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Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR.FF#4 New thread link Pg151 (Page 147)

keenu Groupbie

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Posted: 28 February 2014 at 9:51am | IP Logged
Heyyy 10nquh yaa 4oh the 9yc upda8 it totally awwwsome conttiinuuee sooonnn... Plllzzz :)

anvitasri Senior Member

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Posted: 02 March 2014 at 12:52am | IP Logged
wonderful update. now this time plz give next update soon. plz plz plz dear. want some more mushy moments for armaan and riddhima.
aar123 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 March 2014 at 10:08am | IP Logged
nice part...
..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2014 at 8:09am | IP Logged
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!
i want update update do ...!!!!ss
keenu Groupbie

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Posted: 07 April 2014 at 8:46am | IP Logged
Plzz upoda8 dis 1ne also..
I ' m dying to read dis 1ne..
Plz ma'm
its a request...:|
fragnantdreams Groupbie

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Posted: 07 April 2014 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
waiting for the next part
desir IF-Dazzler

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desir IF-Dazzler

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        Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

                        Part 58 (A)

                                 After an hour or so mallik family is still in the living room enjoying their chit chats happily as no body needs to go anywhere from there they are sitting like this after so many days its that armaan and riddhima is on honeymoon and then before that they are having that tough time so they are relaxed so much and its the family time for all of them and
Ar:''acha guys aap logon ko nahiin lagta kii aap logon ko ghar dekha chahiye yaar maine itni mehnat karii hain dekh tou lijiye sabko aapna ghar pasand aya ya nahiin especially aapne appne rooms''
He said catching everybody's attention and everybody looked at him and then muskaan
Mu:''nahiin hero kya zarurat hain aur abhie humara sabke saath yehin baithne ka mood hain''
She said and then nikki too replied as she puts her head in karan's lap karan caressed her head and
Ni:''han bhai muski bhabhi sahi keh rahii hain aaram se jaayenge naa aur humra hii ghar hain bhai after all naa''
Ra:''yup ammy they are right aab tou aapne ghar aa hii gayye hain aur aabki baar humare ghar ko kuch nahiin hoga yar ammy''
Ar:''off course rahul mom-dad i promise aabki baar kuch nahiin hoga dad mom i''
But he is cut short in between as nandini and karan knows where he is hinting
Ka:''no armaan beta please aab nahiin hum sab bhull chuke hain ose please let it be''
Na:''han aur mere maani ke hote hue kuch bhi nahiin hoga i trust him''
She said affectionately and armaan hugged his parents as he gets up and knee led in front of his parents and riddhima looked at him and her family she knows how much that incident affects him it still affects him and she knows she has to bring him back and let him feels that its not his fault at all though he says that he understands it but she knows from his heart he still has to accept it but she makes sure that horrible memories which haunted him erased completely and this is her motive she can't see him again and again thinking about that past that horrible day and she keeps on looking at him then her trance breaks with muskaan's voice as
Mu:''oye ridzi tuu kahan kho gayyi chal naa yeh hero humein jeene nahiin dega ghar dekh lete haiin kii isne kya kiyya hain han''
She said and riddhima looked at him as she can say armaan managed to agree everybody to look at their house and as everybody stands riddhima herself gets up and then they started from they reached in the dining area and they smiled seeing the lavish big glass dining table along with lots of chairs and then the plants in the corners and the big glass almirhas are side for the placing of crockery and it is more spacious than before and seeing its architecht and
Mu:''vaoww ammy humara dining area tou pehle se bhi bahut achaa hain its so spacious now kyoon nikki hain naa yar''
Ni:''han bhabhi bahut achha hain aur bhaii these almirahs it has superb glasses and the placements''
Ar:''thanks par merii pyaari sii mom ko pasand aya kya yar''
He asked as he put his arms around her shoulders and
Na:''off course mera pyaara maani kuch karen aur mujhe pasand naa aye aisa ho sakta hain aur tujhe secret batao yeh same dining table hain jo mujhe pasand aya tha aur main ise lena chahti thi kab se so thank you my son''
A:'' areey mom mujhe thank you bolengi aab aap aapne maani ko''
Na:''ok no thanks but i love you my baby yeh tou chalega naa''
A:''off course dodega i love you too mom''
And then as everybody smiled seeing the scene between mom and son and as they muskaan
Mu:''aab naa dining area dekh kar mujhse sabar hii nahiin ho rahaa baaki ka ghar dekhne ko yaar hero i knows tune sab bahut perfect kiyya hogaa yaar''
Ar:''aab vo tou tujhe dekh kar hii pata chalega muskii so enjoy muski''
