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hey guys i know all of you must be thinking i am starting a new FF or something but no this is an old FF i wrote but i realised not many people have read it because i never used one thread for this FF so i have written chapter 1-5  i will not be updating any time sooner but i will continue it i promise so please do like and comment

chapter 1
it starts from the point where manyata  hugs aryan and he hugs back saying he is her akash and is here with her forever and now udayveer can never force her into anything. mayata is so lost in the moment that she does not realise anything and just hugs ,by this behaviour uday is very angry and scared of losing his princess .he the decide to live the palace and go to back to the hotel 

when manyata realises that uday has gone she feels guilty she wanted to talk to him and tell him that even though aaksh has came back she will still marry uday and keep the promise that she made to herself and her family.she at at moment leaves akash behind and runs toward the ge
ates of the palace to leave to go to uday niwas where she was 100 percent sure that uday will be there 

at the hotel
manyata reaches uday's room and enters without knocking and she sees him drinking whisky and not in his senses
M;uday what are u doing 
U;princess go away i dont want to see u by the way what r u doing here i thought u must be singing duets in the rain with that manjnu 
M;uday control yourself i just came to tell u that i am yours and i will marry u so dont worry
U;wow your highness so simple for u to say dont worry i will marry u and on the other is side u are hugging your majnu
M;(she takes his face in her hand and makes him sit on the bed) uday please dont worry dont hurt yourself like this I LOVE U
U;princess u dont know for how long i have been waiting to her this from your mouth I LOVE U 2 princess i love more than my soul
they hug and uday not being in his  not being in his senses couldnot contol him emotions and starts to open the zip of manyata's salwar and tries to stop him but he continues he kisses her now bare back and then he he pins her to her to bed and in seconds her clothes were off and both of them were showing each other their paasionate sides 
next morning

As the sun brightly shines through the windows and the sharp sunlit rays hit Uday's eyelids, he wakes up with a very bad hangover.

Uday: Oh God! Last night I think I had a little too much to drink. My head hurts so.

He looks around. Just then his eyes travelled to the right side of his bed, and what he sees shocks him to the very depths of his core. His princess was lying next to him, her bare and naked body covered with a white, transparent sheet. Flashbacks of the previous night come back to him. Those intimate and passionate moments they shared.

Tears filled with sadness and guilt roll down his cheeks. He had no idea of what he had done. The tears splashed on her rosy cheeks. She flinched, and opened her eyes.

UDAY: Princess, I' I' don't know what came over me. I' I'm sorry'

MANYATA: Don't worry, Uday, no explanations needed. It's fine. As they say all's fair in love and lust. (Giggles)

UDAY: Are you sure? I know that I was very, very, very naughty

MANYATA: It's okay I love naughty people 

UDAY: Princess I must say I have fallen in love with you even more

MANYATA (Blushing): Why so??????????

UDAY: That's because you as it is, you look hot with your clothes on, but HOTTER with them off. (Winks and leans in).

MANYATA: Well, darling, even I know why girls fawn over you. (Leans in and kisses him)

After another round of love in the hot bubble bath, together, and one more when dressing, they decide to go to the mahal.

At the mahal:

After reaching the mahal, the physically exhausted Uday goes to have a nap. He soon falls asleep and gets lustful dreams of Manyata. Suddenly, an oh-so-familiar sound ' his phone was ringing loudly next to his ear.

UDAY: Huh' Wha... who's the fool disturbing my sleep? What's '

He opens the MMS and is cut short of his ranting. Someone had taken his and Manyata's love videos. He shouts for Manyata, who enters. She has just come out of the shower, and looks sexy in a red sari with her streaming hair open.

MANYATA: Uday, jaan, what's wrong?

Uday wordlessly hands her his phone. The towel drops out of her hand, and her mouth becomes a round O of horror and surprise.

UDAY: Princess, we need to talk' I' I think Aakash is behind this.

Manyata silently picks up the phone and throws it with all her might' on the bed.

The phone starts to ring again. Uday quickly picks it up and reads the MMS. He goes red, and silently shivers with anger.

MANYATA: Uday, what happened? What's wrong?

He shows her the text.

MANYATA: What's this? If you don't give me what I want, I will post this on EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL WEBSITE, and make sure that it appears in tonight's six o'clock news. Meet me on M. G. Road at 5 p.m. OR ELSE'.

She turns pale. She hands back the phone and decides to go and meet Akash and get over this whole issue. But unknowingly tears roll down her cheeks. Uday notices this and holds her face and tells her to calm down.

