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A OneShot a Day: A SwaRon Collection (Page 25)

Ananya.SwaRon Goldie

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 9:11am | IP Logged

Sawyer_Tom IF-Dazzler

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No introductions for this one. I'm extremely mortified that I couldn't respond to each one of you personally. Thanks a billion tonnes guys. I appreciate it very much. Blushing

And all those people who have reserved kindly oblige me by un-reserving those posts. It slightly annoying to see those reserved posts. (Yes Shalini. That was chiefly directed at you.) Stern Smile

One more thing. This is possibly the last OS of this marathon thanks to my incapability of finishing the remaining two OSs. Ouch

If you could see me now

He looked at his watch and gave another irritated sigh.

When was that bloody bus going to come? He thought, frustrated.

He had been waiting in this stinking bus stop for the past 21 minutes and there was no sign of the bus. And that bus was supposed to arrive 30 minutes earlier.

Just his luck that his stupid car had decided to break down today, miles away from his office, when he had an important meeting that was about to start in 20 minutes.

And thanks to this mercilessly heavy rain, he had no network on his cell phone and he was drenched to the bone.

Could this day get any worse? He thought.

As if on cue, he saw a middle aged woman, staring at him conspicuously, from the other end of the bus stop.

Great! Now he was being checked out by a woman who was old enough to be his mother!

He glanced sideways only to see that woman smiling creepily at him. He quickly averted his gaze and prayed to all the new Gods and the old for his bus to come quickly.

As if the Gods finally decided to put an end to his misery, the bus arrived just then, squirting a cloud of polluted smoke in its wake. He quickly got onto the bus along with a dozen other people. He saw the lady get on the bus behind him and he quickly sat next down on the first single empty seat that he could find. He saw a disappointed look on the woman's face as she found herself a seat somewhere in the rear end of the bus. He heaved a sigh of relief and adjusted comfortably in his seat as the bus began to move.

The journey had commenced.

He looked to his right to see a girl occupying the window seat next to him.

That is when that familiar, hateful feeling crept inside him. A nauseating sensation overtook him, making him instantly giddy. His head spun in imaginary circles and unconsciously he clutched at the first thing that his hand could make contact with, which was something soft and soothing.

He took in swift, short breaths to stop his stomach from doing wayward flips. It helped, but only a little. He could still feel his ears ringing.

He so hated motion sickness!

He had to divert his mind. The more he kept thinking about it, the more it threatened to revolt.

As the thought from his unconscious mind entered his conscious part, he realized that he was still holding that something 'soft and soothing' in his hand. Glancing sideways he saw that he was holding that girl's hand. Oddly enough, he hadn't heard her protest.

He quickly withdrew his hand and looked up to rest his eyes on the girl.

Fair, unblemished complexion with slanting, smooth cheekbones and firm, plush lips ' she was a warm beauty. She was dressed in a body-hugging, light grey sweater over a pair of blue faded jeans with a black scarf wrapped around her neck. Her glistening hair played with the wind blowing in from the window giving her a breezy look.  He couldn't see her eyes though, as they were hidden behind a pair of brownish-black shades. Somehow, he badly wanted to see her eyes.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled.

"It's alright." She replied, her lips curving effortlessly in one of the most endearing smile that he had ever seen. The skin at her cheeks dug in, showcasing two well formed dimples, accentuating her beauty in the best way possible. His eagerness to see her eyes increased. He imagined what she would look like without those shades. Already a certain tenderness towards her had made a cosy place in his heart. And he had only just met her.

He ran a hand through his still wet hair, making them stand at weird, comic angles. But she didn't laugh at him.

"That's a nice novel you're reading there." He said, pointing to the open book she held in her hand. He had already forgotten about that dreary, squeamish feeling he had in the pit of his stomach.

"That's good to know." She said, shutting the book and placing it on her lap.

"Do you travel by bus a lot?" he asked, not willingly to let this conversation die.

"Yes." She replied, with that same genial smile that made his insides warm. "Bus folk are the friendliest lot."

"I'm sure they are." He said, glancing uneasily at the woman who was still staring at him from behind. He quickly turned his attention back to the fair companion sitting beside him.

"They are very helpful and kind and selfless people." She continued, her smile growing.

He nodded.

"Do you travel by bus a lot?" she asked.

"No, not a lot." He said. "I get motion sickness."

"Ahh. That's unfortunate. Travelling by bus is quite an adventure. The hustle, the bustle, the noises ' and the best part is meeting new people. Strangers with whom you exchange a friendly conversation, for a moment forgetting the fact that they are strangers, that you don't know them, that your world is different from theirs." She said passionately.

"I'm sorry." She apologized. "Am I boring you?"

"No, you're not." He replied firmly. In fact, he had been listening to her, mesmerized, hanging on to her every word. There was something about her that compelled him to listen to her intently. She spoke with such jest and passion that it was contagious. He could feel his mind and his heart getting lighter with every moment that he spend with her.

