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4/9 Dragon Club : Uss Raat ki Subah Nahin :P (Page 51)

ilovepyaar IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 4:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by USManeetian

i don't know why but i think yash also considers aman to be his friend. he isn't really mad at aman, he is still mad at aarti. if he hated aman than he wouldn't actual listen to him (i mean it looks like he is paying attention).

i think yash will tell aman what is wrong. while yash and aman are talking i feel the family will gang up against aarti causing her to become bait for their viciousness.

i feel aman and yash will come and see this and this will infuriate aman (we have seen how equally defensive he is of aarti). and now that he knows this isn't the reason he is going to be even more upset that they are questioning aarti's character. maybe yash will see aman defend aarti and feel even worse since he is the reason they are all treating her horribly.

i am beginning to think the reason why aarti didn't tell yash has something to do with lakhan. what if lakhan threatened aarti. what if aman and aarti were protecting yash and he misunderstood them. i am sure if he finds out that 1) he put them in danger and 2) that they were protecting him he would feel awful.

i mean aarti said that even yash wanted to meet aman a couple of times. i don't think he hates aman; i think it has to do something with aarti and lakhan. 

thoughts (well it is 3:40 am in India lol)

Oh my gosh, more possibilities! Great idea! Maybe Aarti's life was in danger that night because of Lakhan and Aman saved her, and they decided not to tell Yash, otherwise he'd worry. :/

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USManeetian Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 4:22pm | IP Logged

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
I really loved the episode today for multiple reasons. The main one is the character of Aman and how much of a relief he is from the usual PV cycle where Aarti is humiliated and then has two work incredibly hard to get any semblance of respect, while Yash gets to stalk away and sulk. Today we had someone break that cycle, where not only was he not scared of Yash's anger and demanding the right for Aarti to tell his side of the story, he also followed Yash when the latter walked out of the room, thereby not letting him go. Yash hides his fear by acting angry and throwing things. He pushes people away by scaring them with his rage...but when someone is not scared and refuses to be intimidated, that leaves Yash with nothing but his bare naked fear...which is why I am excited for tomorrow.

I know that a lot of people are angry with Vidhi today but I am still very sympathetic to her. She is not used to defying anyone. She likes her stance of non-confrontation and peace making in the household, going about her various duties like clockwork. But Aarti made her feel strongly enough to defy the people she doesn't dare to in normal circumstances. Vidhi really put herself out there for Aarti and I cam completely understand her feelings of betrayal. She was angry, she was hurt and she said some things like how a jaithani is a jaithani to express that sense of betrayal but the important point to note here is that she didn't leave. She expressed her anger and her frustration, that she, the eternal peace maker and pacifist was forced to go against her husband (who is already unhappy with her, which she knows) defending Aarti, and she was proven wrong, because really, there is no excuse from her perspective for Aarti forgetting such a huge incident. But she didn't leave the room after expressing her unhappiness. She sat down on the bed, as though waiting for Aarti to explain, begging her to make sense of this all so she could trust her again. And Aarti was on her way to doing that when the elders walked in.

Here, I found SP's reaction most interesting. The man who has been so proactive of late just walked out of the room. Now we don't know if he just left the room or went to find Yash but I saw this as positive. Although he didn't stay to defend Aarti, he also didn't stay to accuse or malign her the way that Bua did. What I get from this is that he is willing to support Aarti when she is completely and unquestionably right, but is not willing to get involved where the waters are murky. He would prefer to keep his hands clean in a case like this and leave the women to sort it out. It was the same with the divorce papers. He didn't lie to Yash that Aarti had left of her own accord, he didn't go take the kangan back and manipulate Yash into sign the papers. Basically, he avoids anything where he could eventually be proven wrong and places himself only in situations of unanimous benefit. So here, he is not willing to accuse or question Aarti, but he is also not willing to actively defend her.

And finally to the flashback. SIGH. This was a classic case of Aarti listening too blindly to everyone but herself yet again. Aman's idea to make Yash jealous was all fun and games on the surface, and it seemed like Yash was responding in a text book, jealous lover way but there was no way that Aman could predict the repercussions of Yash's feelings in this situation because he is simply not mature enough to understand a relationship and feelings of this complexity. Aman is still a bachelor and though he may be the same age as Aarti, like she said, he has not changed at all from college. He is still the youthful, carefree flirt, probably with adolescent notions of love and relationships which is why he brings down the sensitive and tenuous bond between Yash and Aarti to the word "love," sees Yash's behaviour as plain jealousy and wants to exacerbate that sense of possessiveness in it. What Yash needed the most was time, time to process what he was feeling for Aarti and Aman in his immature urgency took that one all important thing away from him.

Just when Aarti was making Yash comfortable in his own skin, making him see the good and the strength inside him, making him less defensive and clinging when it came to Arpita because she gave him the confidence that Arpita would always hold a place of love and honour in their lives, just when she had made a safe place for him to come out of his shell to, in came Aman and put Yash right back on the defensive immediately. Yash was used to being challenged, mostly by his family, for continuing to love Arpita with such devotion even after her death and was used to defending his right on that count. But being challenged about Aarti's place in his life and his place in hers was totally new to him and Aman piled a lot of pressure on Yash's head that he simply wasn't ready for. Aman's plan was to make Yash jealous, but I think it may have resulted in him taking Aarti away from Yash, in essence, when he needed her most.

