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Arhi : This Time Forever ~ Chapter 6 ~ 18/03 (Page 68)

desisweetheart9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2013 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the PM. Loved the update. Awesome. 

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KKKA Goldie

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Posted: 09 March 2013 at 12:11am | IP Logged










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JennyAvni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 March 2013 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Wow u r back [:D/] loved the update ..Thanx nice to see every char n love Arnav the way he is Wink payaliya Thumbs Up
Sorry for the late reply.. Life with a newborn is crazily busy Wink
Plz dint mind if I reply late or miss replying once in a while Unhappy

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LyssaPie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2013 at 5:12am | IP Logged
This was a goood one

and aww Khushi still has the key and thinks about it!

The chapter made me smileee LOL

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-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 March 2013 at 1:18am | IP Logged
Beautifuly written chapter ok so though she cant remember fully  but she is having dreams...
"I love you" she whispered "I will always love you"
how I had tears in my eyes at this loved it... Why Aavinash is behaving so rudely with Anjali and whom did he said I love you god when is the next update

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mkd4020 Groupbie

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Posted: 15 March 2013 at 11:52am | IP Logged
hey I Just found out today that this FF has been restarted (i did a happy dance and my hostel mate gave me a glare as if I had just lost my marbles)... I'm so looking forward to the future updates...
Now coming to the updates, I love the new PayAsh, I mean no one could have been that soft spoken as they were in the show, this feisty version is way better.
ArHI, well I'm spell bound, good to see the Khushi as her self, righteous, kinda stubborn and of course continuing with the chemistry (read dhak-dhak and acidity) where she had left it... And well what is to be said about Arnav, he would shout and shout and then shout some more at khushi but sees her bruised or in pain, he is so lost... Way to go man. Go get your girl back... She is still affected by you...
Welcome back Lyraa... Why be scared of rotten tomatoes, we were waiting with waited breath for your return...

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-_-harsh42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 March 2013 at 11:25pm | IP Logged

If you asked a question or made an assertion, you will find the explanation here! Tongue

1. Arnav is not feeling guilty enough.

All in time, you will see. . . We have more coming ahead. . .

2. Arnav is taking advantage of the fact that Khushi has lost her memory.

          We'll see about this in the coming future. . . .

3. Will Khushi accept him just like that??

          We'll have to wait and see!! ;)

4. Will Khushi be getting her memories back??

          We dunno if that's what we want to happen. :P

5. Will we reveal what actually happened through flashbacks?
          Of course, we will!! :D

I am very tactful, ain't I?! ;)

That's my middle name, in fact! *smug grin*

Anywho... Here's the update.

Happy reading... ^_^

Harshitha and Lyraa presents...

Chapter Six

Sometimes you try very hard to make a place in someone's heart and yet you never succeed. Those are the times you wish that the heart was yours to control. Yours to command. If only we could all teach our hearts not to care.

Anjali tried her best to make their relationship work but Avinash seemed to hate the sight of her. Things didn't improve with time, they just got worse. Avinash didn't want to hear about Anjali's past let alone try to understand it. He was her husband and yet he seemed like a person she didn't know. She wondered if she would ever know who the real Avinash was.

Anjali was about to step inside her room when she saw her husband struggling with the tie in one hand while talking on the phone with the other. He seemed to be in a hurry and he was continuously pacing around the room searching for something while he talked. Anjali stepped inside and went to close one of the numerous wardrobes he had left open when he said

"Anika, sweetheart, calm down.. I'm on my way"

Anjali stumbled against and open wardrobe at the same moment, hitting her paralysed foot and she fell down with a scream of agony. Avinash rushed to her and immediately lifted her up and carried her to bed. He gently got up and helped her out of the brace and massaged her foot till the pain eased away. At least till the physical pain did.

When satisfied that she was okay, Avinash stood up and straightened his suit
Next time watch where you walk and do not enter the room without knocking"
Anjali gave him a hurried nod and watched her husband go with an empty heart.  It seemed once again god was keeping away from truth because had she not stumbled, she would have heard the words spoken by her husband. But she hadn't heard any of it and when he left, it wasn't his conversation with the stranger that rang in her ears, it was Lavanya's  parting words that she had said when Chotey had ended his engagement with her.

