saamne ata humesha help karii hai mom pata nahin kaise jis din koi aisii mushkil meiin fansi hotii kii lagta bas aab har jaongi mai mujhse aab aur nahin hogaa, ronaa ata par kya karti  roo bhi nahin sakti thi joo humesha se mere aanson ponchta tha voo joo pas nahin tha aur ronein kii izazat bhi nahin thi par pata nahin mom aapke is bte (she said while looking lovingly at armaan who is looking at her with confused expressions in his blue naughty eyes and she blinked her green almond eyes as if saying yes if you missed me i am no less) koo kaise merii pareshani pata chal jaati osi raat sachh kahun tou iskaa chehra dikhai detaa aur humare chote se bachpan kee khoobsooart yadein joo mai kabhie nahin bhulti oonmein se koi naa koi mere saamne aaa jati mom saath meiin yeh aapni pyaari sii muskaan liyye sachii meiin mom mai sab bhull jaati aur fir iskii muskaan dekhh kar lagta nahin 'mujhe yeh karna hai aapnein armaan kee liyye mom jisee mujh par vishwas hai jise maine vaada kiyya hai mai humesha aage badhungi mujhe aapne vaada nibhana hai oos armaan koo diyya hua vaada joo merii zindagi hai joo merii sanson meiin basta hai jis se mai bahut pyaar''

As she continued looking at armaan who is looking back at her with love clearly visible in his blue naughty eyes as he himself did not know that she loved him and missed him like this and with their love she confessed all the things in front of their family and drowned in his love and his naughty eyes and moment she is almost going to say that but then she lowered her green almond eyes feeling shy what she is going to say and nandini took her in her embrace as she hide herself in her arms feeling shy and she bite her lips and all smiled seeing her red face especially armaan who wants to pull her in his embrace and kissed her red cheeks following to her red lips as she is looking so much beautiful to him with that red cheeks and blushing profusely and riddhima too feels his blue naughty eyes boring upon hers though she is hiding herself in nandini's arms still she can feels his intense gaze upon herself and then nandini

Na:''mujhe naz hai maani tujh par beta aur riddhima tujh par beta tum dono nee sabit kar diyya hai kii pyaar kee aage tou bhagwan bhi aapna faisla badlane par mazboor honaa padta hai mai shukuriya karti hun kii tum dono koo oonheone milla diyya, aur mujhe nahin pata tha kii aaj bhi koi aisaa pyaar kar sakta hai tum dono kaa pyaar jismein tum dono koo pyaar kaa matlab bhi nahin pata tha tab bhi tum dono nee ekk doosre kaa pyaar shiddat kee saath nibhaya aur mujhe khushi hai aaj iss baat kii mai tum dono koo milane kii vajah banii chahe anjane meiin hii sahii par aaj mujhse zyada khush koi nahin hai tum dono koo saath dekh kar i love you both aur mai bahut bahut khush hun tum dono kee liyye''

She said while pulling both armaan and riddhima in a hug together she is feeling so happy seeing that in a way she becomes reason of uniting her son's love with him well what can say that's all god's ways and then as

Na:''i guess yeh sab bhagwan nee pehle hii sochaa tha naa oonke bhi aapnein hii ways hai milane kee aur zariye bhi aapnein hii hotein hai''

She said as they parted from the hug and then armaan to lighten the atmosphere

Ar:''vaise bahut hoo gayya yeh senti batein vaise Rahul Riddhima Mallik''

He looked at rahul with most naughty grin on his face and then rahul

Ra:''yes Mr.Armaan Nandini Mallik what can i do for you''

He said in same teasing manner as armaan said to him and seeing them everyone settled on their respective seats karan nandini and nikki and riddhima was turning to go to kitchen when armaan holds her wrist 

Ar:''yea raool one second and tum kahan jaa rahii hoo tumhara doodh abhie bhi yahin par hai riddhima so madam please drink it fast ohk''

He said while again handling riddhima a glass of milk and everyone too smiled seeing that cute little scene of theirs always its riddhima who is taking care of amaan today is all the other way around this is so new to them as armaan is actually forcing riddhima that too for her good this is one thing he did only with his mom and now his riddhima too so they enjoyed seeing

Ri:''armaan doodh''

She said while making a face she hates milk and armaan smirked seeing

Ar:''well yes doodh so please finish it fast mujhe zabardsti karne par mazboor mat karoo basket nahin tou you better knows the consequences fir mujhe mat kehna kii maine tumhe warn nahin kiyya tha so finish it''

He said slowly as he is standing near her and seeing his face with naughty expressions and the look in his eyes riddhima knows he is serious so she immediately start sipping her milk she did not wants to bear that naughtiness and consequences of his behave and seeing her armaan's lips curved into smile and then he whispered to her saying

Ar:''that's like good basket of armaan mallik so sweet basket''

And he then turned to rahul as riddhima looked at him with the bad face as she is first not like the milk and he is teasing her after actually forcing her into drinking the milk and then armaan said to rahul that

Ar:''han tou raool tuu kya keh rahaa tha kii merii basket kee kaaran tuu mere saath time spend nahin kar paata tha merii basket nee tujhe mujhse dur kiyya tha naa yehii bola tha naa tuu abhie bas pehle naa yar''

He asked and rahul looked at him and then he just said that 

Ra:''armaan yar you know i was just kidding naa that time naa''

He said and armaan grinned seeing his expressions and then he said

Ar:''aisee kaise rahul i am very sorry yar maine tujhe akele choda very sorry''

He said making a small face and rahul looked at him and

Ra:''its ohk armaan aur i was just pulling riddhima's leg so chill yar''

Ar:''areey aisee kaise i did a big mistake yar so sorry rahul''

He said in extra sweet manner and riddhima looked at him she knows he is up to something but what and then before anyone can say anything

Ar:''han yar par mai bhi kya karta tuu bhi tou oos Sheena kee saath busy hotaa tha naa''

