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The Beast Palace :The 'Tik-Tok-On-The-Clock' Pair

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged

The Beast Palace : The  'Tik-Tok-On-The-Clock' Couple



Picture this. One fine day, someone walks in through a revolving door, straight into your life like a meteor ' the person  dives into your life's ocean of secrets , pulls out your heart and puts it up for free public display. How are you going to take it? We all have private places inside , where we allow no trespassers ' those places are too pious and virginal to be desecrated.

The above given scenario happened to both Maddy and Rishabh ' and they both reacted and acted according to their individual personalities.

Rishabh entered Maddy'S life like a hurricane and snatched away everything and everyone that was precious to her. Maddy's emotions, her feelings , her heartbreaks didn't matter  to him. After all, he was the devil in disguise. Rishabh totally ruined Maddy's little marzipan and sugar world.

Maddy , at the first given chance struck Rishabh hard where it hurt the most ' his heart. She counter attacked him at a soft spot where he cannot take the pain , where her every word drowns him more and more in alcohol and traumatized hysteria. She used his most precious and sensitive memory against him ' knowing what it would do  to him, maybe even feeling it but choosing to hurt him for the sake of mother's homour. Why wouldn't she? Rishabh is just a wild boar raging in a jungle. So, how does it harm Maddy's conscience to become a devil in disguise? Maddy ripped open all the septic wounds of Rishabh.

Isn't that what these two soulmates are about? Grief, mutual destruction, war, bloodshed , heartache ' all the adjectives you can think of to describe what the human heart fears the most ' pain.

Contrary to the arrogant and overconfident look on Maddy's face yesterday,  she was hurting inside , fighting back her tears while she forced Rishabh to say sorry to Paddy. No, she wasn't smug over her victory or basking in the sunshine glory of having defeated Rishabh. It was an extremely emotional moment for her where for the first time, Maddy had been able to break at least one icicle in Rishabh's ice palace and was restoring her mother's honour. Her eyes never left Rishabh's face as tears rolled down her cheeks ' she knew it was tough for Rishabh to bend but she had to push it. She did. The sentiment , the emotion that showed on her face was of a player who achieves a goal when everyone believes he/she cannot.  It was all about emotion for Maddy ' that one overwhelming moment when she managed to control and maneuver Rishabh but not unaware of what must be going on inside him. Yet, firm and determined that Rishabh will deliver the apology that he has promised.

Maddy may not say it but somewhere , she does hope that someday Rishabh will be sorry for everything that he has done ' that he will come and tell her that he is sorry about all the injustice that he did to her. Or else she didn't need to  add that line to her subdued taunt to Rishabh when he was apologizing to Paddy's furniture ' Whom are you apologizing to? To yourself for all the crap that you have done to me?

Paddy and Roma are right in their own places but they are complete strangers  to  Rishabh and Maddy's story and what is between them. Paddy  was not OTT ,man. She was just being a proud courageous fierce mother. Roma was just being Roma ' aggressive and reactive. Don't forget , you are not going to worship the man who has not only 'bought' your daughter but is a 'monster' as well.

Paddy does have a point, though. One day Rishabh will be sorry for everything but the twist in the tale is that by the  time that day comes, Maddy will not care two hoots about his 'sorry'. She will care about him and his suffering, want him but he will close up again by that time . With Rishabh and Maddy in picture , their equation will always keep on changing dynamically.

Rishabh? These 24 hours have been like a punch in the ribs for him ' emotionally traumatizing , psychologically disturbing to the extent that he should have been adhered to tranquilizers immediately. This abnormal aggression , suppressed emotions , volatile violent reactions are an 'illness'. Rishabh's problem is much bigger than what Maddy and others perceive to be beastly aggression. There is a schism in his personality ' he is actually two people ' one, the arrogant scheming calculative superstar  and  two, a 12 year old traumatized boy trapped in a time capsule. How can his mother , BittuG cannot see that what Rishabh has is a 'problem'. He needs help ' not disaster management.

Rishabh is still like a child , in many ways and that open vulnerability comes out when he is drunk or touched by some gesture of goodness. Maddy actually maneuvers him like a baby brat at  Paddy's house ' tackling his mood carefully , directing him like a teacher ' do this, do that , look here , say this, say that. And he complied ' because he had made a commitment to her.

