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                                  Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

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(Part dedicated to Geet aka sweetdesir as today is her Birthday Wish you a very-very Happy Birthday Geet May God Bless You) 

After 45 days

There is something going in one of the bed rooms of Mallik Mansion and as there are some nosies there and just to see it's none other than Karan Mallik who is leaning towards his darling wifey's shoulder and then whispering in her ear softly while caressing her face

Ka:''Happy Birthay Nandu''

And that moment feeling his soft touch as well his soft kiss on her cheek and then she opened her eyes lightly and seeing the love of her life in front of her eyes as always she gives that bright smile of hers as usual after all he is the one the reason of her lie, her happiness and then she engulfed her arms around his neck and then as she thanked him while saying and kissing his forhead

Na:''thank you so muck karan i love you''

Ka:''ahan i love you too Mrs.Mallik''

And then he takes her in a kiss and she repeonded and after few minutes when she breaks the kiss she just hits him on his back while blushing and then

Na:''kya karan tum bhi naa is age meiin bhi tumhe''

Ka:''kya yaar is age meiin nandu vaise bhi itnii beautiful wifey ke saath tou romance banta hain aur vaise bhi mujhe lagta hain tum aaj hii 20 kii hui ho zara dekho tou tum sweetheart''

Na:''karan tum naa hatoo beta HoneyMoon par gayya hua hain kcuh tou sharam karoo''

Ka:''so what tum kaho tou hum bhi chalein vaise not a bad idea nandu just WE''

And then he hugged her and after almost one hour they are still busy in each-other when suddenly nandini heard some voices as then she just

Na:''karan you heard that nosie''

Ka:''no nandu i did not heard anything except Our Love Nandu''

As she shakes him karan just replied while hugging her close to his body but nandini pushed him a little aside and then she just gets up

Ka:''nandu yaar tum''

Na:''no karan there is someone in balcony''

Ka:''offo yaar this year your darling son is not here so who will comes to wish you after one hour that through balcony come on nandu''

Na:''karan i know''

Ka:''so come on naa''

Nandini was thinking something when one hand snaked around her neck and she was startled for a minute and immediately she recognaized the touch and she turned squealed in joy with millon dollar smiles as she finds her MAANI in front of her own eyes and

Ar:''yeh ho sakta hain kii merii MOM ka Birthday ho aur main aapni MOM ko wish naa karun main A VERY-VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM THANKS FOR COMING ON THE EARTH AND BECOMES MY MOM THANKS''

He said while kissing his mom's forhead but only after taking her blessings and nandini kissed his son's forhead while hugging him as

Na:''thanks so much maani''

And karan is happy seeing his wife he knows after his wishes nandini always waited for her children's wishes well especially armaan's as he always barged in their room after one hour of her Birthday starts and then seeing his dad armaan smiled and then only

Ar:''so dad i hope i didn't disturb your romance han"

He said teasing his dad as always and karan smiled hearing him and then moving closer to him armaan bends and takes his blessings and karan while pulling him into his embrace speaks in teasing voice

Ka:''well no not at all i was thinking that if you will not comes you will suely comes so i stopped just few minutes back so son take a chill pill ok''

He said and armaan laughed along with his dad and then they heard nandini's voice who is witnessing the scene of every year and she is happy as she is not at all expecting him this year

Na:''maani tuu beta kab aya mujhe tou pata hii nahin tha vaise bhi tuu aur riddhima tou abhie one week kee baad ane vale the naa maani''

She said and before armaan can reply to his mom's questions karan shoot a next question hearing riddhima's name his darling daughter

Ka:''areey han buddy tuu merii pyaari betii riddhima ko kahan chod kar ayah ain han vo kyoon nahin dikh rahii hain tune oos se jhagra tou nahin kiyya''

And armaan smiled hearing his dad's words he and his love for riddhima and then only he just forwards his hand like a peace and then he speaks in teasing tone as he off course wants to tease his dad as he saying

Ar:''whoops mom see dad is just hypering with the mere thought of his darling daughter-in-law riddhima is not here with me but if i actually left her''

Ka:''stop it armaan tuu humehsa aisii faaltu baatein hii kyoon karta hain aaj itnein din baad aakar bhi yehii sab tuu naa sudherega nahin naa armaan''

Karan actually shouted on him hearing that stupid idiotic talk of his and cut him in between and then only nandini looked at armaan who just winked at his mom that did not went unnoticed by karan and then as

Na:''maani beta today please no more arguemnts''

Ka:''yes nandu tell your son that he has to tell me where my daughter is nandu''

He said and armaan smiled his parents are just out of this world and his father is tou sometimes acts like a kid and then he just hears

Na:''offo karan aap bhi naa maani bechare ke peeche hii pad gayya hain yeh log abhie aye hain tou riddhima rest kar rahii hogii naa aapnein room meiin itnein flight kii tiredness se kyoon mani hain naa''

She said as she thinks riddhima maybe resting in her room as off course she will be tired after the long journey and her maani off course will not be sleep before even wishing her and then karan

Ka:''lekin tab yeh tumhara beta bhi tou tired hain naa fir bhi yeh aya naa humse milne humara romance disturb karne tumhe wish karne naa''

He said and armaan smiled and then only he heard nandini

Na:''lekin karan maani''

Ar:''wait a minute guys mom-dad i have surprise for you guys''

He said cutting them in between and grabbing both of their attention

Na:''vo kya mom''

Ka:''han kya buddy well surprise terii mom ke liyye hona chahiye mere liyye nahin''

Ar:''yea but see''

And then he holds his mom's hands and makes her way towards the balcony where he climbs asking his dad to follow them and as karan follows them and the trip reached there they get surprised they saw riddhima there standing with the big cake in her hands and seeing her karan ran upto her and as he tried to hug her riddhima just placed the cake on the small table and then as karan moved towards her she first bends to his feet and takes his blessings and karan happily giving her his blessings engulfed his darling daughter-in-law in his arms with all his fathery affection and then he softly speaks to her as

Ka:''kaisi hain merii pyaari sii bitiya pata haiin riddhima i missed you so much in 27 days meiin i missed you so much i feels like i just called you up and say that kii 'i am missing you' and i know my daughter will be there with me just in few hours if i say this but then i thought that kii you and buddy have to enjoy after all its your time so i stopped''

He said explain her that how much he missed her and riddhima too just smiled she too missd them like anything if she enjoyed there with armaan to no extent on her Honey Moon she missed her family too and sometimes she thinks what's more blissful just staying in armaan's arms all the day or staying in her home while enjoying with them well it's very hard to be choosen but off course she choose family with armaan and that makes her smile no matter where she is either in Las Vegas And Switzerland or here in Mallik Mansion till the time till her armaan is beside his side and she looked at armaan who gives her million dollar smile as he can understands her feelings and then

Ri:''off course papa i missed you too so very much''

She said and then only nandini whispered coming closer to them as

Na:''karan aaj tou riddhima ko mujhse pehle milne dete after all today is my day aaj bhi tumhe hii padii hain kaise ho riddhima beta han''

She said while coming closer to her while she can see that how happy she is the glow on her face increases like million times and she knows the after effects of Honey Moon and in her darling son and daughter-in-law case it becomes more beautiful after all they gets this share of their happiness after so much exams and she truly wants from her almighty god that no more exams for them and then her trance breaks as

