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how selfish prem is (Page 3)

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by upra

Originally posted by -ASTHA-

If prem is selfish than what u would like to call roli? If she dnt care abt her own husband than y to blame rest of the world? In this condition she must nt even talk abt child which is making simar more uncomfortable. Bt she is nt getting over with her bachcha jaap. Roli should b d first one if u want to blame any1. I dnt like prem supporting roli's idea bt nt to forget its roli's decision.

Roli like Prem is madly in love with Simar & as usual cannot see beyond Simar to the extent of ignoring her husband who has done so much for her. So how simar is in fault here? Its roli's problem that she is behaving like blind. 

I disagree that Roli with her baccha jaap is hurting Simar. Simar is depressed because she lost her baby ( due to Simar's own stupidity. She knew that Khushi would harm her and yet she chose not to confide in Prem and chose to be alone with Khushi...stupid action on your Simar's part). Sounding like only ur roli is most sensible person in this universe. I didnt said that roli is responsible for simar's miscarriage. Simar was so stupid to stay with khushi alone at home and biggest fool to challenge her when no1 was there. And for that she lost something which was precious.  Roli is just trying to bring a baby in Simar's life Again baby. Simar was living a good life without baby before her pregnancy and I think she can live same life after sometime. If she wants to bring baby in her life than why Right now? Immediately after miscarriage? Cant she just help her to forget about baby for few months.?and make her a happy & a fully functional individual & not the zombie she has become. I dont think this is way to make any1 happy. Just now she lost her baby and roli along with uma and pari started decorating room of simar and prem. Even if she can conceive  another child doesnt mean u have right to plan her family. Uma, pari and rest of bharadwaj cartoon just want child but whats wrong with roli? Dont she knows that its not safe to carry another child immediately after miscarriage? Seriously I find her very weird. 

Trust you Astha to blame Roli for something that is not even Roli's fault. In my opinion Roli once again has to sacrifice like she did during the wedding because of Simar's stupidity That was not sacrifice. Covering such big mistakes of ur sibling means u r supporting her in something wrong. And believe me even roli was equally responsible in that stupidity. ( Roli had warned Simar that Khushi is trying to hurt the baby & even though Simar believed Roli she chose not to take her advice & now she is paying for her actions) & carry her baby. So let her suffer. As its her fault that in spite of several warning she was behaving like stupid. So let her suffer. Who is asking roli to carry the child? Simple and sober.Talk of blind loyalty... I am sure being such a loyal fa n of Simar, you will ignore all of Simar's actions and continue to blame Roli & even Prem in this case. That applies to u dear. Every time u r coming up with ur post to bash simar. So may I have right to call u blind roli and sid fan? I know what i m doing and i m not from 1 who support something wrong. Simar's miscarriage was her fault. And i dont blame any1 in it, And due to which she lost almost everything. But if i m pointing out roli's mistake makes u believe that i m blind simar fan than its ur fault. Becoz I dont consider roli as DEVI and Nor i have any interest in charm of ROSID. Thats doesnt make me simar's fan. (but that doesnt mean i have any problem with rosid fan) But hard hitting fact I dont find rosid as gorgeous or charming couple. Thats it. Is it wrong to support any1 else except rosid in this forum?

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Originally posted by upra

Originally posted by -ASTHA-

Originally posted by prince3673

Astha I completely agree with u but I want to say that roli is not mature enough to understand consequences of her decision Really? Than I would love to lean the new definition of immaturity.If she is so naive than I guess she needs to keep her mouth shut and let the mature people decide what to do? Her constant pravachan of me didi ko aur dukhi nahi dekh sakti. Now after miscarriage wht she is expecting from her didi to dance and celebrate? If her sister is upset than she is not doing anything new. Any woman at her place would behave same. but at least prem is matured he shud understand that this decision may affect both the couples more Yes, he must understand but here it was not prem's decision. He just supported roli in her decision. and it will affect Sid more Dont u thinks its roli's part of duty to think about sid?.so I said prem shud think about Sid before supporting roils idea His mistake was he didnt thought to ask sid once but its roli's responsibility to ask her husband before making it public declaration.


