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The Gross and The Stupid (Page 6)

Kookiemonster IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Aimz-

Originally posted by kookie2020

Originally posted by -Aimz-

Originally posted by kookie2020

Originally posted by -Aimz-

Swathi, my girl Hug

A love story where we can't have a proper marriage in peace. What would they have lost if they would yet again have failed Shyam's villainy antics and Arnav and Khushi get to have the wedding that the best couple on Indian Television truly deserves? Oh wait, I'll answer that myself. They might have lost a particular 'purrfect' actress whose Niagra Falls keeps the show tourists intact and whose bullet-in-the-chest-pace dialogues give a boost to TRPs like no Bonvita ever could.

A love story where the guy loves his sister, the girl loves the guy and no one gives a shit about the girl. I guess the CVs are too busy butchering her character, nice way with the knife, to even care about unfolding a track for her. What a pity, the waste of talent.

A love story where there a love story, a very strong love story at that, just not the love story we wanted. The love story of a Papad Ka Tukda and a Khatti Meethi Toffee. Need I say more?

Don't tell me side characters can't be side-lined always. They are supposed to be side-lined, we get that.
Just tell us who those "side characters" really are.
My dear Aimz, 
This is a million dollar question.
All of us have been trying to figure this out for the past 2 months.
Apparently none of us went to Harvard na, So we dont have that edge to figure it out.

*Sigh* But it's not Harvard I'm after. 
It's that law school that teaches and practically demostrates 'Criminology'
People there come out very smart. They can play a nasty game for years, status 'not out', right under the nose of Harvard to Hardivar graduates.

Some of them are very smart., Some of them are absolute douche bags.
I work with one of the biggest douche bag from Harvard .
Tells so much about the institution.
I now thank my lucky stars they rejected my application not so long ago.

You missed one category:
Some of them are complete asses, but their tortured past justifies the shit that comes out of them.

*Dares the Bachas to report to their Mommies*

Aap bhi na ...
They can go and cry Mommy as much as they want.
Mujhe koi farak nahi padta Dammit.
I dont give a Harvard's neat little ass.

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dieforasr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FairyLiquidSoap

Is exactly how I felt about you all CV's and PH when I initially read your so admirable tweet and now in retrospect feel nothing but admiration over your cojones wowClap it takes guts and gumption to declare your future course of actions through such powerful usage of words that it makes me proud that I have been a fan of your serial for the last one year watching it right from day one and you have never let me down or cease to amaze in me your accurate assessment  of your importance to all of us loyal viewers

Unlike the oh so erudite quick to cotton on brilliant analytical post makers here who write their interpretation of the episodes and now have realized quick as a button your actual story and changed their perspective from love of romance to love of family I wish I had that much intelligence and foresight to see through that quickly sigh an imbecile I amOuch
Like me there are tons of us here who still have not understood the full implications so to make it crystal clear can you please do the following upon which we will be absolutely sure what you are narrating , see last year I though I was watching a love story I now realize the subliminal message of this being sibling love story was lost on me whattay a imbecilic dolt so to make sure dull headed viewers like me don't make that silly error in judgment again and to highlight and drill that point into our rather thick skulls


  • Please declare this on your website as well as on SP to be a Hero centric Didi Ka Saut show so we know its all about a man his journey his sister and his life or conversely sibling their journey in keeping the faith in each other intact journeying through the travails of life See no one can miss that


  • For gods sake kindly remove the face of KKG from the banner/stills she is frivolous and has no relevance to the story any more She does not even have to act anymore we all know she is just the mere comfort pillow/ stress buster/girl Friday as such and does not add value to the current tale of sibling love even I don't understand why you are continuing to put her face it will mislead and there may be some who may actually think this to be a love story and not a family story and will not tune in you don't want to lose that part of the TRP generating audience now do you?


  • Place the face of ASR/Arnav in the centre and scenes of his 14 year old traumatized  self and a shattered Anjali in the background or better yet put the sibling faces in the centre of the banner as star attraction nothing can make the message of IPKKND clearer


  • I urge you to change the synopsis of the serial from lovers to ' crossed siblings whose quest for love life and happiness has always been dogged by the selfish intentions of their respective spousal and partner choices'. ideologically anjali traumatized and scarred by the suicide of her parents is terribly fragile and weak while her younger brother has the strength and perseverance to valiantly battle on both their behalf and in the end they both will live happily ever after'' a heartwarming story of redemption repentance and forgiveness of sibling and their pure love for each other


  • Please send only ASR Anjali to the UK they are the stars don't send KKG its called false advertising. See true fans of the show may not like seeing some one who has no connection to this tale of sibling love she can stay back and to make sure the real stars are not taxed and left in peace to enjoy their 101 with fans make her role play'Snort and pshaw she handled the show for 6 weeks what's another week you can show her cleaning all the bedrooms kneeling before her Arnavjis photo and chanting adorable mantras whilst sniffing his baniya with one hand and stitching Anjalis saree falls even dusting Shyam's law books all the while chatting with Lakshmi and JP/OP/HP and viewers will be happy to see such a hardworking family oriented domestic goddess


Bas story clear characters clear viewers clear and you will definitely not find any moaning whining bitching ranting howling posts over your handling of the story

And when you do all that I promise to make a CV/PH appreciation thread chanting your glory forethought and incredible originality I too will join the bevy of turn coat worshippers that have seen your light and rejoice in your current brilliance with my hosannas No guarantees if I will watch the show but I will be ready with daily offerings of Namaha's and annotations to a bunch of bright brilliant business savvy Creatives who knew what their target audience so badly needed and had the moral fiber to deliver against all odds

Pls check out this following link...Now not only regular IF members ...even other silent readers are also fuming...AngryAngryAngry

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Ni1234 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Arshiluvu27

what did they tweet???? someone pls tell ..