Ri:''Wish You A Very-Very Happy Birthday To You Mom May God Fulfills All Your Dreams Mom''

She wished her while taking her blessings and then hugged her and nandini hugged her back while caressing her hairs as well placing a soft kiss on her for head and then seeing her nandini smiled and then as she just

Na:''areey vah riddhima tuu tou bahut hii pyaai lag rahii hain mujhe nahin pata tha kii is trip ke baad merii betii aur bhi khoobsoorat ho jaayegi aagar mujhe pehle hota naa koo aap aur bhi nikhar jaayengi tou main aapko kab kii iss trip par bhejj detii riddhima kyoon maani''

She said while looking at riddhima from head to toe who is looking so much beautiful in a beautiful pair of jeans and sleeveless top and a happiness glowing on her face its her happiness that is making her so beautiful and riddhima just blushed hearing mom's words as this is beause of someone else he is the soul reason of this and she knows he is now gazing at her too that makes her goose bumps arised all over skin the past 27 days was the best days of her life, no one is there just their love which increased by each passing second and their craving too and in these 27 days they actually discovered a new armaan and a new riddhima a very passionate armaan and very passionate riddhima and just the memories of that moments makes riddhima's face turned red and seeing that nandini just thinks about something and then she whispered in her ears making her blush more

Na:''kya hua riddhima beta koi baat hain kya kahin main you knows naa''

She said leaving her sentence incomplete and riddhima looked at mom well she can expect this but riddhima shakes her head in no well its not at all mom's fault seeing that glow on her face anyone can thinks like that and seeing her shaking her head nandini just smiled

Na:''it's ok aab tou i ca expect this day very soon nahin riddhima beta''

She said as riddhima blushed to the core and karan and armaan who is looking at the duo as they are talking just in whispers as then

Ka:''areey bhai yeh saas-bahu meiin kya khusur-phusur ho rahii hain kii tum humein hii bhul gayyi zara humein bhi tou pata chalein''

He said and nandini looked at him while armaan raised his eye brows to riddhima and she just lowered her eye lids shaking her head in no that nothing mattered and armaan thinks he will ask later on

Na:''jii nahin yeh 1 maa-betii kee beech kii baat haiin hum yeh kisii ko bhi nahin bata sakte so karan mallik bhull jayiye right riddhima beta''

She said and riddhima just nodded and then armaan finally speaks as he finds his dad is going to argue with his mom and he smiled as

Ar:''theek hain mom mat batayiye par cake tou kat lijiye naa dekhiye kabse aapka intejar kar rahaa hain so please merii pyaari mom''

He said and nandini nodded and armaan placed the cake on the small table placed on there and karan too sided armaan saying that as

Ka:''han nandu come on cut it itneien delicious cake ko dekhh kar mujhe bhi bhookh lag ayi hain so please come on cut it birthday girl aayeiye''

He said making nandini smiled and she nodded  and as she cut the cake with armaana and karan standing on either side while riddhima is engulfed in karan's arms and as she cut it all sang 'Happy Birthday' for her as she cut the first piece and put it in karan's mouth he

Ka:''Happy Birthday Nandu''

He said while making her eat and then kissed her cheek and armaan smiled seeing this, its his routine from past so many years seeing them like that while riddhima smiled seeing that and armaan winked at her and then nandini turned her attention to her maani as she placed the next bite in his mouth who happily obliged but only after feeding his mom and

Ar:''Happy Birthday Mom''

He said and then kissed her forhead and takes her blessings and nandini hugged her darling son and then the next turn is of riddhima and she makes her eat while riddhima takes her blessings and prayed to Almighty God for mom's happiness and then wished her again as

Ri:''Happy Birthday Maa''

Na:''thanks riddhima aur is year ka birthday mere liyye indeed Happy Birthday hain beta and its all because of you thanks so much''

And riddhima looked at him and then shakes her head in no as she knows what's actually nandini meant and then they hugged each-other and then after some time they all settled there in balcony ony armaan's head placed in nandini's lap as usual and karan is sitting there hugging her daughter and as nandini is massaging her son's scalp she looked at him how much he is happy and she is so happy seeing that beautiful dimpled, contended, satisfied smile on her son's face and same was with karan after all both armaan and riddhima along with the complete mallik family suffered a lots this is their share of happiness which they wants never went from their kids's life and their eyes met and they just smiled and then finally 

Na:''vaise riddhima beta tum log tou abhie 1 week meiin ane vale the naa tou aaj kaise aa gayye i meant abhie tou you want to go to Mauritius too maani''

She asked as she knows armaan and riddhima will comes after visting Mauritius and that's why she is not at all expected armaan today on her birthday at home and then armaan replied as he just

Ar:''no mom hum aaj hii vaapis ane vale the kuch bhi merii pyaari mom se zayda important nahin hain aur vaise bhi i love you mom''

He said while looking at her and cuddling in her lap more and nandini smiled she knows her son love her son much same with her

Na:''i love you too son par aapko jaakar ana chahiye tha naa riddhima ko bhi ap aisee hii beech meiin le aye beta this is not done''

She is feeling abd that riddhima has to come too and she knows she after that incidence its good to divert her attention and heart to another things and riddhima knows why mom said this after all she loved her so much and its' her suggestion only to visit more places along with Las Vegas and Switzerland and she is lucky to have such a mother-in-law she knows nandini will definitely wants her son with her but still she says because of her only and then only armaan

Ar:''yea right mom yeh aapki laadli bahu isnein peeche 5 din se mera sar ghuma rakha tha vahan par mom kii armaan please hum baad meiin aa jaayenge kabhie Mauritius mujhe abhie gharr jaana hain aur mom ke birthday par gharr pahunchana hain mujhe aur sabke saath mill kar mom ko wish karna hain aur oonka birthday celebrate karna hain yehii chall raha tha iskaa mom jitna main vaapis ana chahta tha aapke birthday par, par mujhe tou aapnein bola tha kii riddhima ke saath zayda se zayda time spend karun you even scold me to not to comes on your birthday aur mujhe mazboori meiin manana bhi pada par yeh aapki bahu dad kii laadli riddhima mera vahan jeena mushkil kar diyya jab tak maine isko tickets nahin dikahye kii hum aapke birthday par yahan honge aapke saath tab jaakar madam basket jii ne mujhe chain kii saans lene dii so mom here we are back to home aur frankly i too loved her iskii vajah se aaj i am here sitting with you on your birthday''

 And nandini looked at riddhima and mouthed her thank you and riddhima just smiled well nandini is not at all surprised riddhima is like this what she can expect from her, her loving daughter-in-law and true she missed her too along with armaan and karan too hugged her tightly as he knows how much nandini would be missing her maani on her birthday and then after small chit chating armaa speaks to his mom

Ar:''mom aabki baar aapka gift aapko subhh milega aapke liyye 1 surprise hain so please subhh jaldi se ready rahiyega aur dad aap bhi''

He said and nandini looked at her with confusion and karan too but

Na:''nahin maani mujhe koi surprise nahin chahiye tuu aa gayya mere liye yehii sabse bada birthday gift hain maani so beta its fine i''

She said and armaan smiled hearing her mom and then he just says

Ar:''aww merii pyaari sii mom i knows aapko zarurat nahin hain par mujhe aapko dena hain aap aapnein maani ka gift nahin legii mom please''

