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4/9 Dragon Club : Uss Raat ki Subah Nahin :P

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged

Credit for this brand new gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!

PV show is tagged in this video .. so all plsss comment here Big smile
Today's Episode Analysis
Today's episode was like a breath of fresh air after long time if I ignore the first 5-7 mins and just concentrate on the fun-filled enoc**ter of Aarti-Yash and Aman in Mumbai Tongue .. Flashback was just adorable even though it had its share of loopholes too but still fun and entertaining to watch Big smileBig smile
I loved the overall characterisation of Aman for 3 main reasons ... Embarrassed
Reason 1...Aman first guy to confront Yash and tell him listen to others too Big smile : Aman is the first guy who had the courage to directly confront Yash and tell him that he should learn to listen to others first before jumping to conclusions and Aman was not even scared of Yash's anger like his own family ClapClapClapBig smile...Also when Yash sees Aman and Aarti together , I noticed a certain guilt in Yash's eyes and voice as if he knows somewhere he is at fault too the way he feels so possessive towards Aarti and so he was trying his best to avoid Aarti-Aman but Aman made sure he does not leave Yash till he is ready to listen to him WinkTongue...In short Yash is trying to run away from the whole issue because he is scared that his own feelings for Aarti will come out as well but now Aman wont leave him unless he exposes Yash's feelings in open Big smileBig smile
Reason 2.. Aman first guy to successfully get a reaction out of Yash in favour of Aarti Big smile : From the flashback its clear that Aman's only motive to deliberately flirt with Aarti or to false praise her beauty etc etc is just to get a reaction from Yash because Aman guessed it from their first confrontation itself that Yash is madly in love with Aarti and extremely possessive about her or else Yash will not go to the extent of directly giving him a kick on his face without even trying to find out who is he WinkLOLTongue...There itself Aman guessed it that Aarti's love is not one-sided  ,but even Yash is mad about her but he is in denial Big smile..And thats why Aman starts deliberately flirting with Aarti to get Yash's reaction and he succeeds too because even though Yash was on phone during tea-time , his concentration was just on Aarti Embarrassed ;Yash dint enjoy Aman holding Aarti's hand or praising her pink suit reason why for the first time he says Aarti looks beautiful in yellow and not pink WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...So Aman achieves his mission of making Yash jealous and getting a reaction out of it to prove to Aarti that your husband too is in love with u Big smile...So whoever had tension of negative Aman can just chill since Aman is here to make Yash realise about his love for Aarti EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Reason 3 .. Aman's dialogues r a riot LOLLOL and filled with positivity Big smile...His dialogue of "If Yash is not in love with u , then how can these 3 kids come " was hilarious LOLLOLLOL...Then his other dialogue of "Yash is your deewana " is something we all wanted to hear and I loved the way Aarti blushes after hearing it Embarrassed...and his climax dialogue of "If I knew Aarti is doing remarriage , then I would hv come with varmala all the way from Denmark" takes the cake as it gives the first reality chk to Yash since I can see the fear of loosing Aarti in his eyes when he listens to this dialogue of Aman WinkTongue...Overall Aman's dialogues and Yash's reaction makes the episode a fun ride reason why I loved Aman today StarStarStarStar
Overall Aman is a harmless guy who just wants Yash to accept his love for Aarti and that was his only agenda in Mumbai but mayb Aman never thought his harmless flirting will get such extreme reaction from Yash later Ouch...I think as per precap mayb Aman keeps some bet with Yash that whoever wins tennis match will take Aarti for dinner and then mayb Aman wins it and he takes Aarti to dinner ... Then they both get stuck up in rain .. rest is history Ouch...lets see ..mystry still continues Confused

Just Jealousy is certainly not the reason of Yash's anger .. Its only a part of it Smile
Just jealousy is certainly not the reason of Yash's anger since Aarti herself made it clear to Vidhi today  that its her mistake to go out with Aman that night and then come back at 3am about which she never told Yash Ouch .. so definitely something else happened because of which Yash is feeling cheated and his frustration is because all these days Aarti never bothered to give him any explanation about the night Ouch ../On the other hand Aarti feels Yash does not know about this night outing and mayb only today she found out from Vidhi that Yash knows it all Confused...But the question is why will Aarti go out with Aman at night without informing Yash ?? ...So like I said mystry still continues LOL
Now the jealousy part is only adding up to Yash's otherwise grown frustration of that one particular night about which today all r asking the same question to Aarti that why did u hide it from Yash .. Only Aarti can tell the reason why if Bua and company lets her speak... LOL

Yash is still in initial phase of love ...It will take time for him to actually realise he is in love and only then he will b able to put his complete trust on Aarti Embarrassed

Love really has no definition .. every person sees love in a different way .. u just cannot define love .. for some love is all about respect and understanding and trust which r abstract form of love .. for some love is more physical ... for some love is all about emotions in which possessiveness ,jealousy ,insecurity all these come ... So I believe there r various phases of love ... Embarrassed

