Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

ff:[EHSAAS](15-2) Epi 40! On Pg 45! V'Day Special! (Page 36)

delsi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 4:38am | IP Logged
Superb Alina wonderful update
Gopi is in custody of Arnsh i think that he has revenge on Jitu Bai's house
waiting for Gohem reunion 

jiyakapoor Goldie

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 4:49am | IP Logged
Its awesome alina ...what a twist Yaar
N the Precap is mind blowing update soon
Arshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 5:35am | IP Logged
wow !!superb update..
plz gv sm romantic raji moment
-nilani- Goldie

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Beautiful Part AlinaTongue
I-Luv-Rashi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 6:58am | IP Logged
ff:[EHSAAS] 12/12/12 PT 2 (Arush exposed! Gohem's and Rajis ReUnion!Jeetu and Urmi released from jail!)

Epi starts with RasHi walking on road with her pallu on! She says''What is this all going i will have to inform Jigarji about it and she quickly calls jigar and tells him about all that happened and Jigar asks her about where she is at the moment and she tells him and Ahem and Jigar pick Rashi from there.


Kokila comes to Hetal and says''Motabhabhi i am having a bad feeling that something is going to happen which is not good!'' Hetal hugs Kokila tightly and says''Kokila please don't think like this everything will be alright!''

AT MM Kitchen:

 is cutting the vegetables when suddenly she starts feeling like vomiting and she then quickly picks up soap and smells it she then feels better ,then she sits on chair and keeps her hand on her tummy and smiles She says''Kahnaji thanks a lot fo rgiving me this happiness now any happiness of world cannot be compared with this happness thank you kahnaji!''

On Way:

Jigar says''Rashi we have come to know that Arush khanna is  very big businessman and he is a billionare!'' Rashi says''Jigarji i can't believe this Jigarji it is impossible!'' Ahem says''But why Rashi?'' Rashi says''Jiju he was a painter two years before and he never earned a single penny he had only a mothe rwho used to sew clothes and they used to get his father's pension and with that money their house was runned and he sometimes he was unable to pay college fees also.but he was never serious about his studies he was always lost in his paintings and he was really away from the reality!'' Ahem says''SO What he must have done hardwork and been a succesful business man!'' and Rashi says''Jiju how is this possible a man who is a  painter and lives in a chaul can be billionare just in two years at time of mine and gopi's marriage they left our chaul how come in this much time he can earn this much?'' Jigar says''Yes this something to be think upon!'' Rashi says''Exactly Jigarji he has done something illegal to get money like smuggling or something!'' Ahem thinks something and suddenly Ahem's phone rings and the voice on other side says''Ahem Modi if you want to see your wife alive then tell Rashi to surrender to police and accept that she was the one to kill that lady!'' Ahem says''Hello who is speaking?'' The voice says''Don't worry about me just worry about your wife and if rashi accepts that she is murderer then you will get you wife alive and alrigt!'' Phone disconnects and Ahem shares this with Rashi and Jigar.

AT MM Temple:

Sonal is standing infront of Kahna idol and she says''Kahnaji i have made this decision for everyone's happiness and i am sure i will also live happy with this decision please kahnaji do help me and do give me strength to stick to my decision!''

AT Urmi House:

Kinjal is sitting on sofa and she thinks ''I hope Dhawalji doesn't get ill he hasn't sleep from last two nights.'' Kinjal then stops and again starts thinking''What is happening to me why i am thinking so much about Dhawalji am i..No no this is not love! it can't be love i am a different person dhawalji is a different person!No no this is just concern.''

In car:

Ahem says''It's already night now what we will do?''Ahem tells everything what Arush told him and Raji are shocked! Jigar says''This means Murder case is also related with this!'' Rashi says'But why Arush want's us to be in troble?'' Ahem says''There must be some reason and he has played some game and he is a master mind the way he has done all this!'' Jigar says''Rashi are you sure he has done something illegal to get such a big business?'' Rashi says''100% sure!'' Jigar says''Thats it now we will play his game on him only!'' Ahem says How? and Jigar says''Rashi will call him and tell him that she has a proof against him which  explains in detail from which source he has got so much money! this will make him frightened and he will forge getting rashi arrested then he will demand for proof and in back we will demand Gopi bhabhi back!'' Ahem says''Good but will it work we are not sure? and how he will believe us when we will not give him any clue about the proof?'' Rashi says''Jiju we will not give him any clue will tell him that he picked Gopi from Blue ribbon Bakery this will scare him that we have some kind of information!'' Ahem says''I hope it works call him now!'' Rashi calls Arush and says''Hello Arush! oh so you are surprised how i know it's you? i know many things about you Arush Khanna! How you took Gopi from Blue ribbon Bakery .How you illegally got so much business and not only i know i have proof also!and you are the only on ewho transffered 2 crore rupees in my father saccount!'' Jihem become scared on what rashi was saying!Arush says''Don't be silly!'' Rashi says''You are being silly what do you think you are player and we are fools no mr.Arush!'' Arush says''Rahsi give me that proof you are talking about!'' Rashi says''a...aan Arush what i will get i want Gopi after i handover you the proof and then you will not do anyhing and we will forget about you!'' Arush becomes silent for sometime and Rashi says''So where should i come to give proof and take Gopi?'' Arush says''Kaalighat at midnight!'' Rashi says''Oh still 2 hours to go !'' he hne dissconnects the call. Here Arush says''Whats the bigg deal to handle Rashi a woman cme Rahsi darling come!''

