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Humse Hai Life
Humse Hai Life

~!! Humse Hai Liife : 1 year Celebration !!~

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Once upon a time...
                                                         Ke thode aas passTongue
In a land far far away...
                                                       Yahi Dehradun meLOL...



He ek School...
Star StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
The students of which school are the creme of the society! Rich, show offs...a bit spoilt may be... The school whose students go to Paris, Venice, Australia for casual holidays!!Shocked

And in such a school arrives Sia Dhillon, a girl with high morals, from a middle class family of Adarsh Colony, who dreams to make it big in boxing one day! Star


And thus began Sia's journey...her life!Big smile
But...wait a second...doesn't Sia's life seem a bit dull and way too simple??!!!Ermm

Well then throw in some Arjun's cuteness Embarrassedand Saloni's tantrums!Wink

A bit of Princi's weird waysConfused and Sama's bubblyness...LOL
some of Coach's attitude Ouchand Gauti's support, Smile
add Pooja's dramasTongue and mix it with Wadda and Nikka's pranks..LOL
.a pinch of Vishal's evilnessAngry and a whole lot of Raghav's charms...Embarrassed
And just like Gurmeet's will get a perfect fun filled masti vara life i.e.
Humse Hai Liife!


Humse Hai Life


Oh Freak!! ShockedI forgot to mention why am I talking about these stuffs all of a sudden!!
 Because dear is 5th September 2012 ...apna mind ko thodasa rewind karo aur yaad year back on this day our favourite show started!Big smile

And so this is the time for celebration of the 1st anniversary of

Humse Hai Liife!



So in Wadda Nikka's terms...

Star"lets go live!"Star



Feel the height

Live like a champ yaaron

Shine so bright

Suraj par jayein yaaron

Chalte samunder hai hum

Dil ke sikandar he hum

Oh oh oh

Be the bird

Fly like a kite yaaron

Show the world

Humse hai life Yaaron

Oh oh oh

Humse hai life Yaaron!!





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Gauti: Ek minute ek minute!!!
Arjun: Kya hua?
Gauti: Yaha hum sab ko lekar celebration ho raha he! Par kisine to humare bareme jana hi nahi!!
Arjun: Hmmm...Ok...koi problem nahi...janle te he!

Sia Dhillon
Sia Dhillon ( Abigail Jain), a 17 year old girl who dreams of becoming a boxer; while most of the teenage girls dream of a future filled with glitz and glam.

She was 11 when her father, National Level boxer Sandeep Dhillon, began to teach her boxing. But after a year, her parents died in a car accident,Sia and her 9 year-old brother, Gautam Dhillon (Gauti), moved to their uncle's house in Aadarsh Colony. In the next 5 years, Sia lived through poverty and her life became hard...but she never lost sight of her one and only dream of becoming boxer. After passing the entrance test at the up-market Elite School with flying colours, Sia soon realizes that this is only the beginning of her long road to success.


Raghav Oberoi

If there was a PHD for pranks, it would certainly go to Raghav (Himansh Kohli). Normally, each story has a different hero, but in Elite school, Raghav is the hero for every story. Smart, rich and funny, if you catch his eye, he will always be around, whether you like it or not. His best friend and roommate is Arjun who is more than a brother to him as he feels that his family doesn't show affection and care towards him. He is a prankster and plays loads of pranks on Sia which upsets her but later on they become good friends and he even helps Sia when she is trapped in difficult situations...and gradually falls in love with her.


Arjun Thakur 
Arjun ( Yuvraj Thakur) is Raghav's best buddy and in most ways a complete opposite of him. He is the Head Boy of Elite School. Unlike any of the other rich kids, he does not find worth in power or money. Very idealistic about life, he expects the same from others. It is this characteristic that makes him impractical sometimes as he looks at people in complete black or white. For him the greys don't exist. He is Sia's best friend too. He loves Sia and tells it to his best buddy, Raaghav who helps him to confess this to Sia. But later Arjun realises that Raaghav loves Sia and acts as the cupid!!!
Coach KV
Coach karanveer( Ankur Nayyar) is one of the respected and most feared teachers of Elite school. His tough looks makes everybody shiver in their place and even principal shenoy fears his anger. Raghav calls him Bulldog and he is the angry young man of Elite. After seeing a newspaper clipping of a girl punching her principal coach decided to meet her. She was Sia Dhillon. He asked her to appear for Elite's scholarship test during which he saw a spark in her and selected her to be a part of school. Somehow Coach is connected to Sia's dead father and this is the reason he is more concerned for sia and look that she is not distracted from her goal. Coach karanveer is a strong character that is dedicated to his job but a little reserved while talking to people around him.

