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                   Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum
                                       AR FF

Story till now Story till now 

Armaan And Riddhima were married and riddhima is riddhima armaan mallik. All the family members of mallik family loved riddhima and they loved riddhima and accept her whole-heartedly but not armaan, he did not behave with riddhima properly and after that riddhima come to know that armaan did not like her and did the marriage just for the sake of his mother Nandini Karan Mallik as he loved his mother very much but did not accept riddhima. But Riddhima tried to win his heart, but all her efforts go in vain. 
                                After one month of their marriage riddhima comes to know that the reason of armaan did not accept her is that he loves someone else and wants to marry her not riddhima, but he could not as the girl herself, CHAAVI  whom he loved leave him on their engagement. And after coming to know this riddhima feels rejected  and heart broken so she want to leave the house but with Nandini's  advice she thought to give her marriage a chance. And she start to win armaan's heart and slowly slowly armaan becomes dependent on her.
       Time flew away and armaan start feeling something for riddhima. He even feels guilty for not giving riddhima her rights and he start accepting her slowly. In the process armaan's younger twince brother Rahul Mallik married to Muskaan their friend and in the wedding cermonies armaan and riddhima come closer to each-other.They even share intimate moments with each-other but armaan always regret their closeness so riddhima try to keep herself away from him so tht he can not feel guilty, until he forgets his past fully.
                                    But something did not go well and due to one misunderstanding armaan  was about to commit a mistake, he has mistook riddhima for something and force her into a physical relation in his anger but as destiny decides armaan did not commit it fully, as riddhima ran from there. And armaan come back to his senses. And armaan's misunderstanding cleared and he is so shameful for his deed that he could not met riddhima's eyes and hurt himself physically. He apologised riddhima.
                  And riddhima understand his feeling fully and she forgave him and armaan also promised her to move on his life and try to forget his past fully. And armaan and riddhima becomes friends and armaan comes to know riddhima more.He even start liking her or may be loving her.Armaan And Riddhima come more closer in Holi Function and armaan even gave her a kiss in public and Riddhima also comes to know that armaan has a one childhood friend whom he missed so much. Now armaan and riddhima shares some intimate moment armaan did not regret it rather he enjoyed it.
                                 And the truth revealed that Armaan's childhood best friend his basket whom he loved dearly and miss in his life a lot was none other than Riddhima Armaan Mallik, riddhima recognise him, and she was so happy that she was finally going to marry Armaan the love of her life and was going to surprise armaan on their wedding night that she is his basket but things changed she come to know and that he lovedChaavi, so she does not tell him that she is his basket, but finally armaan come to know that Riddhima is His Basket.
                                                 And Armaan confronts Riddhima in Mussorie as Riddhima leaves with her brother Sumeet Gupta from Mallik mansion seeing Armaan's photographs with Chaavi thinking he did not forget her and Armaan received a slap from his mom Nandini Karan Mallik and wrath of all his family members as they come to know that Riddhima leaves him because of Armaan only and Armaan then admits his Love for Riddhima in front of everyone and then he went Mussorie to get his Love back and there both Armaan-Riddhima confessed Love for each-other.
                                             Armaan cleared her he never Loved Chaavi she used him on name of her, his basket and Riddhima cleared him that why she did not tell him earlier that she is His Basket only and then they spend some moments there with each-other feeling each-other's presence in their lives, and confessing their long desires for each-other and Armaan gave Riddhima time to ready to become His completely. And Armman become billionaire with the success of his project. Riddhima spends some moments with him some cozy moments with him. As they shared their first ever kiss in Mussorie only.
                    Riddhima stays at Gupta House for sometime as her Bhabhi Kumkum Sumeet Gupta's Godbharai. And in between these days both Armaan And Riddhima live their long forgotten courtship period. And now they eagerly waits to become each-others in all senses. Armaan And Riddhima once again get engaged on their engagement ceremony this time with their hearts. And shared close intense moments with each-other telling they love each-other and trusted each-other deeply. And Armaan prepared a surprise for Riddhima and Riddhima comes back to Mallik Mansion with all the rights and Love with Armaan to start a new life with him.
                                                                So Friends this is story till now, now we have to see What armaan planned for his riddhima? Will now they live happily ever-after or their is something more waiting for more? Will now armaan and riddhima get each-other in all senses? Will they able to become one? Will armaan makes riddhima his? Will riddhima will able to give time to armaan in Mallik Mansion? Will armaan's success did not come in their love ways? Will that kid topic create any problem in AR's relationship? Will Mallik Family always blessed with this happiness in future also? Will armaan and riddhima's exams finish or some more are there to face them?Too many questions so getting answers stay tuned with ''DHADKAN BAN GAYYE HO TUM-AR FF''.

Hope u enjoy the journey of Armaan And Riddhima's Marriage till now friends.

Thanks for ur apperciciation and support


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Thanks to all of you readers i just can say this to all of you with all of you by my side and with ''Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR FF'' we reached here 4th thread that i never ever imagine,  itnaa intezar karati hun mai aapko update kee liyye fir bhi aap sab meree saath rehte hai ooske liyye mai aapki dill se shukriya karti hun thanks so much friends oos wait kee liyye joo aap Dhadkan kee liyye karte hai,thanks so much for all of your Love you shower on Dhadkan's each character and the story, and thanks for your Support that you gave me with this FF and shows your trust in me I Love You All For This and i hope kii aisee hii aagee bhi mujhe Dhadkan meiin aapka saath milta rahega is pyaar kee liyye aapki Dill se shukurguzar hun hope kii aisee hii iss thraed par bhi aap sabka pyaar milta rahega mujhe aur ''Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR FF''   kee iss thraed meiin bhi Armaan-Riddhima aur Mallik Family aap sab kaa wait karegi with bahut saare twists and turns par han 1 bat kii guarntee hii iss thead meiin pyaar hii pyaar jhalkega chahe khushi meiin chalke chahe aanson ban kar bas chalkega PYAAR hii so aur once again Thanks So Much from ''Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR FF'' kee har character kii aur se ARMAAN-RIDDHIMA kii taraf se oonkein pyaar kii aur se aur merii aur si iss Dhadkan kii writer kii aur se Thanks So Much
With Lots Of Love And Regards

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Hello my lovey-dovey readers i know you must be surprised what is this Results post for well as you may remember i organized a little contest on Dhadkan Ban Gayye Hoo Tum  first birthday but i did not announce the results firstly sorry for not posting before so here i am with the Results

1.My First Question Was

Which Is Your Favourite Scene Till Now In Dhadkan-
                                          And well many of you people choose the scene of armaan and riddhima's Teej scene after armaan's accident in Hospital so here i am posting the little bit memory of that scene

2. My Second Question Was
Which Is Your Favourite Dialogue Till Now In Dhadkan-
                                                And well once again you choose dialogues between the Teej Scene so here i am posting the one dialogue of that particular scene to cherish your memories which was here added with Dhadkan and ARwhich happens to be my favourite also and now i surely knows what you enjoyed so i will try to add more rituals

Ar:''tum riddhima sachh meiin bahut bolti hokahaa naa chupp rahoo after all i am ur husband''
Riddhima gasped hearing this and as she feels his one hand above her chest and she closed her eyes, armaan was enjoying her flushed face and he was happy that he has that effect on her and he wants to kiss her but control himself and put pin on his shoulder so that her chest is covered at the same time her half pallu was free in his hand
Ar:''tum merii biwii ho riddhima aanheiin kholo''
He whispered in her ear, riddhima opened her eyes and saw armaan was holding her pallu between them and as soon as her green eyes met with his blue ones, he points her to saw towards the moon and riddhima saw the moon and then she saw him in between her pallu, as it was of net she can saw his face and armaan smiled and winked to her and riddhima has the tears in her eyes seeing this, armaan was also doing the same thing looking firstly to his moon his riddhima then the actual moon and then armaan dropped her saree pallu and slowly went towards riddhima riddhima was looking towards him she forget everything and here armaan slowly bent to her forhead and rubbed his forhead with hers and then placed a kiss on her forhead and let go of her, riddhima looked towards him, he actually rubbed with his sindoor and with that his forhead covered with her sindoor and
Ar:''chalo aab mujhe tilak bhi lag gayya aab chalo paani peeyo''
He said while picking the glass from table and bring towards her lips but she shook her head in disagreement and armaan was confused 
Ar:''abhie bhi kuchh reh gayya kya riddhima?''
He asked and riddhima nodded in between her tears and armaan
Riddhima points to her maang and armaan knows what she was saying he has to fill her maang but there is no vermilion there so he slightly rubbed his hand over his forhead where he has the wound but riddhima holds his hand but armaan shook his head and he rubbed it and there is some blood on his finger and next moment he filled her maang and riddhima's eyes moistened with this, she touched her maang and then armaan makes her drink water she somehow drank the water and next moment hugged him tightly.

