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Arhi : This Time Forever ~ Chapter 6 ~ 18/03 (Page 51)

momai14 Goldie

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Posted: 27 February 2013 at 12:26am | IP Logged
feeling sorry for both of dem...

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bhavnah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 February 2013 at 7:21am | IP Logged
awesome update :)

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opsyellow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 February 2013 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Amazing! Cant wait to read more! Hope you continue this soon! I love Payals And Akash character here.

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preethi.saseeda IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 February 2013 at 9:02am | IP Logged
OMG OMG... You are continuing this story... that is really good great news... I wasnt expecting actually.. but thanks yaar... It has very strong characterization and the story line is amazing... 

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ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 February 2013 at 10:34am | IP Logged
finaly u updated this..
well interstng n am glad dat arnv came to knew dat khushi is suffereng from amnesia...

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Hriju321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2013 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
-_-harsh42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 February 2013 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Hriju321


I hope you unres soon... Confused
-_-harsh42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 February 2013 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
I miss Lyraa!
I wish she were here to write that dukhbhari Arnav ki daastaan! Embarrassed

*sigh* Unhappy

Coming to the previous update, thank you all readers who read and commented!!

Silent readers!! Come on! Don't be shy!
Make your posts and love the new colors that come to your display names!! LOL

Here you go, my lovelies...

And now for ze update!! *drumroll, please*

Chapter Four

Love all, trust a few. Payal read a quote by Shakespeare. All thanks to her neighbor in Lucknow, who had taught her English and made her read books and watch a few hundred movies so that she could improvise. She reread the quote and smiled sadly at herself. What a blunder she had committed when she had naively believed that she could trust everyone that she loved. The same trust which had always lacked from his end, which she did not complain about. But his silence at the most crucial moment of her life, she could not take. It had told her more than she had ever learned from him. He did not trust her. It was as simple as that. And she wished it was just as simple to forget the ache that shot in her chest when she thought about it. Eighteen months! Eighteen godforsaken months! And she still did not know how to deal with it. What she had learnt although, and perfected over the same duration, was to keep an indifferent face towards everything. And immerse herself fully in taking care of her sister. The same sister who was supposed to be resting now.

She searched around for Khushi and through the window, she looked at her sister, who was singing off-key as she hung the washed clothings on a clothesline. She saw Khushi as she irritatedly held a hand across her eyes when sunlight reflected off a shiny something and flashed against her eyes. Payal looked around to see what had caused the reflection and she felt the heaviness settle in her gut immediately, when she saw Arnav Singh Raizada's SUV parked a little away from their building. She gritted her teeth as she wondered if the Raizada men had ever heard of the phrase of "getting a hint". "Khushi... Khushi!" She yelled, and Khushi rushed in, confused as to why her usually cool-headed sister seemed to be shouting her lungs out, "Jiji?? Chilla kyu rahi ho??" Payal searched for a reason even as she opened her mouth and reasoned with her sister, having reasonably calmed down, "Khushi... Kitna kaam kar rahi ho?! Ab aa jao, aaraam karo.. Theek hai?"

Khushi's gaze softened as she thanked Devi Maiyya again, for giving her a sister like Payal. "There are only a few clothes remaining to be dried, Jiji. I'll rest after that." She saw Payal's warm gaze turn stern and an order came in a "I'm-your-big-sister-Obey-me-NOW" voice, "Hum dekh lenge. Tu aaja. Aaraam kar." Khushi yawned, the idea of resting starting to appeal to her. As she came to the bed, and Payal tucked her in and left, a flash of that lone person flashed in her mind. A pang of curiosity rising in her mind to know and ease his pain, which was definitely there. How was she so sure about it? She had no idea! And when his face with a warm look and with just a hint of smile on his face, flashed across her mind, she slipped into a dreamless sleep with a smile on her face.


