Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut, September 04th, 2012

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Love, Emotion, Drama, Thrill, Hate, Anger, Disgust, Care, Concern,, the whole mix was served to us in IPK Land...20-20 today, takes you on an emotional roller coaster...let the fun begin...

1. Pain

Of a brother, who has been unable to prevent the devastation in his Di's life...
Of a son, who had been a witness to his parents marital disintegration 14 years ago & even then had been unable to halt the tragedy that followed...

2. Courage

Of a girl, who is trying to assimilate the pain of her beloved into herself...
Of a wife, who is trying to be strong, so that her husband can become the strength to his family...

3. Love

That is blessed by the Divine Powers...
That has stood the test of time...

4. Grief

Of a mother, who has lost her only hope...
Of a woman, whose last link to her husband has been cruelly snatched away...

5. Cruelty

Thy name is Shyam Manohar Jha...
for killing his unborn baby without a seconds thought, for his personal gain...
for having no morals at all...what he wants, he tries to get it, no matter what...

6. Surprise
At the audacity of the man, to come to the hospital, when he'd been humiliated & thrown out of the house...
At his show of concern & forgiveness when they are all aware how meaningless & false it all is...

7. Anger

Of a brother, whose Di's love & trust was betrayed by this man in the worst possible manner...
Of a husband, who has not forgotten the trials of his wife, because of this man...

8. Trust

Of a grand mother...
in the goodness of the wrong man...
in her own actions, against her grandson's words...

9. Pride

Of Shyam Manohar Jha...
who admits that killing his unborn child was the successful completion of his 1st step towards his plan to re enter RM...
who thrives on the challenge thrown down by his saaley sahab...

10. Caution

Of a brother, for his Di's welfare, against the cunning of Shyam...
Of a grandson, who has finally caught on to the fact, that his dadi & Shyam's are on one side...

11. Patience

Shown by Arnav towards dadi, even when he found out her true motives in coming to RM...
Shown by Khushi towards dadi, even when dadi kept insisting that damad ji needs to be brought home, even after Arnav's repeated refusal to do so... 

12. Togetherness

Of the Singh Raizaada family...
who is dealing with the shock of Anjali loosing her child, together...
who as one have become the protective shield around Anjali...

13. Wonder

By the family members, seeing a still weak Anjali home so soon from the hospital...

14. Indignation

Shown by dadi towards Arnav...
because he refuses to listen to her regarding Shyam...
& is stuck on his decisions irrespective of her wishes...

15. Disgust

Shown by nani towards dadi, for not acknowledging the sensitivity of the situation & still harping on to her agenda of bringing Shyam home...

16. Pity

Felt by Shyam for dadi, because she isn't even aware of being manipulated by him...
Felt my mami ji for dadi, because dadi isn't aware of the truth & is angering ASR with her blunders regarding Shyam...

17. Fear

Of his Di's safety & her health has driven Arnav to bring her home with a nurse & all the medical equipment...

18. Envy

Shown by dadi towards Khushi...because Khushi has a hold on Arnav that dadi can't break nor can she understand...

19. Respect

That Arnav has for the values that his nani has taught him, because of which he's still tolerating dadi...

20. Hope

That Arnav & Khushi have...that together they can right any wrong...
That the family has...that their love & support would be enough to pull Anjali out of this latest shock...



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                kaisi padi maar 
                toh aaya mazaa
               bhool gaye pyaar 
                toh aaya mazaa


welcome to yet another edition of DC .. whoa whoa whoa .. what an episode .. Slap pe slap box pe box .. box pe box .. & then again .. box pe box .. what more cud a "khoon ke pyaasi" audience want .. for me this was one of the most satisfying episodes of IPK till date .. i dont know was more exhilarated seeing the slap & boxing session with Shyam .. than the I love you dammit .. simply coz .. it left me to wonder .. Arnav does not know yet that Shyam is the cause of this devastation .. so when he comes to know .. what will he do then .. ( bolo bolo tellz tells)


Guys .. tonite mood is buoyant .. the villain got his comeuppance .. this blood thirsty phangurl was happy & estatic .. but before i start writing on the episode it wud be completely remiss of me .. not to mention .. why this episode rose to the brilliance it did .