And that's it as he says in most sweet manner riddhima knows he did it deliberately and she looked at him and shook her head and gave him a look saying that 'tum nahin sudhoroge' to which he winked at her saying 'kabhie nahin' and as soon armaan's words registered rahul's ears, his ears shoot up and his face turned pale and he glared at armaan and he knows he is in deep trouble now muskaan will surely murder him, hearing the other girl's name in front of her that too with him and he as did mistake for looking at muskaan who is looking first at armaan and then at him giving him questioning look and rahul gives armaan deadly glare to him for making him face the situation and he smirked and

Mu:''rahul yeh hero kya keh rahaa hai kaun hai yeh sheena aur kya chal rahaa tha teraa ooske saath joo bechare hero koo riddhima kee pas time spend karna padta tha tuu tou ooske saath sheena kee saath busy tha bta''

She said looking at him and rahul gulped seeing her face, he knows he is in deep trouble, his sherni did not have even bear his name with another girl though its long time back in his childhood, he clearly remembers when in college days he is talking with another girl just too freely, how muskaan deliberately tripped on her feet making her stumble and she fought for him next two days not even talking with him that time they were not even in relationship and today she is tou his wife, he is in deep trouble now and all thanks to his super devil brother and he cursed armaan for making him trip in all this fuss and now he looked at her 

Ra:''muskii baby jaisa tuu samajh rahii hai vaisa kuchh nahin hai sachii''

Mu:''achaa tou kya baat hai hum sabko pata hai hero jhooth nahin bolta''

She said looking at armaan knowing he will not tell a lie 

Ra:''han muskii lekin jaisa tuu samajah rahii hai vaisa kuchh nahin hai sachii meiin mai sirff tujhse pyaar karta hun muskii baby sachi meiin''

He said while thinking to choose correct words and then before muskaan

Ar:''han muskii sahii keh rahaa hai raool he loves you bas yeh din meiin kuchh 5-6 bar milta tha sheena se aur class meiin bhi ooske saath baithta tha bas yar''

He said sweetly adding water in fire and riddhima looks at him he is seriously the limit forcing rahul bhayiya into a deep trouble and now hearing this rahul turned pale now he is just gone and he looked at riddhima he knows now she can save him only from the mess her husband is creating and seeing rahul's face riddhima nodded and

Mu:''kankhujure yeh kya sun rahii hun terii class meiin ladke nahin the kya joo tujhe oos kya kaha hera nee sheena kee saath baithna tha han bol''

She said getting all mad at him and then armaan said

Ar:''han muskii mere saath bhi nahin baithta tha yeh''

Ra:''han tou tuu mostly oos maya kee saath baithta tha naa aagar mai sheena kee saath baithta tha bas 9th se baithna band kiyya tune''

He this time snapped back hearing armaan is nowhere at stopping teasing him and making him in trouble and hearing maya's name armaan looked at riddhima and riddhima glared at him as if saying ''maya again armaan'' and armaan was going to say something when rahul

Ra:''aur pata hai riddhima abhie naa peechle year maya iss se milne office bhi ayi thi mai at least sheena se kitne salon se nahin milla''

And before armaan can say anything rahul's collar grabbed by muskaan

Mu:''matla hero sahii keh rahaa tha tuu oos sheena kee saath baithta tha aur matlab kya hai tera hai kii tuu oos sheena se itnee years se nahin milaa tujhe aab bhi milna hai ose aur hero koo beech meiin mat laa tuu''  And seeing her whole irritated riddhima comes for he rahul bhayiya's rescue only after giving armaan the look 'i will see you dear' the sarcastic one and armaan knows riddhima surely saved rahul from muskaan but he is now in complete trouble as he knows she did not like maya at all and he was looking at her when his trance breaks when she said that

Ri:''muskii yar calm down rahul bhayiya sachh keh rahein hai aisaa kuchh nahin hai jaisa tuu samajh rahii hai armaan tou aisee hii  bol rahein hai aur vo sab sirff bachpan kii baatein hai yar nothing else tou tuu tension mat lo aur rahul bhayiya se naraz bhi mat ho, vo sirff tujhse pyaar karte hai aur sheena kee saath sirff baithte the yar humare school meiin ek girl kee saath ekk by koo bithate the muskii tou rahul bhayiya hii kyoon mai bhi ekk boy kee saath baithti thi tou please don't worry aur tuu armaan koo nahin jaanti inhein aisee hii mazak kii aadat hai yar naa rahul bhayiya tujhse pyaar karte hai srff tere hai humesha kee liyye yeh tuu bhi jaanti hai muskii tou chal smile kar aab aur chod is sab koo yar''

She said and muskaan looked at riddhima and then she

Mu:''ridzi tuu sachh keh rahii hai naa iss kankhujure koo bachane kee liyye tou nahin naa bol rahii naa tuu ridzi?''

And riddhima smiled and then she holds her hand in hers saying

Ri:''han muskii mai kabhie tujhse jhooth bolti hun kya mai rahul bhayiya koo bacha nahin rahii hun sachii meiin chal aab tou smile kar naa''

And hearing her finally muskaan smiled and rahul sighed in relief finally he can breath easily muskaan will now angry on him

Ri:''yeh hui naa baat achaa vaise naa inn sab meiin mera cake tou reh hii gayya mai bhagti hun nahin tou ooska base sachii meiin kharab hoo jaayega''

She said and rushed towards kitchen and everyone smiled and then muskaan

Mu:''ruk ridzi mai bhi ati hun terii help karne yar''

