Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

:~:NT#10 Congratulations On The 10th Edition:~:

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"Thappad Se Darr Nahi Lagta Sa'ab'pyaar se lagta hai"

(I am not afraid of slap..rather I am scared of Love)


Shivu is seen standing on the desk'with a hair-brush' a bandana round her temple' and engrossed in dialogue delivery' Dimple enters'


Dimple: Shivu'I was thinking' ki lets *stops seeing her acting* now'ab tu kya kar rahi hai?

Shivu: ohh'nothing' I had a play in school function'so was in that mood!

Dimple: I thought'may be u need attn by a doc!

Shivu: as if!!! Anyways' you know' I was thinking'ki lets have this dialogue as title?

Dimple: quite apt waise!!!

Shivu: haina?

Dimple: urrmm'ya!!! Well' waise last time u got late'gal? chalo..lets leave that' urm'ya'lets make this edition'a bit' hearty hearty and butterflies and balloons' signifying RiMa love you know!!

Shivu: ohh ya' right'nice idea!!! Go on!!

Welcome Welcome!! Hardik Swagat to one and all!!!

We came... 10 weeks promise you full on entertainment...and we think we have lived up to your expectations!!!

On behalf of Shivu and Me... I would like to heartily congratulate each and every member of Team NT...for successfully completing 10 editions!! I would like to thanks 3 special people who make this Newsletter worth watching...the layouts and all...

Firstly... Stuti aka -Stutz- for her beautiful headers!

Aanchal aka _Aanchal_ for being the initial in charge of the Main Banner

and now... my Shivu...

We also wish to thanks Shifali ..for her advice at every step... Thanks alot people!! and now...its time for NT #10!!!


NL Heads:: Dimple and Shivu
Main Banner:: Shivu
Sub Headers:: -Stutz-

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(By princess163  )

EmbarrassedAnother action packed week; another one where there are several contenders for the Scene of the Week

There was the scene where RK stops Madhu from taking Kai-Kai(thats my nume for Kukku BhatiaTongue)'s blessings. The way he says, you are MY wife, and you won't bend in front of such low-lives, I was like WOW! 

There was the part at the end of this scene where RK grabs Madhu's hand, she winces in pain, he realizes that, they share an eye-lock, and he leaves her hand quietly and leaves. Awww...

There was the Monday episodeDay Dreaming
The scene where madhu saves RK, they fall-with Madhu on top of RK,their eye-lockDay Dreaming 
Then, the way he screams to get a doctor for HERBig smile. The way he asks Kai-Kai to apologise(though he spoils the fun by his dialogue to Madhu later about his wife deserving an apology and not Madhu per se).

So, looking at all the contestants, the last one wins hand downClap

(By lovelygeet24x7 )

The worst scene could be R.K insulting Paddo in front of everyone on the set.This man doesn't leaves any opportunity he gets to insult Madhubala's family,Monkey Icons Yoyo.And he insulted in a sweet tormenting manner which later left MB fuming over R.K.

(By  Phoenix.Xeelan  )

This week bakra goes to RK's step dad - Kuku Bhatiaji. Without a doubt the actor playing Kuku Bhatia - Raza Murad is a powerhouse of talent which makes his character even more convenient as a typical villain. Kuku bhatias defected materials caused the accident on RKs set which was the reason of Madhys injury too. besides that it's clear he is always after RK taunting him for his character, being his father when he knows RK doesnt accept him as a father at all. He knows where to hit RK and moreover infront of RKs mother Radhaji he pretends he treats RK just like his own son which is surely not the case. Last but not the least, sending Madhu childhood photographs of RK to take him down - so not fair. he is targeting RK at the most weakest point knowing very well where it would hurt the most.

(By  lovelygeet24x7  )

FINALLY!I said FINALLY I got something to write in this section & the credit for this goes to none other than Sikander Bhatia!Monkey Winks Yoyo.Bittoji sees him crawling on the ground in order to lay his hands on R.K's expensive wine bottles.And when he  catches him & indirectly compares him to a dog,Sikander doesn't understands & says "There is no dog around,you must have seen me!"Monkey Emoticons and even if he did understand his motto is '7000 ki Scotch ke liye kuch bhi karega'Monkey Icons

(By Armu4eva  )

At the bar when Sikander was busy bragging .. about his 'could have been' life as a superstar..instead of RK...  Kuku ji.. listened on! However. Sikander ended up blaming Kuku ji for destroying his chances in Bollywood by directing him in a super flop film..! Enraged.. Kuku ji told Sikandar point blank ... that had he directed the movie with RK in the lead.. he did been a big name in Bollywood by now!  

