Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

ff:[EHSAAS](15-2) Epi 40! On Pg 45! V'Day Special!

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ff:[EHSAAS] 4th Sept update part 1 (Jigar shot ,rashi shattered!)

Guys i am writing this ff keeping giaa as gopi in mind and i hope you will read it keeping giaa in mind and i hope you will love it and appreciate it like saathiya 2.This ff is continuation from last episode of Giaa i.e 6th june 2012 after saree scene Gopi runs out shyly and Ahem gives a dreamy smile.

Disclaimer: resemblance to any ff,os,ss is purely co incidental as i have not read lots of ff's on this forum and there are many and i don't want incident to happen like many people bashed me on my previous ff that i copied there work so please try to understand it's my own thinking but it can match with many people's POV and thoughts.


AT Gohem's room:

Ahem opens the cupboard and sees the burnt saree and smiles remembering Gopi's words that this saree is anmol for her and gets flashback of gopi saving him from fire and praying for his long life and he says''why gopi why...why do you love me so much after all the harsh and rude things i told you.'' Ahem smiles and looks at the watch and says now when will gopi come to the room and he sits with a file in his hand.

AT Raji's room:

Rashi is checking lock of her cupboard as it is not working and then she says''Jigarji look at this lock it i not working!'' In process of pulling the lock rashi's finger gets hurt and starts bleeding rashi shouts in pain and Jigar quickly gets up and goes to rashi and holds he finger and then blows air on hr finger and rashi gets little bit uncomfortable with jigar so close to her and she says it's ok why are you worrying so much jigarji?'' Jigar say's ''Rashi do you know i cannot see you in pain as i love you so much !'' Rashi looks at jigar with dreamy eyes and her eyes turn little bit teary but she controls herself and says''Jigarji i am going downstairs as today i am making kheer for everyone'' and jigar smiles and says ok.


>Koki enters kitchen and asksrashi if the kheer is ready and rashi says yes it is in the refrigerator and Koki is surprised to know that rahsi already made kheer and put it in fridge to cool and then koki asks rashi to give her kheer for tasting as she cannot trust rashi ,rashi gets dissapointed and rashi gives kheer to koki and koki is happy to taste it and says''rashi the kheer's taste is really good '' and rashi smiles koki again says''Rashi nowdays your made foods are really good keep it up now you are also changing for good. Rashi is superhappy.


AT Gohem's room:

Gopi enter the room and keeps the water jug on the night stand and sits infront of dressing table to remove her jewellery and ahem is looking at her lovingly gopi put her hairs on her shoulder to remove her necklace and then ahem sees a burnt patch on gopi's neck and say's ''Gopi you are also burnt on neck why didn't you tell to the doctor??' Gopi now says''ahemji it is just little bit and now it is also not burning i am ok!'' Ahem gets up and comes closer to gopi he says''Gopi it is not ok see how red it is you just sit here i will put medicine on it and gopi tries to say something but Ahem doesn't listen to her and takes out the medicine and then he lovingly puts the medicine on gopi's scar and gopi feels shy on ahem's touch.


<font size="4">Jigar tells rashi will she like to go for ice creama and long drive? Rashi says''yes but on one condition if fuel tank of your car is full!''</font>

<font size="4">Jigar gives a smile and says''Rashi i promise nothing will happen like last time !'' Rashi then says ok but it's already night and elders will not give us permission and jigar says that he has already taken the permission and rahsi happily goes to change and jigar says first they will go for long drive and then on way back they will have ice cream.</font>

<font size="4">AT Gohem's room:</font>

<font size="4">Ahem goes to sleep on sofa but Gopi stops him and says''Ahemji you will not feel comfortable as you are burnt so you sleep on bed !'' Ahem thinks and says ok and goes near to bed and gopi gets up from bed and ahem asks'' where are you going?'' Gopi says'' Ahemji i am going to sleep on sofa!''</font>

<font size="4">ahem is shocked to listen this and says how will she sleep on sofa when she herself is burnt.!'' Gopi says she is ok and then ahem says if she is ok then he is also ok he will sleep on sofa but gopi says no and ahem says ok then we will share the bed lets sleep on the same bed. Gopi gives a shy smile. and they both sleep on same bed maintaing distance and when Gopi fells asleep ahem observes her sleeping and sees lovingly her smile while sleeping and he moves closer to her and kisses her on her forehead and then sleeps on his side and he lifts his hand up and puts it carefully on Gopi's waist and sleeps with a smile on his face .</font>

