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Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR.FF#4 New thread link Pg151 (Page 25)

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Niki kahan ho tum????????????/

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nikki...tumse meri katti

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plzzz update...

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                                  Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

                                                          AR FF

                                                        Part 50

(p.s credit of this beautiful siggy banner goes to none other than SHILPU AKA SHONADESIR thanks Shilpu For this Lovely Banner Love You So Much Shilpu Dear)

All:''we miss you too''

And finally everyone went from there after relishing the super delicious breakfast made by riddhima and riddhima was about to do something when she heard armaan's shout from the room of her name and she ran to their room because as remember he was there to get ready for going to office so what happen


She was running to upstairs when she heard his second shout of her name and


As she reached near the room she heard his one more shout


And this time she replied while opening door of their room

Ri:''han armaan kya''

She just managed to say this as her breaths stuck in her thorat.

Ar:''riddhima yar kahan thi tum mai kabse boola rahaa hun''

He said complaining to her. As he turned to face her.She looked at him as he looked back at her.


                            As soon her gaze fell on armaan she screamed his name


And hearing her scream armaan  looked at her with his both hands covering his ears and riddhima seeing him is more shocked first she is shocked beyond limits to see the whole room's condition as if some storm has passed from there and that too just in 15 minutes, 15 minutes back the room is neat and tidy and now its like the shop of some clothes and shoes and moreover her darling husband's condition is making her more shocked who is just in his pants with all his chest bare only a tie hanging around his neck that too untied she even did not understand what happen to him, he comes for getting ready to office after breakfast is this he said getting ready, her head is still spinning seeing the condition of room when armaan finally spoke up seeing her quitened and observing the room he asked her that

Ar:''basket kya hua tum kyoon chilla rahii thi yar?''

And his question brings riddhima back from her shock mode and she looked at him in disbelief finally breaking her trance to seeing her room in that condition as he keeps on looking at him armaan said to her that he

Ar:''basket yar aisee mat dekho you know mujhe sharam ati hai''

He said while try to hode his chest as if protectng himself and riddhima shook her head and then finally walked towards him while picking the few shirts which was laying on floor and seeing her not answering him armaan

Ar:''kya yar riddhima maine tumhe yahan aapne liyye bulaya hai''

As he pouted but he is cut short with riddhima's voice as she finally

Ri:''chupp bilkul chupp ho jao armaan tum had karte ho tum kya halat bana dii hai tumne room kii just in 15 minutes armaan had hotii hai, aisaa kya kar rahein the joo tumne room kii yeh haalat kar dii hai aur oopar se  kuchh bhi bole jaa rahein hai  aur mujhe bematlab kii batein sunaye jaa rahein hai janaab had hai armaan aur room kii chodo aapnii kya halat bana rakhi hai tumne aisee jaane kaa plan hai office tumhara aur armaan tum bhi naa ekdam bachee se bhi gayee guzre ho aab please jaldi se go and get ready you have to drop nikki too in her college naa so be fast aur aapni halat sudharo''

She said while passing through him to shut the opened cupboard when armaan holds her wrist and spun her that she is in her arms and his hands went behind her head and his one hand on her cheeks making her gasp as she looked in his blue greay eyes with so much shocked written over her

face as she never expected this kind of move from him and armaan smiled

Ar:'' tou tum kis liyye ho sudhar do naa haalat merii jaan''

He said huskily while tracing her ear lobe with his lips as he placed her few tendrils behind her ear as she makes the plait of her hairs just few tendrils were falling on her angelic face and hearing his husky voice riddhima gasp

Ri:''armaan please''

She managed to whisper just these two words feeling his hot breaths almost kissing her ear lobe and armaan smiled seeing her reaction he knows she will react like this only as he has that effect on her but this is not enough

Ar:''kya jaan?''

He asked getting all innocent as if not knows what she meant and traced her facial features her eyes and as his fingers were making their way towards her lips riddhima gasped very hard and clutched his tie but

Ri:''armaan please chodo naa mujhe''

She just whispered in slow voice that's just audible to him and armaan can hear her heart beats with just his mere touch and armaan then traced her lips with his fingers and thumbs making her gasp even more and he grinned

Ri:''armaan please chodo naa mujhe''

As she asked one more time armaan finally whispered near her ear

Ar:''kya jaan noo never vaise bhi aaj mujhe merii good morning kiss bhi nahin milli hai so please i am not letting you go without taking my good morning kiss wifey''

He said while placing a kiss near her lips making her take two steps back and armaan smiled and he also take his steps towards her and riddhima finally hit the wall and there is no escape as in front of her and armaan pinned her against the wall while placing his both sides either sides to prevent her to escape and he looked in her eyes and as she lowered her eyes and armaan placed his index finger under her chin amking her look at himself and seeing the intensity in his blue greay eyes she literally shivered and once again break her teance but armaan is armaan again makes her look once again towards himself with more forceness and riddhima just

Ri:''armaan chodo tumhe office der nikki koo drop college''

It does not make any sense as she is shivering and her lips were quivering as well as his face is very close to hers making her breaths stop and armaan


As she is shshed by his finger on her lips with armaan's face is smiling one she looked in his eyes and armaan looked back in her eyes as green eyes showed love which blue eyes reciprocated with love and intensity no need of words or anything now they keeps on looking n each-other's eyes and then very next moment riddhima's lips which were tll now covered with armaan's fingers were now covered with armaan's lips as he start kissing her passionately and as armaan is sucking her lower lips riddhima also drowned in pleasure and her one hand wrapped around his neck she herself did not know when and she start kissing him bacjk while sucking his upper lips and armaan smiled in between the kiss he very well knows when his riddhima wants the same what he wants and she is just getting shy and all and he never mind that thing as he loved his shy wife completely and then he switched to her upper lips allowing her to sucking his lower lips and armaan placed his one hand around her slender waist and then with each of passing second the kiss is turning passionate ones as armaan is pulling her more closer while pressing her slender waist and as he nibbled her lips making her gasp and tehn chewing her lips he  demand for enterance and that riddhima happily obliged as she wants the same thing and as she gave him the enterance armaan explored all her mouth and riddhima doing the same with him as their tongues met with each-other they rolled in each-other and they kissed each-other passionately and till now riddhima's another hand was in his jet black hairs massaging his scalp and armaan's another hand were massaging her collar bone making her more gasp and as they are out of breath riddhima is the one who broke the kiss as armaan is in no mood to break the kiss he is kissing her like he is kissing her first time as riddhima broke the kiss while massaging his scalp soothing him and armaan looked at her as she broke the kiss her eyes are closed armaan smiled and buried his face in her nape while her hands were still massaging his scalp and he with the other hand which is at her back untie the knot near her neck which is already loosened and start placing fervent  kisses there and riddhima moaned in pleasure as his lips and tongue were moving passionately all around her side curves of neck and as armaan takes her skin in between his teeth drowned in pleasure she gasped hard as in no time armaan bite her giving her hickies as well soothing her while rolling his tongue over that she pulled his hands up and makes him look to herself and he winked to her seeing her swollen lips with a grin and riddhima with her lower eye-lids try to go from there when armaan holds her wrist making her jammed in his chest this again still her back is against the wall as she looked at him with confused look on her face now what and he gave all answers to her unknown questions as he whispered huskily near her ear

Ar:''i am not done with you jaan still i am on as my bye kiss is pending naa''

He said making her surprised as well her cheeks turned more red as she is blushing already after they share a kiss that too the passionate one and he

Ar:''so jaan where we left chalo let me start you knows nahin tou der''

He said teasing her making her turn beetroot red and she hides herself in his bare chest and armaan hugged her back putting his hands at her back and riddhima's lips curved into a smile feeling his head above hers and his hands at her back and she feels conteneded in his arms and she snuggled more in his arms feeling so much special armaan feels the same so he let her enjoy but then he is armaan never leave his original self so he just

Ar:''riddhima bas itnii zor se hug mat karoo basket otherwise you know mai behak gayya naa you know i might end up eating you tab mat kehna mujhe''

He said teasing her and bringing ridhhima to reality and she detangled herself with blush crept on her cheeks and she avoids meting his gaze just

Ri:''armaan please aab tum jaldi se ready hoo jao naa bahut der hoo rahii hai aur tumhe nikki koo bhi tou drop karna hai naa aaj college ose bhi der hoo jaayegi armaan please aab jao naa aap jaldi se ready hoo jao naa please''

She said while going to pick some clothes which were laying on floor

Ar:''noo jaan aab aap hii merii help kijiye isliyye tou mai tumhe aawaz de rahaa tha mujhe kuchh samajh nahin aa rahaa tha kya pehnu aur vaise bhi tumhare binaa mujhe kuchh kaha ata hai yar so please make me ready jaan''

He said while holding her wrist and riddhima looked at him with wide eyes

Ri:''armaan kya bole jaa rahein hoo tum mai kaise tumhe ready kar sakti hun''

