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ArHi : Living and loving ~ Pt.14 Pg.20 17/09 (Page 20)

Gr8tyms Groupbie

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 3:28am | IP Logged

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 3:30am | IP Logged
loved the update.  

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samana IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 6:04am | IP Logged
Nice update.
Thanks for the PM.

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shalini_s IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 7:47am | IP Logged
loved the dresses that you picked.. too good.. and a nice update.. waiting for Khushi's and Anjali's surprise..

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...shruti... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
woah khushi show stopper dress is beautiful 

aji ajay and princess did look like royalty

loved the convo and confession of arnav and khushi much needed great work harshu

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-_-harsh42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 2:54am | IP Logged

Part 14

All the residents of Hope were now getting ready after the grand lunch that had been prepared and devoured with equal zeal. That night, Hope was to witness a party, in celebration of the grand success of their efforts in creating such a beautiful fashion show. And even though everybody were getting ready for the party with decent amounts of enthusiasm, there were two nervous souls there, making sure that they looked perfect. For the most important decisions were to be made that night. While Khushi fiddled with the pallu of her saree and paced round and round in her room, craving to prepare jalebis – and barely stopping herself from indulging in it, the other spoke to her one-month old baby, pouring over her heart as the little one listened to her mother in rapt attention, gurgling and making acceptable noises in between. Anjali straightened the purple-pink tutu frock that she had put on her baby and straightened her own gown.

'Gown! Of all the men I have to fall in love with a man who loves western culture!' Anjali thought, even as she ran her hands overthe intricate pattern on the waist of it. 'Oh, come on! You like it too!!' A small dark corner of her mind admonished her, not to blame Ajay fully for the gown. The gown, like his taste usually was, was impeccable. Not at all revealing, yet sensuous. It hugged her figure perfectly, and it was a matter of pride that her body had returned to normal after she had delivered her baby. In fact, her body had become even more curvaceous. Perfect hour-glass figure she observed in the mirror and asked whether her daughter thought so too. And how could her daughter refuse any of her devoted mother's statement. She just smiled a wide, gummy smile and Anjali gave a loud kiss on her daughter's soft head.

"Avni! That is what she shall be named as!" Ajay announced as he stood near the door. Anjali gasped in shock when she heard him. How long had he been standing there?! How much had he listened to? She turned to him with a serene smile, which did not fool Ajay for a second. But he thought of asking about this later. For now, he wanted to come up with a name for Anjali's - no - Their child. "Why Avni in particular?" he heard Anjali ask, mainly to see if he had heard anything she had been narrating to her child. He would surely bring uo the topic if he was privy to it, wouldn't he? Ajay never did anything of that sort, and he replied, "I saw her listen to your ranting with such patience, even though I am sure she did not understand a word of it. That amount of patience is almost equal to our very own mother earth! Hence the name!"

Anjali was pleasantly surprised at this deep thought from him. "Hum nahi jaante the ki aap ko Indian mythology aur Sanskrit ke baare mein itna pata tha. . . ." Anjali murmured and watched him enter the room, and put the flower bow on his daughter's forehead with gentle and loving hands. "I am a Brahmin, Anjali. Its a familial hazard." Avni started flailing her limbs and Ajay smiled as he picked her up from Anjali's arms. He was making funny noises and talking to her when Anjali stated, "I have noticed you don't even look at me properly anymore." "Are you seriously jealous of your own daughter?!" Ajay asked and Anjali now felt foolish at making such an observation.

"I have to go!" she had said and was about to go when he held her wrist, transferring the baby to his shoulder so that she now drooled over his shoulder. His free arm went around his shoulder, as he coerced her to look up and he said, "Anjali . . . . You know that I lo. . . ." He was stopped when he felt her fingertips on his lips. "Not right now." Anjali almost snapped and Ajay jerked his head back in surprise. What was so wrong with this moment?! He was thinking when Arnav entered the room, wearing a pair of jeans and his favorite, "Hope's bitch" tee.