3.My 3rd Question Was
Which is The Character you loved along with Armaan-Riddhima till now in Dhadkan
                                              Well must say very tough competition between Rahul-Muskaan And Karan-Nandini But at the end of the day its Karan-Nandini who wins and they Thanked all of them who loved them along with their Armaan-Riddhima

4.My 4th Question Was          
Which song sequence you loved till now in Dhadkan   
                                        And well most of you choose ''Lo Chali Mai Aapne Devar Kii Barat Lekar In Rahul's Wedding Performed By Riddhima so i made VM on that songs hope you like that do tell me friends ohk  here is the link to VM Friends

5.My 5th Question Was
Which picture you loved till now in Dhadkan
                                      And well again a difficult one as most of you says everyone but still many of you also like this one so here you go and in armaan's style ''OYE HOYYE'' its one of my personal Favourites also friends

And thanks to once again who participated and thanks so much for telling me how much you love Dhadkan thanks so much i will now know your choice and will give you updates with more of AR's romance along with rituals and Karan-Nandini's scenes as you adored them along with Rahul-Muskaan's and then i will put the songs like your choice and the pictures of our very own DR.Armaan Mallik KARAN SINGH GROVER though he is not Doctor in Dhadkan but kya farak padta hai hai naa Friends once again thanks so much friends
With lots of love and regards and with Dhadkan's each character

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Credit to no other than shonadesire aka SHILPA for this superb banner 

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Well friends from now this thread i will pm only those who are pressing like tab i am no going pm to all of you 224 people who are in my buddy list i am so sorry if i am sounding rude but really i have no energy to pm 224 people and receive just 63 likes so sorry from the very second part of this thread i will pm only those who pressed tab in and please don;t tell me if you did not receive pm as if you like the part and hit the like tab i will surely pm you really sorry for hurting anyone but i am also helpless so sorry hope you understand my situation so from now one hit tab and get pm
Thanks to all of you for your support and and encouragement 
With lots of love and regards and apologies
Take care friends and do hit the tab to get pms

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                                  Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

                                                          AR FF

                                                        Part 49

(Part Dedicated To ASMA Happy Birthday Jaana This Is For You Your Surprise As For Your Birthday Gift Jaana)

p.s. the credit for beautiful banner is goes to Shilpa AKA shonadesire thanks Shilpu You rocks dear for this beautiful banner

And armaan with her in his arms looking directly in her green almond innocent eyes and riddhima as her hands were wrapped around his neck and she was looking in his deep greay blue naughty eyes while her head was resting on his chest and as in this manner armaan reached near his no now their room and this time he admitted completely and then he slowly break his trance with riddhima but she was so busy in looking at him that she never knows he shifted his gaze and now they were standing in front of their room armaan smiled seeing his love's condition she is surely his as she never ever feels any where surroundings when she is in his arms smiling he opened the door with his back and then entered the room and he just pushed the door with his back not locked it after all he has his riddhima in his arms and then as much he was enjoying that satisfying and loving expressions on her face he needs to show her, her surprise for which he slept in guest room from past 3 days and then he slowly whispered in her ear while bending a little in front of her face and riddhima startled

Ar:''bas basket mujhe bad meiin dekhna you see aab tou tum aakhein band karne se pehle bhi mera chehra aapni nighaon meiin dekhogi aur oothte hii tum merii is chehre ko dekhogi''

As he said riddhima was startled at first hearing his words she did not understand what he said as she too much occupied in his eyes as she saw the lots of love in his eyes for herself so she just

Ri:''umm armaan kya''

Armaan smiled seeing her reaction and startled condition he can expect that only from her as he knows how much she forget herself seeing him so he just kissed her arm which were close to his lips making her blushed and she just said to him

Ri:''armaan kya tum bhi''

As she said with her eyes lowered armaan was flattered once again her this attitude is the one which makes him clean bold completely

Ar:''basket aapki isi sharmo haya par tou hum jaan chidkte hai aur tumhari isi ada par tou mujhe har pal aisaa lagta jaise mujhe aaj hii tumse pyaar hua hai aur tum aaj hii merii zindagi meiin ayi ho merii riddhima basket ban kar aur mujhe aapna bnane ayi ho mujhe pyaar sikhane ayi uff tumhari yeh sharmo haya''

He said making her turn into deep shade of red only he can do this with her just with his words he can play with her senses she did not replied anything just keep lowering her eyes and armaan smiled seeing that blush on her cheeks he so wants to kiss her like no tomorrow but he controlled his emotions then once again

Ar:''basket zara nazrein ootha kee aapnein iss room ko tou dekho joo tumhare jaane par bilkul soona sa ho gayya tha jahan har jagah sirff tumhara ehsaas tha aur yeh room joo naa jaane kab se tumhare Intazar meiin tha kii kab tum aakar fir se ise Riddhima Armaan kaa Room bnaogi Basket Riddhima Mallik''

He said and riddhima hearing his words were so much drowned in the beauty of his words that forget what he said just a minute before and armaan finally pinched her waist making her back to the conditions riddhima winced in pain and screams also but

Ri:''aauch armaan kya''

But her words cut short by armaan's caressing fingers on her waist and she shushed and armaan looked in her eyes as riddhima looked back in his eyes they shared a beautiful eye-lock when armaan finally break the eye-contact while saying to her that

Ar:''please basket zara mujh par se nazarein hata kar iss room kii aur bhi dekhh lo bechara kabse tumhari 1 nazar ko taras rahaa hai''

He said and

Ri:''kya hai armaan''

Riddhima made a face as he break their eye-lock and replied to him and then she finally shifted her gaze around the room and she was surprised surprised was understatement she was shocked the whole room was changed completely, the room which she left was nowhere to see just the cupboards were at same place and the dressing area and all the other room was completely changed, not only its interiors its furniture also it was going with the color of scheme and as tried to look more she tried to come out from his grip but he did not let her come instead he holds her more tightly 

Ar:''basket kya hua kyoon itnii oochal kood kar rahii ho yar''

He asked though he knows she wants to get down from his grip to look at the whole room of theirs but he teased her so he asked her

Ri:''armaan please stop joking with me mujhe please ootarao mujhe humara room dekhna hai please armaan please armaan naa''

She said pleading him and armaan smiled seeing her cute reaction

Ar:''han tou kaun mansa kar rahaa hai tumhe basket yar dekho naa after all its all yours especially for my basket''

He said huskily near her ear making her breaths sharp

Ri:''han tou mujhe neeche tou ootaro naa tabhie tou dekhh paongi naa mai armaan please mujhe neeche ootar do''

She said try to control her breath and armaan smiled

Ar:''lo biwii tum bhi buddhu ho poori room dekhne kee liyye tumhe merii bahon se dur jaane kii kya jarurat hai mai tumhe aisee hii aapni bahon meiin poora room dikha sakta hun''

He said with his million dollar smile making riddhima confused

Ri:''kya armaan kaise aisee tumhari god meiin kaise mai''

She asked as she was confused with his words

Ar:''kya yar you know I am armaan joo kuch bhi kar sakta hai especially aapni riddhima kee liyye tou kuchh bhi biwi''

He said and once again riddhima didn not get him so she once

Ri:''armaan please mazak chodo neeche ootaro mujhe tum''

Ar:''nahin basket yar I can do yeh dekho basket''

He replied to her making her twirl in his arms and she was surprised as he took 4-5 rounds in circle in order to show her room and she hide her face in his chest due to the rounds and finally armaan stopped and smiled seeing she was cuddling in his chest like a kid and he admired her for sometime

Ri:''armaan tum naa pagal ho poore kee poore''

She said as she feels him stopping and she looked at him

Ar:''I know tumhare pyaar meiin poora pagal hun mai pata hai abhii kuchh din pehle sab keh bhi rahein the I am Majnu of yours''

He said making her smile and she whipered to him

Ri:''armaan tum naa bas''

She replied while hiding her face once again in his chest and

Ar:''oye hoyee''

And riddhima opened her eys and she looked at him and then at the wall near where they were standing and she looked at the side wall where has the photoframe hanged and she traced the photoframe with her hands 

and then armaan understanding her emotions making her stand on her feet comfortable and riddhima at once tarced the picture it was his and her picture from the time when in rahul's wedding preprations they bumped in each-other she never knew that moment was captured in camera and the she looked all over the room it has one more picture that was from their childhood and it was hanged middle of the wall above plasma T.V. and she smiled looking at that frame and then she saw the most beautiful photo of hers as he hanged on that bed wall she was surprised she did not know that photo from where he has managed to taken 

and what she loved the most in the room was their picture placed on side table of his side captured in rahul's wedding she just loved that picture it has so many memories of theirs as they were giving the million dollar smile on their faces riddhima saw some kind of emotions in his eyes on that day she loved that picture armaan also loved that picture as she has the little blush on her cheeks in that particular picture as in that photo time the photographer was giving the tough time as he was continuously nagging both armaan and riddhima to come closer and finally armaan gave in and sneaked his arms around her waist and that is the reason of her blush and both smiled remembering the moment and gave each-other warming smile armaan knows what riddhima was thinking as she was looking at photoframe and then she placed that frame on table 

and she turned and saw her dressing area which was now has a little big and yes it has renovated and she saw a big bangle stand much more bigger than her previous one she was busy admiring the beautiful bangles in that stand with her hands when she feels his hand over hers as she was touching the bangles and she looked at him and armaan

Ar:''mai chahta hun merii jaan kee haathon meiin yeh humesha khankhnati rahein kyonki jab yeh tumhare haath meiin khnakati hai naa tou aisaa lagta hai mere dill kii dhadkan ko bhi khnakane kii vajah mill gayyi hai isliyye hii mai chahta hun kii aur inn bharii kalayion meiin aisee hii bharii bharii rahein jaan''

He said kissing her bangles which were in her hands making her blush and she lowered her eye lashes as armaan placed kisses on her bare arms as the pretext of bangles he kissed each and every bangle which she possesses in her arms and he kissed her arms also resting her lips over there for sometime and then riddhima pushed him a little as she was deeply affected with his small frevent kisses on her arms and she blushed very hardly and while lowering her eye lashs she avert her gaze and then went to the another surroundings of room and looked the another things and what now caught her attention was the mirror yes mirror as she has now the full length mirror beside the normal mirror she smiled seeing that mirror and she was looking in mirror when she feels something on her waist and she was surprised and only to get shoch seeing armaan was sitting on his knees with his hands around her waist and she shivered with that gesture of hers she was thinking what he was upto and in the pretext of her thinking she called him

Ri:''armaan kya tum''

But she was cut short by armaan's words as he traced her bare waist with his hands roaming here and there on her waist

Ar:''maine yeh bada vaala mirror tumhare liyye nahin lagvaya hai mirror tou tum zyada khush mat honaa madam samjhi tum jaan''

He said and riddhima was confused with his words

Ri:''armaan kya tum''

But once again she is cut short with armaan's words as now his fingers were making imaginary patterns on her waist