Kuch rishte 'meant to be' nahi hote.  Kisi ki galti nahi hoti, kisi ka kasoor nahi hota .. bas ho nahi paate"


Khushi twirled a strand of hair around her finger and sighed wistfully. When she had seen the employees of AR working in such a dedicated manner, without a break, she had imagined herself doing such a thing too. The only problem was that she never seemed to be handled any actual work to do! She was given her own cabin, right next to the boss's and there were many file cabinets, which were empty. The person who previously worked from this cabin might have been an important part of the company, her idle mind thought. She made a note to herself that she should ask Aman regarding this and walked out of her cabin, not giving much thought about where she was heading. She was brought out of her reverie when she heard someone mutter "What the". She looked up to see that she had come to her boss's chamber. She saw that he was still staring at something on the laptop screen. Something on the screen seemed to have annoyed him, and his stare was so focused. As if he wanted to change that annoying thing on screen, just by glaring at it.

She cleared her throat to make her presence known and saw him look up. Instantly, the annoyance in his eyes vanished and a smile entered his eyes, even before his lips twitched into a small one. He looked so much better while smiling, Khushi thought, wondering why he would not do it more often. She shook herself of those thoughts and asked in a timid voice, "May I come in, Sir?" He gave an almost imperceptible nod and Khushi came in, and had a seat right in front of him, knowing fully that his eyes followed each of her movements. From the past one week that she had worked here, she had observed that he rarely even took notice of people around him. But he would become all eyes, the moment she came into his line of sight. It was unnerving sometimes, and at times, a little irritating. He can sit and stare at me continuously for hours. Can't he give me some work to do while he's at it?! She huffed mentally, and plastered a sweet smile on her face before she asked, "Kya main kuch kar sakti hoon? Woh, Aman sir bataa rahe the. . . ."

Arnav tensed immediately. He knew Aman was a very efficient worker and he might follow Arnav's orders even in his sleep. But anyone "telling" anything to Khushi made him tense involuntarily. He did not want Khushi to know anything about the past they shared. His selfish reasons apart, he knew how bad it was for Khushi's health. The last week had been exhausting for him. Work, he was more than capable of handling in any volumes. Working in the cabin right next to where Khushi would be sitting was distracting, and he had to use all his willpower, to not just barge in there and put her where she belonged. With him. In his arms.

He had been thinking along those lines since the morning and had just started working. The first email that he opened had shown him some wrong figures from the accounts department and he had been pissed immediately, staring angrily at the screen when he had heard her. He felt the annoyance disappear and a warm bubble expand in his chest when his eyes fell on his object of love, standing at the door of his cabin, smiling shyly at him. Ushering her into his cabin, he watched her sit in front of him and ask if she could help him in any way. That's more like my Khushi, he was thinking when she told him that Aman had told her something. And now she explained that Aman had told that the workload had increased because they had to change every aspect regarding the McCartney deal, because Panache, the arch-rival of AR was hell bent on clinching that one.

He did not want his wife to work, dammit! He wanted her here, so that he could  woo her back into his life and as a life source for his depraved eyes. But doing nothing did not seem to be satisfying Khushi in any manner. "I don't know, Khushi. Why don't you ask Aman himself?" Arnav asked, and saw her bottom lip jut out in exasperation.

"I have. But he always says I'll have to ask you." Khushi blamed. That wily fox, Arnav thought and started to think of what work he could hand to Khushi without stressing her out. He remembered he still had a file of one of his previous deals and bent to retrieve it from the bottom drawer in his desk. "Study this. I need you to be updated with how we work on such deals." He said, handing her a heavy looking file. She took it happily and asked him with her thousand watts smile, "Is it related to the McCartney deal?" Arnav did not have a mind to burst her bubble when she thought she was dedicating herself to the company. How could he tell that all he wanted her to be dedicated to, was him? So he just nodded, an enigmatic and warm smile in place.