He said and nandini knows he will not hear even and seeing his cute pouted face she just nodded in yes and then she said while ruffling his hairs as

Na:''theek hain maani main aur karan ready rahenge happy now maani''

Ar:''yes mom very happy thanks so much very happy''

And he hugged his mom and then karan butted in while just saying

Ka:''ohk bas bahut ho gayya tum maa bte ka pyaar aab armaan go takes rest in your room see merii betii bhi kitni tired hogii naa journey se so''

As karan said seeing him ridddhima just smiled and then armaan as

Ar:''seedhe seedhe kyoon nahin kehte dad kii aap humein bhej kar mom se romance karna chahte hain dad booliye naa seedhe se aap''

He said teasing his dad while karan knows his son and then he just as

Ka:''very good aab jab tuu sab jaanta hii hain tou jaa naa sir par kyoon khadaha hain good night armaan good night riddhima beta''

And he kissed riddhima's forhead and armaan wished his mom again birthday and then riddhima turned to them and says just as

Ri:''umm maa- papa please muskii, niki, rahul bhayiya ko mat batiyega kii hum vaapis aa gayye hain we want to give all of them suprise so please hum oonse subhh khud hii milenge mom-dad please''

And karan nandini nodded at her sincere request and armaan just smiled looking at Mrs. Armaan Mallik she is just so much in love with his family and just to tease her he speaks up while putting his hand on her shoulder

Ar:''han mom-dad kisii ko mat batana especially iske oos rahul bhayiya ko kisii aur ko pata chal bhi gayya tab bhi chalega par iske darling rahul bhayiya ko nahin kyunki ise oonhi ko tou surprise dena hain naa''

He said making karan and nanidni smiled while riddhima hits him with her elbow slowly while glaring at him and then she whined too seeing his grin which is making her more irriatared he and jelousy as

Ri:''kya problem hain armaan aapki jab dekho bhayiya ke peeche pade rehte hain aap ghar aaye nahin kii shuru ho gayye aap pata nahin kya problem hain aapko oonse armaan kuch nahin kehte vo''

She said and armaan smiled as this is expected and then he just says

Ar:''han han kya zarurat hain ooske kuch kehne kii tum saari kasar nikal tou deti ho vahan Switzerland meiin bhi tumne ose yaad kiyya hain see mom Honeymoon par bhi tumhe pati se zayda devar kii yaad aa rahii thi naa''

He teased her more and then she just shrugged him off and then turning to karan and nandini who are enjoying their cute banter as

Ri:''maa- papa main jaati hun sonein i am so tired aapse subhh milti hun good night and maa wish you a very-veru Happy Birthday once again''

And she hugged both of them and left from there giving a deadly glare to armaan and armaan just smiled and as she left nandini speaks up to him as

Na:''kya maani kyoon bechari ko state rehte hain tuu''

Ar:''yea mom kya karun jab vo irriate ho jaati hain naa tou aur bhi achii lagti hain''

He said while putting his hand in his hairs sheepishly and then he heard his dad

Ka:'' ok now go aur jaakar mana merii betii ko i don't wants her sad face in morning ok''

Ar:'' yead dad and don't worry this is our silly argument aur vo bhi seriously nahin legii dad''

Na:''good maani keep smiling like this baby''

Ar:'aww mom achaa now i am running bye take Happy Birthday good night dad well i guess aaj aapka sonein ka mood tou nahin hain but''

As he winked to his dad nandini smacked him while karan smiled as he teased him

Na:''maani you just''

And armaan ran away kissing his mom's cheek and hugged his dad saying

Ar:''sorry mom 'dad but subhh ready ho jayiyega aapka surprise aapka wait kar rahaa hoga mom-dad''

And as he left karan nandini smiled finally the life of the Mallik Mansion comes back armaan and riddhima that too with their faces showing contened smiles and then they hugged each-other while whsiepering each-other a small

Ka:''i love you nandu and Happy Birthday''

Na:''i love you too and thanku''

And they smiled to each-other seeing their family happy.

And here armaan as tip toed in his room only to see riddhima standing near the small dressing table and was looking herself in mirror she is thinking about mom's words and seeing that glow on her skin she actually feels that mom is right this is aftermath of Honey Moon and she blushed remembering all those moments spend with him in all these 27 days were just out of the world, they showered each-other with their love so much and armaan smiled seeing her like this she has that happy contended smile on her face which is making her more beautiful and he just slowly takes steps towards her and riddhima just shivered when she feels one pair of arms hugged her from her wait putting his face on her shoulder riddhima though knows who is there and as soon she just looked in mirror she saw both of them smiling in that small frame, though its not that full length frame which used to be in their room in which they can see each-other's image fully from head to toe still in this one they can see each-other's faces and moreover just the smile on their faces and the shine in their eyes is matter to them and then as armaan is drowning himself in the fragrance of riddhima's hairs he just nuzzled his nose in her nape and even planted a soft kiss on her nape too making her blushed and shiver under his touch and armaan smiled how she reacted to his single touch even after he touch her almost everyday from the past 27 days every day their actions were the same but when they comes closer they feels like they are discovering the nw side of armaan and riddhima and armaan strat drowning more in her and he start opeing the string of her top which is on her shoulder and as armaan's fingers traced her the joint of shoulder riddhima gasped very hard and armaan smiled at her and then he buried his face in her nape fully making his nose touched the side of her curve of neck and riddhima just tilted her neck aside that gives armaan more access to her neck and armaan took the advantage of that very easily and he dig his face in the curvaceous neck of her and start plating kisses to her skin ardently and then as he did not able to control himself moreover riddhma's moans are making him crazy he just picked her up in his arms and leads to the bed while riddhima is so much intoxicated with his kisses that she did not able to retrot to him and as soon armaan placed riddhima on the bed with he over her riddhima looked in his eyes and armaan looked back in her eyes and they shared a beautiful eye-lock when riddhima's hands cupped one cheek of his and armaan start tracing her facial feature he bites her ear lobe huskily and making riddhima turned her head aside and then suddenly her gaze fell on the frame of him and hers on side table she then only comes back to the world and armaan is still drowned in the moment in his beautiful wife's body and he after nuzzling her side neck comes to her face and was about to kiss him when riddhima stopped him while putting her hand on his palm and armaan looked at her what happened to her suddenly why she is not responding him and as riddhima can clearly see the frustration as well frown in his eyes she answered all his unasked questions points to their photograph first armaan did not gets it then he smiled as the realization dawned to him reminding him his promise to her and he smiled and after kissing her forehad he rolled from her and laid on his side while pulling her on his chest and riddhima kissed his forhead as




Ar:''sorry for what riddhima''

Ri:''vo abhie ke liyye armaan''

She said while not looking at him as she is feeling shy and armaan smiled and kissed his darling wifey's forhead and then he just

Ar:''no basket you don't needs to say sorry to me for stopping me infact i wants to say thank you to you basket aagar tum mujhe naa roukti so how can i fulfil my promise to you aur fir i will not be happy if i broke the promise of my mine that i will love you only in OUR ROOM IN OUR HOME IN OUR MALLIK MANSION not here in MALLIK PENT HOUSE when we go back to Mumbai so thank you''

He said and placed a soft kiss near her hairs and riddhima's lips curved into a smile as she looked at him and caressed his cheek and sucked his tears which were at the corner of his eyes she knows how hs is feeling and armaan smiled seeing her she knows in and out and then she just speaks as 

