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ArHi : Living and loving ~ Pt.14 Pg.20 17/09 (Page 11)

kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 3:38am | IP Logged
wow congratz on the second thread dear ad the update was just fab...loved it very much and love ajay and arnav's bonding...brilliant update dear n thnx 4da pm...

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--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 6:32am | IP Logged
congrats on new thread...
the update was amazing..loved it...

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rockinggirl5 Goldie

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
I loved it. I love Arnav and ajay's bond. It feels like they have been friends for years. I am so excited for the fashion show. Amazing update!!!

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 12:28am | IP Logged
Where r uuu ?

Its Monday sweetheartBig smile

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-_-harsh42 IF-Dazzler

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Peoples worried abouts how our lil princess modelings?!

Leave the worryings to mois!! :D

And you reads ahead. . . . Wokays?! :P

Beware! Looong update!! Big smile

Part 13:

Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through… Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day. Good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper. *

Arnav remembered what the old woman had told him as he tied a dreamcatcher on the crib of the newest Raizada. Not that he believed in all this shit, but he would do it too, if it meant that princess would not be having any bad dreams. He felt silly even thinking that. Could babies even dream, let alone have bad dreams?! He snorted at his thoughts – and saw his niece look at him questioningly, as if she did not understand his reaction. Any which way, this colorful ensemble would hold his princess' attention, he knew and watched as her gaze shifted to the dreamcatcher and she lifted her hands as if she was trying to reach for it with her chubby hands – rather unsuccessfully – and when she could not reach it, she tried a little harder, flailing her limbs and talking to it, almost coercing it to come to her, this strange thing providing her with loads of amusement. Arnav left with a contented smile.

It had been a wonderful one month of everybody's life – everybody who were associated with Hope, and especially the elders, all aged between fifty five and eighty. After knowing about the problem, each and every one of them had chipped in, doing their parts with a passion and so much of a zeal that it could put the young hearts to shame. This had provided them a reason to fight and fight, they would. To live the remainder of their lives with dignity.

All the 36 members of Hope, and Casey, and Ajay, Anjali and their baby trio, and Naniji, and Mamiji (Mamaji refused to walk the ramp – ABSOLUTELY!), and Aditi (For Shiva had preferred to help in her way rather than traipsing down the ramp too.), AND Khushi – the show-stopper. (Arnav was not to hear any argument in that regard, he had ordered.)

The arrangements were not to be worried about. Since it was Arnav Singh Raizada's show, it was obvious that AR Fashion House would be included in this. The media were going crazy about this event, and Arnav, who usually snubbed the media as much as possible, let them do their going-gaga this once. He knew that he could use all the publicity that he got, to raise as much money as one fund-raiser-fashion show could.

He had also seen and enjoyed Khushi warming up to him, and had also noticed how she was working to make things the way they used to be while they had been seeing each other. And each of her effort reminded him more of how ungrateful of a jerk he had been when he had thoughtlessly shoved her out of his life.

It was the day before the fashion show, and Arnav was going through the dress racks, making sure they were ordered properly for his "models" to wear it. The word models made him smirk secretly. Not in his usual mocking way, but with joy - for it was for the first time that he had felt his designing was actually being useful! He remembered Buaji smiling down at him, as she tried to wobble her body on the ramp, and had finally given it up as she thought it would not do much good to her asthma. And Garima, as always, had been too shy. He had never expected them all to forgive him so easily. But her eyes had shone when she saw that Khushi had been doing such wonderful things. "Jo hota hai, bhale ke liye hota hai, Nandkisore!!" she had exclaimed, as Garima had nodded too, a kind smile intact on her place. Babuji had spared him a smile from his wheelchair. But the smile he could never forget would be Khushi's. Her joy, her tears when she met her family after so many months. He had felt extra sad that day, extra guilty, for making her stay away from her loving family. A fact, that Khushi had not missed, and he knew it.

