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ZAHARA. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by LuvVirManNiShal

Amazing Update Loved It
Aww Jeevika So Sweet And Kind
Lol Chaudharys Shocked And Pinky Wow
But Hmm VirMan Met Manvi In Shock Seein Rajkumar Virat
Virat Getting Attracted To Her Interesting
Swamini Already Liking Manvi Thats Good
Eagerly Waiting For Wednesday
Do PM Me Please
Thanksz x


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ZAHARA. IF-Rockerz

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*Planning next chapter* Star

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ZAHARA. IF-Rockerz

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Author's Note: Hi guys! I decided to update (Yay!) Okay, first of all I do not speak Hindi so I know my hindi is REALLY bad here but I needed it to be here so I can show the difference in the way the commoners/Royals speak. Such as Standard & non standard Hindi...I hope you'll just brush over my mistakes? (Please?) Also, the words in italics are their thoughts, so yeah. I may update on Wednesday but a high no seeing as I updated today. Enjoy! And please do comment!

A Fated Compromise

Chapter Four

Maanvi looked intently at Virat who was towering over her. She was just about the level to where his lips was. Virat looked at her face, her cheeks had the tint of red to it, her eyes looked at him confused. What is he going here? The great Prince Virat Singh Vadhera at that too, in my house? Neyney, yeah nahi ho sakta. I think I'm dreaming. wait. I'm wide awake - I think - maybe I should pinch myself just to be sure. She thought.

She used her fingers from her right hand to pinch her left arm. She hissed, and quickly rubbed it to make the pain go away. Ouch! That hurt. So, it means I'm seriously awake right now - then how did he get here? I think I've gone mad ever since my conversation with Shiv. Ha, yeh toh ho sakta hai, lekin if I'm going mad, yeh toh sacch mein Virat hai?

Maanvi poked Virat on his arm, her eyes quickly looked up at him and she stared into his eyes. He stared back, not even blinking. She poked his arm again, and then rubbed her hand, feeling his toned physique. Hm, hard. Areh vaah! Iski kitna muscles hai! Seems built. She thought. She softly moved her hand over virat's right cheek and caressed it. Her eyes was stuck onto his and then moved onto his stubble, Uska stubble kitna rough hai, kya palace mein shave nahi allowed hai?

Moving her eyes back onto his, she noticed his lips. They were plump with a tint of red. Uska lips kitna defined hai, shayadh Vaseline use karte woh. Maanvi looked at his face and then moved a step back, navigating her eyes at his body, looking up and then down, analysing his height. Kitna lambha hai woh! Sacch mein, if he was wearing green colour clothes, I would have mistaken him for the green giant!

She hissed, biting her lips. Today, I'm seriously turning mad, it's all that idiot Shiv's fault: first taunts me and now makes me imagine that Virat Singh Vadhera is here. Wait till I get a hold of him, I'll make him repent that he messed with Maanvi Chaudary! 

She laughed shortly at her foolishness, stepped back into her room and slammed the door shut. Virat stood, frozen in place for the past two minutes. He was silent, watching Maanvi as she poked him, touched him and then laughed and went. What sort of girl is she? Woh hamara face ko touch kiya? And then had the indecency to check me out?! Sacch mein aaj kal ki larkiya bilgul bewakoof aur pagal hain, sab pagal! Don't they have any shame? Always after one thing: either money or someone they want to play with. First those idiot Princesses and now her! I thought she'd be different, I actually didn't want to hurt her by saying no. But, I was wrong. Women can NEVER be trusted! 

He huffed angrily and stomped downstairs where the family members were laughing whilst talking. Virat quickly sat down next to Viren, trying to mentally calm himself down. He hated it, he hated each and every thing about being a Royal. It had separated him from his mother, and now it was forcing him to marry someone he didn't want. He was stuck in the middle, torn between his blood fated duty as the Prince of Chandrilasia and his desire for freedom. 

"So Beeji, Maanvi kaha hain?" Swamini asked. "I want to meet her."

"Ji, Maanvi uski kamra mein hain," Beeji replied and quickly looked at Pinky who was tidying up the tea cups onto the tray. "Pinky, go and get Maanvi here."

Pinky nodded before leaving the full tray onto the table, to be taken back to the kitchen later. "Aunty, can I come?" Jeevika asked.

"Beta, do you have to ask? Please do!" Pinky said before holding Jeevika's arm and taking her upstairs. Swamini smiled before giving her attention to Beeji and Madan. 