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Mamaji: kya kar rahe he ?

Rangeela: Elite ka A , B , C, D dekh raha hoon

Mamaji: Kya?? woh kya he??

Rangeela: Baijo!!! Mame...nahi pata? to dekhliyo!!

A for Amber - Aakash in action



Wadda and Nikka bro as they are popularly known are the perfect 'chelas' to their Cool Dudeswar Raghav Bro and also Juno Paji! They can be funny and they can be a critic too...but whatever they is always hilarious!

 Chuku chuku chuku...LOL 
B for boxing!
There is hardly any show that deals on this particular sport and that too focusing on the dream and journey of a female boxer! Be it the training sessions of Sia with Coach KV or those heated up bouts between Raghav and Sia...or the victorious match of Adarsh Colony...Boxing is shown in a glorious way in HHL!
 C for Cute
Thats the adjective perfect for Arjun-Sia bond!!!
What started as a friendship...turned into likeness for Arjun.Smile
To Sia ...Arjun is the perfect person...her mentor...her guardian...her best friend...her complain boxLOL...someone so special that noone can take his place in her life.Embarrassed
Arjun: Sia ek din tumhe wo tumhara bohot khayal rakhega
Sia: Tum ho na Elite me...mere kheyal rakhne ke liye...
Arent they sweet??EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
D for dances!!
HHL and Elite means fun, masti and celebrations...
Date night par Kuch toh Hua he...
Valentines Day me Kabhi phool dena
how can we forget those awesome song sequences and the dance along with it!!!??


F for Friends Forever


HHL celebrates friendship in all possible ways!!! The best of them being Ragahv and Arjun's friendship!!

Every morning Juno has to wake raghav up with "Raghav Uth!!"Smile
But like any friendship...MUs get created here too...and it ends with drama!!
Sholay Drama!!Wink
Raghav : kud jaunga!
Arjun: Go ahead and jump!!
 ( cause no one has ever got killed by jumping from 2 ft height!)LOL

What's HHL without the friends!

Because we all know dosto se hai life!!!Big smile


H...ummm...baad me...Wink
I for IDC
I DONT CARE!!!WinkWink
Raghav style!!!

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Mamaji: ab yeh kya he?
Rangeela: Arey mame...sirf A, B, C, D par ke rukega kya?? age to aur bhi fun hay!!
K for Kool  Kat Klub

Once upon a time...there used be a awesome posh, ran by the stylish girl group and leaded by tantrum queen Saloni!!LOL

Well now this club is history! LOL

M for Marpit!!
Juno looked hot when he punched Vishaal on his face!! Could have never expected Juno to punch like that!! That was the first show of Attitude by our dashing Headboy!! 
And then again he was again about to repeat the same when Vishhal messed with Sia's exams!
Arjun: Ek aur word sara Vishhal pana yehi nikaal dunga!!Clap
And when Vishaal made Sia leave the was Raghav's turn to show some attitude!!! What a punch!! and that dialogue!
Raghav: Proof hay kya? Nahi he...ja leke aa! Cool
O for OH FREAK!!ShockedShocked
Are yeh bhi nahi jaante??? O se aur kya ho sakta he vala??LOL
P for Push-Pa!!
No need to say anything! Isnt it??Wink
 Just this dialogue...
Raghav: Pushpa...inke nam...hello boloWink

Sia: Pushpa? tumhe kisne kaha?Confused
Ragahv: Waise toh Pushpa type hi dikhte ho!LOL
R for romance

One of them the star boxer of his school...and the other a raw talent...Raghav and Sia! Embarrassed