Ar:''yeh maine aapne liyye lagvaya hai you see merii jaan naa zyada Sarees pehnti hai aur vo bahut hii Hot lagti hai oon Sarees meiin so aab se mai hii aapni jaan ko Saree pehnaoga yahan par khade hokar aur vaise bhi iss mirror meiin Armaan Riddhima dono hii poore dikhte hai iss Mirror meiin aur vaise bhi merii biwii Sarees meiin bahut sundar dikhti hai you know Sexy (as riddhima looked at him he winked at her and she smacked him lightly on his arm and he gently holds her hand kissed her) aur especially ooski navel you know she looks so hawt with that Sexy navel of hers aur vaise bhi iss Mirror meiin I can see my face buried in her navel and her blushed red cheeks throughout this Mirror tou bas jaan yeh maine aapne liyya lagvaya hai jis se mujhe koi problem naa aye tumhe kiss karne meiin oops tumhe saree pehnane meiin baby so aaj well abhiie se I will make you wear Saree''

He said while kissing her navel sidind her Saree a bit and dig his face there buried his lips almost in her navel and a shiver ran in riddhima's spine feeling his lips were almost inside her navel unable to control herself any more she fisted her own hands and here armaan kissed almost all over her tummy making her tummy red with his kisses as he was placing hungry kisses on her tummy, he bite her stomach lightly affected with the closeness with her that took over all his senses as riddhima feels two bites in row as armaan bites her one more closer to the first bite that too over her navel she moaned in pain and pleasure both and as armaan's ears drums hit her moan he start licking her navel making her gasp and her breaths start getting sharp with his licking he licked all over he navel making her cold skin turned into warm skin with his continuous licking as she can feel his saliva all over her waist's skin she shivered in pleasure as she feels armaan's hands moving near her Saree pleats she just get out from his hold a little as she was blushing profusely due to this armaan first little irriated but as soon his gaze fell on her face from the mirror which was converted into deep shade of crimson red red cheeks makes him smiled warmly he so wanted to live that moments as a lover as a husband and wants to see that desired affect on her wife's face with his doings like a normal human being as a husband and today he get this all things which makes him smiled wider and this happened with the love of his life his riddhima makes him world's happiest person on the earth and as their eyes met with each-other they speak volumes both green and blue orbs as riddhima looked at him and armaan looked at her both green and blue orbs told each-other they love each-other and was waiting to have each-other their eyes always speak volumes and convyes each-other's deep emotions to each-other in any manner and finally riddhima shifted her gaze feeling shy and lowered her eye lashes and armaan smiled seeing her reactions he so loved her and her red blush cheeks under with his affect makes him love her more and then he looked at her waist which was red and around her navel the red marks of his teeth were there he smiled and then  placed few more kisses there and then he slowly whispered just the voice which was audible to her as her breaths were already sharp with his kisses and riddhima was shocked with his words

Ar:''kal mai tumhe silk saree nahin net saree pehnaoga sabko pta tou chalna chahiye kii armaan aapni riddhima se kitna pyaar karta hai''

He said and riddhima looked at him in disbelief try to register his words and armaan chucked seeing her face he just loved teasing her right now she was looking so much beautiful with that confused look on her face that he want to capture his lips in hers immediately

Ri:''armaan kya tum''

But she was cut short by armaan's words that heart warming word

Ar:''I love you jaan''

That brings a million dollar smile on riddhima's lips and she quick

Ri:''love you too''

Making him smiled and she bend and try to makes him stand holding his shoulders placing two more kisses on her waist armaan  stood up and then he sneaked his arms around her waist while hugging her side ways and riddhima placed her head on his shoulder and armaan placed his on her head and both looked at the reflections of theirs in mirror smiled as finally feels completed in each-other's arms and after remaining in each-other's arms for some more time finally riddhima wriggled in his arms and try to get out from his grip but armaan holds her from her waist asking her with his eyes to remain here riddhima smiled but tried again

Ar:''basket kya kar rahii ho tum please stay here naa jaan''

Ri:''armaan I know just please give me 2 minutes I want to change its you know my saree is too heavy too carry please''

She said try to get out from his grip but as if armaan was adamant to not to leaving her he tightened his grip on her waist nuzzling on her nose while leaning a little bit downwards near her face level and brushed his nose with hers and riddhima shivered with his touch

Ri:''armaan please seriously I need change yeh Saree seriously bahut heavy hai mujhse aur carry nahin ho rahii please''

She said and armaan let her get out from his grip and she smiled at him as he leaned on bed while just saying to her

Ar:''han han aab tumhari Saree bharri ho gayyi tab kya hua tha jab tum aapne Darling Rahul bhahiya kii coffe bnanae gayyi thi is heavy saree meiin''

He said and riddhima was surprised now from where rahul bhahyiya comes in between in all thei lovey dovey moments

Ri:''armaan kya tum''

Ar:''no riddhima ahan I know now your saree is heavy and when you are chatting with your darling Rahul Bhayiya tab tou kuchh nahin han bolo''

He said and riddhima sighed and get her night gown and went to go inside the washroom to get changed when she heard his word

Ar:''kyoon aab kyoon nahin bol rahii ho tum han aapnein Darling rahul Bhayiya se batein karte hue aur oonki coffe bnate hue nahin saree heavy lagii''

He said making her pissed off what he was saying she was not chatting with only Rahul bhayiya all others were also there and so what if she makes a cup of coffee for him if anyone other says shewill do just like this only and armaan was enjoying that frowning expressions on her face he so loved teasing her and then he

Ar:''han bolo naa''

Ri:''kya hai armaan kyoon rahul bhahiya koo bech meiin le aye ho tum, mai oonse akele se thode naa batein kar rahii thi bakki sab bhi tou the vahin naa armaan then ahy aur fir kya ho gayya aagar maine oonke liyye 1 cup coffe bna dii tum tou oonke peeche hii pad gayye ho rahul bhahiya nee kuchh kaha bhi hai kya tumhe bas naa tum armaan''

She said and armaan smiled but suppressed his laugh so expecting this only that's  why he was teasing her and

Ar:''han han tum aur tumhare rahul bhahiya riddhima I know naa

He said and riddhima looked at him and she just

Ri:''armaan aab aur nahin not a word against rahul bhahiya''

Ar:''ohk baba no more teasing on the name of your rahul bhahiya''

He said while showing her his hands up and then laughed as riddhima smiled seeing him and his antics and then she just said

Ri:''fine armaan thanks''

And she sighed and turned to go for change then armaan said once again turning her into deep shade of red with his words only

Ar:''vaise tum change karne jaa rahii thi tou jao naa vaise bhi taron bharii rat hai jaan jokii abhi baaki hai jaan so come fast''

And riddhima just whispered his names and turning into deep shade of red she after saying his name ran into washroom with her night gown


And armaan smiled seeing her she is so his basket and then he just feels he loved her so so much and he said aloud to her

Ar:''I love her''

And  after few minutes riddhima comes outside changed into the wine color gown and she looked in room here and there but did not find armaan anywhere in the room she was wondering where he is soon her answers were answerd as she went outside in the balcony to check him there was standing looking towards the moon and the twinkling stars slow wind was playing making the atomosphere more romantic as he feels her presence near himself he just turned and forward his hand towards her which she gladly accepted and armaan just makes her stand behind himself while placing his hands around her waist and placed his chin on her shoulder and both stared at full moon night and as riddhima locked her arms around his neck they feels they are in heaven and armaan as rubbed his chin little bit on her shoulder making her gasp as he can saw her long throat and he as buried his face In her neck placed few kisses there making riddhima clutched his hands on her waist and armaan was also stopped after somime and then closed their eyes enjoying presence of each-other in arms and after few minutes as riddhima start feeling chilly due to the cold night of winters armaan feels tahst and pulled her more closer that she was almost resting in his chest with her head rested on his heart and armaan snuggled her more closer as he looked at her she was looking nothing less than a angel in that wine color gown of hers and he almost start losing the control overhimsel seeing her looking so much beautiful and in order to calm his senses he gently brushed his ears and slowly whipered in her making her open her eyes which were closed as she was busy feeling she is in his arms he was close to her and she was wrapped in his arms

Ar:''aandar chalein basket''

And riddhima registered his words and looked at the sky and as the wind was getting cold by each passing second she nodded and both come inside the room with riddhima in armaan's arms his hands holding her from her waist and riddhima snuggled in his chest like a baby and finally both moved inside the bed and as soon armaan lays beside her he found her looking at him with so much passionate eyes and armaan then noticed she was still wearing her maang tikka all the other jewellary she removed but the maang tikka may be she forgots and armaan slowly leaned towards her and their face come near to each-other riddhima was feeling so bliss ful that she wrapped her arms around his neck and armaan smiled seeing that love filled eyes of his love and he smiled he sloley tarced his fingers on her forhead and then pulled out the maang tikka then showed her the maang tikka after pecking her forhead and she smiled not knowing when she forgot to take out she was so busy looking at him thats he never noticed just removed her ear rings and neck piece that is the magic of his lovee and she loved that feeling of the true love of theirs and armaan placed the maang tikka on side table when he feels tugged on his shirtand he saw riddhima's hands were still wrapped around his neck he smiled seeing her cute face as she was in no mood of leaving him and then he said quickly to her 

Ar:''yahin hun tumhare paas jaana vaise bhi aab aagar chahon bhi tou tumse dur nahin jaa paonga tum merii zindagi ho riddhima''

He said and riddhima smiled hearing her words and she let her grip little bit losenes so that he can place the maang tikka on side table but she is still holding him from his neck and after placing the maang tikka on side table armaan comes 

and directly leaned over her  while caressing her facial features with his hands 

Ar:''so jaan aab boliye kya irada hai aapka han''