AT Jigar's Room:

Sonal is talking to her frnd Anamika she says''Thats great Anamika thaks a lot thank you so much!'' She disconnects the call and then she starts packing herthings in a bag! 
Here Rashi informs Jihem that Arush is trapped in their plan and Jihem aks rashi how she knew that arush was behind 2 crore fiasco? Rashi says she had strong feeling and it was correct then Jihem tell Rashi that She will go to Arush with empty envelope and Ahem says''Rashi Jigar and me are going to kalighat now and we will hide there and You will come there at 12 ( Midnight) ok?'' Rashi says ''ok!''Rashi then tells Ahem that she has the bag with hidden camera in it!12879013920.jpg
Ahem says''Thats even good first try to talk with arush and ask him some questions about these all incidents and try to make him confess his deeds an record them in camera!' Rashi says ''Ok i will but i am feeling scared!'' Jigar comes closer to Rashi and hold her hand and says'Rashi don't worry we will be there!'' Rashi nods and Jihem leave.



Rashi comes there and sees no one and she waits she switches on the camera and suddenly a car comes and stops there and Arush gets out and takes out Gopi on gunpoint and Gopi is continously crying Rashi becomes worried and says''Gopi are you ok!'' Here Ahem  is hiding and he seeing Gopi crying and he says'I will kill him!'' Jigar says''Control yourself bhai.' Here Arush says''Rashi give me the envelope!'' Rahsi says ''i wil give you first i want to know what is my fault that you are doing all this to me.?''Arush says''There is not your fault there is your mummy's fault!'' Rashi says''Mummy!! i didn't understood?''Arush says''Rashi in college i really loved you and i wanted to marry you but you and your frndz always used to tease me so i had no courage to talk with you so i sent my mom to your house to talk about our marriage.Arush starts telling and here comes flashback:


AT Urmi House:

Arush's mother tells that urmi that she has come to talk about rashi's marriage with her son Arush and Urmi is shocked and says''What? get up! get up i said!'' she says''What i didn't understand!' Urmi says''First leave this cup of tea and get up i will tell make you understand!'' She gets up and Urmi says''Nowdays beggers have also gained the courage to come to urmi ben shah's house and ask for her daughters hand, my daughter s princess and your son that stupid painter what he will make his wife eat painting or brush and paints?you are beggers my daughter will marry in a palace no in beggers home like you!'' she says''Urmiben please don't say like this!'' Umri says i will say 1000 times''Your son is a begger and you also.'' She says''Don't insult my sons art like this!'' urmi says ''what art beggig is more good then this art of your son get out!'' many people gather there and urmi pushes arush's mother out of the house!'' 

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Flashback over~*~*~*~*~*~*

Arush starts crying and he says''My mother was not able to tolerate this insult so she fall sick and passed away and that day i vowed to take revenge from Urmilla shah!'' Rashi feels sad and says''But mummy never told me anything like this!'' Arush says''Then i decided to earn so much money that no one can call me begger!'' Rashi says''And the you earned money with wrong ways?'' Arush says''There was nothing right or wrong infront of my passion i just wanted to earn money how it does not matter to world so why should it matter to me infact i wanted to be like world because being different didn't work for me! Then i came back and the i tranfered 2 crore rupees to your fathers account then i bribed manager to lie and he then gave money to your father and those goons were also sent by me!'' Rashi si shocked on listening this but she acts as she knows this from before. Rashi says''But for sake of revenge you killed a innocent lady?'' Arush yells and says''She was not innocent! She ...Was...Not...Innocent! Arush again starts telling something he says''I loved her more then my life and what she did!''


Arush kisses the girl and says by and the girl smiles and gives a smile and arush leaves form there outside he remembers that he forgot his car keys inside and when he gets in the room he see that girl with another guy in bed!

~*~*~*~*~Flashback Over~*~*~*~*~*

First of all i made a thief steal your kangan and your credit card from your house and  i kiled her and i put these things near her so everyone suspects you but everything went wrong because you went missing on that day so everyone thought that it was your deadbody! i tried hard to get you here andi kidnapped gopi to make you accept that you are the killer atlast now you are here and now no one can save you family!'' Jigar from behind says''We will !'' and Jigar holds him tightly and Ahem starts punching him and he yells''you bast**ds!''Gopi yells ''Ahemji!'' and she runs to him and hugs Ahem tightlysaathiya22081118.jpg and starts crying ahem also turns teary and  and suddenly Arush frees himself from jigar and he shoots at gopi but it misses an dthen police arrives and arrests Arush and Rashi handover the video to police and they leave.Ahem again hugs Gopi tightly and kisses all over her face and Gopi cries here Raji also hugimages5pem.jpg
 and Rashi is continously crying and Jigar saYs''I Love you Rashi!"' Jigar kisses Rashi!''
Ahem says lets go home everyone will be wAiting for us.Epi ends on Gohem's and Raji's hands in hands!


Sonal says''I am leaving from here !'' Raji are shocked and Sonal puts her hand on her tummy and says''Don't worry jigarji i will be happy!'' Next shot Rashi hugs Sonal tightly and cries.For nonstop Raji and Gohem Romance don't miss tomorrows update.keep reading Ehsaas to know what twists are coming up?Please do comment. about whole Sonal and Gohem and Raji seperation track.Smile

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delsi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 7:10am | IP Logged
Thanks Alina that was fantastic episode very much loved it nice twist
i taught he loves Gopi but it turns up side down he loves Rashi, he is done it as revenge for humilation waiting for next part Sonal's reason for leavingClap
-nilani- Goldie

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Very Good UpdateTongue
jiyakapoor Goldie

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 7:18am | IP Logged
Awesome update alina ...loved it

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