She asked while blushing to herself making armaan smile too and he just 

Ar:''kyoon nahin after all tum merii wife hoo taht too legally so aab yeh tou tumhara hii haq hai naa so pease ready me fast you see mujhe nikki ko bhi drop karna hai ooske college meiin so darling please do it fast naa sweety''

He said making her smile with his words but she is riddhima naa so how can she be agreed so easily

Ri:''yea i know tabhie tou keh rahii hun kii get ready fast nikki ko drop karna hai then go to your office''

She said playing with him along but whom she is talking armaan pressed her waist holding her more closer and then whispered in near her ear

Ar:''well karna tou padega tumhe hii ready nahin tou you know mai tum par case kar doonga aapne patii kii ichaa naa fulfill karne kaa  jaan aur you know i have very efficient lawyer too''

He said while making her gaspe hard as his breaths were kissing her ears


Ar:''yes sweetheart aur jaanti ho vo lawyer kaun hai jaan''

She nodded her in no as he is affecting her very badly as her start kissing her ear and




Ar:''vo vohii hai joo iss waqt merii bahon meiin merii aankhon meiin khoyi hui hai the most efficient lawyer Riddhima Armaan Mallik''

He said making her smile wide as well a blush crept on her cheeks as he kissed in her nape over the bite and nuzzled his nose at curve of her back

Ar:''so kya kehti ho karden case aagar aapnne nahin manana hai tou''

He asked while rubbing his thmub over her swollen lips and she gasped very hard and before she can say anything drown in pleasure and drowned in each-other's eyes their lips met for a beautiful kiss and armaan and riddhima both start kissing each-other passionately and lovingly shwoing how much they loved each-other finally kissing each-other one more time frevently and passionately riddhima broke the kiss both were panting very hard with their two frequent kisses and armaan joined his forhead with her, both has their eyes closed, they were savouring the moment of this, this is the first day when armaan demands for a good morning kiss and bye kiss like a husband this makes riddhima's world fill with happiness as well armaan whose world is just lies in his riddhima's arms. And then slowly both opened their eyes at the same time as green orbs looked in blue orbs

Ar:''i love you wifey''

Ri:''love you too my sweetheart''

They said to each-pother conveying each-other their deep emotions and then hugged each-other finally making their morning as good as possible in each-other's arms.

Finally after few minutes riddhima is standing in front of him holding a blue shirt and he is busy staring at his beautiful wife and riddhima as try to make him wear his shirt after removing the so called tie around his neck that too untied as riddhima asked him to stretch his arms so that she can made him wear shirt he did nothing just moved his face closer to her and she knows him, he is not going to do this, and sighing while placing his shirt on her shoulder she herself makes his arms stretched and she did noot denied she loved the feeling touching his muscles and she blushed off course she can do anything after he is all hers her darling husband, the love of his life and as she finally makes his arms in sleeves of shirt she sighed and finally comes in front of him to tie his buttons as soon she start tieing his buttons armaan's both hands instantly near her face with fingers he traced her cheeks and with another hand he strat pushing her sleeve bit down and start feeling her bare shoulder and riddhima looked at him with shock and then she leaves tieing his buttons and looked at him with stern face

Ri:''armaan kaya kar rahein ho tum pagal ho gayye ho kya''

But that does not makes any effect on him and he is busy in his work that with one hand's fingers tracing all her facial features and with another one busy caressing her shoulder bone making her affect badly with his ensous movements and

Ri:''armaan chodo''

But as he never listened her she makes herself get away from his grip leaving his buttins untied only just one button is tied and then armaan

Ar:''kya hua basket''

He asked as he feels her backen out and riddhima gave him'don't you know look'

Ri:''kya hua yeh tum mujhse pooch rahein ho mai nahin kar rahii tumhe reday har waqt masti soojhti rehti hai tumhe armaan''

She said and armaan smiled and 

Ar:''han tou after all meri nayii-nayii shaadi hui hai tou haq banata hai''

He said making riddhima's mouth open in shock newly weddes where is comes did he forgeats just in one week there is their first wedding anniversary

Ar:''so jab humari nayii-nayiis haadi hui hai tou karunga hii naa masti mai''

He said once again breaking her trance of thougts as he saw her quite

Ri:''armaan mujhe lagta hai tum sachh meiin pagal hoo gayye hoo ajj newly wedded han shayad aap bhull rahein hai Mr.The Business Tycon Armaan Mallik that kii abhiee just one week meiin humari shaadi ko poora one year hoo jaayega kuchh yad aya aab aapko Mr.Armaan Mallik newly wedded han''

She said and then armaan's  next words makes her surprised shock and blushed all at teh same time and as his words hit her ear drums as he spoke

Ar:''aur we still not become ONE and CONSUMMATED our marraige''

And she looked at him with surprise as sh heard his words and then she lowered her eye lids feeling her cheeks turned warm with red coour coming on her both cheeks and armaan makes her closer to himself and locked his hands around his tummy at her back and then nuzzling behind her nose he whispered huskily in her ear lobe making her turned crimson red completely

Ar:''par tum chinta mat karoo oos din tak hum poori tarah se ONE ho jaayenge aur vaise bhi riddhima jaan abhii humara Honey Moon bhi pending hai jaan so be ready for your newly wed husband com lover''

And riddhima hide his face in his chest hearing his comments she herself so wanted this day now that day which makes her Riddhima Armaan Mallik completely in all senses and armaan smiled and put his head over hers saying

Ar:''so aab jab tak humara HoneyMoon vagarah nahin hoo jaata jaan tab tak hum newly wedded hii rahenge aur mujhe meri itnii khoobsoorat aur hot and sexxy newly wedded biwii kee saath masti karne se koi nahin rauk sakta''

He said emphazing on masti word more while dropping a kiss in her hairs  and finally after few minutes he asked her while detanging her from himself

Ar:''so biwi aab tou mere buttons laga dijiye aap naa please''

He said and riddhima smiled and start tieing his buttons while armaan is busy staring at his beautiful wife when riddhima's words breaks his trance

Ri:''vaise tumne gin kar 3 buttons tou lagane hotee hai vo bhi mujhe lagva rahein ho armaan yeh itnaa chota saa kam tou tum kar sakte ho sirff 3 buttons kii tou bat hai baaki kee tou you let them open naa armaaan''

She said teasing him and armaan grinned and then he replied that

Ar:''ahaan koi baat nahin Mrs. Armaan Mallik aagar aapko inn 3 buttons lagane meiin koi interset nahi hai you know bahut sii ladkiyan hai hoo joo inn 3 buttons lagane kee liyye hanste hanste tayr hoo jaayengi you see biwi''

He said with most innocent face and try to detangle himselff but his words makes riddhima furious and she holds him more tightly while she just says

Ri:''sochna bhi mat samjhe tum sirff mere ho aur meree hii rahoge kisii doosri kii aur dekha bhi naa tou ujhse boora koi nahin hogaa samjhe tum''

She said while threatning him showing him her finger making armaan grinned he expected like this reaction from his wife his basket and he put his hands up in surrender way saying to her looking in her eyes as he said 

Ar:''ohk ohk shant merii jaan mai humesha sirff tumhara hii rahunga''

He said while kissing her fingers and riddhima blushed and then

Ri:''good for you''

She said looking in his eyes and then tied all his buttons and placed a kiss on his chest saying to him

Ri:''i love you so very much armaan''

Ar:''love you too jaan''

And they hugged each-other tightly and finally after creating so many fuss armaan is finally ready for going to office and its only riddhima knows how she makes him ready even a school kid who goes first time for his/her school can take less time, and armaan loved the whole morning getting ready with wifey dear, he did all the romance with her when she tied his tie and makes him wears his coat, kissed her and there and finally now he is ready and she moved towards the dressing table to wear her lipstick as its all smudged all thanks to her darling husband as she start wearing her lipstick armaan put his chin on her shoulder while holding her from behind and then kissed her cheek making her smille and looked at him through the mirror and he while saying to her placed another kiss on her cheeks

Ar:''riddhima you are looking so beautiful aur you know mera bilkul bhi man nahin hai aaj tumhe ghar par chod kar kahin bhi jaane kaa jaaan''

He said making her surprised after all this words are coming from Workholic Armaan Mallik and she turned to him as she put her lipstick back

Ri:''armaan yeh aap''

But before she can ask anything there is knock on door and they seperated from each-other and they saw its muskaan on door 

Ri:''areey muskii aa naa''

She said while armaan looked at her for continuing 

Ar:''han muskii aa naa kya hua''

And muskaan just stepped in while saying to them

Mu:''hero mom pooch rahii hai aagar tujhe time lagega tou vo nikki koo driver kee saath collge bhejj den aur ridzi mom tujhe bhi neeche boola rahii hai''

