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The Gross and The Stupid (Page 11)

CDlove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Swathi my love, here's an advance forehead kiss and a forced hug to you Big smile
Brilliant post, brilliantly written and brilliantly worded in your usual brilliancy, can't add anything more to it.
My peeve is that they are straying away from the essence of the story that made it propell inside our minds and melt our cynical hearts and brought that hope of love and romance in us. The show has become a mundane, typical, run of a mill indian soaps feared and abhored by the general population (well at least by me).
The essence of the show lies with the beautiful, charming, spunky, righteous girl and stern, cold hearted man with baggage of a troubled past that had turned him into a, in khushi's words 'rakshas'.
Their relationship is full of battles of will, clash of ideals, disagreements of opinion, because they are so very different from each other. This is what we want to see; that same spunky, colourful young woman with her heart of gold and cheerful persona, that rough and tough man with again a heart of gold although hidden by years of insecurity and hardships and how they over come their differences. We wanted to see a proper evolution of their story, the gradual changes of characters (especially ASR), a logical, consistent clearcut yet well executed story line with meaningful diologues and well directed episodes.
Saddly the show has left that essence behind. Now the show doesn't revolve around Arnav and Khushi's characteristics. Previously it did. That's why the show was so interesting to watch.
Nowadays the makers themsleves are confused with their story, they have lost their focus.
Even this DKS track could have been played with the story happening around Arnav and Khushi's dynamics. But no that's not possible is it? It's not a big secret that Khushi's character is a mere prop to incooperate other characters' sob stories.
The day the PH and CVs of the show bring the old IPK essence back with our spunky Khushi and her laad governor Arnav and their turbulent love story, we will start to watch the show again.

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asha... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged

*Sigh* I can no longer rant. As usual a brilliant post with nothing left for me to add Clap Clap

This is going to be a somewhat disjointed reply...

I made a somewhat similar post a few months back, albeit not as good as yours. Take a look if you have time ;)

I don't understand the cvs stubbornness at Anjali being a main lead... and whilst I agree that Anjali is a pivotal character to the story, and so is her's and Arnavs past, why not make it in as an element that will contribute towards making the '' star crossed love story''  

This is something I posted somewhere else about IPK being a family drama, i've changed it a little ''I also agree when you say romance/love is an element of the story...however, all the other elements of the story should just include to that romance and love, not become the bigger picture and take over it. They should blend in and contribute to the love . And in the end it is about ArHi coming together despite all the trials they go through, so I feel it is a love story.'' <<  I guess the cvs have proven me wrong..

And lastly the million dollar question being...Does Khushi not have a past, what happened to that...

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SeerialLoops IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kookie2020

Originally posted by stafhtad

Originally posted by ASR4eva

Sudha- Woah! That's a lot of hidden meanings and a lot of deception happening...They should take up Dan Brown's book title 'Deception point' .. Confused
Swati (without the H??) or am I putting my tasty foot in my mouth?
Either way.Hug
Yes, that is a lot of hidden stuff.
Only skilled Decepticons can pull of this much hidden stuff.

Just because I have said something, does not mean that it will happen.
It will happen but it might not happen the way we want to happen.

You ppl will have to wait and see, there is a big twist coming.
CV's have planned something really big which will shock the audience.

Yes of course, the pigs will also fly.

Pigs did fly.
There was a article about that in some edition called "bringupmylunch"
And then 4 lions tweeted about that yesterday.
How are you missing all of this kookieji?  hovvu??

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Akanksha- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Firstly can I hug you for this fabulous postClap I just loved everything about this post. It truly echoed my pain and anguish about the show.
I dont know whether I should cry about the way show is being ruining or laugh at myself for being silly and for being attached to this show emotionally. Im unable to take the fact that once a very loved acclaimed show is ruined beyond recognition.

Im unable to understand the way show is being ruined or can I say butchered without any trace of the actual essence of the show. Im unable to understand the character which intrigued many of us( hope Im true as its Khushi' character in the promo learn to say sorry instead of giving money intriuged me to watch the show) has been buthchered without any identity. She is merely reduced to a typical BW heroine who is used who for rabbav ves( unlike songs in BW movies) and to lend her shoulder for hero to cry on. Im unable to understand the injustice mete to Sanaya who carried the show for 2 months with a smile on her face, without complaints, throwing weight, or throwing tantrums. Im unable to understand the track which could have fetched TRPs is totally being ignored. Im unable to understand CVs who are hell bent in turning in to DKS. Im unable to understand the PH who are dancing to the whims of a below average supporting actor who knows nothing apart from sobs, giggling, talking in the most irritating baby voice and smiling more than required and who has absolutely zero screen presence. Im unable to understand the ego of CVs and PH  which is larger than life, who are deliberately killing their own baby(like their characters Shyam and Anjali)

Im still unable to understand why  Im ranting, expressing my anguish and crying when I know it surely falls in deaf earsSleepy
All I can say is the CVs and PH are epitome of the saying "APNE PAIR PAR KHUD KHULADI MARNA" or to say in english "We have been cutting the same tree branch we have been sitting on"

Edited by sarunfan4ever - 04 September 2012 at 6:43am

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FairyLiquidSoap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ni1234

wonderfully written...!!

Agreed on all points..!!

I just want to add one thing here..Whatever happened has already happened..TRP's went downhill..and will continue to do so..Had hope that Re - Marriage will bring that UP..That is also out of the CHOICE now.. 