And she too rushed towards kitchen while all the others were still sitting enjoying chatting while armaan is lost in thoughts, two blunders he has done one after another, first he scolded her without any fault of hers and now riddhima will surely mad at him hearing from rahul that he still meet maya but that is not actually true but how he is going to explain her as he knows how mad she gets hearing maya's name from his mouth. Here riddhima in kitchen is also in her thoughts especially armaan's he will surely mad at her after saying that stupid words once again she must made him remember the after noon incidence and now tou she will not even able to get mad at him because of maya as first she has to manofy him but she smiled thinking she knows how to manofy him, and then with a smile playing on her lips she wnet back to her work while all the time here in living room Mallik Family has the blast enjoying, chatting withe ach-other while riddhima is today have special plans for dinner and muskaan is in with it so both of them were busy in kitchen,nandini comes there too for helping them but she sends back with refreshments to enjoy with her children and seeing muskaan and riddhima's faces nandini smiled and went back and now as almost everything is ready riddhima is alone in kitchen as she sends muskaan to frehen up fee minutes back and now she herself giving everything a proper look that everything is ready and then finally after doing the icing of cake finally done and putting the cake in refrigerator she too leaves from there as she has to freshen up too, she needs that and moreover something is surely waiting for her armaan from herself and she moved towards her room praying armaan will not there otherwise it will surely spoil her surprise and to her luck as she is passing from study she heard armaan is there with papa and rahul bhayiya must be discussing something, she smiled and looked at him for once she moved toward her room and armaan that time feels she is there and she looked towards the door but could not find her but his heart told him that she is there, he smiled and went back to his work. After few minutes riddhima looked at herself in the mirror and then she finally filling her maang and caressing her mangalsutra she moved downstairs and she went back in kitchen its time for dinner and she was there settling the table for the dinner with the help of ramu kaka only then nikki comes there and

Ni:''bhabzz armaan bhaii aapnein kapde maang rahein hai jaakar den dijiye naa''

She said as armaan conveyed her message to give it to riddhima as he went in his room to freshen up moreover he knows she will be there but when he did not find her he did not find her he asked nikki to call riddhima as the pretext of his clothes excuse and riddhima knows this she smiled and so she said to nikki saying

Ri:''nikki oonke kapde maine vahin nikal kar rakhein hai tum bol dogii oonhein please mai table set kar rahii hun naa dinner kaa time hoo rahaa hai tou tum''

Ni:''off curse bhabzz yeh bhi koi kehne kii baat hai mai bolti hun vaise bhabzz aaj aapke chocolate cake koo kitnaa time lag rahaa hai?''

Ri:''bas nikki it will be ready when we finished our dinner actually ready hai bas thanda hoo rahaa hai refrigerator meiin''

She said back to her seeing her excitedeness and then nikki

Ni:''vaoww is that pata hai bhabzz aapka cake is world's best cake mai abhie ayi bhaii koo bol kar''

She said and riddhima smiled and while smiling nikki ran to riddhima's room to say to armaan about his clothes.

And finally after few minute everyone was settled on dining table getting freshen up and was just waiting for armaan who is taking time and then rahul

Ra:''areey mom yeh aapka laadla kab aayega yahan bhookh kee maare haalat kharab hoo rahii hai aur yeh pata nahin kay kar rahaa hai room meiin mom''

He said while looking at dishes placed on table he is really hungry and hearing him muskaan

Mu:''kya kankhujure tujh meiin zara saa bhi sabar nahin hai naa bhookhad kahin kaa''

She said  as she is sitting beside him making everyone smile and then only

Na:''areey muskaan koi baat nahin hai beta rahul aagar bhookh lagii hai aapko tou shuru karoo hum wait karenge maani kee liyye betaa''

She said thinking her son must be hungry so they can start and then rahul just

Ra:''nahin mom its ohk mai wait kar letaa hun joo thoda saa mushkil hai par fir bhi i will try par khayenge hum sab saath meiin hii mom humesha kee jaise''

He said making everyone smile and then he just turned to riddhima while nandini said

Na:''ohk bachaa jaisi aapkii marzii we wait for maani''

Ra:''vaise mere liyye thoda saa mushkil hai vaise riddhima yar hai kahan tera yeh pyaara pati boola naa ose''

He said looking at riddhima while riddhima is still wondering where he is why is he taking so long so before she speak more she just said

Ri:''voo rahul bhayiya''

Before she can say anything they heard armaan's vice who comes while saying that

Ar:''so sorry mom-dad everyone merii vajah se aap sabko bahut intezar karna padaa naa so sorry really''

He said while grabbing his chair and sitting there and then only

Na:''its ohk maani''

Ra:''han yar chalo aab shuru karen i am really hungryy dekhen tou aaj muskaan aur riddhima nee kya banaya hai''

He said while turning his plate so did everyone and then only 

Ri:''jii rahul bhayiya mai serve karti hun sabko aap rokiye naa''

She said seeing rahul's enthuasism and hearing her tinkling voice armaan looked at her direction and seeing her his mouth left opened in shock as his gaze fell on her. She was looking extremely beautiful that he is completely bowled off seeing her in a light orange saree for a change she is wearing teasure saree not the net ones may be because of him with matching light orange blouse sleevless suiting her perfect figure completely, and the saree is always emphasizing her beauty and makes her more sexy and  hot and beautiful and elegent at the same time to him and suiting the time as well, she is looking beautiful to him with that minimal make up on her face and the main thing what he noticed in her was that she put her favourite to be precisely say his favorite strawberry lip gloss and her hairs were left open and he is sure she just do this for him as he says her in morning before leaving to the office and he has actually lose somewhere in her green almond shaped eyes and he is just gazing at her and riddhima can not able to take his piercing gaze upon herself so she did not dare to look at him just once and just that look aroused goose bumps all over her skin and armaan's trance breaks with rahul's voice who said to him

Ra:''kya hua armaan tuu kha kyoon nahin rahaa hai aaj tou muskaan aur riddhima nee kamal kar diyya seriously khana bahut tasty hai''

He said while eating and praising muskaan and riddhima who smiled at him and then karan added

Ka:''han yeh tou hai vaise aagar isi rate par itnaa achaa khana banta rahaa naa tou bahut jaldi i am going to turn fat muskaan riddhima''

