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4/9 Dragon Club : Uss Raat ki Subah Nahin :P (Page 60)

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 8:31pm | IP Logged
Thanks Aparna! I am well settled. Smile

@Z: Great take! It was indeed a treat to watch Yash learn something new about Aarti, which I think we will be getting more of tomorrow. The Aarti of Mumbai, fun and carefree whom he thought was just for him, it turns out is the real Aarti and the one he knew all this time was the restrained one. It must have hit him hard, that and he tried to hold his own and make it seem like his and Aarti's relationship was as deep as her's with Aman. If Aman said he would take her away, Yash threw that dialogue about vishwas, if Aman said Aarti looked good in pink, Yash said, no, I know better, she looks good in yellow. He was trying to walk toe to toe with Aman, and it was a treat because we get to see just how much he has noticed about Aarti.

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redeye2012 Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 8:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Samanalyse

Originally posted by redeye2012

The entire drama of Aarti being accused of straying based on a few images was simply grating. Vidhi just wouldn't stop. On and on and on. Then Bua comes in and goes on and on and on.

It wasn't based just on the images. The bigger fish frying was the 3am return home, I think. When Vidhi saw the pictures her first reaction was, no Aarti is not like that. It was only when she got the call that her top blew off.

True. Just a slip, there. My point was that images, the 3 am and so on were all coming towards Aarti like a high-speed train. And those scenes were an expected part of the drama, where one after another would accuse Aarti non-stop and not give her a moment's space to speak. And then Aarti, when she does get the chance will take her own sweet time to coming to the point.  The way Aarti was stressing more on the relationship with Vidhi instead of quickly answering the burning question was tiresome. Cinematic license, for sure. But on and on and on. 

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InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
@Saf: Superb clarity!!Clap See... it had slipped my mind that Aarti told Vidhi that Yash had clicked those pictures...I just recalled after reading your take. Ideally, Vidhi should have calmed there and then...but by that time she was too far gone in her agitation to register that fact.

@Veena: Thanks. I have been reading your posts and loving themSmile...I understand what you mean when you insist and  feel that Yash is not really in love, cause if he was he wouldn't have let Aarti be insulted and degraded thus. I agree...but I guess what they are trying to portray is Yash is consciously backing off and restraining himseslf, cause if so much as softens, he might be guilty of harboring feelings for her...and that prospect he is trying to avoid at any cost.Ouch 

@Samana: Thank you.  Oh, I am so glad you too have become an AM person now...I can read your thoughts in my morning batch itself. Smile

Simply loved your say...as always. Nod, nod to all that you deduced regarding Aman. He is such an antithesis to Yash and so much like Aarti in many ways that Yash had no option but to try to ward him away...as he did to aarti when she tried to ask what her fault was. But Aman being a man as well as not a Scindia...and that too one who is totally invested in his friend's absolution of the baseless accusations...wouldn't take no for an answer and wouldn't be physically removed as well. As such Yash is stuck with him till he faces the truth...Yash has found his alter ego!!!

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Kittya_Cullen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 8:50pm | IP Logged

Finally, I'm ready to go!