Ka:''vaise kids main soch raha tha its almost afternoon aab hum sab logon ko thoda rest karna chahiye armaan aur riddhima bhi raat ke thake hain aur gharr hum aaram se dekh paayenge aur raat ko bhi party hain ok''
Na:''han yeh karan theek keh rahein thodi der hum sab ko rest karna chahiye naa''
Ni:''yea mom dad atleast hum sab aapne rooms dekh paayenge i am so excited''
And everybody smiled seeing her enthuaism and then rahul said
Ra:''yeah yeh theek rahega ammy aur riddhima ko tou rest chahiye inko jet lag bhi hoga so hum chalte hain rest karne yeh theek rahega aur fir lunch saath meiin karenge kyoon mom naa''
Na:''off course rahul''
And then everybody moved towards their room and then armaan looked at his darling wifey who is so much in looking somewhere especially to their family with that big smile adoring her face and then he moved closer to her and put his arm around her waist and riddhima looked at him as she feels his arm embraced her from waist and then he heard his deep husky voice in her ear as he just
Ar:''merii beautiful sii pyaari sii basket kya soch rahi hain han jan''
He said and riddhima leaned on his shoulder and then speaks up
Ri:''kuch bhi tou nahiin armaan bas aapni family ko dekh rahii thi sab kitne khush hain naa aaj sirff tumhari kaaran se armaan baby''
She said and armaan smiled and then he kissed her on her cheek and
Ar:''maine kuch bhi nahiin kiyya tumhare bina tou main kuch bhi nahiin kar sakta hun you are my strength my jaan merii basket merii riddhima jaan''
Ar:''kya armaan sach hii tou kaha naa aab dekho yeh humara dining table merii riddhima ne hii tou mujhe bataya kii yeh mom ko bahut pasand aya tha aur aaj ise dekh kar mom ke chehre kii smile dekh kar i so love you riddhima you are the best riddhima''
Ri:''love you too''
She said and armaan placed a kiss on the nook of her forhead making her smile. And then seeing her again looking at something and then smiling to herself armaan looked at her and then asked
Ar:''kya hua basket akele akele kyoon hans rahii ho jaan han''
He asked as he takes her in his arms and then riddhima looked in his eyes and then shakes her head and then replied to him sweetly
Ri:''kuch nahiin armaan mujhe naa achanak se vo din yad aa gayya jab mom dad Delhi gayye the naa remember''
Armaan nodded as he clearly remembered that day best days in his life and then he
Ar:''yea basket yaad hain oos din ko main kaise bhul sakta hun merii zindagi kii kitni romantic subhh thi vo basket sachii i love it''
He said as he remembered their morning encounter that day and knowing armaan's hint and she blushed remembering their hot and passionate moments that day on the beach and then she just
Ri:''kya armaan tum bhi naa bas badmashi hii soojhti hain tumhe main kuch aur soch rahii thi armaan tum naa bas rehne hii do''
She said as she tried to move away from her but armaan tightened his hold around her waist and then whispered huskily in her ears
Ar:''aab kya karun mujhe tou aapni itnii khoobsoorat aur sexy jaan ke alwa par tum kya soch rahii thi aapne husband ke alwa han''
Ri:''kuch bhi nahiin armaan main bas oos din ke baare meiin soch rahii thi jis din mom aur dad Delhi gayye the naa aur i come to your office to give you and rahul bhayiya lunch naa remember han''
She said looking in his eyes and armaan nodded remembering that day the day she comes to met him in the office and their romance
Ar:''off course i remember yar merii biwii oos din kitni khoobsoorat lag rahii thi oos din blue saree meiin haye basket i''
But he is cut short as riddhima stopped him punching lightly in his chest
Ri:''chupap armaan tum naa fir shuru ho gayye naa bas kao tum abhie''
She said and armaan smiled and then kissing her forhead sweetly he
Ar:''ok baby aab main kuch nahiin bolunga i promise no teasing tell me batao aisa kya hua tha jo meri biwii ose remember karke itni khush ho rahii hain''
Ri:''nahiin main nahiin bata rahii tum bas mujhe chedte rehte ho armaan''
Ar:''aww my baby aab main koi badmashi nahiin karungi koi teasing nahiin sachi meiin love''
He said looking in her eyes and riddhima pointed her finger to him and then she just
Ri:''pakka promise aab nahiin shaitani karoge naa armaan promise kar rahein ho''
Ar:''han promise jaan''
She asked sweetly and armaan replied with so much love and with kiss on her cheek and
Ar:''aab batao naa jaan kya hua tha oos din baby''
He asked and riddhima smiled and then she smiled and then she started as she again go back in the memory lane of 45 days ago
Flashback 45 days ago
Riddhima after meeting armaan goes directly to nikki's college to pick her up as she saw its almost time of getting her exam over and as she reached and parked the car she gets down from the car instead of sitting in the car ideally as she entered in the college premises she saw youngsters moving from here and there and coming from classes and discussing the papers must be she smiled remembering her college days how she comes always holding her paper and thinking about armaan and then she always closed her eyes after giving her exam and always see his reflection in her eyes
Ri:''aaj armaan tumhare sapne ko poora karne meiin maine aapna kadam aage badhaya hain hope humesha tumhari tarah god bhi merii help karenge i love you armaan i miss you armaan so much i need you armaan''