Ri:''i love you armaan''

Ar:''i love you too basket bas aab mom-dad, nikki, rahul- muskii aur kaka ko oonka gharr lautana hain jo humnein ooske kaaran almost kho hii diyya tha basket''

He said while his fists clenched in anger as well his voice is painful and then riddhima just cupped his cheeks in her palms saying

Ri:''its ok armaan tum hii ne kaha tha naa kii jo batein dard detii hain oonhein bhull jaana chahiye aur aab tum khud hii oonko yaad ar rahein ho not fair armaan vaise bhi vo humari zidnagi ka 1 boora dream tha ose vahin chod do aur aab hum oos chapter ko oos boore dream ko kabhie nahin kholenge''

She said while planting few soft kisses on his face to distract him and armaan nodded he so loved her she is his basket and

Ar:''i love you riddhima thanks for coming in my life thank you for there with me jaan''

He said only to gets a smack on his shoulder from riddhima as

Ri:'' thank you armaan mallik seriously aab tum aapni basket aapni biwii aapni jaan se thank you bologe armaan seriously tum''

She said frowning a bit and armaan smiled seeing that irritated expressions on her face and then he just

Ri:''what aab hans kyoon rahein ho main tumse pehle hii gussa hun aur tum aur hans rahein ho 1 tou rahul bhayiya ko bolte rehte ho aura an mujhe thank you bologe tum''

She said crunching her nose and was about to moved back but armaan holds her wrist and then he just leaned on the head board of bed pulling her from her waist in his arms one of their favourite position of sitting and seeing riddhima not struggling to get out from his grip he knows she too loved sitting like that like him and then he just teased

Ar:''tou yeh asli gussa aapnein rahul bhayiya ke liyye tha hain naa basket''

Ri:''armaan prolem kya hain tumhari''

Ar:''merii koi problem nahin hais asset problem ooski thi remember how he comes on wrong time when you comes to my office with our lunch naa''

He said and riddhima looked at him as he kissed her cheek as they both went into the time the day when they are romancing in his cabin and how they comes out from their moment well to be say the precisely make out session when they heard a larg bang on the door especially riddhima heard and she is the only one who says armaan theere is someone on the door and they smiled as the day comes running back in front of their eyes and as they remembered that day

Flashback 45 days ago

As riddhima remembered

Ri:''armaan bahar koi hain door par chodo mujhe please''

Ar:''umm han kya basket koi nahin hain yaar''

And as riddhima comes to feels that door is knocking she called him and armaan who is not even wants to leave wifey dearest just shrugged her voice thinking she is just saying like that only naa as but riddhima is sure there is someone on the door as there is knocking nosie is now converting into the banging voice

Ri:''armaan jaan sachii meiin door par koi hain please''

Ar:''honein do i don't gives even a damn riddhima''

She said and armaan frowned and he just did looked at her but again himself buried in her neck and nuzzled there and riddhima sighed he is not at all listening she knows either she has to push him or makes him bring back to his senses that is so much difficult for her right now so she just caressed his back smoothly so that she can calm his burning desires and it is difficult for her as she herself is on the edge of losing herself in him and finally armaan calm a bit as she feels his smooth kisses on neck and then she pulled him up to her face level cupping his face in her palms and 

Ri:''armaan jaan please''

And armaan then seeing her eyes he kissed her as she just speaks

Ar:''han baby bolo''

Ri:''bahar koi hain''

She said and then armaan too heard that banging sound on the door and then he nodded and leaves her while giving her soft quick peck on her lips

Ar:''i love you''

And riddhima just blushed and then she too gets up straightning her clothes while she saw armaan is standing there still at his spot she is confused why he is not opening the door at all and she looked at him with raised eyebrows and question in her green almond eyes and armaan answered her

Ar:''settle yourself first then i open the door jaan''

Riddhima blushed as she is looking at her pleats and then she said as she heard that impatient knock on the door

Ri:''armaan main washroom meiin jaati hun you go open the door someone is there i guess some important work naa''

She said and armaan nodded with a frown and then riddhima comes near him and wiped his lips as always he is wearing her lipstick making him as

Ar:''oyye hoyye basket achaa sooni go use the room jaan no need to go to washroom''

And riddhima nodded as she knows armaan's cabin has attached a room as he sometimes works in office and stayed there only and as soon riddhima walked inside one of the door armaan smiled and settling himself properly he went and opened the door only to see an irriatated rahul and as soon he opened the door he barged inside the cabin and

Ra:''kya kar raha tha armaan tuu jo door nahin khol rahaa tha main kabse knock kar rahaa hun naa''

He said while looking at him almost glaring at him and armaan was thinking what to reply to him as he speaks before even armaan say something as

Ar:''areey yaar rahul main rest kar raha tha mera headache ho rahaa tha''

He comes up for an excuse and rahul looked at him for a minute and he just calmed his tone a bit

Ra:''kya hua ammy zayda tabiyat kharab hain tou ghar chala jaa naa tuu yahan main sambhal loonga sab''

He said putting his hand on his brother's shoulder and then armaan smiled at his brother and then as just

Ar:''nahin raool tension mat len main theek hun aab i takes some rest naa''

Ra:''han yar sorry maine tujhe disturb kiyya naa tuu rest kar raha tha naa''

Ar:''chal oye bada aya sorry bolne vaala aab bata mujhe tuu yahan koi kam tha kya means''

Ra:''umm han areey vo sheena ne call kiyya tha tou pata challa kii riddhima ayi hain so main aa gayya oos se milne''

He said and armaan smirked shaking his head he and his love for riddhima 

Ar:''oh tabhie main sochun kii aaj mera pyaara bhaii mere cabin meiin kaise aa gayya ooski pyaari riddhima ayi hain tabhie aya naa tuu'' 

And rahul smiled seeing his teasing face and then rahul speaks

Ra:''aur nahin tou kya nahin tout ere jaise workaholic ke cabin meiin main aun pagal samjha hain koi new file pakda dega mujhe tuu vaise riddhima hai kahan ammy han''

He asked and he hardly completed his sentence when riddhima comes out from the room and

Ri:''rahul bhayiya''

And hearing her rahul turned only to see her emerging from the room and he takes her in a bear hug and then armaan comes near them with riddhima's shawl which is laying on the couch because of their make-out session and then he placed the shawl on her shoulders while riddhima looked at him with all the love in her eyes and armaan too gives her that loving look and then he turned his attention towards his brother as

Ar:''kya yar aise mill rahein jaise pata nahin kabse nahin mille remember subhh hii mille the tum donow''

He teased both of them and till then riddhima covered herself in the shawl properly and 

Ra:''ha ha very funny vaise riddhima tum yahan kaise i meant sab theek hain naa riddhima'' 

He asked turning his attention to riddhima and riddhima smiled at his concern

Ri:''jii rahul bhayiya sab theek hain main aap donow kee liyye khana laayi thi bhayiya''

She said and rahul smiled and armaan just leaned on the table and then rahul just

Ra:''vaoww khana aab tou mujhe aur bhi bhookh lag gayyi hain yaar''

He said and then moved towards the table where riddhima placed the basket which contains lunch boxes and

Ri:''jii bhayiya main bas abhie laga detii hun aap aayeiye naa''

