Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArShi OS:Heart-Take By My House-Mate

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OK is coming my OS which is a continuation of OS: Heart-Break Of My House-Mate basically but you can treat it as a separate one too...

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Heart-Take By My House-Mate

After  her break-up with Sid, I was having my friend back to myself and I  tried my best to not to arise any questions about that jerk infront of  her...she was down for some days, though she will try to look as normal  as she was, but sometimes I really saw her pulling herself from  everyone.

During a conversation, she would get quiet after  sometime or would excuse herself from others...In home, she would prefer  to stay as much as in her room...making an excuse of her studies as she  could...No one noticed that changed behavior of her as much as I did  but I knew that she is a strong girl...and she will cop up with that  with time.

Leaving a relation behind is not easy seriously and we  shouldn't expect her to be all chirpy and jumpy the next day...but it  felt bad that my best friend was going through this phase...bearing the  pain of a broken relationship when she had not played a part to its  end...Relationships are not a JOKE for her...

Time was passing by  and it was almost a year now...It was last day of my final exam when we  all students came out and throw the plain sheet up in the air as an  indication of celebration but later our eyes get moist too realizing  that this was the last day of our student life. After this there will be  no more roaming around in the more fun in bunking the  class or fights with the more games to play in which we  would feel proud in representing our college...a new team will form  replacing ours...but all that's is a part of life I guess.

We all  final year friends made a plan to go out tonight just to celebrate this  day and get back to our home. Khushi was all quiet during the ride but  thinking that its just one of her mood swings, I didn't bother her  much...

Mujhe Raat Din Bas Mujhe Chahati Ho
Mujhe Raat Din Bas Mujhe Chahati Ho
Kaho, Na Kaho Mujhko Sabh Kuch Pata Hai
 Haan, Karoon Kya Mujhe Tum Bataati Nahin Ho
 Chupati Ho Mujhse Ye Tumhari Khataa Hai
 Haan, Mujhe Raat Din Bas Mujhe Chahati Ho...

After  freshen up, we both get into the lounge and took seats on the couch and  started watching TV when after a while, my phone buzzed. My heart-beat  faster as i know its the time and pick up the call.

"Congrats Arnav" My mother's chirpy voice ring in my ears.

"Thanks Mom" I said half-heartedly...

"I  can't wait to see you beta...Its been four years that you shifted to  Delhi to complete your education in your desired institute...But now its  enough, I want you back home as soon as possible" My mom said with a  warning and I felt my heart feeling low...

"Yeah mom...I will be  back home after two weeks" I replied and then my gaze turned to Khushi  who was looking at me with wide open eyes...surly thats an expected  reaction as I have not told her about this I was too busy  with the studies...

"Two weeks Arnav??? Why don't you come back in 2 days?" Now she was giving me an anxious attack.

"I  can't Mom...I have to fulfill some of the formalities in the  college...and also have to found a house-mate for Khushi as she still has  a year before she will be done with her studies...and here i can't  leave her alone just like this" I was explaining my condition to Mom and  Khushi at the same time...and Both were tongue-tide with this

"Oh...yeah  you should find someone realiable that can stay with Khushi...anyways,  as soon as you are done with all this...I want you back home the very  next day...Ok??" Mom asked for a promise and I have to give her

"OK take care...Say hi to Dad, Romit and Rashi..." My young siblings...

"Yeah...You  too take care and say Hi to Khushi and tell her that she should also  visit us with you...Its been ages She came over to stay with us..." And i  really like this idea...Khushi and Rashi are of same age and were  friends right from the start...but I barely used to talk to her at that  time...I used to feel awkward...Khushi is the daughter of my father's  best friend and Khushi and Rashi went to the same schools and college  till she too decided to do her bachelors and masters here from  Delhi...and her father asked me if she could stay with me as she don't  know anyone here and its not safe for a girl to be in a different city  on her own. I used to stay in a single bedroom apartment at that time,  but for her, I got this two-bed apartment and from then...This was our  apartment...and she became my house-mate before she become my friend.

As i lean back on the sofa with a sigh...Khushi's soft whisper reach my ears...

