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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut, September 04th, 2012 (Page 3)

amimus Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 1:25pm | IP Logged

I loved today's episode especially the filmy punches by Arnav to Shyam .

The hug was so calming and soothing to Arnav , he knows Khushi will always be there for him , she is his strength . She once again tells him that he needs to go near DI and support her. He is not responsible for things going wrong and she tells him confidently that he can handle the situation she is there with him Hamesha. Arnav finally agrees and goes in to meet Anjali. Well on the other Side we have entry of Shyam Manohar Jha in the hospital .


The scumbag has the audacity to blame ANjali for losing the baby , makes her feel guilty . He behaves delusional like her and keeps on insisting he want his Rajkumaari . Dadi comforts him . Shyam once again has proved how wicked he is and can go to any extent . SHYAM at his manipulative best knows the right place to target, he is instigating Anjali for the premature death of the baby and this makes her more sick as she is already weak after the incident. I wonder how can a person kill his own baby , can a person be so cruel and wicked as Shyam .


The day Anji gets to know the truth , that will be the end of Shyam Manohar Jha .


Finally the twain meet, Arnav and Shyam . Arnav- Khushi are shocked seeing him there , one look and Anjali and Arnav drags him by his collar once again out of the room. Dadi looks on with a terrified look and follows him. I was not expecting Shyam to say Sorry but he surprises me always. Trying to get in good books of his Saale Saheb so that he can gain his entry back in Shantivan. Arnav is in no mood to listen to him and slaps him right away and is about to punch him when Dadi intervenes. Why does Dadi not question Arnav and try to find out the his side of the story , she is just listening to one side of the story and has made her opinion. But Shyam further angers Arnav and this time he gets punched by Arnav , only Khushi is able to stop him and get through his fury . It has always been her who has bought sanity back into Arnav when he loses control .Its to been seen how far can Khushi control him once the actual truth of Anjali incident is out. Will she be able to forgive SHyam once she gets to know about her Babuji , I feel not she alongwith Anjali will punish Shyam .


Arnav brain has hopefully started working as he sees the interaction between SHYAM and Dadi , does he suspect something fishy well let's hope he pursues it. Arnav has decided and takes Anji home in spite of DOC instructing otherwise. Once at home he instructs all to not talk about bringing Shyam back to his home.


I loved that its Khushi whom he calls for taking his DI up , she is right beside him when Arnav informs the family about Shyam . What does the future hold for this couple only time will tell. But they deserve to be together and be happy and I am sure they will fight as one against the enemy Shyam and their past .


So IPK fans do not forget to tune in from mon – Fri 8 PM only on SP for suspense, drama , romance , comedy and lots of interesting twist .


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BeautyForAshes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 1:46pm | IP Logged

kaisi padi maar 
 toh aaya mazaa

for me this was one of the most satisfying episodes of IPK till date .. i dont know was more exhilarated seeing the slap & boxing session with Shyam .. than the I love you dammit .. simply coz .. it left me to wonder .. Arnav does not know yet that Shyam is the cause of this devastation .. so when he comes to know .. what will he do then .. ( bolo bolo tellz tells) ---- a step above murder ..below death LOL!!!

never have i been happier to see such a much hated character on screen ... Kudos Mr. Abhaas MehtaClap


The person who shud be getting the comfort is actually the one dishing out the comfort ..  Ouch poor Anji ... ignorance incarnate LOLWink

Shyam confessing his LOVE for Anjali . in front of Arnav & Khushi .. superb dude superb .. true devil incarnate AngryClap

Fantastic !!!! always loved the way u write !!! Simply Rocking !!!ClapClapStar

luv n Hug

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twisted_beenz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by saaruipk

Post cannot be quoted.
amazing saru... laughed all the way through... kya bole yaara... too tooo tooo good

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twisted_beenz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ArabellaPearl


As Winey said "its a simple story" !!!

no decoding  needed !!! ... no complications!!! ... nothing deep to analyse!!! coz they have Created IPK in a such a way that a normal/ordinary Person shud happily watch,understand n enjoy the  18-20 mins shown without any  stress !!!  .. take it as it comes ur way lovlies .. we are not trained writers or executers as they are !!! they know much better than us is what we need to accept in the first place !! lets just enjoy IPK ... all we need to do is point out our likes n dislikes... after all its a beautiful journey of two lovely souls !!! ...  