She said and looked at them while giving them a smile and armaan

Ar:''nahin muskii mai ready hun bas  5 minute meiin aaapna laptop lekar aya riddhima mera laptop aur wallet aur watch dena please''

He said replying to muskaan as well telling riddhima to give his things and riddhima nodded while muskaan gave him a warm smile

Ri:''jii muskii mom ko keha bas mai 5 minute meiin inkaa saaman dekar ati hun neeche''

She said and muskaan smiled and then she said to them

Mu:''theek hai tum log aaa jaana abhii mai jaati hun''

And she left  from there and riddhima turned to armaan and she just ask her


Ar:''basket meraa sman de do naa yar nikki koo sachh meiin bahut der hoo rahii hogii''

As he said she also knows he is right so she nodded her head in approval and gave him his wallet, wrist watch till the time armaan wore his wrist watch riddhima handled him his bag armaan smiled and dropped a kiss on her forhead while mumbling thanks to her and then he

Ar:''love you thanks''

He said and turned to go when riddhima holds his wrist making him coonfused beffore he can asked anything she tip toed on her toes and pressed her lips abobve his armaan's lips itself responds and they shared a sweet kiss and it never bothered to smudge her lips or his but still she wiped his one with her fingers and then she mumbled to him

Ri:''love you too''

Ar:''hmm chalo achaa hai aab tumhari lipstick bachh gayyi koi baat nahin raat koo i will surely ate up your lipstick while playing with my jaan's hairs''

He said with a smile as smile comes on his lips as she kissed him herself that means  the bye kiss and riddhima blushed profusely hearing his words and then finally both moved downstairs as riddhima picked her settled her duappataa and as soon they recahed near the living room he saw his mother, muskaan and nikki were sitting there and as nikki's gaze fell on them

Ni:''thanks god bhaii aap aa gayye nahin tou mujhe tou lagaa tha aaj merii first lecture hii nahin poora kaa poora day hii miss hogaa college meiin'

She said while giving them a reasing smile and both armaan and riddhima understands the meaning of her comment and everyone also smiled seeing them and riddhima blushed while armaan ignored her comment by saying

Ar:''very funny vaise aab tuu chalegi mom dad aur rahul nikal gayye kya''

He said and nikki stood up taking her books and then nandini

Na:''han manni tere dad ko kuchh kam tha aur rahul atul koo pick karke aayega as his car got puctured and there is no mode of transport so''

Ar:''ohh achaa fir tou mujhe jaldi se nikalan chahiye vahan bachri anjie akeli sambhal rahii hogii sab office kaa kam aur aagar vo bhi nahin ayi hui abhiie tak fir tou ho gayya so mom maa jaata hun chal nikki jaldi kar''

He said while placing a kiss on his mom's forhead and nikki did too

Ar:''bye mom bye muskii''

He said and turned to go when nikki teased him saying

Ni:''areey bhaii aap bhabzz ko bhull gayye oonhein kiss nahin karni yaa room meiin enough hoo gayya tha bhaii kyoon bhabzz sahii kaha naa maine aur bhaii bechari bhabzz ko boora lagega naa aap oonhein binaa bye bolee jaa rahein ho kyoon muskii bhabhi boora lagega naa bhabzz ko sahii kaha naa''

Mu:''bilkul nikki sahii kaha hai tune kya hero tuu tou bahut unromantic hai''

Ar:''very funny ho gayya tumhara nikki tujhe ana hai tou aa nahin tou mom ise driver kee saath bhejj dijiyega mujhe office jaana hai kam hai bye mom''

He said sternyl and everyone knows the armaan mallik workoholic is back when come sto work he is just too good and can not see anything improper

Ni:''areey sorry bhaii mai aa rahii hun bye mom bye bhabzz bye bhabhi''

And she left behind armaan and all the three ladies laughed seeinng her and armaan turned and gave a warm smile to his jaan which she returned and they left. And now as all the three ladies sat in living room riddhima asked

Ri:''mom aapnein mujhe bualaya?''

As she asked nandini gave her a smile and riddhima sate beside her mother in law

Na:''han riddhima beta actually aapko tou yad hii hogaa naa kii 2 din baad we have to throw the party of Mallik Empire's Success As Well merger with Friends''

Riddhima nodded and muskaan too joined them with cup of coffee

Na:''han tou press vagarah sab hongee so mai party kii responsibility aap dono koo detii hun riddhima muskaan armaan tou busy hogaa office meiin so please aagar tum dono koo kisii bhi cheej kii jarurat hogii tou tell rahul''

As she said both riddhima and muskaan nodded with a smile 

Na:''bahut kam time hai aap dono kar logee naa mujhe bahut chinta hoo rahii this party is going to be very special for everyone especially for armaan finally ooska Dream poora hua hai so i hope sab theek jaaye beta''

She said while thinking a bit as thinking of her son's dream comes true she has a smile as well riddhima and muskaan's face and then riddhima just say

Ri:''aap chinta mat kijiye mom hum sambhal lenge kyoon muskii hai naa?''

She said while taking nandini's hands in hers and she gave her a smile while

Mu:''jii mom don't worry aa dekhyiega mai aur ridzi dono milkar iss party koo kaisaa jaandar banate hai kii sab dekhte reh jaayenge''

She also joined riddhima and nandini smiled at her both daughters 

Na:''han vaise bhi aap dono kee hotee hue mujhe kisii bhi baat kii fikar karne kii jarurat nahin hai mujhe poora vishwas hai aapni betiyon par''

She said and hugged both riddhima and muskaan with a smile on their faces and riddhima and muskaan hugged her back with a smile and then finally riddhima and muskaan start thinking about party as actually lots of work needs to be done and they has a very short span of time.

In afternoon riddhima comes in her room for taking rest after having lunch with mom and muskaan she thinks to takes  rest a bit as she is little it tired as she is busy in doing preprations for party with muskii but as soon she entered in room she looked at the bed no rest all thanks to her darling husband as she has to sorted the room, she smiled remebering him and the morning's incident he is crazy and a blush crept on her cheeks thinking all that mooments shared with him and she sighed and then as she picked his one shirt and placed near her heart feeling him closer inhaling his fragrance she closed her eyes and then opened her eyes and then she opened his cupboard as its totally mess, actually she wonders just with in two days how he is managed to create that mess in his cupboard but then she thinks he re arranged all the room that's why she smiled and start doing her work that too arrange his cupboardd once again and then she mumbled to herself while placing his clothes in cupboard hanging on hangers after piling them neatly and she parted the tidy clothes and dirty clothes seprately and placed them in laundary basket he actually increases her work but she loved to do for him as he is her jaana and reason of her living she can do anything for him and moreover she enjoed doing this for me making her feel speacial in his life and she so loved taht feeling in any manner

Ri:''kitna pagal hai armaan poori cupboard kaa kya hal bana diyya hai mai 2 din kee liyye gayi thi aabhie aagar mai zyada din kee liyye jaati tou pata nahin yeh janab kya karte par kya karu i love him this pagal armaan of mine only mine armaan''

She smiled and then she sat on bed piling his clothes drowned in his thoughts and  then her phone buzzed bringing her back to reality and as she is busy doing her work and in his memories she picked the phone and placed it in between her shoulder and her ear as her hands were occupied with his clothes and as soon she spoke on phone that


Ar:''kya kar rahii hai merii jaan''

She heard his deep husky voice from other side making her surprised as he never ever called her from office except one time till now but then she smiled knowing taht now the situation is changed and when armaan did not hear her voice back he called her again making her smile wide at his impatience

Ar:''basket you there?''

