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Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR.FF#4 New thread link Pg151 (Page 139)

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Kaha ho aap?? Niki di

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Update soon

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Update soon...

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Want updatee please

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Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

Part 58 (A)

And seeing them like that riddhima thinks to interrupted them as she knows her loving family well as surely they now start arguing over it and she surely dont need this right now its mom's birthday so she just
Ri:"ok ok fine aab please rahul bhayiya maine hii mana kiyya tha papa aur mom kii vo aap logon ko kuch na bataye so please aab hum iss baare meiin baad meiin bat karenge abhie mom ka birthday hain pooja kar len please"
She said taking everyone's attention towards herself and as then everyone nodded as they proceeds towards the small temple built near the entrance and then riddhima handled her pooja thall and nandini happily did the aarti and riddhima stands beside armaan who seems to be lost and she looked at him someplace in her heart she is sure about his thinking and she blinked her eyes in reassurance and armaan gives her a small smile he is guilty and then riddhima knows his feelings so she just holds his hand and then takes his one hand in between her both hand as she joined them making armaan smiled showing his charming dimples as she reassured him to her eyes and armaan nods and then put his another hand too on their joined hands and he too closed his eyes to pray and seeing him doing that riddhima too smiled and closed her eyes too pray for her family and for her armaan and after that nandini gives everyone riddhima's made Parsad and aarti to all and then again everyone going to settle in the living room as
Ra:"vaise riddhima tere banaye hue Parsad kii baat hii kuch aur hain naa"
He said as he took some more from riddhima as she has the pooja thall now and then he just
Ri:"nahin rahul bhayia vo tou bas bhagwan ke liyye banao tou aapnein aap achii ho jaayi hain fir yeh you parsad hain naa bhayiya"
She said softly and then again all looked at her and shakes her head this girl never changed cant hear her  praise at all and
Ar:"basket leave it tum kabhie nahiin badlogi  aur aap sab vahan kahan baithne jaa rahein hain chaliye i have mom's birthday gift as a surprise for all of you remember mom dad maine aur riddhima ne raat meiin kaha tha"
He said catching everyone's attention and hearing him nikki jumped as
Ni:" vaoww bhaii birthday mom ka hain aur hum sab ko bhii surprise milne vaala hain kya hain gifts"
She said getting all excited and all smiled seeing her enthusiasm and then muskii added
Mu:"ya fir ridzi tuu aur hero humein mom ke birthday par good news dene vaale ho han kyoon bolo"
She said making riddhima's cheeks turned red as she feels heat rushing to her cheeks as armaan too a bit apprehensive hearing muskaan's comment he feels like blushing and he looked at her oh she too just
Ar:"oyye aisa kuch nahiin hain aur enough of your stupid guesses aab bahar chaliye mom aapka gift aur inka surprise intezar kar raha haiin hum sab ka so please mere pyaare bhaii aur bhabhi aur behen chalo na"
He said as rahul start looking at him he just about to speaks up as
Ra:"lekin armaan hum"
Ar:"rahul please yar chal naa aur mom chodiye inhein questions karte rehne do  hum aap main aur dad chalte hain ok"
He said as he leads nandini towards the door as a smiling karan too followed them and then he heard
Ni:"aise kaise bhaii aapnein abhi bola naa kii hum logon ke liyye bhi surprise hain tou hum bhi aayenge na"
Ar:"han tou maine kab mana kiyya tum log hii kabse question karne meiin busy ho kyoon dadu raool"
He teased rahul and as they all started to go outside rahul shouted at him then
Ra:"han jaa naa mujhe merii riddhima batayegi kii surprise kya hain kyoon riddhima so mat bata"
He said playing his master card as he starts walking with riddhima and muskaan as riddhima nodded as
Ar:"yeah sure vaise biwi sahiba poora surprise tou aapko bhii nahin pata tou kya batayengi aap aapneinq pyaare darling Rahul bhayiya ko han"
He said as a smirk on his face and riddhima  too shocked she even did not knows full surprise and seeing her surprised and confused look armaan gives her a wink and she has her mouth opened and
Ar:"aab tum sab chaloge ya hum log akele hii jaayen han bolo naa"
He said as nandini mom and karan papa already settled in the car and then just not replying everyone moved towards car and start settling as armaan knows the surprise destination only an as riddhima is going to sit with muskaan and rahul at back seat nikki butted in saying that
Ni:''sorry bhabzz house full aap aage baithye naa''
She said as the trio seated at back seat and riddhima smiled and then moved towards in the middle seat along with karan and nandini
Na:''no riddhima beta aap maani ke saath aage baithye naa bacha''
Riddhima looked at nandini and then and then she speaks
Ri:''nahin mom aap baitho naa vaise bhi surprise aapke liyye hain mom tou aur vaise bhi aaj aapka Birthday hain so aap baitho main papa ke saath peeche baithungi chaliye papa aur no arguements from you papa''
She said and karan smiled and then nodded and then both a pure father and duo settled in the middle seat closing the door and nandini looked at them in pure surprise
Na:''karan yeh tou pagal hain aap bhi iske saath pagal ho rahein hain aaj kya''
Ka:''sorry sweetheart but kya hain naa main aapni betii ke orders ke khilaf nahin jaa sakta hun''
He said and nandini pouted and she suddenly speaks up saying
Na:''karan aap naa''
But before she can continue armaan butted in saying
Ar:''chodiye naa mom yeh nahin maanege aab aap mere paas ayiye naa vaise bhii aaj mujhe bhii aapni pyaari sii mom ko oona giftl pehle dikhana hain naa so''
Na:''par maani main''
Ar:''aab merii pyaari sii beautiful birthday girl mere pas nahin baithegi kya please naa birthday girl''
He said bending in front of her and nandini smiled and then she settled in passenger seat as armaan opened the door for his mother and then armaan settled on driver seat and as he looked at his lady love from the mirror he smiled at her as riddhima returned the smile to him the contended smile adoring on everyone's faces.
After few minutes of journey chit chatting the Mallik Family they finally arrived the destination of theirs and then armaan requested everyone to close their eyes
Ar:''aab please sab log close your eyes no cheating ok muskii samjhi naa''
Mu:''kya yar hero tujhe kya lagta hain main cheating karti hun kya''
Ar:''han muski mujhe lagta hain aise''
He said everyone giggled and muskaan just whined hearing him and she just
Mu:''ridzi dekh naa ise''
And as all expected here comes riddhima's reply as she just
Ri:''aap kyoon ose parehan kar rahein hain''