"Don't you want us anymore, Arnav?" He heard Khushi's voice behind him and turned to her. "Khushi?" he asked, as his eyebrows scrunched in confusion. "I have been trying so hard to let the past be. But the harder I try, the more distant you become. Don't you want. . . . . US??" Khushi explained, pointing her hands to them both, when she said "US".

The air was filled with so much tension following her question, that it could be cut through. Arnav had lowered his gaze and his shoulders were stooped low, and he looked so tired that Khushi wanted to go and hug him and make him feel better. But before she could do any such thing, she heard him talk, his voice almost a whisper, "Shyam had noticed that we were in love, Khushi. And he came to me to tell me how him and you were in love with each other. I did not believe him! AT all! But he started telling things and they started making sense! I slapped him, punched him, and almost begged him to tell this was all a lie. But he did not have a reason to lie, or so I had thought then. And if this came out in front of my Di, she would be. . . . . shattered, to begin with! And of course I did not want this to happen." He looked directly into her eyes before he continued, for the first time in so MANY years, I had wanted something for myself! I had wanted you for myself!! But you were allegedly in love with that bas***d. This made me so f**kING angry, that I forgot all those moments that we had shared Khushi! All those times when you had made me feel that I mattered to you! A LOT!! And I did what I always do when I am angry. I lashed out. I blamed you, knowing that each time I blamed you, a part in me was crumbling until finally I saw you leave, and I was the same old, crude businessman, Khushi. The Arnav that you had so proudly and happily redeemed, was dead right at that moment when you left. I had thrown all possible insults at you, and had personally made sure that you hated me for the whole of your life, and yet. . . . . Yet I hoped you would not!" his voice broke here, and Khushi rushed to him, her own eyes filling with tears continuously.

"My dad! I still hate him for being the cold person who had pushed my mom away and was the reason for her to kill herself. But look what I had become! Even though I had named myself Arnav Singh Raizada, I had been Arnav Mallik all along! I did not want you to go away, Khushi. Never!" Arnav raised his tearful eyes to meet Khushi's, shaking his head to signify what he was saying, and all Khushi could do was to shake her head too, telling him not to cry as she hugged him, holding his head against her shoulder, letting him lighten his burden. She suddenly realized he had suffered as much as she had, when they were sepeated. After a while she felt him relax in her arms and murmur against her ear, making her shiver, "Though one thing is for sure, Khushi. Be it Arnav Mallik or Arnav Singh Raizada, both are crazy about you. . . ." Khushi's breathing had turned shallow when she had felt his lips at her ear, and at this declaration, she felt a tiny bubble of glee burst somewhere in her chest, or was it her heart? She neither was sure, nor did she care. "I love Arnav. Mallik or Singh Raizada does not matter much!" She said, before she pulled his face towards hers, standing on her tiptoes as she kissed him with a hunger which matched his own.

"Promise me. . . one thing. . . . Arnav." she said in between their kiss and Arnav broke it, resting his forehead against hers, his lashes a little wet from the tears that had accumulated in his eyes, as he looked at her with curious eyes, "Never make me leave you again." Khushi ordered him. He laughed sadly at this and nodded his head, kissing her one more time, for they both felt it was hard to pull back from this contact. And even though Khushi knew that he was now feeling a little better, she knew that he still felt guilty and she planned to do something about it soon, and her eyes went wide at the flash of an idea which started forming in her head. But she needed help to do it. Shiva? No. she was already busy with handling the show and the donations that would be coming. Aditi? She knew her answer. Aditi would not even look out of her fat book and would reply "Khushi! Tujhe jo karna hai kar. Mujhse math pooch! Anyways, I don't know anything about all this!" And the remaining and what seemed like an excellent choice was Anjali! Of course! She pecked his lips once more and left with a hurried "See you later!" and ran away, making Arnav shake his head in amusement.

