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FF: Tales of the Heart|VirMan|CH 1 - 23 (Thread 1) (Page 64)

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thnx fr ua pm

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Res I came back from School soo Sleepy
Are you from West Bromwich by any chance in England

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Originally posted by S.Khan

Res I came back from School soo Sleepy
Are you from West Bromwich by any chance in England

No...? Haha, I'm not sure whether the area is near my place or not...but...

any reason why?
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nice update buddy

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Next chapter up shortly!

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ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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Author's Note: Okay, yes. I know I've been updating like mad today but I've had a serious flow of ideas! I decided that there needed to be a few changes [more like major changes] but the overall storyline stayed the same. I hope you enjoy. Oh and by the way, the next chapter is the final of "A Fated Compromise", so that must mean drama right? Hm? Please like and comment! Hugs Xx

A Fated Compromise
Chapter Twelve

The loud ruckus of noise was heard throughout the area. About a hundred people had arrived, each with their weapons be it sticks or rocks. They were angry. No, they were furious. The citizens of Chandrilasia began to shout, getting louder even as Prince Viren walked out of the car, his hands in the air indicating that he was no threat to them. Below, his mother and family sat apprehensively. Viren had given them strict instructions not to come out, not until things had calmed down but that did not stop the Earl of Chandia. Though he was no longer King, he felt he still owed some duty to his grandson and country.

"Please, calm down everyone!" Viren tried to reason with them but it was a futile attempt. The people had spoken, there was going to be bloodshed tonight.

An elderly man, his long wooden stick in his hand silenced the rest. He spoke loud and clearly, directing to the worried Prince. "You're telling us to calm down?! Why should we be calm when our fate is being decided this very moment? Princess Tanya is annoyed and God knows what she will do! Thousands of people are going to die today because of your brother! We won't rest until we give him his punishment! Be it death or torture!"

"Yes!" Everyone shouted their agreement. Viren's heart skipped a beat, it was as if he was on a crossroad. On one hand there was his brother, and the other his duty for the country.

"Listen we won't let that happen. No one is going to die today." Viren replied.

"Calm down, calm down. Listen to Prince Viren." The Earl said, hushing people. It had been long since the last war, and he was scared of another one coming around the corner.

"Sir, our parents and family had seen the disastrous war between Chandrilasia and Costa Phoenix, and we won't let that happen again. Sure, we won under your command but still people died." A man replied.

"And we won't let that happen, I promise." Viren tried to reason with them.

The people started to disagree, they started to argue and push into the Royals, who were protected by the army of guards against them. Someone picked up an abandoned rock and threw it towards Viren, hitting him in the head and causing blood to fall out. Jeevika screamed as she ran towards her fallen husband, picking him up before he hits the ground. Swamini and Queen Vanshika stood out to see their son hurt. Everyone became silent as soon as she screamed. They had liked Princess Jeevika as she was righteous and had high morals. Jeevika wept as she sat, her husband unconscious in her lap. Behind them, Virat was held back by two guards for his safety. His heart was yearning to help his brother but he knew that if he went, the people won't miss a chance to attack him, and hurting his family in the process.  

Jeevika placed her head to Viren's and wept. She didn't let anyone go near him nor let anyone touch him. He was hers, and hers only. She was angry, sad and shocked all at the same time. No one had ever  seen the Princess of Rishania mad like this, not even her own family. She sniffed and caught the last tears. She hastily wiped them and stood up as her mother-in-law looked after Viren. She walked towards the people, her head kept high, her eyes keeping constant eye contact with everyone. They had hurt her husband, hurt the ones she loved, and she was not going to let them go away with it.

"Pick up a rock." She spoke, her words hitting the ears of each and every one of them. "I said, PICK UP A ROCK!" From the corner of her eye, Jeevika saw a young man move. She noticed the rock in his hand. She signalled him out. "Hit me." Her hands were at her side, her back completely straight as she shouted. "HIT ME!" The young man hid away amidst the crowd. Jeevika closed her eyes to regain her strength and released her fury. "I SAID HIT ME!" Suddenly, everyone moved back as she walked past the guards. Everyone stood still, no one had dared to hurt Princess Jeevika. She stomped towards the young man and held his hand. She held the rock and told him, "Hit me with this rock." The man looked away as if cowering down. Everyone copied him. She laughed, getting louder and louder before she turned away and sobbed. She regained herself and turned around.