"You  are leaving in two weeks???" sadness was evident from her tone as her  gaze were still fixed on the TV infront and her fingers popped a popcorn  in her mouth. I felt a lump in my throat. Being with her, staying with  her, liking her...then loving her...I am so full of her now that I never  give this idea a thought that i would eventually have to leave before  her.

"Haan..." I replied with a heavy heart.

Her hands  stopped there moment. Her lashes lifts up and she turn her face to look  at me. Her gaze was piercing my heart, making me feel bleeding inside.  OH this is gonna be hard...more hard than i can take.

She keep  looking at me for sometimes and then turn her face and started looking  away...In a way so that she could hide her silent tears from me...but  she should know...That I am as close to her heart, as anything else...I  don't need to look at her face to say that she was crying...That's how  much I love her...

We stayed that way for sometime before she  left to the kitchen making an excuse that she need a coffee...holding my  head in one hand, I was feeling crushed. I know she is getting hurt but  I couldn't make out anything from her actions. She is just sad that she  is gonna miss her friend...that's all i can thought of...but what about  my heart...that heart which from the last one and a half years was just  beating while seeing her innocent face, hearing her lively voice,  touching her soft skin, even feeling her fragrance and aroma in the air  around me was enough to put my heart at peace...But now, as i have to go  back to my world...I don't know how am i ever gonna manage that.

Till evening, She keep avoiding me, staying and talking to me as less as possible and then rushed in to get ready.

I  too took a shower and wore my black jeans with a black coat above and a  blue shirt underneath. Slightly giving a shape to my hairs, I applied a  little perfume...CH...that was gifted by the last on recent friendship  day...Till the time, I came out in the living room, she was too standing  there totally dresses in a beautiful wrap around sleeveless turquoise  knee length dress that left her smooth legs bare. The minimum amount of  make-up was as always making her more beautiful and matching accessories  were gracefully dangling in her hands and ears leaving her neck bare.  She is an epitome of beauty.

But the thing that surprised me the  most was that she was ready in a record time as like typical girls, she  too had a habit to say 5 MIN MORE Arnav from behind the door while I  would beat it so hard that it would literally shook. But seeing her face  i know what's going on here. A smile was placed on her lips but her  eyes truly show the reality of her condition. Sad, depressed, alone.

"Acchi  lag rahi hoo..." I said tucking my hands in the pockets of my jeans  with a small smile just to lighten up the mood...And as expected, she  gave me a side-looped smile and grin.

"Arnav Raizada, Kissi  larki ki tareef how does this happen? Its surly a news" And  chuckling, I moved forward and took her in a side bear hug.

"Arnav  Raizada kabhi apne dostoon ki tareef karne se peeche nahin  hat-ta...because they are my friends, and they are priceless" She looked  up at me with s smile.

"Aur best friend ke bare main kia?" She asked being cheeky again

"Hmmm"  I started looking around with a thoughtful expression and seeing me  taking too much time with the answer, her mouth wide opened and next  instant, she hit my chest and pushed me away...

"Arnav Raizada...You are a looser" She said and rushed to the door in quick steps and laughing, I followed her behind.

Meri Beqarari Ko Had Se Badhana
Tumhe Khoob Aata Hai Baatein Bana Na
Nigahein Mila Ke Yoon Mera Chain Lena
Sataa Ke Mohabbat MEin Yoon Dard Dena
Mujhe Dekh Ke Aise Palkein Jhukana
Shararat Nahin Hai To Phir Aur Kya Hai
 Haan, Mujhe Raat Din Bas Mujhe Chahati Ho...

The  whole party was fun...It was nicely arranged in a bar but me and  Khushi avoided the drinks. Hard Drinks are just not for us...but someone  had put a prank and added a lil alcohol in Khushi's cola. She was OK till  sometime but later started feeling dizzy.

Her hand gripped my arm for support that caught my attention and seeing her uneven body, I was shocked...

"Khushi"  Quickly getting hold of her, I provided some support with my one arm  around her waist...while other came up to pat her now sweaty face.