MANYATA: How are we going to go through this???????????

UDAY: We will, princess, we will.

He walks to his wardrobe, rootles through it and produces a pistol in each hand.

MANYATA: No Uday, let me go and meet him, let's see what he wants maybe it's just money he wants j Just relax

UDAY: (SCREAMING) how on earth can I relax, Manyata? We are royal. Hum rajwade hain. If this video goes out, our reputation is DUST!

MANYATA: JUST CHILL!! We must go meet him, ok?

UDAY: as you wish, but if he does any of his batamizi, I' I'll blow him to smithereens.

Uday and Manyata then decide to leave, as they will take some time to reach there, due to the traffic .As soon as they reach there they are led to this huge room, Manyata tells Uday to hide himself behind the curtains so that Akaash cannot see him. Uday tries to say no, but Manyata manages to convince him. As soon as he hides, Akaash calls Manyata from the back and she is shocked to see him, and relieved that Uday was able to hide in time.

AKAASH: Meri moniya. I knew you would come. (He tries to hug her, but she moves behind)

MANYATA: What do you want?????? Why don't you leave me alone?

AKASH: My moniya darling all I want is u my moniya

MANYATA: What me????

On the other side Uday was boiling with anger

MANYATA: I love Uday only Uday my prince charming

AKASH : I know I know that u love him I also know that he stuck his tongue under your throat ,he had you fully every bit of your body was touched by him I know he fingered u oh did u forget I made that video when u and him were in the shower romancing

MANYATA: (disgusted by his words)shut up AKAASH (she screams )

Uday unable to take it anymore he comes out of the curtains and points the gun at Akash .But to his surprise Akaash instead of fighting back he starts to open Uday's buttons actually ripping them apart

UDAY: What the hell is wrong with u?????????

AKAASH: Uday darling moniya oh sorry Manyata was just a key to get u come let me love u to my hearts content

UDAY: What the f**k

MANYATA: Akaash tum GAY ho

manyata:what the f**k akash tum gay hoShocked

Akash: Ha Ha mein gay hoon i love Yuvraj UDAYVEER Singh u were just    a way to get him

Akash leaves manyata's hand and runs towards uday pouting his lips at that moment uday lifts his face and punches his face and Akash falls and uday reaches into akash's pocket and takes all his 3 phones he grabs manyata's hand and goes out of the room .

Uday and manyata mare in the car ,silent as ever Uday could not take it any more he decided to speak but just then he heard manyata laughing loudly

Uday:princess why are u laughing??????

manyata:he likes u can u imagine my past loves my future

uday:princess ,i think after that homo sexual drama we need to ...i  mean...i am saying lets go on a date a romantic one 

manyata:as u say princey(gives him a kiss on his cheek)

uday:wow princess a kiss before the date what is the plan princess (he smiles flirtingly  

manyata:uday u can never think straight always one thing in your mind u r so ...(interpreted)

uday:hot sexy lovely charming i know princess i know

manyata:u r always gutter minded 

uday:really now that is why u like me so much Mrs gutter minded

the car then came to a stop 

uday:we have reached princess

manyata:wow this is so beautiful


The palm hotel was a beautiful place to dine ,the hotel was filled with the most precious wines to the best delicacies and cuisine it would any bodies dream come true it was far from the city

uday had booked the whole hotel from manyata from the dance floor to the restaurant the large doors opened for them which led them to a large open area which was filled with heart shaped balloons .the stars were twinkling brightly in the dark black sky ,and  a candle light dinner had being laid out it was a classic spaghetti and wine dinner laid out in front of them .The table and chains were in a canopy ,and next to that was a large , secluded tent with a deep freezer full of wines and a large king-sized waterbed 

Romantic background music floated through  the air.All thoughts of Akash who still laid unconscious rushed out of there heads 

manyata:OH Uday this is wonderful such a beautiful surprise i love u 

Uday:(holds her chin with his hands and makes her look up )all this is just for u my princess i love u 2 and with that he gives a small kiss in   her lip 

manyata:(giggles and blushes):well,lets sit down to eat,i am starving and now days spaghetti happens to be my favorite

uday pulls out a chair for  her like a complete gentleman and says ;i like it to but its not my favorite dish 

manyata:i thought u loved it and it was your favorite

uday :it was but then last night i tasted a new dish and it was more yummy and delicious 

manyata:and what is the name of that dish

uday:the name manyata kumari

manyata just blushes her cheeks turn red.