She always said in her heart after giving her exam remembering him and then how she always comes back to reality always sudden voice shouting voice of samrat as he always 
Sa:''ridzi yaar tuu pata nahiin kya soch rahii thi mujhe bata naa iska kya answer likha haiin tune bata naa ridzi itna bhav kyoon kha rahii hain han''
He always shouted and till then the gang always joined them and teasing samrat mayank always
Ma:''riddhima bhav nahiin kha rahii hain tuu roz kii tarah ooska sar kha rahaa hain answers pooch kar kar sahii meiin yar''
Nu:''by god samrat kabhie kabhie tujhe dekh kar lagta hii nahiin tuu itna bad stud hain exams meiin girls kii tarah behave karta hain jab tak ridzi se saara paper discuss nahiin karta tujhe chain nahiin padta naa samii''
She said and they laughed seeing him and its always riddhima she speaks in between
Ri:''ok cut it guys samrat yes yeh answer sahii hain aab tum sab ooski taang kheenchna band karo guys aur samrat you are best gunji samjha ise ainvey hii tension liyye jaa rahaa hain yeh gunji bol naa ise''
She said to gunjan as she knows love can do its magics and 
Gu:''han samrat ridzi is right tum tension mat lo you are going to do best so please tension mat lo you always do your best naa so dont take tension''
She said and as always samrat nodded and riddhima always smiled seeing this and she knows this is love true love and then as they always heard nupur's trademark
Nu:''aye hayye kya pyaar hain''
She used to remember armaan so much and how she do wished that armaan 'll be along her and she'll tell everybody that he is her armaan and they can say the same thing about their love off course and she just
Ri(in her heart):''armaan kahan ho tum jaldi aao na mujhe tumhe aapne sab doston se milwana hain fir sab kahenge kii riddhima ke armaan jaisa pyaar koi kisii se nahiin kar sakta hain i so love you armaan i miss you i need you jaldi se mil jao aab tum mujhe armaan i''
She remembered all this and she is so right her armaan loved her so much and her heart goes to the memory of their encounters and then her trance breaks as she finds nikki coming along her friends and seeing her she happily smiled to her and riddhima smiled back and then as she reached near her riddhima asked her that
Ri:''hey nikki how is your exam sweetheart''
Ni:''its good bhabzz and bhabzz yeh mere friends hain and guys yeh merii pyaari sii aur sabse achii sii hain riddhima bhabzz hain''
She said as she introduced her friends to her and meeting nikki's friends warmly and after inviting them to their home riddhima moved outside and makes her way towards the car along nikki and after settling in the car riddhima handled nikki cup of steaming coffee and nikki takes and looked at her bhabzz enquiringly and
Ni:''bhabzz yeh kya hain''
Ri:''for you kidoo your favorite coffee hain bacha drink it kidoo''
Ni:''han bhabzz lekin kya zarurat thi''
Ri:''kidoo you are almost hungry from morning and its evening you need it baby and moreover its cold outside so have it baby ok''
She said and nikki hugged her bhabzz she is so adorable and
Ni:''i love you so much bhabzz you are the best bhabzz''
Ri:''i love you baby but for this coffee you have to thanked to bhaii not me baby k''
She said back as she put on her seat belt and start to drive to home and
Ni:''bhaii ko bhabzz kyoon lekin''
She asked as she put her seat belt confused
Ri:''yup kidoo maine bola tha tumharii coffee ke liyye that i get on my way to your college jab i go to office mujhe rahul bhayiya aur inka lunch bhi dena tha tou your bhaii ordered this there from starbucks your favorite coffee kidoo so you thanked him not me baby''
She said revealing the truth and nikki smiled knowing her bhaii and
Ni:''aww bhabhi i so love you and bhaii aur bhaii ko thanks main abhie bolti hun saath meiin'll tell about my exam also bhabzz''
She said and as she pulled out her phone to call armaan and riddhima smiled seeing her husband and his sister;s love and here nikki as pulls out her phone suddenly her gaze fells on riddhima's phone and devil plan comes into her mind and she smiled and asked her bhabzz so sweetly knowing that her bhabzz never say no
to her and
Ni:''bhabzz main bhaii ko aapke cell se call kar lun please bhabzz'''
Ri:''off course nikii yeh bhi koi poochne kii baat hain kidoo go on baby''
And as expected riddhima said yes and gives in not doubting on her devil prank and nikki jumped in her heart and then she called her bhaii and as expected armaan picked the call in few rings and 
Ar:''han nikki bol kaisa gayya tera paper aur coffee mill gayyi naa tujhe''
He asked not even letting nikki speak and nikki is shocked how on the earth he knows it she not her bhabzz and how her plan back fired she is so astonished that she did not reacted for seconds and
Ri:''nikki your bhaii is on call talk to him baby he is on line baby''
Riddhima called her as finds her not at all replying and she is surprised that she is not answering but why and as riddhima called her nikki comes back to earth and then she replied to her bhaii
Ni:''yea bhaii my exam is good and thanks for the coffee i get it thanks bhaii i love you''
She said and still surprised 

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