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Arhi : This Time Forever ~ Chapter 6 ~ 18/03 (Page 21)

desisweetheart9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the PM. Loved it. Interesting.

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Hot.Pink.Heels IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
That was an interesting start!
Although I was wondering, is this the outcome of the change in how Arnav and Khushi met?
Continue soon :) 

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moon_mine IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 9:21pm | IP Logged
Pls do pm me n add me to ur pm list!!!

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-_-harsh42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 1:58am | IP Logged

This time forever

Chapter two

Sometimes it is better to bury the dreams alive then to let them soar in the endless skies because when they fall down and the crash echoes for a long time... and shatters everything. Because they are the dreams that are never meant to be realized.. they are the dreams that are born dead.

"I'm happy Nani. Avinash is a gem of a person. He loves me so much."

Anjali opened a drawer of her dressing table and picked the broken pieces of her cell phone. Her body gave an involuntary shudder as she remembered the incident two days ago when her husband had smashed her cell phone on the wall in a fit of anger. A tear rolled down from her cheek as she caught the broken pieces in a bruising grip. She was living a lie. Again.

She had lived a lie before when Shyamji had lied to her. He had told her a fairy tale and she had lived in it imagining herself as a character in there. And now she was telling the same lie to Nani, making her believe that her new husband loved her. She was weaving a fairytale that didn't exist only she wasn't  blind to the harsh realities.. She wasn't a princess in those fairy tales anymore.
She heard the door knob turn and her husband entered scanning the surroundings. He didn't miss the tear streaks on his wife's face as she hastily wiped them, nor the broken phone in her hands. He walked wordlessly towards the wardrobe when he heard Anjali say softly
"I'll ask Anand kaka to serve breakfast."
"No need." He said curtly "The sight of your face the first thing in the morning is enough to make me lose my appetite."

Anjali felt her eyes prick again as his words stabbed deep but then she had only herself to blame.
"You are angry with me but don't vent it out on the food. Avinash, why can't we start all over again? Why can't we be like other normal couple?"
Anjali stepped back as Avinash turned around and gave her an angry glare. He walked towards her and caught her shoulders in a bruising grip

"Because we are not like the other normal couple. No matter how much I deny, I cannot deny  the fact that Mr. Avinash Arora- the top business tycoon made a biggest mistake of his life named Anjali. He saw an innocent face and thought that he would finally get married to a cultured Indian girl and get rid of the damned loneliness. But on the wedding might, the girl tells him that she married him only to keep her grandmother happy and she cannot love him because she is busy mooning over that cheat of an ex-husband and now she expects him to forget everything and behave like a normal married couple. Well I'm sorry Mrs Anjali Arora, I cannot "BEHAVE" in a way I don't feel."

Anjali limped hastily towards the bathroom and locked the door behind her before her husband could say another word. She placed her hands on the sink for support and cried till she could cry no more. After sometime, she splashed water on her face and patted her face dry with a towel and stepped out of the bathroom.

The bedroom was empty and the absence of the laptop bag told her that her husband had left. She limped towards the bed and picked her husbands freshly laundered clothes and was about to place them inside the wardrobe when a package on the bed caught her attention.
It was a costly brand new phone.

She hadn't expected her husband, who hated her so much to gift her anything...

She hadn't expected to feel the rush of happiness when he did...

She hadn't expected her heart that she thought dead, to just skip a beat...


How lucky would those rays of sun be, to kiss the face of the girl who  smiled even when her heart broke, who brought sunlight wherever she went even if sun never shined on her, who tried to bring happiness in others life even when the happiness was wiped out from her own...

Khushi stretched her muscles and smiled as she remembered her dream. Jalebis! Lots of them! And not just any jalebis! Jalebis from Ramlal halvai, Chandi Chowk! She gulped once, deciding that she should either get a few hundreds of them or prepare a few thousands herself. She smiled sunnily at that thought, and then it struck her. She had an interview!