Ri:''hmm armaan''

Ar:''ohh so why you are not replying basket kya hua yar''

He asked her but before she can reply he himself replied

Ar:''ohh samajh gayya merii pyaari sii biwii mere khayalon meiin ghum hai''

He said in deep husky voice and teased her making riddhima smile

Ri:''jii nahin aisaa kuchh nahin vo tou mai busy thi naa''

She said playing with him along not giving in so easily and then armaan said something taht makes her literally surprised as he said to her

Ar:''ohh i know busy par i can bet aagar busy hoo bhi tab bhi mere liyye hii kuchh kar rahii hogii nahin tou aisaa hoo hii nahin sakata kii merii riddhima kii Dhadkanon meiin ooska armaan naa ghumm hoo''

And riddhima is surprised hearing his words even her eyes got little watery seeing the intensity and purity of his love and armaan then pouted and

Ar:''yeh galat baat hai jaa aap ro nahin sakti hai chalo aanson pooncho jaanti hoo naa armaan koo aapnii basket kii aankhon meiin aanson kaa ekk bhi katra pasand nahin hai chalo jaldi se pooncho aapne aanson nahin tou mujhe gharr aana padega aabhie as you can see i can not saw tears in my basket's eyes so be a good wife of Armaan Mallik wipe your tears riddhima''

He said in poute voice making riddhima smiled and then she just replied

Ri:''mai kahan roo rahii hun armaan tum bhi naa bas vo tou aankh meiin kuchh''

But she is cut short by armaan's words who replied to her

Ar:''yea yea yea aankh meiin kuchh chala gayya tha atleast mera dialogue mujhe par mat maaro you know this dialogue is mine jaana''

He said making her remembering old times whenever she finds him crying for any reason he used to say that something falls in his eyes he is not crying

Ri:''armaan tum bhi naa kabhie nahin sudhar sakte naa''

Ar:''bilkul nahin aab vo chodo yeh batao kya kar rahii ho jo mujhe aapne armaan kee baare meiin bhi nahin as you yourself say nahin sochh rahii hoo''

He said in his teasing tone making riddhima smiles and she replied

Ri:''hmm actually mere darling husband subhh subhh kuchh special karke gayye hai vohii theek kar rahii hun mai so you see i am so much busy in that thing''

She said while walking towards cupboard having his clothes in her hands

Ar:''ohh really tum aapni collar bone vaali hickie chupa rahii rooko i will come and help you jaan wait for me it will be so much romantic''

He said making her jumped in shock and two shirts fell from her hands as she is not at all expecting this kind of statement from him and here armaan

Ar:''theek hai naa riddhima tum wait karoo mai bas thodi der meiin aya jaan''

Armaan said cheekily making riddhima jumped in shock and she is not able to respond at his words what he talking about so she did not replied and

Ar:''theek hai naa jaan you wait i will just come''

Armaan said once again when he found riddhima quite and then riddhima

Ri:''armaan tum pagal ho gayye ho sachii meiin mai aisaa kuchh nahin kar rahii thi armaan''

She said finally breaking her trance with armaan's words and then armaan

Ar:''lekin abhii tumne hii kahaa tha naa kii tumhare darling husband kuchh special karke gayye hai tum vohii theek kar rahein ho aur basket jahan tak mujhe yad hai maine bas yehii sepcial kiyya tha aapni jaan kee saath naa''

He said still not in mood of leaving her and riddhima just shook her head

Ri:''armaan mai ooskii baat nahin kar rahii thi armaan''

She said while smiling at his husband's cuteness and while putting all the clothes in the cupboard after hearing her armaan has a wide smile on his face and then

Ar:''tou fir kis baare meiin baat kar rahii thi tum basket''

He asked and

Ri:''armaan mai humare room kee vaare meiin to be precisely say tumhari cupboard kii baat kar rahii thi jisee aap subhh achee se sambhal kar gayye hai''

She said and

Ar:''ohh achaa aur mujhe lagaa kii tum naa merii kisses koo yad kar rahii ho''

He said making riddhima turned red as after closing the cupboard she walks towards the bed as she saw her reflection in mirror and her gaze fell on her neck as she did not have her duuppaattaa around she caressed the mark and

Ar:''i love you riddhima pata hai aaj mera bilkul bhi man nahin lag rahaa hai yahan office meiin i am so much missing you i love you''

He confessed his love to her making riddhima smile and she just

Ri:''i love you too armaan and i too missed you armaan pata hai aaj mera bhi jaane kyoon dill hii nahin lag rahaa tumhare binaa naaa''

She confessed too as she missed him too whole day and this happened to her very badly this is what their confession did to them crave for each-other more and more and yes they badly needs sometime with each-other only and damn they cannot get that, now armaan is busy in his office work his dream project but what about his Dream His Basket His Riddhima His Love His Wife he is still in thoughts and find him unusual quite riddhima somewhere knows what he is thinking she too needs him and craves for his love and wants now this marriage a next step but riddhima also knows its his dream project too and when he is on top of his success how she or her love can becomes obstacle in his path, she and her love is also his strength and will always be so she with a smile says


Ar:''hmm i am so sorry''

But he is cut short in between with riddhima's loving words

Ri:''armaan merii baat soono dhayan se yeh sapna sirff tumne nahin dekha hai hum sabne bhi dekha hai tumhare liyye tou tum kaise iss sapne aabjab poora ho gayya hai tou ise neglect nahin kar sakte naa''

She tried to make him understand and armaan hearing her

Ar:''par riddhima mai tumhe bhi tou neglect nahin karna chahta naa''

Ri:''han tou kahan kar rahein ho mujhe neglect kahan kar rahein ho tum office jaane se pehle you are with me only naa sweetheart tou kaise jaan''

She said as she know how must be he feeling and then armaan

Ar:''han par riddhima tumhe nahin lagta vo bahut kam hai jaan humein ek-doosre ko aur waqt dena chahiye aur yahan mujhe bilkul time nahin''

He said as he really wants to spend sometime with her but did not

Ri:''armaan koi baat nahin hai naa tum gharr aaoge tou naa we spend time together naa achaa aab chalo jaldi se smile karoo i want to see your dimples so please aapni basket kee liyee smile karoo naa please naa''

Ar:''madam jii mai aapko yad dilla dun kii aabhie aap mujhe dekhh nahin sakti han seweetheart hum meiin pata nahin aabhie kitni duri hai''

Ri:''armaan mujhe tumhe dekhne kee liyye inn aankhon kii kabhie jarurat nahin thi you know jab hum saath nahin the mere pas sivaye oon bachpan kii yadon kee kuchh bhi nahin tha aapne armaan ko pas feel karne kaa zariya tab bhi mai aankhhein bandd karti thi naa aur dill par haath rakhti tou mere dill kii har Dhadakan meiin se Armaan hii sunai deta tha aur aaj tou hum saath hai tumhara jar ehsaas mere saath juda mere  pas tumse related sab kuchh hai mera sindoor mera mangalsutra aur aab tou dheere dheere mere aks par tumhare pyaar kii nishnaiyan tou aab kaise mujhe tumhe dekhne kee liyye inn aankhon kii jarurat padegi tum tab bhi saath thi aaj bhi saath ho aur humesha saath rahoge mai rahun yaa naa rahun dill kii Dhadkan meiin se Armaan hiisunai dega humesha chahe mai mar hii kyoon naa jaoaon''

She said with lots of emotions while caresiing her Maang filled with Sindoor, Mangalsutra tied around her neck and the hickies he gave her but as she uttered the end few words armaan cut her in between

Ar:''lagta hai tumne mujhse daant khaye binaa chain nahin padta aur aagar yehii hal rahaa hai naa tumhara tou mujhe tumhe ek lagani bhi padegi basket''

Though he too is overwhelmed by riddhima's words and her emotions and his emotions too pent up but her words makes him little mad and he could not help himself to scold her so he said to her with little frustration

Ri:''areey what happened here i am trying to cheer up you and you are soo''

She said as he heard him scolded her a little with frustration and

Ar:''yea right aisee cheer up karogi you know naa basket i hate it when you say all these stupid kind of things and made me mad on you basket''

He said slightly in frustration and riddhima smiled at his husband's frustration

Ri:''kya armaan yeh baat tumhe achii nahin lagti kii i love you so so very much''

She said and armaan's frowned deeper as he found her teasing him and

Ar:''riddhima do't you dare to tease me and get off from the topic, you very well knows what i am talking about riddhima so stop it as if you don't undrestand what i meant basket seriously yar you know i hate this''

He said in frustration and riddhima did not control himself and a giggle escaped from her mouth hearing his frustrated voice and then as heard her giggling voice his frowned deeper and he just whispered to her

Ar:''fine you laugh as much as you can ek tou galti karoo oopar se mazak odao meree emotions kii tou koi qadar hii nahin hai fine go and enjoy you laughing mai hii pagal tha joo tumhe call kiyya well i guess aab tumhare pas tou bahut kam hai especially important kam hai mujhe par hansne kaa tou i will let you leave in peace to let you do your work and let me do mine as i am busy too''

As he uttered these words only then she heard one another female voice

F:''sir aapko karan sir ne aapnein cabin meiin bulaya hai''

It was armaan's secratory sheena and armaan nodded at her

Ar:''tum chalo sheena mai abhie ata hun thanks''

F:''yes sir thanks''

And armaan then spoke on phone whole frustrated and riddhima heard

Ar:''see i have work too aapnein sun hii liyya hogaa naa aapnein itnein inportant kam kee bech meiin mujhe par hansne kee saath saath so you enjoy Mrs.Armaan Mallik laughing at your husband i will take your leave

He said and then was about to put the phone down when he heard

Ri:''bye Mr.Mallik love you and muahha bye take care papa is waiting for you bye sweetheart''

Armaan's lips formed into a smile but he did not bothered to answer back to her saying 'i love you too' or mouthed a kiss as he is still mad at her but he caressed her pictures which he taken today in morning and kissed his phone's screen near her nose tip and then mumbled a sweet 'i love youu' to her picture as if saying to her