The awesome story that started as a takkar (Literally) in AC ...took a wrong turn when Sia punched Raghav in front of everyone...the pranks increased...the fights increased...and along with it increased the feelings for each other...Day Dreaming
The Rasia love story is beautifully portrayed in HHL...with many moments and incidents like Dhaba Date... Jungle night... and many more.
Sia: Par Raghav...inme to khusbu a hi nahi rahi he
Raghav: tumne chu dia ne...ab ajaegi!
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
And probably one of the most memorable moment was when Raghav and Sia finally said
HeartI like YouHeart
S for Sun Mere dil ki zubaan

This song gives a whole new dimension to HHL!!


Many shows have their own songs...but I must admit...this is probably the best of all! And when Arjun Thakur sings this with all his feelings and expressions...with Sia in his mind... a whole new level is added to this song!Day DreamingDay Dreaming

 Ab ata he H...finally...LOL...

H for Hotness...Happiness...humor
H for humse hai life
Hot guys and girls!!Wink High lifestyle!! Fun filled life!
When we combine all these we get Humse hai life!!LOL
Raghav ka wink to hum mese half ko heaven pauncha dia he!Silly
Aur jo baki he...wo maar gaye he Arjun ke cuteness par!Day Dreaming
Rest jo zinda he...wo Vishaal. Kabir, Coach ko apne sapne me dekhte hein!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
HHL is not only shows us to dream but teaches us to fight for our dream! Approve
It helps us to smile through hard situations...and to put smile on other's faces...Big smile
It makes us fall in gets us emotional...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
It teaches us the value of friendship and also the meaning of life!Star
And so this is not just a show...
It has become a part of our life...
Or to be precise its our life!!

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Some more siggies from Elitians for this festive mood!!!
 Nikita (mjht_one)



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Wadda: Kuch missing to nahi he Nikke?
Nikka: Ha of course! sab ke messages bhi to janna he!
Wadda: What messages?
Nikka: wo log hum e kitna pasand karte he..infact karte bhi ya nahi??
Wadda: kaun log?
Nikka: Arey...HHL forum ke saare Elitians...aur kaun?
Wadda: OOO...then chalte he aur jante he sabke rai...
Utpol ( AbiAnshUtpol)

~:~ HHL Is One Of The Best Youth Show But For Me It'll Always Be No. 1. Its So Pleasurable To See HHL Completing 1 Successful. I'm So Proud To Be With HHL Since First Day. My Journey Had Been Fair Till 11th June With AbiAnsh. I'm Proud To Be An Elitianz AbiAnshianz. I Love All My Friends Over The Forum ~:~



Masu (Masooma Bukhari)
Humse Hai Liife... a wonderful journey for me and gave me lots of friends who became part of my life who became my family... my Elite Family Embarrassed
Started watching the show for Ankur Nayyar and no single episode had passed when i didn't faint laughing LOL
this show is amaaazzzinnnggg Tongue
i love my HHL, my Elitians, my AbiAnshians and my Anky pie Embarrassed Tongue
love u HHL Hug
Sreelu (sreelu094)
HHL is one of the best show i've ever watched.i love this show very muchHeart.i wasn't a regular viewer from the beginning.i started to watch it in my vacation after the final frankly i started to watch it in april.well i was so much attracted by the show and thought of watching it from the i watched it from beginning till dateTongue.i loved each and every one in the show and SiRa became my favourites.

later it all went bad.HIMANSH left the show and i was so sadCry.after Raghav left elite it was completely hollowOuch.then came Kabir.well i did like him.but the magical touch of the show was left somewhere far behindDisapprove.

i miss my old hhl so in this 1st anniversary of hhl i hope our hhl regain its magical touch and regain its place in millions of heartsHeart

I have realised that people poles apart can be madly in love, a rich brat (not spoilt) & a middle class girl trough their common point of BOXING.