<font size="4">AT JUNGLE:</font>

<font size="4">Raji are on long drive and jigar is lovingly watching at rashi when suddenly car stops and raji get out of it and jigar opens the bonnet of the car and it's full of smoke and rahsi thinks '' i was the stupid one to agree to jigarji for ice cream now see what happenes rashi your luck is bad''.</font>

<font size="4">Jigar calls their driver and tells him to brng another car to the jungle where they are and he disconnects the call. he then tells rashi that they need some water for car and he suddenly sees a hut and he tells rashi that he going there to see if someone is there and rashi gives a irritated look and jigar leaves.</font>

<font size="4">AT Gohem's room:</font>

<font size="4">Gopi gets up and is surprised to see ahem's hand on her waist and then she moves ahem's hand and keeps it on ahem's stomach and turns side.Ahem wakes up and thinks'' Gopi moved my hand does she don't like me touching her!! ahem gives a disappointed look.</font>

<font size="4">AT JUNGLE:</font>

<font size="4">Rashi si waiting for jigar to come when suddenly a jeep comes and stops infront of rashi and there are 3 guys and they gets out of car and they tell rashi if they can give her lift but rashi says no and at the same time one guy puts his hand on rashi's waist and says''comeon you will enjoy our company!"' Rashi says that she doesnot need lift and another guy touches Rashi's cheek and rashi slaps him and he hold rashi's hands tightly and move sto kisss her and rashi is crying and yelling ''Jigarji help me please jigarji''</font>

<font size="4">Jigar comes and punches the guy and the guy fells down and other comes and punches jigar but jigar holds his hand and pushes him back and jigar bangs head of third guy in bonnet of jeep and he starts bleeding and rashi si witnessing this from behind with tears in her eyes. Jigar fights the guy and other guy takes a pistol out of his jeans and tells jigar to leave other two guys otherwise he will shoot but jigar doesnot listen to him and continues fighting and rashi pleads the guy not to shoot but he shoots jigar and rashi yells''Jigarji !!!!!!!!!'' and runs towards jigar as he falls on ground. the guys tell other guy that what he has done and they all run in jeep from there and rahsi cries there and puts jigar head in her lap and cries and says''Jigarji please wake up please!''</font>

<font size="4">AT Chirag's room:</font>

<font size="4">Hetal's cell phone rings and she picks it up and she says''yes rashi...!''</font>

<font size="4">Cell phone falls from hetal's hands and epi ends on her shocked face.</font>

<font size="4">PRECAP:</font>

<font size="4">Rashi packs her bag and tells koki''Kakiji i am leaving this house forever now there is no meaning of me living here in this house.! everyone shocked.Wink</font>



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ff:[EHSAAS] 4th Sept update Part 2 (Rashi leaves MM!!!)

Epi starts with whole Modi family with Jigar in hospital and Doctor asks Chirag to fill the form and jigar is taken to operation theatre as the x ray tells bullet is still in Jigar's stomach. everyone is shocked chirag and koki tell Hetal to trust God and nothing will happen to Jigar. Ahem also consoles crying Gopi and hugs her tightly when she is crying loudly. Doctor comes out after checking Jigar and says that condition of jigar is critical and anything can happen. Rashi is shattered on listening this and she then runs out of the hospital and it starts raining with thunderstorm and rashi runs on road on way rashi's sandal breaks and she then removes her both sandals and continues running and in running her feet get hurt because of rocks and finally rashi reaches the temple and she then runs up the stairs and she slips and falls on stairs but again she stands up and goes to temple she starts ringing the bell and says''Kahnaji please give me life of jigarji please kahnaji i am begging infront of you !"' Rahi puts her saree pallu on her hands and begs infront of kahna idol for jigar's life. here koki notices that rahsi is missing and is worried for rashi si still standing infront of kahna idol and says''kahnaji i know i don't deserve jigarji i did many wrong deeds and i deserve punishment but why are you punishing Jigarji and Modi family punish me !'' she then says''ok you are stubborn then i will show you i am also stubborn i will stand here and keep on ringig this beel till you don't return me my Jigarji.!'' Rashi starts ringing the bell and here koki tells ahem secretly that rashi is missing and both ahem and koki come out in car to find  rashi and koki thinks that rashi would have probably gone to mandir so ahem goes to mandir and there koki sees rashi and when she is about to get out of car she gets call from hetal and hetal tells koki that operation is succesful and jigar is safe then koki tells her that she will be there in sometime and she goes to rashi and then when she reaches there she tells rashi ''Rashi kahnaji has listened to your prays jigar is now safe!!'' rashi with teary eyes asks whether if it is true and koki nods and rahsi then touches feet of kahna idol and runs down the stirs and they reach hospital.