"Di! Di!!" Khushi pounded the door to Anjali's room, and was soon being admonished for banging the door. Luckily, princess was a a sound sleeper. She was still being called princess, because debates were still on as to what her name should be. And before Di could give a long lecture regarding being as soundless as a mouse, Khushi explained her plan to Anjali and watched as Anjali's mouth fell open. "Even I was planning to do it! To Ajay, of course!!" Anjali exclaimed, and blushed, as Khushi hugged her tight – after a moment of shock, that is. "So, what say, Di? Tomorrow? Pakka??" Khushi asked, and Anjali bobbed her head up and down in excitement. "Kaunsi baat pakka kar rahe hai aap dono, bitiyaan?" Nani asked as she entered the room with a smile. Anjali's smile fell at this. Khushi nudged Anjali to go and talk to her, because it was absolutely necessary for Nani to permit Anjali to bring her plan to action. And Anjali took tentative steps towards the matriarch of her family and started explaining what her plan had been.

To say that Nani was shocked would be an understatement. But she was not given much time to decide which was the pressing emotion she felt amidst the plethora of questions that were rising in her mind. "Par bitiya! Aise kaisan??" she had been asking when Anjali jumped into explaining her reasons.

"Naniji, please! I am really sure about this. Please do not worry about anything else. I will take care of everything!" Anjali quoted, and Khushi and Nani could see the glimpses of Arnav Singh Raizada in her confident voice. "If you are sure, I do not have any problem, bitiya. . . ." Naniji said as she smiled and ran a hand on her granddaughter's head. Anjali and Khushi hugged each other happily. "Ab bas! Dono so jaaiye! You have to look pretty tomorrow morning!" Nani advised and Khushi and Anjali giggled like young kids before Anjali answered with a tongue-in-cheek expression, "Aap bhi so jaaiye, Nani! Even you have to look your prettiest tomorrow!" Naniji actually blushed, thinking what more would she be made to do at her age, a small smile on her lips, as she remembered Arnav's excitement at designing something for her, before she left for her room. Her grandchildren. Who, for the first time in so many years that she could remember where laughing! Were living, rather than just breathe to survive! They were loving! Even though Anjali had seemed to be happy when she had been married to Shyam, Nani realized that Anjali had not been this happy back then too. Ahh. . . . I could die in peace, she thought, and drove that thought away as soon as it had made its way to her mind, she had to catwalk in tomorrow's show, after all! And handle Manorma too!! She laughed at the vanity of this whole affair and went to bed, smiling in contentment even in her sleep.

The day passed in a jiffy and the stage had been set for the most pompous fashion show in Goa, ever! Invites had been sent to the high and mighty of the Goan society and the elite of the city had come down, very curious to see (and of course buy a few ASR designs!) Though they had been a little miffed that Arnav Singh Raizada, who usually designed western clothes had chosen this fashion show to design Indian, traditional attires! But they would buy a few of the designs and spend the hard-earned money of their husbands! At least to make sure they showed their counterparts down, by making themselves seem too generous at their hearts! Arnav Singh Raizada stood at the small door through which all of his models would be entering the stage, dressing himself in one of the best shades of gray available in the Giorgio Armani suiting range.

He nodded as Shiva explained as to how all of the necessary things had been taken care of. She was looking stunning, yet managed to look professional in the purple dupion silk saree that he had designed for her, ignoring all her protests and had left Khushi to make sure that she actually wore it. 

Aditi came to stand in front of Arnav, twirling once to show off her black dress, and grinning at him for designing such a beautiful dress for her. Keeping in mind her clumsiness, and saving her from wearing a saree and trip and fall! The dress did not confine her legs from moving freely and yet it had the Indian touch to it, going perfectly well with the theme.

She squealed in joy when she saw Ajay, Anjali and Princess come over. All three dressed in white and looking majestic! Ajay in a silk white sherwani, Anjali in a white Georgette saree, rendered with fine thread work, stone pucker embroidery and elegant sparkles. And the baby! She slept peacefully in Ajay's arms, even amidst the din, decked in the softest of clothes which formed a white halo around her. He had actually planned of designing a pair of wings for her, to make her look the angel that she was, but cut it out thinking she might feel uncomfortable in it.