Uday:now we have to share one plate 

manyata:its k i need to eat the rats in my stomach have turned into elephants

They dig in ,the spaghetti is absolutely divine  .it was covered in thick white creamy  sauce and mushrooms .it was garnished with parsley ,oregano and other rare also had meatballs that were juicy and partially melt in the ,mouth and there was aside dish which was made up of fresh crispy potatoes  and green vegetables.they were so interested in the food and surroundings that they did not realize that they were sucking on the same stand of spaghetti ,until there lips met.


this ignited the flame and passion in their hearts. They soon finished their food and rushed quickly into the secluded tent as it started raining very heavily .Uday closes the flap and turn around ,Manyata's clothes were wet so she had changed into a skimpy ,pink and transparent nightgown as it was the only thing available at that time .Uday is mesmerized and walks towards her,manyata blushes and becomes  shy .she waits expectant yet hesitant.Uday pulls off his shirt and reveals his bulging biceps.He walks toward pulls her close and begins kissing her throat as sensuously as ever that sends chills down her spine ,she tries to run away but his grip on her waist tightens his lips travel up her chin making it's way to her parted yet juicy rosy lips.As soon as their lips meet .it was the perfect moment the moment of bliss the moment of love desire passion lust .They break the kiss as they needed air to breath.Manyata i to shy to meet uday's eyes she looks down and turns slowly only to hit her leg at the corner of the drawer she then grabs uday's shoulder for support but due to the sudden movement uday looses support and both of them fall on top of each other 

Uday stands up and manyata starts laughing and so does uday

manyata:why do i always end up in embarrassing situations 

uday:i don't know (laughing really  loudly)

manyata and uday hug while laughing and all of a sudden they feel electric currents flow through their veins .uday's hands automatically goes toward zip of manyata's nighty manyata is wearing she tries to protest but then she is lost in his  deep brown eyes .Uday carries her to the bed and places her gently on the bed he then starts to open her zip and she pulls off his trousers very soon their clothes were scattered on the floor 

uday:princess i remember u saying that u love naughty people so shall i be naughty then


Manyata: Yes, jaan. Let's be naughty.

They are carried away in a whirlwind of their emotions. They have a hot and steamy night. Next morning, Manyata gets up before Uday and goes to take a relaxing shower. There is only a Jacuzzi, so she undresses and no sooner had she immersed her body in the bubble-filled water, then Uday enters, with a towel at his waist. He sees Manyata already in the bubble-filled Jacuzzi, and his heart yearns to join her. Instead, he apologizes for entering without knocking.

Uday: I'm' I' I'm sorry. I' should have knocked.

Manyata: After last night do you really feel the need to apologize?

Uday: No' I just'

Manyata: Forget all that. Why don't you join me? I've been feeling'

Uday: Say no more, princess.

He dumps his towel and joins her. They have an 'underwater session' for well over an hour, before they finally come out. Panting, they dry up, and make some more when dressing. Unbeknown to the passionate lovers, SOMEONE is posting all their irresistible moments on every social website, and is also sending videos to all members of their family. They leave, and go to the Mahal. They enter hand-in-hand, and meet a furiously scowling Jay.

Manyata (happily): Hi, Jay. How are you?

Jay: I'm fine. Just WHERE are you 2 coming from?

Uday: Stop spoiling the good mood. Although it looks like yours already is. Why?

 Jay: No, duh. It's because of THIS.

She pulls out her phone and shows them a LLLOOONNNGGG video of them enthusiastically making love like there was no tomorrow. First at night, then in the bathtub, then while dressing up' even Uday and Manyata thought they had gone overboard, though at that time, it had felt completely and utterly delightful.

Uday: What the hell is this? Who sent you this? More importantly HOW could you watch it? These are very private things. I never knew YOU would-

Jay: Save your breath. I should be the one asking YOU how YOU could sleep with HER??!! I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONE YOU MARRY! I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONE YOU LOVE! NOT HER!! IT WAS NEVER INTENDED LIKE THAT!!!

Uday: I never knew YOU could stoop THIS low Jay, I mean-

Jay: I stooped low, did I? Well, pardon me, your highness. I thought you'd like to be informed that all YOUR stooped actions are being broadcasted on YouTube, Twitter, FB, etc. The WHOLE WORLD is going to know. "EXCLUSIVE: YUVRAJ ND YUVRANI IN LOVE-ALL-NIGHT SHOCKER!" They'll call it "Royal Scandal"! The press will have a field day!!

Uday: Shut up! How could you talk to us like this? This is an outrage! So, Jay, you had better put a cork in it!