Arnav had felt hollow and lifeless when he had heard what had happened with Khushi. But then, he had felt that way since the day she had left him. He had been like the living dead. After his numerous attempts to contact his wife, and after that inopportune phone call where Khushi had failed to even recognise his voice, he had given up. Because that was the only way he had found. There was absolutely no hope for him. Or so, he had thought. Of course now he knew the reason behind Khushi not recognising his voice. Snubbing the twinge of hurt which mocked him that she had forgotten him so easily, while she remembered everything and everybody else, he decided that this was his punishment. He clenched his jaw tight at the thought of the pain that she must have gone through. And he had not been there for her. Suddenly he felt angry. Angry at her for not taking care of herself. At her family for not telling it to him or anyone from his family. And most importantly at himself for being such a fool and for letting her leave, in the first place. But as he kept thinking about this punishment, he started to think of it as a blessing in disguise. Hope rose in him and his eyes. Of course! Now he could simply forego the part of his love story where he had hurt Khushi so badly and just... LOVE her. Nothing else than love. Oh, he would shower so much love on her... So much love that she would... She would have no other way than to love him back! She would never have any reason to even think of leaving him, ever again.

Did he deserve that? Of course, not!

But he would still go ahead and snatch it, even if it were the last thing he could do. He had never shied away from the fact that he was selfish and greedy. Especially when it came to Khushi's love for him. And it was not like Khushi did not want him. Did not need him and his love. He knew, for sure, that that was exactly what she would ever want. He knew for sure that if she could ever get her memories back, she would come back to him, he justified to himself. Yell at him, demand answers for the most impossible questions, shove him away and finally hug him to herself. Because that was exactly how his Khushi was, he thought, an endearing smile making way to his rugged face.

Keeping that in mind, he had drove to Laxminagar, parking his vehicle a little farther than Khushi's house and spotted her doing some household chore. Could that woman not rest for a while?! She had fainted just an hour ago! His mind almost screamed, as he controlled the urge to go to her and help her with whatever she wanted to do. But before he could do anything about it, he saw Khushi scamper inside. And though his eyes complained that they had not had their fill yet, he felt relieved that she was at least not working under the scorching sun. He saw Payal walking towards him, and he got down, not bothering to remove his aviators. He had just got down, walked to the front his car and leaned against its bonnet, when she reached him.

"What the f**k are you doing here?!" Payal hissed, surprised when she heard herself swear so easily, all thanks to the number of English movies she had watched, sitting with Khushi, as she had healed. She did feel uncomfortable when she realized what she had uttered, but she would be damned if she showed it to the man who spoilt her sister's life. And even though Arnav's eyebrow had raised when he had heard her swear, his face remained impassive as he said, "I came for Khushi." Just that. As bluntly as possible. Payal's mouth snapped open and she stared at him for five straight seconds before she asked him, "Seriously?! Seriously! Didn't you hear what I told you back then?! Leave.Her.Alone!" Payal was turning away when she heard his reply, "No." She turned back to him to make sure that she had not imagined it. Arnav was still shaking his head, as if he could not stress enough on his answer.

"I am not going to do that." Arnav said, finally removing his aviators and letting her see the determined look in his eyes. "She loved me. I loved... I still love her. Whatever happens, will be decided by her. Not you... I won't let you decide it for her. And stop taking advantage of the fact that she has lost her memory. Because when her memory does return back, she would still want me." He said, his eyes and voice, growing more determined by each passing second.

Payal was indeed taken aback by that truth. Of course Khushi would still love him! She was. . . . Khushi, after all. And when Khushi loved, she loved. With memories or without. She simply loved. Payal shut her mouth with a snap and muttered through gritted teeth, "She doesn't remember you. She's starting a new life. She is about to make all her dreams come true. The same dreams which you had ruthlessly crushed under your feet!"

Arnav had seen the hesitance in her eyes and he knew that he could win this with the right tactics. 'Business again, Raizada?!' a voice in his mind chided, and he mentally shrugged, telling himself that he would any bloody thing to get his Khushi back by his side. He bent, bringing his eyes to the same level as Payal's and spelled out to her, "If she even wants to kill me for that, she can. But she decides it. Not you." Exasperated endlessly, Payal looked skywards for some divine intervention. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she tamped down the urge to kill the guy in front of her. When she opened her eyes, her face was a menacingly calm mask. "I will not let you get to her. I will not let you manipulate her. Not this time!"


