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ff:[EHSAAS](15-2) Epi 40! On Pg 45! V'Day Special! (Page 7)

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 So Sonal is back and there is a new entry Muskaan so what do you all think which twists are coming up because of these 2 characters in FF:[EHSAAS] ??? please do comment.

2nd October Promo:
Whole modi family is present including urmi.Jigar yells''no now i cannot live with this girl under one roof i am divorcing Rashi!'' Everyone is supershocked and Rashi falls on Jigar's feet and cries and begs''Jigarji please don't do this please don't divorce me i will die i cannot live without you  please believe me jigarji please.'' everyone is shocked and gopi is crying.
What made jigar so angry?will he divorce rashi?but why? to know keep reading FF:[EHSAAS].Wink
Do Comment about the promo Embarrassed

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Originally posted by -GiNa-

wow!! Awesome update Alina...Clap
really nice...Big smile
thanks a lot dear keep reading ff more interesting twists are coming your way!

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awesome alina. keep going...Clap
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very nice updateThumbs Up
loved it
excited 2 no abt sonal Tongue

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ff:[EHSAAS] 3rd October 2012 update (Rashi feels guilty).

Epi starts with Goshi reaching school and Gopi is very happy to see her school after a long time and she says'' do you know rashiben i really miss my school so much!'' Rashi says ok now lets go inside principal sir must be waiting for us.

AT Modi Office:

Ahem is shocked to see Muskaan as her dressing style is bit weird she wore a pink shalwar suit very shiny  one and a pair of embroidered chappals with a handbag also with embroidery. Ahem tells her to sit and she gives a wide smile to ahem.Muskaan sits and handsover a file to  Ahem.she say's''these are my qualifications!''

Ahem says''but...''

Muskaan interupts and says''no if no but i know what you want to ask and i will answer it but first you order a cup of tea and a glass of cold water for me!"' and ahem orders it for muskaan.Muskaan says'' yes you were asking me that why i think i am perfect for this job right?

ahem gives a confused look and muskaan continues'' i am perfect for this job as i can talk non stop as i like it and like talking i can work non stop and about cellary give me whatever you feel is suitable and don't worry about anything just tell me work once and think it's done'' ahem is amazed on looking at her and thinking how can someone talk so much. Muskaan says'' do you know what when i told my previous boss that i am resigning he literally begged and held my feet and begged me thatmuskaan please don't leave this job! poor fellow but what could i do i was also forced as tht office was really far from my home and i was always late for my work but my boss never scolded me but i personally think that when i take full cellary then why should i do half work and reach late so i left from there.

Ahem smiles and after checking the file  he says ok you are qualified for job but...

muskaan again interuppts and says no if no but just look now how i work should i think my job is permanent ahem says  think you are permanent and she says yay and ahem smiles.Ahem tells Muskaan to come tomorrow and fill the form and join the office but muskaan says she will join from today only and she will fill the form later , ahem thinks that it is useless to argue with her so he agrees. and smiles.


Goshi are at corridoor when suddenly some children recognise Gopi that she was the one there class fellow last year and they tell her to come with them and talk with them as its their recess time and gopi looks at rashi. rashi tells gopi its ok and she should go with kids and she alone will give the check to principal and gopi leaves and Rashi moves towards the office when suddenly she see Sonal coming out of classroom and she is shocked and she then thinks if she is really seeing sonal or someone else and just then she asks a pune'' who is that lady in yellow salwar suit and why is she coming out of classroom and what is her name?'' pune replies'' she is teacher of class 2 and her name is miss sonal.

Rashi is shocked and confused and thinks whats the need to sonal to teach at school when her husband is a rich and succesful businessman. rashi leaves for office.

AT Principal's office:

Rashi greets principal and sits she handsover the envelope to pricipal and he thanks rashi , rashi then takes permission from pricipal to ask him something and pricipal says yes rashi says sir i just saw sonal and she is teacher here and teaches Grade 2 students but till i know she was married to a succesful businessman Avinash and they were vry happy . He then call his secretary and tells him to bring miss sonal's file. he tells rashi that  it's against their policy to give information but modi's are trustee so he is giving it. file comes and pricipal tells rashi that here it is written the present address of sonals apartment where she lives alone and her contact number and here it is also written that she has divorced. Rashi is shellshocked to listen to this and she leaves thanking principal.

AT Corridor:

Rashi is getting flashacks of navratri where she saw sonal and her husband were really happy with eachother , she saw sonal in salwar suit in school and pricipal's words. Rashi asks a pune that where she can find miss sonal. pune tells her that miss sonal is in staff room no 4. Rashi leaves for staff room.