Jay: Or maybe SOMEONE should have put a cork in it last night! Oh, wait' Sorry, someone had already stuffed up something of theirs in there already! So, Uday, tell me. How did it feel? Your first time, I presume? The girl you've been yearning for was finally yours. Does the achievement feel' sensual?

Manyata, who is too shocked to say anything due to her anger and embarrassment, bursts out: JAY! That's enough of your lip. You have ABSOLUTELY no right to interfere in our love life. Uday was, is and will be mine forever and ever! You're just jealous because-

Jay: He loves you right? (Laughs bitterly) Of course I am! He was supposed to marry me, until you came along. He was completely gaga for you, and look what happened yesterday! If you don't expect me to be jealous, toh kya mein tumhari aur uski aarti utaru?

Manyata: Cut the chitchat. Just tell me where everyone is, DS, Vijaybhai, Unnati, Ma?

Jay: Upstairs, in the theatre.

Uday grabs Manyata's hand, and they begin climbing the stairs.

Jay: Sorry, I forgot to mention what they're watching! They're watching something called YOUR love videos! Oh my! How enthralling it is to see it on "THE BIG SCREEN". Who knew you were an expert, jiji?

She smirks and begins to walk away. Uday flies down the stairs and proceeds to stop her. Manyata is right behind him.

Uday: How could you, Jay? It was just that' we'

Manyata: Got carried away in our emotions'

Uday: And I was drunk the first time we-

Jay: WHAT??!! This was, like, your second, third and FOURTH time? OMG, you guys are definitely oversexed. No wonder you seemed like experts in bed. Even though I'm willing to bet all my shoes that she's not even all that good. Say, I've got an idea' Uday, darling, let ME sleep with you. Once is enough. Then you'll see what I'm capable of. I tell you, I'm better.

She moves towards him, and begins to unbutton his shirt, but he pushes her away.

Uday: Stay away from me. My heart, soul and body all belong to Manyata now. AND I know for a fact that you are unsatisfactory in bed. She's a gazillion times better.

Manyata: So, you mean to say that you and she have actually-

Uday: Yuck! No way, Princess! How could you doubt me? I've heard it from all the guys she slept with, who happened to be in the same college as me.

Jay: WHAT??!!!

Uday: Don't pretend. Remember that guy, Aditya, in London, Sohail in Dubai, Chan in Bangkok, and let's not forget your top FIVE: Kartik, Ravi, Michael, Vinoy, and last but not the least- Ansh. Shall I continue?


Manyata: I'm sorry I doubted you. I should have trusted you, instead of this wh**e, no offense.

Uday: None taken and I forgive you my love.

They lean in and smooch contentedly. Jay disgustedly leaves the room, and soon re-enters with the whole shell-shocked family, who have just finished watching the video, and seem to be watching the beginning in live performance.

Both Manyata and Uday were hugging each other so closely, it seems impossible that they would let go. Their hair was wild and tousled, and Manyata's zip was halfway down her back, whereas Uday's shirt was completely torn open, revealing his bare and muscular chest. Their lips seemed to be glued together, and their arms were entwined in each other's hair.

Uday opened his eyes slowly, and to his utter amazement, there was his whole family: DS, Jay, Vijaybhai, Unnati, Brijraj, and Komal, all with looks of amazement, confusedness and anger on their faces. Unnati and Vijaybhai had O's plastered on their faces, whereby Komal and Brijraj just seemed to want the ground to open up and swallow them. As for Jay and DS, they were so infuriated by the sight before their eyes, they both had twin looks of anger on their faces, and both of them had their hands on their hips...

Uday nudged Manyata, who just grunted at being disturbed, and drew in closer to his chest. Uday immediately took her hand and turned her around. With a gasp, she realized what Uday was trying to tell her. Tears of guilt ran down her cheeks, as she saw her whole family, just STARING at them. DS was the first to recover.

DS: What on earth are you 2 doing?

Uday: Look, it's not what you think' we can expl-

DS: There's no need for that. I can see very well what's going on here. You both know the rules, the principles, and the fine traditions that were instilled in you when you were young, yet you seem so bent on ignoring them.

Manyata: But-

DS: Silence! I want to tell you that both of you no longer have respect in the eyes of the family, the citizens, and you should not even have a bit of self-respect, after showing that you can perform such misdeeds before you are even married! Aapne humare parivaar ko dukh aur zilato ke toofan ke taraaf dhakel diya.