Khushi was about to step out when she heard him call her. Turning back with a smile, she waited until he told her what he wanted to. Strangely, he seemed to be contemplating how he wanted to tell her whatever he wanted to. "Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me after work?" He questioned, peering into her eyes with what looked like a nervous gaze. Khushi had seen enough Hollywood movies lately, which had introduced her to the concept of dating and its eerie details and what he had asked, seemed too similar to a "date". Under normal circumstances, she would have agreed immediately, just to see how it felt to go on a date. But saying yes seemed too... wrong. Almost as if she would be betraying him. The memory of him. That faceless person, whom she was sure she loved with every fibre of her being. She made a flimsy excuse and before Arnav could even open his mouth to ask her anything, she almost ran into her cabin.

After she set the file in front of her and settled into her chair, she frowned at a certain thought that had crossed her mind. She had wantedto say yes, and not just to quench her curiosity. She had found it really difficult to say a simple no to Arnav Singh Raizada. As if she wanted to say yes just because he had wanted her to come with him. As if she would similarly agree to anything that he would ask of her. She shook her head and chided herself for reading too much into the workings of her silly mind.


Arnav jerked his head back, his mouth closing as he thought what had gotten into his wife, all of a sudden. Realizing that the tables had turned this time around, and how, he grinned, mentally accepting the challenge. Earlier, it had always been her hovering on him and involuntarily tending to every need of his, even before he himself realized it. But this time... Well, this time his wife would, no doubt, make sure that he worked hard to get her back... And that too without her knowledge of it at all.

He rose from his seat, walking like a panther to the cabin next to him, where his paagal wife sat, and questioned as soon as he entered, "What was that about?" Khushi, who was still recovering from the effects his question had released in her, pursed her lips and let her eyes meet his.

"Why can't you come out with me?" Arnav rephrased his question.
"I can't. . . . I mean, I don't want to!" Khushi corrected her explanation.
"Why not?" demanded the man.
"I. . . . ." she trailed off, not really knowing how she was supposed to explain what she felt.
"Do you like someone else?" Arnav asked through gritted teeth, swearing that he would strangle Aman if she took his name.
"Yes... But I haven't even seen his face!!" Khushi thought, huffing, very annoyed at herself. Who would forget the face of the person whom you were so sure that you loved?! Or had she not seen his face at all?? Devi Maiyya! This is very confusing!!

"What do you mean you haven't seen his face?!" Arnav asked, his face the epitome of confusion, and Khushi realized that she had said this out loud. She flushed a light hue of scarlet when she realized that she had voiced her thoughts.

"Woh. . . ." Khushi had started to make an effort to explain... She did not know how she could make him see sense when she herself was so confused about it all. His phone vibrated at that moment, and before Khushi could even breathe a sigh of relief, Arnav said, "We'll talk about this when we go out tonight."

And Khushi slumped in her chair, admonishing herself to no end for getting caught in such situations. Her and her big mouth! Hmph!



If you make a "res" make sure you come back and edit it. If you're like me and forget stuff easily, DO NOT make a "res"! Geek

We read your comments, no matter which page has it!! We really do!! Tongue LOL

That being said, I also request you to comment. Embarrassed Big smile

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Rasgulla_sp IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 March 2013 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
This is one if the most well-written stories on IF. Sacchi Clap
Next, I feel sorry for Anjali. First she chose to be blind. Now she is forced (by DM) to be blind. Iss raat ki subah nahi??? Ouch
In spite of everything, I dont know why I feel there is still hope, a chance for Anjali to have happiness. Coz Avinash cares.
Now Arnav and Khushi.
Arnav wants to treat her like a procelain doll- some one whom he can caress and pamper, shower love on and take her pain away. Her very presence is enough to put him in a good mood.
But our Khushi who has always been a very hardworking girl wants to earn the money she is being paid instead of just getting it. Such a contrast to her last stint in AR where she was abused in the name of work.
He wants to have coffee because he wants to woo her. She wants to have coffee with him because well she wants to, her heart wants to and at the same time she doesnt want to as it would be betraying the memory of the person her heart knows she loves. Sorry, but I found this situation very funny LOL
So, he is not taking no for an answer and neither am I. Bring the date sooon Big smile

Edited by Rasgulla_sp - 18 March 2013 at 1:15am

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