Kudos Mr. Abhaas Mehta .. to say u were simply outstanding .. would be an understatement .. at the end of the villain .. i was like .. WHAT A VILLAIN ..  thats how powerful ur performance was tonite .. never have i been happier to see such a much hated character on screen ... 
The whole scene with Anjali was mind blowing .. there were points .. when one really abhorred the very sight of u .. the sinister smile .. on the murder of ur own child .. the anger first at Anjali . the cry ..which looked so fake .. was so bang on .. it was .. amazing .. i can go on & on .. i can detail all the nuances .. & expressions .. but then this post will be about u only abhaas .. so let me end this here by saying .. DUDE u ROCKED iT once AGAIN .. 

Kudos to Mr. Arshad Khan .. boss kya bolun tumhe .. what restrictions .. & meagre resources .. what limitations of performance .. & u delivered a master piece .. not only yesterday but today as well .. fantastic .. u highlighted the perfect angles to bring out the scene .. the camera work was superb tonite .. 
But .. psst psst . dude u really come to the party when Abhaas is on screen .. kya raaz hai .. ?? I have always believed u excel in action thats ur clique & time & time again u highlight ur excellence there .


So guys are we ready .. tonite .. i will do pause release of some sections of the episode .. & then rest .. believe me the pic & video will be worth a thousand words .. so grab ur remote & lets .. start play .. 

                  OM SHREE GANESHAI NAMAH 



The episode started where we left off yesterday Arnav & Khushi .. in an embrace .. with Ganeshji .. in the backdrop ..blessing them in the battle of the RIGHT that they have ahead of themselves .. 
Khushi .. the woman who feels pain deeper than anyone .. who feels the pain of others sometimes far deeper than they feel .. tonite .. when she sees her LOVE .. her heart  -- Arnav .. .. shattered .. standing infront of her defeated .. she moves & comforts him . who knows & understands the loss Arnav was feeling better than "Khushi".. the woman whose life has been a quagmire of pain & loss 

Now for why this scene was a master piece .. it was a full circle of the man arnav singh raizada .. he had travelled the distance .. tonite .. Khushi .. tells him .. u did not LOOSE .. but .. U CUDNT have STOPPED WHAT HAPPENED .. neither what happened with ur parents .. nor what happened to Di .. U CUDNT STOP IT .. COZ U R NOT GOD ... THIS WAS THEIR DESTINY .. 

WAKE UP CALL ARNAV BITWA ..  u dont write destinies .. u dont make destinies 

Lets rewind a bit .. lets go back to when it all started .. around the begining of arnav khushi meeting .. when arnav met her in the dargah .. arnav had told her .. he not only makes his own destiny but the destiny of all around him .. 
First Instance ..  .. Arnav tried to raise himself over GOD .. that too in the house of GOD .. 
Second Instance ... engagement in the mandir .. Arnav tells khushi .. he makes his own destiny .. & to never forget the same .. another instance .. he placed himself above the almighty .. that too in the home of GOD .. 

Tonite .. Mr .Raizada .. rude awakening .. both these tall claims .. tonite were shattered .. & once again .. in front of GOD .. 
Both these statements were made to Khushi .. she tried to tell him then to that he was wrong .. but tonite finally she has gotten through to him ...

Finally the "parineeta" the "ardhangani " walked up & held her husbands hand ... (whether society believes this relation to be legal .. or no .. but these two are more married than most married couples) .. & lends him the strength .. she tells him .. go ahead .. ur sister today needs u most .. dont run away .. u cant run away from this .. she tells him she will be his strength .. she will be his support .. she tells him i will walk this path with you .. she tells him she will face the problem with him by his side .. 

TONITE .. KHUSHI WAS ONCE AGAIN PARINEETA .. tonite she fullfilled the "vachans" the sacred vows which bind a marriage .. tonite .. she fulfilled the promise of the mangal sutra & sindoor that adorn her neck & forehead ... TONITE .. KHUSHI was PARINEETA 

The man .. the husband .. takes strength & the brother rises .. & walks towards his devotion .. with his love right by his side .. giving him strength all through the way 




 The greatest trick the devil ever played was to make people believe he does not exist ... 

I have often quoted this for Shyam .. yes a devil .. yes a man .. who not for a moment .. hesitated when he performed the heinous act of murdering his unborn child .. a man .. who not for a moment hesitated to come to his shattered wife .. & extend condolence on THEIR loss .. a true DEVIL INCARNATE .. 