She looked at karan and smiled and nodded to her and then while armaan, rahul, nikki, riddhima and muskaan exchanged looked whats going on here so before any one of them speaks as armaan
Ar:''mom matlab aap''
But he is just cut short in between as nandini speaks in between as
Na:''hum akele nahin jaayenge hum aandar aayenge par aisee kyoon karan''
She said and karan smiled and blinked his eyes and next moment nandini holds her maani's hands in her free hand while karan holds riddhima's in his free hand and then understanding them armaan forwards his hand to muskii as she smiled and entwined her arm along with armaan and smilingly as riddhima entwined her arm with her darling rahul bhayiya nikki looked all of them and pouted as she feels she forgot her but no actually and everyone smiled as karan moved a bit and in next moment nikki is in between her dad and her bhabzz she smiled widely and just that all mallik family moved towards the enterance of Mallik Mansion's doors with big smile adoring their faces and all of them looks so happy and as armaan and riddhima's eyes met their smile even grew wider as they saw their family's smile back on their faces which they missed and riddhima blinked her eyes knowing how armaan is feeling somewhere she too feels the same but to makes him feel better she slowly just pressed her lips and armaan knows well his heart knows that she mouthed him i love you' which makes dimpled smile on his face and he winked at her and she blushed and soon they are at the enterance door of Mallik Mansion and armaan then stopped everyone as everyone looked at him questioningly and karan asked
Ka:''armaan kya hua why you stopped all of us so sudden?''
Ar:'' yea dad yahan tak tou hum jaise aap aur mom chahte the vaise aaye par aage aab jaise hum kahenge vaise aapko aur mom ko ana padega''
He said and winked at rahul who understands as he remembered they discussed this thing over the phone and so he too speaks up as
Ra:''yeah mom dad armaan is right aab yahan se jaise aapke bache kahene vaise hii aap chalenge so humne aapki baat maani aab aapko manani padegi ok''
He said and karan and nandini both looked at their children  don't know what is going in their head and nandini is about to ask as she
Na:''par kya bol rahein ho tum maani rahul nikki tujhe bhi pata hain''
And in reply nikki too nodded with a smile and nandini shakes her head of everyone knows then it must be something as all three children involved in this and then she finally asked to them as
Na:''par batao tou baat kya hain''
Ka:''han yar bolo tou kuch'
And all of them smiled and then armaan answered as he just
Ar:''offcourse baatayenge naa''
Ni:''after all aapke liyye hain naa''
Ra:''yeah sirff aapke liyye hain yeh''
Ar:''there you go mom aapka surprise''