Vijaybhai: OMG, M bhai! Shaadi se pehle suhagraat! Times 3! VERY, VERY BAD! By the way, how was it? You know, that these questions will be asked by the press, so you should be prepared. Hey, M bhai, by the by, did you know your lips are swollen and-

DS: Enough! Put a lid on it, Vijay! Uday, Manyata, go upstairs and get decent, please! Manyata, you must where a white sari as a widowed woman and neither of you shall speak to each other. Now get going! I want you in the kitchen because Uday's going to prepare the dinner, and Manyata will clean up later!

In the room:

Uday: Oh no, oh no, oh no! I have never in my whole life made even TOAST for myself, and DS knows this! How can she expect me to cook?

Manyata: Calm down! I'll help you. Now, get dressed quickly. I'm already done.

Uday: Princess, love, what would I have done without you?

He grabs her by her waist and begins to kiss keenly. She tries to protest, but soon finds her arms unconsciously winding around his neck. Suddenly, DS enters.

DS: Oh no! More of what is forbidden! If this goes on, I'll have to put you in 2 separate rooms. Now, come down to the kitchen. Uday, you are to cook 'Dal, bhath and churma' while Manyata washes up. I want dinner on the table by 8, so you better get cracking, since it is already 6:30.

She leaves, and calls a family meeting to decide what to do for the couple.

In the kitchen:

Manyata: Uday, please hand me the flour. I can't reach it.

Uday: What is mere flour, when I can get mountains and hills for you? Why I can even climb a rainbow and bring down stars-

Manyata: Yes, yes. But first get the flour. We'll see about the mountains, hills, rainbows and stars later.

Uday reaches up to get it, but behind the tin is a large and disgusting cockroach. He tumbles, and flour rains don on his head. Manyata turns around and is surprised to see Uday covered in flour, with the tin perched on his head, just like a hat. She begins to laugh. She laughs and laughs, and walks towards him. There is a sudden gust of wind, so her sari gets caught on the gas knob, and the heat goes up very high. As she moves in front, her sari untangles, so neither Uday nor Manyata know. She begins dusting him off with a smile on her face. Uday gazes at her with love and adoration. Realizing that Uday was staring at her, she looked up. Their eyes met and the moment seemed to spark with magic! Manyata realized that Uday's flour covered hands were reaching for her, and the loud noise was bound to draw attention, so she said: Mountains and flour? Woh sab toh bari door ki bath hai. I mean you can't even get a tin of flour safely on the countertop, and here you are talking all fancy.

Uday: Hey! It's not MY fault. It's that stupid cockroach!

Manyata: A cockroach? In the Mahal? This is unacceptable! Where is it?!

Uday: There, there! Subzi ke upar!

 Manyata sees it, and coolly and calmly throws the vegetables on the ground, picks up the cockroach and throws it in the bin.

Manyata: See, simple. You are such a scaredy-cat.

Uday: No! Anyway, I think that's your most attractive quality: you're always ready for battle. But look at this mess!

Manyata: Thank you, honey. Let me go get a mop. You pick up the vegetables.

She takes a step forward, and suddenly, the cooker blasts, sending dal flying everywhere. It splatters on the walls, the ceiling, and on Manyata and Uday, who are on the floor, hugging each other; since when the cooker had exploded, Manyata had rushed into Uday's arms, knocking them down. Her sari's pallu is also splattered, and now covers the couple. They both slowly open their eyes, and seemed to be sharing an eye lock. Uday slowly reaches out, and Manyata thinks that he is reaching for her zip, but instead, it goes towards her lips. There is some dal smeared on it. He takes his finger, and wipes the dal off, and then licks his finger.

Uday: MMM' oh, wifey! Who knew you tasted SOO good!

Manyata: What?!

Uday: I mean the dal's great!

Manyata: how dumb do you think I am?

She reaches out, and playfully wipes off some dal from Uday's lip, and puts it in her mouth.

Manyata: Not bad. I'd have given it 9 out of 10, but since it has YOUR flavor, it gets 11 out f 10.

She giggles, and they both burst out laughing. They abruptly stop, staring deeply in each others' eyes. They have no ears for anyone or anything but themselves. Uday's hand reaches for Manyata's waist. They both start breathing heavily, reliving the previous hot night, and Manyata leans down, and soon, they find themselves kissing with such a burning passion, it frightens even them. But they don't stop. Not even when the whole family enters.

