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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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Hello fellow Arshi fans:


Wow what an emotion packed episode.  What outstanding performances by everyone, especially Barun, Sanaya and Daljeet.  What a very well executed episode.  Daljeet you really made us all feel for Anjali today and cry right along with her.  This episode really defined the relationship dynamics and who Anjali relies on and believes and trusts to be there for her in times of crisis the most.  We will explain that in our analysis below.  We did want to point out one very important aspect to our viewers, please note that in this show all is not as it seems.

So please do not rush to make any hasty judgments or decisions regarding the past or what we have seen so far.  Time and time again, they have proved us wrong in that regards. A special note to those who think we are too optimistic, well we prefer to be that to pessimistic, don't you think life is bad enough as it is? Plus, the same people that have this lifelong desire to criticize us are usually the very same people that a few weeks, or even months later realize that the pieces are now finally coming together and that maybe they had been too hasty in their decisions. Nonetheless, let us elaborate further on what we mean by all of this and what the key points to note were in this episode and in the previous episode:



This miscarriage bit was split between the previous episode and this episode.  After watching both these episodes there are a few things that stood out to us:

         When the doctor first came out of the Operation Theater, he did not ask for anyone in particular, but talked to the family as a whole, gave very little information.  He stated that the fall was fatal for her in her advanced pregnancy, and as a result the baby was dead.

However from this three important points came out:

1.     He did not mention that she had received an electric shock this would have been revealed in the test results. When someone's body has suffered an electric shock and the body goes through hospital tests it will show up in the results that she has had some sort of electrical shock which caused her to have the fall, but there is absolutely no mention of this.

2.    He did not mention about the cuts on her feet, or about dressing those, we do not see in either episodes her feet where her wounds have been dressed, because otherwise, there is a possibility of finding glass pieces in those wounds, some or even one at least. Why has this not been mentioned? Combined with the electric shock this is no small thing, it also could be seen as domestic abuse, so even more important to address this issue, but the doctor has not demanded any explanation for one above and 2. The fact that she has cuts all over her feet.

3.    Did not mention whether the baby was a boy or a girl, at 6 or seven months, it is a fully formed baby, and the gender can be known.  Ok, in India the gender of the baby is not allowed to be known before birth, however in this case the child has died, so it is their right to know what they have lost, more than that, it is their right to have the child handed over to the family for last rites.  They have also not been given the option to see the child which is also strange.

         All, the doctor mentions, is the fall, and that she has received a shock from the incident.  This does not sit right with us at this point.

         The conversation, where the doctor came and talked to Arnav and Khushi in this episode, we barely saw any of that conversation, it was incomplete or not shown to us.

         Anjali somehow knew that the baby was a girl; that they were talking about her baby.

         Anjali's refusal to believe that her baby is dead; and a mother is known to have a connection with her child and would know if her child dies or is still alive somewhere in her heart.

All of the above is making us wonder if this baby is actually dead or still alive.  We are not saying that the baby is alive for sure; we feel at this point that the cv's have left that door open for themselves to decide on later with the above aspects of the episodes.  If this baby is alive, then we feel that:

1.     One theory is that Skunky has the baby, to be used as leverage against Anjali and/or Arnav to get what he wants. So when all avenues have closed for him to gain his way into the family/wealth, then he will use the child for blackmail purposes etc.

2.     The other theory is that Anjali, being a mother, and having gone through what she did, has taken this step of making others including Skunky think the baby is dead in order to protect her child and to get to the bottom of things and find out what the actual truth is.


Who Does Anjali Believe:

It was interesting to note that Anjali did not believe Naani; or Maami when she was informed that her baby was dead.  She wanted Khushi to tell her that her baby was alive first, and then when Khushi also told her the same, she told her that she was talking nonsense.  However then seeing Arnav standing outside her room with his back to her, she tells Khushi to go and tell Arnav that she is ok and so is her princess.  When Arnav turns around and looks at her, through the door, she reads it in his face and that is when she actually accepts that her baby is dead.

When she breaks down, she is first and foremost hugging Khushi and crying her eyes out, and then she goes to Naani.  She is relying on Khushi first and then Arnav and after that comes everyone else.  This could indicate a couple of things:

         Anjali is not just blindly, believing Skunky and is trying to find proof against Skunky, or is trying to get to the truth. Though at this point this can seem very unlikely, it would make for a brilliantly unique concept.

         This could also be an indication that if and when there is a rift between Arnav and Anjali, Khushi will be the bridge through which they will communicate with each other.

         In times of crisis, Anjali relies on Khushi and Arnav first and foremost, we have seen that she has always relied on Arnav, but we have also seen that she has taken Khushi's word most of the time since she met her, except with the fiasco with Shyam.