"What happened? Why have you all turned into cowards?! You were angry weren't you? You wanted to protect yourself right? Then protect yourself." She placed her hands apart, in the air and positioned herself like on a crucifix. "Hurt me. That's what you want right?"

"No, Rajkumariji." A timid voice was heard from the back.

Jeevika chuckled softly. "No? So, you hurt my family. You want to kill my devar and you made my husband bleed but you won't hurt me?!" She pulled her hands into her fist and looked up at the sky. "You have your chance. Hurt me. Kill me. Isn't this what you want?"

"Jeevika." Swamini whispered.

She turned around, a tear falling down. She shook her head. "No, buaji. No. Today I won't keep quiet. These people are our people. They should get what they want right?!" She picked up the rock and slammed it across her back, she whimpered in pain but still kept strong. She did the same to the other side as a villager shouted, "NO!" They couldn't bear to see the angel-like Princess in pain. She didn't stop. Blood poured out of her clothes and she could barely stand straight and smiled at them. She dropped the now red coloured rock and nearly dropped before regaining her posture.

"No one will die tonight. If my husband had said it, then that is what will happen. Princess Tanya and the people of Areenia will not dare to do anything: not until me, or my husband are alive." She breathed out before falling on the floor in pain. One by one, the people started to go towards her before picking her up and carrying her. They didn't care that their clothes were being soiled by her blood, nor that they were helping the family that they had despised a few moments ago. They were guilty and ashamed that it took a person torturing herself for them to know it.

Virat watched in fright as his brother and bhabhi were taken inside the Palace. He watched as the people went out, quietly and quickly, their heads bowing in defeat. He leapt at the chance to see his close ones, hurrying behind the rest of the family. All of a sudden, the Earl stopped walking and turned back and stared at Virat. "You will not go near my children." He ordered.

Tears formed around his eyes as Virat started to tremble. "Dadaji."

"No. This is all your fault. And therefore your punishment is that you cannot speak to either Viren or Jeevika. From now all, you are dead to me!" The Earl started to walk into the room leaving a very shocked Virat.

Queen Vanshika glanced at Virat, her motherly heart was yearning to nurture him but she couldn't. After all, her father-in-law was right. Virat did wrong for which her son and daughter in law had to be punished for. She didn't want to hurt Virat but today, enough was enough. Virat looked at her, and gave her the same look that a young child gave to its mother. She looked away in guilt, and walked into the room without a second thought. Virat started to cry, in fact for once he didn't even hide away from his emotions. He watched as his Swamini Bua gave him a displeased look and walked in. Servants after servants came in and out but he, Virat stood at the same exact spot.

He thought about what had just happened, reliving each memory. He hated the fact that his family had to be hurt for what he did. He closed his eyes and remembered what he did to Tanya a few months back.

Chandrilasia and Areenia, two neighbouring countries were not really close to each other as Chandrilasia was to Rishania, but they were trying. The Nayak Royal family were almost like allies to the Vadhera's: friends yet not really friends. After the Great War, it was Areenia who had sided Costa Phoenix and Rishania to Chandrilasia. However, after the war the countries had all signed a peace treaty that had been kept secure until now. Princess Tanya was not just any normal girl: she was very influential. And she could be seeing as she is the future Queen. She had high hopes of taking the throne but there was a problem, her family had ordered her to be married first. And seeing as though the best way to keep the peace was to marry into a neighbouring country, she had decided to do just that. After her attempts to snag one of Jeevika's brothers, the future King/Earls of Rishania, she had set her eyes on Virat Vadhera. But Virat had previously had his heart broken and spent the next few years doing whatever he liked, not thinking about the consequences. When Tanya had come to stay for a few days in Chandrilasia, she had tried to get his attention. Only the result of that was him insulting her morals. She had returned home with the only idea that she was going to make Virat hers no matter what it took.

Virat zoned out of his flashback and listened as the doctor examined Jeevika and Viren. Perhaps this was the time that Tanya was talking about. Virat sighed, completely confused about what to do. All he could think about was that there was only one person that could help him: Maanvi.

"Breaking News! The palace has been attacked!" The news reported exclaimed as she read off the screen. Footage of the people rummaging towards the Palace was seen as Maanvi and her family looked at the television screen in shock.