Navna (Kriyansh..Sira)
Humse Hai Liife takes a special place in my heart especially when it is about our RAGHAV and SIA. . .Big smile Hug
Well, I must say..  RAGHAV is Truly a Rockstar. . . WinkHe affected me so much. . . Day Dreamingi just want him to return to HHL on this special day of 5th september. . .Disapprove For me, it was the beginning of my life. . .Smile
and my life is Of corse HUMSE HAI LIIFE Big smile 
This day is one of the special days of my life. . Big smile
I got so addicted to Himansh. . . .(You can say Its Himansh Addiction! LOL LOL) My almirah is full of his Pics. . . LOL
Himansh on My Desktop and Cell Phone wallpaper!!LOL
Himansh in my Dreams. . . Day Dreaming
Everywhere. . .  Himansh Himansh Himansh!!! LOL
No Doubt. .  i am SABSE BADI WALI CRAZY for him!!! LOL
Really miss Himansh. . .  just hope and pray for his Comeback!! Disapprove
Humse hai Liife was, is and will always be Very Special for me because it gave me RaghavSmile

HHL...Humse Hai Life that itself means a lot...and it means much more to me.I never that me who was never that addicted to serials would fall for this show and become this addicted that this show will become my life but it did...i think no one can escape its charm.Thinking the initials days of HHL makes me smile n i'm proud to be an ardent watcher of the show.when i saw its promo i thought it to a random show which will come n go but for me it came but will never go from my heart.this show is so freakin P.E.R.F.E.C.T...the cast,the concept everything about this show is better than the best.Heart
This show today is a very important part of me.i'm in love with this show like crazily.R.A.G.H.A.V <3<3 this guy is such a can't escape his charm how much you try.Himansh was the best choice for raghav...he is a complete package of masti & dhamaal.from the flirty school boy to the caring boyfriend he all the way more A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. <3
Thankyou HHL for making me fall for this guy coz i'm proud of it.Love yaa Himz aka Rags my R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Heart
and so was Abi the best choice for S.I.A.<3 a girl who inspires millions of girls out there to follow their heart and do what they love to and forget about the world around.The character connect well among the teenage girls.Proud of you Abi for doing such a brilliant job.Love ya princess Heart
and not to forget Arjun thakur aka juno isn't the name too sweet Heart initially i liked this guy like hell but later that liking decreased coz of the plot in the story but couldn't help but again fall forhim coz he's such a S.W.E.E.T.H.E.A.R.T. n Yuvi has to be the best choice for this role. Love yaa dude n your new avatar makes me blush.Blushing
Its not only about the leads i'm equally in love with each and every character in the show coz each one has its importance however small there role is.I adore samma a lot and everyone else sally,vish,wadda bro nikka bro,tan,gurmeet and everyone else.Thumbs UpThumbs Up
Varun aka Kabir is also doing a great job...he suits the role well.Thumbs Up
HHL will always remain a memorable experience in my life coz it has given me the most precious gift and that is HHL forum which gave me the best of friends with whom life seems to be full of masti n no worries.I miss those old gold day we spent in the forum.I love each n everyone of youHeartHugHug..Elitians rock all the way.Thumbs UpThumbs Up
Thanks to 4 lions for bringing up the bestest show with the bestest cast and bestest storyline ClapClap


"HHL is a awesome show. i used to watch the show for Sia and Raghav. Specially, Sia's dream and her loving chemistry with raghav is outstanding. they rock hhl together with their rocking chemistry. AbiAnsh are the life of the show."  


Krittika (jane_krittzz... )
Humse Hai Life is one show dat i'll cherish all my life.. Its very frst episode may me go excited as if a child has got a candy and  the reason was The fresh concept of boxing and ofcrse 
Raghav...Day Dreaming 
Later when i saw Sia i was like amazed wid Abi coz she was different from other soap actresses.. when i started watching the show i got hooked to it easily and SiRa became an integral part of my life... I truly loved the show until Rags left.. Though am not watching it now but still its gonna be fresh in my memory forever... Love HHL.. !