This scene was a truly brilliant touch .. not only from the way it was written .. but more so .. by Abhaas's brilliant performance .. it elevated the scene .. to greater heights .. 

In my alma mater .. redux where i used to post prior to DC have often indulged in discussions on shyam .. the popular belief there was that Shyam was a stupid villain .. have always maintained that Shyam was a cunning villain .. just by virtue of being villain .. he needs to loose in the end .. but he does devastate & rock while loosing .. 

Shyam the cunning one .. tonite .. shyam's cunning was truly out in the open tonite the ruthless .. self centered man was truly shining out of his eyes .. 
Shyam the cunning one .. cunning one .. he walks into the hospital room .. & starts screaming at Anjali .. you could'nt take care of our baby .. ?? he allegates her . telling her i had left our child in ur care .. & u cudnt take care of her .. superb shyam superb .. there the guilt is completely activated .. anjali who would've asked the question to herself a million times already ..why me .. how could i have stopped this .. or where did i go wrong .. was plunged directly into the zone of guilt .. he pronounces her GUILTY of MURDER of their CHILD .. ( ironical aint it ) 

Shyam the cunning one .. cunning one .. now that he has twisted the dagger .. he retreats & goes for the second bingo .. he breaks down .. he looks for sympathy .. he hugs .. anjali .. asking her to bring back .. his Rajkumari to him .. twisting the dagger deeper as he goes .. a devastated Anjali .. hugs & tries to  comfort him .. The person who shud be getting the comfort is actually the one dishing out the comfort .. ( ironical aint it ) 

Shyam the cunning one .. cunning one .. now for the piece de resistance . the ultimate .. punch line dialogue .. shyam tells Anjali ..if i was with you .. this would not have happened .. ( dude u forgot .. u were with her) .. he says .. very categorically .. i had come to shantivan on GB .. to meet with you & spend time .. i came to give the gift of payal for our baby .. but alas cudnt stay .. had to leave in a hurry .. whoa whoa whoa . superb shyam superb .. now conveniently the lawyer .. has covered his tracks .. he makes sure it is without doubt proven he was not in Shantivan when this incident happened .. simple move .. coz if he was there .. he was the only one in a position to help save Anjali .. & he dint .. ( no one knows he also planned this manoeuvre) so if any doubts in future were to be raised .. or if anjali ever thot back to the time .. she wud not be able to connect the dots ...
Then he delivers the line for which he did this whole devastation .. i shud've been with u .. read it as .. i shud've been in SHANTIVAN .. .. yes bingo .. please he is out with it .. dont worry ..for both Dadi & Anjali .. message received loud & clear .. 
Instead of saying .. i shud've taken u away .. & kept u safe .. dude says ..i shud've stayed with you ..  .. ( ironical aint it )

Anjali then suddenly becomes weak & starts to cough .. & Shyam moves to call the doctor .. 



As Shyam was walking out of the room .. Arnav walks in with Khushi in tow ... stops stunned ...  is about to pounce on Shyam when Khushi .. his Parineeta stops him .. & brings his focus on Di .. Arnav glances at Di .. sees her eyes are closing .. & he quickly .. pulls Shyam by his collar .. & drags him out of the room .. to be followed by Khushi & dadi .

Seriously guys .. i can give u a word by word account .. of the above scene . but then thot .. chalo .. do v need the words .. or are v finally in the moment .. which we have craved for since the true face of Shyam came out .. during the last teej festivals please enjoy the above clip .. of the "SLAP & BOX GATE "  ..( if any one of u wants any explanations .. on any particular portion of this scene .. lemme know . will edit & put it in ..Big smile )