She said and rahul nodded and then he speaks and

Ra:''yea main bas 2 minutes meiin aya fresh hokar ok''

She nodded as rahul made his way towards the washroom of armaan's cabin and armaan then walks towards riddhima and hugged her from behind while she just shocked with his gestures and she tried to come out from his hold but he did not leaves her at all and then she has to say to him that

Ri:''armaan chodiye naa rahul bhayiya yahin hain please''

Ar:''nahin yaar mera tumhe chodne kaa bilkul man nahin kar rahaa hain''

He said and riddhima smiled and then she bumped her head lightly with his and

Ri:''achaa jii lekin aapko nahin fresh hona kya kahne ke liyye armaan''

And armaan smiled and kissed her neck slowly and then whispered slowly to in her ear nibbling it saying

Ar:''well main tou tumhe dekh kar hii fresh ho jaata hun baslet aab tou mujhe merii special vaali treat bhi mill chuki hain so i am more than fresh na''

He said while placing one more kiss on her neck and riddhima blushed and then she heard foot steps and then she immediately pushed him and comes out from his grip and armaan pouted looking at her with puppy dog eyes as if i am not happy she smiled at his cute face and yes as she expected then rahul comes back from the washroom and then as he comes riddhima gives him a smile which he gladly returned and he settled on the couch and riddhima tells armaan too to settle with her eyes while he is adamant to not but as she pleads with her eyes he settled there. And then riddhima served both of them their lunch andas expected rahul appericated her with so much comments and armaan just winked at her while sometimes holding her hands in her lap as he makes her eat with himself in his plate making rahul hoot but armaan shushed him by saying that as

Ar:''oyye raool kahne den naa ose pata hain naa gharr jaakar yeh fir se kisii kam meiin lag jaayegi aur khana khane bhull jaayegi so kaho basket na''

He said and rahul nodded seeing that care in his eyes and riddhima blushed but nevertheless she ate from his hands and even feeded him too and then after spending sometime with brothers chatting with them rahul left to his cabin while bidding bye to her saying they will met at home and to takes care of herself she is about to leave too as she has to pick up nikki on her way and kaka's reports and as she looked at armaan taking the basket

Ri:''armaan main bhi chalti hun aab nikki ko bhi lekar jaana hain raaste meiin ooska exam over honein hii vaala hain aur reports bhi leni hain muje''

She said and as she turned to go armaan holds her hand and spun her around and she is face to face with him and armaan smiled seeing her reaction shocked one and without saying a single word armaan just pressed his lips on her lips and he start kissing her passionately and riddhima is not able to respond she is in state of shock but as if armaan is going to back he just kissed her passionately and madly and then finally leaves her and then he licked her lips and then his while locking his hands at the back of her waist and then he speaks hoarsely in her ear making her blush

Ar:''aab hua naa mera lunch complete merii jaan ke taste ke bina yeh adhoora hii rehta hain i love you''

And then riddhima just pushed him and after giving him a hug actually she hids herself in his chest

Ar:''oyye hoyye''

And then riddhima kissing his temple and dropping a kiss on his chest whispering him small 

Ri:''i love you too''

And then she leaves from there with armaan leaves her till the door and riddhima lliterally have to push him back to go and do his work as he is not in mood to leave her and go back to his work all he wants to spends time with his wifey and he only leaves kissing her on her lips lightly and she left.


And both armaan and riddhima's lips curved into a smile remembering that day and as riddhima looked in his eyes she saw that same burning passion in his eyes at which she saw at that day in his office chamber and unable to hold his passionate gaze more she hide herself in his shoulder as she can't takes his passionate gaze more and armaan smiled seeing riddhima all shy all clinging to him nothing is changed and still everything is changed if something is not change that is there love for each-other infact it reaches to their heights in these all exams and then he finally while caressing her back with his wide palms he speaks up just near her ear slowly

Ar:''basket aab let's sleep kal humara gharr humare liyye waiting''

He said and riddhima looked at him he is so so right yes their house which is actually their home will be waited for them she nodded and armaan just kissed her for head and riddhima did the same as armaan slides on the bed with riddhima keeps her head on his chest and armaan stroked her back she just whispered him good night as

Ri:''good night baby''

Ar:''good night jaan''

And they both laid in that position only they knows no one is going to sleep as tomorrow they are going to give the biggest surprise to mom not only mom it is actually a bigges surprise for everyone in the house their home and that's what makes them not able to sleep though they are too much tired of thir journey but their enthuasism and nostalgic feeling are so much that they don't even sleep a wink.

Next morning as the first ray of sun peeped inside the Mallik Pent House its a bright morning and this morning surely brings a big surprise for everyone a new journey for everyone and riddhima armaan mallik who opened her eyes only to find armaan clutching hherw aist si protectively and she smiled and kissed his forhead and

Ri:''good morning baby''

Armaan who himself did not sleep a wink holds her waist and her face which is on his face level he smiled and pecked her forhead as

Ar:''good morning jaan''

And they have beautiful smiles on their faces and then riddhima just try to gets up from the bed when armaan holds her on her place from her waist and riddhima smiled at his gestures his orning nautanki from past 27 days but today they are in home so she just

Ri:''armaan chodo mujhe mujhe ready hokar jaana hain so leave me Mr.Armaan Mallik we are not in our Hotel Room this is our Home ''

She said giggling a bit and armaan frowned and then he jsut speaks

Ar:''isi baat ka tou dukh haiin mujhe, mujhe pata tha kii tum vaapis gharr par aakar fir se mujhe bhull jaungi isiliyye maine bola tha hum poore 2 months aapnein Honey Moon par rahenge aagar vo bhi kam hota tou i will extended that tw months too yaar but here''

And riddhima smile hearing his fake complain and then she just freed herself from his tight grip and then she kissed his forhead sweetly making him smile too in his foul mood its her satisfied kiss on his forhead always makes him smile because of their some reason and then as riddhima leaned closer to his ears before moving away from him and whispered those three magical words for him naa

Ri:'' aww i love you Mr. Mallik''

And armaan smiled and whispered back to her with similar love has

Ar:''i love you too Mrs. Mallik''

And before armaan now catch her she run to washroom for getting ready and changing herself and armaan smiled seeing his beautiful wifey he can never gets enough of her he then moved to cupboard and then takes out a beautiful green blue saree for her as he knows she in hurry did not takes her clothes with her and he smiled and then takes a towel from the cupboard as well bath robe and then he just knocked on the washroom door after few minutes and speaks a

 Ar:''basket here yout towel and here is your bathrobe takes it jaan''

He said and riddhima smiled at hubby dearest this is first time from past 27 days he is actually giving her his clothes otherwise he is the only one who is running all over their Hotel Rooms all over their Honey Moon she blushed remembering all beautiful days and then as armaan did not gets any reply from her though he knows why she not replying but he wants an answer as he smirked with those ideas

Ar:'' jaan i knows what you are thinking but please get them because you knows your towel and bathrobe kind off making me turn on so''

He said and riddhima blushed more and next moment armaan got as expected reaction riddhima's one hand moved comes out from the door and armaan smiled he knows her she can still blush and threatened from his threats as she loved him so much and he heard

Ri:''do naa armaan''