"Tum theek hoo...Khushi..." I again pat her face as she hold her head in her hands

"Arnav...Mujhe...Mujhe  chakar se aa rahay hain" feeling sweaty out from my wits, I helped her  get to a corner and made her sit on a couch. My gang was there in few  moments and later they got that it was Sid who planned all this

"Aik  kali ankh kafi nahin thi kia k jo abh apna chehra bigarwana chahta  hai..." Anger took a toll on me but right now, the most important thing  for me was to take Khushi back home...

With the help of my friends I made her sit in the car and took her home...

After  carefully helping her lay on her bed, I put covers on her still dizzy  body...she was mummbling and blabbering something and everything the  whole way and now too...She is a hand full... sighing, i rushed my  fingers through my hairs and turned around to go when a hand grab mine  and pulled me in...It was the greatest shock of my life...

I barely got time to react when I felt Khushi snuggling up to me while putting her head on my chest...

"Arnav"  She took my name in her slurred hands were still in the air  as my brain was still deciding how to make them react at this moment  when my heart beat them all and pushed me to put my hands around her...

May  be I will never get a chance to hold her that close ever...was a  statement that my heart thought off but right then, my slow brain jerked  me up saying...Don't take advantage of her situation...

But was that Me who started all this Cozy Cozy moment...

Feeling  her presence beside me fill my heart with contentment...If that's the  only moment , i will ever cherish of me with her then i want that to be  stretched out as much as it could.

Her fingers were drawing circles on my shirt. Her eyes were closed. Her breath was ragged.

"Arnav" she again took my name and I should admit that now...I love the way she take my name...

"Arnav" this time she actually shook me with her hands, taking my name a lil loudly

"Hmmm..." I made a sound of acknowledgment

"Tum ja rahay hoo..." the pain behind those words were hearable

"Jana hoga Khushi..." I said after a moment...

"Par  tum mujhe aise akele chor k kaise ja chahte hoo...Am I that bad to live  with?" Her voice was teary. Her eyes look up at my face with a pout on  her lips...She is adorable...

"You are not bad Khushi...Not at  all" I softly moved my fingers to cup her face... Of i could...just if i  could be that blessed man you wanna live with...I would never have left  you for a single day...I thought and shook my head feeling her gaze  still fixed on mine...

"Mom Dad mera intezar kar rahay hain  Khushi...Mujhe abh Dad k business main unh ki help karni hogi" I  explained but that pout was still there...

"Will you miss me??" Tears were now visible in her eyes

"Too  much...mujhe apni best friend k saath rehne ki adaat jo ho gaye  hai...abh jab koi mujhe subah jaganay wala nahin hoga...mujhse larne  wala nahin hoga...mujhe sunanane wala nahin hoga...tau main kaise rahoon  ga? haan???" I said trying to hide my smile...she looked at me with a  sad face and then frown as i think, my words got registered in her mind  in a slow pace

"kia...main bus tumhain dant-ti or tumse larti  hoon...iss liye tum mujhe miss karo gay" I giggled as she tried to push  me away..."Go away Raizada" but i kept my grip tight around her and  pulled her more closer...

" daant or laraiye k peeche  chupi care ko miss karoon ga na main yaar..." And she just hold my shirt  tightly, again putting her head on my chest

"I will miss you  Arnav..." She said once in a slow voice...and then again and again...My  heart was feeling jumpy just thinking that she will miss me...and soon I  heard a small snoring voice and God...she was sleeping on my chest...

I didn't have the heart to push her away right now...but I have to do that

"In  sometime" I told myself and my eyes fixed on her angelic face which was  just few inches away from mine and i caressed her hairs with my  fingers...Not remembering exactly when I went to sleep

My eyes flutter and I tried to adjust them to the beams of the sun peeping in the room through the window.

Rubbing  my eyes, I tried to move up still droopy only to felt a little weight  on my chest that stopped me to move. I look down quite observant now and  saw her sleeping on my chest, just like the way just went to sleep  hugging me last night...A small smile played on my lips

Well If I  have to leave, I will surly gonna cherish this night...I keep looking  at her for sometime, absorbing her serene beauty, imprinting that into  my mind...when a thought stroke my brain

"What will she think if  she wake up just now...Wo hoosh main nahin thi likin main tau tha wo iss ka kuch galat matlab nikalay gi??? Or kia iss baat se  hamari dosti pe farak par sakta hain..." These thoughts make me feel  vomited...I don't wanna bring any other awkward moment in our carefully, I lift her face up and moved my body away  from under her and making her lay...I got up from the bed, and giving  her a last look...left her room...