What Yash feels for Aarti is the initial phase .. the realisation of mayb he is falling for someone .. jealousy , possessiveness , insecurity ..all these r part of that initial phase which we see in Mumbai flashback and even now Tongue ..
Once he realiss and accepts he is in love after the whole mystry is out , then the phase of understanding , trust , respect , mutual communication all that comes which I m sure Yash will develop towards Aarti once he starts accepting that he has feeling for Aarti  which is the next phase  ..Embarrassed
And last once he confesses to his partner that he love her , finally we might see their consummation which  is the final stage of feeling complete in love Embarrassed ..
So Yash is still in that initial phase which can b even called as fatal attraction where your feelings r always extreme .. from here the journey of love starts Smile
I hope in the end Aarti walks out after giving the explanation and let for once Yash run behind Aarti AngryTongue
I feel CVs purposely showed Aman running behind Yash which means Aman will explain it all to Yash in alone and at the same time Aarti will give explanation to entire family about the night mystry so that once all explanation is over and Aarti is further accused about her character , Yash can come to her rescue in the end Big smile...
This is where I want Aarti to say  "Enough is enough .. everytime Yaah ji will doubt my character and I will b accused .. so its better I actually walk out of this marriage if thats what Yash and all wants because I m no Sita who will give agni pariksha of my character...Yes I admit I made a mistake by hiding the night truth from Yash .. but did Yash ever questioned me about it like a proper husband ?? Did he even give me a chance to put an explanation ?? He just made a public mockery of our marriage without even bothering to find out the reason .. I m not saying I m right .. yes I mayb wrong .. but was Yash right in concluding the worst about me when he claims he trusts me ?? " Smile...After saying this Aarti should walk out and Yash should go behind her to stop her and bring her back in the house with full honour and respect Approve...
Only reason I want Aarti to say the above is because CVs hv repeatedly shown Aarti's humiliation in the show ..Today even Vidhi pounces on her with accusations and Pankaj blasts her in front of all  Ouch...Thats why I want Aarti to hv her say in the end and just give it back to everyone in Scindia mansion just how she gave it back to Bua today Big smile
Yash will have respect and trust on Aarti only if Aarti gets the courage to give a reality check to Yash and make him realise that he is no God to always take decisions in their marriage .. this time she will take a decision Big smile
Lots of Loopholes in the episode .. CVs u listening ?? Angry
Firstly from where did Aman arrive in Aarti's beach house ?? I mean how he knows Aarti is on vacation in Mumbai in that beach house if they r meeting after 10 yrs ?? Confused...I hope CVs give some proper intro of Aman regarding how he found out about Aarti in Mumbai .. etc etc .. he must hv spotted her in Mumbai which is possible .. a proper intro would hv made it look logical at least Smile
Secondly How come kids r gone with servants while Aarti and Yash r alone standing somewhere when they came to Mumbai to spent time with kids ?? Confused..Again if they had met Aman in Pub ,things would hv looked more believable I feel Smile
Thirdly does Aman know about Aarti's past marriage or not is still a bit confusing Confused
Overall Aman is a interesting character but his entry leaves lots of question marks Ouch
Overall it was a good episode with lots of fun-filled flashback moments which I enjoyed watching after all the emotional atyaachar in last few days Smile

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Lovely Banner. @Maham

Apt title.

Now I'm reminded of the song Chup Tum Raho


Sorry my take is going to be short. I hope no one throws anything at me after reading this.

So at one point in Mumbai Arti gave back Yash's phone. I thought they had an agreement that he would not use the phone at any time during the Mumbai trip.

Pankaj's attack on Arti with words was blocked by Aman.

Aman was stopped from defending Arti by Yash and inturn Yash's anger was blocked by

Vidhi was trying to forge a path towards Arti but her progress was hindered by the confrontation between Yash and Aman.

Arti got side tracked by Vidhi's questioning. And right about when she was getting to the good stuff she got blocked by the King , The queen and the horse!

Arti is like the pawn who has to maneuver all through the maze of this chess game to convince the queen that she wants a chance at being up to standard in the queens eyes.

Arti got blocked by Bua yet again when she was getting to the good stuff and right about that point the episode airing time ran out.

Everybody seemed to be up in arms running around like headless chicken. The moral of the story is the longer you take time to explain something the harder it becomes to explain the truth.

I'm going to do some non linear thinking for awhile now.

what happens to the children if this marriage does not work in the end?

Would Yash find another spouse to marry and make a connection with?

What's the worst that could happen to Arti? Who will be the worst hit?

In my opinion Arti has little to lose and little to prove. Why should she prove anything to this family but her innate goodness is making her do all this kowtowing to the whims of the Scindia Pariwar.

The question still holds are they doing right by the children according to them!

