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MG SS "My Hot Professor" Thread 2 (Page 7)

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Day Dreaming

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wow!thank u so much for increasing my likes and comments!! it makes me feel special...Hug

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How much time more???
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Waiting Waiting Waitng...Day Dreaming
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(Banner credit goes to piya. Thanku so much for the lovely banner u..Big smile)

This part is specially dedicated to Deepa(spvd) and Jyothi(jyothikrish). Happy Birthday Guys..Party

Part 7

I were..oops sorry!!..We were standing in his cabin for quite a long tym. I dint dare to look into his eyes..not b/c I m scared but just b/c I can't control my laugh. But the thing I dint understand was that y I am doing ds? I dint like sam's gift on maan sir. Eventhough he look hot in dat shirt I wanted to tear it off. May b I don't like him..hain na babaji…ya..and I don't like him looking hot. That's nw back to the current situation I decided to look at him..but before that I heard him calling my name..


Present Sir.


I mean yes sir..

I saw him closing his eyes in!i made him frustrated. It was always his job na.. Good work Geet Handa..i patted myself mentally..

What was that?

What sir?

I batted my eyelashes innocently..

I told u to close the lid after adding the substance,rt? Then what the hell were u doing?

wo..i was about to close the lid but it reacted very fast and its not completely my fault..u should check whether ur partner is doing things at the rt tym..but u were busy with others laughing and smiling..not at all caring about me..and

I swallowed my words when I saw him standing so close to me with an amused expression. My breath hitched in throat.

'others'? Care to explain?

Nw that was unexpected. I looked down. From these baashan, he only caught this word!!babaji!!

Were u jealous geet?

I looked at him shocked. Jealous? I wasn't!!May b..nahi..Urgh…ds man confuse me more.

No…why would i?

He studied me for a moment. Then stepped back. I saw a devilish grin in his face. That means more museebat for me..uff..

So b/c of ur accidental incident my shirt got spoiled..

So wat? Just change and clean it..

I suggested him casually. But inside I was jumping in joy. Now he won't wear that chudail's shirt. I tapped my feet looking here and there. Suddenly I could feel some movement from his side. And the sight made my mouth open.

Maan Singh Khurrana aka my professor unbuttoning his shirt one by one that too in front of me. I looked at shirt and then his face. He was advancing towards me. hey babaji!!wat s he trying to do?i started to walk backwards.

Yeh aap kya kar rahe ho?

He dint give an answer. He fully removed his shirt and I got to c his greek body. Omg!its shining golden brown. I hate that vests which covered the remaining parts. I can't stop drooling. Suddenly my back hit the wall. I saw the door partially closed and since it was class hour, there were no students at the corridor. He was still advancing. He came really close and his stubble cheeks were touching my soft ones. Heart Beat as usual was not in my control. I closed my eyes tightly.

Loved the scenery.?

I opened my eyes suddenly and saw him standing a feet away smirking. I was embarrassed. I wish I could dig a hole and bury him. his stupid comments..Loved the scenery..of course I loved it. But I can't admit it.In hurry i blurted out..

Not an impressive one!

I looked at him shocked..oh god!ye meine kya kehdi..y me babaji?he was looking me with those laddoo eyes. Suddenly something hit my face. Shirt!! He threw his shirt on me... Geet handa!! I looked at him angrily.

Clean the shirt now.


I said clean the shirt rt now.

He said calmly. What does he think of himself?

Excuse me..i m ur student..not ur Personal Secretary.


So!i m not going to clean ds.

U will. U r the one who spoiled my shirt. So u will b the one who will clean ds.

I will complain to princi..

Go Ahead Ms.Handa. But ur impression on her after the welcome gift s not good. So I wonder whether she will believe u!!!

urgh..Dusht danav!!i hate him..

I heard that… Clean ds otherwise u can enjoy 2 months detention with me.

What!!again a detention!!

Yup!!so wat say?detention ya cleaning?

I took that stupid shirt and went inside the adjacent washroom cursing profanities. I can hear his laugh. Khadoos!!he noes hw to make others dance with his tunes. I was cleaning his shirt when an evil idea popped up. I glanced back and saw the washroom door closed. I rinsed the shirt so hard until it teared. Nw there is a big hole near the pocket on left side. I wanna noe hw will he go out nw.. oh geet!!u r too good!! Love u dear!!i washed and dried it under the heater. I was about to enter the room when a sight stopped me.

He was arranging the books in shelf and I couldn't help but steal little glances at his body. I watched the way his biceps flexed and tensed,the way his vest rode up a little, exposing his stomach as he stood on the desk and reached up to keep a book in the upper shelf. I din't even realize I was just standing there staring at him like a complete moron.

Ms.Geet Handa, U can't look at me like that.

He said as he jumped off the table landing gracefully on the balls of his feet. Oh jeez!that was damn sexy!
I blushed but dint look away. Actually I couldn't. I was in a trance and blurted out..

Why not?

I felt stupid. He gave his famous smirk and then chuckled.

Remember..u r my student and u r supposed to b so angry for making u clean my shirt rather than checking me out..

Now that brought back my senses and I threw him an angry glare. Suddenly I remembered my genius plan. Very innocently, I forwarded his shirt and gave him a cheesy smile. He looked at me suspiciously. He took the shirt and checked it carefully. Alas!he found my genius work. But wat startled me was his reaction. He stayed calm and gave me a small smile
Uh-h..y he s not giving me the expected reaction. I hope his calmness won't b a trouble for me.

Note: Pls add 'Remyapms' to your buddylist..
Big smile

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Loved it...
awesome update dear...
geet jealous...
maan asked geet to wash his shirt... it was hilarious...
geet staring at maan as a complete moronWink... 
loved the update to the core...
beautifully written...
waiting for the next update... 

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Superb update
Loved it

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