Maddy is Risbabh's prosthetic additional organ or something. Even when he comes back after becoming a laughing stock and gossip fodder for chawl people , he holds on to Maddy's hand. And Maddy? She keeps her promise of being  his nanny ' of taking care of him  right from a glass of water to guarding his life. The moment he trips, her hands go to hold and support him. Rishabh may be drunk but he is not untouched by her soft side that he has seen so many times ' that is why he looks at her. Maddy may not know what exactly hurts Rishabh but seeing him like this doesn't make her happy. She looks back at him because she cannot look away from him ' infact , she is always looking at him when he is not being beastly and a wild electron.  Maddy was disturbed by Rishabh's state by the time BittuG took Rishabh to his bedroom.

But hey! Rishabh takes Maddy's goodness and help as 'sympathy' , so he had to push Maddy away and rush back to BittuG who is nice to him because he is paid for it. Maddy may box Rishabh's ears now and then, hate him and love him at periodic intervals but she will never leave him ' Rishabh doesn't know it and even Maddy doesn't know it ' but she is his shield. She really is.  

Rishabh and Maddy's individual scenes in their rooms where Rishabh breaks down at the memories of his father and how lost he is inspite of having won the world ' where Maddy misses her family and thanks God for being her backbone . One symbolizes weakness and heartbreak. The other symbolizes strength and hope. What a contrast. Little does Rishabh know that he is not alone ' Maddy will protect him from him. Little does Maddy know that she needs all this strength , not to defeat or fight with Rishabh ' she needs it to bear the trauma of falling in love with Rishabh and above all convincing him that she will not abandon him like  everyone else . Above all,  to convince him that her  feelings are of selfless  love , not mercy and sympathy as he thinks.

Rishabh seems to have lost trust in Maddy after she behaved like  his female version, adhered  to blackmail, unfair gaming and arm twisting, humiliated him in front of the whole world. So, the first thing he wanted to see in the morning were the newspapers. He is still in the apology zone of last night and this disturbia is only going to mount his temper. He hates the sight of his nanny Maddy who is standing at his head ' mujhe lagaa toast ko butter toh aise lagaa rahi hai jaise abhi Rishabh ka munh pakad ke thoons degi aur paani bhi pilaa degi. But a little awkwardness is setting in ' Rishabh has no qualms in touching Maddy- infact, Rishabh ko  toh Maddy pe haath saaf karne ka mauka chaahiye. That is why he doesn't remove his hand from the glass even though its over Maddy's hand . Big deal! Main haath nahiin hataaoonga , tu hataa! At least Rishabh ki killer look Maddy se yahi bol rahi thi.

Maddy has to keep  fighting with Rishabh , if she doesn't , she will succumb to his passionate intensity.Its so obvious.

Oho , jaate jaate faile hue raayete pe comment kaise na maaroon? Pictures chhapp gayeen ' Rishabh ki private memory public property bann gayi aur Maddy ki truly lag gayi.

Precap do baar dekhoge to believe karoge ki Maddy ab  abhi zindaa hai. Maddy is lucky that Rishabh didn't break  her jaw and give it in her hand. But then, he can do worse things , right? Stop watch starts again tomorrow as Rishabh lovingly call his biwi to come running to the hospital in 24 minutes'..

Well, darlings. Its Tik 'tok-on-the-clock until one of them collapses and the other stops the clock to bring the other one back to life.

 I keep saying it and I will say it again. Let Rishabh fall in love with Maddy first. If Maddy succumbs to Rishabh first , her life will be an even worse hell where he will turn a shade darker because for him, it won't be love ' it will be sympathy , mercy served to him in a begging bowl.

Love and luck always to all,Heart

GOD bless everyone.Hug


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manesha76 IF-Stunnerz

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  Poco , I agree with you that Maddy never felt like she was a winner . She just wanted to restore her mother's honour . Even i never thought for one second that Paddy & Roma were wrong . Its not so pleasing to see your daughter being sold to a Janwar . They were just satisfied to see their daughter standing in front of RK & not giving up easily . 

   RK - Madhu will have this tik tok relationship for sometime . I think RK will fall first for Madhu as he is in vulnerable state . Madhu will surely make place in his heart some day . 

  Precap was pay back time for RK .


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readingworms. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged
true..for the reason i want maddy to hide her feelings no matter how deep they get until or unless RK doesn't feel anything and it shows. *sigh*..the rk breakdown moment burst me into tears...i couldn't possibly write about anything else today. :\.the contrast really broke my heart..the handlock was so cute...even in their morbidity i htought it was cute. *sigh*. <3.