I agree Roli's sacrifices for Simar are in vain...again sacrifice? Tell me what is sacrifice in it?whether young or not, immature or mature Roli thinks of her sister..Its not only roli who is worried about her sister. Even simar is worried about her. When prem said roli is perfect person to carry their baby the first thing came in her mind was ROSID relationship. Her reaction was roli has just started her life with sid so she dont want them to suffer coz of her baby. And second thing she pointed out was age of roli. Now what else u r expecting from her? Roli is so keen to carry the baby that she is not ready to hear any1. Forget about sid, she dont even care about simar's view. Both sid and simar said she is young and not physically strong. But she is firm on Muje to yeh karna hi hai. If she is immature than how all these things coming in her mind? the same sister who did not take Roli's warnings and advice and miscarried because of her own stupidity. Agree with u I think she was so stupid to avoid her own sister and most funny thing challanging khushi when no1 is around. But what was roli doing? Because of her curiosity to expose khushi she was thrown out of house. If she literally loves her sister she has to be there with her. Otherwise whats the point of warning? Simar cant even utter out single word against khushi becoz karuna and her son both r blindly in love of khushi. Even simar knows roli was right. But how to prove it? While living under same roof with ur enemy who can do anything just to harm u that also when u r pregnant is just like making blunder out of urself. There she was wrong. Any other woman at simar's place would like to run out of house as its harmful for her child. I dont get simar over there. And let me underline and say simar was wrong at that time.  This is not the 1 st time that Simar is taking advantage of the fact that Roli loves her so much; OMG! seriously? Simar taking advatage? and poor and so called IMMATURE roli dont even know that simar is taking advantage of of her love. I would like to take this statement as part of ur FF.Simar can do anything, run away from her wedding, Than who is asking roli to sit at simar's place? Now plz dont call it sacrifice.take Roli's husband away, Smile I m sorry i dont mean to hurt u but plz clarify which husband?be in a situation where Roli has to get married at an early age all because of your Simar ,  I missed the scene where simar was forcing roli to get married at early age by putting gun on her that "Dim-Sim" can be happy but trust someone like you to be oblivious to Roli's sacrifices. Its her mistake that she is constantly running behind simar. Now we cant blame simar for every action of roli as simar never asked her to do any favor, She was happily doing everything than y to put blame on simar?If Roli was sacrificing for a sibling who would do something for Roli in return, I would even appreciate Roli's efforts but you know what sacrificing for someone like Simar is a wasted effort and Roli does not get it so you are right it is Roli's fault for loving Simar more than anyone in the world...Lets not talk about simar as she is selfish for u. But lets talk about DEVI and MAHAAN roli. What she is doing? The husband who was standing with her in worst time and ready to leave his family for IMMATURE wife. What she is doing.? Now when he is asking her just not to carry the baby coz she is not strong. But no For madam roli husband jaye bhaad me. But dont want to miss any chance to become mahaan. And she is doing all these things for whom? For no1. Simar was against this surrogacy. But roli wants to carry the child by hook and crook. Such a thankless woman.   she needs to pay a price for loving such a selfish sister. And even sid needs to pay a price for loving such a selfish and ofcourse IMMATURE wife.If Simar was concerned about Roli & her happiness she could have checked with Sid , Roli already created fiasco of aap ko meri kasam And simar asked her about sid's openion. She just believed what ur roli said. Yes, sid is not living on another planet. He is living in same house. He just needs to travel from one room to another to inform simar about he dont want his wife to carry the baby. Why he is not making any effort? And standing like statue. If its hard for him to go in simar's room and tell her that he is against surrogacy than yesterday when prem announced their decision in front of family members than y he was standing folding his hands? Cant he open his mouth that i m against all these things? He didnt said anything which made simar believe that he is not against this surrogacy. Why u want selfish simar to clarify everything? Why not selfless ROSID?  he is not far and lives in the same house as Simar but she did not & what does that proves my point that Roli is sacrificing in vain for Simar. Nop it proves my point that roli is super excited to carry the baby even at the cost of her own marriage as pati is not important. Surrogacy is important. Thats it. Sorry for late reply as i was busy with my work.