 She said as she finds armaan is not giving her clothes not handling her when she forwarded her hand while armaan just handled her her towel and bath robe while even whispering to her as their hands brushed with each-other in between as both feels shiver ran in their spine armaan just wants to bardhed into the washroom along with her that's waht he is doing from so many days on their Honey Moon Period and he do wants to gets cozy with her and naughty with her riddhima knows what must be he is feeling and she blushed and both control their racing hearts and their passionate desirres for eachand then finally armaan speaks in his hoarse voice 

Ar:''pata hain basket mera man kar raha haiin aandar ane ko but yahan nahin aapnein room ke washroom meiin tumse promise jo kiyya tha so you enjoy your bath today without me then i will be back baby i knows you will miss me too but jaan manage today only''

And riddhima blushed and just closed the door while armaan grinned only while armaan slumped on the bed again ruffling his hairs this day is going to be beautiful day for all of them and he makes one call to check everything ready or not and with a smile he ruffled his hairs while buried his head again in the pillow and then after few more minutes half an hour or so riddhima tip toed from the washroom with a smile and she smiled more seeing her darling hubby sleeping on his chest burying his face in the pillow she smiled remembering from the past few days how she just wakes up with him only as he always gets cozy with her and well this is home and as soon she moved towards the mirror while drying her hairs with the towel as they are completely wait from the bath and as soon she stands near the mirror and shakes her head a bit making some of water drops fells from her hairs to his face but she is unaware of that she is so busy in herself that she did not realize that and here armaan who well actually is not sleepy just pretending that he is sleeping well he actually all the tiem is busy seeing her reactions and now just feeling the water droplets on his face he lost his control overhimself and opened his eyes just to saw his beautiful wife claded in saree well as her back is facing her and she is drying her hairs he can see her bare back with just two strings one tying her blouse and another at down the hooks and he smiled seeing her she is so beautiful always makes his senses go wild all along he slowly and steadily slipped from the bed not giving her view that he wakes up and slowly moved towards her and riddhima startled when she feels one hand creeping around her petite waist and she for a minute startled but then she relaxed as she knows who must be and as their eyes met through mirror riddhima gives him a smile while armaan nuzzled on her arms slowly and riddhima shivered still his mere touch sends electricity in her spines and armaan do feels her seanstion in her body and he smirked how she is reacting to just his hug after they are even ONE now all the night they were ine ach-other's arms still she behaved like he always touched her first time and he so loved that fact that gives him the sense of feeling that she just his  and he placed a soft kiss on her arm and hugging her more tightly around her waist and then riddhima smiled and then puts her hand on his face cupping his face in her palm she speaks softly making him looked at her as he is busy nuzzling on her arms slowly and aoftly making her loosened herslf as

Ri:''armaan kya kar rahein ho jaan''

Ar:''aapni jaan se pyaar''

Ri:''ahan vaise Mr.Patidev chodiye mujhe jakar kam karna hain mujhe mere Patidev''

She said while trying to comes out from his hold and armaan frowned as

Ar:''no i am not going to leave you dekha vaapis ate hii mujhe bhav dena band kar diyya naa tumne 1 vahan par sirff main aur tum aur aab dekho yaar''

He said frowning and riddhima smiled seeing him complaining like a cute child and she just caressing his cheeks speaks

Ri:''vo tou hain par aab kya karen vahan par i am only basket riddhima tumhari jaan par aab yahan nahin yahan i am ridzi, bhabzz, riddhima beta too naa so Mr.Patidev chodiye mujhe aap''

She said as she said that here she has so many relations daughter-in-law, sister-in-law along with his love and wife and armaan just frowned more and riddhima smiled seeing him frowning and then she

Ar:''kya hain yaar tum naa vaapis chalo mere saath nahin tou mujhe tou merii basket milegi hii nahin you are just impossible here baby na''

Ri:''vaise pati dev 1 baat hain aur 1 kam ho sakta hain naa''

Ar:''kya basket tum''

As she said seeing his irriiated face armaan asked and then she

Ri:''aapko aapki biwi raat ko mill sakti hain pati dev jii''

She said and armaan was lost in her words and looked at her in pure disbelief and riddhima winked at him taking him out from his shock and then he just tightened his hold around her waist while kissing her ear lobe making her shivered under his touch as he did that as

Ar:''ahan so mujhe merii biwii raat ko milegi don't worry i will compensate of this morning yesterday night today night wifey dear''

He said and riddhima smiled and she just leaned on his chest and then both remained like this and smiled and then riddhima remembered that now she must leave so she just whispered to him as

Ri:''achaa armaan aab jaane do naa dekho abhi tayar bhi nahin hui hun main plese aab chodo aur tum bhi jaakar ready ho jao fir mom ko oonka birthday gift bhi tou dene jaane hain naa so please armaan''

She said and armaan smiled as she leaned down a bit and picked her ear rings and armaan smiled and then while taking the ear rings from her hands he makes her wear those in her ear lobes while placing a kiss on both her ear lobes and riddhima smiled and let him do what he is doing she too obliged him as she loved while getting reday for her hubby dearest's hands and armaan smiled seeing taht serene smile on her face and then armaan picked the Sindoor and filled her Maang sealing her again as his only and riddhima smiled seeing his little gestures as the Sindoor as usual fells on her nose making both of them smiled and then armaan placed a kiss on her Mangalsutra and as then armaan makes her turned towards himself and placed a kiss on her forhead and then as

Ar:''vaise riddhima tum naa bahut achii lagti ho Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik ban kar bahut khoobsoorat riddhima bahut hii zayada''

He said and riddhima looked at him what did he meant she is Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik isn't she then why he is saying this so

Ri:''kya matlab armaan main tou humehsa se hii Riddhima Armaan Mallik hun naa aab tou you know we just becomes you knows that''

She said while fumbling with words and playing with his vest's side

Ar:''han vo tou tum ho hii aab in each and every senses but you know seeing you like this in sarees and in all these accessiories i feels like Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik the one who is loved by everyone jaan''

He said and then riddhima looked at him well she do wears her Sindoor And Mangalsutra on their Honeymoon too then what he

Ri:''par armaan maine aapna Mangalsutra aur Sindoor tou kabhie bhi nahi ootara i meant oos raat ko bhi Manglasutra mere gale mein''

She could not complete her sentence and armaan smiled seeing her she is right in that first passionate night of their lives when they actually becomes ONE in every senses even that night she don't lets him takes out her Mangalsutra from her neck and seeing her lower eye lids he placed his finger under her chin and makes her look at himself as he kissed her on her forhead and then he speaks up softly

Ar:''i know basket par main iss saree kii baat kar raha tha yahan aakar tum mujhe poori lag rahii ho itne din ke baad you knows i just loved seeing you all the dresses and short western outfits which you wears on our HoneyMoon but here seeing you in saree is makes me feels that merii biwii kee saath-saath tum kisii ki daughter-in-law, bhabhi bhi ho and today seeing you like that makes me understands how you feels complete when i am with you as well our family basket and i just fells in love with you all over again seeing you like so beautiful you turned so beautiful jaan that i love you more and more''

He said and placed a kiss on her forhead and riddhima blushed and then she just pushed him away while saying to him that with so love

Ri:''armaan please jao naa jaan get ready naa please jaldi se please''

She said and armaan smiled and blowed a kiss to her while saying 

Ar:''oyye hoyye itnein pyaar se kahogi tou main kaise mana kar sakta hun acha soono i will be back in few minutes jaana mat saath meiin chalenge neeche ok aur madam please mere kapde bhi zara''