Thankfully she didn't ask  about that when she came out from the room after freshnen up and saying  me good morning, went to kitchen to make breakfast...Seriously, I was  seated with a batted heart flipping through the channels till she was in  the room...but feeling no change in her tone, I felt relaxed...But my  mind was now working in another direction...

The way she  break-down last night...was that a friend reaction who is  about to loose her friend...but then she isn't...its just the matter of a  year and then would be back to Dehradun, Our hometown. I will be there  and we will be friends once again.

But If it was a reaction that  was for someone other than a friend...and IF, she is confused, I am  gonna give it a try...I am gonna push her for once...For once to think  about me in the way I think about her...and even if she is not  confused...I have to do that just in a way that I willn't loose my  friendship or her...And I had a plan...

She found me with a grin face when she came out to call me for breakfast...I looked up at her...and thought...

Surly, Loosing her isn't even a option here...

Tumhe Neend Aayegi Abh Na Mere Bin
Mujhe Hai Yakeen Aisa Aayega Ek Din
Khuli Teri Zulfoon Mein Soya Rahoonga
Tere Hi Khayaloon Mein Khoya Rahoonga
Kabhi Gaur Se Meri Aankhon Mein Dekho
Meri Jaan Tumhara Hi Chehra Chupa Hai
 Haan, Mujhe Raat Din Bas Mujhe Chahati Ho
Kaho, Na Kaho Mujhko Sabh Kuch Pata Hai

Two  days later...we all friends went to college to get some of our  documents...Sid was now having two black eyes instead of one and all  thanx to my superb mates...I didn't even have to touch a finger to  him...God!!! Life is gonna be boring without my friends...We planned to  go out to beach for the last time as a group...And this was the chance  for me to give it a last chance...

I pulled Pooja out from the  group and tell her my plan...after a few bribes, she finally agreed but  we both barely got a chance to implement it when we get to beach...But  seems like, luck was on my side...

On our way back, we all  stopped on a fast food resturant to have some snacks...We guys placed  the orders while girls went inside the ladies room to fresh up there  ruined faces from the beach. I placed my order and just got to a side  when my phone buzzed...Seeing Pooja's name...I quickly excused myself  from my group and get out to a quiet corner taking fast steps without  saying a word...

"Its so sad na Khushi...hamara group abh khatam  ho jaye ga" Pooja was saying to Khushi on the otherside of the line...I  think she had hide her mobile somewhere

"Yup...I am gonna miss this fun" Khushi replied...

"Me  too" Pooja answered... "Patah nahin sub kahan kahan chalay jayein  gay...apnay careers k chakar main...But tum or Arnav tau saath hogay na  agay bhi...tum donon best friends tau agay bhi best friends he raho gay  na"

My heart was beating furiously hearing this conversation...

"Patah  nahin Pooja...We were hardly friends before I came to delhi..." Khushi  replied. My heart melted with her tone...If only i had known how  blissful this friendship was back then...we would have been friends from  the start...

"Really...That's a news...tum donon ko saath dekh k  tau lagta hai k patah nahin kab se aik doosre k saath hoo" Pooja said  in a wondering voice...

Khushi kept quiet in answer...well Pooja again started

"Waise Khushi...aik baat poochon...mind tau nahi karo ge na??"


"Ummm...Kia  tumne kabhi Arnav k bare main romantically feel kia hai??..." Pooja  stopped...I think, must be Khushi's shocked face stopped her...

"Matlab kia hai iska??" Khushi's uncertain voice boomed in my ears

"I  meant k Arnav good looking hai, college ka sab se famous larka hai,  sincere or helpful hai...or tau aur tumhara best friend hai...You both  know eachother much better than anyone else...Tau kia tumhain kabhi ye  nahin laga k you both can get together...I mean as a couple" Oh someone  need to pump my heart as it was refusing to beat naturally...tooo  anxious, tooo excited...