Poor Aarti. I can't really blame her for going along with this jealousy plan. She so wanted to sense that possessiveness and love from Yash, so wanted to believe it was as simple as Aman made it out to be that she complied. I only wish she had been more grounded on her stance. This man is different, he will not be won that way. She understands him better than anyone else, and yet she doesn't acknowledge her own instincts when they are crying the loudest for her to give him time. Yash is being pressured right now the same way she was by Vidhi, Prateek and Shobha, but he is reacting in the opposite way. While she chose to give the blanket label of love to all the muddled feelings in her head, because she needed so badly to forget Prashant, Yash is choosing to deny them altogether because he needs so badly to remember Arpita.

Oooh! This just popped into my head. Maybe there was some symbolism to the pink-yellow contrast. Pink is the colour of fresh, youthful love, which is what Aman sees in Yash for Aarti while Yash asserts that Aarti looks good in yellow, which is the colour of friendship. Could Yash be saying inadvertently that Aarti fits best into the role of a friend right now? Is that why he is so competitive with Aman, because Aman too is Aarti's friend? I know I have acted strange and possessive when my good friends start getting close to other people so perhaps that is all that Yash's reaction was, having finally found someone after so long who understood him and was willing to just have fun with him, no strings attached. More than a wife, Yash needed a friend at this point, one with whom he could laugh and share his feelings and Aarti had filled that space definitively. His romantic feelings for her were still nascent and not really worthy of notice or definition just yet. I think Aman rushed to put a definition of love on something that was much more delicate and much more complex at this point. All this to say, maybe Yash was not afraid that Aarti would fall for Aman but he was insecure that she had a closer friend than him.

Now that we know Aman and AarYa met before the fire (right?), it makes a lot of sense that Yash was even looking at Arpita's stuff in the first place. He was running back to his defense mechanism, possibly to assure himself that he was totally okay with Aarti spending time and being close to someone else, and to display it to her. That is why while she seemed a bit awkward when she found him in Arpita-land, he was like "come on in, Aartiji! Look how uninterested I am in you." Wink And then I predict that they had plans to meet Aman, before the big fire thing happened and Yash told Aarti to go ahead and he didn't want to come, so she did (which is why she didn't think he was angry about that). But actually Yash was just saving his pride and didn't want to admit that he wanted Aarti to stay, needed her to stay to help him get over loosing all of Arpita's stuff. He needed her to fix it, the way she did when the picture frame fell down and she reframed the picture...but she was with Aman...and then it rained...and she didn't come home. And so I end in the way of that little prediction.

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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OMGOODNESS!! The new banner is so AarYalicious, yummy Mumbai moments all in one ... its so so gorgeous and I'm just staring at it <3 Maham you've done it again gal! Amazing banner =D!!

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saf24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
@ Samana: Loved your take. Even I wasn't too upset with Vidhi since I realised that it was just the hurt coming out and that's why she reacted in such a manner.

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angake IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 4:41pm | IP Logged

What an episode: cute, fun, intense, exasperating all in one but moving the story along.

Before I touch upon anything else can I just say a word or two about my favorite confrontation today? It lasted only for a minute but was one of the best I have seen on PV.

Yash to Aman: Please get out. For God's sake get out before I unleash my anger on you. Confused

Aman to Yash: I couldn't care less about your anger.Clap

Bravo Aman! Aman had my respect for standing up to Yash and his threats about unleashing his anger. I was for a moment dumbstruck there because all this while I thought Yash had no control over his anger. I still do think the same but it got me thinking that Yash actually believes, displaying anger is the way he can keep 1) his family's unwanted intrusiveness in his life at bay 2) refuse to take accountability of a situation.  Today, Aman looked at his face and said I care too hoots about your anger. My guess is that Aman is going to continue to hound Yash and make Yash accountable for the irrational way he has been treating Aarti. Yash's denial about his own emotions and him trying to be the judge and the Jury in Aarti/Aman case has colored every single family member's opinion about Aarti. Sigh! If only SP or Gayatri had the guts to call out on Yash about his irrational anger like the way Aman did.

Vidhi and Aarti: I am amazed at what the CVs were trying to show or at least what I thought they were trying to show. That, when you are living in a closed, unforgiving environment such as the Scindia house, the feelings of trust and faith take on a whole different meaning. There is no selfless love in this house. And when there is no selfless love; faith and trust can crumble in a matter of seconds. It was funny when Vidhi was accusing Aarti of 'sleeping with Aman' that she forgot that there was another time when this same Aarti, on a very rainy night, drove all around Bhopal looking for Yash. So why not stop and think that there could be another reason that Aarti stayed out till 3 am even if Bhavri may have told her something. I guess rationality takes a back seat when you are bred in such rigidly closed and unsympathetic environment. I feel really sorry for Vidhi.  But look at the irony of things. Among all these people, it was Gayatri who today instead of insinuating that Aarti slept with Aman, asked her for an explanation? Gayatri was also shaking her head in disagreement when Bua wanted to take away all symbols of Aarti's marriage.