"Khushi isn't here yet??" he quizzed, and Ajay ignored his question and told his daughter, "Avni! This is your self-absorbed mama! Oh, no! He's your Khushi-absorbed mama. Say hi!" Arnav grinned unabashedly as he stepped forward, his arms extended to take his niece. "Avni! I like it!" Arnav declared as he took her in one of his arm and took her bib to wipe her mouth. How babies managed to drool and look cute, he would never understand. "I am taking her with me." he announced as he carried her upstairs, making funny noises himself, as no one were there to witness Arnav Singh Raizada doing such stuff for his niece. She obliged him with peals of throaty laughter and he blew raspberries against her stomach, even as she fisted her palms tightly around her uncle's now-long-grown hair. And that is exactly Khushi found them when she opened the door of her room.

"Arre waah! Our baby has started to punish her mama! What did he do to you, Princess?" Khushi exclaimed as she took the baby in her arms, careful that the embellishments that adorned her saree did not prick the soft skin of the newest family member.

"Its not like this is the first time I am letting the women in my life punish me for the first time." Arnav muttered and Khushi's eyes snapped up to meet his and she gave a sad smile, feeling guilty. And Arnav proceeded to explain further with a wry smile, "And its also not like I did not deserve all those punishments."

Khushi smiled at this, walking ahead of him, and she stopped at the beginning of stairs. Carrying the child when she wanted both her hands to keep her saree up so that she did not trip, seemed a bad idea. Arnav mights have thought of it too, for he took the baby in his arms and stepped forward, Khushi following him. As soon as they all gathered in the dining hall, there was a few minutes spent on small talk. And then Shiva took up the stage as she announced the cost at which each of the designs had been auctioned at.

"I had actually liked my dress, you know?" Aditi murmured to Khushi and Khushi whispered back, "I'll ask Arnav to get you one more." "Thanks!" Aditi whispered right back, pleased about it. Though after a second she asked, "Wait, you're going to ask him, aren't you? Its not like you'll be ordering him or something. He's not just your employee anymore, right??" Khushi smiled at her before she answered in Aditi's ear, "He was never just my employee." Aditi looked back in surprise before she nodded her head, giving a knowing smile.

And by the end, Shiva gave the total sum of money that they had earned from the fashion show and everybody were amazed by it. Khushi started talking next and she explained what should be done next. The donors were to be sent a thank you token, and at the end of her speech, she said, "It all comes down to Arnav, who not only designed the clothes and made us get this obscenely huge amount of money to feed ourselves, but this idea was his too. So all thanks, from all of us at Hope, is to you, Arnav." Arnav shook his head, and smiled kindly, as he replied, "I would not take all the credit. You have worked very hard too."

"Of course, you would give her the credit! You're pussy whipped by her!" came a cat-call from behind, by one of the elder members of Hope, and Khushi looked at Arnav with wide eyes, to see if he had been irked. But Arnav shamelessly grinned at that, before he called out, "And you too, Mr. D'Souza! Never had a model like you!" "Hell, yeah!" Shouted the old man and they all laughed.

And when the jibes stopped flying form both ends, Khushi started speaking again, "And I have another important announcement. . . . Well, its more of a question!" She blushed and turned to Arnav, "A question to you." Arnav simply raised his left eyebrow and waited. She did not make a move to ask him her question and now he was getting a little concerned, "And the question is. . .??" Arnav questioned, walking towards her. And for the first time in the history of their encounters, she moved forward too, and they faced each other. Khushi held his hand for support and lowered herself onto one knee and saw Arnav's face gain the expression of shock which looked almost similar to herself, though his face was a little more composed.

"Arnav. Marry me." Khushi uttered and Arnav gasped, before he heaved out a shaky breath. He had expected anything but this! Wrong. He had not expected anything! He had not known that he was expected to expect anything. Especially something even remotely close to what had just happened. He opened his mouth to ask whether she was sure about this, and Khushi stopped him. "Yes. Or. No."