"Mujhe...I mean hum sab ko lagta tha k  one day you would be the star couple of our group...Tum dono aik doosre  ko compliment karte hoo...Acche lagte hoo...and if I am right, I think  Arnav bhi tumhain pasand karta hai" Oh my God!!! this girl...I am gonna  kill her...

I just asked her to plant a nagging thought in Khushi's mind but here, she is opening my secrets...

"He just like me as a friend Pooja...You are seeing more into the things..." Khushi replied confidently...

"May  be...May be it was just my eyes who saw and witnessed his puppy dog  face whenever you will go out with Sid...may be it was just my  imagination when I see his hurt eyes whenever you will turn around from  him and went up to greet Sid..." Pooja said that in a strong voice...

"I  am too in love Khushi or mujhe yeh feeling pehchanany main dhoka nahin  howa..." that was the last line I heard before the call was cut...

Back  home, she was seemed to be in deep thoughts...She gave me a look that  get me goosebumps on my body that day...Something seriously was going on  in her mind...and I was getting crazy day by day thinking of  it...hopefully Pooja words had left a mark...instead of leaving a doubt  in her mind regarding our friendship

I asked Smita to put an ad  on college notice board for a female paying guest who could accompany  Khushi but next day, Smita told me that that ad was torn into pieces by  Khushi

When I asked her, she replied in a stern tone

"No, I  don't wanna share this apartment with anyone...Yeh hamara apartment hai  and I willn't let anyone take your place till I am here" and she rushed  into her room...and that give me a lil hope...of me and her...and our  future...

One week passed and only 4 more days were left for me  to be in the same city as her...We were having good time...She was  taking her classes in the morning and in home, to look normal, she would  spend either cooking, or watching movies with me...We would stay up  till late night and play cards or a board game while sharing some was fun... but still she didn't made a move...

Disappointingly, I put the thought and my feelings aside and enjoyed this flavour of my friendship...

Finally,  the day came when I had to go...Half-heartedly, I packed my bag,  putting all my essentials with me...there are many things that i  couldn't take with me right now...but will come later and collect  that...It was still early in the morning as i have a train to catch at 8  and I still have a little packing left to do...Mom asked me last night  to be prepared and put alarm so i don't miss that train...but it was so  much fun when my friends surprised me last night and stay till late...

"Khushi...meri tickets rakh di hain na?" I asked as i put few of my books and packed my laptop in the bag...

"Ha,,,haan...wo  tumahre ...bag ki front pocket main hai" her stammering voice came from  my beind...My face fell hearing her and I turned around to look at  her...she was standing in her yellow night suit...playing with her  fingers

"Khushi..." I took her name and went ahead to hug her

"Kia howa??" I asked still hugging her...her arms too come around me as her nose dig into my shoulder

"How will I stay alone Arnav...I will miss you" She said in a teary tone

"Owww...I will miss you too...or maine kaha tha k paying guest rakh letay hain" I rubbed her back to comfort her...

"Hum paying huest rakh tau letay but wo meri best friend tau na hoti na..." She replied...and she sounded too cute...

"Don't worry best friend" I break the hug but still kept her in my arms and looked at her face...

"Main  beech veech main ata rahoon ga tumhain satanay..." I tried to crack a  joke when a tear roll down her eyes and I again have to hug her...

"Tum mujhe station choorne nahin aa rahi" I asked but her head shook...

"Kyun??" I wanted to see her there...waving me good bye...

"Main tumhain jatay howay nahi dekh sakoon gi" She replied and my heart was swell with her words...

I  bid her bye half-heartedly and left for Station with Amit...We took my  luggage to the entrace when a guard ask me for my ticket and to my  surprise, it was missing

"Khushi nay bola tha k us nay rakhi hai" I  said checking the pockets while Amit checked in the other bag but no  use...Confused we went to ticket counter to get another, but the whole  train was already full...No chance today...

We come back  home...The train was gone...But i need some answers now...Khushi must be  in college so I thought to get in the apartment to wait for her...We use  to hide the key under the welcome matt but it didn't work...

I turn the knob and found that open...

"Khushi  is so careless...pagal..." I mumbled and get inside only to found her  curled up in the corner of a sofa, hiding her face in between her legs,  sniffing...Scared I reached to her with quick steps and got down on my  knees while putting my hands on her...