And as armaan makes nandini looked at the door and there they saw muskaan and riddhima coming in all this caous they actually don't know when muskaan and riddhima slipped from there and as soon they comes closer they are shocked to see as
Na:''riddhima muskaan yeh sab kya hain beta han''
Ka:''humein kuch samah nahin aa raha haiin beta''
Ri:''kuch nahiin papa aapke aur mom ka greh parvesh karvana hain bas''
Mu:''yup so come in''
And karan and nandini shocked as they actually saw muskaan is carrying a aarti thall as riddhima actually placed a rice filled kalash at the enterance of the door and they are shocked beyond limits and nandini is the one who recovered from her shock so she speaks as
Na:''yeh sab kya bachpana hain riddhima beta yeh sab tou hain hii pagal but aap bacha aap bhi in sab ke saath pagal ho gayye hain kya''
She said as she looked everyone's faces she knows all her children are knwon for doing as much childish things as much they can but she knows riddhima is sensible ad she off course did not expect from this from her so she directly asked from her only and
Ri:''mom main vo''
But she is cut short in between armaan's voice as
Ar:''kya mom kya bachpana kiyya kya hain humne hum bas aapka sawagat karna chahte hain aapke iss ghar meiin aur kya kiyya hain''
Ka:''yeah armaan but beta vo tou simply hum sab saath meiin aandar jaakar bhi kar sakte the naa this is not done beta armaan''
He also that as he finds they are acting like childish and
Ra:''kyoon dad hum bhi tou bas aapne parents kaa aapni khsuhi se jaise hum chahte hain ootne ache se kar saken humein itna bhi haq nahin hain kya''
He said looking at them and then nikki too added cheerfully
Ni:''vaise bhi humne aapka original greh parvesh nahin dekha naa so please mom dad''
Mu:''han mom dad hum log aapko ek saath bilkul pehle jaise aandar ate dekhna chahte hain please''
They all said and armaan looked at his parents's face expressions who yet not seemed to be convinced enough so he finally speaks up
Ar:''theek hain aagar aapko aise nahiin ana hain tou rehne dijiye hum aapko force nahiin karenge main bas sirff aapko vo khushiyan lautana chahta tha jo kahiin naa kahiin mere kaaran aap logon se dur ho gayyi thi mere hii kaaran aapko iss gharr se humare gharr se dur hona pade isiliyye main bas chahta tha kii aap doow ka pehla kadam iss gharr meiin vaise hii ho jaise salon pehle the jis se kam se kam main aapke chehre kii vo muskaan dekh kar aapna guilt kam kar sakun kii mere kaaran aapko yeh sab sehna pada but its ohk aagar aap yeh sab nahiin karna chahte ho its totally fine main aap logon ko kabhie aapke against force nahiin karunga koi baat nahiin hum sab saath meiin hii aandar jaayenge chaliye aayiye mom chal rahul riddhima let mom dad enter come on mom come on dad''
He said and riddhima looked at him as she can feels that mositeness in his voice as she knows how he is trying to forgot everything though its not his mistake but still he is armaan taking blame on himself she just moved a little to him and then she smiled and karan and nandini looked at each-other they knows armaan hurts and everyone else too feels that armaan is still blaming himself and
Na:''riddhima beta aap aur muskaan abhie tak rooke kyoon ho jaldi se humara sawagat kijiye mujhe aapne gharr meiin jaana hain pehle ke jaise bilkul''
Ka:''han aur mujhe aandar jaakar aapno favourite chair par baithkar riddhima ke haath kii garama garam chai bhi peeni hain so''
They said and all of them looked at them and their faces broke into a big smile and riddhima moved forward and then as she holds karan and nanidni's hands in hers she speaks in slow soft voice
Ri:''humare bachpane meiin bhi humare mom- papa ke liyye pyaar hain aur humare pas duniye ke best mom -papa hain jo humare bachpane ko bhi poora karte hain aur vaise bhi jab tak hum sab saath hain yeh bachpana ho ya pagalpan yeh hum sab kii khusi aur hum sab ke chehre par muskaan laata hain aur hum sab ko yeh sab chota bachpana hii aapad meiin jod deta hain tou yeh bachpana bade honein se zayada sundar hota hain naa''