Rashi without caring for herself takes care of jigar in hospital and after somedays jigar is distcharged and he then comes to MM.

Next DAY:



Jigar tells rashi that he needs to go to washroom and rashi helps him in getting him and jigar goes to washroom.Rashi thinks ''wow kahnaji you are great when for so many days i did wrong things you never made me realise and now you made me realise it in such a way that i am now not even able to match my own eyes.How mean i became that i was even unable to realise how much jigarji and my family loves me i always considered the scoldings that i recieved i was never able to realise the worry and care my family showed for me. i don't deserve this. Jigar comes out of the washroom and  rashi wipes her tears at the same time chirag comes and takes jigar for his checkup to the hospital. Rashi packs he rbag and goes downstairs.

AT Gohem's room:

Ahem enters the room and locks the room while gopi is setting the bedsheet and he then thinks''Now everything is alright so now i will tell Gopi that i have fallen in love with her!!!'' he then approaches her and says''Gopi i have to say you something!!!'' Gopi tell him to say and Ahem hold's Gopi's hand and lifts it up and is about to kiss her hand  when there is a knock on door and gopi goes ot open it and ahem says''dammit!'' 
Meethi is at the door and she tells Gopi that Rahsi has called her imediately in Hall and Gopi leaves with meethi.


Rashi coems downstairs with her suitcase and everyone is shocked and gopi also follows her down.Koki asks rahsi that what is this suitcase for and rahsi says''Kakiji i am leaving this house forever as now there is no meaning to live in this house!'' everyone is shocked including koki. Koki asks rashi that what happened that rahsi is leaving the house. Rashi says kakiji the guilt inside me is not permitting me to live peacefully kakijii am sorry but i want to tell soemthings to whole family and rahsi starts and tells from the beginning how she married Jigar just for me and ho she started ignoring him and being meand and rude to him just because he was not the owner of Modi industries and how she created problems for Gopi and how she tried to make kokila throw gopi out of MM on asking of her mummy,How she took jigars money to take urmi for dinner by making and excuse.the cooker kand. She also tells about her kalakari on kinjal marriage and teh purpose urmi married kinjal to dhawal ,then the mango incident and bhoot track and all the problems in education trak and gopi's examination. the lie on gopi's birthday.then she tells  how she punctured sonal's car and how she gave bhaang to Gopi on holi and she was only the reason of the rift between heki and she was the only one to break Anita's marriage. Family is all shocked with  this and gopi is in tears . Rashi says'' i know i am not to be forgiven my mistakes are too big but it's my request to you all  please do try to forgive me, rashi with tears in her eyes says jai shri krishna.
Hetal in anger says what do you think we will stop you now i myself am asking you to leave my house asap rashi wih tears in her eyes leaves the house.


Hetal tell koki''Kokila you were right at the time of jigar's marriage when you told me that i will regret my decision to marry jigar with rashi and look your words come true today i am really regretting my decision.
Epi ends on crying face of Hetal.



Gopi is asleep and ahem comes and sits on side of bed and he then says Gopi you are really beautiful and i...i...i...i...i love you gopi i love you so much and suddenly gopi holds ahem's hand tightly in sleep and he is unable to take his hand out of Gopi's grip.Wink

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ff:[EHSAAS] 4th Sept update part 3 (Ahem feels sad!)