Third person's point of view:

Uday and Manyata seem to have superglue holding their lips together. Manyata's sari is half off, and Uday's trousers have slipped halfway down his waist. Their hands are entangled in each others' hair. They are still kissing passionately, completely unaware of their surroundings. Both of them are covered with flour and dal, but neither seems to care. The gas is still on, the cooker has exploded, and the vegetables are scattered everywhere on the floor. They are still lost in each others' embrace, and are rolling on the floor, with more dirt, dal and flour covering them. Their feet knock into the vegetables, scattering them further. Wonder what DS will say?

DS: Stand up the 2 of you. Aren't you ashamed? Don't you think you've done enough damage without all this? I can't even leave the room safely, knowing you two will be stuck together like magnets, the moment I turn my back! Now, for the last time. Go upstairs. Get DECENT! Then come downstairs. We have decided what to do for you' AND I WANT THIS CLEAN AFTER OUR DISCUSSION! Nakh humari katwaonge! 

She waves her hand across the room, indicating all the turmoil.

They silently make their way upstairs, dress up, and come downstairs. They wait for DS to tell them of the consequences they might suffer. Then they make the mistake of looking at each other. They are so lost, that a stupid voice breaks into their romance. It's DS.

DS: Today, I have been humiliated due to my offspring. You will have to bear the consequences, whether you like it or not.

Manyata and Uday prepare for the worse.

DS: The consequences that we have decided'

Jay (to herself, under her breath):' Are bakhwas.

DS:' Is that you two get married. ASAP. I've called the rajpurohit and he said the closest auspicious time is in 2 weeks.

Uday and Manyata: WHAT??!! YYYAAAYYY!!!!!!!

They scream, shout, and jump around like little kids, before indulging in an intense kiss.

Vijaybhai: So hot, so romantic! I... I mean um.. what is wrong with you 2?

Uday: You can't say anything, I mean you've seen us making love, so what's in a small kiss?

He manages to say this before he is pulled back by Manyata.

Vijaybhai: No I didn't see it! I want to see-

DS: Vijay, cut the talk. Make sure these two are in 2 separate rooms, with heavy security and no means of communication with each other, because if you give these guys even half a chance, they'll end up entwined before you can say 'oversexed'.

Vijaybhai tries to pry them apart, but succeeds in getting stuck in between. Uday and Manyata carry on, ignoring the obstruction. Vijaybhai battles valiantly, but soon

 Vijaybhai: Warm' cozy' I could fall asleep in here' what?! WAIT! What am I saying?! OH NO! NANI SHAB! Their love is affecting me too! Help me!

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Great start sairah realy l0vd ths chapter plx do update da next chptr s0on:)

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I do remember this ff. I had no idea that you wrote it. Maybe, because I didn't know u then!LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL... Anyway...I was really nice and FUNNY too!
SO NOW...the big question...

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what yar vampy i  have read this ...i am angry on u  have time for this but no time for jealousy plays the cupid 

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Originally posted by mahara23

what yar vampy i  have read this ...i am angry on u  have time for this but no time for jealousy plays the cupid 

i never updated the next part i just took all the parts i wrote before and posted then together 
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Originally posted by navinahun

I do remember this ff. I had no idea that you wrote it. Maybe, because I didn't know u then!LOL... Anyway...I was really nice and FUNNY too!
SO NOW...the big question...

hi navi
next holidays
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i know this one vampy ,u were the one who came with Akash Gay idea too...tu paidaishi bigdi hui bachhi  hai...kabhi nahi sudhregi...chal ab baaki ke update kar promo de de kar hum manveer lovers ki jaan legi kya 

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Read it all before 
Update ur present FF

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~Tera Mera Pyaar ty vm pg 68

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Author: adventure_gurl   Replies: 580   Views: 155079

adventure_gurl 580 155079 08 October 2012 at 12:43am by Sunshinegirll
songs that will suit ManVeer vm's

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Author: shaf13   Replies: 97   Views: 14821

shaf13 97 14821 18 August 2012 at 3:39pm by Brokenhearty
DEK scene gallery (ManVeer)

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Author: shaf13   Replies: 48   Views: 11672

shaf13 48 11672 18 May 2012 at 5:20am by jiyakapoor
My Animated Reaction to new ManVeer Promo

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Author: ibelieveinpink   Replies: 17   Views: 4487

ibelieveinpink 17 4487 08 May 2012 at 9:12am by adventure_gurl
OneShot: Manveer (Inspired by the New Promo)

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Author: Angelskiss   Replies: 43   Views: 16843

Angelskiss 43 16843 18 April 2012 at 6:37am by RadhapriyaG_01

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