Rashi comes and sees sonal checking few copies sitting all alone in staff room she then knocks the door and sonal looks up, sonal is shocked to see rashi  and her eyes turn teary and she gets flashback of navratri and her and jigar marriage. Rashi tells sonal that she will take her 2 mins and she should not shout on her as today she has not come here to fight wit hr she says'' sonal i just want to ask you ,,you and your husband were really happy with your marriage life then what went wrong that your husband divorced you.'' Sonal is shocked to hear this and tears are flowing from her eyes.sonal tells rashi to leave but rashi says no sonal then says'' rashi after doing all this now you have to come to me to ask me!'' Rashi is confused on hearing this and she says'' what are you saying sonal what i did i swear i didn't do anything after meeting you that day on kaalighati.please tell me now you are confusing me!'' Sonal stands up and starts walking when Rashi hold her from her hand and says''Sonal no i will not let you go before you tell me the truth!'' Sonal sees in eyes of rashi and tears starts falling from sonals eyes Rashi is shocked to see this and she says'' Sonal you are scaring me now tell me the truth !'' Sonal says''  how mean are you after doing all you are acting innocent ! you want to listen na then listen when mine and jigar's marriage was fixed although it was a arranged marriage but i fell in love with jigarji and after all that i married  and i asked my husband for sometime as i needed sometime to understand him and mentally accept him and he agreed and he even didn't touched me once after our marriage but afte navratri all changed after some days of navratri your mum called my husband and told him that i love jigarji and i am in relationship with jigar and i am cheating on my husband on listening this my husband misunderstood me and becuase of my words of asking for sometime for accepting him he even didn't listen to me and claimed that  jigarji and mine affair was the reason i didn't allowed him to touch me. he divorced me  because of you and your mother.  because of all this my mum got cardiac arrest and her brain stopped working she is in comma in hospital this all is happening in my life because of you and your mother and you are asking... '' sonal is crying and leaves the room.Rashi is shellshocked and her eyes turn teary she says''mummy why did you do this you again ruined few more lives i hate you but now i will solve these problems in sonals life as i am the only reason for sonals these problems. Rashi walking in corridor with teary eyes remembering all those words which sonal said today and she thinks''how can muumy do this to sonal first me and mummy broke her marriage and now mummy ruined her life there was so much pain in sonal's eyes.'' at the same time Gopi calls rashi from back and rashi wipes her tears and turns she tells gopi that she has given the envelope to the principal and now they should leave for home as it is getting late. Goshi leave.


Doorbell rings and meethi opens the door and goshi enters Rashi sadly says''Gopi please come with me to my room as i want to talk to you !'' Gopi follows Rashi to her room.

AT Raji's room:

Goshi enter the room and Rashi says''Gopi have you really forgiven me for all that i did to you from your heart?'' Gopi says''yes rashiben you are my sister and you did something wrong and you asked for forgiveness from bottom of your heart then why not i will forgive you? I have nothing against you!''

Rashi with teary eyes smiles and hugs Gopi tightly and says thankyou Gopi thankyou so much you are my really good you gopi. gopi smiles .Kokila observes this from the door and smiles rashi also sees koki and she then quickly says kakiji i am just going to prepare the lunch and koki says'wait rashi first let me ask motabhabhi about which dish to prepare today  today! Rashi nods and koki leaves.

AT Modi Office:

Ahem recieves a call and secretary Muskaan tell him that his frnd Aman is here to meet him and ahem tell muskaan to send him inside.

Aman comes inside and says ''Ahem yaar how lucky you are your secretary is so beautiful and sweet i talked with her just for 5 mins and she told me everything she is really pretty and sweet'' ahem says yes she is sweet but leave her tell me the reason you came here?'' aman says''i was just passing by so i thought i should meet you!'' Ahem says'' ok then lets go for lunch!'' aman says he has to leave go alone!then ahem says that he is not going as he will not be able to go alone without any company then aman says take this radio muskaan with you she will never let you be bored. ahem denys but aman insists and he asks muskaan if she will like to go with ahem and she says''ofcourse why not i will go with ahem sir as i will love his company but please i will not pay for the lunch ok and ys i don't have any fear as ahem sir is so muscular he will fight if anyone misbehaves with me !'' muskaan hits ahem's biceps and aman smilesand Ahem gives a irritated look.Ahem and muskaan leave.


Hetal tells goshi that kokila and she has planned that today they will have lunch outside so they will have  to get ready and leave fast they are already late and they all get ready and leave for lunch.