Na:''well yes aab tou mujhe lagta hai mujhe bhi extra walk kii zarurat hai''

Ni:''seriously bhabzz bhabhi yummy food i love it this extra special dinner''

As all of them praised them both muskaan and riddhima smiled and as muskaan also start eating as rahul put food in her plate too

Na:''riddhima beta tuu kiska intezar kar rahii hai shuru kar naa beta''

She said seeing riddhima standing with a smile curved on her lips and nandini knows her so she just said to her to also sit and start

Ni:''han bhabzz aur ammy bhaii koo bhi serve kar dijiye lagta hai oonhein bhi aapke haathon se hii serve karana hai''

She also added while all chuckled as they saw armaan still not started and armaan was like 

Ar:''areey bhookh kisko hai itnii khoobsoorat biwi saamne dekhh kar iss khane kii bhookh kisee rahii hai yar filhal tou mera man kar rahaa hai bas aapni iss khoobsoorat sii biwi koo yahan se le jaon aur ose bahaon meiin bhar kar dher saara khoob saara pyaar karun jahan sirff vo ho aur humara pyaar ho''

He said in his heart while looking intently at riddhima who served him his food and she looked at her when he keeps on looking at her though his appricating gaze his naughty blue greay orbs stating all the emotions of his heart but still she nudged him to have his food by pointing towards plate with her eyes and 

Na:''areey maani beta terii tabiyat tou theek hai naa tuu khana kyoon nahin kha rahaa hai aur tune change bhi nahin kiyya maani''

She said seeing him not eating still after serving riddhima and riddhima then too looked at him yes he did not changed still in his pants and shirts not his casual vest and 3/4ths then what is he doing in the room he is fine naa and hearing his mother's worrried voice and seeing her expressions changing into worried ones

Ar:''yes mom mai bilkul theek hun aur mai bas kha hii rahaa hun aur cahnge isliyye nahin kar paaya kuchh kam nipta rahaa tah office kaa aur already der hoo rahii thi neeche ane meiin khane kee liyye tou aapko aur intezar nahin karana chahta tha so aisee hii aa gayya just fresh hokar aa gayya mom so don't worry mom''

He said with a smile and then nandini nodded with a smile and then armaan holds riddhima's hand over table and blinked his eyes and she smiled too bu she shyly removed her hands from his grip and tell him with her eyes to eat and when armaan did not start eating as he is once again lost in her as her bare arms brushed with him as she served him that mere bush is enough to put his desires on fire and seeing him not eating riddhima nudged him from his hand and then he start eating but only after riddhima feeded him first morsel and all the time he was holding her hand in his in her lap while caressing her there even sometimes playing with her waist caressing it, making it tough for her and then if that was not enough next moment she feels his feet is over hher feet and it start playing with her toes it was actually not only playing with her toes it was playing with her senses too making her hard to do anything, as she is losing herself, she looked at him pleadingly to leave her but no as if he is adamant to tease her and riddhima feels his foot is moving closer towards her ankle and she did not knows what to do if he keeps on doing his naughtiness her ankles surely start tinkling with his feet movements and it will surely makes her shy infront of all her family so she looked at him pleadingly and armaan feels her eyes upon himself he looked back in her eyes, as he saw that most innocent expressions in her green almond eyes he thinks he falls for her all over again and seeing her pleading through her eyes he knows she wants him to not to play with her ankles as he very well knows when his feet comes in contact with her anklets it produces their sound which he loves but what can he do he is just loved teasing her after all its he called payback time, she looks so beautiful and then she did not comes in room and he is all the time waiting for her, so its payback time for her and moreover he knows she is loving it too as her body is reacting to his touch, he can sense with the change in her body movements with just the mere brushing of his hands and toes he is no mood of leaving her but as he once again looks in those green innocent shape orbs he lost the battle to his lady love and he deliberately throw the spoon on floor and as expected both bends down to pick it up when armaan while kissing her corner of chin whispered to her lightly

Ar:''mai tumhe bilkul pareshan nahin karunga jaana bas i want my beautiful, sexy and hot innocent wife in my arms by herself milegi then i will stop only otherwise''

He said while playing with her toes in immediate manner causing her saree lifting a bit and she immediately nodded not ready to bear his naughtiness here and armaan smirked as he knows she will agree easily and then once again pecking her at the corner of lips he straighten on his chair hearing nandini's voice that

Na:''maani kya hua beta kya gir gayya chohdo ose khana kha lo baad meiin le lenaa betaa''

And armaan nodded and then he went back to eat the delicious yummy food made by his wife with a smile, he still did not leave her hand playing with her waist with his one hand and was still very much playing with her toes but not getting that much naughtier that anyone can find what is going under the table and all the dinner passed like this only, in enjoyment everyone chatted, enjoying the delicious food made by two darling daughter in law of Mallik Mansion. 

After the dinner all the family was moving towards the living room when riddhima stopped everyone

Ri:''ek minute papa-mom, nikki, muskii, rahul bhayiya aur armaan aap sab rukiye naa please ''

And hearing her everyone stopped and then riddhima moved to kitchen while saying

Ri:''thanks mai bas 1 minute meiin ayi just wait for me 1 minute please''

And everyone shook their head not knowing what she is up to and armaan too is surprised what was with his little wife and everyone was waiting for her and next moment all their questions answered when riddhima comes back with a trolly and in it a beautiful chocolate cake was placed and she then only said that

Ri:''kaka please aap table par se thoda saa saman hata denge please''

Ka:''jii riddhima bitiya''