Ok quick one .. my impressions of this scene . once i came out of the stupor of seeing a bloodied villain .. were .. 
Arnav reacted very strongly to the word .. "father of the child" thats when his dam burst .. he let himself go .. did he by any chance for a moment again flash back to his moms dead body in front of him .
Arnav is determined that shyam has no place in his Di's life .. he reacts even more strongly when shyam says he will take his Di away .. ( note shyam doesnt say he will come & stay at shantivan) once again arnav relives his moms tragic end .. he will never allow his Di to be so vulnerable ... & weak ... as to end her life .. cause of Shyam's indiscretions .. 
Arnav shows real muscle power .. to shyam when he has the audacity to stand & say he will not leave Anjali alone .. message sent to shyam .. if u dont go away .. when i tell you to .. i will once again beat u & humiliate & throw u out of her life .. 
Arnav .. in the midst of all this anger .. regained & recouped his senses to suddenly see the amazing rapport & comfort that Dadi shared with Shyam .. a Khushi needed an introduction but a Shyam already knew Dadi .. a dadi who was in hibernation .. for a good 14 years .. the wheels of thot are put firmly in motion .. now one can hope .. bitwa makes some move .. & finally starts connecting the dots .. connecting the electrician . the loose wire .. the man he bumped into while dancing  .. the camera equipment ... the loose wire which gave Anjali the final shock .. all that ..& come to the right conclusion .. 
Shyam .. superb ... when he walks away .. he says .. dadi u will not be able to get me in .. i will get myself into Shantivan .. back in my position .. beside my ranisahiba ... this ..abortion ( miscarriage) was my first step into Shantivan .. 
BUT  i also laughed aloud on the most ironical dialogue of the day .. Shyam confessing his LOVE for Anjali . in front of Arnav & Khushi .. superb dude superb .. true devil incarnate 


Guys aaj ke liye itna hi ... i am going to end here tonite .. i loved the episode to bits .. loved the blood bath .. loved the poignant moments between the leads .. specially when Arnav once again calls to Khushi to help him with Anjali .. loved the bond of matrimony which is strengthening .. love the whole family of raizada's & how they rally around each other .. loved the way .. Akash .. stops his mom from nagging Arnav infront of Di .. knowing that his Bhai will come out with the answers at the rite moment .. so much .. to enjoy in this episode .. so i am off for a second watch . u can to .. right here on DC .. the episode link is right below .. 





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[NOCOPY]  Nafrat Ka Punchnaama
                      Dishum Dishum!
       [ek dum paisaa vasoolWink]
  aaj kush toh bahut hogey na tum?? hai??

DC is turning into such a responsibility, i tell you!!! what to do i am the only responsible one here .. everybody else is in la la land today... they might only analyze in portions but dont worry guys.. main hoon na.. your friendly neighborhood deep thinking analyzier..
i ll take you through this epic episode!!


Episode starts with the hug where we left it
yesterday (reluctantly)

ok so they hug... n then emotional talk which i am def not in the state of mind to cover... any hug = rabba vey for me.. well..
 on second thoughts i kinda remember him saying he is a failure n she telling him that he is not.. n he should be with sayani di at this time of need!!! asr agrees n they walk back to the best suite in DN Clinic.. after all a tycoon's sister.. they can afford it right??Wink

Shyamji's evil shoes walk towards the vip suite... with jungle music in the background! (i was fond of daiyya hoCry)
anji babe's face lights up when she sees her dear shyamji.. he blames her for the lossShocked.. she says sorry..Dead he forgives herClap.. n blames himself (listen to him rani sahiba he is saying the truth!!) Angry

more fake tears from shyamji.CryCry.. n dadi about to cry too..Dead
anjali babe starts to cough..Ouch n Gen. stopwa stands in attention!!! shyamji takes initiative to call the doc!!ClapClapClap

arnavji n koosie are walking towards the VIP suits. i thought the ganesh murthi was just outside anji babes room in the hallway!!
Confused (silly me .. they just went for a walk to clear arnavji's head)

salley sahab n jeejaji  get into an intese eye lock!!! face to face!!ShockedShocked


anji babe dozes off
conveniently !!!Sleepy(she finds all this lame n boring)Sleepy
chottey's parra high!!! Angrygrabs him by the collar.. n takes him out!!!! dadi n koosie follow suit!!! (arrey what happened to the doctor?? did someone call him?? Ouch)

shyamji acting innocent!!!Smile ( phan gurl alert!!- shyamji run away.. slither away.. fast!!! ASR is in no mood to listen to ya!!!Heart )
thappad!! Broken Heart
Broken HeartBroken HeartBroken Heart

but shyamji doesnt give up...
(shyamji abhi bhi time hai nikal lo..come again another day
Broken HeartBroken HeartBroken Heart)
talks about rajkumari.. blah blah blah...asr wants to punch his face ..stopped by... stopwaLOLLOLLOL