Ar:''i love you too riddhima and missed you so much bye''

And then finally he moved towards his dad's cabin as he must be waiting for him but only after hugging his phone once again and glancing at her picture. And here riddhima slumped on bed may be he gets really mad

Ri:''zyada hii naraz kar diyya lagta hai maine aapne mazak mazak meiin mai bhi naa pagal hun ek tou ooska mood pehle se hii kharab tha oopar se maine bhi naa bas vo aisee hii keh diyya maine, par vo tou muhs se nikal gayya tha naa mere par fir mujhe sorry bhi ekhna chahiye tha naa aisee hii oosee tease karne lagii, sachii meiin ekdam pagal hun maai jaant hun mere se related har baat vo seedhe aapnein dill par leta hai fir bhi mai naa bas ose naraz kar diyya maine aur mood kharab ho gayya hogaa aab tou janab kaa, chali thi ose hansane mood theek karne aur aab dekhh kya ka diyya hai tune, i hope mujhse zyada naraz naa hua ho vo call karun kya (she picked her phone thinks to call him but then she) par nahin vo tou papa kee pas gayya hai oonhone bulaya hai ose rehn detii hun aabhie phone kiyya tou disturb ho jaayega abhie call nahin karti hun (she remebered armaan went to karan papa's cabin so she dropped her idea of calling him and) par fir aab kya karun kaise manaon ose naraz tou kar diyya hai aab manana bhi padega maafi bhi maangni padegi par kaise kya karun (she is thinking and then her gaze fell on his picture and she picked it up and) aab aap hii batayiye kii mai aapko kaise manaon mere pyaare se pati dev please help me naa i know aapko naraz kiyya hai par thodi sii cheating tou banati hai help me naa please (she said while looking at his smling picture as if asking him directly and then suddenly) kya karun kya karun mai (as he start pacing in room and her gaze fell on mirror and saw her reflection she next moment saw him and hers reflection)

Ar:''hmm chalo achaa hai aab tumhari lipstick bachh gayyi koi baat nahin raat koo i will surely ate up your lipstick while playing with my jaan's hairs''

As she saw his reflection vanished from the mirror from in front of her green almond shaped eyes she firstly looked here and there with a blush crept on her cheeks and then she suddenly get it as remebering his words which he said in morning and his words and then she looked at his picture which is still in her hands and she placed a kiss on that while caressing it smoothly

Ri:''thanks so much mujhe batane ko merii help karne ko''

And she blushed as she knows what she has to do actually and then she hide her face in her palms and as if armaan is watching her and then slolwy she opened her eyes and looked herself in mirror and just thinking about him her cheeks turned more red and red and then she heard muskaan's voice calling her then she remembered about the party and the prparations and finally caressing the picture of armaan she placed it on side table and makes her way towards the downstairs. And as she reached downstairs she saw muskaan and nandini was discussing about the party and she joined them but her thoughts were still at on her armaan and how is she going to make up with him and she smiled.

In evening

Armaan walks in his home after his dad and rahul and he is tired completely, its been a long tiring day at office and moreover the little tussle between her and him makes his day more tiring and as she did not called him back this makes him more mad at her and yes he is actually waiting for her call after coming back from his dad's cabin but no and now as he walks inside the house he saw no one except his mom he hugged her while placing a soft kiss on his mom's for head his daily routine while rahul and karan were slumped on couch and as nandini ruffled armaan's hairs he gave her a small smile and then nandini

Na:''areey lagta hai aaj aap sab bahut thak gayye hai kyoon maani''

Armaan nods while sitting on couch beside his dad but his blue greay eyes were constantly searching someone he wans to saw her one glance and all his tiredness will flew away from him as always but where is she

Ka:''han nandu bahut hectic day tha after all sucess kee saath saath responsiblities bhi badh jaati hai naa so bahut kam tha tiring day yar''

He said and nandini nodded wven everyone agreed with him too, off course Malliks are if Millionares before now they are Billionares after this project and the understands this comes with lots of responsiblities more too and then nandini with a smile messaged karan's for head

Na:''hmm koi baat nahin cahliye aap sab jaldi se fresh hokar aayiye mai abhie aap sabke liyye garama garama chai aur coffee banvati hun kaka''

As she said to them and called kaka for making tea for karan and coffess for her darling sons she heard karan's voice though armaan and rahul also wants to ask about their wives but seems like karan is more eager to know about whereabouts of his daughter-in-laws so he

Ka:''areey nandu kya baat hai aaj gharr meiin koi nazar nahin aa rahaa yar''

As he said grabbing nandini's attention nandini smiled and then she

Na:''sab kyooon seedhe seedhe poochiye naa aapki pyaari betiyan khas kahan hai kamal hai karan aapka bhi vo dono jinki biwiyan hai oonhone bhi oonhein nahin poocha aur ek aap hai karan sachii meiin bas''

She said teasing him a bit making rahul and armaan too smiled and kaka is also back to kitchen for preparing the coffee and tea for them and

Ka:''areey yar maine kab aisaa kaha koi nahin dikhh rahaa tha tou poocha maine aur yar aaj kal naa nandu tum mujhe bahut tangg karti ho'

He said hearing this double meaning talk armaan and rahul laughed while nandini bluhsed and smacked karan on his shoulder making her embarrssed in front of their sons and karan just holds her hands and

Ka:''kyoon kya galat kahaa hai maine kitna tou pareshan karti ho''

He repeated making armaan and rahul even coughed at their dad's remarks while nandini is trying hard to leave her hands from his grip but could not able to succeed and armaan and rahul enjoyed and knwoing her husband very well she knows she has to change the topic to divert his attention otherwise he will keep on making her blush and so she just

Na:''vaise karan aapko kiske baare meiin janana tha aapni pyaari betii riddhima kee baare meiin naa kii vo kahan hai naa dikhai nahin dii yehii'

She said and yes she succeeded this actually divert karan's attention from his beautiful wife and trio smiled knowing karan has that special bond with riddhima only that he did not even shared with nikki also

Ka:''han nandu batao tou par sabka muskaan aur nikki kahan hai''

Ar:''han mom vaise dad sahii keh rahein hum tab se aye hai koi bhi nazar nahin aa rahaa kahin gayye hai kya yeh teenon mom''

He also said as now he also wants to know where his darling wife is

Ra:''areey ammy jaana kahan hai gayyi hongi shopping humare paise uda rahii hongii muskaan nee aaj hii mujhse mera credit card liyye tha''

He said as he is till now quite like armaan enjoying his parents lovely moments and lazily placed his legs on table while making a face as he remebered muskaan takes his credit card in morning and nandini smiled

Ar:''kya mom sachii meiin yeh sab shopping par gayye hai?''

Armaan too asked he has o problem of going her shopping he is more than happy with this as now she starts getting back to his riddhima but he did not like how she can go on shopping after knwoing he is mad at her his riddhima his basket is not like this but rahul's words makes him ask so he also put his unspoken questions in words and

Ra:''areey han ammy aur inhone kahan jaana hai credit card milla hai tou faayda oothao khoob yehii karti hai yeh humesha naa so right mom''

He said nanidni as he is damn confident that they ar on shopping armaan wants to ask something but he did not as nandini smiled

Na:''well rahul tum right ho bhi aur wrong bhi beta''

She replied taking three of them in shock and then karan

Ka:''kya matlab nandu paheliyan kyoon ghuma rahii ho seedhe seedhe batao naa bat kya hai kahan hai riddhima, muskaan aur nikki nandu''

Ra:''yes mom aagar shopping par anhin tou where are they''

And now rahul and karan asked nandini but armaan is quite as he knows his mom never allows taht which makes them all worrid so he is sitting calmly and waiting for his mom's reply and nandini smiled saying

Na:''areey areey relaz they are fine party kii preprations karni hai naa tou maine yeh responsibilities muskaan aur riddhima ko den dii hai party kii tou aab muskaan market gayyi hai kuchh saman lene kee liyye aur''

But she is cut short with rahul's panick voice who jumped in fear

Ra:''mom muskaan khdd tou drive karke nahin lekar gayyi naa car''

Nandini is surprised with rahul's sudden behave a moment back he is too calm and now he is actually jumping in horror but she nods in ''yes''

Na:''han beta she drove herself pat baat kya hai rahul betaa''

But this time armaan too jumped in shock thinking riddhima is with her

Ar:''kya mom riddhima aur nikki bhi ooske saath hongee naa fir oh my god mom aapko oonhein muskii kee saath nahin jaane denaa chahiye tha infact muskii koo hii khudd drive karke nahin jaane denaa chahiye tha''

He said while worrying for all three of them and nandini is confused

Na:''maani par baat kya hai mujhe bataoge mujhe kyoon nahin jaane dena chahiye tha muskaan ko driver nahin tha tou she went betaa''

She is now worried what is going on here why her both sons is reacting like this on just a simple issue that muskii drover herself and then he