He asked while kissing her cheeks making her smiled with his cute antics as well his cute talks she slowly pecked his cheeks then pushed him on bed making him lay on bed while he was startled with her actions riddhima giggled seeing his startled expressions armaan makes his face towards her looking her but riddhima averted her gaze and she was looking towards the whole room, she actually loved the whole room not that she did not loved it before but now she loved it more as she feels her armaan do this only for her for their love and the most surprising thing in the room was  its no longer having that black color its changed into blue and white shade combination making the room more elegent and all the furniture was according to color scheme, their bed walls having white shade having the red bed covers and the dressing area of the room was combination of white and blue having the lights there and then the walls behind her side was again which was blue and white shade making her side more comfy with its sober yet elegent choices and the curtains of room was blue with white strips making the room more adorable and the ward robs glass were changed it coverted into shaded glasses of  two sequences first blue then white then again blue then white even the washroom was in blue color with the curtain on bath side the washroom also changed she was still busying admiring the room when she feels his hand close to her stomach as he start caressing her stomach 

Ri:''thanks armaan tumne mere liyye itnaa sab kiyya par I mean tumhe itnaa karne kii jarurat nahin thi mujhe black color se bhi koi problem nahin thi vo tumhara favorite color hai naa aur tumne yahan sab merii pasand kaa kar diyya I mean black is yours''

She said while holding his hands above her waist and she said because as far she knows his taste in color changed as it was now black so she feels it was because of her he changed it but she was cut short with armaan's hand on her lips as he looked in her green almond shaped eyes and pecked her eyes making her close them

Ar:''nahin riddhima maine yeh tumhare liyye nahin kiyya hai humare liyye kiyya hai mera favorite color kabhiie black tha hii nahin infact I don't like black at all aur tum tou jaanti ho mera favorite colour RED SAUCE VAALA LAAL rahaa hai humesha se aur jab merii zindagi meiin khushiyan aa hii gayyi hai tou mai kyoon oos dark color meiin rahun''

He said while looking in her eyes and she looked back in his eyes with small tears in her eyes and as armaan wiped her small tears their noses brushed with each-other making them smiled and makes them feel their love and now she don't need to discuss anything

Ri:''I love you armaan so so much love you armaan''

She said encircling her one arms around his neck as he was laying on bed looking at her sideways and armaan pecked her nose while

Ar:''love you too jaan love you so so much jaan''

He replied with equal love he contained for her and then riddhima observed finally something in the room that makes her a little bit disturbed when she feels that she did not saw one thing which she loved to saw there and that thing did not changed in the room even a bit is that there is no wedding picture of theirs still in the room as she always wanted one like a normal married girl this somewhere disheartened and as armaan can read her thoughts with her expressions and as he saw her eyes scanning the room more over was searching something in the room he leaned his head over her shoulder near her ear and gently whispered in her ear

Ar:''tum humari shaadi kii picture dhoondh rahii ho naa jaan?''

He asked and riddhima was surprised how he come to know

Ar:''I know you riddhima because I love you riddhima''

He said while kissing her ear and riddhima nodded and she

Ri:''armaan mai actually bas vo isliyye dekh rahii thi you know''

She said trying to put her emotions in the words but she could not and armaan smiled hearing her words she is so sweet and nave

Ar:''kuchh kehne kii jarurat nahin hai riddhima mai jaanta hun naa''

He said while putting his finger on her lips then continued seeing her quited

Ar:''mai bhi sabse pehle humare bachpan (childhood) kii picture kee bad shaadi kii photo hii lagana chahata tha par you know humari shaadi meiin mai kahin bhi smile nahin kar rahaa vo vaali smile joo merii jaan ko pasand hai (he said pecking her nose) tou maine socha iss room meiin humare room meiin sab dill se judii hua hai tou humari marriage photo bhi vaise hii honii chahiye naa (she nodded her head in assent) isiliyye nahin lagayi nahin tou koi bhi laga deta par dill sab kuchh dill se karna chahta tha aapni basket kee liyye aapni jaan kee liyye tou nahin kiyya maine sorry (she nodded her head in disagreement as if asking him not to say sorry) par I promise I will put one marriage photo of ours that too very soon in each and every complete way jismein mai aur tum aapni ruh se judee hue dikhai den jaan naa (he said pecking her chin) par abhii kee liyye so sorry jaan tumhe tumhara room complete karke nahin den paaya I am so very sorry jaan so sorry''

But he is cut short with riddhima's lips on his and before he can understand anything she was pulling him closer while encircling her arms around his neck for first few minutes armaan was in shock what was happening he did not get it but as soon he feels riddhima's lips were crushing his ones and she was sucking and biting his lower lips he groaned in pleasure and with in a second he responds the kiss making her gasp as riddhima shifted on his upper lips he moved to her lower lips sucking and nibbling while caressing her lower ones in start and then he take charge of the kiss while leaning over her completely buried his one hand in her nape and other in her back pulling her more close to himself and he kissed her passionately sucking her lower lips and riddhima nibbled on his upper lips soon armaan licked her lips before switching on to her upper lips making her moan in pleasure and she ruffled his hairs more arousing her while nibbling his lower lips more fiercly and they were kissing each-other hungrily and passionately and with in no seconds armaan pushed his tongue in her mouth this time biting her lips as he was much drowned in pleasure riddhima moaned in pleasure but she did not back out and pushed her tongue in his mouth also, and both explored each-other's mouth completely,savouring the feeling on each-other's taste, they tasted each-other saliva and armaan and riddhima as both their tongues met they danced in pleasure swallowing each other's saliva and fought for dominance and armaan bite on her tongue making her moan in pain and pleasure and finally riddhima is out of breath so she break the kiss feeling him not ready to backen out as she herself start the kiss she aroused his passion to no extent but she needs oxygen so she breaks the kiss and armaan was never in mood to stop as he leaned over her completely he buries his face in her collar bone and he start licking her collar bone riddhima was surprised he was not kissing her he actually was licking her collar bone that makes her arouse to no extent as he presses all the right buttons and she completely heard his panting breaths after that passionate kisses and that his panting breath actually caressing her nape and kissing her nape making her shudder in pleasure and passion and she start rubbing his back with her one free hand with her soft delicate hands and her hands moved sensuously yet softly and passionately as armaan feels his sensous rubbing at his back he aroused more his desires were waking up completely making him forget everything he kissed her collar bone hungrily and traced upto her ear lobe with her nose and then down wards while kissing her on right side of her and same thing he repeated with left side first he traced upto her ear lobe from collar bone with his nose and then coming downwards placing kissing all over there and that action makes riddhima totally shuddered in pleasure and armaan kissed her every where that makes her clutched the bed sheet in her hand tightly and then armaan moved to her face and kiss her full mouth not leaving a single place of her face, her chin, her eyelids, her nose, her forhead even pecked a small one on her swollen lips and then he buried his face in her nape nuzzling there with his nose making her gasp in pleasure and soon he start placing kisses in her nape the hungry ones and passionate kisses and with drowned in her beauty and in his passion in his burning desires he bite there hard very hard and that too on the bite which he gave her other day and that actually makes riddhima moan in pain and she fisted his hairs in her hands and armaan looked at her as he feels her strong grip over his hairs as he saw tears in her eyes he looked at his doings and he saw that her nape was clearly stating the wildness of his as it turned red completely and as he saw his teeth marks there he can easily count his teeths marks so he can understand that must be paining her that too over the previous bits so without thinking any more second he licked her skin over the bite rolled his tongue over there for some time and then riddhima relaxed a bit as it was soothing her the touch of his and then armaan take her skin in between his lips not caressing it just take in his mouth and as the skin was in between his lips she can feel his tongue and he caressed the bite lightly making her soothe completely and the action of hers totally makes her forget her pain as it was way too much soothing and she ruffled his hairs in process and armaan smiled he knows may be she is fine now not may be she is actually fine now and he leaves her skin after caressing it some more time from his lips and then placed kisses on the bite that too soft ones making riddhima smiled with his gesture and she encircled both her arms around his neck making him look at herself and armaan looked in her green eyes and then sucked the tear which comes because of that pain and riddhima smiled and pecked his forhead while he was busy sucking her tear away from her eyes making her close her eyes lightly feeling his love and then armaan pecked her lips and riddhima gave in the kiss and then after kissing slowly and shortly just savouring that they were husband wife now and love each-other completely and have the full right on each-other armaan finally once more time kissed her full mouth making her moan and she herself rubbed her hands on his chest making him groaned in pleasure and he locked her lips with his for one more kiss and riddhima gave in the kiss and they kissed passionately.

After sometime both were not sleeping just feeling the presence of each-other and savouring their passionate moments when armaan

Ri:''kitna time beet gayya naa armaan Intezar kee 11 sal armaan''

She said lying placing her head against his chest on his heart as she remembered the long 11 years whey they were not together and was craving for each-other's love and so she expressed all her feelings in the words making armaan smiled with her nave words

Ar:'' ahann nahin riddhima Intezar kee nahin Romance kee 11 sal riddhima''

He said while crossing his arms against hers as she was laying half on him and half on bed, as his legs were completely on bed where as riddhim's half held in air and as armaan said this words riddhima looked in his blue greay eyes and armaan looked back in her green almond eyes armaan placed a kiss in her hairs both contains same emotion for each-other the Love possessed they has for each other and riddhima while looking in his blue naughty orbs placed a kiss on his chin and then locked his hands with hers which was over her chest and both closed their eyes feeling eternity. 

Ri:''I love you armaan''

She said confessing her love for him once again

Ar:''love you too jaan''

He replied back with equal love for her he has.

After few minutes armaan finally pulled riddhima inside the comorfter as he placed his head on the pillow while riddhima placed her face in his chest kissing him there only and armaan pecked her forhead and they closed their eyes and drifted to sleep in that postion only.