He said and riddhima nodded while blushing profusely as he said all looking straight towards her with his intense gaze and armaan seeing her nod went into washroom to get ready himself whiel riddhima takes out armaan's clothes and she just picked a light green shirt for him with a blue jeans and then she moved towards the dressing table and combed her hairs and then she looked at herself in mirror her reflection she is never those kind of girls who are so much conscious about their looks and all its all inner beauty matters to her and that make sher beautiful also but today as she looked at her reflection in mirror she finds mom's words ringing in her ears so as armaan's she do feels that she is changed well its not like that she does not wear sarees from the past 27 days that's why this change well that is one of the reasons but the another reason is maybe this is because she after becoming Riddhima Armaan Mallik in true senses well after consummating their wedding she for the first time gets ready in saree and all this things and for the first time she looked herself in that look that makes her feels changed and that glow on her face is the aftermath of her wedding night if she can say that though its almost a month from passing their wedding anniversary first wedding anniversary as that day only they consummated their wedding she today feels she is newly wedded bride of Mallik Mansion and it is her first day in her in-law's house though she comes a long away from that phase but still just looking herself in the mirror giving her all these feelings and then she thinks that maybe this is the thing which people called the glow of new bride and the intoxication of mixture feelings of first night and the first day at the in laws house she smiled and just touched her Maang which is filled by his name of Sindoor by him only a few minutes just and the Mangalsutra of his name she blushed as if he is seeing her and then she just hide her face in her palms and that is the situation when armaan walks out from the washroom and finds her sitting like that and first he did shocked seeing her like that but then he too smiled knowing what must be going her in her heart as he knows finally she gets to knows what he did meant as he is saying she is looking changed and beautiful and then just to let her comes out from her thoughts he  thoughts to called her while reaching near the bed where his clothes were placed by him and he called her just

Ar:''basket idhar aao''

And armaan's words actually makes riddhima comes back from her thoughts and she looked above and finds him standing near the bed as she looked at the voice's direction she just gets up and moved towards her as she knows if he saw that red color on her cheeks he will surely tease her like anything and she don't wants to face is teasing and as soon she walked near him she asked him while just 

Ri:''han armaan bolo''

Ar:''sweetheart please get me ready''

Armaan said while looking at her as she stands in front of him with all the red colour on her cheeks she will surely can compete with strawberry or tomoato and hearing him riddhima shakes her head

Ri:''nahin armaan main jaa rahii hun tum khud ready hokar aao humein already bahut der ho rahii hain so come armaan aapnein''

As she turned to go armaan holds her wrist and pulled her back and then he just cutting her in between speaks near her ear hoarsely as

Ar:''no baby you have to do it otherwise naa aap aur naa main kahin nahin jaa rahein hain fir mat kehna kii maine der kara dii hain ok''

He said as he nuzzled behind her ear lobe and riddhima looked at him she knows he will not hear her and then she just for the sake of

Ri:''please armaan naa''

Ar:''no please jaan''

Ri:''tumhe nahin manene vale naa armaan fir se just''

Ar:''tumhe kya lagta haiin armaan kii merii pyaari sii jaan''

 He said and riddhima just shakes her head and then she bends a little and picked the shirt from he bed as she placed there earlier and armaan smiled knowing her and then riddhima starts doing her work making him wear the sleeves she comes in front of him to button up his shirt and armaan as soon she comes forwards in front of him armaan just encircled his arms around her petite waist and riddhima for a second do looked at him but then she just start doing her work knowing him very well he will surely don't leave her and armaan smirked seeing her reaction she knows him pretty well and armaan actually enjoyed her she is really looking so much pretty in that lemon green saree net saree having all her bare waist for him that's why he loved her seeing her in sarees well he do missed her seeing in sarees she actually looks pretty much sexy in the sarees as it really showed her navel that actually makes him turned on and now as he pulled her closer from her waist riddhima who is already loseing herself in his touches now looked at him and seeing his passionate gaze upon herself she shivered as armaan moved forwards and nuzzled behind her ear lobe and placed soft few tender kisses there making her shudder in pleasure she knows she cant takes it anymore so she tried to stop him while calling him as

Ri:''armaan please jaan''

Ar:''kya please baby''

Ri:''armaan please naa''

She said while moving a bit away making armaan looked at her and seeing her flushed face armaan smiled and kissed her forhead and riddhima just hugged him tightly while putting her head on his chest and armaan too hugged her back and unknowingly riddhima's nose brushed with his chest as it is bare due to riddhima still did not button his shirt fully and feeling that sensations in his body and then he just detangled her away from himself knowing he cant control himself around her when she is looking so ravishingly beautiful and now she tou just awakening his demons nothing else so he 

Ar:''biwii please chodo mujhe nahin tou main track se hat jaunga aur i just wants to make love to my wifey in our room in Mallik Mansion as per my promise so please wifey aap rat ko kijiyega yeh sab i meant yeh sab hum aapnein room meiin continue karenge ok''

He said and riddhima looked at him with so much expressions and he winked at her just and then hits on his chest playfully and then as

Ri:''armaan tum naa bahut besharam hote jaa rahein ho sachii meiin''

Ar:''han yar maine kab mana kiyya vaise bhi peeche 27 days meiin tou mujhe merii besharmi choodne par mana hii nahin kar rahaa aur vaise bhi mera dill sirff badtmeez hain aapni biwii ke liyye so madam basket jii bhul jayiye kii aab merii besharmi band hogii infat it will just increase with my badtemeezi and you have to deal with this sweetheart aur thodi sii badtmeezi aapko raat ko dekhne mill jaayegi jaan''

He said while locking his hands around her waist and riddhima smiled and then she just while buttoing his shirt's remaing buttons 

Ri:''yea sure baby main vaise bhi aapko sudharna nahin chahti hun vo kya hain naa as per my secret i just loved my besharam and badtmeez husband more vo jaante hain kyoon aap Mr.Husband jii''

She asked as she put her arms around his neck and armaan smiled and then shakes his head in no and riddhima speaks up seeing him nodding in no and she has a playful smile on her face seeing him as

Ar:''kyoon biwii jii''

Ri:''kyunki mera armaan sirff mere saath badtmeez hota haiin aur kisii kee saath bhi nahin so i love my besharam and badtmeez patii''

She said looking directly in his eyes and armaan looked back and he

Ar:''oyye hoyye biwii''

And then he hugged her while saying to her softly his deep love as

Ar:''i love you''

Ri:''i love you so very much armaan''

And she too confessed back hugging him with equal love and fervour.