She said and everyone smiled hearing her the soft spoken riddhima always put everyone's feeling in her small short words and then they
Ra:''chalo aab baaki ka sentinemnt scene aandar jaakar karen bahut ho gayya khade hone ka bahar ka i tell you nikki main aapne hii
gharr ke door par aaj pehli baar itnii der tak khada raha hun yaar''
Ni:''true bhaii though i love my home's door but this long i am tired''
They said and hi fived with each-other making small faces and everyone smiled seeing their nautanki and riddhima looked at armaan and then seeing her he nodded and finally speaks up as
Ar:''oh ho yar tum log samjahte nahiin ho new bride groom hain time tou lenge hii aur hum baarati hain humein khade hona hii padega naa yaar''
He said winking at them and nandini blushed while karan shakes his head knowing his son's nautanki and then they heard a small
Na:''maani tuu naa''
But she is cut short with riddhima's words as she knows all of them
Ri:''mom papa aayiye naa''
As she grabbed their attention as muskaan start doing their Aarti and placed the tilka on karan's forhead and then nandini's and then takes their blessings its just a beautiful thing happening two daughter-in-laws welcoming their mother-in-law and father-in-law and as she moved away they saw riddhima placed the kalash in front of nandini and they smiled and nandini holds karan's hands as she entered that time with him just teh difference is this time she entered with her kids too as she kicked the kalash with right foot and put her feet inside she just feels she is home her home and then as riddhima gets their blessing she hugged all her children for this beautiful surprise they are best children one can ask in this world and she loved them so much and finally the family shared a big hug.
And finally after few minutes when nandini two welcomed her both daughter-in-law in same manner along with her both sons and nikki all of them were sitting in the big loungs after having the Pooja in the Mallik Mansion of nandini's birthday and as they sit in the lounge finally nandini asked from armaan as she is gawking at her house
Na:''maani tujhe nahin lagta kii humara living room pehle se kuch zayda bada ho gayya hain nahiin karan aur yeh dining room bhi''
She said looking at karan as armaan is laying in one couch and karan nodded too he too is thinking about this only and then nikki
Ni:''yeah mom mujhe bhi yehii lag raha haiin kabse''
She said as she is sitting in her favourite position on parpet while leaning her back on rahul's legs who is sitting on two seater and
Mu:''yup me too mujhe bhi bata hero abhie tak maine socha bas mujhe hii yeh feeling aa rahii hain may be hum itnein din baad aapnin gharr aye hain so but aab mom ko lag raha haiin that meant i am right so aab hero chal spill the beans sach sach batana han''
She said as she leaned on rahul's shoulder crossing her legs on couch and then hearing everyone rahul too speaks up as he after all
Ra:''han ammy maine pehle bhi tujhse poocha tha tab tune kaha tha sabkse saath batayega aab mujhe hi bata bahut hide and seek hogi''
He said and then armaan smiled looking all of them and his dad now even he too speaks up seeing him smiling and then he asked as
Ka:''yeah buddy bahut ho gayye surprised now answers please naa''
He said and armaan nodded and then he moved a bit and then he forwards his hand and pulled riddhima to the couch as she just comes from the kitchen getting coffees and tea for them respectively and riddhima is too shocked from his move as he pulled her in front of all their family shamelessly and all of them smiled seeing him and before she even thinks of getting up armaan placed his head in her lap making her more blushed as she turned beetroot red and then he placed his elbow on her thigh and looked at all their family
Na:''maani bata naa''