Next morning both lovers were sleeping peacefully in each-other's arms when riddhima's sleep disturbed due to the alarm clock and she immediately out it off before it disturbs her Armaan's sleep and she opened her eyes lightly still she was disoriented because of sleep but as she looked at his face and saw him frowning and hiding herself in her shoulder try to not to her any nosie, she smiled seeing his reaction and then she caressed his face and then try to stretched her arms but she could not able to do and then she looked in the comforter and saw her armaan holding her tightly in his embrace making her smile wide, she softly placed a kiss on his forhead and then ever so slowly and softly, and then after looking at him for few more minutese detangled herself from armaan's strong grip and tied her hairs in messy bun and moved inside the washroom to get ready and after sometime she come out wearing a beautiful red churridar not taking any chance of teasing at all, she was opening her hairs to straighten them as she saw armaan was still sleeping and she was surprised he was sleeping this is the time of his jog normally this is their routine before she leaves Mallik Mansion the time she entered in washroom and when she come back she saw armaan was off for his jog, today as she saw him sleeping she was surprised she thought may be he is tired, asshe opened her hairs she thought to wake him up so that if he wants to go on his jog he can, so she made her way towards him where he is sleeping his head buried in the pillow and then she smiled and put her hands in his hairs and caressed it lightly with a smile adored on her face she was caressing and ruffling it softly

Ri:''armaan ootho subhh ho gayyi jog par nahin jaana kya?''

She said and was trying to wake him up but nect moment she was startled as she feels sudden push and she was over him and she was surprised with his sudden act, she was thinking he was sleeping and so she did not expect this and here he is wide awake and was looking at her with so much intensity in his eyes that she think she may be burn under his gaze and armaan was getting drowned in her by each and every passing second as her hairs were making curtains in between then he rolled few of her strands in his finger making them curl and as riddhima feels his cold fingers brushing with her warm cheeks she gasped and closed her eyes


Ar:''hmm jaan''



Ri:''armaan tumhe jog par nahin jaana kya''


She asked trying to control herself in his grip and armaan then unable to hold him self more turned and that brings riddhima beneath him and she was bewiledered with his actions while armaan tranced her facial features with his fingers making her shiver under his touch but somehow she controlled and just

Ri:''armaan please chodo''

Ar:''nahin you still did not wished me good morning jaan''

Ri:''umm good morning armaan''

She wished him and then armaan leaned towards her 

Ri:''aab hatoo I wished you good morning naa armaan''

Armaan leaned more over her and put his all pressure on her

Ar:''han par still I have to wish you good morning jaan''

He whispered in her ear and before riddhima can say anything more to him he placed his lips on hers wishing her the very good morning of their lives and as riddhima feels his lips kissing her she gave in the kiss, and both kissed each-other hungrily and passionately, armaan was always on fire when his lips come in contact with hers as her lips against his always set his desires on passion, he sucked her lips more hungrily and this time in between biting also as she was responding the kiss while rubbing his back with her hands that was actually arousing him to no extent, and after kissing each-other hungrily and violently armaan broke the kiss as he feels her out of breath and he looked at her as he joined his forhead with hers she has her eyes closed was looking so beautiful with that red cheeks without make up and her lips were still parted a bit and was quivering a bit with his kiss, he cpuld not resist himself seeing that luscious parted lips  and he placed his tongue in between her upper lips and lower lips making riddhima opened her eyes and she looked at him she never in her dreams think of this kind of action from his, and well honestly it was way too much sensous for her handling it as his tongue was doing hiw work in between her lips and riddhima did not controlled her self any more she wrapped herself in armaan's arms making armaan smiled widely with her reaction and he hugged her back and then he after few more minutes whispered in her ear lobe nuzzling his lips there making her turned crimson red 

 Ar:''aab hui naa yeh morning good sweetheart aur tum aisee hii fikii fikii sii good morning wish karke jaa rahii thi mujhe han jaana''

He said and riddhima lightly gripped his shoulder around her arms


And armaan smiled hearing this and he then after few minutes riddhima try to come out from his grip while saying to him

Ri:''achaa aab chodo mujhe tumhe jog par nahin jaana tou kya hua mujhe tou bahut kam hai hatto mere oopar se''

She tried to come out from his grip and wriggled in his grip as he was in no mood to leave her and he placed two more kissed on her chin

Ri:''armaan please chodo''

Ar:''han han chod raha hun jao aur mai bhi jog par jaa rahaa hun after all tum tou bahut busy ho naa aapne kam meiin riddhima''

He teased her that makes riddhima really surprised she cupped his face in her palms as he tried to get over from himself

Ri:''armaan kya hua naraz kyoon rahein ho sweetheart tum''

As she asked looking in his greay blue eyes which was shining mischievously and armaan looked in her green innocent eyes which were showing her innocence to him and he loved his basket's innocence so much that he pecked her for head softly

Ar:''areey jaan I was just pulling your leg mai bas mazak kar rahaa tha mai tou sachii meiin aapni jog kee liyye jaa rahaa hun yar''

Ri:''sachii meiin armaan''

She asked un assuringly as may be what if he was feeling she was not giving him time so she was feeling restless and un assure

Ar:''han jaan tension mat aur basket I love you''

He said while let her go after kissing her cheeks ad riddhima smiled and she pecked his chin making him smile wide 

Ri:''love you too''

And then riddhima get out from the bed and straighten her suit which was mess because of armaan's pull and armaan smiled seeing his beautiful wife and he after pecking her hairs from back move to wash room as he wants to go on his jog, riddhima smiled at his small gestures

 after few minutes armaan come back from washroom in his tracks and vest his normal clothes for jog and saw riddhima was setting the bed with a smile playing on her lips and he slowly moved towards her and holds her from her waist and spun her around that makes her face to him and he while caressing her facial features as he placed a loose strand of her hair as her hairs were still open behind her ear which was disturbing his view and

Ar:''vaise mai sochh rahaa hun kii aagar tum bhi mere saath jog par chalo you see hum basket ball bhi khel sakenge you know naa''

And riddhima smiled at him and then she slowly whispered

Ri:''bahut hii boora idea hai pati dev aap jaante hai I hate working out so aagar aap chahte hai kii mai aapko bhi jaane se naa rokun tou aap akele hii ho aayiye nahin tou aapko you know ghar par rookna pad sakta hai mere saath so better you go alone''

She said pecking his cheeks making him smiled widely

Ar:''sachii and I will love to stay with you here at home''

He replied showing his dimples and riddhima replied

Ri:''fine ruk jao tum baitho room meiin mai chali aapna kam karne sweetheart aab aapne jog se holiday liyya hai par mujhe gharr kaa kam karna hai aur aapne pyaare se husband kee liyye breakfast bnana bhi hai so bye breakfast par aa jaana time par ''

She said making him frowned and he released her from his grip

Ar:''basket tum naa yar sachii meiin bahut unromantic ho''

Ri:''thanks for the compliment''

Ar:"fine mai aapni jog par jaata hun vaise bhi yahan gharr par rehkar bhi kya karna hai aapnein abs par hii dhayan deta hun vaise bhi merii so unromantic biwii kya pata mere abs ko dekhh kar hii turn on ho jaaye at least I can take acre of them so bye basket I will go on my daily jog for my dear so unromantic wife''

He said and after wearing his shoes makes his way out of the room when suddenly he feels her lips on his cheeks and that too lingered there for sometime and before he can do anything she ran from there inside the dressing area after saying to him

Ri:''I love you''

And armaan traced his cheeks where she pecked and then he leaves from there after shouted back at her which riddhima heard

Ar:''koi bat nahin jaan thanks aapna love you too mai tumhe aakar btata hun''

And riddhima smiled and come out from the dressing area, she is so happy, mornings never can be so beautiful with him by her side, she loved him so much and with each moment she feels like her love for him was increasing so much and now she actually wants him and want to become his completely she needs him, her body needs him, yes now she wants their bodies will turn into one soul, and they complete each-other in any way and every way, she was thinking what she can do for this, how she will tell him this she was surely feeling so much shy how can she herself say this. She left her thoughts for some time as she thinks her armaan will understand her as he can read her like a open book and she smiled and then finally moved to downstairs to start her chores after three days, it was just three days but it feels like it was ages that she did not do anything, and she smiled this is the feeling of at home. Riddhima after getting some morning work as boil the milk and some her Pooja she moved outside in the garden to get some fresh air as of her daily routine and she placed armaan's juice glass on the table in the garden as she knows he will be back with in some few more minutes, she was busy admiring the flowers when armaan comes back and saw her busy in admiring the flowers with a smile playing on her lips, then something click in armaan's mind he just placed his hands over the flowers and as his fingers wet due to the drops which were on flowers he sprinkled them to riddhima's face making riddhima come back in the world from her flowers dream land and closeing her eyes and as she opened her eyes with in second she saw armaan standing in front of her with his dimpled smile adoring his face, she smiled seeing him but then frowned as her mind registered what he did a moment back sprinkled water dropes over her so she frowned

Ri:''kya armaan yeh kya kiyya''

She asked while trying to wipe out the little water  drops from her face when armaan come closer and holds her wrist preventing her to do that prevent her to wipe the water drops from her face from her cheeks and shaking his head as if saying her to not to wipe them and riddhima before ask him anything she feels his hold getting tighter around her slender waist and his lips were on her cheeks, she was flabbergasted with his move and he start sucking that drops from her cheeks riddhima did not know what to do she just closed her eyes enjoying and savouring the moment and armaan did his work sucking the water drops while lingering his lips on her cheeks few seconds and just take her skin in his mouth making both of their desires go wild and then after sucking each and every drop and kissed her like eternity and riddhima shivered in his arms and clutched his vest in her fist tightly making him smiled and then he leaned towards her ear while caressing it with his nose he whispered in her ear making her breaths hitched as

Ar:''basket tumhare chehere par tou paani kii boondein bhi namkin ho jaati hai tumhari hotness se aab mujhse rahaa hii nahin jaayege iskee tumhare binaa jaan I love you so so so so very much I need you riddhima please very badly I love you riddhima''

He said huskily in her ears making her red and she nodded as she herself was thinking like this only few minutes back in the room and was thinking how to say to him that she is ready but now she is happy as he himself put her desires in his words and seeing riddhima's nod armaan engulfed her in his arms which riddhima responded the hug very keenly and armaan then while still wrapping her in his arms whispered in her ears slowly