"Oh my god! They look like royalty!!" Aditi exclaimed, and turned to Shiva to say something. Shiva smiled at Ajay and touched the baby's forehead before she turned to Anjali and smiled a warm smile. Their differences had been finally worked on, and they had a bearable relationship now. "Of course they look like royalty! Because they are royalty!" Naniji said referring to Anjali and her baby, and some long-lost connection of hers with a royal family in Lucknow. She looked even more majestic as she walked in that graceful gait of hers, looking so many years younger in the clothes that her grandson had designed just for her!

Casey, also in a shiny, black and red frock, primly groomed for the occasion, yipped, as if she totally agreed to it.

She was soon leashed and Nani petted her with all the love that she used to shower on her goat, back home. Nani and Mami were to walk down the ramp with Casey, which Nani had readily agreed to, and Mami had readily objected to! "Walk with a dogs?! No bay (way)!! Hello hai bye bye!!" she had exclaimed and had grudgingly fallen silent at her mother-in-law's unwavering glare. "Agar my daughter-in-law yaha hoti, hum happily oo ke saath ramp walk karte!!" She again exclaimed, making Nani exclaim, "You seem to be missing Payal bitiya?! I am missing her too! But someone has to stay there too. I am glad Akash has become such a responsible boy! Single-handedly handling Chotey's business for him!" Manorma gleamed with pride for her son, and concentrated only on the pure gold ensemble that Arnav had designed for her, and in which she looked. . . . . Erm. . . . DAZZLING! (Both in the literal and actual senses! Had you been expecting anything less from her!?) 

They heard the melody of the numerous bangles clashing against each other, and the tinkling of delicate payals, and turned towards the source of the sound and there was a collective gasp. Even Mami looked dumbfounded! She had been planning to put the show-stopper to shame, after all! But looking at Khushi now, she knew that all her plans went right down the drain, where they belonged. Had Naniji been bragging about the little amount of the blue blood in her a moment ago? All that was put to shame in front of Khushi, who managed to walk to them in all the elegence, without tripping once, and hence maintaining the serenity of the picture perfect sight!

"Kya?!" she asked them all in her usual, indelicate matter and hence broke the trance, making Arnav chuckle throatily. Naniji came forward and removed the alleged buri nazar off Khushi and also her grandson, and then her granddaughter, and her great-granddaughter, and also for Ajay, for he refused to be left out. Happy that the dynamics with him would soon change due to Anjali's plan. "Saasuma! You phorgot meee??!!" Mamiji exclaimed theatrically, resulting in Princess jerking in her sleep and making Ajay glare at her. She turned her nose up in indignation at the glare she received from him, and Devyani Singh Raizada did the ritual with her too, before this turned into another silly verbal fight. By this time, all the elders of Hope had come in too, and now stood ready in their positions, wishing each other luck, and laughing ecstatically at the jibing they made at each other.

The lights dimmed, signaling everybody that the show was to begin and silence took over. And finally when the music began, the much anticipated show indeed had started and the residents of Hope walked down the ramp as casually as possible, having a whale of a time, a few of them practically burst out laughing at the thought of them walking on the ramp! And that too at this age!! the elite seemed to have relaxed too, as they saw the simplicity which was being shown by the people on the ramp, though they were decked in the most elegant clothes.

Aditi walked next. Her casual, joyful self. She managed to walk down the ramp and to the backstage without tripping, and was cheered by her hospital staff, making it difficult for her to keep a straight face. Next came Manorma Raizada and Devyani Raizada. With Casey of course, who blinked each time a camera flashed at them, wondering why someone would do such nasty things to her. And just as she had thought that she would give a sharp bark at them to stop flashing those abominable lights at her, she was being pulled back and away.

Ajay entered next, one arm holding Princess safe and the other held by Anjali, who walked as gracefully as her bad leg would allow her to. One thing that would come up in anybody who saw them at that moment would be – perfect! Nothing less! They had reached the end of the stage and were about to turn back, when Princess chose that moment to wake up and rubbed her eyes sleepily with her tightly clenched fists. They started walking back, not really wanting to have their baby crying on stage.