Poor Sikandar .. Ouch the expression on his face was.. . 'Puurrr-fect' ROFLROFLROFLROFL! And the 'Murga bano' line by the cop to the father-son duo was the perfect icing on this stupid cake.. !! LOL


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(By DamnedDrooler-)

RK it has to be but it's not one of his fancy and stylish clothes that gave him a spot her but a simple Red top and white trousers did the trick ... the scenes where madhu confronts him and told him he has to say sorry ... Vivian looks nice in red and it add's up and super comfortable too ... his hairdo is really nicely done and the whole look came out great

(By Phoenix.Xeelan  )

I'm really happy with the arrival for RK
's brother because seems like from now on I don't have to work on fashion disaster much Tongue
You got it.. this week the fashion sense needs to be trashed is none other than Bandar oops Sikandar Bhatia LOL
What the hell was that with his silver sparkly shirt and on the top, that check wide collar over get Stern Smile Fashion Police alert... he needs to check some fashion magazines right now!! Atleast consult RK's fashion designer if he can.. I'm sure there will be some improvements LOL

(By  Armu4eva   )

^^ oh boy come on.. that one cant be a surprise .. now can it? Wink  Hai .. the way BIWIII ran at the speed of BOLT and leapt on her SHER .. uff.. Blushing .. i dunno if i should blush or type ConfusedLOL!! The eyelock that followed...gosh..!! Wifey ka tender gaze.. Hubby ka wonder gaze Wink *assi to lut gaye.. hai re hai* Day Dreaming

Loved it.. !! Embarrassed

(By .SilentPrincess   )

~ Kyun Dard Hain Itna Tere Ishq Main ~

Made by: Fatemarox1


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(By  bubblygal1711 )

VM of the Week

by preetgill88

(By  Jyo_Ks )

First of all congo to all the MBians , finally the TRPs of the show are consistently rising! Clap & all thanks to the sizzling chemistry between our ever so awesome Jodi RishBala/DVD..Embarrassed
Here, in this article we also come to know that there's many more twists & turns on the way, one of them being is re-entry of Manish Naggdev aka Mukund. Cool
It'll be interesting to see will Madhu accept RK after knowing his past or will she end her marriage filled with pain.Day Dreaming
stay tuned for more..Wink
posted by: Manonids ; credit: Fuzion

( By x.Maaneet4eva.x )

By: be-happy-always
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(By Xx-Shama-xX )

FF/OS of the week - Kiss of poisonous love by -piya with maximum hit of 90 likes! :')

Congo...! =D

 (By princess163 )

No competition. RK wins for his possessive husband act.

The way he says BIWIIIEmbarrassed
The way he looks at herEmbarrassed during those eye-locksEmbarrassed

Hayeee! VD is making me his fanDay Dreaming (and I am NOT easily impressed)

Tere ishk pe, tere wakt pe, bas haq hai ek meraaa...

Most Discussed Topic

(By -NaGs_BaBy- )

Saara rayta phela diya
by SheDevil with 68 replies, 1947 views

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(By swaron502 )


Superstar Hot Chunk RK Of The Week: carisma2
Your Gift:

Glycerine  Of The Week: piya-
Your Gift:

Gossiping Queen Of The Week: kirti_fiji
your Gift:

Heroine Of The Week: -msk4ever-
Your Gift:

Laughter Medicine Of The Week: SheDevil
Your Gift:

DVDian OF The Week: aashluvsmaan
Your Gift:


Chuglibaaz Of The Week: Sikandar

Hats Off To Ypu Of The Week: Madhubala

Satti savitri Of The Week: Padmini

Bhago Yahan Se Of The Week: Sikandar again LOL

chakna choor Chalak Item Of The Week: RK's Dad

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Lol this time I got a hatrick yipeeDancing Kiss of poisonous love got the best ff award again but there is something wrong with the number of likes I have got 159 likes in the last update and not 90Embarrassed

Lol glycerine of the week LOL waise maine kaunsi emotional baat ki thiConfused yet me happy glycerine  ka award toh mila let me put it in my dabba 

PS: @ Dimple I love ur DP can I use it?


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Sunsetglow IF-Sizzlerz

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Congrats to the whole team for the 10th edition...!
You guys are Brilliant...!!

Another awesome NTClap

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-Dimple- IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by piya-

PS: @ Dimple I love ur DP can I use it?


Yes Dear. You canEmbarrassed

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