Ar:''tou basket kahin bahar chalein I mean humare Honeymoon par you know vo kabse pending hai aur I am so much waited it''

He said and riddhima once again nodded while bluhing to herself as she was also waiting for the time some moments that she wants to spend with him only but then only as she heard "honemoon" her mind went to previous days encounter when she heard his talking with Rohit about the kid and the relationship so she wants to ask about that so she de tangled herself from his grip and armaan moves her hair back from her forhead hich was playing on her beautiful face and she looked at him with smile and then

Ar:''kuchh kehna hai kya basket''

She looked at him with surprise as armaan put the question while seeing her unusual quite and he can see something was visible in her green almond eyes and armaan smiled seeing her surprised expressions so he while tracing her facial features in his hand

Ar:''mai jaanta hun aapni basket ko uskii pyaari sii aankehin merii massom basket kee dill kaa hal bata detii hai uske armaan ko tou aab batao kya kehna hai merii jaan ko aapne armaan se basket''

He asked and riddhima feel she fell in Love with him all over again she then buried her face in his nape hugging him from his neck and placed a tender and soft kiss on his nape and then she

Ri:''I love you armaan''

Ar:''love you too jaan par aab aap mujeh batayengi aap kya kehna chahti thi please baby come on the point naa I want to knoe merii basket kya soch rahii hai aur kya poochna chahti yaa kehnna hai''

And riddhima looked at him as he detangled her from himself make her look towards his face and then she with so much emotions

Ri:''armaan kal tumne jo rohit se kaha tha baby kee vaare meiin kya tum really aisaa hii sochte ho means kii aabhie humein baby plan nahin karna chahiye matlab kya tum aabhie baby nahin chahte''

She finally asked and armaan looked at her with surprise in his eyes that means she heard his talk with rohit and that's why she asked him about this and he knows he has to show her his view

Ar:''basket tumne sab sun liyya tha kya kal jab mai rohit se bat kar rahaa tha''

Ri:''han armaan vo naa jab mai tumhe jalebi dene ayi tou I overheard your and rohit's conversation sachii meiin jan boojh kar nahin soona''

Ar:''areey koi bat nahin mera vo matlab nahin tha mai bas yeh poochna chahta tha aagar tumne soona tou yeh bhi soona hogaa kii mai oos se keh rahaa tha kii oonka courtship period bahut lamba hai aur vo ek-doosre ko bahut years se jaante hai''

Ri:''han armaan aur fir tumne kaha tha kii isi kaaran oonka baby oonke rishte ko nayiipechna dega aur oonke rishte ko aur bhi strong kar dega aur richa ko rohit ke aur bhi pas le aayega aur mai bhi armaan aisaa hii sochti hun par tumne humare vaare meiin aisaa kyoon kaha mujhe samajh nahin aya armaan I mean baby''

Ar:''shh jaan dhayan se soono merii bat humare beech meiin ootna time nahin hua hai tou kaha maine ose, bachee ke vaare meiin''

But he is cut short with riddhima's words as she said

Ri:''par armaan hum tou ek-doosre ko bachpan se jaante hai''

Armaan smiled hearing her words and he knows she is impatient his basket so in order to show her his point he sta there on chair in garden while pulling riddhima in his lap first riddhima struggled to come out from his grip but as he tightened his grip she gave up and armaan continued seeing her not struggling

Ar:'' I mean I agree basket kii hum ek dossre ko bachpan se jaante hai aur yeh sabse zyada time hai rishta strong karne kaa basket''

Ri:''han tou armaan tumne aisaa kyoon kaha rohit se''

Ar:''merii bat tou soono basket let me complete jaan fir jo tumhe kehna hai vo tum kehna par phele ekk bar merii bat poori honein do''

Armaan said as he heard riddhima once again cutting him in between and Riddhima nodded hearing him while saying that

Ri:''fine bolo tum''

Ar:''basket dekho I agree hum ekk doosre ko bahut pehle se jaante hai aur yeh hii cheej hai jisnein humare pyaar ko itnaa strong bana kar rakha hua hai hum saath hue hai har mushkil ke bas basket humesha kee liyye humare pyaar kii jeet hui hai after all basket par baskt yeh bat bhi ootni hii sachh hai hum 11 years se ek doosre se dur rahein chahein yeh 11 years romance kee the par basket bahut kuchh aisaa hai jo abhii humein ekk doosre kee bare meiin janana hai har hal meiin chahe hum ekk doosre ko khuli kitab kii tarah pad lete hai par fir bhi abhie bhi bahut kuch hai humare beech ankaha ansoona, aur rohit se maine is liyye kaha kyonki basket pichle 6 and half years se vo saath hai aur vo dono har tarah se capable hai baby kii responsibility lene meiin aisaa nahin hai kii hum capable nahin hai we are mai jaanta hun humara baby jab bhi aayega hum use duniya bhar kii khushiyan denge aakhir vo humare PYAAR kii tou hii parchai hogaa naa par basket mujeh lagta hai abhie humein ekk dossre kee saath jeen achahiye taki hum aapne sapne jo tab se adhoore hai oonhein poora kar saken aur ooske bas yadii humara baby ata hai tou hum ose aur bhi ache se sambhal paayenga isliyye rohit-richa se maine abhiie baby kee liyye kaha aur hum abhii baby kee liyye abhie chote hai yeh kaha maine han par aagar tumhe mai galat lagta hun tou never mind we can plan baby jab bhi merii pyaari se basket ko chahiye jaan''

He said while pinching her nose lightly making her smile as well tears were rolling on her cheeks from her eyes as she hugged him tightly enveloping her arms around his neck and armaan put his hands at her back smiling but he was surprised why this reaction from her he was not at all expected this from her rather he expect questions from her about his own thinking he was still thinking when

Ri:''tumhe pata hai armaan mai bhie yehii sochti thi humesha se especially tab se jab se humnein Mussorie meiin aapnein pyaar kaa confession kiyya ekk-doosre se mujhe pata tha kii hum dono hii ekk-doosre se behad pyaar karte hai aur ekk doosre ke bahut pas hai par mujhe yeh bhi pata tha kii 11 years chota time nahin hotaa hai humein aaj bhi ekk-doosre ko iss level par abhii janana hai jis level par hum ekk pyaari sii responsibility ko sambhal paayen aur ooske alawa abhii humein ekk doosre ke saath bhi aapnein oon sabhi palon koo jeena hai jo humein kho diyye the''

She said and armaan hugged her back she is so much like him and there thoughts were always alike each-other and after few minutes

Ar:''well perfect said jaan aab tou chalo we will go on our honey moon soon mujhse bhi aab aur wait nahin ho rahaa naa hii mai tumse karvaonga I will plan something very soon for my jaan''

He said making her smile and she kissed his side cheek while 

Ri:''I love you armaan''

As she whispered armaan has a big smile on his face and then he

Ar:''love you too my jaan''

He also replied with kissing her on her cheeks while de tangling her and then riddhima holds his his glass of juice and was about to get out from his grip but armaan did not let her go as he was in his naughty moods having all his riddhima to ho himself so he was busy nuzzling in her nape making her shivered in his touch as he was having juice glass in his one hand he actually start rubbing the outer portion of glass on riddhima's cheeks making her closed her eyes as it was creating a havoc in her body and with the little droplets from the glass fell on riddhima's lips and seeing them armaan actally wants to kiss her so he just placed his lips over hers but riddhima come back in her senses they were in garden and any one can walk as its morning time and moreover everyone must be wide awake so she just pushed him and get out from his lap and grip and armaan was shocked he just brushed his lips and she was running from him he looked at her as she was looking at him with giggling expressions and naughty ness clearly visible in her green almond eyes and seeing him looking at herself like this he wants to hold her in his arms and squeezed her in his arms when riddhima ran inside showing him her thumb and armaan

Ar:''will see you basket bhag lo jitna bhagna hai tumhe mujhse''

He said to her making her look at himself for one more time as she turned and then giving him a blushed smile she ran inside.

After sometime armaan was moving downstairs almost ready to have breakfast with his loving family and as he reached near the downstairs he saw his dad was sitting there on dining table ready like him and was chatting with nikki was there whole ready to go college and seeing them armaan went towards them and then he 

Ar:''good morning dad''

He wished his dad by touching his feet while karan wished him back while giving him his blessings while patted his son's back

Ka:''good morning son''

And next he wished nikki while lightly smacking her hairs

Ar:''good morning nikki''

And nikki while setting her hairs whined like a kid saying

Ni:''kya good morning bhaii aisee wish karte hai good morning subhh subhh mere bal kharab kar diyye fir se bnanae padenge''

She said and armaan smiled seeing her cute pouted face

Ar:''han tou bana liyyo naa vaise bhi tuu mirror kee aage rehti hai'

He said and nikki shouted on him as he once again smacked her lightly on her head while pulling his chair out to sit and he sat

Ni:''dad dekho naa bhaii koo mujhe tang kar rahein hai''

Ka:''armaan bas kar aab tuu''

Ar:''sorry dad sorry nikki yar chal koi naa aaj tujhe mai chod doonga collge mere kaaran tujhe derii hogii naa aaram se bnana bal''

He said and nikki hugged him while saying to him

Ni:''love you bhaii''

Ar:''love you too''

Ka:''me too kids''

And they gave each-other a big smile and their moment disturbed with nandini's voice who was actually pushing out from the kitchen by muskaan and she then looked at her sternly 

Na:''areey riddhima merii baat tou sun naa beta please''

But no she is made sit at her chair beside his dad by muskaan and he was shocked what was going on here why his mom was sending out from the kitchen the placed she loved so much and what about his wife riddhima she is pushing out his mom precisely says her mom out from the kitchen and this is actually a news after few minutes when he saw even muskaan sat there on her cahir he broke the silence not wants more curousity and he saw frowning face of his darling mom and the he looked at muskaan who was smiling and he was thinking where the Rahul Mallik is and he knows now he have to ask fastly what is going on here and