Here I dont mean that roli is negative or not nice but there is limit of something. Loving sister is one thing and interference in personal matter of sister is another thing. And what roli is doing it is interference in simar's life for me. Simar never asked her to give any balidaan. And recent example if even at last moment roli changes her mind and refuse for surrogacy than also simar would not force her for that. If she is doing al things happily whether it is surrogacy or marriage than useless to point out that it is her balidaan. 
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Clubbing my response to both your posts. 

A few questions for you  

Karuna & Sankalp are more important for Simar than her unborn child? In that case I am happy that she lost the baby because no mother should put the interests of any one else above her child and thats what Simar said. Simar knew Roli was telling the truth and to keep her baby safe she should have left the house with Prem. Prem would definitely have believed Simar but know because your Dim-Sim chose to be the "Mahaan " one and put other people's interests over her unborn child she lost her baby. Roli has the evidence and Simar stopped Roli from giving it to the family because she does not want to hurt Mataji? What BS is that. 

I dont think you are a mother yet because you dont know the sense of loss one feels once they  loose a child born or unborn...Once you carry a child you become super attached to it even though its not born yet...for a woman the baby is growing within her and to protect and nurture your child is a woman's biggest responsibility (Your Simar failed there, she deliberately chose to stay with Khushi knowing she is dangerous). How could Roli have helped Simar when Simar does not want to help herself...remember your Simar kicked Roli out of the house knowing that Roli was right and now also instead of blaming Simar Roli is trying to compensate for Simar's loss in the best possible way because when Simar holds her other baby the pain of loosing this one will reduce which is why Roli suggested she would try for another and decorating the room was for convincing Prem who said he did not want a child...seems like you dont follow the show anymore.

Simar did not have to put a gun to Roli's head but Roli thinks more about the family than Simar does which is why Simar put her father and her family's prestige at stake when she went for the dance show on her wedding day and no one asks any one to sacrifice you do that because you love your family and your siblings and Roli has sacrificed for Simar and is continuing to pay for Simar's actions. I can pull up a post wherein you actually acknowledged that Roli has sacrificed a lot for Simar and Roli's love for Simar makes her the victim.

Simar only loves herself. Why should Sid ask Simar? Simar knows Roli is sacrificing for her then its her responsibility if she loves Roli to make sure that everything in Rolis life is hunky dory but selfish Simar will not do that and thats because Simar is thinking what if Sid is against Roli carrying  the baby; Simar does not want to loose her scape goat Roli. If Roli can insist on carrying the baby why cant Simar insist that Roli should not be carrying the child; Isnt Simar the older sister plus Simar knows that she has the power to convince Roli but Simar did not do that and why is that...Thats because she is selfish Simar who is only interested in being "Mahaan". 
You are right Roli cannot think past Simar and has even put her marriage at stake for a thankless soul like Simar and Sid truly deserves someone better who does not do her "didi jaap" all the time and can focus on him and their relationship. I honestly liked Roli the best when she was against Simar earlier this year. I disagree that Roli is doing all this to be "mahaan" . Roli is not being Mahaan had she been mahaan she would have kept quiet about Khushi like Simar. Roli just plain simple loves an extremely selfish person like Simar

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upra and astha guys i agree both of u and let us accept that roli and simar both r equally at fault.roli is at fault bcoz she continues to do didi didi jaap and ignoring sid inspite of knowing that simar will never stand up for roli.simar is at fault bcoz inspite roli supports her so much she never speaks up for her and inspite of repeated warnings from roli simar is still accepting khushi just for her baby and showing her guys dont fight i think u both also agree with me what i said.
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I just hope things turn out better Unhappy

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