Negotiation at it's epic best. Now not the screen space she is enjoying the TRACK all together. Either ways we didn't even enjoy the single ARSHI marriage function. Everything was shared staring from DATE to Mehndi. I doubt about the next rituals. Because so called DKS track is on the rocks now...

Day is not far when we will see the redemption track by Anjali after Shyam's

These days ASR is having flashbacks of DI only..Khushi is no way close..What's the reason ??? They have confessed and their bond is stronger..

In apology also they didn't show each and everything in flashbacks..

ASR even had a flashback of dialogues for POOJALI...

For Khushi they can't come up with anything..Proper Re-marriage was the last HOPE..Gone for a toss..

As they say Expectation is a B***h..U can't expect anything from LIONS..They don't feel emotions of Loyalty..They understand negotiation...

They will soon repay for their mistakes..

As far as Marketing and Advertising is concerned, Don't expect something sensible from them. They only believes in sharing photos on Twitter and Facebook.Nothing else..Website not at all updated where we can share opinions..They need a consultant on a serious note..LOL

They need to do BRAINSTORMING on the first place on a serious note..


may i say at the outset have always enjoyed reading all your posts You make such incredible sense Thumbs Up
thank you for this information as well and will not be surprised if there is a redemption track alright for ASR and Di
Di repenting now that will be something i thought it would be more in the lines of ASR repenting that he ever left her side to be with another woman
I am pissedAngry
thank you for your thoughts quite informative

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FairyLiquidSoap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by stafhtad

Angry  for no PM
but res
my darling loopy this post was a spur of my anger moment thing i laub you forgive meCry

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FairyLiquidSoap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 6:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by RickyBahl


when u write posts it brings a storm and lasts for long for the matter of fact such storms are welcomed if that some how helps in cleaning some dirt that is occupied in 8pm time slot.

I fear the kind of resentment public is having for the show might take them so down that ppl might avoid anything that has the tag 4 lions Films.

Each n every word says how we have been misdirected.,,Its written so brilliantly that nothing left to be said..Just wanna add aspect to your post

People may say that after Kidnap we have been seeing number of ARSHI SCENES,,so how come it become didi ki saut???

My answer is Yes we had a number of arshi scenes but where those arshi scenes linked with the core love story??
Arnav was hell bent in blackmailing her, showcased her as prostitute in developer office, brought her back in RM coz raksha bandhan had arrived and he didnt want contract marriage thing to come out in open.

where is the arshi love story??? let me clear 
showing Khushi scene with aranv doesnt mean the love story track is continuing. No redemption, No separation...all these have been skipped.
Only wen there wud be separation n redemption i can fully say it was arshi love story..Not by showing some rabba veys and planting 
Didi ki saut into it very trickfully.

So it is not necessary that if there was arshi scene that means that the love story was on. SORRY i couldnt see any love story since they returnrd after kidnap. Having them on same frame doesnt mean the story is revolving on Khushi.

Even if 4 out of 5 scenes are picturised at Khushi it doesnt mean its Arnav-Khushi track.

In that track Khushi was talking about di, her equations n how she felt she was responsible. Even a scene was shot on khushi but the content or the topic was DI
Scene is on Khushi but all time she was worried about Di n arnav not about her pains.

even in Khushi-arnav scenes it was all didi ki saut.

iam sorry i just want separation n redemption thats it

Rishi Hug thank you for your warm words and compliments
very well put and agree so much You have exactly hit the nail on the head
@green the same here this love story is starting to rot and the stench of the carcass is slowly overpowering

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Kookiemonster IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 6:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FairyLiquidSoap

Originally posted by kookie2020

Originally posted by FairyLiquidSoap

Originally posted by kookie2020

Swathi, I am sick and tired now.
I just farak your post.
My ability to even reason in this forum is now running thin.
Just loved your post Dammit.
I have lost the will to even add my 2 cents now.
This forum is nothing but a fan club.
And this show is nothing but another Kekta crap now.
Hey KookieHug Thank youSmile 
so true have decided to end my days with venting out my anger They may force this down our throat but damned if i will accept it without protesting I am no sell out or pushover for this serial and oh yes i have been reading some of your stellar replies and comments else where brilliant but like you said nothing but a blooming phan club and please i think Ekta has more acceptance and less ego and did correct the show when it was failing to click with fans
Now that takes gumption and the show is doing well Here another story

Swathi, these so called fans just take away the cake when it comes to defending their territory ( or so they think so).
I try to talk sense but Mods close those threads.
They can close all the threads they want, All little girls can go and complain to Mommies but the fact remains the same.
IPKKND is now nothing but crap that they are trying to dish in the name of a TV show.
This TV show is a lost cause now.
I have not seen a single episode since last week and now thanks to the weeping willow , I have no desire left to watch this show.
I really cant say much about Ekta because this is the first Hindi show I have seen .
My experience with the first one has now become quite sour , so I will just give it a rest now and take your word on Ekta.
Just wait and watch now, some lill girl will again go and cry Mommy !Mommy! to mods.
ROFL i agree having been watching some of the most interestingposts getting shut because little girls dont undertand the language of communication being used or some of the words or even the point being made so they go running screaming abuse when they should be studying in school to better their own tiny undeveloped brains

Swathi, I was amazed when I saw some posts.
I will not get into the details of it because they closed Maverick's thread some time back where I had mentioned the level of their obsession.
I don't want this post getting closed.
But really I feel like banging my head on the wall at times when i read those posts.
What is wrong with them
Dont they have school or something?
I quite agree with you on their brain size though.
They have learnt wailing from the best you see, from our very own Moaning Myrtle.

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