As she said to kaka and he tool all the things in few minutes off course with the help of riddhima and muskaan and then riddhima put the cake on table and everyone was shocked and everyone has tears in their eyes seeing the chocolate cake and the words written on it saying ''Congratulations Mallik Family For Their Success'' and that was not enough it was three tier cake and at the bottom layer cake nandini and karan's names were written with Pink Colour Icing in corners and as the karan's 'N' ends in middle of the cake layer from there that 'N' nandini starts and then the second layer of cake holds which ties the cake with first layer cake is with the decorated ribbons, around the white pillars of cream a red ribbon making a basket ball net kind of thing at second layer and seeing that everyone knows what it stands for it is surely something related to Armaan and then there is armaan's name written with in small letter with icing and the main thing is that the name armaan not ends there it was ended with 'I' and that 'I' was specially made on icing pillar holding it with red ribbon specially tieing in a beautiful knot was connecting to the 'I'  on the first layer cake well everyone knows what it shows that is actually stating Maani as well with Armaan and with 'I' it shows Armaan and nandini mom's bond and well armaan looked at her as of asking you forget yourself but then as he saw her shaking head he looked at the cake carefully and saw actually armaan started from where riddhima ends written in small letter in same Red Colour Icing which armaan is written too and then he shakes his head how she can forget herself and as they say third layer of cake which is again made with the chocolate cream and the pillar of this layer is also made with chocolate having slightly yellow touch that means a mango flavour used and the uniqueness of this is it the pillars are decorating with small type of wire that's why they are able to see the collars of the pillars holding the upper layer of cake and they were surprised what that means but on the top it was making a guitar that makes armaan and rahul smiled both brothers can play guitar so well and then on top of it muskaan is written with Orange Colour Icing off course muskaan's favourite colour too and their names arrangement was done like rahul is written in up from down and muskaan is written from left to right first it is confusing but then one can easily understands actually rahul's 'U' and muskaan's 'U' is one and that is not enough rahul's 'R' was directly on icing pillar which is uniting the third layer cake to second layer cake and right there it was riddhima's 'R' making everyone smiled and then where muskaan's name is ended on top of that is a big flower is made with lots of crunchies and cream and it states the name of 'Nikita' and if one can see the cake from far away its in the shape of heart actually, well basically it shows all the relations of Mallik Family describing the beautifulness of the family and the love they holds for each-other and everyone has the tears brimming in their eyes seeing the cake and understanding riddhima's emotions and she too has tear in her eyes with the smile as well others has and armaan looked at riddhima with all the love he has for her he falls for her all over again.And then nandini comes forwards and hugged riddhima as she has no words to appericiate she thought something no one thinks of that and riddhima not only thinks she even did that and this proves how much she loved their family and that makes her proud of her choice, perfect choice not only for her maani but for mallik mansion too, all qualities of elder daughter-in-law of malliks and she proves that every srep in past one year from the time she put her first feet in mallik mansion as armaan's wife and well she is someone who can match armaan in anyway, the way he loved everyone and possessed for everyone the same was with riddhima and then she

Ri:''papa, mom please cake cut kijiye naa i want kii aap dono yeh cake cut karen''

She said before everyone start speakinga bout the cake and once again start appericiating her as she can read from their eyes what they feels

Ra:''han mom bas ek minute rukiye mai camer lekar aya riddhima nee itnaa achaa cake banaya hai ooski picture tou banti hai naa''

He said and everyone nodded as he went to his room to grab the camera and as he back and taes the picture of cake only then armaan comes and squeezed riddhima's waist in his hands saying to her making her shiver too

Ar:''vaise tum yeh baat badal kar bach nahin sakti hoo appericiation se basket aaj kee tumhare iss cake nee binaa bole hii bata diyya kii tum kitna pyaar karti ho hum sabse, koi dekhege tou sochega kii tumne mom-dad koo sabse neeche vaali layer par kyoon rakha hai kyonki vo humare iss gharr kaa base hai binaa oonke kuchh bhi tou nahin hau hum aur humare parents hii hai iss family kaa support aur pyaar kii sabse badii shuruwat aur tumhari vo pink colour kii icing mom-dad kee pyaar kii icing hai jaise dad mom ekk doosre koo tease karte hai aur fir blush karte hai oonki pink pink cheeks aur jaise dad kee end se mom kaa shuruwat hotii hai yehii sachh hai jahan se dad thak jaate hai vahan se mom oonka haath thamti hai basket yeh sirff tum kar sakti hoo basket''

He said fully explaining the bottom layer of cake why she put nandini and karan at bottom

Ka:''han aur jaise tumne beta armaan koo nandini kee I se joda hai yeh batata hai describe karta hai iss special bond koo joo in dono maa bte kee beech meiin hai riddhima yeh tumne itni khoobsoorati se bandha hai kii beta mere pas alfaz nahin hai ise bayan karne kee liyye kii yeh kitne khoobsoorat hai yeh nandu aapnein maani koo aisee hii bandhti hai beta jaise tumne kiyya aur armaan kabhie bhi maani kee binaa poora nahin hoo sakta hai beta''

He said adding as he described the beauty of the thing which nandini's I has with maani's I and before she can say anything nikki says

Ni:''bikul bhabz aur jaise aapnein muskaan bhabhi aur rahul bhaii koo top layer cake diyya hai bhabhi sabse chote hai naa aur dono kee names likhne meiin bhi aapnein muskaan bhabhi kee favourite colour koo use kiyya bhabhi only you knows everyone bhabzz this much yeh prove karta hai''

Mu:''aur nahin tou kya ridzi aur jaise mere N end se tune nikki kaa nikita shuru kiyya flower meiin yeh hii tou hai joo is gharr koo mehkati rehti hai kabhie aapni crispy shararaton kee saath tou kabhie aapni muskaan kee saath ridzi''

She said while caressing nikki's hairs as she hugged riddhima and then only

Ra:''bilkul aur jaise tune mujhe aur muskaan koo jodaa hai riddhima its just out of world yeh sahii meiin humare relation koo describe karta hai hum humesha aalag rasston par rehte hai fir bhi jaise rahul oopar se neeche jaata tou muskaan humesha doosri taraf jaayegi par fir bhi hum dono joodte hai, oos ''U'' kee saath humare raaste chahe kitne bhi aalag ho hum humesha ekk doosre kee saath rahenge ekk dill kii tarah aur yeh shayad tumse behtar koi nahin smjhta riddhima''