While today is viewed by some as another filler episode, I enjoyed the amount of information I was able to glean. With each episode, the Cvs show us not only the feelings and issues of the main characters, but also the secondary characters. It is so unusual to have such a close view into the inner workings of those surrounding the protagonists unless they are the ones doing the actual discovery. Since I decided to rewatch the videos, I will be going point by point rather than my usual general analyses.
As the video begins, we see a slightly inebriated Pankaj urgently cajoling Yash to confess the big raaz that has created all the tamasha in the Scindia household (hope I used my Hindi correctlyEmbarrassed). As Yash is about to speak from his perspective, we see a sudden shift in the direction of his gaze. The camera and averyone else turns to see what has once again kept us all from hearing yeh gajab raaz which has brought chaos to the infallible Scindia government, and its parliamentarians. We moan in frustration at having the proverbial record snag at the same spot. The dumb needle screeches to halt at the now infamous lines, " Uss raat... Aarti ji ne". Uuurgh!!! I suppose you can feel my frustration hereLOL.
Upon seeing the frightful specter of Aarti, rather than his old haunt, Arpita, Yash becomes childish and insecure. Instead of confronting his bhoot fears once and for all, he commands the drunken Pankaj to defend him, his chota bhaiya, against the horrors of Aarti. He doesn't even glance at Aman, his first directive is for his bada bhai to tell Aarti to leave. Where oh Yash is all your anger and bravado now?Dead When an actual defender of Aarti is in his presence, Yash's tongue has become tied. His hands can find no beautiful pieces of glassware to throw in her direction. What can he say now when there is someone who knows the actually occurrence of yeh uss raat ki subah nahin?LOL 
While I sound amused, what troubles me is that Yash is constantly allowing others to fight his battles for him. It's even more irksome that today, he allowed his drunk brother to be the defender. What right does he have to send his alcohol- filled brother up against his sorrowful wife? Surely he should have been able to discern how foolish that decision was in foresight as well as hindsight. To appease my battered senses, I smiled gratefully when Aman comes to Aarti's rescue. He let's Pankaj blow off some steam, and then promptly arrests him in his track. Refusing to be bothered by this worthless bit of artillery Yash throws at them, Aman, proceeds at full force; By passing the gajab defender against bhoot Aarti, and going straight to the irrational man who has been running away from his problems. Hmm... do you guys think Aarti mentioned the marathon Yash ran? Anyway, Aman goes straight to the point. He does not allow Yash to brush him off. As soon as Yash says his bit of nonsense, Aman does not deign to respond in the same manner. Rather he responds rationally, and kindly requests that Yash atleast listen to what he and Aarti have to say. At that moment, Aarti tries to speak up, and once again, Yash shoots her down. He is certainly very good at defending the military prowess of the Scindida household; they are after all well known for offensive rather than defensive courses of action. Aman tries once again to persuade Yash to listen, and for a split second, we see Yash's face soften as he glances at the contrite, and humble Aarti, then once again his bhoot fears activateConfused. He rushes off, trying to shake the incorrigible Aman. When Aman does not budge, he uses his gajab superpowers as a threat, " Eeey you!!!! Me the incredibly irate sulk.. I mean hulkConfused.  Me getty super angry! Me getty super crazy! Me breaky thingies! Me wanty breaky you!!! Raaawr!!!!!Angry" Aman out of sheer frustration replies to our super hero that he isn't afraid of his naraz. Poor Yash has never in his life had someone not tremble in fear and fall on their knees infront of his most pavitra powers, and flees in fear. (Note,I am rolling my eyes right at this moment, and shaking my head). Here is this outsider who has never been to their home, overriding the defenses of his family government with ease, and leaving him vulnerable and defenselessShocked. (I may be a exaggerating a tadEmbarrassed). Enough nonsense from meLOL. Yash leaves in frustration, as the firmly attached Aman chases after him. In response, the rest of the entourage, Uss Gajab Bhoot chaser, not even glancing at his own biwi, and the Mummy/Papa ki Shaking Pup,follow our headstrong sulk... I mean hulk, and his new found contender.
Vidhi has been watching the entire tamasha from the wings. Her expression shows that Aarti now has a new naraz bechari Scindia to deal with. I will definitely stop joking here and discuss this section seriously. Throughout the duration of the situation between the people I previously mentioned, she remains silent. Yet, we can see her fuming in rage. Her eyes scream betrayal, and she seems to be dumbfounded by the fact that Aarti has brought the aadmi responsible for the shifting internal government strife. I could swear her eyes widened in shock when she saw Aman grab Yash by the shoulders and shake him. What perplexes me, is that she allowed all of her emotions to override her analytical faculties. She has been with Aarti through so much in the Scindia household. She saw the pain Aarti went through when Yash was ill after saving Ansh, the sacrifice she made to go search for him when no one in the family could locate his whereabouts during the initial stages of the Neelam fiasco, the puppy dog love pouring from Aarti's eyes as she adored her Yash ji, the agony and desperation she released on the frightening night when Yash broke the table and its dishes (still wondering how only Vidhi heardShocked) as she tried so despondently to search for the elusive imp that had destroyed her recent happiness. Yet, here stands Vidhi, after seeing only a few photos, and listening to whatever nonsense Bhavri spouted, radiating righteous indignation, and tears of betrayal. I respect her for not broaching the topic infront of the brothers. I acknowledge that she confined the outburst and the related photos to the privacy of the bedroom, much like a true sister. However, the buck stops  there. She crossed her limits.