Ar:''han mom dad vo aap sab ne bilkul sahii observe kiyya hain actually dad jab vo sab hua aur maine socha sirff vo gharr ka vo part hii nahiin poora gharr renovate kar dete haiin iska reason yeh kii mom kaafi der se renovation bol rahii thi pehle merii shaadi ke time but vo ho nahii paaya (he said looking at riddhima from the corner of his eyes but she as always gives him a smile and put his hand on his back as there no one can see) aur fir rahul kii shaadi ke time humare paas time hii kahan tha iskii shaadi tou jaldi ho gayyi so isiliyye aur baaki main nahiin chahta tha kii humare iss ghaar meiin oos haadse kii koi bhi yad ho jo humein itna dard itni takleef detii hain so dad vo jo humari saath kii donow properties thi naa vo maine humare gharr meiin hii jod dii hope aapko boora nahiin laga naa maine aapse bina pooche kiyya dad so sorry about that aur mom maine aapko bhi nahiin bataya aur vo properties use karne se pehle kisii se share bhi nahiin kiyya but i just did for our house''
He said and all of them looked at him he is just his kind the properties he is talking about is his only he makes them and purchase them only from his own money there is no single penny of anyone else's in that and still he is saying sorry that he did not informed any of them they all smiled and nandini shakes her head
knowing her perfect son and then karan smilingly said to him that a
Ka:''armaan buddy tuu pagal hain kya tujh oon properties ke liyye kissi kii permission kii zarurat kabhie thi hii nahiin vo terii hain beta aur vo terii hii rahengi par oolta naraz mujhe hona chahiye kii tune aapni properties aisee hii use kar dii aise nahiin karna tha naa''
He said but he is left cut short in between as armaan speaks up that
Ar:''dad bas vahin ruk jayiye aur kuch nahiin sunana hain mujhe kya mera han iss gharr meiin aap donow hii kehte hain naa kii sab humara hain aur maine aapne ghar ke liiye kiyya sab aur aapni mom ke liyye yeh sab yad hain naa dad mom ko gharr kea age bade garden ka kitna shownk tha but hum sab itnein busy ho gayye kii oonke is choti sii famayish ko poora nahiin kar paaye but jab aaj mujhe laga kii hum kar sakte hain tou kyoon nahhin so here it is aur mere aapnein bahii behen aur muskaan ke liyye kiyya maine yeh sab  mere hain infact inn sab kaa tou merii har cheej par mujhse pehle haq hain aur aapko poochne kii zarurat nahiin thi kyunki aap karne nahiin dete mujhe kabhie bhi kyunki aap naa bas best dad ho naa''
He said pouting and all of them smiled hearing him he is best and he actually skipped riddhima's name when he said its all of them right on all his things even before his not that he forgets but she is his part so he knows what he said she too said so of words are his and she proved this by caressing his cheek and smiled at him and then rahul moved closer and then he hugged him in that position
Ra:''ammy tu best hain iss duuniya kaa best bhaii hain tujh jaise koi nahiin ho sakta hain iss duniya meiin i am just so happy ammy i''
He is cut short in between by none other than armaan himself as
Ar:''han han rahul riddhima mallik vo tou main hun hii so no need''

Is there more problems for them or happiness?

For Finding Answers Stay Tuned

Thanks to all of u for ur precious comments and for pressing tab button

And yes well the precap which is i am giving from one year will this going  to be actually happen so this is just going to be surprise.So i guess big shock nahin 45 days leap but kya karun sab zayda hii lovey-dovey ho gayya tha tou socha thoda aage chalte hain and i really did it sorry han par i promise yeh 45 days unfold honge jaise thoda sa iss part meiin hua will see you in comments kar dena comments please guyss aur mujhe batana kii Mallik Mansion 45 days kee baad sab kaise lag rahein hain i mean aapke criticisms are as always welcome with opened heart so do share your views bye.


And if u want pms add me to ur buddy list,it will be easier for me to pm u once again thanks to all for ur support



Finally completed friends now please comment friends it really means a lots to me so do comment please

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