He said understanding the meaning which she wants to say in form of the third layer of cake

Na:''aur han aur yeh beech vaala cake tune khudd aapnein liyye aur maani kee liyye use karke bilkul sahii kiyya hai tum dono hii hoo jo iss gharr ko jodte ho jaise yeh beech vaala cake in dono badee badee cakes koo jodta hai aur riddhima yeh sirff hum log aaj aagar tumhara past nahin jaante hotee tou smajah nahin paate kii kyon riddhima kee A se armaan kii shuruwat hotii hai kyonki yehii sachh hai aagar aaj mere maani kii nayi shuruwat hai tou har pal sirff riddhima se beta''

Ar:''aur nahin tou kya vaise mom aap ekk baat bhull rahii hai mom hii kya aap sab bhull gayye hai''

Na:''kya maani beta''

Ar:''areey mom dad kisii nee ekk baat nahin notice kii naa yar''

Ka:''armaan what is it buddy tuu kya keh reh hai humnein kya nahin notice kiyya buddy''

He said too as he too heard armaan's voice and then armaan just

Ar:''areey batata hun dekhiye ose yaryeh merii basket hai kuchh nahin bhulti''

And as he points towards the cake and all looked at the cake where he points and then looking their faces armaan

Ar:''areey mom dad yar muskii nikki dekho naa riddhima nee aapna R rahul kee saath pillar se jodaa hai yar that proves him Riddhima's Boy and how rahul you did not notice this Mr.Riddhima's Boy tuu aapne hii relation koo nahin dekhh paaya hain rahul''

He said making everyone smile especially rahul and then muskaan said

Mu:''yea hero aur vaise bhi inn dono kii bonding kee binaa hum tease kisee karenge''

She said with a grin and hi fived with nikki and then nikki added

Ni:''right bhabhi''

Na:''well aisee devar bhabhi tou bahut kam dekhne milte hai aur mujhe khushi hai inkee relation par''

She said making both rahul and riddhima smiled they actually shared a sacred realtion of brother-in-law and sister-in-law

Ar:''well yea i agreed aur merii basket kisii bhi relation koo nibhane meiin kaise chuk kar sakti hai she is after all my basket riddhima mallik''

He said while pulling her closer and dropping a kiss in her hairs making her shy and all hooted for them while nandini and karan smiled seeing their children

Ra:''oye laila majnu bas aab please dad cake cut kijiye naa nahin bichari riddhima kii mehnat bekar hoo jaayegi yar''

He said as he saw all was actually somewhere forgets about the cake in a way of appericiation of cake and

Ka:''han lekin par riddhima beta ise mai hii kyoon katun mera birthday nahin hai beta''

Ar:''dad vo humein bhi pata hai aur riddhima nee Happy Birthday Papa nahin likha hai Congrats Mallik Family likha hai''

Ka:''very funny armaan yeh mujhe bhi pata hai yar par that's why i was asking mai hii kyoon cake cut karun''

Ri:''vo isliyye papa kii joo aaj kii success sirff iskee liyya hai kyonki aapki vajah se hai''

Ka:''nahin riddhima yahan tum galat hoo beta yeh success sabki hai beta''

Ar:''han dad par hum chahte hai kii yeh cake aap aur mom hii cut karen please kyoon mallik children''

Ra:''well dad yes ammy is right please humare liyye aap aur mom cut kijiye naa''

Ni:''yes dad mom please well yeh riddhima bhabzz kee saath saath hum bhi yehii chahte hai''

Mu:''yes mom-dad please cake cut kijiye naa ise dekhh kar vaise hii bahut bhookh lag ayi hai''

She said making everyone smiled and karan looked at nandini and she nodded while saying that

Ka:''ohk kids par humari bhi ekk condition hai tabhie hum cake cut karenge kyoon nandu yar''

Na:''bilkul sahii kahaa bachon tumhare dad nee hum aap kii baat man rahein tou aapko bhi manani padegi bacho''

They both said passing each-other a smile and then all children looked at each-other and armaan said

Ar:''off course mom aapki baat tou hum vaise bhi maanege naa dad''

Ka:''well i know buddy so hum chahte hai humare cake cut karne kee bad buddy''

Na:''mera maani aaj humein fir se itnein din bad aapein guitar par ekk song soonayega so manzoor maani''

As karan and nandini said all squeeled in joy thinking to hear armaan's meldious as well his guitar after lots of days

Ra:''vaoww dad yeh tou bahut achaa kiyya aapnein''

Mu:''han mom hero kaa guitar is tou just world's best playing''

Na:''hmm par baaki sab dance karenge is it done with all you too''

Ni:''bilkul mom humein manzoor hai aur aab ammy bhaii kaa koi excuse nahin chalega aagar denge bhi tou manane kee liyye aap kee saath saath riddhima bhabzz bhi tou hai oonehin kehne kee liyye aap dono koo tou vo mana kar hii nahin sakte naa kyoon riddhima bhabzz sahii kaha naa maine you are with us naa bhabzz''

And nikki's voice brings riddhima back in the world as she is in her thoughts hearing armaan plays guitar that's something new to her she don't know about this at all well then she just nodded with a smile foring on her lips looking at armaan and then armaan looked back at her and then nandini whispered to armaan

Na:''so maani ready''