Do you (Arnav) take (Khushi) to be your lawful wedded wife? I do. --HE DID ALREADY!!!

Will you love, respect and honor her throughout your years together? I WILL. PROMISED HIM!!! And WE KNOW HE WILL!!!


(Bride repeats the same vows.) --- GOES THE SAME WITH HER TOO!!!


Do you promise to love and cherish her - OMG they ABSOLUTELY DO!!! After the kidnapping track ... they realized that they cannot live/breathe without each other! They are in love and they are going keep us aaawwiinggg n oooiiinnggg!!!! So much to look out for... as for the love n cherishing part...we will never be satisfied with whatever is shown!!! At least am not: P ... I want them to keep loving n keep cherishing each other!!! ... i know am crazy ... crazy to such an extent that i want a "happily Ever After" and NOT a "happy Ending" !!!


In sickness and in health,-- YES HE DOES!!! time after time ... even when he hated her he couldn't let things hurt her... he tried holding her hand b4 she fell - the office meet , he protected her from getting hit by the car-the rain scene .. He rushed to the site that was under construction when he learnt that khushi had not returned home!!! He made sure she was aright b4 he left the gupta's house, he took hold of her again when she was abt to faint in the mandir, soo many to mention... U guys know it better..

(Bride repeats the same vows.)

Khushi on the other hand helped him out when she came to know abt his diabetes... She fed him with her favorite jalebis :) ... she took care of his health when his voice crashed ... she spent a sleepless night taking care of him when he got he collapsed for the second time!!! ---- N yeah they were n Still be together in sickness n health!!!


For richer for poorer - this is the best i do in the case of ARSHI!!! The great ASR always had problems with the "aukaat" ... and now... He helped buaji with the ration money when he stayed there... when he learnt that the gupta's couldn't pay the rent... he simply jumped in to save their skin!!! "the Aukaat" thingy which ASR was running after b4 he met khushi has no longer got to anything to do with the Arnav now ... He had come a long way since then...

(Bride repeats the same vows.)

For khushi the status never mattered... she never loved arnav for money or his riches... they ARE and WILL still be in together for richer n poorer!!!


for better for worse - soo much to pen down if I start with this ...lemme do with some of the situations here ... At present ... In the case of Arnav he gave khushi a solid proof when he stood by her side for the first time -during shyam's confrontation... " khushi meri patni " -- she was overjoyed by this mere words n needed nothing much ... she surrendered realizing his love for her the first time ever ... when dadi refused to let in khushi , he made a point to hold on to her n  made sure that he will not enter where his wife is not allowed to !!! Once again when dadi complained of khushi for seeing the pictures of their past... Arnav entered the scene with a bang on statement... That she has all the rights n can do whatever she wants in the RM...

(Bride repeats the same vows.)

Khushi promised him that everything wud be alrite even b4 he shared his past with her!! ... The "Aaja piya"wali night if u remember... she stated clearly that she just wants him to be happy n cannot see him sad... she also said that he need not explain what is bothering him !!.. She made sure to make him understand that she will stand by his side no matter what!!! ... N today she made a promise to him again that she will be by his side for the better n for the worse!!!


 And forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her, for so long as you both shall live?  THEY DO...

Anji had forced arnav soo many times to wear the pajamas but he never did... He agreed when khushi made plans in making him wear... forsaking all the others u see... by which I do not mean that he cared less for his di ... it's just that now khushi has become his life's centre !!!  Over to the Engagement day - Arnav's eyes shifts from his di to khushi completely ... what else is needed huh?? 

(Bride repeats the same vows.)

We clearly saw how khushi defended Arnav when buaji misunderstood the reason behind him marrying khushi!!! ... She defended him the second time when there came a discussion abt him not being ready to tie the raksha dhaga!!...