Love AbiAnsh Heart
Osina ( gal.angel)
IItz been a 1 year of HHl...Time runs so Fast...lagta tha kal HHL suru hua tha par itz been 1 yearPartyParty
Talking abt iz part of mah life...HHl iz youth oriented show wenver i watch it i feel so happy esp...HHL gives d true meaning of frenship either it iz Raghav-juno,juno-Sia or all elitian gangsEmbarrassed
D character Raghav(Himansh) has given a pure meaning of love...His character juz wanna respect  dat...if der was no HHl den i would not b d part of IF surely never...Frm HHl i got many lovable n caring frenEmbarrassedSo HHL iz one of d bst show Of Tellywood...
Prima (abhiya_pkek)
i don't have much to tell abt HHl as it's an awesome show,a different concept,something really new..a girl boxing! :)


Pia (pia.raha)
About hhl wat to say and wat nt to say,wen it strted i thght it would be jst like othr show which i would like to watch,bt nvr thght it will be a part and parcel of my life!!!! 
i had many crushes over othr male leads,bt nver like i had on raghav...For raghav it was very pure,very simple!!!!! raghav is the 1st male lead whom i dreamt abt ever!!!!!! many actors have left their show or the show has ended.i have felt bad bt it was only for raghav i have prayed daily to god,dat he dsnt leave dis show,it was a daily prayer of mine,even i made prmises dat if raghav doesnt leave the show thn i will mke mny mre cmnts,will partcpate mre,though he left bt in dat phase i gt many frnds like u guys who were also suffrng the same!!!!! 
Sia,her prbs reflcted of ne grl's prbs,smetime our hrt says smethng bt bound wit our respnsiblties v cnt do it,v gt angry smetimes without ne proper reasn,v gt happy bcoz of small reasns,v tlk to ourselves,v gt health conscious!!!!!Wink
raghav and arjun's frndshp,such a strng bond of frndshp i have nver seen in ne show,their frnkness wit each othr,their smiple fights,their bonding,standing up for one anothr,their trust,they were sacfrficng their loves for frndship!!!!! 
the way all the elitians fight wit each othr,their pranks,their enjoyment, their teasing each othr,calling each othr by othr names remnds me of my frnds!!!!!! their reactions are soo real,i can relate to them very easily!!!!!! 
hhl is the only show which is part of my life and u frnds also are a part of dis dream world of hhl!!!!!!!!Smile
Noor (SamaaNoor)
1st of all happy anniversry Hhl.I jst loved da hhl i was so effected by hhl Esp AbiAnsh. I love their jodi. Their jodi was soo magical .hhl was 1st show tht effected me soo much.i love da all cast of hhl. I was so crazy abt da msg 4 Hhl iz plz Raghav ko wapas laho widout him there iz no hhl.


Nikita (mjht_one)
I am so excited and happy that HHL has completed one year...WOHOOO!!! PARTY TIME!!!
i love this show, from the first time i saw the promos i knew this show would be amazing. it has potential and its different. Also its a youth based show which attracted me. I love all the cats and characters, they are all amazing, but my fav as to be juno, he is just adorable. And i think Rasia, Arsia, and Juno-Raghav friendship  was really beautiful in this show. and i also love nikka and wadda bro's commentary, they always crack me up.
cheers to the HHL team...
keep u


Hhl was my 2nd fav show i actually watched

It Redefined the meaning of friendship 4 me

Raghav - juno
chuddy buddy friendship...knowing each other in and out...your weakness, faults, mischieves, evil minds still encouraging and also participating in all the crimes...helping whenever needed...evn if nt needed...lolz
i really adored their friendship

juno - sia
new yet strong...taught me how strange ppal can bcum best of friends...with whom you can share everything...

Raghav - sia
tom and jerry without harrasing one other cannot start his day...all their teasing sessions to helping and caring each other at all times...everything i just loved it...

tanya - wada - nikka sama - gurmeet
one of the best group of friends...know how to bring smile on each other times the partners in crime...standing by your side always...being angry at rite times for others benefit and happy with their sucess

I loved this show and wil always do

Thanx 4 being a part of my life

Jheel (Bhavikakosambia)
HHL is vry vry special for me as 5th sept is not only hhl's 1 yr anniversary but its also my bff's birthday she is vry special to me...
( Hug *love her a lot *) and the same is with hhl ...this is the show were i found my very first crush Embarrassedand even lost it Broken Heart...i m so much attached to this show specially to Rasia and arghav and arsia ...i hope raghav cmz bck as my bff says tht he was the salt of hhl  
Nimmi (nimmi-hhl)