Ar:''mom kya hua aap aisee kyoon oodas hai aur aap kitchen se bahar kyoon le ayi muskii aapko matlab aaj aap breakfast kaa''

He was still completing his sentence when his mom speak out

Na:''yeh tuu aapni biwi riddhima se pooch naa maani beta''

She said with a frown and folding her arms against her chest

Ar:''kya mom riddhima se oosenein kya kiyya I mean aur hey muskii yeh rahul kahan hai nazar nahin aa rahaa hai sab hai yahan''

He asked and muskaan tried to reply his questions about her husband's whereabouts

Mu:''actually hero vo rahul naa''

Na:''mai batati hun naa maani tujhe oos devar-bhabhi kee vaare meiin beta''

She said cutting muskaan in between and armaan looked at his mom who was certainly not pleased over something and he looked at her waiting for her to continue and nandini start speaking that

Na:''aur kahan hogaa vahin hai aapni pyaari bhabhi yaani kii terii pyaari biwi riddhima kee pas, pata nahin subhh se kya bana rahii hai mai jab kitchen meiin agyyi tou mujhe merii morning coffee dekar bolii mom aap bahar baitho aaj mujhe sab karna hai mere lakh manane par bhi kuchh nahin karne diyya aur aab jab muskaan gayyi ooski help karne tou ise bhi kuchh nahin karne de rahii hai had hai subhh se akele lagii padii hai ramu ko bhi bahar garden meiin bhejj diyya vahan jaakar maali kii help karne, kuchh nahin karne de rahii hai kisii ko vo ladki sivaye oos rahul kee''

Nandini completed with a sigh and frown as she is compleltely irritated by her darling daughter-in-law and hearing her everyone is shocked not that riddhima is working alone but rahul is in kitchen

Ni:''mom mai chalti hun mai naa vahin college meiin kuch kha loongi par rahul bhaiii kaa khana nahin mom please vo khaya tou college hii nahin jaa paongi so sorry mom and muskii bhabhi''

She said while trying to get up from her chair then sh heard

Ka:''nandu darling dekho I mean please kya rahul khana bana rahaa hai sachh meiin kitchen meiin vaise aaj merii tabiyat kuchh theek nahin lag rahii tou mai sochh rahii sirff coffee hii lee lun aaj'

He said and hearing them muskaan smiled while nandini just

Na:''kyoon maani tujhe nain jaana yeh sun kar kii rahul khana bana rahaa hai kitchen meiin yaa kuchh kehna bhi nahin hai''

She asked from armaan who was still in shock that rahul was in kitchen and that too with riddhima and he was then replied

Ar:''mom sachii meiin kya rahul kitchen meiin khana?"

He even did not complete her sentence thinking the consequences

Na:''nahin maani beta you all are safe nikki aur karan baithye aap log(and both karan and nikki sat with a sigh of relief) actually naa jab vo subhh aya naa riddhima se aapni coffee lene tou ose vahan kam karte dekhh kar bola kii vo vahin riddhima se baith kar batein karega and you know riddhima aapnein pyaare devar rahul''

But she left incomplete with muskaan's sentence as she added that

Mu:''aapne pyaare rahul bhayiya ko kabhi mana nahin karengi''

Na:''han tou bas tab se humein oosnein kitchen meiin nahin aanee diyya aur rahul vahan shelf par baitha hua aaram se oos se batein kar rahaa with already drank 3 cup of coffees that's it maani beta''

As she said everyone laughed the bond between rahul and riddhima has surely something and then nikki said smile

Ni:''sahii hai pata nahin rahul bhaii bechari ridzi bhabzz se kitni coffee banvayenge''

And everyone laughed only then they saw riddhima was coming from kitchen with tray in which dishes were placed holding in her hands and rahul was folllowing her with food trally and seeing them they smiled and then riddhima placed everything on table and then rahul looked at her and when he looked at her she said

Ri:''rahul bhayiya aab aap bhi baith jayiye please maine aapke kehne par aapko itnaa kam karne diyya naa so aab baithye please''

She said and rahul sat with a smile with muskaan and then riddhima as start seving the food nandini stopped her in mid tracks

Na:''ruk jaa riddhima''

And riddhima stopped and looked at her mother-in-law

Ri:''kya hua mom''

Na:''hua yeh kii sab kam tune kiyya hai itnii tired thi 2-3 din se fir bhi aaj sab kar liyya aapni zid par aab tuu bhi baith sab aapne aap serbe kar lenge and I do not want any arguments in this samjhi tuu''

She said and riddhima nodded silently hearing nandini's stern yet caring tone and she silently sat on her chair that is beside armaan who was still looking at her from the time she come from kitchen

Na:''good aab sab shuru karoo dekho zara iss ladki nee mujhe aisaa kya karna tha yaa kya banana tha joo mujhe kitchen se bahar nikala hua tha mere liyye no entry thi kitchen meiin han''

She said with a smile and start opening the dishes and riddhima

Ri:''sorry naa mom''

She said cutely

Na:''its ok beta''

She replied with a smile while seeing her cute antics

Na:''chalo aab shuru karen hum''

She said and everyone nodded with a smile

Ra:''yea mom riddhima nee aaj sabki pasand kaa breakfast banaya hai''

He said excitedly while opening the few dishes and seeing his enthuasism all smiled and then as he start serving breakfast in his plate

Ra:''sorry mom mai aapne chane-bhature dekhh kar khudd ko nahin rok sakta so please I am going to start aap log bhi shuru kijye''

He said stuffing his plate with his favorite chane bhature and followed by nikki who saw her favourite cheese deluxe sandwich and immeditaley she placed them in her plate saying to riddhima 

Ni:''thanks bhabzz I love you so much aapke haath kee cheese deluxe sandwich bhabzz means the morning is itself good''

She smiled at riddhima and riddhima smiled back at her and then she saw muskaan who was looking on table seeing the dishes and riddhima smiled seeing her and then she forwarded her one plate

Ri:''yeh le muskii tere favourite gobhi kee paranthe with curd''

She handled and muskaan loved seeing her favorite breakfast she immediately took them from riddhima's hands while saying to her

Mu:''thanks yar ridzi you are wonderful love you so much''

And hearing that even nandini found her low fat breakfast as she find her fruits salad in front of her with the apple juice she liked and seeing that she smiled at riddhima but still did not say anything and when karan saw everyone has their favorite dishes he finally grabbed everyone's attention with pouted face saying

Ka:''riddhima beta aap aapnein papa ko bhull gayyi naa''

As he said with cute face riddhima smiled widely this is from where her hubby dearst git that cute poute of his before she reply

Ar:''nahin dad sirff aap hii nahin riddhima mujhe bhi bhull gayyi koi baat nahin hai dad hum isi se kam chalate hai yahan tou kisii koo koi humari parvah hii nahin hai dekhiye sab kaise kha rahein hai aapna aapna favorite breakfast aur mom I did not expext this from you aap bhi aapko bhi merii koi parvah nahin hai aapne maani kii mom''

He said with a pout and karan agreed while nandini smiled

Ka:''yes buddy you are so right aur riddhima mujhe aapse aisii ummeed nahin thi beta kii aap aapne papa ko bhull jaayenge''

And riddhima smiled and then get up from her seat and walked towards karan and while standing beside him she hold him one plate which was covered and then she placed it in front of karan

Ri:''aisaa kabhie bhi nahin ho sakta hai papa kii mai aapko bhull jaonn so dekhiye naa maine aapke liyye kya banaya hai dekhiye''

As she said karan with a smile opned the dish and seeing the food his smiled turned into million dollar smile and he hugged riddhima side ways so happily while saying to her 

Ka:''thanks riddhima beta poori-bhaji merii favorite I love you beta''

As he said and went back to his chair while grabbing his breakfast and armaan looked at him then his basket everyone loved his wife and they are admitting openly that too but here he has no chance to say that because his darling wife forget him he lowerd his face and did not want to eat something when he heard rahul's voice

Ra:''aab tuu kyoon shakal bana rahaa hai chal nashta kar''

Rahul said hiding his smile seeing his face and armaan frowned

Ar:''mujhe bhookh nahin hai rahul tuu kha aapna favorite breakfast mom mai jaa rahaa hun der ho rahii hai office kee liyye''

He said and hearing him nandini smiled and then she said

Na:''no maani bina khaye nahin beta sit and eat your breakfast''

Ar:''par mom mujhe''

Na:''maani beta''

As he heard his mom's caring voice he said he can not deny her so he sat again and mumbled making everyone smiled with his mumble

Ar:''mai kya kahun kisii ko merii parvah thode naa hai sabko oonka favorite breakfast mill rahaa hai aur mujhe kuchh nahin''

He said not looking at his plate and put the first bite in his mouth what ever the thing in his plate and as soon his mouth tasted that thing he has the million dollar smile on his face and everyone grinned while looking at him as they saw the confuse yet a very happy and contended expressions on his face and rahul said

Ra:''aab bol nahin karna breakfast tujhe han bol naa''

He said teasing him and armaan looked at him and then riddhima

Ra:''tujhe kya laga riddhima nee tere liyye kuchh nahin banaya naa''

Ni:''han bhaii aagar aisaa hai naa tou humein de dijiye hum kha lete hai aapka breakfast you see we are quite hungry kyoon muskii bhabhi''

Mu:''han hero see mera parantha bhi finish ho gayya hai''

They said while try to snatch armaan's plate from his hand

Ar:''chal oye merii biwii ne itnein pyaar se mere favorite aloo kee paranthe banaye hai vo bhi extra butter kee saath mai kyoon dun tum log aapna aapna breakfast khaoo naa bhukad kahin kee''

He said while holding his plate and eating his paranthas and

Mu:''han pyaari biwii''

Ni:''pyaar se han''

Ra:'' banaye hai paranthe''

They repeated his sentence in parts while looking at him and teasing him while armaan looked at riddhima who blushed hearing their comments and was looking at her empty plate