Armaan nodded with a smile and then hugged his mom and then finally karan and nandini moved and cut the cake following with rahul clicking the snaps of them and as nandini feeded with one hand her maani and karan feeded nikki his one hnd and both at the same time with their free hands feeded rahul as he is darling of both and seeing this muskaan and riddhima smiled and side hugged each-other and muskaan clicked the picture of perfect family and then only nandini approached muskaan while karan approached riddhima with the piece of cake how they can forget the darling daughter-in-laws of Mallik Mansion as both hugged each other now rahul clicked their pictures and then nikki too joined the hug and as they all hugged each-other and while rahul set the handi cam on timer and settle it on table so that it covered all the surroundings of theirs and as they feeded each-other and doing masti with a smile contended smile on their lips, riddhima saw armaan is no where at seen as she eants to feed him too with a piece of cake in her hands, she is wondering where he is gone in between this celebration only the they heard his voice and hearing that a wide smile comes on their lips as all of them makes their way towards garden as all Mallik Family knows armaan is there except riddhima and she too followed all her family with confused but with smile too and as soon they reached outside riddhima saw her armaan sitting their on couch with his guitar in his hands and as all the mallik family sat around him on pillows lying there in their garden, riddhima is still shocked to see him like this, this is new to her very much new as she knows he play fluite and he plays fluite for her from their childhood but this she never knows that, and he too did not ever tell her and as armaan finds her staring gaze at himself he looked at her as he played his guitar, he knows what is she thinking, as he never tell her that he plays guitar now and well they never has time and these are the things as their eyes met eith each-other states that they have still a long way to go as they still have to know each-other lots of things about each-other and riddhima kept on staring him, he is looking so much handsome that a blush crept on her cheeks totally rockstar as he did not changed himself still in his casual trousers and shirt with guitar in his hands and seeing her so lost armaan grinned he has that effect on her, he very well knows that thing but now well he wants his lady love to comes back in reality as today he can not afford to lost in him like other days so to make her comes back in reality he winks at her breaking her trance and she blushed and lowered her eye lids and then instantly she looked upwards as she heard his melodious voice with playing the guitar knots and she just look at him as he start to sing while playing the guitar and looking at her and then all his family

Ar:''Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh

                  Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai

                 Haar Ke Baad Hi Jeet Hai

                 Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai

                 Haar Ke Baad Hi Jeet Hai

(He sang looking at his family everyone and then riddhima who is drowned in his melodious voice and could not let her eyes off from him)

               Thode Aansu Hai, Thodi Hasi

             Aaj Gham Hai Tou Kal Hai Khushi

                     Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai

                  Haar Ke Baad Hi Jeet Hai

(And all sang along with him as riddhima feels saying truth of their life first they feels all the distance and then they have found happiness in each-other)

                   Thode Aansu Hai, Thodi Hasi

                 Aaj Gham Hai Tou Kal Hai Khushi

                        Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai

                      Haar Ke Baad Hi Jeet Hai

(And hearing his words nandini and karan holds each-other's hands while same with muskaan and rahul while nikki put her arms around her mom-dad and then muskii bhabhi and rahul bhai and as armaan riddhima holds each-other with their eyes nikki put her arms around her riddhima bhabzz making her smile too as she holds her back as all feels what the right words armaan sang actually life is this)

              Zindagi Raat Bhi Hai, Savera Bhi Hai Zindagi

              Zindagi Hai Safar Aur Basera Bhi Hai Zindagi

(Rahul gets up and forwards his hands in front of muskaan and then he swung her into his arms as they both danced with each-other)

              Zindagi Raat Bhi Hai, Savera Bhi Hai Zindagi

              Zindagi Hai Safar Aur Basera Bhi Hai Zindagi

(As both riddhima and nikki nods to each-other and then nikki stands nandini up and riddhima pulled karan up and made them dance with each-other while armaan smiled his million dollar smile seeing his lady love and his family and then nikki makes riddhima dance with her)

                           Ek Pal Dard Ka Ghaav Hai

                       Dusra Sukh Bhari Chhaaon Hai

(As armaan sang riddhima looked at him with tears in her eyes remembering how they are far from each-other and armaan feels the same and then gestured her to smile and she smiled as well he himself)

                          Har Naye Pal Naya Geet Hai

                              Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai 

                              Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai

                              Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet hai

 (And as riddhima comes and sat beside him feeling his love and she can not cannot control her emotions and armaan too dropped a kiss in her hairs understanding her emotions how she loved him)

        Gham Ka Baadal Jo Chhaaye Tou Hum Muskuraate Rahe 

        Gham Ka Baadal Jo Chhaaye Tou Hum Muskuraate Rahe

(As armaan is pulled by his loving mom leaving his guitar but still he is singing and riddhima is pulled by her darling rahul bhayiya and they danced with them and armaan and riddhima smiled while dacing with their repecive partners but giving smile million dollar smile to each-other and then nandini nods to rahul and both armaan and riddhima pushed in each-other's arms as armaan holds her from waist)

           Apni Aankhon Mein Aashaaon Ke Deep Jalaate Rahe

                           Aaj Bigde Tou Kal Phir Bane

                          Aaj Roothe Tou Kal Phir Mane

(And riddhima put her hands on his chest and as they looked deep in each-other's eyes conveying now if anything happens they will with each-other only and their love for each-other conveys to each-other)

                            Waqt Bhi Jaise Ek Meet Hai

                             Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai 

                             Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai

(And both armaan and riddhima danced with each-other while rahul with muskaan and nandini with karan and nikki just moved around them)

                              Haar Ke Baad Hi Jeet Hai

                           Thode Aansu Hai, Thodi Hasi

                        Aaj Gham Hai Tou Kal Hai Khushi

(And they all danced a happy family sometimes armaan swung his mom with him winking at his dad and rahul did same with riddhima and then as karan danced both with nikki smiling with contendly)

 All:''                          Zindagi Ki yehi Reet Hai

                              Haar Ke Bad Hii Jeet Hai

                               Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai

                             Haar Ke Bad Hii Jeet Hai

                             Zindagii Ki yehi Reet Hai

                              Haar Ke Bad Hii Jeet Hai

(As they all sang with armaan now and nandini and karan has the wide smile seeing their children happy and a contended happy smile adoring their faces and both hugged their children tightly as they hugged them back)