Ahem and Muskaan reach restaurant and ahem says to muskaan''will you like pasta?'' muskaan says'' sir you are going to pay the bill so whatever you order i will eat ok and btw sir i have allergy to garlic so please tell them there should be no garlic in any dish '' ahem says ok and muskaan says''sir one more thing tell them that it should be spicy.waiter leaves and muskaan continues''sir you are so dashing and so handsome if you don't mind can you tell me how many girlfrnds did you have in college and if you mind also then no worries scold me as i will not mind as i know you will be angry and in anger people says many things which they don't really mean.''Ahem gives a sigh on non stop talking of muskaan.

Here modi girls order their lunch and first they are served soupes and Rashi is all sad  remebering Sonal's words during having soup by mistake it falls on gopi's saree and gopi excuses everyone and heads towards washroom.

Here pasta arrives and muskaan starts eating with hands and ahem feels embarrased ahem tells her stop but muskaan does not listen so ahem stops her hand and holds it tightly here Gopi sees this and is shocked on seeing ahem holding somegirls hand ,ahem then sees ketchup near muskaan's lips so he takes out his hanky and wipes her lips and then he tells muskaan to eat with spoon properly and muskaan says''what is this sir frangis left india leaving their spoons behind ahem smiles on this and gopi is watching this with teary eyes she is shocked and she quickly leaves for washroom.Ahem leaves muskaan's hand and tells her to eat properly.Rashi asks for kokila's and Hetal's permission if she can visit her mother after lunch and she gets the permission.

AT Urmi House:

Rashi reaches urmi house and urmi is elated to see her rashi and urmi sit on sofa and rashi says ''mummy you promised me na that you will always tell me the truth (urmi nods and rashi puts urmi's hand on her head and says'' then swear on me that whatever question i will ask you now you will tell me the truth!'' urmi says there is no need for this but rashi says there is need and rashi makes urmi swear and rashi asks'' mummy did you called sonal's husband after  i was thrown out of the house?'' urmi is shocked and scared rashi again repeats the question and urmi says yes. rashi says'' mummy why did you tell her husband that she loves jigarji and she is cheating on him? why just tell me why???'' urmi says''because of her your life had problems and because of her you were thrown out of house so  i wanted to take revenge on her.''

Rashi is shocked on listening this and she says''you know what mummy you lost all your respect which you had in my eyes now i will pay for your mistakes i will solve all problems in sonal's life no matter if i have to sacrifice for it but mummy remember you ruined many lives including Gopi's and Sonal's and one day kahnaji will make you pay for it i hate you mummy now never ever try to call me or talk to me. rashi wipes her tears and leaves leaving urmi in shock.

AT Evening:

AT Raji's room:

Jigar is going through a file and Hetal enters and she comes near jigar and puts her hand on jigar shoulder jiagr asks hetal what does she need and hetal says that she came here to talk with him. she says'' look jigar ahem is your elder brother and he has full right to scold you and be angry with you i agree he overreacted but your fault was bigger and you are the younger brother so you should go first and apologise.'' jiagr says''but...'' hetal says'' please obey me and trust me i am your mother na try to understand these misunderstanding lead to fights and love and affection disaapears so please go and apologise i am sure ahem will forget everything.

after sometime rashi comes in room and when she tries to talk to jiagr saying''jigarji i want to tell you something really important...'' jigar says''please rashi i am in no mood of listening something so please be quiet he leaves for washroom and rashi is all sad and teary.

AT Gohem's room:

Gopi is roaming in room while ahem is in washroom , Gopi gets all the flashbacks  what she saw in restaurant Ahem smiling with other girl and holding her hand Gopi says''kahnaji i fully trust Ahemji but why my heart is not allowing me to forget what i saw with my own eyes kahnaji please help me i don't want to weaken my trust on Ahemji.'' Ahem comes out of Washroom and without giving gopi a look he sits and starts working on laptop and Gopi is in tears. there is a knock on door and it's jigar and Gopi opens the door and jigar enters the room he says''Ahembhai i want to say something! ...Ahembhai i am Sorry!'' Ahem is surprised Epi ends on Ahem's surprised face.


AT Sonal's Apartment:

doorbell rings and sonal goes to open the door and she is shocked to see Jigar on door and jigar's eyes turn teary on seeing Sonal in this condition.Sonal's eyes turn teary and she takes backsteps.

please do comment and do predict what is coming up those who will predict correctly will win a special spoiler of ff:[EHSAAS].Wink

For Next Update Go To Page 8!

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OMG !! The update was fantastic !! Loved it to the core !! awesome !!

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Originally posted by RaJiforever

OMG !! The update was fantastic !! Loved it to the core !! awesome !!
thanks a lot dear for loving my ff please keep reading ff:[EHSAAS] as many interesting twists are coming up.Smile

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wow!! awesome update Alina... ClapClap
much appericated  love ti!! Heart

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