"Bhai." Virat whispered to his brother, making sure no one else was listening.

"Kya?" Viren said, keeping his eyes fixated on the conversation that the elders were having.

"Bhai, please let's go." Virat said, tugging his brother's arm. 

Viren jerked his arm back and smirked at his younger brother. "You too want to go upstairs? Areh, sharam kar! Hamara mehel nahi hai, that we can do whatever we want. If you want to meet Maanvi, have some patience."

"I want to go back to the Palace." Virat spat out each word.

"Kya? Virat please. Abhi Maanvi ayi nahi hain aur tum jaana chahta ho? Are you serious? What would Ma, Dadaji and Badi Ma say?"

Virat rolled his eyes. "I couldn't care less." He said sharply. Before this, they have never wanted to hear what he had wanted to say, what he had wanted to do. It was always about their jobs, their duty, their izzat. The only person who would give Virat the time of the day, or would even talk to him without judging him was his brother, Viren followed by Jeevika. No one apart from them had the time for him, leaving him bitter throughout his childhood.

"Look Virat, stop being childish. At least meet her, or let badi ma meet her. You can reject her later, but please just don't say anything now."

Virat huffed before sighing, "Okay fine." No matter how much he sometimes disliked the things his brother ordered him, he always obliged it. Without Viren, Virat would be lost. 

Jeevika walked with Pinky feeling extremely excited. She had hoped that the day when her darling devar would marry would quickly come and today she felt like she was on the moon! She wondered what Manvi would look like, Would she adorn herself in traditional wear or modern? Jeevika thought. There wasn't a crime wearing either style but Jeevika herself felt more comfortable in traditional wear as it was she was brought up in. She loved silky material and bright colours of anarkalis, lenghas and sarees. Her husband Viren would always bring back clothes from the different countries he would travel to. 

"Yeh Maanvi ka kamra hai," Pinky said, stopping before a brown colour door. Pinky knocked, "Maanvi tu tayar hai? I'm coming in." She opened the door and stepped in. Jeevika stayed behind, not knowing what to expect - would Manvi be able to fit into the Vadhera family? 

"Manvi, the larke wala are waiting for you." Pinky said.

"Ma, do I have to? Why don't you say that I'm ill or something. Or, mein kisi anjaan aadmi ki know!" Manvi begged her mother.

Pinky gave her a look, "Areh! Shubh shubh bol! They are waiting for you and anyway when you see who it is you'll be even more shocked than I was." Pinky said blushing at her antics with Jeevika earlier.

Manvi thought about her imagining Virat. "What? Chandrilasia's royal family are here? To marry me?" She laughed sarcastically. 

"How did you know?" Pinky put her hand to her mouth in shock.

"I dream it." Manvi said rolling her eyes. "And anyway, ma please. Abhi yeh jokes nahi please."

"Hai, where am I joking?" 

"So, Virat Singh Vadhera is seriously here for me, is he out there on one knee begging me to marry him?" She said sarcastically.

"No." Pinky said. "Yes." She hissed. "I mean, Virat is there with his family. Kitna handsome hai! Sacch mein, the media photos doesn't do him justice."

Maanvi looked at her mother with wide eyes, she then started laughing, totally confused. "Are you being serious?" She asked.

"Your mother is saying the truth." A new voice was heard. Jeevika at this point, at come into the room replying back to Manvi's words. Maanvi looked at her in shock.

"P-P-Princess Jeevika?" She stuttered. "Tum yaha?!"

Pinky laughed, "That's what I thought!"

"That means Virat is seriously here?!" Manvi said and stumped down onto her bed. She closed her eyes lying in a faint motion. Suddenly, she opened it and quickly got up. "Oh my god! That means I wasn't going mad and Virat was really..." She stopped and cursed herself for touching him earlier - it wasn't her fault though - she thought she was imagining it.

"Maanvi.." Jeevika said walking up to her. She placed her hand around Maanvi's arm and pulled her towards the door, waiting to go back downstairs. "Ha, hamara devar apka honewale pathi hai." Jeevika said smiling.

Maanvi took in Jeevika's words but then quickly took her arm out of Jeevika's. "Wait." She said, looking at the Princess. "When did we ever agree to this rishta? I mean, we are just seeing each other right? Where are the rishta been decided?" Maanvi huffed and put her hands on her hips. "And anyway, who knows...maybe one of us will reject it." She said as a matter of fact.

Jeevika smiled. "It won't happen."

"Tum itni aasani yeh kar raha ho? I mean, are you seriously saying that that easily?"