(final warning for MR shyam manohar jha nikal lo patli gali sey!!!) instead of listening to me.. shyamji decides to give a treat to the fandom n talks more emotional stuff about rajkumari n rani sahiba!!
   Broken HeartBroken HeartdishumBroken HeartBroken HeartdishumBroken HeartBroken HeartdishumBroken HeartBroken HeartdishumBroken HeartBroken Heart

finally pet bhar gaya n he decides to go home n take rest for now...
Broken Heart

stopwa scolds arnie boy!!! he figures out the connection!!
arnavji decides to get sayani di home.. so that no snake can slither in!! dadi protests!!ClapClap
(i agree with stopwa that she is better off in DN clinic.. it has better security than ashantivan!!)

they reach home... di in her patent yellow waali saree which she wears if something goes wrong!! (btw who got her that saree??? nevermindConfused)
di is in a wheelchair..(i know she should ve been brought on a stretcher but DN Clinic is running short on those.. n wow!! a new nursetoo !!Embarrassed.. what about the buck teeth oneEmbarrassed?? ahhh..never mind!!)

cr- chowna

some more empty talk... everyone is shocked etc etc..blah blah blah..Dead
arnavji n koosie take di inside her room.. which is suddenly on the ground floor???

( then why did she go to her room on the 1st floor on friday?? just to fall?? ashantivan confuses me big time!!)
n who cleaned the glass pieces on the floor?? HP?? i knew he was involved somehow!!!
he is the one who is as responsible  as my shyamji!!!                  
before i end my post i would like to leave ya guys with some  points to ponder...

1. anjali di has landed on a wheelchair today... the same place where shashi babuwa is ... is it a hidden loop closing ??
2.payalia is missing all the action?? where is she ? is there some kind of an agenda or a msg that the cvs are trying to convey to us?
3. did nani drink the milk? or is she still bhookey pet? i think there is a lot of potential in this plot if executed well by the cvs..
4. where is hari prakash??? is he absconding after cleaning up the glass pieces??

ps.- pm me if u find the answers.. the best answer will receive a gift hamper from ruby and payal!!!Clap

thats it guys!!! a great end to a great episode!!!
 fir milenygay..tmrw  same time same place...

                        LOL nazar na lagey mere ipk ko!! LOL




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Thank you Ruby for keeping my space everyday, have been very busy lately... so would like to take a break from the question hour segment for sometime... thank you all for attempting those silly ones... and giving such cute replies... 

Sana and Payal... you both rock !!!!

Punch of the day...

Tally Ho !

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***GirlOfFire's (Madhu) post***

Character is destiny.
- Herac***us, Greek philosopher (c. 540-c. 475 B.C.)

Character is the relatively fixed traits of an individual. It is that which leads to that person's destiny, and not the happenings in life. (This is what Herac***us meant)

Existentialism is the belief that each person defines their future by their decided actions: that the future has not yet been written. (I write my own Destiny - Arnav Singh Raizada)

Fatalism is the belief that the outcome of all events is preordained, and therefore, unalterable. (Nothing happens without Devi Mayya's wish - Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada)

I wanted to write about yesterday's and today's episode together, because yesterday, it was incomplete - and today the scene completed - and how!

Arnav Singh Raizada sat in the hospital prayer room and had a moment of epiphany. A revelation of his own frailty as a human being. A revelation of his inability to control the destiny of those he loved. A revelation that no matter what he does or how he does it, Fate walks in and changes what he wants to do. For an existentialist - which is what Arnav is - this is a bitter pill to swallow.

But is that the truth?

He wants to believe that he could have stopped what happened 'that night'. But he had no choice as his mother took her destiny in her hands, and killed herself. He had no choice as his father killed himself too. He had no choice, when his uncle threw them out of the house. A teenage boy - he could have done nothing. His mother's character did not give him the choice, just like his father and his uncle. So Arnav's character changed. He needed to control what happened to him and those he loved. Until Fate dropped Khushi into his arms. It was the case of an immovable object meeting an irresistible force. The more he tried to control her - because he had to, it was his character to do so, the more out of control his attraction grew. Until finally, he acknowledged it to himself. Here is where Character plays its role in his destiny. Once he acknowledged it, there was no going back on it. Arnav's character was such that what when he committed to a course of action, he gave his 100% to it. He committed to love and gave it his 100%. He still needed to control his environment, but he now understood Khushi's character, so that there was no conflict between his character and his destiny. She became his destiny. His character - his need for her - drove his decision for the remarriage. He finally trusted her enough to reveal his vulnerabilities, his inner fears, and secrets to her. Because he knew she would never abuse this knowledge. His character is shaped by her strength, her support and her wisdom. He chooses to follow her advice to go talk to his sister. 