HeartI LOVE HHLHeart

Monkey Winks

Monkey Winks YoyoMonkey Winks YoyoMonkey Winks YoyoMonkey Winks YoyoMonkey Winks Yoyo

Dancing Party Dancing Party Dancing  Party Dancing  Party Dancing  Party Dancing 

Firstly Happy Anniversary All of you for the 1 year of completion of our favourite show Humse Hai Liife

Monkey Icon CiciMonkey Icon CiciMonkey Icon CiciMonkey Icon Cici


I have got lots of happy memories with this show. This was the first youth show which I got attached to so much. I used to not much prefer youth shows I used to watch the saas-bahu showsLOL

I started watching the show mainly after seeing Raghav and also the Sira chemistryEmbarrassed

After seeing that the very next day I started watching online. I could not watch during the day so I used watch it early mornig 5:00Sleepy when everyone were asleepLOL

But I had to watch it one way or the other. And then mom used to not let me watch it there have been times when i had to argue with her also for the remoteOuchLOL. And i had cried once that she did not allow meCryLOLThere's lots more such things which i had done to watch hhl. The list will go onLOL

Now coming to the show.
This show is the best youth show according to me in all senses. It conveys a message to the audience. It is entertaining. The actors are all mindblowing. The way they have played the characters is just superb! Clap
This is a very inspirational show too as you all know how they have shown sia facing all difficulties and dreamt of boxing inspite of being a girl. This is maybe the first show that i got so attached to or been crazy about. Why I feel that way is I had never felt anything that i should know more about any show (except oneTongue) and to come to the forum here and this has been like a second home to me and a special place where I met such great friendsHug.(joined the forum for only hhl(sira)Big smile). I am proud to be a fan of this show Approve
The way they have taken the story is mindblowing ( but yes I did not like it after Raghav left) But I am very happy that the cv's showed the part when Raghav was leaving very gracefully and in a very nice way. This show showed the bond of friendship (Raghav and Arjun). The school life which reminded me of my school days. And showed the blossoming of the Sira love story in a very beautiful after a number of misunderstandings and jagdasWinkLOL
I may forget any show but can never ever forget this show I'm sureBig smile 
HeartI LOVE HHLHeart

Neha (jamoshi2507)
 I joined IF long ago but was a very inactive member, almost silent. I came to HHL forum not because I was a fan of the actors, in fact I did not know them at all. The concept of the show attracted me. The very fact that it was about a girl's struggle to achieve something in the field of boxing was pretty exciting for me.

So here I was in this forum just for the updates, but what happened later was never imagined by me. I found myself hooked to the series and the actors became my favorite. Not only this I found many sweet people here on this forum, my HHL family and guess what I became one of the updaters.

I still cannot believe that it has been an year now. It has been a very pleasant and fruitful journey for me.

Happy Birthday HHL
May you have many more birthdays

This is Neha signing off for now

Wadda: Nikke...ankhon me anshu agaya yaar...kitne pyaar karte hai hum sab se yeh log...
Nikka: ha wadde...inke support aur pyaar ke bina hum to kuch bhi nahi...
Wadda: dil khush ho gaya...

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ITS Celebration time guys!!!
lets PARTY!!!!

now its time for food Big smile and some dance!!!Dancing

Monkey IconsMonkey IconsMonkey IconsMonkey IconsMonkey IconsMonkey IconsMonkey IconsMonkey Icons






And now some hot sizzlers






















Hotdogs Wink



then smoothies and desserts





And finally cold drinks



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Humse Hai Life
StarITS the 1st Anniversary of Humse Hai life!!! Star
Big smileThe show which has changed our lives!!!Clap
So happy to celebrate it with all of my Elitians here!!
Thanks so much Nikita, Such, Kinjal, Greeshu, Nimmi, Messy, Prima, Kritu, Hoods...Hug...and thanks a lot to my sis ..Hug...and a whole lot of thanks to all the other Elitians for their support and  for being together!!!Hug


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