She jumped out of the bed muttering to herself, "Someone has said rightly, if you're in a hurry, you will never get there!" She stuck a toothbrush with a blob of toothpaste at its end, in her mouth, as she muttered some more, "Couldn't you have for once used your phone for something other than to talk nonsense?!" After having a quick shower, cursing herself for the whole time, she stood in front of the small statue of Devi Maiyya that she carried everywhere. And she admonished the Goddess too, "Devi Maiyya! You know how important this job is! I need to earn money to get amma's knee-pain treated, pay back the loan and get Babuji's sweet shop back! Payal Jiji's marriage is also pending! You will make sure that I get this job, right?!" she looked at her goddess with anxious eyes before she happily grinned, almost as if the statue had nodded its head for her credit, "GOOD!!"

She rushed out of her room, and sat at the dining table of her Buaji's place. But even before her Buaji could serve her a single parantha, she jumped up. "Aye Sankadevi! Sit down and have something! Do you want to go to the interview and faint?!" "I won't faint, Buaji! But I need to make sure that the address that I have noted down is correct." Khushi absent-mindedly answered her aunt and smiled when she noticed that the address was right.

"Bless me, Buaji!" Khushi said, as she touched her aunt's feet and hugged her. "Arre! Naashta tho karke jao, NandKisore!!" (have breakfast and leave, Nandkisore) Madhumathi shouted and Khushi shouted over her shoulder, "I don't have space with all the butterflies in it!" That was the last of her niece that Madhumathi saw, as the colorful blur scampered away, and she heard Khushi hail for a rickshaw. "Ee sankadevi ka kaa kare, NandKisore!" Madhumathi muttered to herself as she saw Payal enter the living room, a fake smile intact, on her face. "Payaliya! Rokou! I will get you your breakfast!" Madhumathi said, as she went to the kitchen to get a few paranthas for her elder, and more mature niece.

Payal had sat at the table and Madhumathi had just kept the plate in front of her when Payal jumped up, shock etched on her face. "Payaliya? Kauno baat hai ka?" Buaji asked, and Payal pointed at the newspaper with a shaky finger. Madhumathi wondered why Payal seemed to be behaving like Khushi today, as she asked, "Kaa hai isme?"

"Khushi!! The interview she had today!! It is at AR! His company!" Payal muttered as she saw the advertisement on the newspaper that Khushi had circled in bright red ink. "No! This cannot happen! I will not let this happen!!" Payal stated, before she stepped out from the house and out of buaji's sight before buaji could say 'hai re nandkisore'.


Akash sat in the back seat of the car, thinking about the argument he had with Arnav. He hated arguments, they remained with him long after the other person had forgotten about them, but more than his hatred towards any kind of tiff, he hated his brother whose temper and ego had put him in the situation he was in. His love, his wife had left him and now all he had left were the memories.
Trying to shake away the sadness he felt whenever he thought of her, he looked out of the window at the busy street of delhi as they waited for the traffic to clear. He stared absently , not really looking at anything, for a while when his mind suddenly registered the one woman his eyes were dying to see.

He watched her walk hurriedly trying to hail an auto. She seemed worried and in a hurry to get somewhere. Akash knew that after all that had happened she wouldn't want to see his face, let alone take a lift from him.

He asked driver to stop and saw that Payal had hailed an auto and sat in it. He ran towards it, and just when the driver was about to start moving, he climbed in the same rickshaw, surprising both Payal and the rickshaw driver but none was more surprised than Akash singh Raizada himself.


Khushi reached AR and enquired the receptionist about her interview. The receptionist gave her a shocked look, rising from her seat, and simply refused to answer. Khushi, surprised with this behaviour, turned around to ask anyone else and was shocked to see the outfits of the employees. Is this the way I will be expected to dress? Like hell I am wearing these clothes! Khushi thought defiantly. One more irksome thing was, whomever she asked about her impending interview, stood there, gawking at her with shocked eyes. 'Seriously! What's with the unblinking-staring?! Have I got something on my face?!' Khushi wondered , even as she checked her clothes to see if something is weird. She saw a woman who clearly had more authority, and was ordering a bunch of people to report something, and headed towards her. And when she had the woman's attention, she asked, "I am Khushi. I have an interview??" Her voice turned doubtful by the end, as the woman had started to gape at her too. But she soon recovered and pointed the chamber above them. A glass chamber, which would be having no such thing called privacy. 'Who would want a chamber like that?!' she thought as she muttered a thank you and started climbing the stairs, the butterflies in her stomach fluttering with undying zeal.