Devyani Singh Raizada sent a silent prayer to the Goddess that she believed in, and hoped that things would soon get sorted out. She felt her hand being squeezed and she looked up to see her younger grandson smile reassuringly at her, even as he drove towards Gupta's residence. Nani, on knowing that the Guptas had returned to Delhi, had insisted that she be taken there immediately, and Akash had readily obliged. A few months ago, she had been shocked when she had seen the timid Payal rise to new heights of power when her sister had been blamed for the things that she had not done. It certainly had not been her fault that Shyam had been a pervert. That innocent child had nothing at all to do with it, and she had stated so. Hence Payal had kept in touch with only her in the family - how much ever rarely so - even after moving out and back to Lucknow. But even she had not known about Khushi's accident and her amnesia, and was shocked even further when Akash had told it to her a while ago.

"The road seems to be blocked, Dadi. We'll have to walk a little." Akash stated, looking at his grandmother with concerned eyes. "I am not an invalid, Akash bitwa. We will walk." Devyani said in her dignified voice, and Akash parked his car behind a truck. They started to walk, and a after taking a few steps more, they saw Arnav's car in front of them. They exchanged a significant look and heard Payal's voice say in a velvety, yet dangerous tone, "I will not let you get her. I will not let you manipulate her. Not this time!" They came around the car and heard Arnav reply in his arrogant voice, "Try and stop me, Payal. But I suggest you don't even try, because I never fail. Especially when it comes to my wife. Not anymore. I'll make sure that she hears about our past. And then she can decide what she wants to do with me."

"Are you stupid?! You cannot reveal all that to her in a flash of a second. Imagine the amount of stress she might go through." Payal wanted to yell, when she heard a voice, "Come on!" She saw Akash walk forward and stand next to her. "Ab bhi?!! Some things never change, do they??" Akash asked, his voice a mix of equal measures of disappointment and disgust. "Itna kuch hua Bhai, aur aap ab bhi ye sab. . . ." He looked away, shaking his head, his voice trailed off. 'Wow! Akash actually stood up, against his brother?!' Payal was thinking, but Arnav did not even seem to have heard what his brother had said, piquing Payal a little. "I love her, Payal. And she loves me! You cannot deny that. She would only love me. Always! So give me one chance. Let her work at AR. I know the risk of telling her the incidents she has forgotten. I can only imagine the amount of stress she would feel. All I am asking, is for a chance to keep her in my line of vision." And to win her love back all over again, he added in his mind. "Please don't deny me that. Your sister deserves the truth." Arnav chose just the right words, which would make Payal doubt her resolve. " Besides, seeing her behave as if she doesn't even know me would be the ultimate punishment that I deserve, don't you think?" he added for her credit.

Payal was confused now. But she knew that if her and Khushi's roles were interchanged, she would have definitely wanted to know about Akash - trust or not. She looked at her husband once, who looked at her with a perfect poker face, and felt her shoulders sag, as she nodded once. Akash, who was waiting to hear her response, jumped right in, when he saw that she was in a comparatively generous mood, "Payal. Please come home. One more chance. That is all I ask!" Payal's eyes traveled up to meet his and showed the incredulity she was feeling. One second they were talking about her sister and Akash was supporting her, and the next second he is begging for her to come back. "Khushi is the one who has lost her memories and is ready to start from a clean slate. My memories are more than intact, thank you!"

Arnav, now feeling elated that he could have another chance with Khushi, laughed inwardly at this changed Payal. The woman who would give Akash a reality check. Just like Khushi had provided him with his. What he had not noticed when he was lost in his thoughts was that Akash had seen him smile smugly. He was brought out of his reverie when he heard Akash address him, "What are you smiling at? Just because you have a way with words and still have the face to blackmail to get what you want, does not make you. . ."

"Enough, you both!" Devyani finally intervened, shaking her head at her two grandsons. "Payal bitiya, please take me in for a cup of tea. I really have had enough of these two bickering like ten year old boys!" Payal put an arm on the old woman's shoulder and guided her towards her home, before she shot a disgusted look at both of the brothers.


And now for the drill. . . .

Read and review, people... PLEASE! Big smile

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