I know that there are many factors behind the feelings she expressed. I accept that she vented before Aarti, and then waited for Aarti to give the evidence that would hopefully clear her misconception. However, in my eyes. The damage is done. I cannot believe that it was only five days ago I told Borna that I didn't see too much danger in the Vidhi/ Aarti rishta. It seems I greatly underestimated the influence and power of the propoganda the Scindia government has been spewing into her ears. I foolishly overlooked the rift that has grown wider between Vidhi and Pankaj since the "dhoka" suggestion. My point is, I sat horrified, and once again close to tears, as the woman Aarti considers her badi behen, accused her of things that only her worst enemy, Bhua, should ever think of, muchless murmur. I was truly hurt by Vidhi's actions, and while at first I sympathised, my sympathy is slowly diminishing. Hopefully, my own trust in Vidhi will return soon.Cry Sigh... Upon hearing the outlandish accusations raised against her, Aarti in her sweet innocent child-like manner tries to set things right. However, the now disillusioned, and greatly saddened Vidhi, is too upset to look at the matter clearly. Aarti practically falls at Vidhi's knees, begging her to undo the damage that this misunderstanding has brought to their rishta. Her eyes are so full of agonised tears, that I wanted to look away from the screen. In my head, I was thinking, Vidhi, Vidhi, Vidhi, aap bhi? Vous aussi? Usted tambien?Sigh...You too? However, the language of tears says it all far more eloquently. Here I leave the tragic sister duo alone.
Just as we think we'll have to see more pain in Aarti's eyes because of Vidhi, we see the superior leaders of the Scindia government enter. Simultaneously, and I do not exaggerate this scene, the two presumably inconsequential bahus of the Scindia parliament, raise their pallus in instantaneous salute. It was such a fascinating scene to look at. Those two, while still seperated, were synchronised in their portrayed respects, loudly proclaiming "Jai Scindia Parivaar" while suppressing their own emotions beneath the constraints of the pallu. Our slithering Boa... I mean Bhua, bears her fangs and sinks her teeth into the fresh prey that she has finally gotten another opportunity to taste.
Bhua wastes no time in accusing Aarti of as much gulaat as she can spit into those few minutes of savoury victory. Our jaan, Cas, cannot bear to hear the words against the bahu who has slowly become his favourite. His face bears such a grimace of sadness, and hurt that I was admittedly stunned into finally understanding how much he had really tried to take Aarti under his protection. Unable to stomach the vile things Bhua says to Aarti, and the toxins he knows are still waiting to be unleashed, he flees from the room. Even Bhua was suprised by his hasty retreat, and once more, Aarti was given another stab in the heart. One more defender had abandoned her in the time of need. As Bhua relishes her victory, I observe the silent Gayatri. Her silence said more than her words did. Her expressions of disgust and shock at her bhabhi's outrageous excuses gave me a little bud of hope. Her eyes said so much as she heard Bhua utter those horrible words over Aarti's suhaag, sindhoor, and mangalsutra. As a matter of fact, Gayatri remained silent so long, that while I was gazing angrily at Bhua, and sadly at Aarti, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. When Aarti remained silent throughout the taunts of the nasty Boa, I looked away from Gayatri long enough to enjoy the visible rage that brewed from Aarti, as she heard the insult against the symbols of her marriage. While Aarti and Gayatri had remained silent during the question of Aarti's character, neither of them shied away from bringing their own aspects of defense to the marriage. Aarti looked away in defeat as Bhua accused her, even Vidhi appeared guilty upon hearing such things, but the moment that witchling lay tongue and hand upon Aarti's marriage, the fire that I have been missing so much, flew from her eyes, and came out in her words. She stopped that being in her tracks, and set her straight, then appealed to the one woman who really mattered. Our Rani, our First Lady, the powerful Gayatri.
When the camera zoomed to Gayatri, I felt scared for a moment. I saw the essence which had made her the strong matriarch of the family pervading her being. I felt it pouring from her eyes, as she questioned Aarti. The enthralling pull that allowed her pati to give her reign over their kingdom. Rather than baselessly laying dirty remarks against the marriage her son was involved in, she spoke with such quiet restraint, that I was glad. She didn't waste time with foolish claims, neither did she pointlessly harangue Aarti with malicious words. She simply requested, with so much danger hidden behind her eyes, that Aarti explain to her, what had happened in Mumbai. The woman may have her evils, but today, I give her props for not joining the emotional mess she came home to. Upon seeing this, Aarti gladly breaks into the momentary reprieve, and narrates her story.
For those of you who might not get it right away; Gayatri defended the marriage by giving Aarti the chance to actually speak, rather than giving into the usual scream first, listen never, motto of the Scindia household.
I'm sorry guys, I had really wanted to discuss the flashbacks as well, but it has taken so much time to write this, that I won't be able to give justice to the scenes. So this is it from me for now.Embarrassed Not to mention, the moments there are so light, and I have already switched to such a dark tone of type, not sure I can stay up long enough to give any of the required nok-jhok for those moments. I will mention this, I loved that moment where Aarti receives the compliment from Yash and breaks into a giddy, little girl smile, similar to the one she gave when he had agreed to go for the roasted corn.   I really, really wish I could go into those scenes.CryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCry
I haven't edited or reread, so please forgive my mistakesConfused.