 As he sees Shyam he is thrown off-guard, and he is unable to control his anger. Not matter what Shyam says, he is unmoved. He knows what Shyam is, and when he utters the trigger word 'father', he loses control and slaps him. His eyes are bleak and cold as his Grandmother takes Shyam's side. Shyam knows Arnav's character flaw - his uncontrollable anger, and goads him by acting like the grieving father. He punches him again and again, and then throws out a challenge. 'You'll never enter My house as long as I live.' Arnav thrives on challenge. This is his character. And he might have just written his immediate future with that challenge. 

But what about his Di? He wanted to give her the best - keep her happy and he committed to it as well. What happened there? Why was he unable to do what he knew she needed to keep her safe and happy? Because, Arnav has had only half an epiphany - your character shapes your own destiny, and that applies to everyone. He can shape his own. But he cannot shape everyone's. Including his Di's. Although he is once again trying to do so by taking her home with him. 

Khushi believes that everything is preordained. Nothing happens without the blessing of Devi Mayya. Khushi is a fatalist. But isn't it Khushi's character that shaped her destiny in the form of Arnav Singh Raizada? 

Khushi's do-good character brought her to Arnav's door and his arms. It was her character that attracted Arnav to her. She did not grow up with issues, because fate had dealt her a cruel blow in that her parents died in a crash. She accepted that this was her destiny. However, it did shape her character. She wanted to please everyone, keep everyone happy. With the wisdom of a fatalist she knows that she has no control over some things in her life - especially not Arnav Singh Raizada. She accepted the fact that Devi Mayya has chosen him for her. She always asks for guidance when she is troubled. Yet, did she ask for Shyam to be obsessed with her? No. Did she ask for Arnav to be in love with her? No. She accepted each of those, much as she accepted each hurt that Arnav subjected her to. However, when need be, she can fight back, and she can stoop, for her love. And when she finally finds love, she like Arnav, gives it her 100%, because like him, she is committed 100% to her love. She is doing everything according to her character, and each step she takes and each decision she makes is of her own free will - her own character. Devi Mayya gives her the strength to bear her burdens, never testing her more than she could bear. And she comes through with flying colors - because this is her character.

Today she stands beside her husband as his guide, his confidante, his best friend. She holds his hand, and leads him to the right decisions when he is grief-stricken. She restrains him from striking Shyam because she knows her husband's one big flaw. But like her husband, she is also determined that together, they will help heal their Di. Khushi has not had a big epiphany. She only has small ones, because she will take everything that Devi Mayya will give her, good, bad and ugly. This is her character, and it will shape what comes next for her. 

Anjali like Khushi, is a fatalist. A belief in God that everything will be handled by Devi Mayya. Today she lies in a hospital bed - why? Is is because God wanted her there? Or her own character that determined her destiny in the shape of Shyam? Did Anjali truly deserve to lose her baby?

Anjali went through as much or more trauma than Arnav did. Yet her character was such that she depended on a much younger child to help her through it. It is her character which brought Shyam Manohar Jha into her world. Her insecurities made her his target. Her need to be loved was fed by a man who had no problems in doing so - because she was only a means to an end. Her need to have him with her made her lie to her brother. In her need to be happy at any cost, she chose to disbelieve her brother. This is her character. Her selfish desire for happiness for herself is the need that Shyam fed. He could not have led her down a path of self-destruction, if she did not want to go there. Her Gods did not make her take the risks she took with the baby. It was the choices she took that led her to losing the baby. Did she deserve to lose the baby? Of course not. But it was her character or lack therof that caused this terrible disaster.

Shyam Manohar Jha like Arnav believes in writing his own destiny. He is a parasite that lived off his brother-in-law and his wife before his destiny in the shape of Arnav Singh Raizada threw him out of the house. But Shyam believes in his own character and the destiny he has chosen for himself. He will be inside Shantivan - before taking whatever action he wants to take against Arnav and Khushi. 

Shyam is a sociopath - and as such does not make any distinction between right and wrong. He follows the path that leads him to his goals, his obsession with Khushi, his greed for money, his need to have all that Arnav Singh Raizada has. Even if fate - in the shape of Shashi Gupta or Arnav Singh Raizada become obstacles in his path, he will remove it (or at least try to) - ruthlessly and mercilessly. His first real success is the murder of his own baby. And he rejoices in it. This is his character.