                          After some time we saw a girl pulled well to be precisely says shakes a guy's arms while just opening her eyes and then as the guy looked at her with half sleepy eyes

Ra:''kya hain muskaan tune itnii subhh subhh kyoon ootha rahii hain mujhe tuu yaar''

Yes this is room of rahul and muskaan mallik as muskaan shakes him a bit and then muskaan replied him with a frown as she heard

Mu:''tuu naa rahul subhh hii jhaggra ho jaayega aaj humara maine tujhe alarm lagane bola tha naa dekh tune nahin lagaya aur main nahin oothi hun aab tak aaj mom ka birthday hain naa ridzi ne bola tha naa kii mom ke liyye parsad bana dun aur aab dekh mom aarti ke liyye pahunch bhi gayyi aur main abhie tak nahayi bhi nahin hun tuu rahul aaj naa mujhse dur hii rahyiyo sharam kar len tuu had hain terii tujh par koi kam nahin chod sakti main rahul tuu na chod''

She said while jumping from bed she literally cursed rahul for doing this and rahul is dumbfounded seeing her behave he not at all expected and more than that he was thinking how on the earth alarm did not rings as he clearly remembered that he puts the alarm and just for confirmation he looked at the clock and saw it was still half an hour for 7:00 clock so how could the alarm can rings and he thinks how the morning in Mallik Mansion gets so early as he knows mom always waited for them for Aarti as armaan and riddhima is on their HoneyMoon otherwise she do Aarti with riddhima only and from past 27 days they all accomapanied her he is kind off shocked what happened to mom as she start Aarti early as well without them but nevertheless he jumped from bed and as soon he gets out his clothes he thought to rush in guest room to gets ready as here is muskaan inside and he don't have capacity to endure her in morning otherwise she will kill him and as soon he opened the door and rushed to the guest room. After just like 15 minutes muskaan comes out from her room, rahul from guest room getting ready and to their surprise they finds nikki too running downstairs and then seeing them nikki wished them good morning as she too is shocked with the change of morning in their house as

Ni:''good morning rahul bhaii good morning muskii bhabhi aaj mom ko kya hua itnii subhh Aarti bhaii mom ne humare bina hi shuru kar dii mujhe laga akele mujhe hii der hui hain par aapko dekh kar lagta hain i am not alone naa hain naa muskii bhabhi''

She said and muskaan nodded as she agreed with her and rahul too

Ra:''han yaar nikki pata nahin aaj kya hua mom ko maybe aaj mom ka birthday hain naa so she wake up early in the morning just yar na''

Mu:''han par mom humare bina tou kabhie Aarti shuru nahin karti aur aaj tou oonka Birthday hain ridzi ne bataya tha mujhe jaane se pehle kii mom aaj poori family kee saath hii Aarti karti hain naa''

She said as she is confused as riddhima did tells him before going to her Honeymoon and just walking from downstairs rahul and nikki nodded too as she is saying the truth on everyone's Birthday nandini mom always makes sure they are present in morning's prayer session and then only nikki speaks up while looking at them

Ni:''han yeh bhi hain maybe she is missing ammy bhaii that's why she wakes up in the morning early ans starts doing Aarti nahin muskii bhabhi''

Mu:''han sahii keh rahii hain nikki ho sakta hain par 1 baat samajh nahin aa rahii mom ne humara wait kyoon nahin kiyya matlab pehle tou ridzi saath meiin hotii thi tou they both together but now i just''

Ni:''han yeh tou hain aur mom ne time bhi badal diyya Aarti aur Pooja ka jabse armaan bhaii aur riddhima bhabzz honeymoon par gayye hain tabse nahin tou vo early morning kar letii thi donow na''

Ra:''han yeh tou hain guys kahin riddhima aur armaan tou nahin aa''

And his sentence just left in complete in his mouth as the trio reached downstairs and as soon the words escaped from rahul's mouth muskaan and nikki both looked towards them as the reality sank in to them too as off course this is Riddhima's time to wakes up in Mallik Mansion she is the only one who wakes up with mom and yes their guess is so right as they next moment heard one voice as

Ri:''good morning everyone''

And they turned in the voice's direction and before they can even reacted or say a just single word they heard one more voice as he

Ar:''well yes dadu you are right here is your riddhima bhabhi''

He said while coming from riddhima's behind and as everyone looked at them armaan and riddhima standing in front of them, their riddhima and armaan together, riddhima with the Aarti thall in her hands and armaan a arm around her shoulder and then next minutes as riddhima was engulfed in a bear hug tha armaan who is already expected this holds her Pooja Thall carefully and puts it on table and next moment he looked at the girls and as he opened his arms both muskii and nikki hugged him tightly as he too hugged them back and as he looked at riddhima who is engulfed in her darling rahul bhayiya's arms and then after few minutes as armaan leaves muskaan and nikki and as he finds rahul still hugging riddhima he went towards him and smacked him on his back and speaks up as he cant helps himself to tease him seeing them like that

Ar:''abey oyye dady chod merii biwii ko tu tou naa ooski jaan hii len lega 1 din itnii tightly pakdata hai aur vaise bhi aab hum vaapis aa gayye hain aur muskii dekh naa aisee nahin lagta jaise na jaane kabse bichde hue the yeh donow just 27 days hii tou the na dadu yar''

He said teasing him while rahul leaves riddhima and then he still put his arms around her shoulder and then he speaks up to her that

Ra:''how are you riddhima i missed you so very much riddhima''

He asked her and just avoid armaan's stupid teasing as he can deal with him all the time and hearing her rahul bhayiya's question she smiled as she knows he will ask her aout her first only and armaan smiled too seeing that he knows rahul and riddhima's bond is just out of world they are best example of devar-bhabhi relationship

Ri:''i am fine rahul bhayiya aap kaise hain aur maine bhi aapko aur baaki sabko bahut miss kiyya bhayiya vahan par i am so happy to back''

She said with a smile and hearing her karan papa and nandini mom who just comes from their room hearing all this smiled seeing their children well this is their house, well their house is there only where their children happy nothing matters for them be it Mallik Mansion or Mallik Pent House till the time their children together and now tou the soul and dhadkan of Mallik Home is back their Armaan and Riddhima.


Will She Becomes Riddhima Armaan Mallik In every Senses?

Or Something Going To Happen?

Ar:''she is very precious to me''

Ar:''Kya Riddhima is time par so rahii hai vo theek to hai naa?''

Ri:''please armaan samjho naa.''

Milan Abhie Aadha Adhoora Hai

Ar:''tum kya chahti ho riddhima?''

Ar:''matlab tum meree saath nahin aaogi''

Ar:''yeh sab meree saath hii kyoon hotaa hai?''

Ar:''basket hamara honeymoon pending hai''

Ri:''armaan abhie muskii ko merii jarurat hai''

Ar:''i will miss u jaan''

Why malliks are in their pent house not in mallik mansion?

What happened in all these 45 days?

Nandini's birthday celebration

Armaan's gift to his mom and mallik family

Is there more problems for them or happiness?

For Finding Answers Stay Tuned

Thanks to all of u for ur precious comments and for pressing tab button

P.s. please do check page no 133 a special note is there please

And yes well the precap which is i am giving from one year will this going  to be actually happen so this is just going to be surprise.So i guess big shock nahin 45 days leap but kya karun sab zayda hii lovey-dovey ho gayya tha tou socha thoda aage chalte hain and i really did it sorry han par i promise yeh 45 days unfold honge jaise thoda sa iss part meiin hua will see you in comments kar dena comments please guyss aur mujhe batana kii Mallik Mansion 45 days kee baad sab kaise lag rahein hain i mean aapke criticisms are as always welcome with opened heart so do share your views bye.


And if u want pms add me to ur buddy list,it will be easier for me to pm u once again thanks to all for ur support



Finally completed friends now please comment friends it really means a lots to me so do comment please

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R u updating di?

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reserved...i  vl give my comments in installments

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Plzz update

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Diii... Updt karooo naaa...

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