         That on a subconscious level at least, Anjali knows that they are telling the truth and that she believes them absolutely.

Again, please do not hold us to this absolutely meaning anything however these are worth mentioning and noting as they do seem odd in this situation.  The cv's could show these points to mean absolutely nothing, or they could show them to mean something very significant and important.  However considering the story we have seen so far, Anjali's relying more on Khushi's word over Maami or even Naani is a very important and significant point to be noted. After all, why ask Khushi, especially seeing as this is the person that might have potentially taken her husband away from her?


A Surplus Of Emotions:

A broken Arnav sets himself apart from the family who stands beside his sister. He stands on the outside looking at his sister, the one he had wished to protect, to take care of. He does not know how to ease her pain; he does not know how to face her.

It is interesting, that a brother that has always stood beside her, who has always been there for her, has now put himself outside the door; could this be an indication of episodes to come? Will he distance himself or will he continue to be by her side?

Even when he makes the eye contact with his sister, we see the regret, the uselessness that he feels in not being able to protect her, but this is what finally reaches her, that she has actually lost her child. And this is what breaks her down; the reality that she cannot run from it, the fact that when she places her hand on her stomach, she realizes there is nothing there.

Note: Guys we know this contradicts what we said about our predictions, but here is the thing, we don't know how the CV's are playing this game, what we saw and pointed out above are things we found wrong with Anjali's actions and words, it might be a mistake by the CV's, or they might still be considering things, but for us they were on the odd side of the page.

But looking at her reaction, whilst ignoring those facts, it does look like a mother has lost her child, that she is completely broken at realizing that her child is no more.

Arnav knows how much she wanted that child, and to watch his sister in such pain is unbearable for him. He knows that she has completely broken down, and to be honest for his sake we would probably prefer the option of Shyam having taken the baby, because for him to realize, for whatever reason, why his sister acted the way she did, would be one tough pill to swallow.

But once again, it is interesting to note that Arnav is unable to take that step inside, HE stands outside whilst everyone is inside, and even as he attempts to come inside, he remembers his sister saying she did not want the baby and him replying that "I am always with you." These words stop him; that he was unable to be with her; to save the child that his sister lost. He moves away from the door. Tear strained, he leaves and Khushi stops him saying that he needs to go inside, to which he says he cannot see her like this. Khushi insists she needs you more than anyone else, you need to come in and they are stopped by the doctor, who says she needs to be kept overnight, as she is suffering from blood loss and shock, nothing else is mentioned here.

Arnav tells Aakash and NK to take everyone home, but Khushi stands by Arnav, saying she will stay. It was interesting to see Daadi keep her mouth shut for once.


We see Arnav pacing and remembering all the moments, he is beating himself up over it all when Khushi comes to him. He finally tells her that he was a failure as he was unable to do anything each time a problem had arisen in their lives:

-          Unable to protect her

-          Nothing wrong will happen to her

-          Would protect the child

-          Make sure that they are happy again

He sees himself as not having done anything and being a failure. He then says he tried each time to protect her, to see her happy but:

-          He was unable to do anything when Shyam betrayed his sister

-          He was unable to do anything with Anjali being in this condition

-          He was unable to do anything when the incident took place

Anjali's wedding takes place, and Arnav runs after his mum and hears the following conversation:

"How could you betray us like this?" You did not once think of our marriage? Of our children?" Ratna

"Ratna, it is nothing like this, listen to me once..." says Father

"I don't want to listen anything" Rathna.

"Ratna, I've myself seen you with her..." says Ratna.

"With whom?" replies father.

"With never loved me..." she screamed and went off.

"Ratna" Father shouted.

And a gun shot

Listening to this, instantly you wonder what could have happened! Is this CV's attempt to mislead us? Or is his father genuinely innocent? If he was innocent what could have happened to cause all this? After all Arnav's mom would not just have gone and killed herself. Something is definitely at play here, which shows us that either some big misunderstanding took place that rocked everyone's lives, or something big happened that really destroyed them all.

However, we believe gradually more of the truth will come out. He sees his dad in Shyam, but is he really seeing the truth? Shyam was manipulative and evil, but his only intention was not an affair, he had other ulterior purposes. But we have currently left this one open.