Ar:''han tou kya tum logon ko koi dikkat ho rahii hai kya''

As he said before anyone can reply nandnini butted in who was till now enjoying with karan their children's happy and contended faces especially armaan and riddhima's whose eyes shows love

Na:''bas bahut hua baaki bad meiin aab nashta karoo sab''

She said and everyone nodded and start eating their breakfast and riddhima smiled seeing her happy family and the expressions on their faces makes her day and seeing her empty plate nandini

Na:''riddhima beta tum kuchh kha kyoon nahin rahii ho yaa sabkii pasand kaa banata banate aapne liyye bnana hii bull gayyi ho han''

As she asked all looked at her while she smiled and

Ri:''nahin mom aisaa kuchh nahin hai mai bas le rahii hun''

Mu:''see mom isnein humein kitcen se bahar kar sabka favorite banaya par aapnein liyye kuchh bhi nahin banaya dekhiye ise''

She said while galring at riddhima and riddhima said

Ri:''nahin muskii aisaa kuchh nahin hai yar mai bas naa''

Ni:''kya mai bas naa bhabzz this is so not fair''

Ka:''han riddhima beta aap humesha aapne aapko bhull jaate ho not fair beta''

He said agreeing with everyone and then only rahul received a smack from muskaan and he was just what did he do now

Ra:''muskii tune mujhe kyoon maara maine kya kiyya hai''

Mu:''kya kiyya abhii batati hun''

She said while smacking him one more time and rahul whined

Ra:''pagal ho gayyi hai tuu kya''

He said rubbing his shoulder where she hit him

Na:''muskaan beta yeh''

But she is cut short with muskaan's voice as she

Mu:''nahin mom dekhiye naa yeh kab se ridzi kee pas kitchen meiin tha ise dekhna nahin chahiye tha kii ridzi aapne liyye bhi kuchh bana rahii hai yaa nahin zyada nahin huemin hii bata deta''

As she said rahul looked at her means again all the blame on him

Ri:''muskii ismein rahul bhayiya kii koi galti nahin hai''

Mu:''tuu chupp kar ridzi jab dekho iskaa favour karti hai vahan baitha coffee pe coffee peeye jaa rahaa tha itnaa saa dhayan nahin tha ise aur''

But she is cut short with rahul's slow voice as he said that

Ra:''sorry mom muskii mujhe dhayan denaa chahiye tha koi baat nahin muskaan tuu aabhie riddhima kee favorite vegetable cutlets bana den hum bhi riddhima kee saath hii khayenge theek hai naa''

He said and muskaan smiled widely and then she finally

Mu:''vah rahul sachii meiin akal kii bat karii tune mai abhii jaati hun ridzi bas thodi der den mujhe mai abhiie bana kar laayi''

She said while getting up when nikki also agreed saying

Ni:''jii muskii bhabhi let me help you''

Ri:''nahin muskii nikki ruk jayiye itnaa sab tou hai naa mai kuchh bhi kha loongi aab sabko derii ho jaayegi please aaj nahin naa''

She said with a smile muskaan was going to retrot saying

Mu:''par ridzi tuu hii humse pyaar karti hai kya''

But then nandini

Na:''nahin muskaan riddhima sahii keh rahii hai koi baat nahin aaj nahin kal riddhima ka favorite nashta bange aur hum sab khilayenge ose theek hai naa beta abhie aap bhi baith jao''

And both nikki and muskii nodded and sat finally and

Ni:''bhabzz kal aapko saara breakfast khana padega''

Mu:''han ridzi no excuses tomorrow''

Ka:''yes riddhima kal its your day''

Ra:''yes riddhima I also agreed par aab kya''

Na:''aab kya kuchh nahin dekho''

As she winked at armaan who smiled and grinned naughtily then he placed a morsel in riddhima's mouth making her surprprised as she put her hands on mouth saying that

Ar:''aaj merii biwi mera favorite nashta share karegi kyoon biwii''

All smiled seeing it while nikki, muskaan and rahul hooted and riddhima turned bet root red as armaan once again placed a morsel in her mouth while pulling her more closer and all the breakfast passed like this maaner, fun enjoying and in between nandini asked riddhima the reason for this special breakfast

Na:''riddhima beta vaise aaj tumne sabkii pasand kaa banaya koi khas bat hai kya riddhima aaj kee din meiin''

Ka:''han riddhima tum kab oothi subhh se kab se kam meiin lagii hogii naa beta''

As she asked riddhima smiled and glared to armaan who was pressing her hand on table while putting his over hers shamelessly not caring that everyone is there his mom-dad but no then she

Ri:''nahin mom aisee hii mai itnein din bad ayi tou socha sabkee liyye kuchh aalag saa ho jaaye maine aap sabko vahan bahut miss kiyya''

All smiled hearing her ever so soft reply which makes everyone smiled at her sweet nature this is the thing that she is the ''soul'' of Mallik Mansion if armaan is ''heart'' as she loved everyone so much that too the unconditional love and armaan has a million ollar smile hearing her honest reply he knows she missed them

All:''we miss you too''

And finally everyone went from there after relishing the super delicious breakfast made by riddhima and riddhima was about to do something when she heard armaan's shout from the room of her name and she ran to their room because as remember he was there to get ready for going to office so what happen


She was running to upstairs when she heard his second shout of her name and


As she reached near the room she heard his one more shout


And this time she replied while opening door of their room

Ri:''han armaan kya''

She just managed to say this as her breaths stuck in her thorat.

Ar:''riddhima yar kahan thi tum mai kabse boola rahaa hun''

He said complaining to her. As he turned to face her.She looked at him as he looked back at her.


Precap_-What Was With ARMAAN??

Will She Becomes Riddhima Armaan Mallik In every Senses?

Or Something Going To Happen?

Ar:''she is very precious to me''

Ar:''Kya Riddhima is time par so rahii hai vo theek to hai naa?''

Ri:''please armaan samjho naa.''

Milan Abhie Aadha Adhoora Hai

Ar:''tum kya chahti ho riddhima?''

Ar:''matlab tum meree saath nahin aaogi''

Ar:''yeh sab meree saath hii kyoon hotaa hai?''


Ar:''basket hamara honeymoon pending hai''

Ri:''armaan abhie muskii ko merii jarurat hai''

Ar:''i will miss u jaan''

Is there more problems for them or happiness?

For Finding Answers Stay Tuned

Thanks to all of u for ur precious comments and for pressing tab button


And if u want pms add me to ur buddy list,it will be easier for me to pm u once again thanks to all for ur support



Finally completed friends now please comment friends it really means a lots to me

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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 11:26am | IP Logged

heyyy NikkkHugHugHug... is 4rd thread of DBGHT ...CONGRATSSS CONGRATSSS CONGRATSSS SWEETHEART HugDancingParty...I M SO SO HAPPY FOR THIS...i hope DBGHT makes many many thread...i will make sure it...

i m so happy overwhelmed.. really Darling U Totally deserve it sweetheart...


lets cut the cake for this celebration

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Shilpa AngryAngryUnhappy
I wanted to be the first one...
Girl you are sooo fast..
Koi nai next thread mein pehle number mera hoga...

Niks jana many many congratulations on the fourth thread of DBGHT.
You really deserve it.
May many more threads like this come to DBGHT.
Jana I love this ff to the core.
The way AR's story started to the way it has progressed till now is simply mindblowing.
I've loved every single thing about this ff.
You are an amazing writer dear..
AR's arrange marriage followed by Armaan's broken heart and craving for his basket and finally AR's unison,everything is simply magical.
They way you have portrayed Ridz and Armaan's childhood friendship was mindblowing.
AR's confession,their hot passionate moments  are simply marvelous.
You are a wonderful writer jana and I love you and this ff a lot.
DBGHT is a story which touches my heart to the core.
Ridz's affection for Armaan's family is really amazing.She is soo innocent..I love her a lot.
Armaan is such a wonderful husband.
I loved the way he kept on giving various surprises to Riddhima in their so called courtship period..
AR's date was purely ethreal.I was transported to the loveland of AR.
The flute,song sequence,AR's intimate moments everything was just fabulous.
The god bharai rasam was superb.
AR's passionate encounters gave me butterflies in my stomach..
Armaan's concern for Ridz is wonderful.
AR's love and affection for each other is wonderful...
I'm glad that Riddhima is finally back..
I hated the kabab mein haddis sooo much...
Poor Armaan could not get his wife for himself once he stepped into the house back with his lovely soulmate.
But that is what is the beauty of Malik family.
They all love Ridz so much and so does Riddhima.I breathe a sigh of relief when Nandinin came to rescue her daughter in law from he rfamily so that she could rest a bit.
Niks I love you sooo much for such a fantabulous birthday surprise.
AR all alone inside their bedroom
Armaan's surprise was soo sweet.Ridz is really lucky to have him in his life.
AR's intimacy gives me butterflies in my stomach jana.
Ab bachon ki jaan logi kya???
Plz unite AR.Hum kabse intezaar kar rahe hain...
Naughty guy!! Armaan first bites Ridz on her wasit and then says that he would make her wear net saree.Poor Riddhima must be blushing sooo much...
Finally AR are on bed..
Niks ab koi kabab mein haddi nahin chahiye mujhe.I just want AR to unite in every sense.
Your readers have waited really long.
So plz unite AR now.
Niks you are a very talented writer and I really admire your writing skills a lot.

Jana tumhara birthday gift meri life ke one of the best birthday gifts mein se ek tha..

I love you sooo much honey.

I'm really sorry for editing this post sooo late.
I hope you'll forgive me for the delay.
My heartiest congratulations once again for the 4th thread...
I wish DBGHT may have 100 and many more threads...

Love you darling..
Take care!
These are some gifts for you..
Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful piece of work with us.

A warm hug from my side Niks..
Let's cut the cake first..

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rosyammy Senior Member

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congrtzzz nik di for new thread...

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