"Shiv, turn it up!" She ordered.

"Witnesses have reported that there has been an angry mob attacking the Royals, and the result of this is that Prince Viren had been hurt!" A footage of a fallen Viren was shown, Maanvi leapt to the television screen, her heart sinking. Another footage was shown of Jeevika hitting herself. Maanvi scrunched her face in thoughts, she didn't understand what was happening but only knew that they needed her. "Princess Jeevika had tried to calm them down successfully but she had fainted at the end. News has been heard that a certain Princess Tanya has sparked the fuel of these villagers but this is not official news. Keep watching for more news soon."

Maanvi started to sob as she saw Jeevika and Viren lying on the floor. Shiv went towards her and wiped the tears of her eyes. "Shiv,…" She whispered.

Her Beeji had been taken aback, completely shocked by the events. She looked at the crying Maanvi with pain in her eyes. "Why now? Why does my daughter have to have such an ill fate?" She brought her hands together and prayed for everything to be resolved.

"I'll go and see what is happening." Madan said, trying to keep a straight face.

Maanvi sat still. All she could think of was being there next to them. She glanced around the house to see it decorated perfectly for her roka. She sobbed. She could care less about her roka if it meant she could be with them. She quickly stood up, wiped the drying tears and ran towards her father.

"Papa, please. Take me with you." She begged him.

Madan quickly refused. How can he allow his daughter to enter that place? The place where she could get hurt? But Maanvi disagreed. She was adamant that he let her go.

"No, beta. I'll go. You stay here, it's for your own good." He said, trying to become stern but failing. She whimpered and held onto his arm.

"Maanvi beta, please go to your room." Her mother, Pinky started to say but even she was not strong enough. She couldn't bear to see her only daughter cry.

Beeji stood in the corner of the room, watching everything intently. She, as a person was strong but she too couldn't disallow her grandchild. She mustered up the courage and tried to bring Maanvi back. "Come on Maanvi." She said softly. But Maanvi did not budge.

"No. NO!" She moved away. "Why won't you let me go?" She tried to run out of the door after her father but Beeji held her hand, trying to hold back the tears.

Shiv watched everything. He thought about the conversation he had with Virat only an hour earlier. Virat had agreed to everything he said, it had seemed. But even he was shocked at what had happened. Shiv couldn't let his best friend get hurt, and he knew that something would happen if she went. He had seen what had happened to the Prince and Princess but he couldn't let anything happen to Maanvi. He had to be the one to go. He has to be the one to protect her, to keep her future secured.

He took hold off her arm and brought her around. She was distraught and tried to free herself from him. He had no choice but to slap her. The hard slap brought her to her senses. "Shiv…" She whispered, shocked at what he did.

"Maanvi, come on." He ordered. He took her by the hand and forced her into her room, the family members watching him. No one dared not to disallow him. They all knew that if anyone knew what was best for Maanvi, it would be him.

"Shiv, please." She whimpered but he did not relent. In fact, he pulled harder and pushed her into her room.

"Stay here Maanvi! Don't you dare get out." He said not looking at her. "It's for your own good." He whispered before getting out and shutting the door with the lock. He stood, his back towards the closed doors and sobbed. He wiped his tears and went out, out to find Virat.

On the other side, Maanvi cried as she fell onto the floor. Her hair was mashed, her make up wet. 

Her roka was ruined.

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I was late for Chapter 11 and guess what?! After reading that chapter, I could directly read the new one. Ahw! This is so good, how can it not be? You wrote it! I mean the emotions, and the  happenings, you planned it all so well, everything is slowly falling in its place. Love the drama a lot, because it is so logical, it is not like some stupid coincidence, no, it is like fate and circumstances in which people make decisions which lead to other circumstances. And it is so good to read. I love Shiv. Really the guy is so cute! The relationship he shares with Maanvi got me ahw-ing the whole time. Love the line where no one's dares to tell Shiv anything as they all know he knows what is best for Maanvi, and it already shows how true that is. Love you so much for giving him such a big part in the story -big as in, he is not used as prop, he really has something to do here-. It is like, she does have people, it is not only VirMan -nothing against them-, but you show so much of her life, before. Maanvi's pleading really had impact on me. I just could see it happening. God! Zahara, I can go on talking and telling what was great about your story, but the I would need to copy paste everything...

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thanks 4 fast update
loved d update

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