Another interesting thing, he is adamant on protecting his sister, to ensuring she is not hurt, he himself has just said that no matter what he does, she ends up crying and hurt. Yaar maybe you should learn to leave her alone and let her pick up the pieces? She might actually fair better than she is! We do wonder what will happen in future episodes and what steps Khushi will take in all this to help. We know that she will be standing by her Arnav, supporting him, but what sacrifices will she have to make in the process?  We see a vulnerable Arnav saying that everything goes away, nothing stays, mother, father, husband and now a baby. He has tried too hard to hold on to them but they have all left him. Seeing this state of his, Khushi hugs him, trying to give him strength, letting him know that she is there with him, to help him through this all. Whereas once he might have stood alone, she is now there to support him through all of this, and she lets him know that he can lean on her, that he can rely on her.



Ganesh in the Hindu religion is known as the Vignaharta (remover of obstacles).  In the last scene of this episode, there is a big idol of Ganeshji behind Arnav and Khushi hugging.  Does this indicate the wedding of Arnav and Khushi going ahead?  Does this indicate that Ganeshji will ensure that all the obstacles in their path of being together and getting married will be removed?  It is interesting that Arnav who does not believe in God, goes to the one place, in front of God to reflect on his emotions and feelings and to get a control of himself, and to ultimately open up to Khushi and share all that he is feeling with her.


The strength of the Arnav Khushi relationship, the growth of their relationship is very much being highlighted in recent episodes, their open communication, their comfort level with each other, their relying on each other for support.  The Arnav, Anjali and Khushi relationship is also very much being showcased as well in these recent episodes.  Most especially Khushi and Anjali relationship; is highlighted, the closeness between Anjali and Khushi, is this to indicate that in the upcoming episodes?  Will there be a time when Khushi will be the one who will be the line of communication between Arnav and Khushi; will Khushi be the one to take care of Anjali? 



The translation of our title listed above, for our view, "SUCCH KYAA HAI???" is "WHAT IS THE TRUTH???"



We finally leave you with the following poem by Rashdah:

Never did I dream,

That my dreams would break like this,

 I never knew,

That my promise would turn on me.

The protection I wanted for you,

Became your punishment,

Why is this life so bitterly unfair?

I lost everything whilst trying so hard to hold on,

These dark clouds surrounding me,

I cannot see a way out.

Your smile was my light,

I would have clawed my way through,

Each and every despair,

To see that you were happy and secure,

But all I see are these useless tears,

These hands, unyielding against the chains,

These wounds that refuse to heal,

I try to move on, but I am chained to the past,

When will I be set free?



Arnav and Khushi are outside Anjali's room and Khushi tells Arnav that he needs to go in and see Anjali, as she needs him now with her.  In the meantime inside the room, Skunky tells Daadi that he will go see the doctor, while the nurse and Daadi are trying to help Anjali, who seems to be having a coughing fit almost choking like.  As Skunky is about to walk out of the room, Arnav opens the door and both come face to face with surprise on their faces.  Arnav grabs a hold of Skunky's shirt collar and is dragging him, Khushi is stunned behind Arnav, and Daadi looks up to see this.


Till the next time'

Arshi Advocates

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.sweetchick. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 7:04am | IP Logged
wooow what a detailed analysis and beautifully written I'm amazed we have so much talents here Clap
yesterday epi was full of emotions and I seriously couldn't stop my tears seeing especially anjali & arnav in pain broke my heart Broken Heart
a round of applause to Barun Sanaya Daljeet and all the cast I love you guys Hug

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darshi28 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 7:19am | IP Logged
Hey AA really loved your detailed analysis and the theories Clap
And I don't think these posts are too optimistic. In fact we need more balanced posts like this so keep up the great work!!
Yesterday's episode really highlighted the dynamics of Khushi, Anjali and Arnav's relationship and even more importantly we got to see Arnav and Khushi having such an honest conversation.
Lets see what the CVs are going to to with all of this and the past coming out in the open. I expect like always there will be a few surprises and twists that no one saw coming.

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Jai.Mata.Di IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Hey AA...Fantastic view!! ClapHope Anji is able to stand back strong after the trauma!!

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Sumaiya27 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
loved your analysis Clap although i had noticed some of things such as arnav's dad being innocent and anjali believing in khushi, i was confused about what's actually GOING ON?? but thanks to you for clearing everything for me HugBig smile I have shared your post on a fb page becoz i appreciate your hard work and also want everyone else to read your post Smile

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sana11 IF-Rockerz

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wow...this was beautifully returned n analysed...SmileClap

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Z_ArShi Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:44pm | IP Logged

beautiful written !!!!!!!!!!!ClapClap

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Miss.Sonja Newbie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
AA, a wonderful thought provoking review. Thank you very much for the insightful and contemplative review. Lots of fodder for thought. You raise some very interesting points. I sincerely hope the CVs have an exciting twist planned from this plotline. Things have the potential for getting very exciting. 

Lots of Love
MS x x Clap

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