Ar:''mom aapko nahin pata hai she is rash driver i hope sab theek ho vo kitni boori tarah se car chalati hai we avoie giving her car mom par ose car chalane kaa bahut shownk hai jitne bhi kahen we never gave her car''

He said making nandini aware of muskii's driving and now he is worried for them muskii, nikki and riddhima and then karan also said to nandini

Ka:''nandu tum office call kar detii aagar jaana itnaa hii jaruri tha kya jarurat thi muskii aur riddhima aur nikki ko bhejne kii dekha armaan nee kya kaha kii muskii is rash driver tum bhi naa nandu''

He scolded his wife as worrying for his daughters but next moment they

Ra:''correction dad ammy muskii rash driver isliyye hai kyonki ose car theek se chalana nahin ata hai aab tou mujhe bahut chinta ho rahii hai pagal ladki aapnein saath riddhima aur nikki ko bhi le gayyi ane do ose aaj mai batata hun kitna kaha hai ose maine kii aapnein shownk poora karen lekin theek se car seekhne kee bad aur yeh dekho iskoo i hope vo theek ho i am sorry armaan dad muskii kee kaaran nikki aur riddhima''

Ka:''rahul beta chup aabhie yeh sab nahin call riddhima first''

Na:''yeh sab merii galti hai mujhe nahin bhejna chahiye tha muskaan aur riddhima ko akele market aab pata nahin vo kaisi hongi dono''

She said while panicking with all this situation and then only

Ar:''mom koi baat nahin par aapnein kya kaha muskii aur riddhima matlab nikki nahin hai oonke saath meiin mom tou where is she?''

He asked as they heard nandini is only getting worried for riddhima and muskaan may be she skipped nikki's name in panicke condition but

Na:"'nahin nikki aapnein room meiin rest kar rahii hai exams hai naa tou she did not make it with them and now she is sleeping in her room''

She informed them and all three of them sighed in relief finally atleast one of them is tou fine naa and then nandini said to karan as thinking she is the only one as because of her this happened and she just saya

Na:''par karan mai sachh keh rahii hun mujhe nahin pata tha kii muskaan ko car nahin chalana ata hai riddhima aap sab kee liyye cake bana rahii thi tabhie muskaan nee kahaa kii vo kuchh party kee liyye saman lekar ayi tabhie riddhima nee kaha she will go with her as she is going alone par sachii meiin armaan rahul beta aagar mujhe zara sa bhi ide hotaa naa kii muskaan ko car chalani nahin ati i swear mai oonhein nahin jaane detii kisii bhi haalta meiin nahin karan i am so sorry''

She said as she is feeling guilty and armaan engulded his mom in his arms

Ar:''mom please aapki koi galti nahin hai mom chinta mat kijiye aap sab theek ho jaayega please chinta mat kijiye aap mom sahii meiin please''

He said and then karan asked from rahul who is dialing muskaan's number

Ka:''kya hua phone oothaya kya riddhima nee rahul bata''

Ra:''nahin dad mai muskaan ko phone laga rahaa hun par vo ootha hii nahin rahii hai had kar dii hai isnein aaj atleast phone tou ootha len yeh''

He said while scolded muskaan as well panicking for her completely

Ar:''tou rahul tuu riddhima ko laga naa muskaan drive kar rahii hogii naa tuu bhi naa ruk mai lagata hun riddhima koo phone''

And he tried to pick his phone but karan said to him saying

Ka:''ruk armaan mai lagata hun tuu aapni mom koo sambhal''

Armaan nodded and makes nandini settled on couch as she is worried for riddhima and muskaan both's safety and then hearing all this voices nikki too comes from her room and kaka walked out from kitchen and they gets all know that the mess and karan is busy calling riddhima and as after few rings he is looking panicked as well everyone looking at expectidely rahul finally shouted feeling compltely terrified and  then he

Ra:''mai jaa rahaa hun oonhein dekhne pata nahin kahan hongi''

He announced karan who is still on phone looked at him with everyone else before anyone reacted they heard car's voice and they ran outside and as they reached they saw their mercedes with a dent and broken head lights but that is least concerned to them right now and all they wants to see riddhima and muskaan both fine and as rahul and armaan ran to the car while nikki holds nandini and karna also ran upto them and as muskaan and riddhima stepped from car passenger seat and driving seat respectively, firstly all were surprised as they saw riddhima coming from driving seat and muskaan from passenger seat but rahul and armaan reached to them and as armaan looked at riddhima firstly he is so much happy that he too in rib crushing hug seeing her fine standing in front of  his eyes and same was with rahul who is equally happy to see muskaan fine and karan and nandinin and nikki and kaka also sighed in relief seeing them fine them and as armaan detangled riddhima from himself he saw the little scratch on riddhima's forhead and blood oozng from it he panicked and then he shouted on her while making her eyes watery with his shoutiing voice as he shouts very badly on her saying

Ar:''dimag kharab hai tumhara riddhima jab car nahin chalani ati tou kis se pooch kar car chalane kii koshish kar rahii thi tum pagal ho gayyi ho tum riddhima dekhh lo kitni lag gayyi hai tum par tum kab merii soonogi har bar aapni manmani karni hotii hai tumhe aisii kya emergency aa gayyi thi kii khudd se car chala kar gharr aa rahiih ho, nahin ati thi chalani tou jahan thi vahin roukna chahiye tha naa, 1 phone kar detii mai lene aa jaata yaa cab nahin hire kar sakti thi, dimag kahan hai tumhara har time sab kuchh khudd karne kaa itnaa shownk hai tumhe mujhe pareshan karne kii kasam kha rakhi hai naa tumne tou riddhima had''

He shouted on her and she has tears in her eyes as he is shouting on her very badly making her shiver, he is very much angry and as actually everyone thinks that its riddhima who is driving not muskaan and seeing riddhima's forhead is oozing with blood nandini comes to her rescue as she saw his son very much angry and she saw riddhima need first aid

Na:''maani beta bas kar naa hum bad meiin bat karte hai''

Ar:''nahin mom koi nahin bachayega ise aaj har waqt yeh aapni manmani karti hai ise merii koi parvah hii nahin hai jab yeh aisee kam karti hai kabhie jalta hua paani aapnein opar daal letii hai kabhie dhangg se khati nahin hai aur aaj tou had par kar dii hai isnein nahin ati naa car chalani tou aaram se baitha nahin jaata hai is se shownk chadha hai naa mujhe pareshan karne kaa ise, jaane kya maza ata hai ise mujhe tangg karne meiin tabhie yeh aisii harkatein karti hai, ise thode naa pata hai kii mujhh par kya betti hai ise aisee dekhh kar nahin, isnein tou bachpan se aaj tak bas kasam khayii hui hai armaan kee liyye khudd sab kuchh karoo aur ose aapnein liyye kuchh naa karne do, aur kabhie ooski baat bhi mat maano armaan tou hai hii pagal hai naa yun hii bolta hai, aagar aaj ise kuchh ho jaata aur mai rahul ko kya zawab deta muskaan koo lekar mom par isnein thode naa kuchh sochna hai bas ise tou armaan kii baat naa sunani hai naa manani hai, aab bhi yahin kahdi hai aisaa nahin kii aandar jaakar aapni chot par davai laga le dekhiye kitna khoon beh rahaa hai par nahin kahan sunana hai ise chalo aab aandar tum''

He said in cold yet stern yet caring voice showing his immense love fof her and then he turned and holds her hand little and moved inside

Ka:''muskaan aap tou theek ho naa betaa lagii tou nahin aapko naa''

He said to muskaan who replied in no and rahul let her walks in she did not say a word and her eye-lids are lowered and rahul knows somethins is upto with her as they all walked inside the house they saw riddhima is there sitting on couch with armaan is standing near her giving her all the deadly glares and shooting daggers at her while riddhima did not have courage to met his eyes so she just lowered her head and sat there quietly and then armaan sitting on his knees near her knees caressing her wound on her forhead and then looked at her his touch tell her he is assuring himself she is fine and sitting in front of his deep blue greay eyes riddhima feels like she hurt him this time very badly but she did not do this delibrately and she has no fault in this at all but how could she tell him his eyes deep blue greay eyes telling her that he feels like somewhere he lost her and that's why he is shouting on her on top of his lungs and then as she tried to hold his another hand which is near her knee suddenly she heard his voice that echoed in room as he was actually

Ar:''kaka please jaldi se first aid box lekar ayiye naa''

He called an next moemnt ramu kaka who is already went for taking first aide box comes back and handled him the first aid box and armaan just

Rk:''yeh lijiye armaan beta''

Ar:''thanks kaka''

And then he start applying the antcapting on riddhima's forhead


As she feels its burning she winced in pain making armaan slowly applied it and blowed on her wound while just scolding her like this and