"I'm Sharon, by the way." She said.

"I'm Swayam." He said.

"What made you get on a bus today?" she asked, curiously.

"My car broke down." He explained. "And since it's raining, I couldn't find an empty rickshaw or a taxi."

She nodded, sympathetically.

"Where are you headed?" he asked her.

"Wherever it leads me." She said, chuckling enigmatically.

He frowned in confusion.

"You're awfully free spirited for a girl your age." He said and instantly bit his tongue at his unabashed behaviour.

But she didn't seem to mind. Instead she smiled and said-

"If I wasn't I would probably be a lonely old wench with only seventeen cats for company."

"Why would you say that? For a beautiful girl like you I'm sure you wouldn't find yourself short of human company even if you were a selfish little shrew." He said boisterously and then immediately smacked himself mentally.

What was wrong with him? He had only just met her and he was showering compliments on her so generously. Not only that. He had gone ahead and almost called her a selfish little shrew. He ought to be hanged for that! He thought.

Her smile turned rueful.

"Nobody likes a blind, selfish little shrew no matter how beautiful she is." She said, removing her shades.

It was one of those painful moments of life, when a horrible realization suddenly dawns on you and you fervently wish that you were lying in some ditch, dead and unobtrusive. As his eyes met hers, all the longing in them turned to an astonishing amount of pain.

They were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. They shown with an opalescent grey colour with almost invisible flecks of golden-green embedded in them. But they were as opaque as slabs of concrete. They were dead.

He felt instantly ashamed of himself. He didn't know why but he did. Maybe he shouldn't have been so forward with her. But somewhere in the deepest depths of his heart, he felt a sharp, stinging pain at her predicament. He had no idea what it was like to be blind. But he knew that if someone came and told him that he would never be able to see for the rest of his life, he would have gone mad. And yet here she was, handling it so bravely. He felt a sudden rush of admiration for her. A good soul like her didn't deserve this.

"I'm...sorry. I didn't realize..." he trailed off, unable to look at her anymore, out of shame.

She smiled.

"I'll take that as a compliment." She said. "Sometimes the people who see are blinder than the people who can't."

He jerked his head upwards to look at her and for an eternal moment he looked past everything ' her beauty, her eyes and her clothes. For one moment, he just glimpsed at her unmarred, pure soul from where her heart-warming smile came from. For one moment he stared at her in awe.

"You're beautiful." He said, this time not complimenting her looks but her pure heart.

As if understanding the meaning behind those words, she blushed.

He wanted to ask her about it, about how it had happened. But he refrained.

The bus suddenly lurched at that moment and his hands reflexively sought hers to prevent her from hitting the seat in front of her.

"Thanks." She smiled.

He nodded and then realized that she couldn't see that so he mumbled-

"You're welcome," sheepishly, unaware that he was still holding her hands.

"Do you mind if I feel your face? I would like to remember it." she said, unhesitatingly.

"Yeah...sure..." he stuttered, taken aback.

She moved her hands along his, fumbling her way to his face. When she finally reached it, she began to feel every inch of his face. She swept her fingers over his closed eyelids, brushing the tips against his eyelashes.

"What colour are your eyes?" she asked, curiously.


"Like the chocolate?" she asked.

"Yes, but how would you know...?" he started.

"I wasn't always blind." She said, smiling. "I know what brown looks like."

He once again felt ill at ease.

Meanwhile, her fingers moved down and lightly tapped his nose.

"You have a funny nose." She said, joyfully. "I like it."

He felt his ears turning red.

Her hands caressed his cheeks next, her fingers moulding against the hardness of his jaw. And then without a second thought, she delicately pressed her fingers against his lips.

He froze.

"Would you mind smiling a bit?" she asked, sheepishly.

Without thinking twice, he turned the corners of his lips into a brave attempt at a smile. He almost managed too, as his teeth peeked a little through his lips and two deep, damning trenches appeared on his cheeks. She poked his dimples and smiled.

"You have a beautiful smile." She said.

They sat like that for what seemed like all eternity but in reality was only a minute and a half, when the bus halted to a stop.

"That's my stop there." She said, gathering her belongings into her back pack.

"How do you know?" he asked, incredulous.

"Years of experience, Swayam." She said.

He felt oddly elated at her mention of his name.

She took her wooden stick, which had been leaning against the backseat and stood up. He stood up as well, to make way for her.

"That's quite an unusual stick." He observed.

"Well I'm not your typical blind girl. I prefer this stick to any other." She said.

He shuffled out of his seat and stood in the aisle, waiting for her to move out.

She managed to scramble out of her seat without much difficulty and stood in the aisle, facing him.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Swayam." She said, holding out her hand.