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res for  Yash turning to Hulk Evil Smile

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Thanks a lot jyoti...nice title!!  Subha hogi sham hogi Lekin uss raat ka raaz batanehi LOL

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reposting my analysis from yesterday's episode. for those who haven't read it =D

My Take  =D

So Finally I saw the episode, after having such an exhausting day. Plus I am not well either...so here I am being forced to take complete bed rest...I've been sleeping the entire day, so I think I have gaied enough energy to stay here for tonight...and chat with you all unless my brain decides to just shut down. *sigh*

Anyways enough me...starting with the episode.

Vidhi and Pankaj, haha the trio used to drink secretly? ROFL cute...it happens a lot, I've done it meself. Haha...but I truly felt bad for pankaj when vidhi completely refused to stitch his button on the shirt because she had a lot of stuff to do. Like c'mon it's just a button she has to stitch not the whole shirt. I guess pankaj such dry behavior towards vidhi is truly justifying.

Yash missing his kids, was a nice scene too...thank god he remembers his kids still LOL but I was wondering how come there aren't any photos of ansh in that room yet? I think it's high time they put up a photo of his as well...they are siblings after all and the trio share that room. And everyone has accepted ansh as the son of the house too, so I am hoping we'll have ansh's photos soon too. Infact I am thinking if we can get a scene where yash puts up fotos oh his and aarti's in their room and ansh's in the kids' room...when everything is okay of course. That will be a cute scene to watch as well.

Coming to that camera, how on earth did that camera get in the kids room? and that too that had fotos oh aarti and aman only? Confused that really doesn't work for me...and bhawari, how on earth did she remember all of a sudden that this was the reason for yash's beahviour and that aarti ji didn't do this right with him Confused I tried to make out the words bhawari was saying but I couldn't really guess what her exact words were. But whatever it is, so far I feel that aarti returning home at 3 am in the morning on that rainy night is being exaggerated. And I'll have that feeling until I actually watch the flashback scene of aarti and aman.

Aman is a big time flirt, we all know...but he shares a strong bonding with aarti which was pretty clear in the episode and those photos that were shown. And thank god for aman who was able to notice that yash is in love with aarti LOL both aarti and yash are just simply tubelight to understand each other's feelings or shall I say both just ignoring that fact that they love each other. Aarti's flirty behavior, yash blushing whenever aarti flirts was clear indication that yash likes it...Aarti sounded a bit surprised when aman said that yash is in love with her and any husband would be possessive towards their wife and will feel bad if they saw their wife roam around with another man especially when they are good looking. Aman actually makes me laugh...haha and I really laughed when aman address yash as "Sadu" ROFL so I am sure yash was pretty much dry towards aman, coz he obviously didn't like the fact that aarti was simply too much involved in the activities with aman.  So I won't be too surprised why yash refused to go out with aman and aarti LOL but I am sure that yash is pretty much angry about this that aarti has become so involved with aman and enjoying his company that she forgot that back at home yash was waiting for her. Perhaps we may see yash trying to call aarti but couldn't get through due to the rainy weather. And we may see yash waiting for aarti for dinner, and he was just very much concerned about her. Anyone will be pissed off about that. I know I will...

Haha bhua saw the two in the car...and cas just didn't believe him. Now that was hilarious, and I agreed with cas that due to her such behavior she never got any happiness in life. Wow bhua comparing aarti with sita ma. What a comparison...so even somewhere she agrees that yash and aarti are like ram sita ROFL

Coming to the scene where the trio siblings have a time of their own. Pankaj and prateik drinking,  though yash didn't touch it at first. But when pankaj said that he has to drink as aarti has given him dhoka too. Yash gulped that whole glass down in one go...and yes he broke a glass so we know yash is still pretty much angry ROFL coz I was wondering why he didn't break anything for the pjast few episodes. He didn't break anything either when he saw flashbacks of aarti and was quite shocked about it...LOL so yep, we know yash is normal still. Hahahah!

With the precap vidhi seems so angry about it at aarti...but did she not once think that why would yash ji be jealous about it? A person is jealous when they have feelings for that person. So didn't vidhi think about this? That omg...yash ji angry because aarti got late? And I am surprised that vidhi passed on a judgement without even having a discussion with aarti about it. So we know everyone will blame aarti here too and wouldn't even bother talking to her about it at all...anyways, with the way today's episode ended I am hoping we'll come to know today and yash won't run away this time ROFL but I am just thinking why does yash keep getting that rain flashback that happened in Bhopal? Seems like they still haven't shot that rainy night scene yet, so we'll just have to wait for that *sigh*

All over it was a filler episode, so I am looking forward to watching tonight's episode, coz I have to update it and I hope we really get that truth out today coz we've waited really long enough now!

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This will be my last live DC with you guys. School starts tomorrow!

Live Stream: http://1tvlive.in/zee-tv/

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Apt Title!!!!!!!

I feel that this uss raat thing is related to both Diary and Lakhan!!!!!OK I ma going to edit my prediction of that day...if I'll be able to...Jyo their was hardly any A/R in the june month but still i'll look for it.

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