Hi Buddy..!!!

The screen play writer of the show tweeted,

" Dekhna hai toh Dekho "

He tweeted this for the viewers..

He meant if u are not happy with the show. Leave it. It's upto u..

U won't believe viewers took it so seriously..

After that TRP's are below 2.8 only..


Hope u satisfied with my comment..LOL


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FairyLiquidSoap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AyeReKhushi

Swathi, I absolutely LOVE you for this post! 

I'm sorry for the late reply but reading your amazing post, I realized I have too many thoughts on this subject which I probably won't be able to convey properly...but it's fine because you said it all brilliantly for me.

Friday's episode left such a bad taste in my mouth that it took me a whole day to finally give in and watch the episode online, no way I'm contributing to their ratings when they continue to mislead us. As I watched it, I felt like Khushi was just a "pretty face". I was amused to see the positive reaction. More screen-time means nothing if you are just standing there, with not much to do. That's what supporting characters do and yesterday, that's what Khushi was reduced to in this new DKS show.

The past revelation fell flat. It didn't leave any impact on me after the way they spent a year to build it up. Neither did Anjali's anguish over losing a baby we saw no signs of until a couple of days that she herself was ready to kill a couple of weeks ago. Never mind about that.

I can't remember the last time she had a profound and meaningful scene written for her, to help the viewers connect with her and feel her pain...such as the one Anjali had in the first half and Arnav had in the second half of yesterday's episode. In fact, Anjali has been getting such breakdown scenes every other day...even though we've been protesting against such scenes.

Khushi was given one such scene during the kidnapping track...but does that really count? They had no choice but to piggyback on her talents to carry the show without a male lead. Where was the Didi in DKS then? Nowhere to be seen because if she tried to be the face of the show, it would have zero viewers left by the end of the week.

It would be different if Anjali was worthy of being a lead. She's not. Now she's pissed me off for taking away quality scenes from the real female lead of the show. The worst part is that the PH won't stop trying to brainwash the fans. I'm proud of the people on this forum who have a mind of their own and won't accept everything the PH shoves down our throat.Thumbs Up
Pinky sweetsHug Such Brilliant pointsClap 
They used her to run the serial when an actor was away and now are abusing her by sidelining her There may come a time when she will make a once in a blue moon appearance like Mamaji if ever or is this their way of phasing her out of the show?
I have never felt this much for a serial character as I over the injustice meted out to KKG Lord people make fun of the Bahus in other serials They are thankfully not a patch on her They have all had character growth went from being illiterate to educated from unemployed to business changing the sick family dyamics with their positivity KKG is the only one who lost her job character and her lead
and really thank god we are not so fickle minded as some here in the forum
I never thought i would make a post this soon again but i guess my anger level has reached saturation pointAngry
@blue the same hereBig smile

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-Aimz- IF-Dazzler

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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SeerialLoops IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:28am | IP Logged
Angry  for no PM
but res

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Kookiemonster IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Aimz-

Originally posted by kookie2020

Aap bhi na ...
They can go and cry Mommy as much as they want.
Mujhe koi farak nahi padta Dammit.
I dont give a Harvard's neat little ass.

Kookie dear, ah the days when kids would be pacified by kookies. 
Now you don't need to waste your precious money, give 'em a Barun Sobti picture and you won't see no cribbing, only drooling.

LOL, Aimz dear, We are out with the big guns now.
The police is coming to get ya.
But you are right.
Just give them BS and they are sorted.
He is the magic drug for them.
I still need many cookies for pacifying though.

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RickyBahl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 5:32am | IP Logged

when u write posts it brings a storm and lasts for long for the matter of fact such storms are welcomed if that some how helps in cleaning some dirt that is occupied in 8pm time slot.

I fear the kind of resentment public is having for the show might take them so down that ppl might avoid anything that has the tag 4 lions Films.

Each n every word says how we have been misdirected.,,Its written so brilliantly that nothing left to be said..Just wanna add aspect to your post

People may say that after Kidnap we have been seeing number of ARSHI SCENES,,so how come it become didi ki saut???

My answer is Yes we had a number of arshi scenes but where those arshi scenes linked with the core love story??
Arnav was hell bent in blackmailing her, showcased her as prostitute in developer office, brought her back in RM coz raksha bandhan had arrived and he didnt want contract marriage thing to come out in open.

where is the arshi love story??? let me clear 
showing Khushi scene with aranv doesnt mean the love story track is continuing. No redemption, No separation...all these have been skipped.
Only wen there wud be separation n redemption i can fully say it was arshi love story..Not by showing some rabba veys and planting 
Didi ki saut into it very trickfully.

So it is not necessary that if there was arshi scene that means that the love story was on. SORRY i couldnt see any love story since they returnrd after kidnap. Having them on same frame doesnt mean the story is revolving on Khushi.

Even if 4 out of 5 scenes are picturised at Khushi it doesnt mean its Arnav-Khushi track.

In that track Khushi was talking about di, her equations n how she felt she was responsible. Even a scene was shot on khushi but the content or the topic was DI
Scene is on Khushi but all time she was worried about Di n arnav not about her pains.

even in Khushi-arnav scenes it was all didi ki saut.

iam sorry i just want separation n redemption thats it

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