Epi starts with Gopi crying in her room remembering Rashi's words and then Ahem enters the room and asks gopi what happened?? Gopi runs and hugs Ahem tightly and cries she says''Ahemji i always loved Mamiji and Rashiben but why Mamiji hates me and she also made rashiben hate me all the wrong things happened in this house after our marriage was caused by rashiben and Mamiji i cannot believe Ahemji how rashiben can hurt Maaji.I trusted rashiben and she broke my trust in pieces how can i forgive her she lied to me on my birhtday about my parents and she also scared me by being a ghost.Ahem hugs Gopi back and caresses her back and tells her to be quiet.


Rashi enters the house and urmi is elated to see her and asks her how he came there when kagri was in house and rashi in broken voice says mummy i have left MM with my wish and i will never go back there.Already Modi family has suffered a lot because of me and now i don't want to give pain to anyone. Urmi is shocked to listen this and says''What are you sayin rashi? are you alright? tell me you are joking!'' rashi replies''mummy life is joking with me!'' Urmi tells her to go back to your home and then call before anyone coem to know you are missing!"' Rashi says''Mummy everyone knows i have told  every one . urmi sits on sofa in shock and she starts crying and says now what to do her own daughter has decieved her.

AT Jigar's room:

Jigar asks Hetal about Rashi and hetal thinks and koki tells hetal to tell jigar everything clearly so hetal starts telling him everything and jigar is shellshocked and his eyes turn teary and hetal and koki leave him alone to sleep switching off the lights.


Urmi comes to Rashi and says i know now it is kagri's plan and she has maken you leave house she has decieved you!'' Rashi says''please mummy ok i can believe a MIL can decieve but a mother never decieves her baby but you did ,a mother never shows wrong path to her baby but you did, A mother never destroys her baby's home an dlife but you did.just asks yourself what kind of mother you are!'' rahsi leaves the room and urmi is shocked.

AT Gohem's room:

Ahem enters room and sees Gopi sleeeping peacefully on bed and  he then moves towards her and sits beside bed on floor on her side and he puts his hand on bed and says''Gopi you are so beautiful ...i...i...i...i love you gopi i love you so much.. Ahem smiles and looks at sleeping gopi with love and when he tries to stand gopi holds his hand really tightly and ahem is unable to free his hand from gopi's grip and he sits there on floor and falls asleep there and his head is near gopi's head on bed. in morning Gopi wakes up and sees she is holding ahem's hand and she leaves his hand quickly and ahem wakes up and tells gopi how she hold his hand in night gopi tell ahem he should have made her wake up but ahem says she was sleeping so he thought he should not disturb her gopi reminds ahem how it happened with gopi last year and ahem remembers how he shouted at gopi and he then leaves the room.


Rashi is still lying on bed and she is having flashbacks of her sweet scenes with jigar and she says'i miss you jigar ji'' he eyes turn teary.

AT Gohem's room:
Ahem gets flashbacks how he treated gopi in past how he slapped her,how he shouted and insulted gopi how he told her rude and mean words to her. Ahem says'' i am sorry gopi now i will show you i care for you and i really love you.!'' Ahem takes out a diary and writed that he slapped her so he will kiss her on that cheek to reduce the pain , he then will present her gift becasue gifts are given to loved ones.'' Epi ends on Ahem dreamy face.

Koki comes to Urmi House and rashi is shocked to see her and koki says''rashi pack your bag i have come to take you back to MM!'' and rashi says''No kakiji i will not go back!''

do comment about this and please do predict what will happened next and don't miss 5th September 2012 update ok it will be posted tomorrow.Smile

For next update go to page 2!

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superb superb superb... Alina!! Clap

u remember me all golden days of Real Gohem/Gina...
Love ur FF!!

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Nice !! Sounds better than the rubbish we watching on screen !!

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awesome alina.Smile keep updating n thanks for the pm.

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Hello Alina.. Good to see u back with another superb FF. Loved it.. Hope u continue soon.. Tongue

P:S- If u don't see my like under ur posts, don't think I didn't like it. Its just that my like button has gone bonkers.. Confused It jumps everytime I press it..
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awesome cnt wait till tmrw's update
lol i just wish der was 3 updates a day morning,afternoon,night
but too much hard wrk

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