"It was nice meeting you too." He said, lamely, clasping her hand in his.

He reluctantly let her hand go, after he had prolonged the handshake as much as he could.

"Do you want me to help you out of the bus?" he asked, as she turned to leave.

"No," she smiled. "I'll manage."

With that, she fumbled her way towards the exit while he stood there looking at her. Before she got off the bus, she turned for the last time and said-

"I hope we meet again."

She smiled briefly and was gone.

 "I hope so too." He whispered to himself.

He fell back on his seat and sighed.


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marauder IF-Sizzlerz

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And you did it again. You have never failed once in surprising us and this time it was the biggest one of all. I have never expected by the way this OS began that it would take such a dramatic turn in middle. I was smiling and laughing by the way Swayam was describing his stalker and then the way in which he was goofing up. But then like a sudden break to the bus which they were travelling we were presented with a harsh truth of life - i.e Life is not a bed of roses. All the dialogues hence after was just beautifully penned. Each emotion which Swayam felt was equally felt by me. Simply great.

I just loved the way you have presented the character of Sharon in this update. She really was an inspiration. Awesome job done in this OS. Loved it. One of the most hearrt touching one I ever read.

P.S - Aur rahi remaining two OS's ki baat. To take ur time. I'm sure no one would complain if you gave them an update 4-5 days later.

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lyfisbeautiful Goldie

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First.. let me bask in the glory of hvning my name mentioned at the beginning of this beautiful one shot!!Cool..  ignoring the context as per my convenience!!Approve
Saved the best for the last.. u just made sure no one nags u fr the remaining OSs!! specially those who hd md up thr minds to do so..Ermm

The idea of the marathon was a surprise but the surprise element didn't end there.. it resurfaced in every OS and in this one it was at its effective best.. It wasn't the kind of surprise that mks u squeal in excitement but it tugs at ur heart like no other.. what swayam felt was true fr all of us..
It was one of those painful moments of life, when a horrible realization suddenly dawns on you and you fervently wish that you were lying in some ditch, dead and unobtrusive. As his eyes met hers, all the longing in them turned to an astonishing amount of pain.

From here onward this turned into a richer experience with every word..

He jerked his head upwards to look at her and for an eternal moment he looked past everything ' her beauty, her eyes and her clothes. For one moment, he just glimpsed at her unmarred, pure soul from where her heart-warming smile came from. For one moment he stared at her in awe. 
U had me speechless.. once n for all.. 

And then it was sharon's turn to do so with her earnest request to feel his face.. the way she does that was brilliantly written.. It was definitely my favourite part. I am amazed at how u made us go through such contrasting emotional experiences with this segment and the one in foreplay.. Though that was different n it would be blasphemous to draw a comparison, i wud like to say that the diversity n innovation one can see in ur work is truly amazing..!
(And to think that u doubt those at times makes me wanna strangle you!Stern Smile)

While most of this was touching and inspiring this had its light heartd moments too!
Loved the beginning. We'l nvr know wat goes on in the few grey cells they hv but a middle aged woman checking them out sure mks it to the unpleasant category in there!! Swayam's reaction to it was totally understandableLOL 
He quickly averted his gaze and prayed to all the new Gods and the old for his bus to come quickly.

Special mention to the perfect ending.. It ended on a wonderful note.. thank you so much for not mkin him help her to her destination..! 

P.S. I love u despite the fact that u used my usual font colour in ur innovative experiments with them n i hd to go thru the trble f choosing another one!

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Snowey IF-Rockerz

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Just in time to res my post. But this one may take time.

Ok i am reading this after roommates and i have to say i loved this one the most.
I liked how you could make us feel so many emotions just with this one OS. The start of the OS had be smiling with the ease the plot started. Swayam reaction on being stuck and later getting himself a stacker reminded me something we spoke in the CC few days before. But with a smooth transaction my mind drifted to other emotions. The second time Swayam could feel her beauty but the beauty of her soul - beautifully done. Just out of the world. I liked the Character sketch you gave Sharon the mot in this one she is not sulking of what life did to her but braving it and enjoying it to the fullest.
You know as a writer myself i sometimes think how important it is to give a message anytime you can with ur may sound preachy but thats exactly how i feel about it and you did manage to do just that. Life may not give you the best, but to make best of it is a art by itself and once u try working on it, life is beautiful. 
Thanks for this amazing OS dear. 

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swa-ron Goldie

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LamheChurake IF-Sizzlerz

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This is a BAAP thread. Cant wait to start reading. Saweeerrrayyy I love you so FRIGGING much its not even funny <3

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Sawyer_Tom IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SwaRon911

This is a BAAP thread. Cant wait to start reading. Saweeerrrayyy I love you so FRIGGING much its not even funny <3

I can only imagine how much you love me by the boldness (literally) of this text. Embarrassed Hug

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