Arnav shook his head, sighed and rolled his eyes. Trust Khushi to make this such a dramatic issue! He looked around the room, and he saw everybody were waiting with bated breath. Especially his family and hers too. Ajay gave him an encouraging nod and Arnav's gaze again fell to Khushi,who still sat on her knee. What he failed to understand was that for each moment that he did not reply, Khushi's nervousness was increasing thousand-fold. He realized this when he saw her staring at him with her wide-hazel eyes and he bent to help her up. She did not object and as she stood up, he whispered, "Of course its a yes."

Khushi gasped, clutching his fore-arms, before he shouted to their audience, "He said yes!" There was a loud clapping around them, everybody cheering and congratulating them. Khushi turned back to Arnav in time to see a shy smile on his face. Arnav? And SHY?! Deadly combo!! Khushi thought as she hugged him tight. Anjali for the first time in so many days smiled for her brother and turned to Ajay at that moment, and he used the pad of his thumb to wipe the moisture off her eyelashes. "While we're at proposals, I would like to make one for you too." Ajay, who had been sipping on orange juice, promptly spit it out, coughing and spluttering, as he looked at Anjali with wide eyes. And then his expression changed to that of wonder. He suddenly discovered that he loved this I-am-taking-charge-of-my-life-and-you're-in-it-too Anjali. "Will you stop looking at me as if I was the next best thing after sliced bread and answer my question?!" Anjali snapped and Ajay smirked. There it was. The Raizada impatience. She looked cute like a button even when she was all worked up.

Silence had again fallen down in the room, and he said, "Well. I had actually planned to sing a song for you and propose you, you know?"

Arnav rolled his eyes at this and he quipped, "Please! You sound like a bag of drowning cats when you sing! Worse! If I may say so!" Ajay chuckled at it and Khushi curiously asked, "How do you know?"

"The idiot cannot shut up when he's standing under a shower!" Arnav replied back, and he mock-shuddered, making Khushi elbow him.

"The answer!" Anjali almost shouted, and Ajay hurriedly nodded, as he hugged her. "Yes! YES! YES!!"

Anjali hugged him too, and the cheers again erupted.

Hope was filled with happy souls that evening.

All except one.


She sat there, cursing her fate!

She simply could not love any of her in-laws, could she?!


Read and comment, my lovely readers!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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--Siva-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 2:54am | IP Logged


Are u serious, Harshitha Shankar? This is what the surprise u meant earlier?

Jeez, I'm grinning like an idiot. WHY?

Oh God, I totally forgot what was the first half of update.. Bad of me, isnt it? And I'm not taking any blames. Proposal made me forget it.

I was like, W*F to WTH and I started blushing when Kushi went on one knee!! 

And the I started laughing when Ajay promptly spit his juice :P That was the cuter action. Anjsi shouting for an answer.! Cool..

This just proves Ladies can do what men can do :P

Manorama.. And her in laws. It could be a tale I could say it my son in future :)

Edited by --Siva-- - 17 September 2012 at 4:32am

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 3:32am | IP Logged
Hey Harshu<3<3<3...How r u feeling now?...Hope u r recover from illness?...Missed u so much...Now coming to the part..LOVED IT...The Princess's dress is too beautiful...I can imagine her in that dress..Love ArShi moments..The way both understand each other...Too good...Awiee the way Anjali is going all nervous...chooo chwwweettt...The speech ceremony is describe beautifully..And last but certainly not the least...THE SURPRISE...Hayeee...Harshuuu...I am still in surprised mode..Khushi and Anjali Proposed Arnav and Ajay..EEkksss...I am sure ki unse jayda toh mein excited hun...No comments for Mami..Really want to read more so do try to continue soon...Thanks for the PM...Take care

Lots of Love

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