Ar:''han aab tou dard hogaa hii naa tab nahin socha yeh kii jab tumhe vo faaltu kee oolte seedhe kam kar rahii thi car ati nahin chalani fir bhi chalani hai inehin had hai bas har waqt superwoman jo samjha hai khudd koo aur aapni parvah tou karni ati nahin hai bas duniya bharr kii parvah hai inkoo aur aapnein saath saath merii jaan bhi atkani hotii hai''

He said while scolding her and riddhima loving looking at him

Na:''maani la mai kar detii hun beta tuu rehne den''

Ar:''nahin mom bas ho gayya hai its almost done''

He said while banded her forhead cleaning her wound and then handled her a pain killer with the glass of water ramu kaka brings for her and as riddhima looked at him with pouted face seeing the tablet before she can

Ar:''mom tell her kii yeh chupp chapp kha len yeh pain killer nahin tou mujhse boora sachh meiin koi nahin hogaa mom abhie tou i did not say anything to her par aab iskee bad mai control nahin karunga, please mom boliye ise mujhe aur tangg naa karen yeh''

He said and riddhima hearing his words quietly takes the medicine from hia hand and gupled the pain killer without saying anything and then he

Ar:''yeh lo toffee mujhe pata hai muh ka taste kharab ho gayya hogaa tumhare aur yeh tofee den rahaa hun iskaa matlab yeh nahin hai i forgive you i am still very much mad at you samjhi tum riddhima''

He said while handling her favourite toffee as he knows she hates medicines as she feels bitterness in her mouth so he gave her medicine too but with cold gaze as he shoot daggers at her still very much mad with the fact and unable to believe she put her and muskaan's life on stake when she did not how to drive the car and this time nandini

Na:''maani bas bahut ho gayya bahut daant liyya tune ose jabse ayi hai bechari ko daante hii jaa rahaa hai tuu maani bas stop it now''

Ka:''han armaan khabardar joo tune aab merii betii koo kuchh kahaa tou maana kii galti hui hai oos se par itnii badii galti hai nahin buddy and she is injured beta humein ooska dhayan rakhna chahiye so bas buddy''

Karan and nandini both sided their daughter as they saw armaan is scolding her very badly now and enough is enough she scolded enough

Ar:''jii han bilkul dijiye aur ooska saath aap logon kee isi laad-pyaar nee tou ise sar par chadha rakha hai, tabhie yeh aisaa sab karne lagii hai, vaise tou yeh shuru se hii aisii thi jab tak koi ise naa daante ise baat kahan samajh ati hai, par mujhe nahin pata tha kii yeh aisii hoo jaayegi aur fine mom-dad kijiye aap iskii aisee hii taraf dari takii yeh bas aisee hii merii jaan nikalti''

But he is cut short with riddhima's words as she spoke for first time


As she takes his name in her ever so soft voice all looked at her then

Ri:''armaan i am so sorry please mujhe maf kar dijiye maine aapko bahut pareshan kar diyya i am really very sorry please mujhe maf kar dijye naa''

As she start apologizing rahul finally butted in enough of this 

Ra:''riddhima tumhe nahin lagta tumhari jagah yeh sorry kisii aur ko bolni chahiye riddhima''

He said and looked first towards riddhima and then muskaan

Ri:''nahin rahul bhayiya please galti merii thi i am so sorry mujhe maf kar dijiye aap sab log''

Mu:''nahin ridzi please''

Finally muskaan said seeing riddhima taking all of hers on her


She is trying to say her to keep quite but rahul cutted her in between

Ra:''nahin riddhima let her speak''

And before muskaan can continue karan asked in between saying

Ka:''koi humein batayega yeh ho kya rahaa hai rahul''

Ra:''yes dad vaise mujhe aisaa lagta hai aagar muskaan aapko sachh bataye tou zyada behtar hogaa kyoon muskaan hai naa''

Mu:''jii dad rahul is right actually mujhe aap sabko batana hai car kaa accident merii vajah se hua hai i am the one who is driving the car''

She said making everyone surprised as everyone till now is thinking riddhima is the one who is driving the car and then only riddhima


Mu:''nahin ridzi yar let me tell the truth kab tak tuu mere hissee kii daant khayegi dekh armaan bhi kitna naraz ho gayya hai tujhe ridzi''

She said looking at armaan who is looking at riddhim and then she

Mu:''jii mom dad mai hii car chala rahii thi jab hum gharr se gayye the market saman lene ridzi koo tou pata bhi nahin tha kii mujhe car chalana nahin ata jaise mom koo nahin pata tha yeh accident mere kaaran hua hai aur aagar hum sahii salamat gharr pahunche hai tou ridzi kee kaaran jahana par humara accident hua tha vahan se gharr tak yehii car chala kar laayi hai osnein kuchh nahin kiyya oolta ise yeh chot mere kaaran lagii hai mom''

She said feeling guilty and everyone looked at riddhima this revelations of truth makes them cleared that riddhima drove back to home as she knows how to drive carefully and armaan is shocked who is gulity that means he just shout on her unnecessarily she did not do anything here she injured though a little one but he is just shouting on her not evev heard her once he looked at her and saw she is smiling at him and this makes him more guilty and then muskaan's voice breaks his trance

Mu:''i am sorry mom please mujhe maf kar dijiye mujhe aisaa nahin karna chahiye tha i know mujhe car theek se nahin chalani nahin ati fir bhi maine ridzi koo bhi aaj pareshan kar diyya aur i am really very sorry armaan merii vajah se rdzi ko chot lag gayyi i am very sorry ridzi yar i am really very sorry''

But she next moment is engulfed in a bear hug from riddhima and 

Ri:''bas kar muskii kitna soryy bolegi tuu koi tujhse naraz nahin hai its ohk galti sabse hotii hai tuu please don't worry aur mai theek hun dekhh''

She gave her a warm smile and everyone smiled seeing taht scene she is truly a gem because of muskaan she gets scolded from armaan having a injury though small one but still she is just trying to makes her at ease

Mu:''thanks ridzi mere kaaran tujhe itnii daant padii hero sorry''

Ri:''muskaan maine kaha naa bas aab aur sorry bolegi naa tou bilkul typical jethani bankar daant lagaongi tujhe samjhi naa bas kar yar''

She said while wiping her small tears which is glistening in her eyes and everybody too smile but before anyone can say anything rahul who is still mad at muskaan's non-sense finally said to riddhima

Ra:''nahin riddhima maangne do maafi ise jab ise pata hai kii ise car nahin chalani ati tou kyoon karti hai yeh aisee kam aur aaj tumhe bhi kitni problem hui ise jaan boojh kar koi asii galti karta hai kya''

Mu:''rahul i am sorry''

As rahul scolded her and muskaan apologized from him and seeing rahul is feeling guilty of muskaan's doing he moved towards armaan and

Ra:''sorry yar ammy muskaan kii vajah se riddhima kii jaan bhi khatre meiin pad gayyi mai tujhse aur riddhima se maafi maangta hun yar so''

But before he can complete armaan hugged her while saying to him that

Ar:''chal oye bas kar jaise muskaan humari kuchh nahin lagti fir kya ho gayya galti kisii se bhi ho sakti hai aur humein khushi hai kii muskaan aur riddhima dono hii theek hai tou bas kar aab yeh tera sorry sorry''

He said warmly and nandini smiled seeing this she knows her son well when same thing happened with him he is apologizing rahul but when the sides turned he is never ever to remind that thing and don't wants to hear any aplogy from his brother, and riddhima smiled this is her armaan never makes anyone feel more bad if any one is already feeling

Ra:''par armaan muskaan ne seriusly bahut badii mistake karii hai''

He is about to scold muskaan more when riddhima cutted him in middle

Ri:''rahul bhayiya bas bahut ho gayya khabardar aab aapnein muskaan koo ek bar bhi aur daanta tou naa dekhiyega mujhse boora koi nahin hai''

She said and 

Ra:''par riddhima chot''

He tried too say but again he is cut short by riddhima's voice

Ri:''kya rahul bhayiya kab se chott chott laga rakhii hai aapnein i am fine, aur aagar mujhe chot lagni hii thi tou gharr par bhi lag sakti thi, kuchh nahin hotaa i am fine completely bas aab aap aur kuchh nahin karenge iss baare meiin bat aur aagar merii muskaan koo kuchh kahaa naa tou dekhh lijiyega mai aapse bilkul baat nahin karugi bhayiya''

She said in fake anger and seeing her armaan could not help but added

Ar:''aab tou muskaan tuu bachh gayyi aab dekhh len rahool  aagar tune muskaan koo kuchh bhi kahaa naa tou basket i mean riddhima tujhse baat nahin karengi aur i guess riddhima's boy riddhima se baat kiyye binaa tou nahin reh paayega so muskaan koo daantna tou bhull hii jaa''