We felt that Mahdu will be the sole force to pull the dead Rishu back to life…but more than the revenge plastered in golden foil , The lamb's grey bends for the sake of demanding her mother's honour back…One construction of daughter's respect to a mother lead to a son's broken, soulful outburst that keeps on demanding his father back in one way or the other… He's hollow , broken , tattered and forever gloomy brooding around a glamorous , dark road that still carries the echo of his father's laughter…More than being the steady , bronze mountain of pride , sneer , cruelty and cynic game play lies a boy who slowly rocks himself within the olive green chair , so that the burned soul of solitude cracks open in the most cherished memories that brings out emotions in someone who only gives a dark smile is response for the past 17 years….Because the only happy , knowledgeable loving eye who  used to caress him , who used to be a strong shoulder to lean and weep on …who was his life's luminous whole…defoliated to nothingness leaving a grey lifeless abyss inside the broken man who is said to rule the world…but inside rules and celebrates nothing but the death of himself…The child breaks down and weeps , "Haan papa..maine kabhi bhi nahi haara..maine aapko haar ne nahi diya.."…lekin is jeet kya anjaam kyat ha? The result was losing himself , right? :'(….His grey bitter sweet memories are more painful than a shrouded scream that the whole world can hear , cause a broken , silent scream without showing you its face tears you apart in an instant instead…that's what Rishu is…a broken silent scream that tears this mask named RK apart every time…No one knows how someone who is a living dead swims among broken alleys looking for absolutely nothing except for the faded and glistening past…

His vulnerable voice..his silent echo of holding on to his fathers big supporting hands again shows you through your tears for him , that someone who appears dominating is nothing but dead and empty inside and just needs a hand…The silence of his breakdown suspends you in a compromise that after suffering and pain going saturated..hope just ultimately dies and all you can grasp in your hands is memories of your happiness and life…*sigh*.

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asp99 Groupbie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Thanks a zillions i am very very  happy that u r here .  God bless u n thanks once again and let me read your analysis once again line by line word by word as i donot want to miss a single word. 

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MR.KooL IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Today's episode was Bit Emotional one especially wen Rk was remembering those flashbacks of his Beautiful memories spent with his was worth watching and the Bonding between them was very strong...Clap

And Madhu ne toh Bhikhadi ki Tarah Sorry demands karne lagiROFL and apart frm dat Padmini ne ek Sorry kya sun liya lectures dene lagi...Sleepy Ab dekhti ja Kaise Rk Band Baajata hain...and i m really happy dat i was never a fan of Padmini...she dissapointed me from first day itselfLOL Roma bhi dialogues dene lagi... Sab aaj kutto ki tarah bark kar rahe hainROFL

Madhubala bohot ki eksaamphramoos nikli...she didn't even thanked Her well wisher,..Shocked LOL

Precap is Amazing and it seems Shamsher ki aantim yatra aagayi hainLOL and Creatives seems to be obssesed with number 4LOL

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Looteri_Dulhan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged
awesome analysis poco diHug
epi was awesome, thank god RK 's sasural drama was over in first part, i thought, they r gonna stretch it like rubberLOL
Felt terrible for RKOuchthe one who lives his life like king size, but see how lonely he isOuch he can't i mean he never shares his pain wid i wish there should be someone to support him..nd no doubt i will be maddy for sureSmile
no matter what, but what maddy did was indirectly means humiliating, though she is nt behind all newspaper thing but in RK's views, she did break his trust...which RK never does..he is best example of 'batton ka pakka'Tongue
lol me too was expecting RK to dabao Madhu's neckROFLcos of those uff 'looks' he was giving to madhu..
'ye tasvire meri zindagi hai, agar ye aakhbaron me chap gayi, toh main tumhari jaan le lunga'Ouch though he is nt going to kill her literally, but whatever he will do can seriously make her dead..i guessConfused
whatever di, but i didn't like Roma's bhashan to RK todaySleepy

PS: lol tera itna mast analysis k liye main mere saw andolan kurbaan kar dunDay DreamingROFL

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Beautiful Analysis Poco

It was an emotional roller coster..the most part of the story is the destruction between the two..i did not like Paddy and Roma's blabbering to the fact,..they have not seen RK what Maddy has seen in him..she hit him..its between them why play a violin song of victory in front of him when you very well know he is most vindictive player and he has brains which none of you have..its was total Rishab for me today..Maddy's overconfident look but atleast one mercy point is that she had her tears when she saw him saying sorry but Paddy God woman he has saved your mallik life give me some credit..he did what he ever he can..he does not march on double standard ..Roma i really cant vouch for her..she will easily change her colors of existence..she had no right to talk to Rishab..she thinks he will let go..where did this confidence come from its bcoz of Madhu..

Two most cute scenes was when she held him when fell on sofa and the clinking glass touch..was simple and beautiful

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teletubby IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 10:54am | IP Logged
beautiful analysis as always!!!Clap
i agree his inherent distrust made him ask fr th newspaper!!!'

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