"Ha...hum apni instincts ko pura biswaas hai." Jeevika replied.

"No way!" Maanvi said stubbornly. She faced her mother and frowned. "Ma please! I can't get married, and that to within the Vadhera - the Royal family?!" She quickly faced Jeevika, "No offence."

Pinky shook her head, "No, you can't do this. Beeji got such a good proposal for you, you can't say no without meeting Swaminiji."

"Why would I want to meet the Royals?!" Maanvi said angrily. She was annoyed now and didn't care whether anyone from downstairs would hear her tantrums. Pinky tried desperately to calm Maanvi down.

"Look, Mannu. If you want to reject him, do so. But please, don't make any decisions without meeting him or the family first, okay?" 

Maanvi shook her head furiously, "Ney ma -"

"Maanvi, please?" Jeevika interrupted, she motioned her face towards her, her eyes saddened as if begging Maanvi to listen to her request. Maanvi tried to disagree but was then faced unsure as Jeevika made a sad face with her lips. She sighed. She hated making people upset. 

"Fine." She sighed. Jeevika giggled happily and then pulled Maanvi into a hug. "Thank you! You're the best sister - devrani ever!" 

"Hey! I'm not your devrani yet! Nor would I ever be -" Maanvi tried to say, pulling out of the hug.

" -I'm sorry mere honewale devrani-ji." Jeevika smiled cheekily. She was so excited now, the happiness was adamant on her face as she glowed at Maanvi. She felt somewhat relaxed in her mind, glad that Maanvi was going to be the perfect match for Virat - she just knew it.

The three women walked down the stairs where Swamini, Viren and Virat awaited for them. Manvi tried to carefully walk, making sure that she does not trip over her feet or do something silly. What have I been getting myself into? She thought to herself. This cannot be happening, I can't be getting married to Virat - I can never get married to that family. I absolutely hate the Royals. All of them are fake people, all they care about is themselves and only themselves. 

She tried to calm her mind down which was overwhelmed with serious anger. Ever since that day, fourteen years ago - she had made up her mind that she was never going to be anywhere near a Royal, let alone marry one. Maanvi was about eight then when she visited a friend who lived in the Serena district, to the south east of Chandrilasia. There, she managed to get lost and somehow managed to find herself in a tiny village named Safah. It was a tiny village - a poor village. The people there were somehow just surviving, except more than half where dying. She watched as she saw innocent people becoming sick, ill by the hour. She asked for others to help, but no one did. The small population of people were not cared by the majority, but for her it was something big. She wanted to save them, she even wished for the Royal family - who she had complete faith in before - to save them. But, no one came. The eight year old girl suddenly lost all faith in the Royals, and vowed never to trust them ever again. She left the village of Safah, after a relative found her, with the hope that one day they'll be able to rebuild their lives again. 

Maanvi got herself out of her thoughts as she found herself exchanging eye contact with the one person who she wished never to see. Virat. He stared at her, with slight annoyance. Maanvi noticed this and rolled her eyes. Typical. No Royals would ever like a commoner like me. She thought, angry creeping into her mind. Virat growled quietly as he looked at her, the way she rolled her eyes made him want to shout. These women cannot ever be trusted, why did I have to promise bhai that I'll see her? Never. He thought, looking away.

The two stood facing each other, both have alternate thoughts. Their anger of each other was highly present whilst the family stood oblivious to it. They looked away at once before returning back to their own world. 

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fabulous update!!!!
luvd hw manvi wz checking out virat ...poking him...touching him...laughing at him n atlast closing the door on his face...oly manvi can do such things...dat wz really hilariousLOL

jeevika as usual wz very sweet n shez pretty sure dat mannu(her future devraani) can handle virat...
lil mannuz flashback as to y she lost faith in royals wz nice...
m really njoying this coldwar b/w virman...cant wait to c hw itz gonna turn into luv...i knw...i knw...itz gonna b a loong journey ...but wil surely b a n enjoyable n xciting one...
well m luving this ff to bits
plz cont soon n thnx a loot for the pm!!Smile

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Interesting and different, maanvi thinking it was a dream, if only, then it turns out it was not a dream.

Her childhood memory how sad that the royals did not help the village.

Coming face to face

Thanks for the pm, please continue

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aww that was a niced update, i liked jeevika in this part lool. cant wait 4 their convo pm me!!!!!!!

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thanx for da pm, dat was a lovely update

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Awesome!!! Lovely update!!
Continue soon!!
Thanks 4 the pm!!

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