(p.s please watch the vm i made especially for wishing Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum's 2nd Birthday Hope You Like It Tell Me Please)

And now only armaan and riddhima and muskaan and rahul were sitting in garden as after armaan's song treat and everyone's dance and riddhima's cake treat both karan papa and nandini mom retired to their room as they are tired and karan has to leave to Delhi next morning as before leaving he informed everyone and nandini accompined him and nikki is off to sleep as she has her exams and now both the couples were sitting there enjoying talking with each-other, muskaan is snuggled with rahul in one comforter as she well was sitting in rahul's lap who is drinking coffee from her hands and armaan was looking at riddhima they were sitting bedie each-other but not like that as muskaan and rahul was sitting and armaan was so much fed up seeing her sitting with each-other  still away from each-other, armaan was pointing with his eyes to come closer to him, riddhima just shifter a bit but not completely as she is feeling shy and armaan sighed and then he turned his face showing her that he is angry with her and riddhima looked at him what was with him and then she moved little bit more closer to him and armaan grinned knowing very well tis will going to work and as armaan feels her saree pallu on his hands he knows she is closer to him and he takes his chance and put the hot chocolate glass aside on grass which he is sipping and then he pulled riddhima in just one pull towards himself taken her in surprise as that one pull of his makes her sit in between his legs as back of her head herself banged in his chest taken her in surprise, she looked at him as he winked at her with naughtiness clearly visible in his blue orbs and he passed a naughty smile to her, first recovering from shock she looked at rahul bhayiya and muskaan whether they saw them or not but to her relief they did not and as they were too in one comforter it helps them too and then she glared at armaan who is very much busy in looking at her and seeing her glare armaan holds her waist lightly and pecked her cheek with a pouted face making her melt immediately and a blush cept on her cheeks and seeing that blush armaan knows he is forgiven and then armaan handled riddhima the hot chocolate glass to her and riddhima looked at her thinking he wants her to makes her drink well armaan did wants this but in an another ways so he shook his head and riddhima looked at him with confusion and armaan grinned and then over lapped her hand in which she is holding the glass of hot chocolate and then he after dropping a kiss near her forhead he makes her  drink some of his hot chocolate though riddhims is not very much fond of still she drank that and armaan smiled how she loved him he very well knows riddhima did not like this hot chocolate she just loves her coffee with less milk and lots of cream strong one and he grinned and saw rahul and muskaan they were busy their own and armaan takes his chance as armaan makes her riddhima drank the first sips the foam is on her lips making her lips chocolaty and without any warning armaan pecked her lips in jus a moment riddhima even did not understand she just feels when he sucked her lips and rolled his tongue over her upper lips making her smiled and clutched the curve of his neck as she is still resting her back against his chiselled chest and as armaan looked at her after pecking her lips he looked at her astonished face and then licked his lips making her turned red


He just whispered near her ear and let his breath tickle her skin

Ar:''i love this hot chocolate made by my darling wife''

And he winked and pressed his hands more on her slender waist making her close to his heart as she moved closer.


Will She Becomes Riddhima Armaan Mallik In every Senses?

Or Something Going To Happen?

Ar:''she is very precious to me''

Ar:''Kya Riddhima is time par so rahii hai vo theek to hai naa?''

Ri:''please armaan samjho naa.''

Milan Abhie Aadha Adhoora Hai

Ar:''tum kya chahti ho riddhima?''

Ar:''matlab tum meree saath nahin aaogi''

Ar:''yeh sab meree saath hii kyoon hotaa hai?''


Ar:''basket hamara honeymoon pending hai''

Ri:''armaan abhie muskii ko merii jarurat hai''

Ar:''i will miss u jaan''

Is there more problems for them or happiness?

p.p.s do check page 45 for special note friends after reading the part need your  views really urgent on that so do check friends

For Finding Answers Stay Tuned

Thanks to all of u for ur precious comments and for pressing tab button


And if u want pms add me to ur buddy list,it will be easier for me to pm u once again thanks to all for ur support



Finally completed friends now please comment friends it really means a lots to me

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sjain IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 2:32am | IP Logged
Please edit page number in title its 42 not 26

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awesomecouples Senior Member

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 2:50am | IP Logged
Hey nice yaar...
But in the next 1 can u pls show some ar romance...

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anishaalluri Goldie

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 3:19am | IP Logged
I'm speechless after reading the whole part nikky..
Loved how u explained abt all the reactions when everyone came to that riddhima is only ARMAAN's BASKET.. I just love the bond of the family..
N not to forget the cake it was really creative of u to explain abt it also that well n explain the bond n relations of the family through the was just mind blowing..
N last but not the least HAPPY BIRTHDAY DHADKAN Party
Congratulations on completing 2yrs Clap
I really wish u keep on writing like this


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Teja.... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 3:35am | IP Logged
wow iam really speachless today reading u r inst
i know u will reveal their childhood infront of family but u know what iiam suprised after reading really yar its fantastic,fabulous marvalous etc..
i will edit this after reading full part loved it really
cont soon

Edited by teja0102.. - 30 November 2012 at 3:37am

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_Sadaf_ Senior Member

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 4:54am | IP Logged
Res ;)

Hey Nikki di!
Lovely part!
I love Dhadkan so much!
Awesome part!
Right from the start jab family ko sab pata chalta hai and then the loving dinner scene :)
It was amazingly awesome! :)
Loved the cake scene!
So sweet of Riddhima she prepared such a beautiful cake! :)
Armaan;s song was lovely!
Made me remind of AsYa and their family in QH! :D
And then loved the litlle AR scene at the end.
Continue soon di.
And Happy Birthday Dhadkan!! :D
Congrats Nikki di!
Hope you complete many many such birthdays :)

Loads of Love,
Sadaf :)

Edited by SadafKsgianAZ - 10 December 2012 at 8:47am

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destinationn Senior Member

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 5:00am | IP Logged
awesm yr.. jldi.jaldi.cmplete karo..

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