It was time for the show-stopper to walk now, and Khushi looked at Arnav, smiling when he smiled at her reassuringly and stepped foot on the stage. A hush fell over the crowd. For she was personifying the dream of every bride-to-be, for the women. And for the men over there, she looked like their collective dream-bride. She confidently walked until the end of the stage, not exactly understanding the silence. Was she looking that bad?! What if her dress did not get any bidders at the auction?! That sure would be humiliating. She was supposed to walk back and get the designer, that is, Arnav Singh Raizada on stage. But these thoughts had made her stand frozen in front of the crowd. But she was saved from further humiliation in front of the crowd when she felt an arm snake around her waist and she looked back at Arnav, who stood proud next to her, as if he was proud of her. Of his design on her. 'This should mean something right?! Arnav would never humiliate himself or me like this!' Khushi thought, and suddenly her doubts were deemed unnecessary.

The part of the day after the show went by even more faster. And at the auction the bidders seemed to be on a roll and the prices kept going sky high Khushi's dress managed to cause a riot, pleasing Khushi to no end!

It was time for their party now. Just the whole family. Not just the Raizada clan, but also the members of Hope. Though the part of the day which would make everybody nervous -the fashion show- was over, Khushi and Anjali were as nervous as cats with long tails in a room full of rocking chairs. Arnav and Ajay, respectively, neither understood the reason behind their woman's jitters, nor did they know what had been planned for them.


Aaand the surprise comes up next! Sorry for putting it off so much!

But I could not simply fit this in here!

Any errors? Pardon, please! Embarrassed

Oh, and one more thing!!


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I'm very late, Ain't i? I told you the reasons. 

And now that I'm home and got few mins, ran soon to read it especially the fashion show - Colorful dresses!

Dream catcher, really? :P I remembered of Twilight! Oh my Jacob. Please visit me once.

Arrogant Arnav has been transitioned to super cool Arnav! Finally, at last. Much needed change.

"Don't you need us?" That is a good sentence. Rather asking for love and like and something this had a much better meaning!

Purple sareee *Jumps in glee* Simple.. Bordery! Love u! Love u!

Adi baby.! Next! Black dress. Hot. Indian touch? Is it real bad if I imagine real her in this dress?

Oh my princess. I so love that dress and the baby sleeping picture :) *Haye*

Khushi! Show stopper! Should I imagine her, sista? I know you understand what it is now. :P 
But whatever you say, its already imagined and done!! 

What is the surprise party is all of. And Kushi dared not to say to Shiva and Adi. I think another combined counter is required to be given to Kushi. Whatcha u think??

I'd wait for surprise! :)

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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HarshuuuHug...See Finally I am here with my CommentEmbarrassed...First of all toh I must say u fulfill ur promise of Long update...I am impressedTongue...Now coming to the part...Truly magicalClap...I loved it like anything. Right from the start...Awiee...Arnav and Princess's lil moment is just too adorable...I am in love with this delicate at heart ArnavDay Dreaming...All the preparations and arrangement of Fashion-show bring new excitement in Hope..good to see that..ArShi moments written too beautifully...Too emotional...I can myself feel Arnav feelings and his pain. Its true that Khushi suffered a lot but at the same time Arnav also feel same pain of separation or may be more...But the way they talk and the way Arnav pour his feeling in front of Khushi...Too heart wrenching...At one point of time I feel my eyes go wateryEmbarrassed...But finally Everything is fine between hem and now they both are together..Big smile

Chalo let's talk about fashion show...Totally ARishClap...Everything is too magnificent and beautiful...And what I can say about our its Nani, Mami, Aditi, or Bhardawaj Family specially Lil princessHug... You said it right...PERFECT...And of course how I can I forget our show stopper...Khushi is indeed looking breath takingSmile...All and all The fashion show is super hit yaar...And Now I am super duper excited about surprise...Plzz plzz plzz reveal  it soon na..I am really curious to know what is cooking in Khushi's mindTongue, Do continue soon...Take care


Lots of Love






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wildandsweet Goldie

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loved the fashion show 
can't wait to see what anjali and khushi have in mind

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