He plays the grieved and aggrieved father to Anjali and Dadi. He knows what they want to see and he gives it to them. They lap it up. But when he tries the same with Arnav, he fails. Arnav And Khushi are not impressed with his drama. They know his character and his love for twisting the truth And here fate deals him a little blow - Dadi says He loves Anjali a lot - in front of the two people who he knows would never, ever believe that sentence. He cowers for a moment and takes the blows that Arnav gives him. Then he makes another mistake. His big ego forgets that he is not supposed to even know Dadi. He puts his hand on her shoulder - a familiar gesture that neither Arnav nor Khushi mistakes. And as he walks away, he takes up Arnav's challenge. His character has brought him half-way to his destination. He will go back to Shantivan. This is the Destiny he has written for himself. Will fate be on his side once more?

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Jeet Jayenge Hum..Jeet Jayenge Hum...
Tu Agar Sang Hai !!
Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nayi Jung Hai !!
Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nayi Jung Hai !!

Enjoy this lovely Song...I think its suits today  -

Jeet Jayenge Hum, Jeet Jayenge Hum
Tu Agar Sang Hai...
Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nayi Jung Hai..
Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nayi Jung Hai..
Tune Hi Sajaaye Hai Mere Hothon Pe Ye Geet

Teri Preet Se Mere Jeevan Me Bikhra Sangeet..

Mera Sab Kuch Teri Den Hai.. Mere Mann Ke Meet!!

Main Hu Ek Tasveer.. Tu Mere Roop Rang Hai !!
Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nayi Jung Hai..

Hausla Na Chhod... Kar Saamnaa Jahaan Ka

Badal Raha Hai Dekh Rang Aasmaan Ka

 Ye Shikast Ka Nahi.. Ye Fateh Ka Rang Hai!!

Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nayi Jung Hai..
Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nayi Jung Hai..

Roz Kaha Dhoondenge Yeh Suraj Chaand Sitaaron Ko..

Aag Laga Kar.. Hum Roshan Kar Lenge Andhiyaaron Ko!
 Ghum Nahi Jab Talak Dil Me Yeh Umang Hai..

Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nayi Jung Hai

Pics Credit - FB

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Waiting for the Cut!

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 and there we saw two souls connected , she pacified him n he opened all his wonds  infront of her , shared all his fellings all the things he might have not shared with  his di too , he told her ! she calmed him with a sooth hug and told him he is a winner !

 (one of the best scenes in ipkk  SaRun par excellence !)

in the room the devil strikes again , abhaas was very nice performance wise and he left no stone unturned to make me hate shaym and abuse him right left n centre ! those red eyes and the way he cried to raj kumari was HILARIOUSSS almost every one laughed  on tht atleast in my house !

 anjali the brainless woman once again came in his  trap , this heartless man   tried hard to make anjali's condition worse ...Angry

i dont knw who should be said is more evil dadi or shaym ! how can dadi be this stupid ? damad jee damad jee damad jee  surely this  one aunty dosnt have any respect or shame !

 arnav who was entering the room with lots of hesitation and khushi's support  was shcoked to see snake in the room ! pulling him by the collar he took him out in a corridoor and took his class !

 shaym tried to show he is innocent but aranv made sure he wont come near to anjali , khushi thru out stood there as the biggest support of arnav while dadi cried damad jee damad jee damad jee ..

 damad jee left all happ leaving saley sahab  more pissed but it seemed aranv  slightly suspected dadi's intentions . he marched to di's room and ordered for a discharge against dr's wish , dadi who kept saing u r ziddy  u r this u r tht he cared two hoots for all tht and did wht he had to bring anjali home 

at home every one is shocked to see anajli  on a wheel chair along with khushi n arnav . arnav made clear and sure tht khushi comes with him to the room Thumbs Up! they made  anjali lay on her bed and came out ! arnav made a clear announcement hittin to dadi tht NO ONE WILL TRY TO BRING  SNAKE  BACK HERE NO 1.

loved the episode barun sanaya  were out standing !ClapClap

 my only cocern here is tht it might be khushi who would give in for anjali's tears and req arnav to get snake Angryy ?this will be really silly on her part !

 and one more things why r writers glorifying a murderer?Angry

 trps out 2.8 on 10th with out a promo is Good but sp why no promos bhai ? y dis kolaveri di ?

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