He said teasing him a bit and rahul put his hands in air surrendering

Ra:''fine vaise bhi tum husband-wife se koi nahin jeet sakta hai''

He said giving a smile and then muskaan too smiled saying

Mu:''rahul tune mujhe maf kar diyya naa sachii meiin naraz tou nahin''

She asked with tears in her eyes and rahul wiped them saying

Ra:''nahin han maaf kiyya par aage se aisaa kuchh nahin karegi tuu''


And then everyone smiled that emans finally everything is settled

Na:''han muskaan aab aage se aap aisaa kuchh nahin karenge hum dar gayye the beta sab so please aage se aisaa kuchh nahin karengi aap''

Mu:''sorry mom and i promise''

And she hugged her and then finally nikki said in cheerful tone

Ni:''aab please hum sab baith jaayen mai daant sunte sunte tired hun''

She said and everyone smiled and settled there and then armaan

Ar:''vaise raool aaj kee iss incident meiin jitni galti muskii kii hai oos se zyada terii hai''

As he said to rahul grabbing everyone's attention rahul looked shocked

Ra:''kya merii galti kaise maine thode naa ise kaha tha lekar jaane ko car jab ise chalani nahin ati thi so mera fault kahan se aya''

Ar:''exactly mera point raool jab tujhe pata hai muskii koo car theek se chalani nahin ati, she knows the basics aur jab tujhe pata hai she is very fond of driving tou tujhe ose aab tak tou sikha denii chahiye thi yar''

Armaan said making everyone surprised with his words especially rahul who never thinks like this taht he should teach muskaan as he knows how she loved driving and everyone is agreed with armaan and karan is

Ka:''han rahul beta armaan sahii keh rahaa hai aapko muskaan bitiya ko driving sikha denii chahiye thi beta after all now its your responsibility''

Ra:''yes dad i am sorry i am sorry muskaan mujhe sikhana chahiye tha''

Mu:''its ohk rahul tuu bhi busy rehta hai naa koi baat nahin''

Rahul said agreeing with everyone now its his duty to see muskaan's happiness and completes his responsibilities and muskaan replied understanding he is busy so he may be does not have time for this 


Ar:''oye sorry se kam nahin chalega tuu promise kar muskii se kal se roz subhh ose driving lessons kee liyye le jaayega aur with in few days she is perfect aur fir humein aisii koi problem nahin hogii kyoon mom hai naa''

He said and nandini nodded with a smile hearing her darling son's suggestion and riddhima looked at her darling husband lovingly he is the one who can think like this even rahul cannot think like these are the things which makes him seprate from any other persons and she feels with each and every passing second as she founds she is knowing him just

Na:''han maani sahii keh rahaa hai rahul beta now its your responsibility to make sure she will take care of herself as she expertise in driving''

Ra:''jii mom aab mai muskaan koo achee se drving sikha doonga''

Ar:''yeh hui naa baat chal muskii zyada daanta naa isnein tou tell mee''

Mu:''sure hero iskii complaint mai tujhse hii kar sakti hun''

All chuckled at this while rahul frowned fakely and then nikki

Ni:''achaa fine yeh sab bad meiin ridzi bhabzz aap cake bnanae vaali thi naa jab mai college se ayi ban gayya aab aap aapna cake tou khilla dijiye itnee saare emotions meiin mujhe tou zabardast bhookh lag ayi hai please''

Ri:''han nikki bas thodi der meiin tayar hoo jaata hai''

She replied as everyone settled and riddhima tried to walk in kitchen

Na:''riddhima abhie vahin baith jaa koi kam nahin chot lagi hai tujhe''

Ri:''mom mai theek hun sachii meiin i am totally fine''

And before anyone can say anything nikki said that

Ni:'' ridzi bhabzz we know aap theek hai par bhaii kii itnii daant digest karne kee liyye ek cup coffee pi lijiye you know bhaii is so scary ''

Mu:''bilkul sahii nikki ridzi hero kii daant pachane ko ek cup coffee tou banti hai yar kaka aap riddhima kee liyye ek cup coffee la dijiye please''

As they hi-fived and teased riddhima armaan is still feeling guilty as he scolded her for no fault of hers but still as kaka turned to go he said

Ar:''nahin kaka aap iskee liyye garam doodh layiye ek glass ise medicine kee bad coffee peene se acidity ho jaati hai so 1 glass garam doodh dijiye''

Armaan said making everyone surprised with his words especially rahul who never thinks like this taht he should teach muskaan as he knows how she loved driving and everyone is agreed with armaan and karan is

Ka:''han rahul beta armaan sahii keh rahaa hai aapko muskaan bitiya ko driving sikha denii chahiye thi beta after all now its your responsibility''

Ra:''yes dad i am sorry i am sorry muskaan mujhe sikhana chahiye tha''

Mu:''its ohk rahul tuu bhi busy rehta hai naa koi baat nahin''

Rahul said agreeing with everyone now its his duty to see muskaan's happiness and completes his responsibilities and muskaan replied understanding he is busy so he may be does not have time for this


Ar:''oye sorry se kam nahin chalega tuu promise kar muskii se kal se roz subhh ose driving lessons kee liyye le jaayega aur with in few days she is perfect aur fir humein aisii koi problem nahin hogii kyoon mom hai naa''

He said and nandini nodded with a smile hearing her darling son's suggestion and riddhima looked at her darling husband lovingly he is the one who can think like this even rahul cannot think like these are the things which makes him seprate from any other persons and she feels with each and every passing second as she founds she is knowing him just

Na:''han maani sahii keh rahaa hai rahul beta now its your responsibility to make sure she will take care of herself as she expertise in driving''

Ra:''jii mom aab mai muskaan koo achee se drving sikha doonga''

Ar:''yeh hui naa baat chal muskii zyada daanta naa isnein tou tell mee''

Mu:''sure hero iskii complaint mai tujhse hii kar sakti hun''

All chuckled at this while rahul frowned fakely and then nikki

Ni:''achaa fine yeh sab bad meiin ridzi bhabzz aap cake bnanae vaali thi naa jab mai college se ayi ban gayya aab aap aapna cake tou khilla dijiye itnee saare emotions meiin mujhe tou zabardast bhookh lag ayi hai please''

Ri:''han nikki bas thodi der meiin tayar hoo jaata hai''

She replied as everyone settled and riddhima tried to walk in kitchen

Na:''riddhima abhie vahin baith jaa koi kam nahin chot lagi hai tujhe''

Ri:''mom mai theek hun sachii meiin i am totally fine''

And before anyone can say anything nikki said that

Ni:'' ridzi bhabzz we know aap theek hai par bhaii kii itnii daant digest karne kee liyye ek cup coffee pi lijiye you know bhaii is so scary ''

Mu:''bilkul sahii nikki ridzi hero kii daant pachane ko ek cup coffee tou banti hai yar kaka aap riddhima kee liyye ek cup coffee la dijiye please''

As they hi-fived and teased riddhima armaan is still feeling guilty as he scolded her for no fault of hers but still as kaka turned to go he said

Ar:''nahin kaka aap iskee liyye garam doodh layiye ek glass ise medicine kee bad coffee peene se acidity ho jaati hai so 1 glass garam doodh dijiye''

He said as he knows his basket can not handle medicine without the hot milk and everyone looked at him in surprise as he states the fact that riddhima need hot milk as kaka went inside kitchen armaan looked at everyone who is looking at him with surprise in their eyes except riddhima because she knows her armaan knows her well too but what surprise her that he still remembers that little thing of hers and then he

Ar:''what happened kya hua guyss anything wrong mom-dad nikki?''

He said looking at all of his family who is looking at him with shock written all over their faces and hearing armaan's words their trance breaks with a smile appeared on their lips completely and purely.


Will She Becomes Riddhima Armaan Mallik In every Senses?

Or Something Going To Happen?

Ar:''she is very precious to me''

Ar:''Kya Riddhima is time par so rahii hai vo theek to hai naa?''

Ri:''please armaan samjho naa.''

Milan Abhie Aadha Adhoora Hai

Ar:''tum kya chahti ho riddhima?''

Ar:''matlab tum meree saath nahin aaogi''

Ar:''yeh sab meree saath hii kyoon hotaa hai?''


Ar:''basket hamara honeymoon pending hai''

Ri:''armaan abhie muskii ko merii jarurat hai''

Ar:''i will miss u jaan''

Is there more problems for them or happiness?

For Finding Answers Stay Tuned

Thanks to all of u for ur precious comments and for pressing tab button


And if u want pms add me to ur buddy list,it will be easier for me to pm u once again thanks to all for ur support



Finally completed friends now please comment friends it really means a lots to me

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Loved loved loveeeddd the part...
Bichari ridz ko kaamakah daant diya..but he also felt guilty..
Love his care for ridz..
Waiting for the malliks to ask them abt the childhood..
Cont soon..


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