 Do you mutually promise in the presence of your friends and family that you will at all times and in all circumstances, conduct yourselves toward one another as becomes Husband and Wife?  THEY DID n WE WITNESSED!!!



(ARNAV)do you pledge to love (KHUSHI) and throughout your years together to be honest, faithful, and kind to her. Do you pledge to give to her the same happiness she gives to you, to react to her as only you can, and to respect her for whom she is, not who you want her to be?  THEY DO!!!

ARNAV: PHONE CONVO!!! When he said dadiji was going to visit the Guptas to khushi over the phone ... he sounded a bit loud ... later understood her situation n lowered his voice saying that everything wud go on just fine as he is coming along!!! That just said it all about the kindness. The happiness he wanted to give her... "I LOVE U JUST THE WAY U R KHUSHI" -- Declaration!! Proof that he respects for what she is!!! Another vow done!!!

(Bride repeats the same vows.)

KHUSHI: PHONE CONVO!!! Again when she invited him for a date she ordered him with rights to come over ... she hangs the phone ... later calls him n asks him sweetly whether its k for him to come!!! How sweet n how caring!!!

"HUM AAPKO BADAL NA NAHI CHAHTE" --- Declaration!! Proof that she respects n loves him for what he is!!!


The Vows Fulfilled!!!




With all my heart I take you to be my wife. I will love you through the good and the bad, through the joy and the sorrow. I will try to be understanding, and to trust in you completely. I will make you a part of me and in turn, become a part of you. Together we will face all of life's experiences and share one another's dreams and goals. We will be equal partners in an open, honest relationship throughout the years.

(KHUSHI repeats the same vows.)




"With this ring I thee wed."  ---- MARRIED ALREADY!!!

"With this ring I pledge my love."---- IN LOVE ALREADY!!!

"With this ring I pledge my commitment."COMMITTED TO EACH OTHER ALREADY!!


And now Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure of presenting to you Mr. and Mrs. ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA, Husband and Wife!!!"






AUDIENCE POLL :Embarrassed

Originally posted by UltimateBarun

SP u  can play an extra advertisement and make the break a little longer ...I'd prefer that rather than watching the 1 minute unnecessary  obvious (suspense) entry from different angles with a spooky  background music...Its like you are trying to show Gabbar's entry when we already know that its Kaalia walking in,,, btw he was hilarious when he cried,,,,,I couldn't control my laughter!!!!

Originally posted by akshuta06

really aabhas deserves award coz currntly he is one best villan on tv

Originally posted by Sumuki

I think the bad luck of TRPs in the show is because of the absence of mamaji and laxshmiji... please bring them back!

Originally posted by reema.gcpatra

I liked today's episode. I hope Arnav will soon find out conspiracy of Dadi and shayam. 
Show is better now- I wish someone could slap dadi too anyways ASR gave her enough through his words.Love Husband -wife understanding , Shayam Anjali should learn from Arnav khushi that love is to support each other not just worship each other

SORRY DEARIES ...  just one PICTURE TODAY Embarrassed!!!

thank Y'all !!!!!

luv n Hug

Humo do (like thi spost) Nandkishore...  Too good.. The audience poll is the best.. Thank you bella

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IllGetOverIpk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by amarb

Originally posted by saaruipk

Post cannot be quoted.
amazing saru... laughed all the way through... kya bole yaara... too tooo tooo good
thank u sooo much beenz!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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twisted_beenz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Fazila~

Post cannot be quoted.
The mission is not yet accomplished... snake is not yet in

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IllGetOverIpk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
great post ruby!!!! loved it!!!!
so happy u wrote!!! simply superbClapClapClapClap

paayalia ek dum mast yaar!!!! loved the pics n the the diff 20/20 (blanket nai hai sachchai haiWinkWink)ClapClapStar

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Srilathalolla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
yes today I loved the episode.I loved the way arnav used Shyam as his Punching bag heheheheh.

Good analysis 

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