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MG SS "My Hot Professor" Thread 2 (Page 95)

kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by maansee

Originally posted by Remya_Pillai

Originally posted by payalpari

Originally posted by maansee

dekho jaldi aajoo. ab ye updating dekh kar mai kahi or nahi jaa sakti LOL
main bhi de LOL

kahin aur jaane ki himmat bhi mat karna..LOL

or dekho mera gang bhi yahi aa gaya hai ...

so u do fast varna we all thread eater ney tere thread ka kaam tamam kar dena hai...
Winkphir hume blame mat karna haan nahi tu LOL

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(Banner credit goes to piya. Thanku so much for the lovely banner u..Big smile)

Happy Bday(B'lated) Tamanna..Big smile

Part 11

I was wondering wats going to happen in the last period. I haven't seen maan the whole day. But I noe he was present as girls were talking that he looks hot and they were drooling the whole hour..blah was going too slow' Meer was all the while encouraging me but I was feeling nervous.. I m dreading sam's plan. I hope he won't cum to noe my involvement. He s way too smart.

The bell for last hour rang. I was heading to science class. When the tym came I was feeling quite nervous. Meer was not with me in the prev class since she selected bio as her subsidiary. I vl meet her directly in the class only. Suddenly I bumped into sumthg' sum1.. I was ready to hit the ground and closed eyes tightly when sum1 caught by my waist. Even in that panic state, I could realize him. I slowly opened my eyes to c a pair of chocolate brown eyes staring at me. I can c concern in his face. I decided to check him out. He was looking dashing in that purple shirt. A voice halted my thots.

R u okay geet?

I smiled at his concern and nodded. He steadied me but I dint remove my hands that rested on chest. I was absorbing his closeness,his abs..

Enjoying my closeness?

I looked at his question and saw him smirking. aww..he did the wrong expression. His smirk brings the devil Geet Handa Back. I removed my hands from his chest.

Nope..wondering y I can't be in some other cool looking guys arms rather than u..

His arms on waist gripped tightly. That's when I realized his hands on me. I looked upto c anger in his eyes and some other thing..jealousy..possessiveness..nope..but b4 I could c he changed his expression and his eyes softened. i want to consult an eye specialist soon. He brought me close and whispered.

No one else has the rt to touch u..

I looked at him with my questioning eyes. Wat did he meant by that? But before I could find answers he stepped backward and started to walk towards the classroom. That's when I realized these all moments were happening in the corridor. Thankgod it was empty. I too dragged my feet to class and when I entered, I saw him preparing for the class. I scanned the class and saw only 2 seats vacant. First seat s just in front of him and the second one farthest corner of last seat. I decided to select the second option since I don't trust my hormones. Meer was sitting in the middle of the row and she gave me a 'wat happened' look. I just blinked my eyes indicating we will talk after the class. I glanced at his side and saw him looking at me and then at the empty front seat. I looked down immediately. I wonder why the bimbos dint select that seat.

Hello Guys.. I hope u r enjoying my class. It has been almost 1 week since I joined this college. So to celebrate this I have decided to bring some changes to our class.

I looked up and saw him smirking. oh no ! troubling bells r ringing'

First, I would like to change all ur seats. And I promise the new seating arrangements r far better.

Dusht Danav!! He made us take nos in such a way that I ended up in the seat rt in front of him. I cursed him repeatedly and silently took my place. The only thing that made me feel relieved was meer was sitting rt behind me. I saw sam sitting just two-step away from me. That made me remembers the plan.

I hope u r all settled now. So shall we start the class?

Sir one minute..

I saw sam standing up. Meer nudged me from back. I think her plan begins now.

can we not study today? We too wanted to celebrate ur successful first week. Above that today s the last hour of Friday. We have no mood to study. Can we play a game?

She said battling her eyelashes. I had the sudden urge to smack her but I controlled my desires since her plan s my need. Obviously all of them supported her.

Okay.. so wat game u want to play.

Yay!! Its so simple sir. We will ask a simple question to u and u can ask a question to us. But only one. In that way we will get to noe more abt each other.

Oh no!!ye kaisi game hain. I m sure he will ask an embarrassing question to me. es kutti kanini ko toh mein..

Hmm..interesting.. I agree. So shoot. We can start from back end.

Students started to ask him questions and I came to noe pretty much abt him. his favorite color s white. Mine red. He loves continental and Punjabi. Me too.. his family consist of dad, mom, daadi,daadaji and one younger bro who s in12th. His father owns Construction Company. He s  mama's boy. I really envy him. such a large family. I can c the happiness when he talks abt his family. Boys asked mostly about his sports car and such stuffs. They also asked hw to tackle a girl. He gave them some tips. Ha!seems like experience speaks!! Next was Meer.

What shud a girl do to realize that the guy she likes has feelings for her?

I was stunned at her question. I looked at her unblinkingly.

Make him jealous. Trust me it worked for me too.

I looked at him and narrowed my eyes. He gave me a teasing smile.

so Ms. Meer.. who s the lucky guy?

she gave him a slight wink. My eyes popped out.

A professor.

He gave a noeing look and a teasing wink back too. They r behaving as if they noe each other from ages. But since I noe her character I shrugged it off. Next was sam's friend..wats her name.. ya Anna..

Sir do u love sum1?
(i m coding sam's friends convo in green)

I made a face like I m not interested. But my eyes were so keen to noe the answer. He gave me a look and said.


Many showed their disappointment hearing the answer. He asked some random question to her. next question was passed to Sharon..of course another chamcha of sam.

Wats the name of ur love?

I saw him thinking for sometime.

Is it necessary to answer this question?

Yup. But nw u can't ask me any other question as u have asked this.

Hmm.. smart..her name is... Cup Cake..

What kind of name s ds?

Sorry..i won't answer u b/c ur chance has gone.

Cup Cake!! i m not getting any clue. Next was sam.

Who s 'sweety'?

He looked shocked and glanced at my way. I gave an I dunno look. He took a deep breathe and said.

She s my daadi.

Daadi!!i did a mini bhangra in my heart. It felt like a heavy burden lifted off me.

Hw u noe sweety?

Oh god!pls freez the moment. If she takes my name he will definitely guess my devil mind. I crossed my fingers under the table and prayed to babaji'

Wo' I heard u talking to some sweety on phone..

Huh'yay!! I felt like giving a kiss to her. for the first tym I was proud of her. in this excitement I forgot that the next prey was me. omg!wat will I ask?

so ms. Geet.. I m waiting!!

I was very eager to run out of the class. So I blurted out.

when will the bell ring?

He chuckled.

Sametime as yday.. so nw its my turn.. My question s'

So hw was it? i hope i m still writing upto ur expectations. i saw that comments r decreasing.. pls try to comment.. i m requesting u all. i enjoy reading it. even if u won't comment i vl continue my writing since i enjoy it.LOL

Pls add 'Remyapms' to ur buddy list.

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Originally posted by maansee

hi payal ...

see our hot professor is coming
yup de Wink

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kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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hehe me 1st again Wink

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kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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its wrong place to end dear...
amazing...brillaint update...
just can't wait for next part...
atleast give the precap...and also update next part soon

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CuteStrawberry IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome upd8
loved it

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wow awesome update

plz one more update

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