EDIT: Oops I must have completely missed it. I think Gayatri did accuse Aarti after all. Angry

Aman and Aarti: Loved loved loved their relationship. It was so easy going. So much fun. Reminded me of the good old days when I used to banter with my college friends about our crushes. Loved the easy camaraderie between aarti and Aman. I loved how Aarti so deeply in love with Yash was flying high with hope and excitement whenever Aman pointed out that Yash was in love with her. The intellectual part of her told her that is not possible yet her heart was soaring high thinking about such a possibility. While I think Aarti was following Aman's lead, I thought it was completely natural. It was not a moment where you would sit and analyze the pros and cons. She went with the flow which is many times her downfall but that is okay. I don't expect her brains to be intact when she is so smitten by Yash that even a slimmer of hope that he cares for her has her wanting to reach for the stars.

I was smitten by Kratika and Gurmeet in these scenes. EmbarrassedAnd Aman too. Big smileBut Aarti's shy glances Vs Yash's jealous glances were a treat to watch. Aman's immaturity and probably lack of a committed relationship leads him to believe that he can fix things between Yash and Aarti by his quick fix remedy. If it was only that easy. Yet, I am glad it happened the way it did because both Yash and Aarti are such extreme passionate people that there is no half measures about what they do. Yash was so deep in denial that jealousy and the fear of loss was probably a good enough trigger for him to eventually re-evaluate the meaning of love, trust and faith.

Some of my favorite scenes during the Yash/Aarti/Aman meeting:

1) Yash says where there is trust there is nothing to fear. The look Yash and Aarti passed was hot! Day Dreaming

2) I think yellow suits her the best. How cute was Aarti here. Her face brightens up when Yash says he thinks yellow suits her. I loved every detail of the 30 second scene. The way she looks down and realizes she IS wearing yellow today and then a shy smile that said "Yashji noticed", was absolutely breathtaking. I want to now go back and check on all the caps of Aarti in yellow and the way Yash looks at her. But the CVs! I love how they connect such tiny details. Didn't one of the earlier montages have Aarti in yellow sari with Yash looking on?

3)Aman's dialogue to Aarti: If this is how it is when the love is one sided, imagine how it will be when it is both ways. I died a thousand deaths at that dialogue.Dancing I swear things are going to so heat up between Yash and Aarti. I bet we will all get burned in the process. 

I thought it was a fantastic episode. The stars today were Aarti and Aman. Kratika took the cake for her amazing acting today. Can't wait for tomorrow. Off to read everyone else's takes. Big smile

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doratalk Senior Member

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
@angake: Loved your take...Clap I loved this part too (quoting from your analysis):

2) I think yellow suits her the best. How cute was Aarti here. Her face brightens up when Yash says he thinks yellow suits her. I loved every detail of the 30 second scene. The way she looks down and realizes she IS wearing yellow today and then a shy smile that said "Yashji noticed", was absolutely breathtaking. I want to now go back and check on all the caps of Aarti in yellow and the way Yash looks at her. But the CVs! I love how they connect such tiny details. Didn't one of the earlier montages have Aarti in yellow sari with Yash looking on?

Did you notice the tiny detail where after she realizes she is wearing yellow, she drapes her yellow dupatta across her chest (it was previously hanging to one side)?? Loved that touch from the director!

@Samana: As always- I am absolutely floored by your analysis!! I am huge fan of your writing!Big smile

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@Samana, loved your take...
If I again analyze this Aman character, his entry couldn't be anymore perfect. At this point both Yash and Aarti character are scarred upto certain extent. Aarti forever pleading and Yash forever stubborn, they both were portrayed alot different. Aarti was carefree, confident and sensible and Yash was sensitive, caring and mature. But look at them now...
Today we saw some of those trade of character, when Aarti was like old times but still sensible not to play along with Aman in front of Yash. Yash jealous but still mature and observant (like a  caring guy)...
I will forgive Vidhi if she first come front to say sorry for doubting her, Aarti treat her as big sister and that is all the confidence she has in Aarti..
SP like you said played safe, didn't want to get his hands dirty. I am not gonna make any judgement for future, but he didn;t look too pissed either..
I am not sure I think she was forcing herself on him. I mean she didn't invite him and I don;t think her saying NO to Aman would have stopped him. Just like her saying NO didn;t stop Pratik, Vidhi and Shobhaji..
Loved the symbolism with colors, Aarti obviously didn;t get the clue...
There were few bloopers with math, she is meeting him 10 years when she was in college. She is 27-28, so she met him at 17-18 and could recognize in breath of second...
I am still not convinced it is the night that Yash was refering, else Aarti and Bhanwari should have been able to figure it out well before. I think it is something else, as how can he blame and accuse her for something she has no clue but not giving her a chance to clarify.. Didn't he said, their is trust in their relationship, now how could he forget that hours later...

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