"Khushi...Kia howa" hearing  my voice, her head jerked up and tears were rolling down...This scene  seems to familiar...just like the time I found her when Sid broke her  heart...But this time...

"Arnav" She looked at my face and next instant hugged me tightly...

I was taken back by her reaction but hold her as she started crying badly...

"'t...le...a me" She said crying...

"Khushi...Howa kia hai..." I was super confused...

"Please  mujhe kabhi choor k na jana...I can't live without you" And the way she  said that, I quickly withdraw her from me and cupped her face

"Kyun..."  she looked at me with hollow eyes..."kyun tum mere bina nahin reh  sakti??" I asked, hoping to get the reply, I so wanna wish...

"Kyun  ke...Kyunki" she started looking away from my face but this was  it...Either this moment or never...My grip around her face tightened and  i made her look at me...

"Kyunki kia???" I said in a soft lovable whisper

"I love you Arnav" and that was IT...the moment i was waiting from so long...

"I  love you Arnav...i love you so much" she repeated again and again...  And i smiled and moved forward to kiss her cheek...keeping my lips  lingered a lil more than needed and nuzzled her...

"I love you  too Khushi..." I replied with all the love that was stored in my heart  for her...She literally trembled feeling my breath striking her neck and  pulled away...putting a facade of anger

"Then how could you do could you plan to leave me all alone yehi tumhara  pyar hai...agar maine gusse main tumhari ticket phar na deen hoti  tau..."

"Kia?" my shocked expression tell her than she said more than necessary as she bit her lower lip...

"Tumne meri ticket phar di??" And after a moment, she nod...

"But phir mujhe laga...k ticket pharne se kia hota hai...tum nayee ticket ley lo gay..."

"Lucky for you madam..." I replied with a naughty expression... "Poori train already fill thi"

"Lucky  for me kyun...It was your good luck...Pooja told me how you use to roam  around with a puppy look before" she avoided taking Sid name...her  hands grabbed my shirt

"I really need to get Pooja for that..." I  replied...unaware of the fact that how close we were...her whole body  was brushing against mine...her face just a few inches away...her eyes  fixed on my jaw or cheek, I can't say but her trembling lips, surly give  an indication that she was as much aware of this situation as me...A  desire burned up in my body to feel taste her...I have been  practicing control from a long time, but after her confession,  Resistance is a word hard to think

The hand which was cupping her  face first, softly moved around her neck and I pulled her a lil  forward...Not knowing how she will feel about my action, I called her  name in a way of a question...

Her eyes look up in mine  momentarily before she moved forward and placed a light peck on my lips  and move back with blushed face...and that was all the indication I  needed to crush my mouth against her...I sucked her lower lips, and Oh  sweet!!! How sweet and honey coated that tasted...My innerself was shook  with a pool of emotions as we taste each other...her lips were as  aggressive running on mine, as mine were working on her...We tasted,  nibbled and explored eachother to the extent our breath allowed and was  about to draw apart when my cell phone buzzed...

Without caring to see, who is the caller, i picked it up...allowing Khushi to get sometime to compose herself...

"Arnav...Tum train main beth gaye?" My mom asked in a worried tone...NOW WHAT SHOULD I SAY...

"Nahin mom...I missed the train" I said, passing a look to Khushi who turn her face away blushing...

"I knew it...mujhe patah tha k aise he hoga...raat ko late soye hogay aur..."

Ok  let my mom talk and take out her anger...I missed the train but how can  I tell her that now, My life's train is back on the track of a happy  journey...

Haan, Karoon Kya Mujhe Tum Bataati Nahin Ho
Chupati Ho Mujhse Ye Tumhari Khataa Hai
Haan, Mujhe Raat Din Bas Mujhe Chahati Ho
Haan, Mujhe Raat Din Bas Mujhe Chahati Ho
Mmm Hmm Hmm
Hey Hey La La La...

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tht was awesome!!..Clap...the kiss!!..Embarrassed..OMG!!!!!!!!!! was superb!!...luvd it!!...i really think u shuld cntinue dis as ss!!...greedy me na!!...Wink...btw thnx 4 PM!!...Hug

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naa it wasnt boring atall i enjoyed it allot very sweet os thnx for pm

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