An image flickered of a smiling girl on the screen of the laptop, staying still for seconds before it faded and another image appeared of the same girl in a different setting and it went on, a different image replacing the former. But the girl in all the images remained the same, the shine in her eyes remained the same, her smile remained the same..

But everything had changed.

The eyes that stared at the images didn't have the gleam of love and happiness anymore, they were hollow pools of pain. For the images no longer reminded him of the beautiful moments but told him that all those moments were now just a memory.

Arnav stretched his legs and leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes. A part of him wanted to be selfish... To rush to Lucknow and demand for his wife but he knew she was better off without him. He had given her too much grief and Payal had told him that Khushi had moved on. He remembered the one time he had got hold of Khushi on the phone but she hadn't even recognized his voice and that had broken him down completely.

He had buried himself into work then. He built walls around his heart, again, not letting anyone have a glimpse of the pain he was going through. But he was tired of going on every single day knowing that she was away from him and he had no one but himself to blame. He was tired of living alone pretending everything was fine when nothing was remotely close to fine.  He was tired of living with nothing but her memories.

Arnav heaved a sigh and rubbed his hands over his closed eyes when he heard the door open. He opened his mouth to tell whoever was at the door to get out when a soft musical voice drifted to his ears.

"May I come in, sir?"

It was the only voice that unfailingly soothed his soul. It was the only voice that made his heart skip  a beat. It was the voice he hadn't heard in ages, except it echoed only in his mind.

The voice was hers.

His eyes snapped open and there she stood, his love, his heart, his wife- Khushi, looking just the way she had when she had walked in his office for the first time. Arnav stood up, too scared to blink, lest she disappear. And then she smiled the smile that had always made him feel like the happiest man alive and took a step towards him.

And for the first time in eighteen months he felt his heartbeat telling him that now he too would live.


And the next update is half ready! 

We just need the incentive to post it soon!! Getting what I mean?! Wink

Read and review, y'all!! Hug

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Addie07 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 1:58am | IP Logged
Hello everyone

Well first let me answer a few common questions based on your comments..
This is a fast forward of the current IPK track after Garima's past is unveiled.
Anjali has married another rich tycoon and stays with him.
Payal and Khushi had walked out together.
Khushi has amnesia and doesnt remember meeting Arnav or the life on or after his fashion show in Lucknow. 

I know we are still a little late but will try to update sooner.. (promises.. promises LOL)
Thanks for all your love and amazing comments.. they mean a lot...
happy reading

Oh yea have made a separate account for sending out pms... Add lyra99  as buddy. This is not my account, it has a single A. This account will be active only for this FF. once this FF ends we will clear the buddy list ourselves.. till we write a new FF..

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SamiyaIPKKND IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 2:33am | IP Logged
Hell!! I was just randomly going through my posts when I saw you guys updatedBig smile 

And I res'd first... Woohooo...



I personally never like any Anjali track because I hate her!! As simple as that!!

But here you guys have me hooked

So much difference between both her husbands...

One was poison coated with sugar and this one is just like a coconut.

I felt a similarity between Avinash and Arnav... 

loving Avi-Anjali track


I'm loving Payal-Akash track too Shocked

So Arnav is the reason why Payal left

I thought you wouldn't let them meet before a few chapters... second chapter and he sits with her on the auto Big smile... waiting to see how he plans to get his wife back


Now to our power couple


Arnav actually knew where she was in Lucknow!!!... he even knew her phone number!!!... Shocked

He decided to stay away from her...

Khushi back in her chamkili avatar

Guys you have got me hooked... please please update soon... I want to see what happens next... you promised sooner updates... I'm counting on itBig smile

ps.. I don't need pm... I'll sharpen my stalking skill for this oneSmile

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lyra99 Newbie

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 2:36am | IP Logged

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Annie12 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 2:37am | IP Logged
Very nice update ... Liked how aakash isnt too happy with arnav... 
Hope next update won't make us wait for so long :-p

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