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Good Morning World...Woke up this AM only to realize that I've got the day off so catch up on my daily dose of reading before heading back to bed Wink

@Indu: Marvelous analysis Bud ClapClapClap...Yash is afraid to stay the next step and by dragging his feet, he feels that Aman could snatch Aarti away instead of putting up a fight, he's sulking and runaway Ouch love Aman he's like a dog with a bone (sorry for the comparison) Tongue he is giving Yash a chance to hide, he wants them to hatch it out Thumbs Up

I was pleased with Gayatri yesterday and felt bad for my sly fox, he was really hurt I just wanted to give him a big Hug

I say Aarti should go all JKR on Yash's tushie for making her go through all this he!!! and as for the family can u imagine how dumb they're gonna look and feel when they come to know that the reason Yash is acting so is cause he has feelings for his wife EmbarrassedLOL

@Red: Fab take Hun...U made me love Aman more with your post but i love Yash more even though i wanna strangle him and i don't mind Aman giving him a run for his money Big smile

LOL yup that he sure did and poor Yashbabu didn't see it coming ROFL

@Priya: Anytime Dear Smile...You're right AarYa are two lost souls who have been searching for so long and all it took to awaking them was a shoulder bump and now they can't be without each other.
Aarti is a survivor and she's gonna come through this test as well with flying colors.

@Anone: Fantastic analysis Sweetie ClapClap...the Scindias need a reality check and I hope they get it soon...Sure understand where they are coming from but why does they always corner Aarti why can't they do the same with Yash 

@Kittya: Ah, c'est bien et ne t'enqute pas ton Fraais est excellent Thumbs Up...By the way love your take, great job ClapClap

@Samana: Wonderful take Love! ClapClapClap...Aarti should have thought twice before going along with Aman's plan cause she does know Yash better than anyone else so she should have declined stop Aman, I really hate it when she listens to other people advice instead of going with her instincts Ouch

same here SP didn't say anything, he just walked out the room i still believe in my sly fox, i know he's hurt but I don't see him judging Aarti Big smile

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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@Red: I am still hoping for a miracle in terms of this revelation that obviously cannot redeem Yash but will at least make him likable again. Then again, I can't help but think that if this crazyness is what he had raging inside him the whole time we have known him, then he showed a lot of maturity just by keeping that under wraps on a daily basis. I don't think they have taken Yash's character too far though I do agree that they have been risky. I guess I am optimistically hoping for there to be an explanation that makes this all fall into place. I refuse to believe that it was just because she came home at 3am. Also, I wrote yesterday that Yash anger actually escalated after they came back to Bhopal, where it started with mere caustic sarcasm in Mumbai. There is more to this than meets the eye, methinks, more that will somehow make sense. 

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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" Eeey you!!!! Me the incredibly irate sulk.. I mean hulkConfused.  Me getty super angry! Me getty super crazy! Me breaky thingies! Me wanty breaky you!!! Raaawr!!!!!Angry"

Oh man! I loved your entire analysis but this just took the cake and the bakery! ROFL

Raaawr, indeed!

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redeye2012 Goldie

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I don't think even Yash realized that he was capable of such craziness.  

I am with you. I need a proper redemption that is worthy of such craziness.  If they do justify it all, I'll be the first one at their doors to congratulate them, but their track record hasn't been all that good when it comes to suspense mode of story-telling.

I too noted that behavioral trajectory. And I wrote about this in one of the earlier threads. I felt that his anger is centered with Aarti, and Aarti alone. His increased aggravation was directly linked to the time that Aarti took to understand the reason.  He expects her to know. And the longer she takes without arriving at the right answer, the more harm she does to Yash's new-found feelings she seems to have elicited. And the angrier Yash becomes.

For me, this situation seems to have been created from a big misunderstanding. Because if it doesn't have to do with husbandly suspicions at Aarti's immoral behavior attributed by her returning at 3 am, I can't imagine anything worse. And if it does, then it is just the issue of Yash's ego. 

Clearly, it is some event that has caused this, because Yash is not really opposed to sharing it with his brothers. If he seems to be reluctant, it is because he doesn't want to be the one to 'expose' Aarti. 

In light of this, I feel that Yash isn't handling the issue well. He could straight-away ask Aarti in private to come clean, instead of letting her guess at various possibilities. What could Aarti have done that Yash doesn't want to soil his tongue revealing? 

It really better be good. 

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